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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Death Toll passes 1,000 for the Year. Averages Five Per Day

The murder and mayhem are set to hit a record high this year. Already 1,000 have died at an average rate of 5 per day. The enemy is bolder, better trained and better equipped than ever. Former soldiers form a paramilitary corp that the police, army and government seem incapable of stopping. It's unclear whether the recent "surge" will work and the violence seems destined to spread to the broader area. The US MSM shows little interest and certainly doesn't dwell on the consequences of losing the war. Welcome to Mexico.

From, The Secret Border Wars:

Aug 2005 While the threat of terrorists attacking the US is regularly one of the top news headlines on a daily basis, real terror that has already claimed the lives of 600 people this year is being routinely ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media. Mexican drug commando organization los Zetas has been carrying out kidnappings of American citizens and politically motivated assassinations which have stretched from the border town of Nuevo Laredo through to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio all the way to Nashville, Tenn., and Atlanta, Ga.

If Al-Qaeda had infiltrated the US and carried out hundreds of assassinations and kidnappings including those of FBI and DEA agents as well as police chiefs, do you think the media would be interested? Of course they would and yet this very scenario is being played out with scant coverage in local newspapers and the occasional wire blurb.

A February 2005 wire report describes just two of the incidents that have claimed the lives of over a hundred people just in the last month. "Federal and Dallas authorities have blamed the following incidents on the Zetas: At 1:20 a.m. on Dec. 5, a gunman stepped out of a red sports car with a semi-automatic weapon and opened fire on three suspected drug traffickers as they played pool in the open garage of a home in the 5100 block of Mimi Court in Oak Cliff. Christian Alejandro Meza, 26, alias Juan Antonio Ortega, a parolee from Wichita, Kan., who was wanted on weapons charges, died of multiple wounds to the abdomen. Two other men were severely wounded and are being held on drug charges."

"On Sept. 28, police found the bodies of Mathew Frank Geisler and Brandon Gallegos, both 19 and from Laredo, in a burning 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe in a field near the corner of Morrell Avenue and Sargent Road, in the Cadillac Heights area of Oak Cliff. Both men had been shot, and the case probably involved drugs, according to police accounts."

A federal investigator said that "without a doubt" both incidents were carried out by the Zetas." "We're seeing an alarming number of incidents involving the same type of violence that's become all too common in Mexico, right here in Dallas," said the former Dallas narcotics officer. "We're seeing execution style murders, burned bodies and outright mayhem. It's like the battles being waged in Mexico for turf have reached Dallas." Los Zetas, Mexican drug commandos trained in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia to be the elite "special forces" of the Mexican military are now murdering police and conducting hits all over the South West US.

The town of Nuevo Laredo is basically under a state of siege, causing the US to close their consulate in the city on August 8th, after bazookas, grenades and machine guns bombarded nearby buildings. This followed the murder of Police Chief Alejandro Dominguez, who was assassinated only hours after taking office.

Eighteen other police have been killed in Nuevo Laredo alone, along with police and border patrol on the US side.

A Mexican federal agent was also gunned down in Brownsville, Texas in late May. Violence against border patrol agents at a record high.

Los Zetas wear black military style uniforms and in every way are an organized, regimented force which poses a threat to the US ten times greater than Al-Qaeda, yet a majority of US citizens have little idea who they are or the carnage that they are causing.

On July 26 the United States renewed a travel warning for U.S. citizens crossing the border into Mexico. The U.S. ambassador in Mexico, Tony Garza, said that the violence saw no sign of abating.

With the rampage spreading further and further into the States, one would expect the US government to be doing their up most to tighten the border and protect the country from increased infiltration from the Zetas death squads.

They have done the exact opposite.

After President Bush attacked the Minutemen as "vigilantes," the Border Patrol in Arizona were ordered to stand down and not arrest people illegally crossing the border, in order to make the Minutemen look bad and ineffective.

The establishment media played their part in demonizing the Minutemen as a racist lynch mob, when in reality the Minutemen are just concerned citizens sitting in lawn chairs with binoculars, in many cases on their own land, trying to aid the border patrol in protecting America.

Bush continues to sign legislation like CAFTA and further enhancements of he FTAA, easing border controls which harm America not only economically but also make it less secure.

Why would the US government make it easier for drug smuggling death squads to enter the country? Because the US government controls los Zetas and uses it as the front group for their narco-empire.

Retired DEA Agent Celerino "Cele" Castillo III served for 12 years in the Drug Enforcement Administration where he built cases against organized drug rings in Manhattan, raided jungle cocaine labs in the amazon, conducted aerial eradication operations in Guatemala, and assembled and trained anti-narcotics units in several countries.

Castillo dismisses media reports that the los Zetas crime wave was simply a case of blowback after the US government trained them at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia in the 70's and 80's.

Castillo affirms that truth is that they are still working for the US government in protecting drug routes to keep the wheels of Wall Street oiled. Castillo has gone on the record to state that the commandos are working directly for the US government drug cartel in carrying out hits on rival drug smugglers who aren't paying their cut.

During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show in June, Castillo outlined his claims.

Cele Castillo: "That same blueprint they used in Guatemala and in Vietnam they have now brought it to Iraq and the same Colonel who ran the death squads down in El Salvador Colonel James Steele is now running those commando unit death squads in Iraq. So basically we have the same individuals, same cell groups that were in Vietnam that came to central America and Miami and so forth and are now in Iraq and some of them are being trained here in south Texas. There's warehouses down here we're they're training more Zetas individuals that work for the cartels.

Alex Jones: "Now for those that missed that, you have evidence as a former veteran, peace officer and then head DEA agent in Latin America and you live in south Texas, that down there they are training these los Zetas groups and again they're now targeting rival cowboys that are not paying their cut, do you agree with that statement?"

Cele Castillo: "Absolutely but not only that just recently last month we had a female US customs agent driving down the highway and a couple of individuals drove up to her and just shot the hell out of the car and she got hit on the ankle and they're not gonna take any more prisoners. They're now gonna target FBI agents, DEA agents and people that were able to get away from...."

Alex Jones: "And Bush has ordered the border patrol to stand down there in the Tuscon sector because, this was official, because it was cutting in on their drug profits."

Cele Castillo: "Well exactly and now they're planning to come to south Texas and they're gonna do the same thing here in south Texas and there was a story just today in the paper which says border patrol agents say you know what we can't stop these people from coming across the border and the reason that we can't stop them is because our government is not letting us do it."

Alex Jones: "Well I read in the Brownsville paper, the Dallas Morning News you name it that they're conducting murders all over Texas and killing police officers but it's a national secret Cele, it's in regional papers....

Cele Castillo: "Well one of the most major things that people don't realize that's going on is a lot of these people getting murdered are informants for the DEA and FBI and basically people don't wanna admit the fact or let the public know that these people are informants working for the government."

Now we understand exactly why the US government is trying to keep the secret border wars under wraps, because los Zetas are their hired thugs doing their dirty work.

The Bush administration and their mouthpieces are ramming it down our throats that Al-Qaeda is about to attack and yet trained death squads are already marauding all over the southern states assassinating police and federal agents and kidnapping American citizens.

Once again it is down to us, the alternative media, to give this story some traction and prevent the terror gangs of los Zetas and their handlers, the US government, from flooding the streets of the US with more drugs and killing innocent people in cold blood.

It's time for Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff to answer some questions about the Zetas and about our southern border.


  1. Cele and Alex sound a bit wild-eyed. Smoking the product perhaps.

    Somewhere recently, someone (a talk show host or reporter tried to ask Chertoff about the Zetas. I don't think Chertoff ever answered.

  2. Speaking of being wasted; Chertoff is a useless, wasted bag of bones who's worth less than that pimple on my ass!

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  4. We get to here in the story, before theer is a questionable statement:
    Why would the US government make it easier for drug smuggling death squads to enter the country? Because the US government controls los Zetas and uses it as the front group for their narco-empire.

    Prior to that they had not missed a beat. They lay little "proof" for their claim of control.

    They make aa false statement, here.
    Castillo dismisses media reports that the los Zetas crime wave was simply a case of blowback after the US government trained them at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia in the 70's and 80's.

    In the 70's and at least until 1982, when I left, the School was not at Fort Benning, Georgia, but Fort Gulick, Panama.

    Operational control of los Zetas, by agents of the US Government, today, that case was not made, but the actions of the miscreants, the story of the murders, mayhem and drug running, true. Shutting down the Tucson Border Patrol operations, to include the roaming checkpoints, all true enough.

    It does not take much of a leap, to believe the worse, when the truth paints such a dark picture.

    If Mr Bush and his boys are not brick layers, then drug running king pins fills the bill for the reason for so many of their obviously feckless policy decisions and adventures.

  5. Meanwhile, the Border agent in Prison in Mississippi is being given the Haditha Marines Treatment:
    Kept in solitary 23 hours a day, let out in chains and shackles for sun and fun, shower, and etc in his one precious hour of "Freedom."
    Viva el Presidente Bush!
    Viva Johnny Sutton!
    Viva Maximum Faggot Chertoff!

  6. By the man who would have been part of the Triumvirate of Iraq.
    Was, in the beginning, but had the legs cut out from under the initial Policy of Iraqification.

    Mr. Chalabi would appear to be the nearest thing Iraqis currently possess to a genuine walk-and-talk democratic politician, one who will risk life and limb to embody the principle personally. In fact, the U.S.'s main error in Iraq, according to Mr. Chalabi, has been trying to micromanage the development of Iraqi politics. "The U.S. should make a choice," he says, "either to accept full democracy and live with the consequences or undertake full control. They keep trying to 'give local initiatives a boost' instead of letting Iraqi democracy succeed on its own. When you make your own mistakes, you learn. When outsiders make them, unfortunately, they get treated as the enemy."
    His recounting of post-war Iraqi history--which began with the high-handed regency of L. Paul Bremer and then the appointed Iraqi government of Ayad Allawi--returns again and again to this point.

    "The problems began when the U.S. declared an official occupation," he says. "We told the U.S. not to have an occupation, that it would be a disaster. We never intended that. We wanted the Iraqis to run their own affairs, but we were not trusted to do that. Two years ahead of time, we asked [the U.S.] for a 10,000 man multiethnic military police force of Iraqis to be trained. . . . We were refused."

    Mr. Chalabi continues: "We could have prevented the looting and the disbanding of the army. We planned to deploy in front of the army barracks, to disarm the soldiers and keep them in their barracks and tell them 'we are your brothers. Help us run the country, keep order and have democracy.' We intended to pay them, and absorb them selectively into our ranks. We had good intelligence. We knew who was who. Look at it now. The U.S. has had six intelligence chiefs since the war started. They keep changing. Do the allies get any useful intelligence?"

    From the WSJ.

  7. "Illegal aliens with terrorist connections can get amnesty, and they do not have to pay all their back taxes or learn any English at least for 10 years.
    What a deal."

    -- Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY)

  8. Mr. Chalabi has had a lifelong feud with Baathists and one feels that he regards their car bombs as more dangerous and destructive to Iraq's future than the Shiite militias. Still, he defends his position as evenhanded. "With Baathists, it's more complicated than Sunni vs. Shiite," he says. "There were more Shiite than Sunni Baathists. The Shiites hate them, whereas in Sunni areas they're quite popular." In his de-Baathification program, he has, he says, returned most of the Baathists either to their jobs or pensions. "There were some 1.2 million party members, and we have reintegrated all but some 30,000, and those are the hardcore ones, and only 6,000 of those don't have their pensions. [The U.S.] now wants us to return all the Baathists to their former positions or comparable ones, but with the old military and security personnel, that's impossible. They're too hated. We just can't do it."

  9. Ah, yes, 'Rat:
    But as you know, in the know Trish knew Chalabi was a flawed character, thus the course was clear, and the present is here, stay the course!

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  11. Garner and Chalabi would have been a disaster, luckily we chose a wiser course.

  12. Los Zetas, do not know much about who they are, but Salvadorans, the forrunners of MS-13, the dads and uncles of the current crop.

    They went through the School, in Panama. There were also extension branches, in Salvador itself.

    Now I credit a lot of the current stabiltity in Latin America to the work of the School. It was more than a "combat patrol" learning experience for the students.

  13. Mr Allawi is heard from, occasionally, as a coup plotter.
    Mr Talabani is still President.
    Mr Chilabi, well:
    Though he's not in the current Maliki government, he is still courted by the state and given key appointments. He heads up the De-Baathification program and the Committee for Public Support of the "surge," which engages in reconciliation activities like reopening Sunni mosques in Shiite neighborhoods. Community leaders from all sides troop through his doors daily.

    Still in the Game, long after his detracors, Powell and Bremmer, have hit the highway.

    He'll be in Iraq, long after George W. Bush is back in Maine, at the "Family Compound"

  14. If a person ever gave the rumors of supposed misdeeds of the CIA, DEA and William Jefferson Clinton and wife, at the Mena Airport in Arkansas, then the idea of the los Zetas being an action arm of those same branches of Government, not a great leap of deduction or profiling.

  15. Depends upon whether one looks at claims like ths, with any creadence:

    BOGOTA -- Edwin Guzmán, a plump, one-time Colombian army sergeant turned paramilitary foot soldier, said he is ready to testify at a congressional hearing in Washington today that his military units worked in tandem with illegal militia groups to fight guerrilla forces and that a U.S. company aided the militias.

    The former sergeant's testimony is part of a widening probe of U.S. companies' alleged ties to right-wing militias in Colombia that could affect U.S. aid to this war-torn nation.

    Guzmán gave The Miami Herald a preview last week of what Congress can expect, explaining in detail how his units provided cover as the illegal militias trolled villages in search of civilians suspected of collaborating with the guerrillas.

    The former sergeant also alleged that Drummond, an Alabama-based coal company with operations in Colombia, provided company vehicles to the right-wing groups to patrol the area.

    Drummond officials did not comment on these accusations, which also form part of Guzmán's sworn affidavit presented to the Alabama court that will hear a civil suit next month against Drummond for its alleged ties to the Colombian death squads. The officials have said repeatedly that the company has had no contact with the paramilitaries, who are accused of killing three Drummond labor leaders in 2001, two of them after they left Drummond's mine on a company-owned bus.

    ''In military school, they taught us that we had to fight any illegally armed group,'' he said during a two-hour interview from a location that he did not want disclosed for security reasons. ``But the reality was these [paramilitary] groups had been created to help us, so we could have some peace.''

    Suitcases full of cash are said to have passed from Drummonds' rep, to the militia leaders, with a list of targets.
    Or such is the claim.

    Denied by the company, obviously.

    One Land
    One People
    from Pole to Pole

  16. Dig deeper into the storyline, worker rights becomes the issue.

    Colombia receives more U.S. military aid than any other country outside of the Middle East. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Colombia Action Network delegations have documented that the right-wing Colombian government uses U.S. tax dollars to kill and threaten trade unionists, human rights workers, and campesinos (peasants) who organize against the U.S.’s free trade agenda.

    As a result Colombia is the most dangerous place to be a trade union activist in the world. U.S. corporations like Coca-Cola, Chiquita, Drummond and Occidental Oil hire paramilitaries to target trade unionists in order to kill union organizing and negotiating efforts. This corporate-death squad link has come under increasing scrutiny recently.
    Since 2002, the Colombian Action Network has been leading a boycott of Coca-Cola products for Coca-Cola’s collusion with death squads and the murders of eight trade unionists. Campuses across the country have been ending their contracts with ‘Killer Coke.’ This spring,

    Chiquita pled guilty to arming and funding paramilitaries in Colombia.

    The ruling comes at an important time. The Bush administration and Colombia’s President Uribe want the U.S. to pass a new free trade agreement.

    Drummond has laid off 1700 U.S. miners who earned $18 an hour and moved their operations to Colombia. In comparison, Colombian miners earn an hourly wage of $2.45, receive no other benefits,

    and are threatened, kidnapped and murdered by paramilitaries for union organizing.

    Coca-Cola, that same company that Mr Vincente Fox ran the operations of, in Mexico, prior to becoming el Presidente of the southern 31 States.

    One Land
    One People

    A market system that must be protected.

  17. Then, when the memoirs of General Smedley Butler are put in a perspective of US Gangsters rather than hallowed Marines, running operations in Mexico and points south, during the Banana Wars. Chasing Sandino through the mountains of Nicoland.

    If there is a measure of reality in his belief, then the sanctioning of los Zetas, chasing that same US interest, profit, may just be the 4th generation of elitist explotation of the people.

  18. In a Union without borders, only interests and factions.

  19. I said it before and I'll say it again. What you guys need is a secessionist nationalist movement to keep the Politicians and the Market Makers at bay. It worked in Quebec. No reason it wont in Arizona, Texas, etc.

  20. Rat:
    How much of that do you think is pure BS propaganda? How much is true? We know that the left will tell any lie. It's a complicated world we live in. We thought things would be so much better without the Soviet Union but mankind doesn't change.

  21. I think that the labor organizers, in Columbia, are targeted by the militias.

    I think that the corporations pay etra-ordinary "taxes", at least to the militias. As part of an agreed to "protection" racket. That the militias need guidance in choosing their targets, edgy.

    I think that armed men move along with the tide, sometimes at an ebb, sometimes at flood.

    Occasionally a tsunami.

    I think that the corporate globalists are part of the "no borders" North American Union movement.

    But not motivated by the universal humanism of the bricklayers and their progeny.

    The thousands of debt slaves, the indentured serfs, of Brazils' ethanol production, that's just symptonmatic of the market system on a Global scale. As is Chinese toothpaste and catfish.

    Consumerism as a path to classic liberalism takes a long time to manifest itself in a society.

  22. Attacks Kill 50 Iraqis, 8 U.S. Troops
    By YAHYA BARZANJI, Associated Press Writer

    57 minutes ago

    TUZ KHORMATO, Iraq - Suicide bombings killed nearly 50 people and wounded dozens in two Shiite villages north of Baghdad, including a large truck explosion Saturday that ripped through an outdoor market and buried victims in rubble, officials said.

    Separately, eight American troops and a British soldier were killed in fighting over two days.

    The blasts suggested that Sunni militants are regrouping to launch their deadliest form of attack _ suicide explosions, often against Shiites _ in regions further away from Baghdad, beyond the edges of a three-week old U.S. offensive on the capital's northern flank.

    Violence continued in Baghdad, though at a lower level. A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-packed vehicle near an Iraqi army patrol in an eastern district of the capital, and there were reports of casualties, but the Interior Ministry could not immediately confirm the number.

    The truck bombing Saturday morning ripped through a market in the village of Armili north of Baghdad, destroying mud-brick homes and setting cars on fire. Farmers' pickup trucks took the dead and wounded to the nearest health facility, in Tuz Khormato, nearly 30 miles to the north, said Capt. Soran Ali of the Tuz Khormato police.

  23. Lamar Alexander, wears a flannel shirt as I recall, has joined the growing choir of Republican Senators, sing a "new" tune.

    Newhouse News Service
    Washington- President Bush in recent days has seen several GOP lawmakers renounce their support for the troop surge in Iraq. The drumbeat continued Friday, as Sen. Lamar Alexander said he was unwilling to wait until September for a change in policy.

    "I don't expect that we'll learn anything in September that we don't know now. And now is the time to have a shift in strategy," Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, said in a telephone interview Friday.

    Alexander was planning to meet Monday in Washington with Sen. Ken Salazar, a Colorado Democrat, to determine the best course of action for their legislation on Iraq. Alexander and Salazar are sponsoring a bill that would compel the Bush administration to implement the 79 recommendations of the Iraq Study Group led by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton, Democrat of Indiana.

    Always thought that shirt a bit hokey.

  24. On top of Lamar, Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire does not seem to be waiting until September, either.

    Staff writer Noam N. Levey secured quotes to this effect from two previously hawkish GOP senators.

    "It should be clear to the president that there needs to be a new strategy," said Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. "Our policy in Iraq is drifting."

    Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, who had helped lead the effort against Democratic restrictions on the "surge," said: "We don't seem to be making a lot of progress." It is vital to have "a clear blueprint for how we were going to draw down," he added.

    "It's as if the dike has burst," said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who until recently had been one of the few outspoken GOP critics of the president's war strategy.

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  26. Now, I remeber having this said, 60 of 90 days ago. The path out, Senator Alexander, again:

    Alexander warned that the president is running out of time.

    "The parade is forming. We hope he'll get to the front of it," he said. "It may not be this week or next. But it needs to be soon."

    Declare political victory, hand over all security authority in November, complete autonomy by Jan '08, in time for the UN security mission treaty to be renewed. Then a timeline to withdraw, over 24 or 30 months, to a residual force of around 50,000.

    Change the tone of the debate, from defeat to victory.
    Get ahead of the curve, for once, instead of always lagging behind events.

  27. Geez, we've just gotten all the troops in place, just begun the actual "surge" and these wind blown pols come out with their "so wise" pronouncements. Doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that our country is safe in the hands of these "men among men"?

  28. Worldwide concerts
    " London, New York, Tokyo and Johannesburg are among the cities hosting the official concerts. Around 150 artists are taking part, including such big names as Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, The Police and Garth Brooks.

    A concert in Istanbul was cancelled for security reasons."

    Was the weather in Istanbul that bad?

  29. But the behaviour patterns were projectable, that as the Summer started, the Senators stomping the picnics back home heard the tune and are marching to it.

    Gotta know which way the wind blows.

    The Captain, had he heeded the forecasts, would have charted a more appropriate course.

    All ahead flank speed, when the lookouts on the bow see the sandbar, dead ahead.

    Basicly the same but different 72% of the US public that opposed the Immigration Bill, oppose the Iraq adventure.
    The Immigration issue caused a tsunami of activism.
    Iraq is reaching the same level of discontent with the status que.

    Like the Immigration&Border Security Issues the War in Iraq and the War on Terror have been transformed into a comprhensive project.

    All or nothing, always presented as the options.

  30. I don't see anti-war tsunami shutting down the phone systems of congress. I don't believe the American people wish to leave Iraq as losers. The problem is, no one is defining victory.

  31. Whit: I don't see anti-war tsunami shutting down the phone systems of congress.

    That won't happen until Nixon goes into Cambodia...I mean Bush goes into Iran.

  32. Miss T brings up an interesting point which we can continue at the next post.

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  34. Ooops, Make that WHIT!

    Sorry Deuce.

    The thousands of debt slaves, the indentured serfs, of Brazils' ethanol production, that's just symptonmatic of the market system on a Global scale

    NO! THAT is symptomatic of SOCIALISM, and COMMUNISM!

  35. Fuck you, Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff.
    Fuck you very much.