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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hugh Hewiit has some suggestions.

Hugh Hewitt has posted seven items he wants in an immigration bill:

(1) An amendment to establish a special category of illegal aliens which includes all males between the ages of 18 and 30 from countries with significant jihadist networks, with that list of countries to be determined by the DoD, the CIA and State. No probationary Z visas under Section 601(h) would issue to such illegals. A special visa could issue, but one that required special care in the background checks and special restrictions on the movement of such applicants until after their background checks were complete.

(2) Construction of at least half of the double-fencing prior to the issuance of a single probationary visa, and completion of all 800+ miles of the double fencing prior to the issuance of any 4 year Z visa or any Y visa.

(3) Acceleration of the six-year build-up in the authorized level of Border Patrol agents so that its number of agents reaches 25,000 within 3 years with the funding for their hiring in place. This should be another hard trigger.

(4) A detailed statement of how and by whom the millions of background checks and interviews called for by the act are to be done, with funding authorized and allocated to support such obligations. This should also be a trigger.

(5) A set of easy to read ceilings on Y visas which cannot be raised except by Congressional directive.

(6) The elimination of social security credits for years worked as an illegal, and the payment --perhaps over a term of years-- of at least 50% of unpaid back taxes

(7) This may seem odd, but I believe the employer penalties for record-keeping violations should be struck from the bill. The burden-shifting to business of enforcing the immigration laws is going to be large in any event, but to impose on businesses the absurd paperwork completion and storage requirements --backed by a $1,000 per incident fine-- empowers bureaucrats to punish any employer they take a disliking to. Keep Mike Nifong in mind when you consider how abusive such a requirement could be made to be even for employers who cannot be shown to have employed a single illegal alien.

I disagree with number seven and would support a bill that would be a two phase proposition. The first phase would deal with the immediate and would include going after the employers and building the fence. There would be no phase two until phase one was complete and in place.

I would hammer the employer aspect. They are the ones who encouraged the illegals to be here in the first place. A tough fine based on the number of hours an employee worked would be a significant deterrent. I would suggest $10 per hour. That would get their attention and take away the incentive to use illegals. What are your suggestions?


#1. Call your two Senators now toll free: 1-866-340-9281 or 1 800 828 0498 or 1 800 833 6354 - any time day/night/weekend

#2. FAX: a): will fax - or you FREE -fast and free signup-

b) If you have a fax machine, fax the Senate fax numbers below:

Key Senators to hammer:

Sen. Kyl (202) 224-4521

Sen. McCain (202) 224-2235

Majority Leader Harry Reid: 202-224-5556

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: 202-224-3135

Sen. Arlen Specter: 202-224-4254

Sen. Mel Martinez: 202-224-3041

Sen. Lindsay Graham: 202-224-5972

Minority Whip Trent Lott: 202-224-2708

#3 -- Forward this message to your friends, grandmothers, grandfathers, neighbors and co-workers;

#4 -- Sign petition: We want to deliver at least 600,000 petitions next week to the Senate:

# 5 Call them all. It took me 2.5 hours to call their offices and give them a piece of my mind on S.B. 1348. First-Last-Party-Address-Telephone--FAX

AK Ted Stevens R 522 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3004; 202-224-2354

AK Lisa Murkowski R 709 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6665; 202-224-5301

AL Richard Shelby R 110 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5744; 202-224-3416

AL Jeff Sessions R 335 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4124; 202-224-3149

AR Blanche Lincoln D 355 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-4843; 202-228-1371

AR Mark Pryor D 257 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2353; 202-228-0908

AZ John McCain R 241 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2235; 202-228-2862

AZ Jon Kyl R 730 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4521; 202-224-2207

CA Dianne Feinstein D 331 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3841; 202-228-3954

CA Barbara Boxer D 112 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3553; 415-956-6701

CO Wayne Allard R 521 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5941; 202-224-6471

CO Ken Salazar R 702 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5852 ;202-228-5036

CT Christopher Dodd D 448 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2823 ;202-224-1083

CT Joseph Lieberman D 706 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4041; 202-224-9750

DE Joseph Biden D 201 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5042; 202-224-0139

DE Thomas Carper D 513 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2441; 202-228-2190

FL Bill Nelson D 716 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5274; 202-228-2183

FL Mel Martinez R 317 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3041; 202-228-5171

GA Saxby Chambliss R 416 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3521; 202-224-0103

GA Johnny Isakson R 120 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3643; 202-228-0724

HI Daniel Inouye D 722 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3934 ;202-224-6747

HI Daniel Akaka D 141 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6361 ;202-224-2126

IA Chuck Grassley R 135 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3744 ;202-224-6020

IA Tom Harkin D 731 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3254 ;202-224-9369

ID Larry Craig R 520 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2752 ;202-228-1067

ID Mike Crapo R 239 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-6142; 202-228-1375

IL Richard Durbin D 332 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2152; 202-228-0400

IL Barack Obama D 713 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2854 ;202-228-1372

IN Richard Lugar R 306 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4814; 202-228-0360

IN Evan Bayh D 463 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5623; 202-228-1377

KS Sam Brownback R 303 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6521; 202-228-1265

KS Pat Roberts R 109 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4774 ;202-224-3514

KY Mitch McConnell R 361A Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2541; 202-224-2499

KY Jim Bunning R 316 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4343 ;202-228-1373

LA Mary Landrieu D 724 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5824 ;202-224-9735

LA David Vitter R 516 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4623 ;202-228-5061

MA Edward Kennedy D 317 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4543; 202-224-2417

MA John Kerry D 304 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2742; 202-224-8525

MD Barbara Mikulski D 503 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4654 ;202-224-8858

MD Benjamin Cardin D B40B Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-4524 ;202-224-1651

ME Olympia Snowe R 154 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5344; 202-224-1946

ME Susan Collins R 461 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2523; 202-224-2693

MI Carl Levin D 269 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6221; 202-224-1388

MI Debbie Stabenow D 133 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4822 ;202-228-0325

MN Norm Coleman R 320 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5641; 202-224-1152

MN Amy Klobuchar D C4 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3244; 202-228-2186

MO Christopher Bond R 274 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5721; 202-224-8149

MO Claire McCaskill D 825A Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6154; 202-228-1518

MS Thad Cochran R 113 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5054; 202-224-9450

MS Trent Lott R 487 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6253; 202-224-2262

MT Max Baucus D 511 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2651; 202-224-0515

MT Jon Tester D B40E Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2644; 202-228-6363

NC Elizabeth Dole R 555 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-6342; 202-224-1100

NC Richard Burr R 217 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3154;202-228-2981

ND Kent Conrad D 530 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2043 ;202-224-7776

ND Byron Dorgan D 322 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2551; 202-224-1193

NE Charles Hagel R 248 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4224 ;202-224-5213

NE Benjamine Nelson D 720 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6551; 202-228-0012

NH Judd Gregg R 393 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3324; 202-224-4952

NH John Sununu R 111 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2841 ;202-228-4131

NJ Frank Lautenberg D 324 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3224; 202-225-4054

NJ Robert Menendez D 502 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4744 ;202-228-2197

NM Pete Domenici R 328 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6621; 202-228-3261

NM Jeff Bingaman D 703 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5521; 202-224-2852

NV Harry Reid D 528 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3542 ;202-224-7327

NV John Ensign R 356 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6244 ;202-228-2193

NY Charles Schumer D 313 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6542; 202-228-3027

NY Hillary Clinton D 476 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4451; 202-228-0282

OH George Voinovich R 524 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3353 ;202-228-1382

OH Sherrod Brown D C5 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2315;202-224-6519

OK Jim Inhofe R 453 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4721 ;202-228-0380

OK Tom Coburn R 172 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5754 ;202-224-6008

OR Ron Wyden D 230 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5244; 202-228-2717

OR Gordon Smith R 404 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3753; 202-228-3997

PA Arlen Specter R 711 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4254 ;202-228-1229

PA Bob Casey D B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-6324; 202-228-0604

RI Jack Reed D 728 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-4642; 202-224-4680

RI Sheldon Whitehouse D B40D Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-2921 ;202-228-6362

SC Lindsey Graham R 290 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5972; 202-224-3808

SC Jim DeMint R 340 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6121 ;202-228-5143

SD Tim Johnson D 136 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5842 ;202-228-5765

SD John Thune R 383 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2321 ;202-228-5429

TN Lamar Alexander R 302 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-4944; 202-228-3398

TN Bob Corker R B40A Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-3344 ;202-228-1264

TX Kay Hutchison R 284 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5922 ;202-224-0776

TX John Cornyn R 517 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-2934 ;202-228-2856

UT Orrin Hatch R 104 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5251; 202-224-6331

UT Robert Bennett R 431 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-5444 ;202-228-1168

VA John Warner R 225 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2023; 202-224-6295

VA James Webb D C1 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4024; 202-224-5432

VT Patrick Leahy D 433 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4242; 202-224-3479

VT Sanders Bernard I C2 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-5141; 202-228-0776

WA Patty Murray D 173 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-2621; 202-224-0238

WA Maria Cantwell D 717 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3441; 202-228-0514

WI Herb Kohl D 330 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5653;202-224-9787

WI Russell Feingold D 506 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-5323 ;202-224-2725

WV Robert Byrd D 311 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3954 ;202-228-0002

WV John Rockefeller D 531 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6472 ;202-224-7665

WY Craig Thomas R 307 Dirksen Senate Office Building 202-224-6441 ;202-224-1724

WY Mike Enzi R 379A Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3424;202-228-0359


  1. Whit and I will keep this topic front and center with occasional diversions to other topics. Congress is hoping we get tired of the subject.

  2. Go here to listen to the first hour , minus commercials, Hugh Hewitt on this bill.

  3. IF employers are taking tax deductions for wages paid to illegal workers, as they must be doing, that should be stopped.

    I think some of the names you have listed as of high importance are so invested in their position, McCain for instance, that they are very unlikely to be swayed, and a better investment of time might be to those that could be identified as sitting on the fence. I don't know the positions of so many though that I ought not be talking. I think both my Idaho senators might be good targets.

  4. Of my two Idaho senators Crapo, despite the name we here have gotten a lot of humor out of, is the more honorable man. Craig, a bankrupt farmer/rancher, is a Bush puppy dog, but he is up for election next, and may be in some trouble, particularily on this. Craig is good for some humor too, as he tries so hard to sound senatorial, and often fails, though he has improved a bit. Lots of practice makes even a tin ear get a note right once in a while.

  5. I also think it might be better to concentrate on those you can actually vote for/against. Try to call em personally, who knows you might get through. Chris Dodd isn't going to give a shit what bob in idaho thinks.--- But then what the hell I quess it can't hurt, the shotgun approach.

  6. You are right there Bob. On the Hewitt tape, he talks to Sen Sessions of Alabama and Sessions said that this bill has not even been scored for what it will cost. That is stunning as some are saying that with all the high school drop-outs who will be admitted, it can be $2.3 trillion over the life of those admitted.

    That is a public taking of peopl'e savings, homes, farms and businesses. It is a redistribution of wealth. What is wrong with us?

  7. It would be helpful if the argument would be made to show people how it affects them. For instance on home ownership.

    People buy homes with a cash stream based on disposable income. They can budget a monthly amount say $2,000. That must cover their mortgage anf local real estate taxes. Each $8 a month payment will support $1,000 mortgage. For evert illegal dependent in a public school, a home owner has to pay more real estate school tax. Every $96 dollar annual increase in school taxes takes away $1000 worth of value from a home owner.That is a redistribution of their savings to the child of an illegal immigrant.

  8. all males between the ages of 18 and 30
    I beg your pardon?
    Ever heard of female suicide bombers?

  9. Welcome ioni. Good point. Do not be a stranger.

  10. Not a great fan of Pat's but we are committing Slow National Suicide Pat is on the mark here.

  11. Immigration Compromise Faces New Opposition
    Proposal Stays Alive, But Foes Lie in Wait
    By Jonathan Weisman
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, May 22, 2007; Page A01

    The Senate voted last night to move forward on an overhaul of immigration laws, but even proponents of the delicate compromise proposal conceded that the furor over the deal was surpassing their expectations and endangering the plan.

    The 69 to 23 vote masked deep troubles from the right flank of the Senate, as well as from the left. Opponents of even conducting a debate on the measure included some unexpected voices, such as freshman Sens. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Bernard Sanders, an independent liberal from Vermont. Several conservatives -- and some liberals -- made it clear that they cast a vote to proceed only in order to fundamentally change the proposed legislation in the coming days.

  12. 'Opponents of even conducting a debate included...Jon Tester, (D-Montana).

    A good sign.

  13. From one of America's finest black commentators The Amnesty Fraud

    Thomas Sowell is described as a conservative, but is self described as a libertarian.

  14. Got to catch some zzz's--keep up the great work, gentlemen, it is much appreciated. I do believe we may be making some progress. Nite.

  15. Great Link Bobal, check out a part of Calif not yet overrun.
    (but, of course, just a matter of time)

    And a beautiful 55 Spyder for the Gearheads.

  16. Tester is Great News.
    Bernie Sanders is a SOCIALIST.
    Hope he's not faking like I think Reid and Pelosi are.

    At Flares where some of us were arguing:
    Now we know what it was like back in the day when some people ignored Hitler until next thing they knew they were on the way to the gas chambers.

    People seem to see no problem with legal citizens paying the same taxes that illegals are given a pass on!
    On and on.
    Never thot they would be this brazen and extreme.
    Dems used to make gains incrementally.
    Here they've just given everything away at once, with Big John honestly saying screw you, if you don't like it.
    Reid Lies and sounds fair and balanced.

  17. At the top of Hugh's list, you just have to shake your head that it's come to this 5 years after 9-11.
    It's like Bush has forgotten everything he talked about in 2002.
    What actually drives his twisted psche, besides the obvious hypocrisy and corruption, I have no idea, although as I said before, I had my fears about something like this happening on the morning of 9-11.
    Something missing in the man.

  18. Forget Who on Hugh Monday agreed numbers is a good site.
    He said they have been effective before.
    Kirkorian works there, as I recall.

  19. Rush, having dealt with miniNifong prosecutors, has qualms about giving the govt a club to beat businesses over the head just cause somebody might not like them.

    Haven't thot much about it yet, but seems there should be a way to apply enough pressure w/o having to rely on draconian measures that could put some businesses out of business even if they're making a good-faith effort.

  20. What is this nonsense about business? They are the ones who hire the illegals. Aiding and abetting. What about the businesses who have been hurt by trying to do it right and hire Americans?

  21. The concern is Rogue Prosecutors like Donnie Sutton.
    Don't want to make it easy for them to put somebody out of business cause of a grudge.
    IOW should be able to have some graduated system, where the initial offense is not capital punishment, and then if the business demonstrates disregard after that, the hammer starts coming down hard.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. The entire Black Community was wiped out by the influx of illegal businesses in South Central.

  24. Deuce,

    This could be your magnum opus, a tour de force, the tops. It is a great piece of work and a true patriots work.
    I have been working this keyboard over writng the President, my Representative and Senators. To each of the latter I point out what I have done for the Rep Party here in my little corner of the world. They know me personally from my being a delegate to the Presidential III,IV, and V conferences as well as President of the Republican Men's Club of my County.

    I have told them this. That the third rail of politics has always been any talk of changing Social Security ..that was then. This amnesty ,just-add-water citizenship is NOW the THIRD RAIL.

    I have reminded each of them that if they support it I will do everything within my legal power to defeat them at the polls.

    This is especially effective with Senators or Representatives who have won by very slim margins.

    Watergate operative James McCord said when he was being pushed to drop the entire operation in the lap of the CIA that it wasn't true but if the WH continued to pressure him,"Every tree in the forrest will fall" They backed off.

    I would say to those EB'ers that they can easily look up the vote count and margin of victory their Rep or Senator had and if it was close USE THAT LEVERAGE. Point out that scares the hell out of them.

    I know I'm a bit long winded on this but I'm really fired up over this issue.

    One thing that each of us lawful citizen should keep in mind is the value of our vote and how greatly your vote will be diluted by the fast tracking of 20 million basically illiterate illegals.
    If folks like their wine or beer diluted with tapwater fine. I prefer mine unadulterated.

    Great job, lets keep hammering away..remember Edison tested 10,000 elements befor he hit on the correct light filament.

  25. My two Senators are locked in:
    Daniel K. Inouye since '63 !
    Daniel K. Akaka since '90.

    Inouye still kickin pretty good for a WWII vet, but he can't live forever, can he?

    Suggestions other than Kyl and McConnell would be appreciated.

  26. Gotta keep the Representatives aware, too.

    It is a great post, Habu, but Hugh was even more amazing, reading the entire 350 pages of SHIT.

    ...then writing about 10,000 words on his Blog!
    Check it out.

  27. Dennis Miller had on Bolton, Carvey, and some guy that helped w/the Reagan Diaries.
    Mp3 available.
    Bolton thinks we're screwing up with the Norkos, and have to do Something about Iran.

  28. I see where Congress has postponed until June discussion of this bill.

    I'm sure they are hoping that with the kids out of school the public will be laying in the hammock, sucking down cervesas and forgetting all about this....well June in DC is a wonderful time for a Million Voter March on the Capitol and WH or coordinated rallies at every city hall in the country since gas prices are so high.

    But I would love to see an organized semi hostile crowd of US Citizens descend on DC in the millions.

    Bush and the slimey Comgress are probably begging OPEC to cut production so people's focus will change and they won't be able to get to DC.

  29. Mr Boltn was left at the dock, doug.
    The good ship USS Bush has sailed on, leaving Mr Bolton on the beach.

    No longer a worthy crew member.

    Gonzo, however, is holding firm, he's staying the course with Mr Bush. Hopinng against hope to keep his job 17 more months, 'fore returning to Texas.

    Meanwhile the time and effort invested in Mr al-Hakim, lost to the big C, lung cancer.

    Gaza and Tripoli burn,
    Pakistan slips further away while the US Government wants a tax holiday for alien criminals, past and present.

    Better we defend Mr Malikis' government in Ramadi than US citizens, in Naco, AZ.

    It's the "winnning" hand.

  30. Doug ,
    I will read it I'm just so en fuego on this I've gotta get immediate keyboard therapy. I just fired off a missive to the RNC telling them I'd vote for Donald Duck before I'd ever vote for any Republican that supports this bill.

    I think I'm going to go on the offensive with the Mexican Embassy in a minute and then work my way up to the President of Mexico since they are still printing and distributing maps on how to evade our border patrol and enter illegally.
    You know Congress voted for a wall to be built AND it's been's just not being built...we're on a glidepath toward looking at a President who is not protecting the country against what can only be called an invasion...which means deriliction of duty, which means a hard look at impeachment talk.

    I don't fault him on Iraq as some, but this is altogether different, complete with the North American Union crap..the entire thing stinks..when I cool down I'll read Hugh..right now I need to go chew on some barbed wire.

  31. Fault the Mexican government for pursuing their national and personal interests, habu?

    Those Mexicans are realists, not immune to the inequities of their System. What they cannot defeat with force of arms, can be gained without warfare, especially when the elites of both countries want it to be so.

    Greater integration, that's their ticket, or the Zapatistas could gain traction.

  32. Duncan Hunter up next on Ingraham:

  33. This "Best we can get" immigration Bill has caused a stir. It'll just weaken the GOP all the more. It is as if Mr Bush and his team are totally "out of touch" with the people, in the red state hinterlands.

    Mr McCain, he's a known "DC insider" always has been. Just moved to AZ to run for an guarenteed win open Congressional seat, the one John Rhodes held for ages. He was and still is a carpetbagging opportunist.

    Jon Kyl, to long in DC, I guess.

  34. "Fault the Mexican government for pursuing their national and personal interests, Habu?"

    Would I have faulted Adolf Hitler for annexing the Sudetenland? Would I have faulted China for taking Tibet? Russia taking Estonia ,Latvia,& Lithuania?

    The list could go on. The answer is YES I would.

    I fully understand the pursuit of foreign policies in the international arena. Mexico may be doing what it believes is in it's best interest but the US must make it's foreign policy with the same predicate, and in this case we are not.

    It is not out of place to take to task the Mexican government for basically conducting an act of war on the United States. And I will do so.

  35. Yes, habu, when looking at duece's seat belt link, it is easy to see where Mexico's interests are.

    I have refered to the Mexican migration as an asymetric war, waged on the US, by Mexico. One more serious to the US than the mussulmen pose.

    When the Mexican/Latin American threat is overlaid with the mussulmen, well ...

    As you say, we in the Southwest are in the thick of it. We are in the midst of a cultural transformation, much more insidious and deadly to the US than any ChiCom armored thrust, or hijacked domestic aircraft can match.

    But the US Army patrols the streets of Baghdad, rather than the US frontier with Mexico.

    Priorities and limitations, the US Government is confused as to both.

  36. The rumors you heard about Mitt Romney supporting polygamy are just not true. He doesn't, and he has One Wife

    He's been kicking McCain ass lately on our issue.

  37. Maybe we ought to figure a way to run Sarkozy for President of our republic. The French are ahead of us in nuclear power generation, elevated trains, wine, and now maybe this.

  38. "That is stunning as some are saying that with all the high school drop-outs who will be admitted, it can be $2.3 trillion over the life of those admitted."

    And that's, of course, just for those who are currently here, not even counting the benefits that they will vote for once they're legal. And if the situation continues as is, it is an entirely open ended check, because the process of illegal immigration for cheat labor is economically and political self-sustaining.

  39. Sowell's one of my personal heroes. I went on a bender last summer and read pretty much all of his books. His autobiography is especially inspiring.

  40. Pete Husmann has the right stuff.

    AP--Moscow, Idaho---(continuing the story of our shooting here)...A University of Idaho senior studying mechanical engineering, Pete Husmann,20, was shot in the back, leg, and neck aftger bicycling to the scene to assist, packing a .45 caliber handgun....After multiple surgeries, Husmann is in stable but serious condition at Gritman Medical Center, Moscow....His father, Sam Husmann, 51, an Air Force Reserve major from Great Falls, Montana, said his son is a hero who was trying to help. The son, who is the youngest of four, was home schooled, an
    Eagle Scout, and aspires to be a missionary in Russia.(Note by bob--this might mean he's Mormon)....Pete Husmann was at home on Third Street watching a double feature of the shoot 'em up action flick "Diehard" series, when he heard the shots. He grabbed his gun and biked to Sixth and Harrison streets to help. When Husmann arrived, gunfire erupted at his feet. As he turned to flee, he was shot in the back. Hamilton(our shooter) continued to shoot him as he lay on the ground, Sam Husmann said....Two peole risked their lives to help Husmann, Chief Duke said....."Two citizens went to his aid and moved him out of the parking lot," Duke said. "They left without giving any information about themselves."...Husmann's father said his son is struggling but seems to be in high spirits. ..."God was watching over our son that evening' Husmann said....Pete Husmann should be well enough to leave the hospital in 1 1/2 week.

    Here's a kid willing to die trying. Wish I could post his photo, nice looking kid. Went up against a full auto Ak-47 with a .45 handgun.

  41. Kid like Husmann puts most of our politicians to shame.