“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's been a tough week. Feeling Lucky?


  1. Trish,

    Took your advice and went over to peek at the Washington Note kinda hoping it was a jazz-blues club...nope.

    So I read the posts, the "hot one" about VP Cheney and his "acolytes" trying an "end run" around Bush so they can have their way and bomb Iran.
    Then the comments. I only got through about half of them, folks talking about a COUP D'ETAT against Bush by Cheney, then another poster with "Save the World, Nuke Israel".

    I always like to take a look see at who's driving the bus .. the guys credentials are typical Washington lower level to mid level duty ..worked for Sen Jeff Bingamen (D) of no real note.
    Did some Rand stuff and the site is described as left of center by Wiki for whatever that's worth ..tomorrow somebody could go in and describe it as rdically right wing..Wiki has a credibility gap they've noy closed yet but you'd think the words came down from Moses. Steve Clemons is the dude and the big black mark on him is his association with Charlie Trie and Chinagate which of course puts him next to Bill Clinton.

    After reading the thread and the bloggers comments, well it walks,talks and quacks LEFT, so my facial twitch started up and I punched out.

    I guess all of us are in the Will Rogers position of "I only know what I read in the papers", or today the blogs.
    I'm predisposed to discount Mr Clemons but I'm sure there's some value there.
    I mean do any of us really really know whats going on. I'd say uneqivacally no.
    Funny thing is is that it's actually been like this since the beginning of the country. Hamilton or Jefferson or Adams would send a letter to someone they knew would leak it to the press, and bingo your opponents "position " is out in the public for debate, but it's been initially defined by you....and you know what they say in politics, "if you're explain'in you're los'n"

  2. Trish,

    I will say this. Steve Clemons has maximized his ability to get listed on the internet.

    But no books written that are listed. At least on

    I'd guess he's not even on any social list in DC but try'n through his self promotion and blogsite to break through and get on one.

  3. Deuce,

    Did ya notice in the Dirty Harry youtube that the bad guy had on a Breathright strip? Wow, Cailfornia ...always ahead of the curve.

  4. Gunpowder blows up in S.F. apartment -- cops wonder why it was there
    Actually, the words DO come down from Mosus, so I know what I know, and I know that what I know is not just what I know, but TRUTH.

    And I KNOW no one knows how to bring a high hard one to let the guy KNOW he's dealing with Mr Clemons, like Mr Clemons.

  5. Welcome back, Tater.
    You looked like you was in a Tuckseato or somethin with that slicked back look.

  6. Habu,

    LOL...remember, the bad guy had a cut on his nose from the beating he bought to blame the police. It's a bandaid.

  7. Naw man it was a secret prototype Breathright ..ok,ok aid

  8. In Mexico, drugs stop the presses
    El Heraldo de Chihuahua
    Enrique Perea Quintanilla, publisher of "Dos Caras, Una Verdad" ("Two Sides, One Truth"), which covered, among other things the local drug trade, was shot dead last August in Chihuaha.

    Count Mexican journalism as one of the major victims of the increasingly ferocious drug war being waged there -- as outlined in a Chronicle story today ('Echoes of Colombia drug wars in Mexico').

    In addition to a number of journalists being killed, a newspaper in the state of Sonora, the Cambio Sonora, is shutting its doors "temporarily" after receiving threats and having a hand grenade tossed into its facilities last week
    -- the second in a month. ('Mexico newspaper is drug war casualty')
    It appeared to be the first action of its kind in a country where numerous journalists have recently died or disappeared as drug traffickers intensify their battle against the government.

    Mexico is second only to Iraq as the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, according to Reporters Without Borders.Check out a list of recent incidents in Mexico compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

  9. Russia is not a lot of fun for journalists, either.

  10. Farmers Without Borders reports no deaths so far this year from rollovers in the dangerous Palouse Country. This is down from one last year at the same time, both totals being a great reduction from the average five to seven per year in the hard years of the 1950's.

    Rollbars work.

  11. So what, was the Punk also too STUPID to do execute a double back flip, followed by a submerged escape to safety?

  12. You guys quit you're scaring me.

    Next thing ya know the Russo-Mex Cartel will be giving us all polonium cocaine enemas for just reading about what they're doing.

    I'm gonna cover my eyes and count to a million.

    see what happens when you count to a million

  13. I didn't know you'd even be aware you HAD rolled in your Gnu Deer.

  14. You have to hold it all in until you git to a million?

  15. In an addendum, Farmers Without Borders reports 557 farmers killed and over 2000 seriously wounded in property line disputes.

  16. One Pollonium, Two Pollonium, Three Pollonium, Fore!

  17. oops wifey calling that special pill,need blue pill

    nite men, cover me, I'm go'in in.

    Oh how apropos to the "Dirty Hairy" theme

  18. Lucky? Real?
    Check out the end of the first video on front page:

    Start of video is plane crashes in front yard.

    End features a plane landing on a camper.
    (called a semi truck by bubblehead on tv)

  19. Habu,

    Thanks for the rough back round check, but it isn't necessary.

    "I'm predisposed to discount Mr Clemons but I'm sure there's some value there."

    Indeed. Because the forces arrayed against an Iran strike have been so arrayed for quite some tome now, those who have convinced themselves that that particular action will take place have only Puppet Master Cheney to look to for confirmation that they haven't, after all, misjudged the matter.

    Stay tuned for updates.