“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Western Lobster Pot

Turkish PM Erdogan and His Wife

Why don't they love us?

This fundamentalist business is one huge cluster you-know-what but more than that, as most EB readers know, its a religious war. I have been amazed and dismayed by the Ummah's reaction to the Coalition's effort to depose the most dangerous and oppressive dictator in the world. We take out the man (Saddam Hussein) who has killed more Muslims than everyone else combined and the Muslim world sees us as a crusader enemy. Why do they react that way when we have made it abundantly clear that this is not a crusade or a religious war? In spite of our efforts more young Muslims have become radicalised. This one-sided war is being waged throughout the world by the other side's active jihadis. So far, the moderate Muslims, due to fear or sympathy for the cause have been largely unwilling to speak out against the violence. In deed, democratic elections in Algeria and lately in the Palestinian territories seem to favor the Islamists. Even the so-called moderate Turkey seems to be tilting towards fundamentalism which has been ascendant since at least 1979. Upcoming elections in Pakistan will be the next indicator on the trend line.

Why did we let this happen?

The politically correct west is unwilling to acknowledge that the jihadi mentality most closely adheres to the teachings of the Koran. As we declare Islam the religion of peace, the truest Muslims, most faithful to the teachings of the prophet are martyring themselves in a war against the infidel world. More dismaying than the Muslim reactions is the reaction of the west which is equally put off by the "holier than thou Bible or Koran thumping fundamentalists." It is sickening to hear the moral equivocation about violence in the Torah. There is nothing remotely equivalent between the two religions but each passing generation falls further away from a real knowledge of the Bible and Christianity.

It is astounding to see how secularized the west, including the United States, has become since WWII. This did not occur by happenstance but is the result of a long campaign against the status quo institutions of the west. This campaign which may well have been started by a 1947 Supreme Court decision institutionalising the false notion of a constitutional separation of Church and State. Another landmark decision in 1962, striking prayer in schools, accelerated the erosion of the Judaeo-Christian value system which the country was founded on. America's intelligentsia point to the deist Thomas Jefferson as the North Star for their separation argument. But does anyone seriously think that Jefferson's contemporaries saw him as anything other than the eccentric that he was? Of all the founding fathers, only Jefferson and one other were deists. The others were Christian but generations of public school children have been indoctrinated in this new liberalism which denies the truth and rewrites history to support the new paradigm. Today far too many people think that fundamentalist Christians and Jews are a greater world threat than the fundamentalist Islam which daily delivers indiscrimate carnage. The Gramscians and their useful idiots have convinced too many dumbed down public school alumni that all religion is a threat to mankind. (Not that Hitchens is a Gramsician but his current book is a prime example.) Equally amazing is the idea that global warming is a more immediate and exitential threat.

Until these destructive inculcations can be overcome, it will be difficult to mobilize the west in anything other than reactive police actions against the waxing Islam. But, if and when the jihadis kill thousands in another spectacular attack, particularly in Europe, the public backlash against Islam could be sudden and severe. Unrestrained by Christian civility, such an attack could trigger a reactive killing spree the likes of which has not been seen since the holocaust. On the other hand, the west may not resist a slow boil.

Since WWII the west has been on a downward spiral. It has fallen away from the Bible and into a humanist way of thinking which is unprepared to recoqnize or admit that some ideas and theologies are in fact, better than others and worth fighting for.

These attitudes have even taken root in our main stream religions with the Epicopalians and Methodists falling into the multi-culti ecumenical trap. (For Doug - remember, Bush is a Methodist). Fundamentalist Islam prospered as Bin Laden was given a safe haven in Afghanistan with years to train and teach jihad for the virulent Wahhabist theology. Had Bin Laden stayed with the slow boil technique it is likely that al-Qaeda Afghanistan would still be the going concern that it was in the 1990's. He would still be training recruits by the thousands but instead, for a few glorious weeks, the US military put the butt up his posterior and drove the monster into hiding. Saudi Arabia on the other hand, to this day continues their slow and deliberate campaign to spread a particularly nasty (and pure) form of Islam. It is to the wests enduring shame that to date, the Saudis have hardly been censured for their part in financing the worldwide propagation of hate.

Post colonial guilt led to acceptance of a massive influx of incompatible Muslims into the west. "Celebrate Diversity" became the mantra as old Biblical restraints were cast off even as the Arab and Muslim diaspora grew.

Both Christianity and Islam are in conflict with this resurgent secularization. The difference is the way each religion reacts to world. Islam (the pure version) makes no distinction between government and religion. Christianity renders unto Caeser. The left is largely unwilling to recognize the distinction because to do so would be contrary to the ideals which they have been devoted to for the last fifty years.

Man's chief concerns are money and power. In order to affect the balance of power, that is, to gain control, the left have attempted to overthrow the traditional institutions of the West. Since their failed "revolutions" of the 1960's, their efforts were particularly directed towards infiltrating western institutions in order to sabotage them from within. They have been most successful in Europe where the cancerous effects of secular socialism have left the population nihilistically unwilling and unprepared to address matters beyond themselves. In the US, the lefts' most obvious successes have been in the field of education where the old 60's radicals have acquired the power and authority to affect their changes and advance their agenda.

If elections are any barometer of attitudes and they certainly seem to be in the Islamic world, the 2008 Presidential election will give us an indication of whether the people of the United States will continue to resist the threat or will tolerate the slow boil.


  1. I am convinced that there are about as many moderate muslims as there are militant Episcopalians. I sometimes wonder, what are people paying attention to when it comes to the entire subject of Islam? Simply put, Islam does not belong in the West, and should not be tolerated anymore than Nazism, Fascism or Communism.

    Erdogan, once described democracy as a tram: "You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off." He also was quoted as saying, "Democracy is not an aim, but a means to an end."

    I believe him. I wish others did as well.

    Critics worry Turkish PM has Islamic agenda

    "ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's prime minister, a devout Muslim, has said he has no intention of changing the secular, pro-Western orientation that was laid down by national founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923.
    Now Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who won a new mandate for his Islamic-rooted government in Sunday's elections, will be scrutinized more closely than ever for any signs that he is straying from that pledge.

    ELECTION RESULTS: Turkey's ruling party wins parliamentary election
    His Justice and Development Party pushed through Western reforms that allowed the mainly Muslim country to begin European Union membership talks in 2005. It presided over strong economic growth with the help of reforms backed by the International Monetary Fund.

    But the 53-year-old leader is still struggling to shake off an Islamist image, and many secular Turks fear his party — an offshoot of an openly Islamic party banned by the courts — harbors an Islamic agenda.

    They cite Erdogan's failed effort to secure the election in Parliament of his close ally, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, as president. With Gul in office, secularists feared the ruling party would have free rein to introduce laws challenging secularism.

    Opponents also cite Erdogan's past:

    _ He once described democracy as a tram: "You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off." He also was quoted as saying, "Democracy is not an aim, but a means to an end."

    _ In 1999, Erdogan was jailed for four months for reading a poem that was considered inflammatory. It said: "The minarets are our bayonets, domes are our helmets, mosques are our barracks, believers are our soldiers."

    As prime minister, Erdogan has raised alarms by attempting to make adultery a crime, appointing former Islamists to key positions and favoring Islamic schools. He also tried to appoint the general manager of an Islamic finance group that does not use interest as head of the Central Bank. The move was blocked by President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, a secularist.

    Erdogan's supporters say their opponents are portraying the government as Islamist in order to hang on to power.

    In a victory speech late Sunday, Erdogan pledged to work for national unity and safeguard secularism.

    "We will never make any concessions over the values of our people (or) the basic principles of our republic. This is our promise. We will embrace Turkey as a whole, without discriminating," Erdogan said.

    Erdogan said he would press ahead with reforms that his government has promoted as part of its efforts to join the European Union and overhaul an economy that now enjoys average annual growth of 7%.

    He also said Turkey would do whatever was necessary to fight separatist rebels in the country's predominantly Kurdish southeast. Turkey is considering a cross-border offensive into Iraq to ward off rebels who have safe havens there.

    Born in the working-class district of Kasimpasa, in Istanbul, Erdogan became attracted to the Islamic movement in his youth.

    He played soccer for a local team and attended religious schools that train imams, where he learned the Quran and became involved in the youth branch of the Islamic National Salvation Party.

    He rose to lead the youth branch of the party and was elected mayor of Istanbul in 1994. He angered secularists by banning alcohol in city cafes.

    His Welfare Party promoted ties with Iran and Syria and tried to adjust working hours to accommodate Islamic prayer times. It was forced from government in 1997 under pressure from the military and was later outlawed by the courts.

    Erdogan moderated his position in 2001, stressing that he saw Muslim Turkey as a bridge between East and West, and between the Islamic world and the Christian West.

    He made entry into the EU a priority, and reinforced an image of Turkey as a key player in anti-terrorism efforts and a role model of a Muslim country that is secular and democratic.

    A powerful orator, Erdogan traveled to a record 55 provinces in the two months leading to Sunday's elections, and said he lost 18 pounds in the process, raising concerns about his health.

    Last year, Erdogan passed out inside his car and was left locked inside alone and incapacitated for some 10 minutes, because guards hurriedly left the armored car, activating its automatic locking doors. Erdogan was pulled out after guards broke its windows with a sledgehammer.

    On the campaign trail, Erdogan made no mention of religion in his speeches, or of the Islamic headscarf, a politically charged symbol that is banned in schools and government offices. Instead, he focused on economic achievements: 7% growth rate, lower inflation and a stronger currency."

  2. Whit, alas, I fear you can add the Lutherans to your list also.

    But take heart in this--there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of us Lutes, who aren't buying the current product.

    You may not hear from us, day to day, but we are out there.

    Don't believe all you read in the Sunday papers.

  3. Really good writing, Whit, and Deuce. Having read it more closely, I would disagree with some of the statements about Jefferson, and the separation of church and state. But really good writing, and we are certainly on the same page about the muzzies. I do think most of America is awake, though I might say kind of sub-consciously-- if that makes any sense--to the threat of the muzzies. I think it is a constitutional issue. They want to overthrow the constitution. I leave the religious issue aside. I think they are subversive in a way even the commies weren't. They are a true threat, and I think--hope--America is waking up to it.

    It is past my understanding how the people of Minnesota electd that muzzie to Congress. I take Bemidji, Minnesota, off my good city list.

  4. Newsweek: How U.S. Muslims make America stronger

    Muslim American advocates have critiqued the press coverage of the Pew study, saying it focused too much on the bad news and not enough on the good. The bad news, however, bears repeating: 26 percent of Muslims age 18 to 29 believe that suicide bombing can be justified. Thirty-eight percent of that group believe that Arabs did not carry out the 9/11 attacks. These data, combined with the rising religious conservatism of young Muslim Americans, have led some experts to argue that differences between Europe and America have been overblown, that affluence and education do not inoculate a society against radicalization. "This idea that all those who are middle class are exempted from extremism has always been false," says Geneive Abdo, author of "Mecca and Main Street." "The leadership of the extremist movements have always been highly educated Muslims."

    It's impossible to underestimate the emotional nature of anti-Israel sentiment among Arab-American youth, argues Ismael Ahmed, executive director of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Detroit. "I think the poll miscaptures what's being said," he says. "There is such a thing as legitimate resistance to oppression, and there is terrorism on both sides. It's wrong, but there's also the right to resist." The poll numbers, in his view, don't point to a threat of homegrown suicide bombers, but to a passionate defense of a resistance movement—the way, 30 years ago, an Irish-American teenager would have supported the IRA.

    The deeper problem is a growing sense of alienation among young Muslims, a sense that they don't feel part of the American story. According to Pew, 39 percent of Muslim Americans age 18 to 29 believe that newly arrived Muslims should remain distinct from society at large, compared with 17 percent of Muslims older than 55. Ferdous Sajedeen arrived here from Bangladesh in 1975 and built a successful pharmacy business in Queens. For years, Sajedeen imagined that he would eventually return to Bangladesh, but after visiting Dhaka several years ago, he realized how impossible that was; he didn't understand the jokes anymore, he didn't feel part of the culture. "I don't deny my roots," he says. "I am proud to be a Bangladeshi, but at the same time the reality is I am a Bangladeshi-American." September 11, he says, was "one of the saddest stories anywhere in the world."

    His son Autri, who at 21 is in his fourth year of pharmacy school and lives at home with his parents, does not feel his father's patriotism. "When we grew up, nobody ever looked at us like we were Americans," he says. On 9/11, "it sounds bad to say, but I remember thinking that I didn't care that it happened. A lot of my friends didn't care. I think it's because we're Muslim." For him, the bombing of Afghanistan that followed was much more tragic and painful.

  5. Doug,
    I tried reading that. I could not finish it. There is more and more of it appearing in the press.

  6. Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.

  7. "I have been amazed and dismayed by the Ummah's reaction to the Coalition's effort to depose the most dangerous and oppressive dictator in the world. We take out the man (Saddam Hussein) who has killed more Muslims than everyone else combined and the Muslim world sees us as a crusader enemy. Why do they react that way when we have made it abundantly clear that this is not a crusade or a religious war?"

    Because "they" believe we are full of shit and this is precisely a crusade against Islam - a crusade in which apostate Muslims ("our" Muslims, as it were) are co-opted for the purposes of subjugating and destroying the pious, the true, the righteous, the defenders of the faith.

    Is this really so difficult to understand? It shouldn't be.

    I read the other day the appeal to "shut down the mosques." Now I submit that proposals like that one ("destroy Islam" is another chuckler) when we are experiencing profound and unending difficulty with the present, comparatively minuscule objectives, is guffaw-worthy.

    Got anything remotely do-able in mind, maybe? Or are we to spend the next umpteen years leaping from the whimsical and grandiose to the patently preposterous?

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  9. I recall that buddy larsen used to debate this with me, he was sure that a US presence in Iraq proved we were on offense against the jihadi, while I thought that "presence" was meaningless, that kinetic actions against the core of the jihadi was required for offensive action to be claimed.

    Here is a story that backs my position on the matter.

    A second observation is that failure to fully and properly understand the differentiation between the Strategical Defensive and Strategical Offensive will lead to disastrous and unintended results. We can see this in operation with the Johnson Administration in Vietnam and the Bush Administration in Iraq.

    Policy makers can mislead themselves into believing that a Tactical Offensive approach (i.e., engaging the enemy kinetically), but without attacking the enemy’s center(s) of gravity, will result in strategic, war-winning victory.

    In the cases of both Vietnam and Iraq, the US has employed a counterinsurgency strategy that is by its very nature a Strategical Defensive & Tactical Offensive posture. It is a defensive strategy driven by a “limited war” doctrine. In summary, even when offensively attacking, if the target is not a center of gravity, a battlefield victory will not likely result in war-winning success.

    This fellow, Colonel Thomas Snodgrass, also tell US that:

    We are either at war, or we are not. If we are, the purpose of war is to dominate our enemies and force them to comply with our will. As a policy statement, this National Security Strategy is wholly inadequate in articulating unambiguously a wartime posture and what our war objective should be – destruction of the enemies’ capability to war against us through Jihad. When I read the National Security Strategy as a US citizen, I am not certain whether or not my country is at war. That condition is just unacceptable.
    The National Security Strategy not only fails to specifically name our enemies who would kill us, it also distorts the nature of the barbarous, imperial ideology that is Islam. It would have been inconceivable during World War II that we would have refrained from identifying Nazis with their genocidal crimes, once we were aware of them. It would have been equally inconceivable that we would have made the argument that, because not all Nazis were guilty of genocide, we would have said that a proud Germanic historical and political movement had been “perverted” by some fanatical concentration camp guards. Indeed, during and after the War, commentators, in and outside of Germany, searched and found much of the problem of Nazism in Germanic culture.

    Notwithstanding almost fourteen hundred years of the murderous Islamic history that can not be refuted or denied – a murderous history directed most offensively at the Christian West, our national leadership is attempting to bury the American people in a murky and muck-like thinking that refuses to distinguish Islam from our own Judeo-Christian tradition. Rather than deal forthrightly with Islam’s bloody history and its clear antipathy toward Western traditions, this US “leadership” takes the position that Islam’s actual political and military history doesn’t exist, and indeed it is replaced by a narrative that simply asserts that Islam is a “noble and peaceful religion” rightfully occupying a place in the West next to Judaism and Christianity.

    We are being led by fools and knaves in both political parties that are out of touch with reality.

    What that says about the situational awareness and moral standards of the American people is shameful. Perhaps thousands of American deaths from now, as a US president is traversing Pennsylvania Avenue, some little boy will shout, “The president has no clothes!” – and the American people as a distinct people will awaken from its slumber. It is for that moment of awakening, I direct the remainder of my essay.

    No wonder Col Snodgrass is not a General.

    Anyway, the Col does explain, quite well, the defensive position the US has taken, regardless of the forwad deployment of US forces.

    As I used to ask, to the consternation of others, at the old BC, "Who is the Enemy?"

    Since it, according to the Commander in Chief, it is not Islam. Not long ago Wretchard said the "enemy" was like smoke, undefinable, as they were so divesrse and without a chain of command.

    So there it is, as the Prime Minister of the UK has announced, the is no War on Terror. As the President of the United States has said often, there is no War on Islam.

    Col Snodgrass does not give duece's theory of cultural seperation a snow balls chance in hell of success.

    War or retreat, hermanos mio, war or retreat. Those are the options.
    After 6 years of the current campaign, we be retreating strategicly, while on offense tactically.

    No wonder buddy was confused.

  10. Trish:
    No the idea that the world is trying to coopt the apostates is not hard to believe at all. In fact, it is not only Muslims that the world wishes to coopt, it is also Christians. The difference is as I said, in how the two religions react.

    I have not advocated what you guffawed and for the most part, I agree with you. It's my opinion that we have opened Pandora's box and created an intractable situation which without an Islamic reformation may be beyond our abilities to reconcile. There are no easy answers and I am worried that while one side conducts jihad, the other is in denial. Unlike others here at the EB, I am willing to admit that our actions may have awakened the latent fundamentalism of young Muslim men. How we deal with the situation has been seriously impacted by having the "enemy within the gate." Mistakes have been made and will continue to be made but it rankles me to see the PC, multi-culti idiots making the decisions on how we deal with the problem.

  11. All because the "Enemy" has never been identified.

  12. A bunch of criminal "evil doers" as JFKerry told US in 2004. We have followed his policy prescription, despite Mr Bush holding office.

    Those Skull & Boners pulled off bait and switch on the public.
    Nothing is quite as interesting as watching professionals work their magic. Even if it is detremental to US long term interests, don't have to like it, but the magic of fooling most of the people, all of the time, the Boners have down to a "T".

  13. Do not confuse audacious with preposterous. It is all a matter of timing and context.
    How many Christian Churches and Temples in Saudi Arabia? Retaining the right to close down militant mosques or Nazi beer halls would have been the norm a generation or two ago.

    We have become so indoctrinated with PC and diversity, it may have altered some survival DNA, but not all. At the right time, and the Islamists will give that to us, we could set a precedent and move on the mosques and clerics tied to the future event. We should do so. The symbolism would be noticed. It will be more effective than baking Ramadan cookies.

    De-comissioning Islam from the west is hardly impossible.

  14. "Do not confuse audacious with preposterous."

    Even audacious has to be capable of actually being done, chief.

  15. Ahh, but that is not a "war" tactic, nor is it offensive, duece.

    Just a panacea that denies the core of the problem. There is either a war aganst Islam, or there is not.

    There is not, has not, nor will there be one. Regardless of provocation.

    A terrorist provocation, just another "crime", to be dealt with in the Courts. As in Iraq, as here at home. Short of a State attacking the US, the mussulmen not being that foolish.

    Even after 9-11, an attack upon NYC and DC, we did not even destroy the culprits responsible. We dispersed them and went after the Bush family's personal protagonist, nothing to do with Islam or the War on Terror, at the time. Or so said the Congress, read the Authorization, we went to Iraq to enforce the primacy of the "New World Order", embodied in UN sanctions and resolutions.

  16. The steamship, airplanes, television and satellites have made the world smaller and brought civilizations into more intimate contact. Some societies have been able to cope with this interaction while other have been subsumed by the new globalism. Fundamentalist Islam, unable to compromise with the world is reacting violently to the decline and decadence of the west and the question is how is a largely decadent, nihlist, humanist west prepared to deal with the problem? It's my fear that we will continue with the elites' multi-culti equivocation until Islam provokes our nasty and brutish backlash.

  17. Suppose, for the sake of argument a nuclear device was detonated in the US, the worst possible scenario.

    How would the US react?

    First, ascertain the source of the weapon. Seems reasonable.
    We discover, through scientifc means that the fissonable material came from the Russian stockpiles.

    Highly likely.

    Do we nuke Moscow, or Islamibad, in retaliation.
    Or perhaps Tehran or Mecca?

    Or do we absorb the loss, not feeling justified in killing millions of "innocent, freedom loving peoples" in retaliation.
    Not knowing who to retaliate against. Seeing as how, when we did know where Osama was, at Tora Bora, we let him walk away.

    Osama's death or capture, not even worth dispatching a Ranger Bn to close the door to the Pakistani Sanctuary.

  18. No true Christian would kill hundreds of thousands of people in retaliation for the evil deeds of Stateless criminals.

    Perhaps a Roman would, but no true follower of Christ, the Prince of Peace, would take such an action.

    No the Christian turns the other cheek and offers forgiveness.

  19. "Mistakes have been made and will continue to be made but it rankles me to see the PC, multi-culti idiots making the decisions on how we deal with the problem."

    It does more than rankle, of course. It gets people, people who must rely on the judgment of their senior leadership, killed - and puts everyone else at greater risk.

    As it was succinctly put to me the other day, however, the War on Terror (That Isn't) is in many ways now a dilemma of Pick Your Poison.

  20. What's in a name?

    Excerpt of a correspondence with Buddy Larsen:

    larsen to me:,8599,1645738,00.html

    "mika." to larsen:

    In 2500 years when the all the papers of the founding fathers have turned to dust, and Philadelphia and Washington are laid waste by mujihadeen atomic bombs, it will be a comfort to know that CNN/Time Magazine will be there to tell us America was not a fiction.

    larsen to me:

    great--if terribly sad--re-linking on the truth plane, of the notion of Time commenting on Jeremiah. Time's current cover (see Belmont) has a reference to the Saigon Embassy 1975 evacuation photo, this time re Iraq, of course, using a Russian helicopter. Probably a graphics dep't accident, but perhaps an accident Jeremiah would understand.

    "mika." to larsen:

    Jeremiah = Yermiyahu

    The hebrew meaning:

    yeri = shoot fire
    mi = who
    yahu = that will be

    Jeremiah = He who in future will shoot fire

    Yehushua = He that will be a salvation -| In hebrew both are
    Yehushoa = He that will be a holocaust -| spelled the same way

  21. The device coming to the US on a Liberian ship, chartered in London, crewed by Greeks.

  22. Damn, mat, all this time I thought
    Jeremiah was a bull frog,
    who was a good friend of mine.

  23. Bullfrog? You live on swampland? I thought you're from arizona.

  24. Do in deed live in AZ.

    But Jeremiah, he sure had some mighty fine wine.

  25. What's a 'true Christian'? There's a big debate about that.

    If it means meekly committing national suicide, I'm no 'true Christian'. If it comes to that, I'd hope there would be few 'true Christians' to be found.

  26. Whit, do you read what you write before you post? That first paragraph of yours is pretty confused.

    You start off with:

    "This fundamentalist business is one huge cluster you-know-what but more than that, as most EB readers know, its a religious war."

    and then two lines later your write:

    "We take out the man (Saddam Hussein) who has killed more Muslims than everyone else combined and the Muslim world sees us as a crusader enemy. Why do they react that way when we have made it abundantly clear that this is not a crusade or a religious war?"

    Can you see the contradiction? You state it is a religious war and then you moan on about it not being a religious war.

    2164th - really, has your thinking devolved so far that you view Islam as one big monolithic whole and all muslims should be expelled from America? Are you serious...ya, seems so. Should we start by making all muzzies wear a yellow star, or would that confuse some? Maybe make it a yellow crescent instead. In this grand scheme of yours to rid the west of muzzies how do we identify them for tagging? Will a simple questionnaire do? or should we form a new government department to start the identification and expulsion process?

  27. Hmm,..

    Just had a second look at the Talpiot Jesus Tomb ossuary inscription and the spelling therein:

    yeshua bar yehosef = ישוע בר יהוסף

    shoa is spelled: שואה

    different spelling: "ע" vs "אה"

    We're in the clear!


  28. "Policy makers can mislead themselves into believing that a Tactical Offensive approach (i.e., engaging the enemy kinetically), but without attacking the enemy’s center(s) of gravity, will result in strategic, war-winning victory."

    And those centers of gravity lie in the logistical and other outside support. Therefor the strategy is engagement outside the AO. Just like Baker-Hamilton said.

    I'm gonna hear howls, but there it is.

  29. The Iraelis, of course, are doing their own thing.

  30. Well I would like to make one more post about my trip. My wife and I, well, we are kinda around 60, or something. I was driving, at about 70 mph, freeway, really too fast for me, with glasses. Christ did we get bunched up, three layers of cars behind, semi right ahead, nother semi to the left, couple more semis ahead--and , The Dude!--Harley-Davidson--white man!--bandanna--low slung--tatoos--how he did it I don't know--but!--man, did he weave, and SCOOT!--he opened it up--and HE WAS GONE!

    I say, a country that creates such machines, and riders, is not finished yet.

    If I was in the Life Insurance business, I would not write that fellow a policy, however.

    O to be young and without fear! O, to open those carburators!

    This happened in the Dakotas, where the eagles eat well, in our great country, a country well worth keeping, Gentlemen!

  31. Well, bob, Christ speaks to each individual that reads his words.

    If, as some attest, he was the personificaation of God himself, then his words need no interpretation by other men.
    Each soul can choose to study the words, or not, and judge for itself, the validity of the Divinity.

    The message is personally interpreted, while universally delivered.

    I hope to party in the Hall Valhalla, or some such reasonable facsimile, forever young, but wise as an Elder.

    But that's just me.

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."

    Or so they say.

  32. "Forever young, but wise as an elder"--I am with you there, Rat, no argument! A campfire- and deep talk ,sounds good.

  33. "forever young, but wise as an Elder."

    We all do, Rat.

  34. Trish is a Liberian.
    Proceed at your own risk.

  35. "As I used to ask, to the consternation of others, at the old BC, "Who is the Enemy?"

    Since it, according to the Commander in Chief, it is not Islam. Not long ago Wretchard said the "enemy" was like smoke, undefinable, as they were so divesrse and without a chain of command.
    May get guffaws from the Liberian, but Frum's speechs, delivered by W, just about covered what needed to be done.

    Boy, has W NOT Delivered!

  36. "Proceed at your own risk."


  37. I don't get your logic comparing our present troubles with the "impossibility" of closing the Mosques, Trish.

    ...but then I don't regard MOST of our present troubles being a reliable gauge of the possible:

    W can, and has (repeatedly) turned the simplest of objectives into the impossible.

    ...a reflection only on his total fecklessness, lethargy, and incompetence imo.

  38. Got a feasibility study, Doug?

  39. You can write your own, you know.

  40. "w" From my perspective, has diligently pursued proving just about everything the left had to say about him to be true.

    The latest thing I've been thinking about was their focusing on his alcoholism:

    Used to reject it out of hand, but now think about all those years when most of us, whether we drank, or not, were dealing with real problems in life.
    All those years rich kid W was blotto with his Texas Groupies.
    Most of us learn some really important lessons if we have not already, raising small children.
    "w" was out on the town while Laura sat home with a month old child.

    Instead of saying "Dang Me,"
    "w" was born again.

    We're left with the afterbirth.

  41. Trish:
    I know we are not about to shut down the Mosques now:

    Good to keep in mind the insanity of NOT doing it is all I'm saying.
    If the Government had played Everson's
    "Jihad in America"
    24-7 across the country right after 9-11, I bet the American people would have demanded it.
    Guffaw on!

    By not doing almost ANY of the most basic things that should have been done after 9-11, however, we keep charting an ever more feckless, nay, insane course.
    Paved with decision after decision based on why we can't do the obvious.

  42. I'm sorry, Doug. I can't get over your "human debris" comment some time back.

    I just can't.

  43. "EMERSONS" Jihad in America.

  44. Trish,
    Who was I refering to?

  45. The murderers, rapists, and child molesters among them are, although W would rather treat border agents as such.

  46. Strange to me that you were totally mute on this subject for 3 years, to then have that be your first statement!
    ...maybe we'll have to wait 3 more years for additional comment?

    FWIW, Rush used to frequently use that term, but I never got the feeling he would run the folks he was refering to through a shredder.
    ...but then that was just my judgement on "where he was coming from," and his hyperbole was just that.
    Trish the cryptic is a harder read.

  47. "Strange to me that you were totally mute on this subject for 3 years, to then have that be your first statement!"

    I warned you it was coming.

  48. Could it just be that they're "Ignorant Motherfuckers?"

  49. La Raza is mounting a Campaign to stop the ever-rising "hatred."

    To me that would be like the KKK having a peace march.
    How Trish feels about it, we'll probly never know.

  50. "I warned you it was coming. "

    Actually, you didn't:
    When I asked, you replied that you did not know much about it, so you were just listening and learning.

    Seemed reasonable to me.

    To not comment at the time when "you can't get over" something someone writes, seems less so.

  51. La Raza and the Weekly Standard. That's a hard pair to turn down.

  52. Well I can't get over it now. Unless you exert yourself.

    "Human debris." (You didn't qualify it.) That's just wrong, Doug.

  53. Doubt if I meant all illegals are human debris:

    Does a repeat child murdering molester count?

  54. "La Raza and the Weekly Standard. That's a hard pair to turn down."

  55. Check out the Weekly Standard on the immigration issue.

  56. "Doubt if I meant all illegals are human debris"

    Doubt if I meant? You should know what you meant.

  57. Trish,
    I was looking at the Standard and didn't see anything wrt immigration.

    It really would be easier if you would just say what's on your mind in plain English, but that's up to you.

  58. I hereby certify that I do not believe all illegals are "Human Debris"

    Rufus, be my witness!

  59. I DO believe it is feckless and cowardly not to speak out against La Raza and MECHA.

  60. Last year they had a La Raza legal representative write a piece for them.

    Why would they do that?

  61. Why do you write in Riddles?

  62. My experience is that things usually are not all that difficult to communicate in simple statements.
    ...but then my mom was from Missourri.

  63. Read through all of the immigration-related articles at the WS.

    It's not a riddle, Doug.

  64. I have heard Crystal talk:
    He's completely out of touch imo.
    VDH has more immediate relatives that are Hispanic than Anglo, and He thinks Crystal is wrong.

  65. Read through all of the immigration-related articles at the Weekly Standard, Doug.


  66. Give me your take on it and I might.

  67. Billie K, he don't know diddly, about the border or the migration north.

    A cosmopolitan DC isider, he is.
    A fellow that thinks Mr Bush is winning, cause he's not losing.

    Short sighted amd wrong. Another psuedo-conservative of the Wilsonian stripe, that's grasping at straws, just a lot more time, that's all that is needed, a decade of two.

    Back the Baathists, that's Billys' new mantra. Big Bill Kristol, wrong all the way around.

  68. Fred Barnes
    Have heard him on Hewitt:
    Classic Beltway "perspective."
    California Natives know better.
    Those living in So-Central LA know better yet.

  69. Since Duncan Hunter's fence got built, 'Rat's state is "getting their lessons!"

  70. " Its economy has recovered from the early 1990s recession, but the quality of life hasn't."
    Never Will, unless Socialism turns out to work when done right.

  71. Political Correctness triumphs over common sense

    I wonder what this lady's screen name is on the EB.

    Since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have wasted incalculable resources to maintain the pretense that no one individual is more likely to be a terrorist than any other. Even though al Qaeda immediately identified itself as the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks and explained that it was waging jihad — i.e., a war of race and religion — the United States insisted that race and religion could not be used to profile terrorists.

    Had we had not wasted billions of dollars on such a foolish charade, might al Qaeda have been decimated, might Osama bin Laden be dead, might more terrorists be on the run?(...)

    Meanwhile, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff says he has a “gut feeling” that al Qaeda has regrouped and may be preparing to attack us again. If — God forbid — another attack does occur, terrorists can claim only partial credit. The real victor will be political correctness, which has triumphed over common sense.

  72. The ten minutes I heard of Hewitt today, he was talking about how many MONTHS they are behind on Passports that people PAY to have checked:

    A Piddly amount of work, yet we are to believe the Federal Government will check out Tens of Millions of illegals in no time.

    "Paid for by the fines"
    of course.
    Har de Har.

  73. Does Kristol have a child fighting in AFG or IRQ?

  74. More believable than the Baathist 1920 Brigades reconciling with Mahdi Army or the Badr Brigades

  75. Gawd, first we had Normie Minetta at DOT, now this semi-human whatever as Head of Homeland Defense!

    ...but I didn't say he was Human Debris.
    (holding fire)
    Worthless tho.

  76. Human Debris Links
    Child Murdering Molesters Welcome

    “Under federal law, a single conviction for a ‘crime of moral turpitude’ doesn’t warrant deportation for a legal permanent resident, Lori Haley, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Friday.

  77. We need 'em, doug.

    Not enough kids born in the US of A, any more.

    Inconvienent, you know. Takes a couple off the fast track of success and fortune.

  78. A DUI won't get an illegal deported.

  79. About 40,000 have died at the hands of Illegals in the last 5 years, but the Beltway Boys see only Exclusionist Racists.

  80. Yeah, W is all worried about a "Labor Shortage" when construction labor earns less than I did 20 years ago!

    Less than a Legal Family can live on.
    ...which is how they drove Black Businesses out of Watts.

  81. Construction would be paying $40/hour w/o illegals:
    Many native poor would be glad to get that work, Black, White, and legal Hispanic.

  82. wow 40k dead due to many dead due to legal guns? Do you care?

  83. Vidiation, LLC, announces its Vidiation -- Radiation Analytics Detection System (V-RADS(TM)) underwent a second, critical round of tests at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) July 16, 2007. V-RADS is a new software-based technology that detects the presence of radioactive materials by analyzing streams of surveillance video.


    V-RADS offers an important new weapon in defending against the unlawful transport or possession of source materials and, ultimately, "dirty bomb" attacks. V-RADS uses information generated when high energy gamma rays and particles interact with the CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors of video surveillance cameras; V-RADS' proprietary algorithms and expert system analyze data and identify radiation that may pose a security threat, while passing on low-level sources, greatly reducing or eliminating "false-positive" detections.


    Vidiation has identified potential market sectors for V-RADS, ranging from primary storage sites of radiological materials (hospitals, DOD and Government facilities; Oil/Energy exploration; food irradiation; utilities and non-destructive evaluative radiography); radioactive material or weapon transit detection points (border entries; mass transit hubs; transit infrastructure including weigh stations, bridges and toll booths, ports and private facilities such as truck stops, marinas and gas stations) and "dirty bomb" targets, including commercial buildings, shopping malls, sports venues, entertainment centers, landmarks and tourist sites, critical infrastructure and economic sites and governmental/military locations. V-RADS has global market potential; the company has patents pending in the United States and is working to secure patent rights in Europe, Japan, Israel and other countries.


  84. Sen. Barack Obama, pledged to meet, one-on-one, in his first year as president, with Bashir Assad, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong Il Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What a stroker.

  85. Some Racial Supremacy Groups are more equal than others.
    ...just ask the Weekly Standard, according to Trish.

  86. "wow 40k dead due to illegals..."
    Well put, Ash:
    Their families will be comforted!

  87. We could bring in Gay Marriage and HIV just to prove our leftist "debating" "skills," I guess!

  88. Ash said...

    wow 40k dead due to many dead due to legal guns? Do you care?

    Uh-oh. Looks like the animists are here...


  89. 2164th said...

    Sen. Barack Obama, pledged to meet, one-on-one, in his first year as president, with Bashir Assad, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jong Il Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What a stroker.

    Birds of a feather...

  90. doug wrote:

    "Well put, Ash:
    Their families will be comforted! "

    hmmm, it is you who seem to care how they died, not that they are dead, but only how they came that way.


    re. meeting with your opponents - I take it by your response that you prefer the Bush method? pretending they don't exist. Who's the greater fool - the one whom confronts and negotiates with one's enemies or one who shouts "I'm not going to speak to you"?

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Not one gun killed a person, ash.
    Guns without people to hold them are harmless objects.

    How many lives were saved because there was a gun that acted as a deterent. I've used a gun in that capacity, more than once.

    Stopped bad situations from getting worse, the fear of immediate retribution has stood down at least two "situations" where bad guys desired to commit vioence, vandalism and mayhem.

    Didn't even have to clear the holster in one case, the other, the presence the twelve gauge convinced the other fellows they were wrong to be so rude.

  93. Ash, there is a wide margin in between both extremes.

    Of that group I would negotiate with two, ignore the third, clip the fourth and give number five some additional thought.

    you can speculate as to the order.

  94. sure, that is true DR, but toss on the other side of the scale the loss of life due to anger and the proximity of the gun. Ever been stuck in traffic on a hot day and encountered a bozo whom cut you off? Did you ever respond? If'n he had a gun to respond and gosh you had a gun too it'd be yippity doo da at the OK corral with bullets flying down mainstreet. Who cares about the 11 year old caught in the crossfire 'cause it isn't the gun that killed her...

  95. But then it could have just been "Command Presence", aye.

    Did that once in Panama, stood down a prospective riot, told the main Provocateur I'd take him out, he said there were twenty of them, omly two of us, I promised he'd die, before I went down under the rush.
    He believed it true.

    But I was younger then, and didn't much care.

  96. a slow hand - ya, true, there is a wide margin there and to hop on the ideological train as 2164th seems to be doing is folly. Obama seems to be saying he'd meet them so? That hardly means one caves to their demands.

  97. DR wrote:

    "But then it could have just been "Command Presence", aye."

    I appreciate your nuance. It's funny, I heard a story yesterday, of Pierre Trudeau staring down a soccer riot ... he gave 'em the evil eye or suntin'

  98. No, ash, I do not react with or to road rage. If others do, than one should be prepared for that eventuallity.

    Gun Control is hitting the target, shoot to stop, not kill.

    In the "Conceal Carry" States, violent and property crime rates drop, when the populous might be armed.

    I have found that an armed society is a more polite society. Arizona being both an "open carry" and a "concealed carry" State. People walk down the street with pistols on thei hips, in downtown Phoenix.

  99. DR, and knowing you the way I do I would feel little worry about you packing heat, concealed or not. However, the fuckin' twerp gang banger with the itchy trigger finger shouldn't be, and he is. Even if I'm packin' and he's shootin' at someone else but my daughter gets hit - I'm one unhappy dude. That shit is happening all over the country. Add to that the drunks, couples arguing up a storm, and folks parnoid of the armed intruder in their midst, and your violent crime statistic reduction pales in comparison to the carnage of bearing arms legally.

  100. An armed society is a polite society.

  101. Gangs of the New America: Heather MacDonald vs. Open Borders

    The most recent contribution of the Open Borders Lobby to the decomposition of American civilization is the immigrant gang, which has now spread itself from the inner precincts of San Diego to such places as the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

    In the summer issue of the City Journal, published by the libertarian think tank the Manhattan Institute, Heather MacDonald tells the bad news. [The Immigrant Gang Plague]

    Of course it's bad news only if you think crime, violence, poverty, and individual and social crack-up are bad.
    If you're part of the Open Borders crowd, you probably don't think so, as long as the borders are porous and the wages are low.

    In the event you prefer the truth, Miss MacDonald has plenty to tell about the impact of mass immigration on American cities and those unfortunate enough to have to live in them.
    "Hispanic youths, whether recent arrivals or birthright American citizens," she reports "are developing an underclass culture…. Hispanic school dropout rates and teen birthrates are now the highest in the nation. Gang crime is exploding nationally -- rising 50 percent from 1999 to 2002—driven by the march of Hispanic immigration east and north across the country. Most worrisome, underclass indicators like crime and single parenthood do not improve over successive generations of Hispanics—they worsen."

  102. hmmm, immigrant gangs, they should bear arms too, no? Outlaw long sleeves shirts Rush et al scream!

  103. No, not at all.
    The felows coming north, leading, guiding the migration, they're all armed, ash.

    When they confronted the US National Guard, on the AZ border, the National Guard withdrew. Though not underfire.

    But the infiltrators were armed.
    AK's I believe.

    Sheep dogs, amigo, citizen sheepdogs. The more, the better.

  104. The guy that sent Ramos and his partner to Jail NEVER smuggled drugs without a gun, according to his MOTHER!
    But, of course, it was W's "Dear Friend and honest Injun" Johnny Sutton who REALLY got Ramos and C...... sent to prison.
    Human Debris, indeed.
    Bush has much compassion for such trash, as long as they're Texas Cronies.

  105. hehehe, we've got a bunch here wailing about shutting down all the mosques and your worried about migrants bearing arms. Mucho easier task to meet the migrants with law enforement bearing their arms while also pulling pieces from gang bangers pants then banning a religion from existing within our hallowed borders.

    Legal possession of arms, highly restricted, all the while targeting the makers of the profitable trade could lead to some beneficial results -- but no, Americans cry, you'll pull the gun from my cold dead fingers before I allow a migrant or gang banger be denied.

  106. Carrying a weapon, in the commission of a felony is already illegal, ash.
    Entering the US illegally is a felony, punishable by two years in a Federal lockup, if prosecuted and convicted. A felony.

    Felons and criminals have no "right" to bear arms.
    Though the Supremes may disagree, as all the other "rights' are allotted to the illegals.

    I wouldn't shut down the Mosques, hard to see a fellows soul. But at least the Mosques can be monitored, if need be. Otherwise they'f go further "underground", make 'em that much harder to track.

  107. In most states, sure, a felon isn't allowed to carry, so? First you've got to demonstrate they are a felon, second, you got to show they carry. Naaawww, zero tolerance on carry. You carry, you go down. Make it hard to get and bust 'em when they got it. You know, like Guliani did with the loiterers, only bigger and better. The carnage is appalling.

  108. I can tell you this. Being the polite old fart that I am, and having a wife, 60 something, I felt a hell of a lot better , on my trip, out on the high way, knowing I had the Llama, and ammo, in my rucksack.

  109. bobal, the gang banger feels the same way - and he's probably got more of a need for the thing then you. Both you kids should put 'em away lest you use the dang thing...

    g'd night!

  110. I'm hoping we've got some guys inside the mosques. I'd rather have them open so we can see who the bad guys are.

    I view mosques preaching militant Islam with the same respect that I did any "church" that preached white power in the previous century.

    Using your religion as an excuse to subvert our Constitution turns it into an insurgency in my eyes.

  111. While this is the first official Democratic debate, one of six sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, the candidates are already experiencing a level of debate fatigue, said Chris Begala, a Houston-based media and political consultant.

    Democratic candidates, in particular, have already participated in several unofficial debates and forums.

    Begala questioned the timing of the Monday's debate, saying that only political junkies are paying attention right now.

    1st Official Debate

  112. That Patton clip was brilliant.

  113. Ash, it's a good country. Not once did I feel the need. Each morning, I'd talk with the other old farts, over the breakfast there, at Motel 6, or 8. A good country, America is. You can come back, any time.

  114. I'll be sure to suggest to the next MS-13 gangbanger I run into that he lay down his arms, and lie with the lambs.

    That'll git er done.

  115. Holy Shit, Rufus, that's some horse!

  116. Anyone here have the pleasure to repel an attempted home invasion?

    I did. Once.

    The City of Angels, 1997. Sycamore Ave. From my corner you could see the Hollywood sign in one view, rotate 90 degrees right and look square at downtown. The Belly of the Beast.

    We lived in "Too Big's" 'hood. He made sure to scrawl it on the sidewalk in big letters right in front of our duplex the day we moved in.

    I expected cookies and maybe a referral to a good church. No luck.

    One Saturday afternoon, Too Big and Big Mo were beating the living crap out of a child in the street.

    All the neighbors came to their front doors because of the wailing .

    The fine men ceased their pummeling when they saw the audience and began to exchange pleasantries with everyone.

    I politely suggested they ease up on the lad (Big Mo's son by the way) and be on their way.

    Upstairs neighbor informed them she was calling LA's finest.

    More pleasantries exchanged. All parties exit the scene.

    Fast forward a couple of hours and there's a horrible racket of my wrought-iron security door getting bashed in.

    We were enjoying the Mediterranean climate, so the big solid door was open.

    Why it's Too Big and Big Mo come to pay a visit and in their words "shoot every one of you motherfuckers."

    Needless to say, I was non-plussed.

    After getting over the sphinctorial contractions, I spirited away to the bedroom, eyes bulging in panic, and opted for the Remington 870 12 gauge loaded with a mix of riot buck and slugs over the AR15.

    Upon my return to the front room, my uninvited guests had broken the handle off of the security door but failed to have breached the deadbolt lock to open the door.

    I took cover behind a partition, racked the slide and allowed one of my nine rounds drop to the floor with a thud. I trained the muzzle of the weapon at the front door and informed my neighbors that I appreciated their visit and that it was time to go home.

    My heart had somehow managed to lodge itself in my throat and pound like a timpani drum. My eyeballs were bulging out of my skull and the blood rushing through my head sounded like whitewater.

    My finger clicked off the safety and I could not believe I had placed it on the trigger. I was really not happy with the previous twenty seconds of my life.

    When Too Big and Big Mo saw my shotgun pointed in their direction, they got some brains and backed off the door.

    We exchanged more pleasantries and threats. I was able to choke out that any returns by them to my yard would invite a full scale response and it would be best for all of us to not cross paths again.

    A balance of terror had been achieved.

    Barely slept for a week.

    I lived uneasy on that street for three more years. Packed a pistol with me at all times after that.

    In Kalifornistan, peasants are supposed to let the Too Bigs and Big Moes of the world have their way, as defending yourself is icky and just not civilized.

    I decided that being uncivilized in the eyes of the Hollywood effete and the Politburo in Sacramento was a price worth paying to stay alive.

    Been that way ever since.

    Oh, and I moved to North Carolina.

  117. Knew this fellow, worked for my dad, always carried. I thought it a bit strange at the time, being a youngster, that he did not just leave it in the truck.

    Anyway he's sitting at home in his apartment with his wife, in Glendale, oh, 'bout 8:00pm. The front door bursts open and two fellows charge into the the hall, heading towards the living room.

    The pistol, on the coffee table, was grabbed and four rounds fired, two double taps. Needless to say the two intruders stopped, dead in their tracks.

    Or so the story was told to me.

  118. Good guys 2, bad guys 0.

    Good score.

  119. Good story Brother. Always remember to breath slow and act even slower. I find it produces faster reaction time and more effective response.

  120. This is a Great Example of the Lobsters and their "Leaders" and "Reporters" insisting the water is just fine, thank you.
    Better to remain silent about all this and vent our wrath on those that do not speak with proper sensitivity about this HUMAN DEBRIS!

    Don't bother looking into what LA RAZA and MECHA are really up to, Trish, take Billy Kristol's word for it!

  121. Hadn't heard this one explained before:
    "If someone from Mexico crosses the Rio Grande with a small child, that child is a Mexican citizen. Despite the fact that he grew up in the United States, and may even speak with a Cornhusker accent, he’s still legally the Mexican government’s responsibility. If one of the Norfolk suspects has a Mexican birth certificate, he will certainly appeal to the Mexican consulate. It will demand his rights under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

    Which means that the Mexican government will be trying to help him get away with murder.

    Mexican Banks are gaurded with Machine Guns.
    Strong Horse Wins.

  122. You fellows can all move to Idaho if you is still sane here, last I checked...

  123. The sheet lightning is all over the sky, late at night, here in Idaho, and I am going to bed, with the front door unlockedd, no fear.

  124. What a luxury, eh, Bob?
    I really never have in my entire life, believe it or not!
    ...dying Breed, the fortunate few.

  125. I just read the Blight wiped out a lot of crops in North Dakota, Bob, did you Idahos escape that?

    Republican Leader/Farmer up there lobbying hard for legalizing Hemp Cultivation.

  126. Doug, I didn't see any signs of that, but then I was just on one highway, straight through, so I didn't really get the 'big picture'. To my eye, the crops looked great, everywhere, particularily the corn.

  127. Erdogan's campaign focused on his party's impressive economic achievements since it swept to power five years ago, such as slashing chronic inflation, sustaining high growth and attracting record investment.

    It has also eased access to medical care, provided free textbooks for schoolchildren and built cheap homes for the poor.

    The main opposition Republican People's Party finished second on Sunday with 20.8 percent of vote and 111 seats, according to unofficial results.

    Economic Achievements

  128. Ash:
    You were confused. I didn't contradict myself. I said that it is religious war being waged by the other side. We haven't made it a religious war yet that is the tact and the propaganda used to radicalize their youth.

    Read it again.