“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bombs for Bongs. Iraq and Afghanistan exchange ideas.

For some time, it has been obvious that tactics learned in Iraq have been spreading to Afghanistan as IEDs are becoming a common problem for Nato troops in Afghanistan. Roadside bombs kill troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan at an alarming rate. It was a technique developed in Iraq and transferred to Afghanistan.

Trade of goods and ideas is always a two way street and this time it is in the other direction from Afghanistan to Iraq. Opium production is starting in Iraq:

Opium: Iraq's deadly new export
Amid the anarchy, farmers begin to grow opium poppies, raising fears that the country could become a major heroin supplier

By Patrick Cockburn in Baghdad
Published: 23 May 2007
The Independent

Farmers in southern Iraq have started to grow opium poppies in their fields for the first time, sparking fears that Iraq might become a serious drugs producer along the lines of Afghanistan.

Rice farmers along the Euphrates, to the west of the city of Diwaniya, south of Baghdad, have stopped cultivating rice, for which the area is famous, and are instead planting poppies, Iraqi sources familiar with the area have told The Independent.

The shift to opium cultivation is still in its early stages but there is little the Iraqi government can do about it because rival Shia militias and their surrogates in the security forces control Diwaniya and its neighbourhood. There have been bloody clashes between militiamen, police, Iraqi army and US forces in the city over the past two months.

The shift to opium production is taking place in the well-irrigated land west and south of Diwaniya around the towns of Ash Shamiyah, al Ghammas and Ash Shinafiyah. The farmers are said to be having problems in growing the poppies because of the intense heat and high humidity. It is too dangerous for foreign journalists to visit Diwaniya but the start of opium poppy cultivation is attested by two students from there and a source in Basra familiar with the Iraqi drugs trade.

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  1. Three people carrying over 70 kilograms of narcotic drugs, one-third of them heroin, were caught in Tajikistan over the past day, Interior Ministry spokesman Khudoinazar Asoyev told Itar-Tass.

    He said the detainees include an Afghan citizen, who was trying to sell over 25 kilograms of heroin, a local resident carrying 33 kilograms of opium, and a 13-year-old Dushanbe schoolboy with about three kilograms of heroin.

    “It is a rare case when the police arrest a child selling so much narcotic drugs,” he said.

    Heroin in Tajikistan

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  3. Next, the "Insurgents" will stuff 4 kids full of spiked Smack, put them in a car and leave them.

    Resulting explosion will kill over 100 in a "crowded marketplace," via bad smack overdose. Rosie decries our inhumanity, Ash thinks of all his friends that would have loved to become martyred victims there.

  4. Listened to half of Dennis Miller:
    Top Quality stuff, John Fund, born in Tucson, on immigration,
    Dana Carvey, Hilariously funny, as always, perhaps better than average Carv,

    description by Dennis of the time Montecito neighbor Andy Granatelli took him back to Indy, staying in the seedy motel in the middle of the track, his ride in the 2 seat demo car, expecting a liability lawsuit avoiding bore, only to be thrashed about by the G-Forces as he whizzed by his wife 2 times in what seemed like 8 seconds, reaching 180mph before braking for the turn.
    Said when he got out, all he could think about was guys going 50 mph faster in traffic for 2 hours.
    Not a bad description by Mr Miller!

    Then came Yaron Brook, Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute.
    Classic discussion of Iraq, sounded like innumerable ones here and BC, with Dennis the W Booster claiming we had to fight a non-war first, "given the political realities of the time" (fingernails on a chalkboard) his objectivist friend asserting we simply needed to prosecute a real war brutally, as in the past, taking on real enemies at the same time.

    In the 1960's Ayn was deconstructing and destroying environmentalism before it was called Environmentalism.

  5. Just another case of "money trumps everything".

    Instead of destroying the poppy fields, as we should have, we made them the basis for economic renewel in Afghanistan.

    The country used to be world-renowned for its pomegranates, avocados, lavender and artichokes.

    Evil produces more evil, and now the drugs are spreading through Iraq to support the terrorist's efforts.

    Who buys these drugs? Americans and Europeans for the most part.

  6. My mum had some of them Poppies growing out on her deck with a beautiful view of the Pacific.
    As a youngster in another venue where she also had them, I tried scarifying the surface of the bulbs, as directed, to harvest the milk.
    Didn't take too long to conclude that I would make a piss-poor Afghan.

  7. Tiger misses the lavender for his trips to Marin!
    That, and the Ostrich Feathers.

  8. Oh yeah! Gotta love that lavender!

  9. There's a good reason the opium trade flourishes in Afghanistan. Its infrastructure cannot support the transfer of bulk crops, or bulk anything, to market.

    Opium's easy to move.

    Bonus: It's a ready stand-in for currency.

  10. My neighbor in the little canyon where we had our farm had 5 kids, all quite different, as I have mentioned before.
    The youngest son was a truck driver.
    His wonderful mom, born, raised, and educated in that canyon, had all kinds of friends, both vegetable and animal.
    One group of animals was a bunch of Peacocks. (Ostrich feathers my mistake)
    He would harvest the fallen Peacock feathers, and when he made a run to the Bay Area, sell them there.
    American marketing prowess, perversion, and ingenuity at work.

  11. Gosh, I thot you were going to start a UPS Franchise in Afghanistan, Trish.
    What a letdown.
    How they gonna get all the electronic stuff they order on E-Bay?

  12. Doug,

    You might have cut too deep. Admittedly it's almost an artform but a gentle touch,applied at sundown, will usually produce the desired results.

    The stuff grows wild in parts of Montana ( as well as my mother in laws yard). I found one could get a fine harvest for one to three only one plant and a nights minimum work. When the flowers go to seed, scrape the seed pods with a pin. Do it all
    around the pod. As you do so, you will see little blobs of white coming
    out. Leave the wounds to seep for a few hours.

    A couple of hours later, go back and harvest your opium. By now, the white
    blobs will have turned into black tar that can be scraped off and collected
    on an old, blunt dinner knife or some such.

    This really does work, and it is legal to grow the flowers. (at least, it
    is in the UK.) However, once you start to scratch them, I suspect that you
    become party to a conspiracy to manufacture. Not very clever. So be

    As far as the conversion to heroin goes, I've no idea, but as they say in
    the hills of Thailand/Burma, "anybody who smokes more than three pipes of
    opium a day is an addict".

  13. pomegranates, avocados, lavender and artichokes

    all greta stuff. smoki'n opium tar...does it compare to a good guacamole dip and a pomegranate smoothie?
    and that lavender bath water. wow.

  14. The Marion Barry, Al Sharpton world tour to promote avacado useage is scheduled for early fall. Their moral suasion should be able to turn the Afghans and Iraqi away from the Devil's work.

  15. But do you have any of that Pharmaceutical Grade Acid left over from the Company Days?

  16. In Marin,
    Avocado Sausage is in.

  17. You gotta listen to Carvey in Hour 2, Habu:
    He lives in Marin!

  18. "Man, you gotta do your Pillates!

    No, man, I gotta get a prostrate Exam!

  19. Production in Afghanistan, which was the source of as much as two thirds to three quarters of the global supply of illicit opiates in the second half of the 1990s, has fluctuated dramatically since then. The year 2001 recorded a drastic drop in opium production in Afghanistan. This cutback was largely determined by the Taliban's edict against opium production, which was enacted in the summer of 2000 and effectively enforced for over a year in most of the country. The ban slashed the 2001 harvest to a mere 185 tons, the lowest level in living memory and less than 10 % of the level of the previous year.

  20. Miller asks for a W:

    "My whole thing is Junior and Senior talking late at nite:

    Hey, Daddy, Wolofowitz, they took him down.
    Took down Wolfie, daddy.

    Well, he had that Girlfriend ISSUE,
    the Zipper Issue,
    givin pronouncements and ACHEIVEMENTS to The GIRL,
    Showin off...

    He probly was a little bit daddy,
    Hey, I think I can git you in there,
    you may not be totally qualified,
    but I think I can git you in there. heh heh heh.

    What ya been smokin, Son,
    You sound a little bit "fuzzy wuzzy" tonite...

  21. So why don't we hire Taliban to train our DEA Agents?

  22. ♟♞♝♜♛♚♙♘♗♖♕♔

  23. "prostate exam"
    Gotta be proper about such things.

  24. Poppies in the "safe and secure" southern portion of Iraq.

    Where there is success.
    Per Mr Cheney, Ms Rice & Mr Bush.

    All three claimed a successful "Mission", in Basra, the capital of southern Iraq. Now the poppies grow, 'stead of foodstuffs.

    That is the sweet smell of success, in the morning. Not a petroleum product, at all.

    Perhaps that's why it doesn't smell of victory.

  25. Sharia in Baghdad,
    Smack in Kandahar,
    Sucess is sucess,
    get with the program,
    Stay the Course!

  26. If you look, you'll see that the Mexican elites, they all went to the same schools as the US elites.

    Most of them not making it into membership in the skull & boner secret society. Just influenced by the thinking.

    In Iraq and Pakistan the schools are full.
    No child left behind.

    Wonder who wrote the syllabus for all those classes?

  27. 3 Good Ones

    (L-R) U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA), and Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY)

  28. They may not have made their membership w/the Bones,
    but I'll bet they're worth more, per capita.

    Mexico, the Model.

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  30. "ABOARD USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CNN) -- In one of the largest, most visible war games America has staged in the Persian Gulf since the start of the Iraq war, two U.S. aircraft carriers and seven other battleships cruised near the Iranian coast Wednesday.

    The admiral leading the fleet through the Straits of Hormuz, a narrow channel in international waters off Iran's coast and a major artery for global oil shipments, told CNN he hoped Iran did not get the wrong idea about America's intentions.

    "I hope they don't get a message -- a wrong message -- and we certainly don't want any miscalculation on anybody's part on what we are doing," Rear Adm. Kevin Quinn told CNN's Caroline Faraj on Tuesday.

    The navy's show of force is meant to "set the conditions for stability and security in the region and to keep the sea links of communications open for the free flow of commerce," Quinn said."


    "he admiral downplayed the idea that this operation was strategically planned to overshadow scheduled meetings next week in Baghdad between Iran and the United States regarding the Iraq war.

    "I don't know of any linkage at all between what we are doing (Wednesday), which is moving inside the Gulf to conduct some training operations, and that meeting," he said."

    U.S. warships in Gulf for training

    I thought there was some law preventing military folk from knowing telling things that weren't true? How could the Admiral say those things with a straight face? 'hmmmm we just happen to be sailing the biggest concentration of force since we attacked Iraq through the Straits of Hormuz just before our 'meeting' hmmmm, 'we just want a message of shipping stability to be heard, please don't get confused and take a potshot at us, please don't, we'd hate to have a pretext to bomb - stability, right? that's what we are looking for, nothing more, nothing less!'

  31. Peace through superior firepower, ash.

  32. Who buys these drugs? Americans and Europeans for the most part.

    well the word BUYS is the issue...

    Brition successfully kicked china's much larger ass over HK by USING opium for 100 yrs against china..

    THE best way to defeat the current viral strain of islam is to use a catalyst to speed up it's mutation.

    as I have said for years...

    pot & porn is what we need to send over to those who fuck with us...

    ONLY the west, whose childred have been raised to withstand sensory overload with the likes of britney, paris, mel gibson, howard stern, girls gone wild, pro football players, college dorm parties, bong hits, bars on every corner, and booze in the drug store, cheech and chong, the simpsons, southpark, mash, playboy penthouse, screw magazine, jerry springer, rosie, free love, high divorice rates, al sharpton & more.

    we can now insult, mock, islamic jihadists while drinking a nice scotch, cold beer or a bong hit...

    give the savages girls gone wild & cold beer and stand back...

  33. Successful economic pressure on the municipal districts can and should be applied. Simply close the roads to traffic, until all those poppy farmers disappear.

  34. O/T Rally update.

    I have sent emails to the following organizations requesting they promote our idea.

    If tou think of others fire off a short email to them. Mine was short.


    Please promote this idea. Thx

    I do a good deal of blogging on conservative sites. Several of us believe that to defeat the Amnesty Illegal Immigration bill a rally would be a great idea.

    * Attempt to get the word out that on July 4th each state capital should be the focal point of the rally. Attempt to gather 100k at each capitol as an average. This would be 5 million people!!

    * Attempt to get 250,000 in the metro DC area to the Mall and then surround the WH.

    * Neither the pols nor the MSM could avoid getting the message...pls pass the word.

    Best regards,

    then I provide my name address, tel number and email address

  35. Good for you Habu. Another work day for me. Keep on truckin.

  36. add American Thinker,Pajamas Media,Frontpage magazine, Washington Times.

  37. Lets get this done..pick a few to write and DO IT guts no glory

  38. Powerline, Maggies Farm...

    just copy and paste this and lets get the word out..all we can do is fail ..if we get'r done we can do this country a great service.


    Please promote this idea. Thx

    I do a good deal of blogging on conservative sites. Several of us believe that to defeat the Amnesty Illegal immigration bill a rally would be a great idea.

    * Attempt to get the word out that on July 4th each state capital should be the focal point of the rally. Attempt to gather 100k at each capitol as an average. This would be 5 million people!!

    * Attempt to get 250,000 in the metro DC area to the Mall and then surround the WH.

    * Neither the pols not the MSM could avoid getting the message...pls pass the word.

    Best regards,

    add your name email,tel,etc

    we're just looking to get people talking, get to the net and the pick out a few websites and cut and paste..

    now is a chance to attempt to move a process in the correct direction.
    good luck

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  40. Hey Ash,
    I just sent that from my cache:
    Brothers in Nuclear Arms!

  41. do you repeat yourself when under stress?

  42. gosh, we'd make quite the song writing duo!

  43. add Playboy,Hustler,Penthouse,The Chicken Ranch,McDonalds,Cracker Barrell

  44. Fine. Ash, I take back that compliment!

  45. We're elephants here, not donkeys.

  46. Bombs for Wongs. Be cooking donkey ass, stir-fry style.

  47. Bombs for Bongs!
    Git back on thread!
    We Be Flarin!

  48. Female Sharks can Fertilize themselves.
    Hillary had Chelsey.
    - Limbaugh

  49. Why Can't Debbie be POTUS?

    Debbie Schlussel

    Meet Your "Moderate," "American" Muslim Neighbors: New Study Shows U.S. Muslims Are Extremists

    HOprah Watch: Are Pigs Flying? Oprah Accepts Trip to ISRAEL

  50. IAEA: Iran Continues to Defy U.N.

    May 23 10:22 AM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Iran continues to defy U.N. Security Council demands to scrap its uranium enrichment program and has instead expanded its activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Wednesday in a finding that sets the stage for new council sanctions.
    The report from Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog agency, also faulted Tehran for blocking IAEA efforts to probe suspicious nuclear activities, saying that meant it could not "provide assurances about ... the exclusively peaceful nature" of its atomic program.

    And, in new and worrying phrasing, it expressed concern about its "deteriorating" understanding of unexplored aspects of the program, despite four years of a probe sparked by revelations that Tehran had been clandestinely developing enrichment and other nuclear activities that could be used to make weapons for nearly two decades.

    The report, one of a series keeping the IAEA's 35-nation board and the Security Council up to date on the agency's monitoring efforts, was posted simultaneously on the IAEA internal Web site and handed over to the president of the Security Council for distribution among its members.

    While the reports finding that Iran was expanding enrichment instead of curtailing it was not surprising, it was important as a trigger for possible new U.N. sanctions, the third since the first were imposed Dec. 23.

    With the council's latest deadline for Iranian compliance ending Thursday, the report could set the stage for within days for consultations on new council penalties.

    A senior U.N. diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly comment on the report, suggested that the shrinking hole left for inspections by Iran's rollback of previous monitoring agreements was potentially as worrying as its defiance on enrichment.

    The brevity of the four-page report indirectly reflected the lack of progress agency inspectors had made clearing up unresolved issues, among them; Iran's possession of diagrams showing how to form uranium into warhead form; unexplained uranium contamination at a research facility; information on high explosives experiments that could be linked to a nuclear program and the design of a missile re-entry vehicle.

  51. 3 Good Ones
    (L-R) U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA), and Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY)

    I sent Sessions an email congratulating him on blocking the ramming of S.1348 through the senate. Also sent emails to him and Senator Shelby urging them to require the approach of "Control the borders and ports first, then debate immigration reform". This should be (if it not already is ) the mantra of the conservatives on the issue.

    I'm waiting for my telephone call from Senator Shelby :^)

  52. Bombs for bongs in Mejico too. Iraq and Afghanistan have their poppies. The Mexicans have their coca, pot and meth. It's not too hard to guess what the drug cartels' position is regarding a secure southern, US border.

    The drug trade is all-powerful in Mexico. Analysts estimate that cartels here make between $10 billion and $30 billion selling cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine to the U.S. market, rivaling Mexico's revenues from oil exports and tourism. The gangs also make billions through robbery, kidnapping and extortion of businesses and would-be migrants.

    The Calderon administration insists the crackdown is working — the government has already detained more than 1,000 gunmen and burned millions of dollars in marijuana plants. Traffickers are being extradited to the U.S. more rapidly than ever before, and police recently made the world's biggest seizure of drug cash, $207 million neatly stacked inside a Mexico City mansion.

    U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officials say it's too early to judge the crackdown's success. Seizures at the U.S. border indicate the flow of drugs north may actually be increasing — 20 percent more cocaine and 28 percent more marijuana has been seized in the past six months, compared with the same period a year earlier.

    Violence nationwide in Mexico seems to be increasing. The country's three leading newspapers estimate shootouts, decapitations and execution-style killings have claimed the lives of about 1,000 people this year, on track to soar past last year's count of 2,000. The government doesn't count drug-related killings, and a top federal police official, Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, has referred to the newspaper figures as the best numbers available.

    Drugs, thugs and unsecured borders. Damn. Did we invaded the wrong country?!

  53. You're just now asking that question, stout ...

    Who do you think the Mexican Army officers practice defending against?

    US and the French, the only folks that have invaded Mexico, lately, well in the last couple of hundred years.

  54. John Fund told an amazing tale:
    Compared to our population, the illegals crossing the borders problem was worse in 1950 than it is now:
    Ike sent one of his Generals from Europe down with orders to secure the border, and warn businesses that they would be outed and shamed if they cheated, and put out of business if they didn't stop.
    Then he started the Braccero program, with 500k a year coming up to do seasonal work.
    In a couple of years, illegals went from over half a million a year to 50,000!

    Then, when LBJ got elected, the Unions, and our hero Cezar Chavez got him to do away with the Bracero program.

    That, and 3 fixes from DC Ted and Co brings us to today.

  55. The railroad Bracero program ended promptly with the conclusion of World War II, in 1945, but the agricultural program under various forms survived until 1964, when the two governments ended it as a response to harsh criticisms and reports of human rights abuses. The program made a large contribution to U.S. agriculture, leading to the advent of mechanized farming. However the program, for the most part from a humanitarian standpoint, was deemed a complete and utter failure.[citation needed]

    The workers who participated in the Bracero Program have generated significant local and international struggles challenging the US government and Mexican government to identify and return deductions taken from their pay, from 1942 to 1948, for savings accounts which they were legally guaranteed to receive upon their return to Mexico at the conclusion of their contracts. Many, if not most, never received their savings. However, lawsuits presented in federal courts in California, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, highlighted the substandard conditions and documented the ultimate destiny of the savings accounts deductions, but the suit was thrown out because the Mexican banks in question never operated in the United States.

  56. The Bracero communities of my youth were far better than many today living in the hills of California:

    They were provided food and housing on the farms;
    A little policing to avoid exploitation, and the problem would be solved.

    The guy that became owner of the San Diego Chargers got his start catering lunch for the campesinos!

  57. My dad supplied the bennies.

  58. Two hours and twenty minutes later we came away. The house was still empty. I turned to my companion and said, “I think that is the best movie I ever saw.” He is only 23 years old, but he nodded his agreement.

    The movie is German, and in German. There is a prejudice, perhaps understandable, against going to see a movie made in a foreign language. But good subtitle writers capture your mind and heart early in the engagement, and after ten minutes you are as if tuned into your native language. This is so of this German film, which depicts life in Berlin in 1984 under the famous Stasi, who were ten times as numerous as their brother Gestapo had been.

    Buckley at nro, ht Wretch

  59. The new immigration bill being pimped on us by the Bush-Kennedy Klan is a lot like Barbra Streisand and Cher.

    Debbie Schlussel

    I was discussing immigration with a Christian Eritrean coworker today who is here legally, who said something that everyone should take note of. He said it is so difficult for Africans to get legal visas that many of them are now going first to Latin America and crossing the Mexican border because they know there is no enforcement.
    -the Bruno

  60. The last laugh though, was on Ceasar Chavez, you see doug, he thought that without the Program, the workers wouldn't come. That would have made his unionized workforce more valuable.

    He had respect for the Federals, thought they'd enforce the Law. Instead he had to send his brother south, to use strongarm tactics against the illegals.

    Funny stuff, that Chavez. Our Governor at the time "One Eyed" Jack Williams thought he was a criminal, but no indictment, nor convictions. That I know of.

    Now you're right, he, like Che, has morphed into a hero.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. El Presidente Jorge Arbusto sings praises of some of great heros of our time:
    Cesar Chavez, Che, Hugo...

  63. Hugo, his time is comin'.

    How long to build canal capable tankers and 2 refineries, in China?
    No more than 18, maybe 24 months.

    They've been at it three or four, maybe more, from October of '06. The refineries, maybe the tankers, too.

    Then he'll be free of the cage he's in, today.

  64. One day, despite the plastic surgery, Barbra Streisand and Cher will truly retire and/or die. And their tours will end.

    Unfortunately, "comprehensive immigration reform" will not. It can and will go through infinite make-overs and plastic surgery operations from new generations of Congress.

    This version won't be the last one.

    Yup, unfortunately, while the two loudmouthed, chintzy singers from the '70s will someday actually end their tours of America, immigration amnesty is a bad concert tour that will plague America forever . . . or until there is no America left.

    It used to be only two things were for certain: death and taxes. Now, it's death, taxes, and "comprehensive immigration reform" a/k/a illegal alien amnesty.

  65. Chertoff next.
    Not wanting to end my life yet, I may not listen.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Chertoff confirms after being questioned at least 6 times by Hewitt that virtually NO NEW FENCE has been completed, with all the reasons why.

    Are you guys SURE we really went to the moon in ten years, or was that some kind of ICE Hoax film?
    Warhol could never have concocted a "POTUS" as bizzare as one that would be sending out agents that could not talk straight about why there has been no real improvement in security on the border 5 years after 9-11.

  68. My latest at BC:
    One might ask if it is really a good idea for Business, as well as Federal and Local Govts to be formulating policy in consultation with Anti-American groups like MECHA and La Raza.

    Unless one thinks Reconquista is a good thing.
    "General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."
    Doing a Job American Citizens tend not do.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. A Border Agent Trainer tells Hugh they cannot get intelligent, fit applicants, because intelligent people know they get no respect and work under impossible ROE's.

    Says they are hiring fat dumb folks and lowering training standards, so upshot will be four new people on the payroll, and 1 type A employee doing the same job he's always done.
    ...until Johnny Sutton puts him in prison.

  71. Time for whites to make Ghandi proud: find the nearest ocean current and plop yourself face down, accepting the will of Gaia.

    No doubt she will punish many whites, but as the tides bring whites out to sea, the world will have the cuffs and ball-gags of white culture removed from their swarthy handsome bodies. But it will be a grand expression and a great statement against the politics of discrimination.

    History books and religious texts will have to rectify themselves with the Great Auto-Genocide, its implications being more powerful than we can imagine. So much honor and so much morality.

    But I doubt Americans will committ to such an entreprise. They much prefer to just splay their legs and pay someone to grind up the unborn inside them. Or poison their uterus so that it remain pleasantly barren.

  72. I'm trying to think of the best tune to hum to myself as I replay those beautiful images over and over in my head this afternoon.
    Thank You,
    Alderman Williams!

  73. Let us, in our final hours, learn soccer and eat honey with a Muslim American.

    If you have a spring cleaning trash day in your town, be sure to vanquish all American cultural symbols from your house. If your a jew, out with Ariel Sharon mugs. If your a christian, be sure to put your cross on top of the american flag in the trash heap, the better for the downtrodden to see your conviction.

    And for good measure, remove all books, for we will begin a new intellectual age, colorful as a tri-border area, full of great tongues and greater texts, where Latin American and Arab celebrities bestride the globe in their radical splendor...

    Imagine the thrill of serving a Saudi, whose stuck with America even as it desecrated all the good-will given to it by the noble saudis. Small gestures such as filling up their gas tank and cleaning their homes would be powerful political statements.

  74. A brilliant Muslim recently reminded me that my culture has done nothing to better the world for centuries. Its only raped and pillaged and erected Ibiza's that so furrow a world of troubled Muslim brows.

    A furrowed and stern Caliphate isn't mad at us. Its just disapointed. Our women would have much to learn from these knights of a new century.

  75. My wife says she's looking forward to the new experience of being kicked down a marble stairway by Saudi Royalty.

  76. The Arab: The Last Bastion of Chivalry

    Last of the Bedouins Remix:

    Al-Magua would never have let the uncovered meat fall off the cliff, as her fate was either a saving grace to the head or a life of quiet contemplation on Arab superiority.

  77. Its the most honorable thing we could do to make the Greatest Generation proud, the Baby Boomers satisfied and the Generation X,y,z's driven to achieve.

    Rosie the Riveter toughed out the aches and pains of building bombs.

    Our women will get to prove themselves equal by toughing out Saudi penance: historically accurate but fair.

  78. The Saudis suffered so much from us, yet they've never withdrew their moisturized hands of friendship.

    And all we can do is mock them with our pathological phobias and old-world nationalisms.

    What an opportunity to labor for a Saudi so that they may know we are not all racists?

  79. Rosie would be proud.
    ...and envious.

  80. Separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

  81. Ask not what you can do for a jingoistic compatriot; Ask what you can do for a humble and oppressed Muslim-American:

    -Wash their cars
    -Denigrate your inferior culture in their company
    -Learn new imaginative ways of describing Jewish evils
    -Learn new imaginative ways of punishing the Jew
    -Donate a few years' wages to Islamic Charities

  82. -Offer to give them access to your workplace, especially if you work in an industry that has anti-Muslim glass walls and ceilings such as Nuclear Power Plants, chemical factories, dairy shipping centers and especially schools

    -House one of their mysterious cousins whose come from abroad and is missing 3 fingers and an eye

  83. -Learn to do away with the arrogant and imperialist leavening of your bread

    -Learn to love combinations of chic peas and assorted vegetables, and prepare a dramatic monologue you can recite in the company of friends attesting to the elegant minimalism of post-fertile crescent culture

  84. "...and he will thoroughly purge his wheat on the floor, and gather his chaff into the garner."

  85. It wouldn't be up to us to determine who is worthy of hanging, Doug. Only a just Saudi, doctors of the perfect doctrine of governance, Islam, may discern such powerful facts as to a son or daughters' need of hanging.

    Islamic Jurisprudence goes beyond just the yes and no of hanging and delves into differential methods and the powerful religious statement each one makes. Consider, if you will:

    -The Tree
    -The Crane
    -The Gallows in a public square full of seething lions, knights and innocent shepherds
    -The barrel of a machine gun welded to a pickup
    -Any elevated fixture in a picturesque Mosque courtyard (presuming its not been destroyed by Jewish vampires)

  86. Arafat was the original Blade, while Menachem Begin was the original Nosferatu.

  87. Hewitt:
    Today an illegal may be transported to the border and deported.
    The day this bill is signed, that will no longer be legal.

  88. I liked the aura acheived with burned and dismembered, and hung inverted from a bridge.

    A true work of art,
    a tribute to Allah.

  89. "A Worthy Tribute to Allah"

  90. Teach the Muslim and Mexican/American overlord the fine art of fly casting, Royal Coachman at the tip, an art unheard of in all of Arabia and Mejico. Become the chicken cleaner after the cockfights, or the dung cleaner after the camel races. Offer your wives and daughters at the alter of dishonor.

    Worship Al-lah, and praise mo, BPUH

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. -Perform Henry V, only instead of charging into the breach, Harry and his baby-killers can collapse at Paki feet and lay prostrate while Dem leaping lords pounce about in an interpretative Dance of the Dhimmi

  94. Consider the electrode to the tongue, the genital. Consider the lilies of the field....

  95. Saudi Idol:

    Mohammad's artful flaying of an infidel vs Aiman's burning alive and post-mortem desecration

    What will you vote for?

  96. If you embrace a more Saudi view, Iraq is no longer a quagmire. It is a splendid affair, right-o!

    Imagine that...

  97. Consider the man on the cross, self given, consider the man under the bo tree, self enlightened, consider the pedophile, the raider, the murderer, the man given to crazy dreams.

  98. Bobal, surely you know that entreprising Saudis and Pakis could make better use of your farm and its fertilizer, no?

    Find a nearby Imam and bequeath it to him, offering to work for free to keep it in Arab shape.

    Imagine what a mess America would be if our Arrogance and wrongdoing still towered 110 stories high?

  99. Bobal, a Dhimmi Walt Whitman

    I'm sure Al-Guggenheim has a grant for you

  100. Consider English common law, American jurisprudence, the constitution, consider the fatwa, the mullah. Consider encoded insanity. Consider the unrestrained id.

  101. Feed your wives and daughters the chicken entrails from the Cockfights.

  102. Not to mention Al-Franken.

  103. Look at what Slavery did for the Harlem Renaissance?

    Imagine the possibilities of a Dhimmi Art Movement

    Some handsome Saudis and Pakis can take our songs and perform them better even. Totally their call.

    Imagine reprising 9/11 footage in the proper context of Al Qaeda chanting and spirited allahu ackbars in our cinemas

  104. Who among us will stand up to Ann Coulter and Larry the Cable Guy?

  105. Imagine the frenzied throngs of burqas

    At the height of a show, a holocaust survivor would be lowered from the rafters

  106. Consider the tent revival meeting, the precocious prepubescent preacher, consider Al Sharpton, BPUH.

  107. I'd bet Bubba is getting fitted for his robes, as the suits are way too Manifest Destiny.

    Ahead of the times again, that man

  108. King Obama of North America

  109. Consider the end times, the apocalypse, eschatology, meditate upon a gaping skull, consider the judgement, consider doom.

  110. Consider going on to the next thread.

  111. Agreed. See you there, peace be upon it.