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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Educated Men of Science but Islamic to their Roots

What other areas of science can be corrupted by Islam? A nuclear laboratory or facility in either Pakistan or Iran for instance?

Terror arrests : the list of suspects
By Richard Holt and Richard Alleyne

Suspect 1

Mohammed Asha was a star student who chose to live and work in Britain because it treated people with "respect and dignity", according to his family.

Dr Asha, 26, one of five children, originally from Jordan, excelled at the Jubilee School, an elite institution in the country's capital, Amman, for children who show academic promise.

After gaining straight As in 1998, he won a scholarship to Jordan University's medical school, graduating in the summer of 2004. He was again top of his class.

However, instead of taking up a post in his native country, he moved to Britain to complete his training.

He arrived first in Birmingham University with his wife Marwa, 27, before switching to Shrewsbury Royal Hospital and the Princess Royal in Telford where, as a junior doctor, he trained under a number of consultants.

After one year of training he took up his current post as a senior house officer at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, specialising in neurology. By now Dr Asha and his wife had a son, Anas, and the couple moved to a three-bedroom home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, on the edge of Stoke-on-Trent.

According to his neighbours in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Dr Asha was always friendly and immaculately dressed.

Suspect 2

Marwa Asha, 27, Dr Asha's wife, was arrested with her husband on the M6 motorway near Cheshire on Saturday.

Suspect 3

Bilal Abdulla, the passenger of the Jeep driven into the Glasgow airport terminal on Saturday was an Iraqi doctor who moved to Britain last year.

He qualified as a doctor in Baghdad and started working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, four miles from the airport. He trained in the Iraqi capital from before the outset of war in 2003.

In April Dr Abdulla moved into a rented two-bedroom house in the village of Houston, five minutes from Glasgow airport. It was raided at about 4.30am on Sunday.

Neighbours have told how the occupants of the house had been seen driving a range of cars.

Ian Thompson, a Royal Marine, said: "I have seen a light coloured Mercedes in the drive, a silver Peugeot, as well as a silver Astra.

"They sometimes had visitors showing up at various times.

"Once an Asian man in his twenties arrived at the home in a Mercedes at 1am.

"They were not particularly friendly.

"One of the neighbours once knocked on their door to let them know that they had accidentally left their headlights on but they weren't interested in making conversation."

According to Britain's General Medical Council, Dr Abdulla is a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery - the standard qualifications for medics.

He qualified as a doctor in Baghdad in 2004 and is registered as a medical practitioner in Britain under his full name Bilal Talal Abdul Samad Abdulla. Sources at the Paisley hospital said last night that Abdulla, was "just under 30".

Abdulla was wearing a white T-shirt and casual combat trousers when he was detained by police.

Suspect 4

The driver of the Jeep Cherokee which crashed into the terminal building of Glasgow airport on Saturday.

The man, who suffered 90 per cent burns after setting himself on fire in the attack - is said to be a locum doctor working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, where he is now being treated.

He has been operated on but doctors say his chances of survival are slim.

Suspect 5

A man was arrested in a vehicle near Lime Street Station in Liverpool on Monday.

The man is believed to be a junior doctor who works in Liverpool.

Suspects 6 and 7

Two men aged 25 and 28 were arrested in the UK on Monday. Little is known about the men at this stage, other than that they are believed to be junior doctors who lived in a block attached to the occupational health unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Police said they were "not of Scottish origin" but refused to elaborate.

Suspect 8

Dr Mohamed Haneef, an Indian doctor described as a "model citizen", was arrested in Australia.

Dr Haneef, 27, who trained at a hospital in Liverpool before moving to Australia, was arrested at Brisbane airport as he tried to board a flight with a one way ticket to India.

He qualified as a doctor in Bangalore, India, in 2002, came to Australia in September last year after answering an advertisement in the British Medical Journal.

Dr Haneef was sponsored by Queensland’s health department and granted a working visa. He took up a position as a registrar at a hospital on the Gold Coast, a glitzy holiday resort south of Brisbane.

“[He] was regarded by the hospital as, in many senses, a model citizen - excellent references and so on," according to Peter Beattie, the premier of Queensland, adding that Dr Haneef had “some connections to the incidents in the UK".

He was reportedly arrested after British authorities intercepted a phone conversation with one of the suspects detained in the UK.

No charges have been filed yet. Under Australian law, terrorism suspects can be held without charge for 24 hours and for longer periods with court approval.

A second, unnamed doctor at the hospital is also being questioned by Australian authorities because of information divulged by Dr Haneef. The second doctor was also recruited from Liverpool, although it was not clear where he had trained or what nationality he was.


  1. ot
    A Man of Pseudoscience
    turning Snake Oil into Religion in service of his shriveled Root:
    Algore as Reagan:
    Moving Beyond Kyoto

    Al Gore, vice president from 1993 to 2001, is the chairman of the Alliance for Climate Protection. He is the author, most recently, of “The Assault on Reason.”

    Embrace a genuine moral and spiritual challenge!

    But there’s something even more precious to be gained if we do the right thing. The climate crisis offers us the chance to experience what few generations in history have had the privilege of experiencing:
    a generational mission;
    a compelling moral purpose;
    a shared cause;
    and the thrill of being forced by circumstances to put aside the pettiness and conflict of politics and to embrace a genuine moral and spiritual challenge.

    This is not a political issue. This is a moral issue, one that affects the survival of human civilization. It is not a question of left versus right; it is a question of right versus wrong. Put simply, it is wrong to destroy the habitability of our planet and ruin the prospects of every generation that follows ours.

    On Sept. 21, 1987, President Ronald Reagan said, “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

    We — all of us — now face a universal threat. Though it is not from outside this world, it is nevertheless cosmic in scale.

  2. As this piece illustrates there are more than just two perspectives to the mussulman challenge, and at least as many solutions.

    Those doctors, educated men with a cause, as are most revolutionary intellectuals. These boys are not crazy, crazed perhaps, but not crazy.

    In a berserker mode, but ontellectuals. Lucky for us, medical doctors and not mechanical engineers, or those bombs would have detonated.

    But then again, seems doctors & med students make up the core of famous intellectual revolutionaries. Like Che and Doc Z.

  3. "experience what few generations in history have had the privilege of experiencing:
    a generational mission
    Following our Messiah,
    Alah Akbar,
    Alah, ALGORE!

  4. "But then again, seems doctors & med students make up the core of famous intellectual revolutionaries. Like Che and Doc Z. "
    But Doc Z had the good sense to realize he had neither the desire to become a (failed) suicide bomber, nor the money and Charisma needed for the Global Jihad. he teamed w/Osama Obama, and now flourishes in one of MANY Sancturaries for Terror, as provided by our Maximum Leader.
    tm C-4

  5. Al Gore has found his calling, marshalling the moral to save the world.

    George W Bush found his mission, the Union of the Americas, and is saving souls with his hard work and our sacrifice.

    Two fruits hanging from the same tree.

  6. in one of *the* MANY Sancturaries for Terror,

  7. Ah, yes:
    The Sanctuary to our South.
    Religious men providing sanctuary to the downtrodden.

  8. Algore Trumps Bush:
    Algore saves on a cosmic scale,
    Bush only for the Internationale.

  9. "C'est la lutte finale/ Groupons-nous et demain/ L'Internationale/ Sera le genre humain."

    (Freely translated:
    "This is the final struggle/ Let us join together and tomorrow/ The Internationale/ Will be the human race.")
    El Presidente!

  10. Al did get more individual votes.

    He represents the majority, always did.

    Just that the US is not all that "representitive" of people.
    By design.

    The closer the Republic becomes to a Democracy, the more dysfuntional it becomes.

    As predicted by the Founders.
    Our intellectual revolutionaries.

  11. It sounds sick, but it might have been better if they had succeeded, at least somewhat. Some fuzzy minded thinkers say that if this is the best they can pull off then what's all the fuss about?

    Aside from that. A bunch of successful muslim doctors? What were they thinking? Talk about NOT understanding your enemy. I certainly don't get it.

  12. I hope every single one of them gets a seat very close to the fire.

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  14. Sex Slaves, Drug Trade and Rock n' Roll

    Aaron Cohen thought he’d seen it all. Then he went to Myanmar.

    Eerily, the Pakistan-Myanmar link is backed up by a 2002 Wall Street Journal article detailing Myanmar’s nuclear ambitions: “The program drew scrutiny recently after two Pakistani nuclear scientists, with long experience at two of their country’s most secret nuclear installations, showed up in Myanmar after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. Asian and European intelligence officials say Suleiman Asad and Muhammed Ali Mukhtar left Pakistan for Myanmar when the U.S grew interested in interrogating them about their alleged links to suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, who Washington believes wants to develop a nuclear weapon.”

    Burmese exile magazines, blogs and Web sites are rife with alleged wicked SPDC plots. But one question pops up over and over: Is there a link between Myanmar, which mines and refines uranium ore, and Iran, which requires uranium for its own nuclear projects? And, specifically, is Burmese yellowcake finding its way to uranium centrifuges in Natanz, Iran?

    Cohen’s testimony suggests that the answer may be yes...

  15. Well, phil, as to a temorary refocusing of attention, perhaps.
    Counter balanced by the fact that the circumstances of the conflict are known to anyone that wants to know.
    But I tend to agree with the sentiment espressed next:

    Don't Mince Words
    The London car-bomb plot was designed to kill women.
    By Christoper Hitchens

  16. Welcome back Phil!
    "Some fuzzy minded thinkers say that if this is the best they can pull off then what's all the fuss about?"
    See my
    Tue Jul 03, 09:26:00 AM EDT
    for what I think the fuss about a Muslim Doctor SHOULD BE all about.

  17. Uranium Mines
    Since 1988, Iran has reportedly opened as many as 10 uranium mines, including the Saghand uranium mine in Yazd province, as well otherwise unspecified locations in Khorassan, Sistan va Baluchestan, and Hormozgan Provinces, and in Bandar-e-Abbas and Badar-e-Lengeh Provinces along the Gulf. The Director of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Reza Amrollahi, announced in 1989 that the expected reserves of these deposts was in excess of 5,000 tons.

    Uranium resources of Iran are not considered rich. The results of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) exploration activities have shown proven reserves of about 3,000 tons of Uranium so far. According to the discovered indices (more than 350 anomalies) and the results of the field discoveries, the expected resources of Iran could be at the range of 20,000-30,000 tons of U3O8, throughout the country. Therefore Iran's domestic reserves might be sufficient enough to supply the raw material for needed nuclear power plants in future.

  18. 'Rat:
    Ingraham said your Lady Gov. has proposed a TOUGH Employer Sanctions Bill!

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  20. Wouldn't doubt it, doug.
    She was the first to declare a sttae of emergency.
    Some said it a stunt, playing politics. Sending a message.

    Getting in front of the marching masses, seems to me.

    Secure the border, enforce the law.

    If law enforcement causes social turmoil and is not worth the damage to the society or economy, then we can change the law, if need be.

    But the law should be enforced, until it is changed.

  21. Well, here is a little slide presentation that'll be of interest, to some.
    Linked to the future, through the present.

  22. The BBC is finally beginning to shed some light...A podcast from BBC4 concerns itself with honor killings in the UK. They report that 1 of 10 UK Muslims support honor killings. In an interview with a random Muslim on the street, the Muslim man is a heavy Paki accent said that it is their right to kill children who get out of line.

    Now, if we could figure out a way to get the left mad at the fundamentalists for crimes against Earth, we might see the British people wake up.

  23. This is what we need to both promote and defend. Beat those mussulmen with babes.

  24. Well at least 'Cody' got a good decent Christian burial.

    Paragraph 9 of the lease that my wife signed with the tenants specifically said, "No horse manure shall be left on the property."

    And these people, fundachristians, a little rural, basic good folk, lived up to the letter of the contract.

    "Bob, what is that over there.?"
    "I don't know I've told you."
    "Go over there and see would you it is bugging me."
    "Oh. all right."

    So Bod hops on the old riding lawnmower and heads over a hundred yards or so towards the creek where is what I thought would be a pile of dirt, and she suspected would be a mound of horse manure.

    Coming close, I see a small cross, with flowers around it, on a large mound of dirt.

    'Cody' Died December 4, 2006.

    Was my wife pissed or what? They cleaned up the horse shit, but buried the horse!

    To make matters worse it stunk, as a badger or something had dug a large hole underneath, causing me to make a rapid retreat.

    'Cody' got a decent Christian burial. I would that they had simply left him to the turkey buzzards that circle around here, he'd be gone by now.

    Which brings me to St. Paul, who said the entire creation is groaning for deliverance, and the contemporary theologian Matthew Fox, who says that it is a great crime to tell the kids, when the pets die, that they won't see them in heaven. Because, according to Fox, they will see them in heaven, the entire creation being delivered, and not just the hominid part of it.

    So maybe a cross is appropriate for a horse, though I would have settle for a horseshoe.

    Have a great Fourth. Keeps me sane(I think) reading you folks.

  25. "It sounds sick, but it might have been better if they had succeeded, at least somewhat. Some fuzzy minded thinkers say that if this is the best they can pull off then what's all the fuss about?"

    Well, it is sick.

    Maybe if some of you - maybe not you, phil - would stop inflating the menace that we do face by insisting at every turn that we are on the verge of being overrun by the Islamic horde, converted at gunpoint and fitted for manjammas and burkhas...

    Do any of you remember that you had Wu Wei reduced to a sodden heap over this urgent prospect? The poor guy probably needed to be medicated.

    As a group, the World War IV types are a study in contradictions, railing against The Defeatists - Worse Than Terrorists! - and then collapsing in a puddle of their own urine at the Coming Caliphate, the Descending Dhimmitude. Too much to acknowledge that two shitty little nation building enterprises are goners; too little to declare anything less than civilization on the verge of extinction.

    We are doomed. We are doomed.

  26. No, it is not US, trush, but those 350,000 Iraqis that we have trained and armed.

    They will collapse when confronted by a handfule of foreign aggitators.
    We have made our bed in Iraq.
    Got to sleep in it, or leave the motel.

  27. All's well on the Southern Front, 'Rat, Chertoff tells me so.
    Trish just wants us to know how Dick Clarke felt running around screaming about Obama, only to be pooh poohed by those in the know in the WH and the CIA.
    Say the Curse!

  28. Ash, Wu Wei, and Larry Johnson will lead the way back to sanity.

  29. (and the entrenched in "service" to our government)

  30. Today's violence are being seen as the latest part of an increasingly prominent Islamic fundamentalist resurgence in Pakistan, in an apparent backlash against General Musharraf's staunch support for President Bush's war on terror.

    At nightfall today Khalid Pervez, the city’s top security official, said that a ceasefire had been reached with the militants but that the Government was considering "all options" in its battle against them.

    "They can’t be allowed to sort of have a state within the state and assume powers. Of course this can’t be allowed," Mr Pervez said.

    The Islamabad clashes took place only two and a half miles from the Government district, in which houses the offices and compound of General Musharraf. Shops all around the area were shuttered and closed during the fighting.

    Authorities have been at loggerheads with the mosque for months after its radical followers demanded that a Taleban-style version of Islamic law be imposed in the capital.

    The mosque's student followers have carried out a string of kidnappings of police officers and alleged prostitutes, as well as several Chinese nationals, and have threatened suicide attacks if security forces intervene.

    Later today, Islamist militants followed up the Islamabad violence by launching protests elsewhere in the country.

    Nukes, nukes who's got the nukes?

    Dr Khan pardoned and under house arrest, visters come and go, as the please, so some say.

  31. I'm sure glad he thinks so.

    Madhatter Hillery, wonder who she'll pick for that job,
    Nagin or Nifong?

  32. Taliban training camps in Afghanistan were a threat.
    In Pakistan they are not, those in the know say so.
    ...the 9-10 choir.

  33. "They will collapse when confronted by a handfule of foreign aggitators."

    Pshaw, Rat.

    That's the same line Rumsfeld used two years running and he was nothing if not a chronic dissembler.

    You once recognized that, in this limited regard anyhow.

    We have no future in Iraq; that doesn't mean the Iraqis don't apart from us.

    The only piece that's missing is asylum for the "collaborators." I understand why they've put that off. But the next guy's gonna have to do it.

  34. The foreign aggitators could not topple the 350,000 armed men, if they did not want to be toppled.

    That's a fact, no matter how incompetent they are, and reports are they're not that incompetent or inept.

    It's another false flag, lame excuse. That the Iraqis cannot hold Iraq. If we c\gave all those guns and training to the wrong Iraqi, well arm the right ones, now.

    Oh, I guess we are.
    Backing the Baathists in Anbar.

  35. "Backing the Baathists in Anbar."

    Nothing like purchasing a little short term tactical advantage when your long term strategy is a whopping failure. It's all good, as long you don't plan on sticking around long.

    We bought a year with a surge that can't be made to stick. The last year remains to be bought. I'm waiting with bated breath to see what they come up with next.

    Those 18-month rotations loom in April.