“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Sad Truth about the Baqubah Victims

Doug asked that Deuce and I join an effort to bring the al-Qaeda massacre of Baqubah villagers to the attention of the MSM who seem to have ignored the a story. My initial reaction was to wonder if the Iraqi people were made aware of the story? What are the Iraqi people going to do about the murders? When are the Iraqis going to tire of the senseless bloodletting? To the rest of the world, what are another dozen or so murders when a single car bomb has killed bystanders by the hundreds? Iraq is ground zero for the world's insanity and barbarity and the sad story of these Baqubah deaths will go relatively unnoticed. Everyone knows that life is cheap in the Islamic world.

If it's not al-Qaeda killing someone, its Sunni insurgents killing Shia police recruits or Shia militants taking revenge on Sunnis who dominated the Shia for many, many years. Then there's the Bathists or nationalists, or communists. And what about the Salafists funded by Wahhabist? Iran trains and equips Hezbollah or Hamas and sends shaped charges into Iraq. Then you have the Taleban and the madrassas in Pakistan and in Africa, the Arab muslims are wiping out the black muslims in Darfur. In Palestine the Fatah terrorist crooks are battling for supremacy with the religious fanatics Hamas. Nearly 100,000 have died in the fighting in Algeria. Southern Thailand is under assault. From western Africa to the Phillipines, Islamists are making life hell for everyone else.

On top of all that madness, you have the tribal and family tensions. Tribes fighting tribes and families killing themselves. Even in the formerly civilised UK, the Islamoidiots employ bounty hunters to track down and kill wayward children. Then there's the issues of genital mutilation and arranged marriages where many first cousins have married each other. Don't get started on the slavery which was only outlawed in Saudi Arabia in 1964 and still exists in the Muslim world today.

And if the reports of murders aren't bad enough, all too often we read the gory details that the bodies were found with drill holes and other evidences of torture. This is a pathological madness on a scale which is incomprehensible and inexplicable to most people. And if you dare point out the common denominator, the Muslim associations will shout you down and threaten you in the courts. Your courts. The courts they will use until such times as they can switch them over to their courts where Sharia law is the practice.

My explanation is that the Devil is having a field day. He is getting rich off the souls of stupid, ignorant, corrupt humanity. But if I say such a thing in the wrong company, I am perceived as an ignorant Christian and no better and just as dangerous as the ignorant Muslims who are waging jihad all other the world. All over the world because the evil George Bush and Tony Blair conspired with the Jews to bring about war on Islam and all this mayhem is in reaction to western foreign policy and provocation. As though, if we would only leave them alone, the madness would go away as world peace and harmony return to the natural balance.

So in the "big picture" where US withdrawal from the intractable quaqmires of Iraq and Afghanistan could lead to the end of Israel with its six million people, what's another 16 Iraqi victims of al-Qaeda?

That's the sad truth about the Baqubah victims.


  1. I don't know what company you run with, but one of the reasons I live here is that I know virtually no one who who would tsk-tsk me for talking about the evils of Islam.

    An ex-liberal buddy told me that the definition of a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. People who don't understand how much we infidels are hated by these islamnuts have never seen the hate close up. I have. If they could have, they would have killed me. Its not quite being mugged, but it was close.

  2. A dozen here, a dozen there.
    Three thousand in New York City,
    Forty thousand across the US.

    Another burial, another day.

    500,000 in Dafur, killed by the Wahabbists.

    Why should another four score more matter in Iraq? When the solution is a million more. A price that no one wants to charge or to pay, or to even admit is on the tab. That there is a price to be paid, in blood.

    Peace in the Levant will require 250,000 deaths or more. Until that price is paid, there will be no process that brings peace.

    Peace will come through total victory, or defeat. The peace of the dead, the exhausted and the defeated. Not through discussions, agreements or pay offs, the idea of Peace by Graft, will not work with these fellows, on either side of the divide, a sign of denial to the point of insanity.

  3. Thanks for the input Phil and welcome to the Elephant.

  4. Hey, Phil!
    Hawaii is filled w/Flips!
    Even ex-pats have not adopted the suicidal Multiculti imperative.
    Freedom lives in Paradise!
    (w/side trips to Vegas for entertainment and wallet-fleecing)

  5. Fighting a war to win is no longer really an option
    The second essay we published by the Colonel was a rather careful look at the history and conceptual framework for the Limited War Doctrine, a doctrine developed by the Kennedy Administration and carried forward by every administration since, which so cripples our military and political leadership that fighting a war to win is no longer really an option. This essay was also published at The American Thinker.

  6. Uh oh,
    The Colonel disagrees w/resident in the know analyst Trish:

    "In the global war against the Shari’a faithful Muslims, the stakes are existential and not limited, but our national political and senior military leaders are still in the paralyzing death grip of limited war conceptual thinking.
    If nothing changes, nothing changes

  7. The Saga continues:

    Can Trish escape the paralyzing death grip of limited war conceptual thinking?

  8. My Question for Trish:
    What do you foresee going on in Europe in 20 years wrt the Musselmen?

  9. "The operative concept was that an enemy would
    “receive the message”
    that the U.S. intended to act militarily to defend its interests, and therefore, would be deterred from escalating the crisis further.

    Then, after it was clear to the enemy that his limited war objectives could not be attained, negotiations would ensue that would end the crisis.
    “Message sending” to the enemy through gradual escalation became an integral part of U.S. national security thinking and strategy.

  10. Scenes that we've all seen before
    Will you tell me some gore?

    We ain't gonna study war no more

    We'll scare 'em into submission.
    Oh, wait, that's what the mussulmen are doing

    Which side is scarier, day to day?
    Why that'd be the mussulmen.

    The US will not use its' strengths.
    Proof enough is the mountain of Tora Bora, if the US was serious, it'd be a part on the plains, now.

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  12. A pair of tactical nuclear weapons on the wasteland of Tora Bora, that'd have sent a "message"

    But if we not use them there, in the middle of no where, where will we use them, but no where.

    That was the message that was sent, it reminds me of being in grade school, we'd tape instructions on the victims back, "Kick Me!".

    We've taped it on our own gack side.

  13. Sign when entering the Wal-Mart parking lot near Ashland, Kentucky----"Speed Limit 5 Miles Per Hour--Strictly Enforced--Security Cameras in Operation"--missed the Huntington, WV Fourth of July machine gun shoot at the Tri-State Arms and Gun Club--annual event it seems--you too can still own and operate a pre-ban machine gun if you have no felony. One fellow on TV said he burnt up over $700 dollars in a few bursts. Quite a collection of machine guns I must admit--some from WWI and WWII. One hell of a thunder strorm on the Fourth--lightening like I've never seen, happens all the time here I'm told.

    Heading north tomorrow, thankfully. I've had enough. Must remember to say my final respects to 'Cody', the horse the tenants buried in the back yard.

    Those folks that say all religions are the same don't know what they are talking about. It gets tiresome hearing all the nonsense about the great noble religion of Islam. But then nobody here disagrees with that. President Bush was in Charleston, WV(where the Tri-State Casino just landed a milti-million dollar grant of your tax money to fund 'tourism enhancement', thanks to Robert Byrd no doubt) yesterday talking to the troops. Invitation only. I wan't invited. Later.

  14. Carry a piece when dealing with the religion of peace:

    A group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks in the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site.

    Police found details of the discussions on a site run by one of a three-strong "cyber-terrorist" gang.

    They were discovered at the home of Younis Tsouli, 23, Woolwich Crown Court in south-east London heard.

    One message read: "We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.

  15. You need to scroll down to the bottom, and Work your way up.

    Do It!

  16. "NGO called Baobab Health."
    That's AlBobAl's African cousin.

  17. "William says the electricity can also be used to charge mobile phones and if he could have a step up transformer he could be able to watch a colour television."
    COSTCO has a 1500 watt inverter for 85 bucks.
    I'm going to get a little 25 - 100 watt job to run 13 watt florescents in a jam.
    Have any idea what the efficiency of those things are Rufus?
    He's using a car light, which means incandescent:
    I'd guess an inverter plus florescents would be more efficient, but have not checked yet.
    Also got a propane stove and bulk tank after our little learning experience with the earthquake:

    Preparedness is a Black or White Affair, I learned.

  18. But happiness is a warm gun
    this is my weapon, this is my gun
    one is for pleasure, one is for fun

  19. William mentions florescents further up.

    William is very cool, but very un-pc, and shall be banned from further discussion.

    "While government might be moving at a retarded pygmy’s pace to search for alternative sources of electricity when signs are evident that Escom will not cope up with increasing demand, a form 1 dropout in Kasungu has proved that it is possible.

  20. Bottom up vs top down.

    Grant that young man $1,000USD for equipment, he'd have a score of generators hummin'

    Then that fellow with the patch over his eye, Dennis Hopper played the part in WaterWorld, comes along, wrecks the equipment, shoots the young student and his family, for getting upitty.

    Listening to radio, that's not being part of the greater struggle, but against it.
    Trying to empower those universal rights created in Gods name, by men.

  21. Doug, I just never could understand electricity. My head's just shaped wrong, I guess.

  22. Mine's shaped like a Tesla Coil, but it's never generated any electriciy, although it has been struck by Lightning several times.

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  24. White House efforts to keep congressional Republicans united over the Iraq war suffered another major defection yesterday as Sen. Pete V. Domenici (N.M.) broke with President Bush and called for an immediate change in U.S. strategy that could end combat operations by the spring.

    Another one bites the dust, in July.
    September, so so far away.

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  26. "Deuce, they have no more opportunity to establish the vaunted caliphate than a snow ball in hell.

    You'll frighten yourself everyday in the face of this closet phantom. If that's what you want to do, you're welcome to it, of course.

    It's not an existential threat. Civilization will not perish. We are not doomed, nor destined to slaughter.

    Have a lovely Fourth."

    I don't think the Islamists can "win," insofar as the Caliphate is concerned (though stranger things have happened in history). Both us and them, however, can lose.

    As to destroying Islam - if it really came down to it, Clash of Civilizations style, you wouldn't have to. Just isolate it. But if that's in the future, it's many years and bodies down the road.

    I'm pretty pessimistic.

  27. Perhaps such a second coming of the Musharraf system would work better with a military leader more perceptive than the ebullient but shallow Musharraf. But in the end, the army cannot rule the state of Pakistan by itself.

    Perhaps it will come to the realization that what it needs is a strategy for a systematic withdrawal from politics. This would involve heavy investment in the quality and competence of the civilian elite, a rebuilding of liberal Pakistan, and tough measures against defiant, radical Islamists.

    The United States is paying lip service to a regime that is collapsing before its eyes and that may yet turn truly nasty. Washington treats Pakistan as if it were a Cold War ally, dealing only with its top leadership.

    Musharraf's Pakistan

  28. Great post, Whit. You were on a roll there.