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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Here's the Spread on Indy Chicks

Danica Patrick, Driver

Danica Patrick Faces 18/1 Odds to Win the Indy 500
Saturday, May 26th, 2007
If you think Danica Patrick’s got a chance at becoming the first woman to win the Indy 500, then you can make quite a bit of money Sunday if you’re right.

The Indy 500 odds for Patrick, who will start eighth, is 18/1, making her a long shot for the celebrated race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Patrick’s not the only woman looking to make history. Sarah Fisher, 250/1 odds, and Milka Duno, 200/1 odds, will also be contending.


  1. She's number 1 in my book, although I've seen her look cuter in other pics.
    Hopes she likes the Pole Position.
    I'm conventional, but choosey.

  2. There were cuter pics. I had to go with first impression.

  3. Dennis Miller was talking about Cialis, or whichever one is supposed to work for 34 hours:

    "Great, I can bonk for 12 minutes, and then spend 33 hours playing ring toss with myself!"

  4. He had a caller who had a friend who worked for William Morris for a long time.
    His friend was babysitting Racquel Welch and was one the set with her.
    She was sitting in the Director's chair when mouthy midget Michael Dunn walked up and said he'd love to F... her.

    Without skiping a beat, Racquel looked down and said:
    "If you do, and I find out about it,
    you're in big trouble.

    Love it!

  5. I gotta listen again and type it out to take to my Doc:
    He's got her autographed pic in his office from when she saw him here.

    ...something about a complete medical exam, but that she wanted NO lab work done.
    I'm sure that could be compensated for in the office.

  6. Gentlemen, and ladies, stop your engines. You're not paying attention. Mars isn't warming up, and at 500ppm there's no going back. The crocodiles however should do ok. They used to live in the arctic, and will do so again. But if you like wind surfing in Hawaii, do it now, as when both poles go, so do the winds, as it is the differential between warm and cold that drives the air currents.

    Two or three coal fired plants being built in China, each WEEK.

    Under the Black Sea are massive amounts of methane. If it ever pops you're going to have a fireball all over Asia. Methane is flammable, lightning would touch it off.

    The sun isn't the cause of the warming. Is in a minimum, and it's effect isn't that great.

    CO2 used to fluctuate between 180ppm and 250ppm. We are at 380ppm now.

    Cancell that subscription to Car and Driver:)

  7. Put a filter on EB to keep Mormon hating Swedish Moonies off our turf!

  8. We could document AlBobal's Ascent into the Mothership.

  9. I was thinking of hiring a news bunny for the bar.

  10. Dr Feelgood will prescribe
    News Bennies.

  11. Not mutually exclusive, of course.
    F... like Rabbits didn't come from nowhere.

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