“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” - George W. Bush

Monday, November 04, 2013

Italy screams with pain, its industrial output still 26 per cent below its 2008 peak. Italy’s EU commissioner, Antonio Tajani, warns of “a systemic industrial massacre”.

Be careful what you wish for:

Southern Europe is on a precipice

The super-power currency - the euro - has become a curse
6:32PM GMT 02 Nov 2013

Be careful what you wish for. The euro’s founding fathers dreamt of a superpower currency to match the dollar, freeing Europe from US monetary hegemony. Charles de Gaulle grumbled that America enjoyed an “exorbitant privilege” as holder of the world’s reserve currency, able to get away with murder. Now they have one themselves, only to discover that it is a curse.

China’s central bank has been buying fistfuls of euros as it accumulates a world record $3.7 trillion in foreign reserves, and its motives are not entirely friendly. So have the central banks of Russia, Brazil and the Middle Eastern oil sheikhdoms, all aiming to cut reliance on the US dollar, part of a $9 trillion surge in reserves leaking, with tidal force, into the euro.

In China’s case, it is deliberately driving down the yuan to capture export share. You could say China is exporting excess manufacturing capacity to Europe, or, in plain talk, exporting unemployment.

This is why the euro has long been too strong for its own good. It surged a further 9 per cent against the dollar from June to early October, before hitting the wall this week. It has risen 28 per cent against the Japanese yen in a year. This is a bizarre state of affairs for a currency bloc struggling out of recession. Weak prospects normally mean a weak currency, but there is nothing normal about Europe’s monetary union.

The euro exchange rate is far too high for two-thirds of the euro states, a key reason why unemployment hit an all-time peak of 12.2 per cent in September. It is pushing Europe’s crisis states into Thirties-style deflation, making it almost impossible for Italy, Spain and Portugal to dig their way out of debt.

EMU-wide inflation fell to 0.7 per cent in October. Yet this is only half the story. Once austerity taxes are stripped out, prices have been falling in 10 of Euroland’s 17 states over the past four months, including Italy and France. They are one shock away from outright deflation.

France’s industry minister, Arnaud Montebourg, asks why Europe is letting the euro stay so high, alone in refusing to protect its societies while others steal a march. The US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have nudged down their currencies by printing money. The Bank of Japan has carried out a devaluation putsch. The Swiss have trumped them all, printing à outrance to cap the franc. “Every 10 per cent rise in the euro costs France 15,000 jobs. Britain, the US, Japan, all have a strategy of monetary stimulus, but in the EU we have nothing but hard money. The currency doesn’t belong to bankers, and it doesn’t belong to Germany, it belongs to all members of the eurozone,” Mr Montebourg said.

A Deutsche Bank study said the euro “pain threshold” for Germany is $1.79. It is $1.24 for France, and $1.17 for Italy. It ended last week at $1.35 to the dollar. This means Germany is sitting pretty, and it dominates the policy machinery. Meanwhile, Italy screams with pain, its industrial output still 26 per cent below its 2008 peak. Italy’s EU commissioner, Antonio Tajani, warns of “a systemic industrial massacre”.

The north-south split has many causes. Germany sells machines and prestige cars with a fat profit margin. “Club Med” (the south) competes lower down, against China. Yet it is also because Germany screwed down wages in the early years of EMU, gaining 25 per cent in competitiveness against its peers. How this happened is an old story. But the consequences are toxic, so toxic that François Heisbourg, French head of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, is calling for the euro to be “put to sleep” in order to save the European project. “We must face the reality that the EU itself is now threatened by the euro,” he said.

Mr Heisbourg is pro-Europe. His point is that conflicting narratives of the crisis are emerging, pitting creditor and deficit states against each other. He compares them to the black legends after the First World War, when twisted views fed an ideological backlash, and fears that it will end in “a nervous breakdown and an uncontrolled disintegration of the euro”.

This year’s euro surge has brought that closer. The European Central Bank can force it to back down any time by ending its contraction policies, and switching to reflation. The ECB’s Club Med governors act like rabbits in headlights, frozen as the juggernaut hurtles over them, unwilling to say “boo” to the German Bundesbank.

We will find out this week if they are at last willing to take charge of monetary policy and avert disaster. If they recoil, the euro will push back up again and they may as well sign a deflationary death sentence for southern Europe.


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    1. allen posted a piece of a similar nature the other day, in praise of Germany and it's manipulation of the Euro.
      Chastised the Obama administration for telling Germany that its policies were exacerbating the economic turmoil in Southern Europe.
      Just as this piece presents.

      This piece does confirm on of the central tenets of the "Supply Side Nightmare Scenario", the great amounts of paper being held in the emerging market economies. How they had accumulated substantial "Foreign Reserves", Dollars and Euros, both.
      That there is no where else for those Reserves to go except US Treasuries, except for internalized consumer consumption growth in those emerging markets. Those cultures are savings oriented, rather than consumption oriented and whether they can transform themselves, quickly ...
      Seems doubtful.

    2. Maybe we can give them a trillion dollar coin or two.

  2. The Tea Party candidate does not seem to be doing well, in Virginia.

    RCP Average . . 10/22 - 10/30 . . . McAuliffe +5.0

    1. Polls show Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the former national party chairman and fundraiser, ahead of Republican rival, state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. If that’s the outcome of the race, it would make McAuliffe the first candidate of a sitting president’s party in almost four decades to win election in the Old Dominion, a state that voted twice for both former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

      “As Republicans, we have to ask, is there a business model issue here?”
      said former Virginia Republican Representative Thomas M. Davis III, director of federal affairs for Deloitte Consulting LP.
      “We have a Republican who’s opted to go the Tea Party route, and it’s absolutely clear it’s a losing strategy -
      - that’s going to be the message of this” election.


    2. It's a losing strategy in Northern Virginia, suburb of DC, which lives on the teat. This is a no-brainer.

    3. .

      McAulliffe currently spending 10-to-1 on advertising.

      It is a no-brainer. The only issue I've even seen mentioned is Obamacare.


  3. None of that kind of money talk has anything to do with it. Southern Europe has always been a mess. Greece, Italy, Spain, the same now as 90 years ago. It has to do with culture, and not bank exchange rates. Northern Europe does stuff, Southern Europe doesn't, to be short about it.

    The Protestant Work Ethic.

    Che Ti Dice La Patria?
    by Ernest Hemingway

    for instance, and many many another.

    Che Ti Dice La Patria?
    by Ernest Hemingway

    "Che Ti Dice La Patria" was first published under the title "Italy-1927" in New Republic on May 18, 1927, and later the same year in the short fiction collection, Men Without Women. It is based on an actual excursion Hemingway and friend Guy Hickok took in March 1927. Written during the time between the end of his marriage with Hadley Richardson and engagement to Pauline Pfeiffer, Hemingway agreed to go on an Italian tour with Hickok to revisit Italy and also to obtain a baptismal certificate which predated his marriage to Hadley. He needed this certificate to marry Pauline in the Catholic Church. Hemingway would track down Don Giuseppe Bianchi, the priest who had anointed him while he was wounded in Milan in 1918. All of this biographical information is left out of the text.

    1. In the first section of the story, the road is described as "not yet dusty," and this intimates some optimism. The narrator and Guy give a young man (a Fascist) a ride to Spezia. The man is condescending, telling them when to leave, offering an informal "thanks" for the ride and the narrator's refusal to take any payment, not to mention he does not return a wave when they part ways. The narrator says "he will go a long way in Italy" implying that this is the new self-preservation, the new attitude of Italian behavior toward foreigners in the new Mussolini-governed Fascist state.

      In the second section, "A Meal in Spezia," Guy and the narrator stop at a restaurant, where they realize the waitresses double as prostitutes since Mussolini has abolished the brothels. Guy is accosted by one of the girls and the narrator has some fun as the translator between her and Guy. He tells the girl they are German misogynists, which, although it was in jest, could bring hostility: fascism and xenophobia. Also in the restaurant are a sailor and a clean cut man, who tells the girls not to bother with Guy and his friend because "they are worth nothing."

      The description of the landscape in the third section, "After the Rain," is bleak and muddy. They stop in a restaurant with no heat, have a sub-par meal, and notice a sad couple watching their breaths in the cold air. The waiter must take Guy to someone's house to use that bathroom because the restaurant doesn't have one. Leaving Genoa, a Fascist on a bicycle stops fines them 25 lire for having mud on their license plate. When the narrator blames the condition of the roads, the Fascist takes offense and ups it to 50 lire.

      They return to Ventimiglia where they started. The story is Hemingway's political critique of Mussolini's Italy, reflecting on his return for the baptism certificate. Also, it was a return to the war, where he fell in love with, and had his heart broken by the Red Cross nurse Agnes von Kurowsky. "Che Ti Dice La Patria" translates to "What do you hear from home?" Although Italy may have not been "home" to Hemingway, his WWI time there had a profound impact on his life; and to return there to find it in such a deplorable state sullied the memories of his idealized Italy. The images of wind, rain, and dust shifting to mud supplement the cultural changes in Italy and the changes in the author's perception of it. This, and being in the midst of a divorce, probably only added fervor to the political critique and is also perhaps why Hemingway left out his autobiographical reasons and thoughts about this return trip to Italy.


      It's like the Israelis and the Bedouin/Palestinians. The Jews do stuff, the others don't. Except hate, century after century.

      Culture counts.

    2. In another context, take a look at what has happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and is happening in South Africa.

      One has totally gone to hell and the other is quickly going there.

      Culture counts.

    3. You mean Dictatorship and Oppression provide better return on investment than Freedom and Liberty.

      The Greeks, those lazy bastards conquered the world, under Alexander. We call in Hellenic Civilization, now

      The Romans, Italians all, conquered all of Europe, up to the Rhine.
      Caesar crossed and marched through the woods, unopposed.
      Conquered Gaul, which became France.
      Conquered the Israeli and eventually the Romans razed Jerusalem.
      Conquered Egypt and England.
      Destroyed Carthage

      The Spanish, those lazy good for nothings, traveled the world, conquered most of the Americas.

      You thesis is weak, one a racist would postulate.
      One that is not supportable by facts.

      About what one would expect from a feckless fascist Fudd.

    4. And, where are they now?

      And the Greeks hardly "conquered the world". The military campaigns in those days didn't amount to all that much.

      The Mongols did better.

      But then you know no more about military history than you do Hegel.

      g'morning, rat

      You sad sack.

    5. As far as Rhodesia goes, their demise is laid at the feet of the British.
      The way they abdicated their responsibilities in Rhodesia, just pitiful.

      About as poor as they did in Uganda.
      The British did the world a terrible disservice with their colonial empire.
      It has led to factionalism and war almost everywhere they went.

      It was their management style, to create division and social strive, then balance the opposing forces against each other.
      When the British left, turmoil followed.
      India/Pakistan/Bangladesh comes first to mind.
      Kenya and Malaysia.
      Uganda and the Sudan

      it was not the local populations that brought European colonial borders to Africa.
      Or to the Middle East.

    6. When they move from Authoritative Government to liberty, they lost some productivity.

      Guess it just matters what is important, to a culture.
      Freedom and liberty for all, or profits for the 1% and their paid lap dog politicians

  4. :)

    Hey Deuce, your enabled lapdog is back at it at only 16 minutes into the day.


    1. What is Anonymous crying about, now?
      Does he not like thinking that he is associated with the fascist Farmer Fudd?

      The character fits you, it is why you embraced it.
      Called it your own, called yourself the "Authentic Fudd" when all you were, Anonymous, was a thief.
      Trying to appropriate a piece of desert rat's intellectual property, the Farmer Fudd.

      But no, we do not speak of Anonymous, because that would be rude.
      So we use a fictional character, one desert rat invented to be a caricature, to belittle the ideas advocated by fascists in America.

      If that shoe fits you, guess you will wear it.
      Your Choice.

      One can always admit to previous mistakes made,
      Take personal responsibility for your errors.

      Do what you want to do, but be polite when you do it.
      You fascist misogynist.

    2. .

      Trying to appropriate a piece of desert rat's intellectual property, the Farmer Fudd.

      And lord knows, he has little to spare.



  5. An impolite fungus too!

  6. Almost all of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's article concerns manipulations by politicians of markets that could be self-regulating by the invisible hand w/free markets.

    No one really can predict the outcome, the only thing we can be sure of is that it will be far less than optimal for far more folks, than less.


  7. Disgusting Brazilian Tri-Athletes

    Our son had to compete against this miserable trio, among others, in the Lanai Triathlon.

    I might be able to tolerate them if it were not for that offensive skin/tone.

    The one on the left sports a top that matches the color of the kid's T-Shirt.

    ...I'm looking into the possibility of a meeting of the tops.

    1. Don't chance a peek, T:

      I can guarantee you will be repulsed.

    2. 4 6 5 must be the score from the judges

    3. Hey, how can the left and right both be # 465?

      The kid was 227, if I recall.

      Do they combine numbers for all 9 pluses?

    4. OMG!

      The center one is pointing to HER 4 6 5 !

      How could I have missed?

      (Certainly could not have been obsessing on the one on the left.)

    5. Maybe when you go to the cathouse on Lanai pits like a Chinese restaurant, they give you a menu, you point to number 465, and then these three chicks show up.

    6. One can dream.

      Even more than one, I'd imagine.

    7. Oh well, it was a welcome diversion from the Jew stuff.

    8. :-) !!!

      Ain't that the truth!

      Hell, THAT's a diversion from Chocolate Muffin - Toppings.

    9. Maybe they are a team, and passed the butt plug, er, baton, in a serial sort of way:

      One Swimmer,

      One Biker,

      One Runner.

      Who would be the sweatiest one of all in need of a quick towel down, and etc?

    10. The swimmer might be the sweetest one of all, and least in need, but what if I was left with a clammy feeling?

    11. If you find "Jew stuff" bothersome, don't start it.

    12. I thot she was referring to the Blame The Jew Stuff.

      ...but maybe I was projecting?

    13. I've still yet to get a satisfactory answer to why it is OK for the Muzzies having cleansed the Jews from the vast majority of the ME, and the Euros likewise from Europe, but it's The Jews fault for wanting a place to live.

    14. Doug the crime of the Jews is that we are a greedy lot, not content on being other people's target practice, we now demand self determination. Sadly this concept does not sit well on the folks that have, for over a thousand years, gotten used to be the master, the superior race. Let's remember that those "superior" folks don't like to acknowledge that the Jews are an EQUAL people (if not an amazing one at that).

      Just BEING pisses them off. This blog shows this truth. No other nation ( or people) have to justify their own BEING.

      But now? Jews are armed. LOL

      Kinda changes the dynamic. Those Jew hating folks don't like Jews having the ability either verbally or physically to defend themselves.

      Back in the good ole days of the middle ages Jews were required to have "discussions" in public with the Priests/Popes of the day. Only rule? jews could not say anything negative about Jesus, could not dispute anything in the New Testament. (and other such restrictions). The same was true for the Moslem world. Officially designated a "dhimmi" (along with christians) it was acknowledged the official 2nd class position in the (at the time) Arab world. (this of course spread thru out the islamic world).

      Now? their universe has been turned upside down....

      Get used to it...

    15. At least the descendants of Nazis get to sell Subs to both the Jews and the Chi-Coms.

      All's fair, and all that.

    16. The Germans, Poles and Russians do the crime
      The Palestinians get to do the time!

      Colonial Imperialism is in its finest, final hour..
      Running up against the mountain all the way from the beach.

      What was an Empire in antiquity, is a postage stamp principality, today.
      The Secular Sultanate of Israel, a Sovereign Socialist State

      . . . which is supported by the . . .

      Three Pillars of Apartheid

    17. Yes in the 899/900th of the middle east Jews, Christians and B'hais are not welcomed.

      There are even cities in the arab world that say "Moslem" only.....

      Now in Israel?

      Arabs have freedom, so much freedom they REFUSE to leave.

      israel, the garden of eden on the med.

    18. Actually the arabs sided with the Nazis during ww2.

      They did the crime. And yet? Never paid for it.

      Their leaders never were arrested and executed. Sad.

      The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem? A true Hitler supporter, he should have been hung.

    19. The Grand Mufti, uncle to Arafat, put his money where his mouth was by raising several Muslim SS divisions for his good friend. There is some evidence that he played a role in formulating the "Final Solution" to the Jewish "question".

      Doug, there a folks on this site who will argue earnestly that documents are meaningless in the context of a Jewish homeland. They readily denounce the Chinese for practicing the same behavior in trade.

    20. Some evidence?

      No enough to convince the Judges at the Nuremberg Trials.
      They did not bend over backwards for NAZI supporters.

      Of course, allen, you can present that "Evidence" if you wish, here and now.

  8. Monetary Union without Fiscal Union? Madness.

    I feel the same way about the Europeans as I do about the Middleeast; fuck'em. We need to get our troops out of there, and let'em fight it out amongst themselves.

    1. Health Care without Patient Choice? Madness!

    2. Paying for Healthcare for people in countries all around the world while Americans go without? Even worse madness.

    3. "If you like your insurance, you can keep it."

      "If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor."


    4. I'm currently going without.

      If I get shot, I'll go to the ER.

      ...like everyone else.

    5. And, the worst form of madness? Not taking the free Federal money to expand Medicaid - just because you're afraid some black people might benefit.

    6. Even Jan Brewer could figure out that that was nuts.

    7. :-)

      Sorry Senor:

      I fear Brazilians.

      One of the few blacks on Maui is one of our Kid's roomies.

      ...and he currently "has healthcare" and I don't.

      I'm not crying.

    8. Have you managed to log onto Healthcare. gov, yet?

    9. I thot I, being qualified for Medicare/Caid, did not need to bother.

      Am I mistaken wrt that?

    10. If you have Medicare you're covered. Why are you saying you're not?

    11. No, I'm covered to the gills.

    12. I meant my private insurance was terminated.

      ...all of us Socialists are covered, if that's your definition of "covered."

    13. Do you have other than Government Approved, and Supplied, "Healthcare?"

    14. Doug, you're not making any sense. If you have Medicare, that's all you'll ever, ever need. I have Medicare with a VA backup.

    15. There's really not much reason to mess with the VA any more; I just kinda got in the habit, I guess.

    16. Last time we asked, I was not eligible for VA.

      Now, I am:

      You're saying don't bother?

    17. My point was that my Insurance was far superior for me and my Doctors than Socialistcare:

      We almost never were required to pay more than our $15 deductible, and had access to whatever Doctors we desired.

    18. Rufus IIMon Nov 04, 08:48:00 AM EST
      And, the worst form of madness? Not taking the free Federal money to expand Medicaid - just because you're afraid some black people might benefit

      1st. NOTHING is free.

      2nd. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

      More WHITE people are on welfare than blacks...

      Being a looter is not a racial issue.

    19. You'll have to make your own decision on VA. It really doesn't do me much benefit any more. I just kinda got used to them calling me and bugging me about making my appointments. :)

      The Premiums for a 65 yr old man, on the open market, though? Yowza.

    20. Yep, the good citizens of Mississippi are paying taxes so Medicaid can be expanded in Kentucky (where, btw, the Governor was informed by Price, Waterhouse, Cooper that he would be a total idiot for not expanding Medicaid.)

      And, race is The issue. To not recognize that is to be a total vegetable.

    21. Even the crazed, bible-thumping tea-party governor of Ohio was smart enough to figure that one out.

    22. Are those Israelis all LOOTERS?

    23. THEY have "healthcare for poor people."

    24. And, the people of Mississippi are paying taxes to support THAT.

    25. And, those people that are falling into the doughnut hole in Mississippi are, almost exclusively, Not "welfare recipients," but Working Poor.

    26. The true "welfare recipients" are retaining their Medicaid.

    27. The European Ashkenazi steal an entire country, and 'What is &quot' has the chutzpah to degrade looters?!?!?
      What an Anti-Semitic thing to say, to not include himself amongst his peers!

      His passport identifies him as a looter.

    28. Rufus IIMon Nov 04, 09:58:00 AM EST
      Are those Israelis all LOOTERS?

      Want to compare two different nations systems? Fine.

      But that was not the discussion.

      The discussion was about THE USA.

      And NO race aint the issue to the majority of folks that don't like the redistribution of wealth.

      It is an issue to those seeking to make race an issue, like you.

      More white people are on welfare than blacks.

      Stay on topic. Oh wait, you can't can you...

    29. Not all on welfare are looters. Just about 40%.

      Same in Israel, same everywhere you have "free" stuff from the government.

      You advocate "free" money from the feds.

      Nothing is free, it comes from someone's pocket.

    30. You're either disingenuous (my 1st choice,) or a fool (a close second.)

      It's ALL about race (and, perception.)

    31. Woman of the WallMon Nov 04, 10:05:00 AM EST
      The European Ashkenazi steal an entire country, and 'What is &quot' has the chutzpah to degrade looters?!?!?
      What an Anti-Semitic thing to say, to not include himself amongst his peers!

      His passport identifies him as a looter.

      My Passport? USA Baby....

      As for your continued obsession about the "Ashkenazi" You never comment on the Sephardic Jews that make up 45% of Israel.

      Why ignore them?

    32. Rufus IIMon Nov 04, 10:04:00 AM EST
      The true "welfare recipients" are retaining their Medicaid.

      Yep, if they need medical care? They get it!

      Now those of us that have a 6 thousand dollar deductible?

      We have to pay monthly and at the time of service.

      Sounds un-American to me.

      How about a system that allows emergency care for all?

      Want more? Pay for it.

    33. I like that idea. Free hospitals for all. no insurance required. Period.

      Make it a right~~

      No one should have to pay. Doctors and Nurses? should get paid 3 times minimum wage.

      Sounds fair.

    34. 1) YOU claimed to have an Israeli Passport, and

      2) you misidentified the front of the U.S. Passport

      but, you argue like a 7th grader; so, I don't know.

    35. Rufus IIMon Nov 04, 10:14:00 AM EST
      You're either disingenuous (my 1st choice,) or a fool (a close second.)

      It's ALL about race (and, perception.)


    36. Rufus IIMon Nov 04, 10:20:00 AM EST
      1) YOU claimed to have an Israeli Passport, and
      2) you misidentified the front of the U.S. Passport
      but, you argue like a 7th grader; so, I don't know.

      1. I NEVER made that claim.

      2) you misidentified the front of the U.S. Passport, sure I didn't use the periods.

      LOL You are a nitwit.

      3) but, you argue like a 7th grader; so, I don't know.

      Don't want to confuse you. Reasonable and rational discourse goes over your drunken head.

    37. I did claim I COULD get one. and someday I might. And I'd be PROUD to have one....

      But I don't, I guess that's the 54th time I have corrected you on that specific issue.

      Might I suggest lay off the booze so early in the morning....

    38. Rufus reminds me of those clowns in the movie Stalag 17, you know the ones so eager the beat the snot out of Holden?

      Rufus, a small minded idiot, easily misled by Peter Graves.

      hey Rufus, why not watch that movie again and think of Rat as Peter Graves and me as William Holden and you? As one of the slugs that went along with the crowd...

      It's really a PERFECT fit for a moron like you....

    39. You are a liar. You made reference to YOUR Israeli passport.

      And, you are still lying. You referenced "USA" on the front of your United States passport, but, if you carried that document you would know that it has on its front "United States of America."

    40. please produce that quote.

      I am still waiting...

    41. Or maybe? You're just so invested in your own fiction in your own mind...

      go watch Stalag 17....

      you need a refresher...

    42. Actually I am on my 2nd USA passport... they only last 10 years.

    43. Rufus, the great detective!!!!

      Such a memory... And yet?

      Such a fool...

    44. "but, if you carried that document you would know that it has on its front "United States of America."

      Do you CARRY your passport on a daily basis?

      i dont.. It's in my safe. Next to my Social Security Card.

      I do carry MY Driver's License and my Concealed Carry License..

      And of course my weapons of choice.

    45. I remember things very well...

      when I typed "america" you blasted me that I could not be a citizen since i didn't cap the a....

      yep you were a moron back then too..

    46. and let's not forget your quip about "rich Israelis" yesterday..

      Just a stupid bigot you are....

      now go back to sniffing your ethanol....

    47. Re: Rufus - "black people might benefit"

      Is that really the world in which you live?

  9. Ho hum,

    Just another day in America:

    "Two Skydiving Planes Collide Mid-Air
    Two planes packed with nearly a dozen skydivers, collide in mid-air over Wisconsin and amazingly - everyone survived.

    The planes had just reached their target altitude some 12,000 feet in the air when something went wrong just seconds before the jump.

    “It turned out to be a jump for their lives,” reports CNN’s George Howell . “One of the pilots remembered hearing a loud bang. Then – the windshield shattered The planes - collided - in mid-air.”

    Skydiver Mike Robinson says, "We're not exactly sure why they collided yet, but they did. And in the process, the lead plane was destroyed."

    Everybody got out safely even though the wings were on fire and came off.

    “The pilot of the trail plane also survived, landing his aircraft safely,” Howell reports.

    For something that's so routine for these skydivers, who've had hundreds, or even thousands of jumps under their belts, this accident served as a reminder.

    "We go through extensive training to learn how to be safe,” Robinson says, “We were just lucky this time. Unfortunately with an airplane crash, you take what you get.""

    1. What if Atta had bailed prior to his aircraft completing it's mission?

      Would Obama have demanded a jury of his peers?

    2. What if a frog had wings . . .
      Would it still bounce it's belly when it hopped?

      Would a winged fly even do the "Belly Flop Hop"?

  10. Hey Rat,

    Why is it that you believe that the 'oversupply' of capital can only be stored in US bonds?

    1. May I interject a thought?

      Think: Deep and Liquid

    2. I'll try this again. Yes, deep and liquid have been the reason to hold them to date though there are many other places one can go. The constant political brinksmanship over the debt limit has given some holders the jitters. That and the constant flood of new issue could make some nervous. There are other places to stash the cash though the simple act of doing it by the big players put their current holdings at risk I'm curious as to why Rat is so confident they have nowhere else to go.

    3. No, I do not think that desert rat believes that those foreign "Foreign Reserves" can "Only" be invested in US Treasuries, but that they will be "primarily" in US Treasuries.

      The US still represents over 23% of the global economy, it still is the strongest economy on the planet, it will be the ...
      Last Man Standing

      Where else is it going to go?
      Where will it be safer?

    4. The concept of a "Last Man Standing" in a global economy is absurd. There is always a place for money to go.

      "Safe" is just a perception and what is considered "safe" can change quickly. Look at '08 when inter-bank lending seized - banks didn't trust each other - nothing was "safe".

      There are so many US Bonds and Treasuries out there (it is 'deep', very very 'deep') but the liquidity could change in a heart beat. Suppose China got spooked and dumped their securities on the market? Would you put your own cash up to buy a new US bond that you had to hold for 30 years at 3.69% a year? Not me!

    5. Supposed the Israeli nuke the Iranians,
      More devastating to the global economy and far more likely than the Chinese "dumping" Treasuries.
      But the Israeli won't be nuking the iranians and the Chinese will not get "spooked" into dumping Treasuries.

      Sure, terrible things COULD happen,
      There are so many US bonds because there are so many US dollars on the global exchange.

      And, no, Ash ...
      "Last Man Standing is very appropriate to the situation.

      China has almost no oil reserves, at all.
      It has minimal coal reserves.
      It's prosperity is totally dependent upon foreign trade.
      Which is denominated in dollars, there is no alternative currency on the table, near the table or even on the planet.
      Certainly not the Euro, which is the only other "contender".

      Is the US "safer" than England, perhaps, but the US is safer than any African or Middle Eastern locale.
      Safer than Hong Kong or Singapore.

      Australia does not have the capacity to absorb the liquidity.

      South America has prospects, but those projects will be denominated in dollars, not pesos or reals.

      I am glad to see that you agree that there is a sea of liquidity in the world and that the global supply of paper money will be keeping the price of it down.

    6. We need to get cracking on minting up those trillion dollar platinum coins that desert rat/Panama Ed recommended.

      That will fix us up.

      All these problems have simple solutions if one just thinks about them a little.

    7. "All these problems have simple solutions if on just thinks about them simply" is better, and is what I was trying to get across.

    8. Yes, there is a huge supply of cash sloshing about the world. The US enjoys the benefits of being the global exchange currency. It has not always been the global exchange currency and it won't necessarily continue to be the global exchange currency. The fact that there is so much of it sloshing about could be its downfall. Supply and demand can also work in the currency markets. There certainly is a large supply of it...

    9. The Federal Reserve is creating ...
      Sep 18, 2013 - The Federal Reserve is in the spotlight for its move to slow down its $85 billion a month of bond purchases, designed to pump money into the ...

      $85 billion per month, in a year, that is $1,020,000,000,000.
      A TRILLION dollars.

      Better the Treasury just mint the coin, than allow the conglomeration of private banks create a blizzard of paper.
      Minting the coin, a more honest form of financial skulduggery, one that even a Fudd could understand.

      In a sense, Fudd, the Platinum Coin plot line is a metaphor for the Federal Reserve creating money from nothing, using techniques you do not comprehend. You get incensed by the idea of minting a coin, but acquiesce quietly to the banks creating money from nothing.

    10. How is it the "conglomeration of private banks create a blizzard of paper"? How would the Treasury minting the coin stop that from happening?

    11. Ash,

      China has the third largest coal reserve in the world. Coal is not a problem for China - another strike for Panama Ed.

    12. It's not just the reserves, it what they can get out of the ground.
      To be third, is not enough, when you're first in consumption.

      To only have 12% of the world coal reserves, but mine 49% of global production...
      leaves them with only 35 years worth of coal, left.
      The US has 239 years worth of proven reserves.The Russians, they have 471 years worth of proven reserves in the ground

      Cannot run a strategic empire of global consequence if you are going to run out of electricity, in 35 years, and can see it coming.

      Panama Ed takes one strike then hits a homer!

    13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coal

  11. Speaking of desert rat, I got a message from him ...
    Kind of an update ...

    Let me go find it

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It had been a long time since I had even thought of McGee.

      I had first met him in my grandfather’s living room, back when I was just a boy not even in High School. He was about as old as my father, both of them had served in the Korean War, had been shaped by the experience. At the time I thought it was about all they had in common.

      McGee lived down in Florida on a house boat, he told us, on board the “Busted Flush”. He was up in Pennsylvania on a salvage job. Asset recovery is the current terminology for that type of operation. He seemed to be larger than life, not just physically, although he was bigger than either Gramps or my dad. He exuded a force, a field of positive energy that even as a child I could feel and appreciate the importance of.

      We kept in touch through the ensuing years, at first Gramps was the conduit to accessing McGee, then growing older I started calling on him myself. Last I had heard from McGee he had found a daughter he never knew he had. Named Jean, she had boarded the “Busted Flush” and become the focal point of his time. They had come together in the early Eighties, and I had not heard from him directly since. Oh, occasionally I’d hear something about him, but it was pretty well established that he had retired, moved to Cedar Key, Florida and went fishin’.

      It came as a surprise, that single post card. One of those that come in the mail box post cards. I had not seen one in years, it had a picture of a baby blue fishing boat, basking in the fading light of an orange sunset on the front, a glossy photo. There was a straight forward message written in a neat, female hand on the back ...
      “Need you in Cedar Key”. No phone number, no return address. Just a name, Jean McGee.

      What should I do, what could I do?

      A quick Google search and I knew there was an airport in Cedar Key, not much of an air strip, but the “Gray Ghost”, my Cessna 337 Sky Master only needs 750 feet of runway. A Horton STOL-Craft kit, complete with wing leading edge cuffs, stall fences, droop wingtips, and vortex generators on rear engine cowling the Ghost can get her on or off the ground in a hurry. The Ghost is powered by twin turbo-charged Continental engines, and are both low hour units, 690 and 150 hours, providing a cruising speed of 210 knots. A stock Sky Master loads out with 90 gallons of fuel and provide for a range of about 1100 miles, the Ghost packs up to 150 gallons which can take her 1700 miles, in favorable conditions.

      I grabbed my two traveling duffel bags and headed to plane. The Gray Ghost, a 337 Cessna Sky Master, painted a gun metal blue gray, a color that fades into the background in the low light conditions around dawn or dusk and against dark stormy skies. I walked over to the hanger, it’s only a few hundred yards from the main house, and completed the pre-flight in no time. Even though the Ghost was built the same year I graduated from High School, nineteen hundred and seventy-three, no expense has been spared in building out a superb aircraft. The USAF flew the 337 Sky Masters back when I was in the Army, even before that, in the ‘Nam. Called it the O-2, a highly survivable airframe, the twin Continentals were mounted in-line, fore and aft, providing for easy maneuverability and handling, for a dual engine aircraft. Especially at low speeds.

      I taxied to the end of our ranch runway, 1200 feet of decomposed granite, pushed the throttle open, while standing on the brakes, feeling the Ghost vibrate in seeming anticipation of takeoff, it was almost like she was alive. I released the brakes and accelerated quickly, wheels up and climbing at about 650 feet per minute, leisurely got to 10,000 feet, turned east and headed for the George T. Lewis Airport, in Cedar Key, Florida.

      All for now - Got to FLY!

    3. A few mechanical errors but then again ...

      'The first draft of anything is shit.'

    4. .

      From Pale Toads in the Purple Desert Sunset.


    5. Ernie made merry with Scotty worrying about his short dick. Ernie told Scotty to go look at some ofd Roman and Greek statues and not worry so much.


      Whoever says Ernie was always polite - or in private life - hasn't read Ernie, or much about him.

      His son by Pauline he mistreated terribly.

      When Ernie blew his brains out, this said said he was glad. "He will never call me a failure again."

      Ernie made one hell of a big mess out of his private life.


    6. whoever says Ernie was always polite in print - or in his private life - hasn't read Ernie, or much about him.

      When Ernie blew his brains out, this son said he was glad. "He will never call me a failure again."

    7. Have you ever read "Purple Peckers of the Pockmarked Plains" Quirk?

      Cowboy action, really good.

    8. Another good dime cowpoke novel is "Cactus Rat and the Bunkhouse Asylum"

      As well as "Professional Assholes Ride the Range".

    9. I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent.
      People know this, and steer clear of me at parties.

      Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me.

    10. Must be the crapper thinking well of himself again, and posting as anon, as he often does.

      "Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me."

      He has that odd way of letting the truth slip out.

      Like when he said in an unguarded moment, thinking it a sign of achievement, "I am a professional asshole."

  12. Was going to comment yesterday on the cops are not your friends idea, but the comments went over 200 which made it hard.

    Cops are my friends. After receiving death threats I wrote the 9 agencies in my greater area a form letter concerning the incidents with as much detail as I was able to do. Received short polite communications back from nearly all, nearly the same in each case, saying the letter had been received and on file, put in computer file etc. I am going to add to it with this latest round and the Fudd Hunter stuff.

    Yes, I consider cops my friends.

    My niece does too. She was treated with great concern here, and would not have been so much in India.

    They have never been of much concern except to the bad guys out this way. Perhaps that is another advantage of living in a rural area away from the big cities.

  13. If Ken Cuccinelli loses in Virginia tomorrow, as he probably will, we can all thank the Libertarians for siphoning enough votes away from him to make it inevitable.

    'Libertarians Create Losers"

    1. Wrong, again.

      No Libertarian would ever vote for a piece of slimy scum like Ken Cuccinelli.

      If Ken Cuccinelli loses the election it is because Ken Cuccinelli is a shitty candidate.

      It will be Ken Cuccinelli that could not convince folks to vote for him, it is his responsibility, not those he failed to convince, if he loses.

      Only a fuck faced Fudd would attempt to blame others for the failures of his chosen candidates

  14. O wonderful. Just received notice that my private supplemental health insurance paid by me premium is going UP due to ObamaCare.

    Still have my same set of docs for now tho as far as I know.

  15. Israelis plan new Colonies, Oil Drilling, on Palestinian Land during “Peace Talks”

    Posted on 11/04/2013 by Juan Cole

    The current round of so-called peace talks between Israel and Palestine is marked by so much bad faith on the part of the Israelis that only the corruption and perfidy of the Mahmoud Abbas government in the West Bank can explain why the Palestinians should subject themselves to such exploitation and humiliation.

    Israel just issued tenders for over 1,700 new homes for Israelis on the Palestinian West Bank. The plan will involve demolishing Palestinian residences. This, at a time when Israel and the Palestinians are supposedly engaged in good faith negotiations that might end in a Palestinian state. At this rate, where would you even put one? (Another 3,000 such Israeli squatter homes are planned).

    Israel is planning to dig for oil in the Occupied West Bank, in violation of the Oslo Accords and of the laws governing military occupations. Israel is likewise preventing Palestinians in Gaza from developing their offshore natural gas resources.

    The government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to build a ‘security wall’ along the border of Palestine with Jordan. This infrastructure is designed to secure Israel’s security presence along the Jordanian border, where it has no business being, far into the future, yet again detracting from Palestinian sovereignty.

    Israel this week destroyed two “residential buildings in Beit Hanina village and 2 rooms in Jabal al-Mukaber neighbourhood” in East Jerusalem, leaving 33 Palestinian civilians homeless” , adding more displaced to the some 400 who have lost their homes in Palestinian Jerusalem in 2013 alone.

    Israeli squatters on the Palestinian West Bank in Migdalim just sent bulldozers to the Palestinian village of Qusra, in order to annex more land to the Israeli squatter settlement.

    1. Until a peace agreement is reached between Israel and the PA, the ownership of the land is disputed. It may one day be "Palestinian land", but not today.

      The Palestinians would own a large portion of disputed land (95%) by stopping the aggression both in propaganda and on the ground. They are not going to do that, because sovereignty in the disputed territory is not their goal; the destruction of the Jewish state is.

      "... under UN Security Council Resolution 242 from November 1967, that has served as the basis of the 1991 Madrid Conference and the 1993 Declaration of Principles, Israel is only expected to withdraw "from territories" to "secure and recognized boundaries" and not from "all the territories" captured in the Six-Day War. This language resulted from months of painstaking diplomacy. Thus, the UN Security Council recognized that Israel was entitled to part of these territories for new defensible borders. Taken together with UN Security Council Resolution 338, it became clear that only negotiations would determine which portion of these territories would eventually become "Israeli territories" or territories to be retained by Israel's Arab counterpart....

      ...98 percent of the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have come under Palestinian jurisdiction...

      ... In March 1994, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Madeleine Albright stated: "We simply do not support the description of the territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 War as occupied Palestinian territory."

      Describing the West Bank and Gaza Strip as "occupied Palestinian territories" is incorrect and misleading. Israel's transfer of government functions under the Oslo Agreements greatly strengthens Israel's case that the main international conventions relevant to military occupations do not apply. Describing these territories as "Palestinian" may serve the Palestinians' political agenda but prejudges the outcome of future territorial negotiations that were envisioned under UN Security Council Resolution 242..."

    2. Give the Israelis and inch and they'll take a mile!

    3. First, no one has given Israel anything. Secondly, if Israel wanted the mile, she could take it within the hour.

    4. As usual, Israel will attempt to gain Palestinian participation in a joint venture in exploitation of the petroleum and natural gas reserves. As usual, the Palestinians will do their little pee-pee dance, screaming incoherently about death to the offspring of pigs and monkeys. Israel will press on with the work and garner the wealth.

    5. .

      Unless Israel claims the West Bank and/or Gaza as its property under a one-state solution, of course the West Bank is occupied territory. My opinion of course.


    6. End the OccupationMon Nov 04, 03:12:00 PM EST

      Gaza is "Occupied" as well.

      The Israeli control the air and the sea, and can kill anything that moves on the ground, under their sovereign authority

    7. Your opinion is false. National borders are not drawn in straight lines. They twist and turn taking into account villages, natural resources and populations.

      The DISPUTED lands of the West Bank are just that. Disputed, as per the UN Security Council Resolutions.

      Some day IF the Palestinians ever get their act together and can form a peaceful society? there might be peace.

      Until then the Palestinians BUILD in the disputed territories as do the Jews.

      There are all sorts of land disputes across the globe. There are all sorts of walls built for security, Arabia and China have very large ones.... They are not illegal. IF fact? America has a wall to keep out the natives of Mexico from coming in the disputed lands of SW America..

      There is NO demand that Israel annex the ENTIRE land mass of the West Bank and Gaza. Gaza is in fact part and parcel of Egypt. And the MAJORITY of Arabs living in the West Bank cannot trace their heritage there longer than 100 years, the majority arabs migrated seeking jobs from the Jews in the early 1900's, they may merge with the other "created" nation Jordan as it once was confederated. Jordan is 90% Palestinian.

      I suggest they embrace Jordan as their nation's partner.

    8. End the OccupationMon Nov 04, 03:12:00 PM EST
      Gaza is "Occupied" as well.
      The Israeli control the air and the sea, and can kill anything that moves on the ground, under their sovereign authority

      Cool then let the killing begin. As long as ONE rocket exists in Gaza? LEVEL THE PLACE...

      Oh but the fact is Egypt controls Gaza.... LOL

      Their fellow arabs..


    9. the world is "occupied" by america

      The americans control the air and the sea, and can kill anything that moves on the ground, under their sovereign authority


      One standard for all

    10. End the OccupationMon Nov 04, 04:16:00 PM EST

      Trying to find equivalence with the United States.

      Funny, funny stuff.

      But now we know, that even 'What is &quot' agrees that Gaza is part of the territory of a sovereign Israel.
      That the Occupied Territories are part of Israel.

      Good deal, progress is being made.

    11. .

      Your opinion is false.

      I don't think so. UN resolutions, peace negotiations, previous agreements, opinions by Ms. Albright or Winston Churchill, merely bullshit from both sides, its all kabuki, all bullshit.

      The UN? Although Israel referenced UN Resolution 181 in declaring the existence of Israel in 1946, as we have seen the resolution was meaningless, merely a proposal by the general assembly. If general assembly resolutions were of themselves capable of creating a country, Palestine would have been one long ago rather than just an observer at the UN. While the US is on the Security Council, they will never allow it.

      The only authority the UN had when the British mandate expired was to recognize Palestine independence and push for its self-determination. Instead, the Jews created Israel by force. The continue that today and they also occupy territory that wasn't part of what they initially took.

      Peace talks? Agreements? All bullshit. Merely buying windows of relative peace at certain times. Anyone who thinks differently is a fool. Everyone of the 'agreements' or 'accords' merely ended up saying that key items would be negotiated, but in truth, there were items neither side intended to negotiate on despite the lies they put down on paper.

      A perfect example in the latest round is Israel's demand that any agreement contain security guarantees for Israel. Does any country actually have a security guarantee? Well, Israel thinks they could have one. It's simple. The PA can have no military. They can have a police force to keep its people in line but of course they will be blamed if anyone gets rowdy. And, oh yeh, the Israelis will maintain a military presence in the West Bank along the border with Jordan. When it was mentioned today that Israel might construct a security wall along that border, it was the first I'd heard of it. Would it be a surprise if they did? Hardly. The 'negotiations' are a joke. Does anyone here really think anything will come from them?

      Until then the Palestinians BUILD in the disputed territories as do the Jews.

      At the sufferance of the Israelis, of course.

      Israeli is a state recognized by the UN and most countries. The have a powerful military and the bomb. They have a friend in the US that has their back on the Security Council. Why don't they quit the bullshit, quit acquiring the West Bank piece by piece in a death by a thousand cuts strategy and actually declare it part of Israel.

      The reasons seem obvious to me. Currently, they can use the West Bank as a buffer zone to the west. By giving the PA some autonomy, they relieve themselves of the burden of governing the Palestinians. It also provides them some political cover. By accepting the West Bank as part of Israel they would lose the ability to call Israel both a Jewish state and a democracy. It could be one or the other.

      Please don't tell me there is no Palestinian state in the West Bank because the Palis are bad boys. That's bullshit. There are plenty of bigger reasons.


    12. No egypt owns gaza you illiterate sloth.

    13. Israel declared its independence, Quirk. Do you consider that an act of war or an attack on Israel's neighbors?

      I will agree that all the posturing is just that, posturing. Israel is a problem because, contrary to the expectations of one and all, the Arabs were unsuccessful when they went to war. Israel was supposed to be subjugated at the very least. After numerous other attempts to defeat Israel, the Arabs have hit a wall. It should be patently clear that Israel is here to stay.

      Much of the fault for Arab confusion lies with Israel. One Israeli government after another has been bribed to call off the dogs and return to "negotiation". Nonsense! Hamas and Fatah will never be satisfied with anything less than the removal of the Zionist enemy. Simply watching 15 minutes of Arabian TV will make that point 15 times. What Israel should have done long ago is defeat her enemies in detail, set off boundaries, and tell the world to take a hike. Instead, they make nice, condemning another generation of young Israelis to yet another war.

      I do not agree with your analysis of modern Jewish history. But that doesn't matter. Israel is a state and I have no reason to anticipate a change in that reality anytime soon. And, yes, Israel needs to put the dog down.

  16. it is a little published fact that there are over there are already:

    ...” 600,000 to a million Israelis living abroad, and many young, liberal-minded Israelis living in Berlin. They have left for better economic opportunities and also a chance to experience light and justice. And they will continue to make the exodus until the status quo is reversed.”

    Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/conscience-realist/2013/nov/4/israel-it-really-free-country/#ixzz2jhJdTNFZ
    Follow us: @wtcommunities on Twitter

    1. Your point being? Since the dawn of Israel/Judea, Jews have traveled the world over. Genetic studies and archaeological evidence proves the existence of Jewish enclaves far and wide: China, India, Afghanistan, Persia, sub-Saharan Africa etc. It was the destiny of Jews to be scattered across the globe - a sign, if you will.

      What has always amazed me and given the lie to the claim of Jewish exclusivity is the ease with which Jewish traders and travelers contracted marriages with women of every color and creed. It would be safe to say that historically we (Jews) are the most receptive of all races.

    2. My point is that a lot of the conversation here seems to focus an a very narrow range of opinion and a view that does not represent the disparate views of Israelis.

    3. As a point of interest, Romans viewed the first Christians as a Jewish cult, a view shared by the Roman Jews. The term was not a pejorative as it derives from the Latin “cultus” for worship.

    4. a lot of the conversation here seems to focus an a very narrow range of opinion, period. From all 4 posters, except when Rat pretends to be Sybil.

    5. The Romans made no distinction between Jewish "sects,' Christianity being just one of many.

    6. DeuceMon Nov 04, 01:15:00 PM EST
      My point is that a lot of the conversation here seems to focus an a very narrow range of opinion and a view that does not represent the disparate views of Israelis.

      2 jews=3 opinions.

      However no Jews will agree that killing themselves to make our enemies happy is a good idea.

  17. "The current round of so-called peace talks between Israel and Palestine is marked by so much bad faith on the part of the Israelis that only the corruption and perfidy of the Mahmoud Abbas government in the West Bank can explain why the Palestinians should subject themselves to such exploitation and humiliation."


    The negotiations should obviously begin with the Israelis accepting the Palestinian position that the Jews should be marched into the Mediterranean Sea, the only issue to be negotiated being the details of the when and how.

    Then we would have a proper negotiation.

    And the State of Palestine could live as it wishes, totally Jew free!

    Genocide Over Apartheid!

    1. End the OccupationMon Nov 04, 12:24:00 PM EST

      Europe for Europeans ...
      Palestine for Palestinians ...

      Seems a reasonable position to advocate for.

      There should bo more Jewish immigration until the "Right of Return" from the 1948 conflict is settled.

      Seems a reasonable position to advocate for.

      A "Settlement Freeze" and a "Freeze" on demolition of Palestinian properties.

      Seems a reasonable position to advocate for.

    2. Let's talk about the 850,000 Sephardic Jews that were ethnically cleansed of their historic homes and businesses, driven to live in Israel from 1948-1967.

      The Arabs did this.

      The Arabs OWE the problem.

      Just think, If the Arabs had not pushed, expelled and driven the Jews into israel!!!

  18. Thought we were on Italy and Southern Europe today but since the topic of Israel has been opened up -

    Syrian Baby Born in Israeli Hospital
    Monday, November 04, 2013 | Ryan Jones

    Related Stories
    Congressman says Israel is America's only true friend
    Iraq asks Israel: Help us fight desertification
    Israel marks 6th 'Good Deeds Day'
    Israeli Goodwill

    While Israeli hospitals have over the past year treated hundreds of Syrians escaping their nation's ongoing civil war, Sunday witnessed a first in this continuing humanitarian campaign: the birth of a Syrian baby in Israel.

    The mother, a 20-year-old nurse who lives close to the Israel-Syria border, foudn herself in labor with no access to nearby Syrian hospitals due to fighting in the area between government forces and rebels.

    Desperate, she did the only think left to her - she started walking toward Israel. To the young woman's relief, Israeli soldiers picked her up and provided immediate medical assistance before transferring her to Ziv Medical Center in the northern Galilee city of Safed.

    Shortly after, the young woman gave birth to a healthy 7-pound baby boy.

    "The team of Israeli midwives and doctors treated me with sensitivity and respect," she told Israel's Channel 2 News. "I really don’t feel like I’m in an enemy country; everyone is helping me and caring for me."

    Israel and Syria are still officially at war. But that hasn't stopped the Jewish state from providing medical assistance, some of it life-saving, to over 250 Syrians crossing the Golan border since February of this year.

    1. End the OccupationMon Nov 04, 12:25:00 PM EST

      First the Israeli bomb 'em, then they medicate 'em

      What Humanitarians!

    2. ...shallow little man...beyond prejudice...misanthropy...

  19. There should bo more Jewish immigration until the "Right of Return" from the 1948 conflict is settled.

    I don't care who returns there, or who lives there now, or what the boundaries are, or whether there's one state or two, none of that. All I care about is not sending anyone in the Middle-east our money. Especially since we have to borrow it from China first.

    1. Does this mean, in light of your unconcern, that you will have no more to say on the matter?

    2. I doubt that any US citizen would give up their right to comment on US government expenditures, ...
      just because allen would find it convenient if they did.

    3. Allen asked a question, "What is a Semite". That's what that little "?" means at the end of a sentence.

    4. And I answered the question for her, just providing a little protection from the misogynists that roam here.

      I assumed from your "Tone" that you would find her silence "convenient" to your agenda

  20. As a point of interest, Romans viewed the first Christians as a Jewish cult, a view shared by the Roman Jews. The term was not a pejorative as it derives from the Latin “cultus” for worship.

    A cult is any religious movement that hasn't opened an office on K Street yet to lobby for their interests.

    1. .

      "...if you believe in it, it is a religion or perhaps 'the' religion;
      and if you do not care one way or another about it, it is a sect;
      but if you fear and hate it, it is a cult."

      Leo Pfeffer


  21. O wonderful. Just received notice that my private supplemental health insurance paid by me premium is going UP due to ObamaCare.

    I bet you Obama voters feel like you just woke up naked in your neighbor's yard, after taking Ambien the night before.

    1. I feel like I'm back in the "insurance bidness." :)

      Lyingest bunch of motherfuckers on the face of the earth (the companies, not the agents.)

    2. The agents, bless them, save countless lives with their efforts.

  22. China has the third largest coal reserve in the world. Coal is not a problem for China - another strike for Panama Ed.

    Coal is a problem for whoever has to breathe in China.

    1. It's not just the reserves, it what they can get out of the ground.
      To be third, is not enough, when you're first in consumption.

      To only have 12% of the world coal reserves, but mine 49% of global production...
      leaves them with only 35 years worth of coal, left.
      The US has 239 years worth of proven reserves.The Russians, they have 471 years worth of proven reserves in the ground

      Cannot run a strategic empire of global consequence if you are going to run out of electricity, in 35 years, and can see it coming.

      Panama Ed takes one strike then hits a homer!

    2. I don't want to hurt your feelings; China has no coal. Now, take your ball and go home.

    3. China has 12% of the global reserves, allen.

      Scored a homer on that last pitch...
      Letting the pitcher think he'd gotten ahead in the count, it put 'em in the proper state of mind, for a spankin'!

  23. Another update, from our man in the field ...

    1. I stopped in Midland, Texas to refuel and take a piss break. The Midland Airpark was the perfect place for it, the people there are friendly, not very intrusive. The gas man, a tall lanky Texan with grease stains on his overalls was trying to get a gander at the avionics package in the Ghost. Equipped with a Garmin GNS-530 WASS Nav/Com/GPS - #1 and Garmin’s GNS 430 WASS Nav/Com/GPS #2, and a Garmin GTX-330 Transponder with traffic indicator the Ghost does just fine in IFR situations. I included the GDL-69A with an uplink weather and satellite radio and a HIS. The S-TEC 55x autopilot with altitude pre-select, auto trim, GPSS, glideslope coupling, vertical speed and heading bug tracking is state of the art. The JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor completes the Ghost’s avionics package. The Ghost cannot fly herself, but she comes damned close. I have had the Ghost’s door windows tinted, so there was not much for the Texan to see, until I opened the door and gave him the guided tour.

      The four passenger seats that are usually in the rear of the plane, they are back in the hanger at the ranch. In their place, my two duffels and a cowboy bedroll are strapped securely to the floor. If you’re not an aficionado of classic aircraft, the Ghost appears to be “Plain Jane” at first glance. But on close inspection, the upgrades and improvements are right out in the open, to those that know what they are looking at. Well, most of the upgrades are out in the open, the weapons are in hide-out compartments, one in the port side of the cabin, the other under the floor, where the second row of seat would normally be.
      I taxied and rolled out to the runway, throttles up, brakes off, rolling and wheels up, leaving Midland, Texas behind.
      Take a heading East-South-East, heading for Gulfport, Mississippi where some old friends operate Shade Tree Field, one of the nicest grass strip airports in the country. The flight east was uneventful, as was the landing, just at dusk on the green, green grass of Shade Tree Field. There was a short reunion with Bobbi Gentry, at the office, a cup of coffee and some small talk.

      I made no mention of flying on to Cedar Key, or of Jean McGee.

      Lord have mercy, but it gets humid down there in Gulfport. Bobbi offered a lift to the motel, but I told her I’d be sleeping with the Ghost, but I would take a lift to a local restaurant. I hadn’t had a good meal in the past 14 hours. Did she want a bite to eat, too?
      We went to a place right there close to the field, formica topped tables, straight back chrome chairs, with vinyl cushions, red and green seats spread out happenstance at the six tables in the dining area. Bobbi gave a shout out towards the kitchen, order two of the “Specials” along with two iced teas. Little wonder there are so many fat asses in Mississippi, they came out with two plates, huge heaping servings of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy with corn bread on the side. Thirty minutes later I paid the tab, left the girl at the counter a $5 and Bobbi and I, we left the diner.

    2. Back at the air field I arranged for the Ghost to get fueled at dawn, got one of the camp chairs out of the luggage compartment and set down under the wing. I have a portable lamp with magnets on the base, makes for a nifty reading light. Sat up a couple of hours, reading William F. Buckley Jr, “The Story of Henri Tod”. Dated, but Buckley wrote with an adroit “East Coast” sense of patrician style that I find entertainingly different than Clancy and the rest of today’s spy novel authors. After a couple of hours of light reading, I opened the bedroll inside of the plane, it kind of looked like rain.

      I did a pretty complete inspection of the Ghost, come morning. Fluid levels, tire pressure, checking the nuts and bolts. Bobbi’s cousin, Sid, came out with the fuel truck and we we topped off the tanks. There was nothing left to do, in Gulfport, so I went wheels up about 7:30. Again heading East-South-East. Cruising at 7,500 feet, well out of any commercial flight paths. Most of the flight was over the Gulf of Mexico, it is reassuring to have a twin, instead of a single engine aircraft. Especially over open water.

      I flew to the Williston Municipal Airport which is, not surprisingly, in Williston, Florida. Just a hop, skip and jump a-way from Cedar Key. There at Williston Airport I refueled the Ghost, topping off the tanks. Not knowing what the deal was going to be, in Cedar Key, better to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, than to be stuck there in need of fuel, in the middle of the night. Again the Ghost jumped into the sky, as if it knew that was where she belonged. Then, in a matter of minutes Cedar Key was in the windshield, a small coastal town on the edge of a Federal Wildlife Refuge, a perfect spot for McGee, or me.

      I did a pass over the town, at about 2,500 feet, then swung out over the Gulf and towards the North-West, looking for a sign. Any sign.

      A 54 foot house boat should not hard to find, and it wasn’t. I banked right, dropped hard to the deck and skimmed the waves on my way back towards the boat, which was swinging at anchor about four miles from the town, in a secluded cove. I was fifty feet off the deck, doing about 180 knots when I buzzed the “Busted Flush”, then pointed the Ghost’s nose at the sky and gained a thousand feet in forty seconds. Rolled her over and headed back towards the boat. There were two people on deck now, a man and a woman, I slowed to just above stall speed, about 50 knots and waved the wings as I went by the second time. The woman waved back, the man went below. It was time to go to the George T. Lewis airport.

  24. Nobel Peace Prize winner to aides: Let’s face it, I’m really good at killing people


    Actually, as a Twitter buddy said this morning, Obama’s being too modest. Read this WSJ op-ed by a cancer patient whose insurance just got dropped and you’ll say he’s legitimately great at killing people.

    In fairness, in the annals of Nobel laureates with body counts, I think Arafat’s still the man to beat. Alternate headline: “Man with ‘kill list’ pretty excited about it.”

    According to the new book “Double Down,” in which journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann chronicle the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at killing people” while discussing drone strikes.

    Peter Hamby of The Washington Post noted the moment in his review of the book.

    The reported claim by the commander-in-chief is as indisputable as it is grim.
    Follow the link for a brief reminder of just how good Obama is at killing people. Sometimes those people are terrorists and sometimes they’re people who look from 10,000 feet like they’re kinda sorta moving around on the ground like terrorists would. Ace is right, of course, that this same soundbite coming from Bush would have caused an eruption of left/media shirt-rending about his cowboy “swagger” having supposedly turned sociopathic. As it is, there was a bit of liberal hand-wringing this weekend on Twitter when the story first broke — just as there was when he joked a few years ago about using drones to murder the Jonas brothers — but otherwise, no biggie. It’s the same mindset that led Jane Mayer to give Obama basically a total pass on extrajudicial killings after his lame Hamlet shtick over drones this past May. A liberal intellectual can have lapses in judgment but those lapses can never really add up to an indictment of one’s character. Bush boasting that he’s good at killing people is proof that he’s psychotic; Obama doing it is “troubling,” but the consternation is eased by the fact that he seems really conflicted ‘n stuff in his public remarks.

    Whatever. As with everything O does, the boast here may be less about bloodlust or being drunk on power like Caesar giving thumbs down in the Colosseum as it is about the fact that drone strikes are a political winner for him. As of March, majorities of Republicans, independents, and, yes, even Democrats approved of targeting suspected terrorists overseas. “Killing people” is good for his polling. Just never forget: The only reason he’s “forced” to kill as many as he does is because he’d rather not capture them and have to deal with the legal headaches of where to house them and try them. He’ll do it occasionally (Abu Anas al-Liby is a notable exception to the rule), but if it’s a choice between snatch-and-interrogate and Hellfire, President Itchyfinger’s going to err on the side of “permanent solutions” more often than not.

    1. President Turd is also in favor of killing American citizens who survive an abortion.

    2. Comical comment from Farmer Fudd.

      Once the decision is made to terminate a life, what difference does it make where it ends?

      You support abortion Fudd, You dismiss the value of human life.
      You empower women by killing babies.
      Shit, on the Fudd Farm a single baby does not amount to a wind riffle.

      You dismissed 600,000 AMERICAN deaths, over a supposed literary construct, as a wind riffle.

      What's another thousand more dead citizens, when compare to a wind riffle?
      A Farmer Fudd fart,

      Tthat's about all you've contributed.

  25. Media's latest "Victim" actually gets a chance to learn what's available from Obamacare:


  26. Google Inc. GOOG -0.09% Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt reacted to reports that the U.S. government allegedly spied on the company's data centers, describing such an act as "outrageous" and potentially illegal if proven.


    "They [North Korea] need the Internet for electronic commerce and for business and they are certainly grappling with issues of food availability, education and social unrest."

    When asked where Mr. Schmidt wanted to travel next, he said Cuba was at the top of his list.

  27. O'blahblah is changing his tune. First he said if you like your plan you can your plan. Now it's we said if you like your plan you can keep your if your plan does not change....

    Same b.s. with the keep your doctor b.s.

    Fox News has been following all this closely. Recommended site for updates all day long, plus the girls are very pretty, legally minded and smart as all get out. Seems they all have legal and leg degrees of the first order.

    Obama he bin lyin' like son bitch to ya all fer years folks.

    They debated internally whether to come clean about all this years ago in the administration and decided the truth was too toxic.

    Ya'all bin had, you stupid boogers

  28. The saga continues, it's almost a travel log...

    1. Go on a long trip, Edward, write and tell us all about once a week.

    2. We'd all be thrilled if only we could hear from you once a week.

    3. ...

      The runway in Cedar Key is right on the water, on an island of it’s own. Coming in the glide path brings you along, parallel, to Highway 24 when approaching the runway from the North-East. An easy approach, no cross wind to speak of, picture perfect landing and roll out. I taxi on the runway, back towards town and the parking area, at the North-East end of the pavement. There are some tie-downs off to the left, so that is where I take the Ghost, shut her down and dismount. Walking over I give the tie down cables a quick visual inspection, then attach ‘em to the hard points on the Ghost’s wings.

      Walking away from the plane to a sandy patch of ground, I do some basic stretching exercises and then a set of calisthenics. A basic workout, all told about forty minutes and the effects of almost twenty hours of sittin’ and sleepin’ are slipping away. A light sweat developed, so I walk back to the Ghost and grabbed one of the duffels, the navy blue. Then unstrapping a three gallon water jug from the luggage hold I strip to my skivvies and do a quick field wash & rinse. A look at the travel mirror and the decision is made, six days of stubbles is shaved away. A fresh pair of desert tan cargo pants, a dark blue Mexican wedding shirt completes the basic outfit. I’m still wearing my old style “Jungle Boots”, combat boots with nylon canvas rather than leather for the uppers. I don’t blouse the pants.

      The belt is just a piece of cargo strap with a couple of rings at one end, been wearing that same style for the past thirty years. The holster, made out of a ballistic plastic fits in the small of my back, the Colt 1911 fits nicely, right in there. Straightening out the shirt, hitch up the pants and check the hair, before putting on a ball cap, one I picked up at the Margaretville in Glendale, AZ, just last week.
      No soap on the sideburns or mustache, deodorant on, teeth brushed.
      It’s been about an hour.
      I heard it, before I saw the Boston Whaler style boat come in to a small bay that abutted the runway, the woman from the “Busted Flush” was standing behind the wheel, moving slower now, not producing much of a wake. She looked to be tall, around 5’8” and stout, but not heavy. Wide shoulders and long arms, her breasts filling out the top of the yellow one piece body suit she was wearing. Her auburn hair mostly covered by a bandana , tied pirate style, shielding her head and neck from the afternoon sun. She had had a pair of wrap around sun glasses on, beaching the Whaler, not twenty feet from where I was standing. Attractive, to be sure, mid 40’s I guessed.

      “You move fast!” were the first words I heard her say.
      “Yeah. On a wing and a prayer, I pray the wings stay on”
      By now she had climbed across the gunwale and was walking up the embankment, towards me, hand extended …
      “I’m Jean McGee, you must be “Desert Rat”, no one else was invited”
      “In the flesh, it was an offer I just couldn’t refuse, my curiosity was piqued”, as I took her hand and pulled her up the bank, so that she was standing next to me, danger close. I didn’t let go her hand, but put my other on her shoulder, looked her in the eye and said …
      “Jean McGee, being here with you in the late afternoon, that alone was worth the trip across America, but why am I here?”
      She laughed, let go of my hand and turned towards the Ghost and walked away.
      “That is a wonderful looking plane, those twin tails, looks kind of like a P-38 Lightning.”
      “Well, Jean, looks can be deceiving. The Gray Ghost here, she’s an awesome aircraft. A real tree top flyer, but she’s no Lightning.”
      Jean McGee took a phone out of the belly bag that she wore around her waist, looked at the screen, moved her fingers and then raised the phone to her ear.
      “John, this is Jean McGee, that fella we talked about has landed, tied his plane down already and everything. I’m sure it’ll be here overnight …. Yeah, …. Oh, that would be just awesome John, thank you!”

      She hit another button, looked at me and asked,
      “You ready to find out why you came here? Grab your bag, cowboy”

    4. I looked at her, smiled, reached down and grabbed the black duffle, when I straightened up. She was already half way to the Whaler. I caught up as she clambered over the bow on her way to the wheel. I tossed the duffle onto the Whaler and pushed off the bank as I got in. Jean had the engine started, spun the wheel and pushed the throttle forward, about an inch. The Whaler came alive, moving towards the mouth of the small inlet we were in. As we cleared the bay Jean looked over towards me, smiled broadly and shoved the throttle forward. The “Munequita”, I had just recalled the name of McGee’s Whaler, took off like a rocket, almost knocked me on my ass. Jean laughed and throttled the “Munequita” back a tad.

      The rest of the trip, only about fifteen minutes, went in silence.

      The “Flush” looked considerably larger from water level than she did from above. We went to the aft end of the houseboat, to the swimming/dive platform and I tied the “Munequita” off to a hard point with a quick bowline knot and Jean handed me the black duffle. I let her lead the way, watching her ass move under the body suit as she went up the ladder. I followed closely behind.

      The sound came first, of course I recognized the words, the tune …

      I'll fly any cargo, that you can pay to run the bush league pilots, they just can't get the job done
      Got to fly down into the canyon, ya' don't ever see the sun
      There's no such thing as an easy run
      For a treetop flyer

      I'm flyin' low, I'm in high demand
      Go fifteen feet over the Rio Grande
      I'll blow the mesquite right up off the sand
      Seldom seen, especially when I land
      I'm a treetop flyer
      Born Survivor

      Tree Top Flyer

      Heck, it was the sound track to my life …

      There he was, Travis McGee. Still a large man, but not as large as he had been.
      He still had presence, he held out his hand and I embraced it, shook it firmly and let go.

      “Been a long time.” I said
      “Well, I kind of dropped off the map, moving down here to Cedar Key.” McGee replied and then continued.
      “Let’s go sit down, let’s go into the lounge, have a drink, a little discussion”

      The lounge of the “Busted Flush” was larger than I had imagined it could be. Perhaps an optical illusion, or maybe it was just huge …

      People been asking me, "Where'd you learn to fly that way?"
      It was over in Vietnam, chasin' NVA
      The government taught me, and they taught me right,
      Stay down, under the treeline, you might be alright
      Treetop flyer

      So I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' low and fast
      I promised my woman this is gonna be my last
      I get the ship down, I tie her fast
      then some old boy walks up, and he says "Hey son" wanna' make some fast cash?
      I'm a treetop flyer

      McGee handed me a brown bottle of beer. It was cold, iced. Already open.
      I walked over to the counter between the galley and the salon, put the beer bottle down. Turning I looked McGee in the eye.
      “Wow! This is certainly awesome.”
      “The ‘Flush’, yeah she has aged well, better than I have” came the reply.

      Jean sat in a chair in the salon area, she was looking at the deck, trying to get small.

      “Well, we all have gotten older, Travis, even my dad”. Yep, dad was 82 now. McGee had to be right there, too.
      McGee was survivor, not a lot real tough off road miles by the looks of him. But I knew some of the tales, knew the truth of it, some of it, anyway. McGee was a high mile survivor.


    5. “That’s the core of it, ‘rat’, the core of my problem. Everyone I know, their dead or nearly so.”

      Well there's things I am, and there's things I'm not
      I am a smuggler and I could get shot
      I aint going to die, I ain't goin' to get caught,
      See I'm a flyin' fool, in an aeroplane that's just too hot
      I'm a treetop flyer
      Born survivor

      I usually work alone

      The sound track of my life
      I went to the cooler, picked up a beer, twisted the top and took a large, long swallow.

      In a nutshell, McGee had a client. They had “Lost” a Gulfstream G450. McGee knew where it was, well, he knew where it was going to be. In three days, and it’d be there, for the next two days afer that. The client would pay to have the G450 returned. The client would pay well. The G450 is worth, at minimum $32 million dollars. Which was great, but we couldn’t just go and serve papers on the new “owner” of the G450, seems he was a real hardcase and the client was sure that a legal remedy was impossible.

      No one was going to serve Heriberto Lazcano and have him turn over that G450.
      No one would serve Heriberto and live to tell about it.

      “Why me, Travis, I don’t have any G450 hours? Hell, I’ve only got a half dozen hours in a Hawker 400. Never landed or took off, it was like bus driving, my hours on that Hawker.”

      McGee looked be square in the eye …
      “You’ve got brass balls”

      The G450 was going to me in Manzanillo, Costa Rica in three days. I could be there, tomorrow, pushing hard. There was just one string attached, McGee wanted me to take Jean along, for support.

      It was a $1.5 million dollar bounty, I hoped Jean could speak Spanish.

    6. Fudd, you fired to soon!

      It's a great thing, you have no self control, no discipline.

      You could have "Broken the Flow", instead you piqued curiosity.

      Such a foolish Fudd.

    7. "piqued curiosity"


      I do hate to burst your bubble, desert rat, but you are alone in reading whatever it is you are writing. Please, by all means, keep it up.

  29. if you like your plan you can keep your plan, of course

    You can't handle the truth folks. It's too toxic. That is what the administration decided.

    Damn sad.

    "What a revoltin' state of affairs."

    Jack 'Fat Jack' Gleason

    Who would have made a perfect Falstaff for Shakespearean plays.

    1. 3.5 million kicked off their health insurance at last count. Fox News is keeping a running total. Tune in for up to the minute first class reporting on The Debacle.

    2. Private insurance companies, they're tough to deal with.

      The United States will just have to nationalize and then reorganize that industry, if the private owners cannot provide acceptable service to the American people.

      Look at all the good the Federals have done with the airports.

  30. Wonder what book Edward is quoting from? It's lousy.

    1. He's got you interested.

      Whether it sucks or not.

      That's the great thing about blogs.
      They don't mean nothin'

      Especially when it is going some where a Fudd cannot follow.
      It is easy to fuck up a Fudd.

    2. 'The first draft of anything is shit.'

      By the third or fourth edit, it could be alright.

    3. It ain't worth shit.

    4. Add some dialog, that's a little weak, but since it's just a first draft, he's putting the storyline together.

      It could take some time to further develop this Jean McGee character.
      Three or four rewrites, it could be grand!

      If he comes back and ties Bobbie Gentry back into the story, maybe meets up with her significant other along the way.
      There is a seed planted there.

  31. "Final Nail In The ObamaCare Coffin Report" coming up on Fox News after the ads, folks. Tune in right now.

    1. Fudd Hunters InternationalMon Nov 04, 09:31:00 PM EST

      You mean the Senate will pass an piece of legislation that would appeal it, have enough votes to over ride a veto?

      The Republicans are going to smack their thumbs, trying to drive that nail.

      Watch and see, Fascist Farmer Fudd, you racist piece of excrement.

    2. Fudd Hunters InternationalMon Nov 04, 09:33:00 PM EST

      Ought to have been repeal, not appeal.

      The Republicans do not appeal, to voters, they are going to be handed their hat, in Virginia, manana.

      Tea Party loses where the Republicans could have won.
      Trend setting, it is.

  32. Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
    ___Mark Twain

  33. It's an odd racist misogynist who adopts a black haired swarthy skinned female from half way round the world of a different culture and language too.


    1. You are frothing and spitting again, rat. And I haven't said word one to you all day.

      And won't cause I'm signing out. Big day tomorrow. Drive into Spokane. Inch or two of snow around CdA and Spokane.

  34. Hey Bobby Fudd, with Daylight Savings Time over, my commute hits at dark now, and I can pick up KVOI in Boise.