“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Trump Doctrine

"We are not going to let the United States be taken advantage of anymore,'' Trump told CEOs on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. "I am always going to put America first, the same way that I expect all of you in this room to put your countries first.''
The president - who pulled the United States out of the Pacific Rim trade pact known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership - said the US would no longer join "large agreements that tie our hands, surrender our sovereignty and make meaningful enforcement practically impossible''.


  1. Happy Veterans Day to the EB vets. Thanks for your service!

  2. I just read the story of Captain Rose, who was recently awarded the Medal of Honor. What amazing and incredible acts of bravery.

  3. And the Trump Doctrine? Beats the absolute Hell out of nation building, the LBGTQSN agenda, and the Global Warming wealth redistribution hoax. IMO.

    1. Tell a Big Lie and Keep Repeating It
      Norman Rogers
      Mother Nature is not cooperating with fake global warming science because the Earth has failed to warm for the last two decades. More

      Lies hide in lab coats

  4. .

    A different perspective...

    On Germans, and mercenaries, and America First

    On the previous stream, we saw this...

    An EU Army Will be a Disaster for Freedom - "When soldiers go and fight for a foreign power ..... aren't they called mercenaries?"

    I would argue that like the term 'terrorist' the term 'mercenary' and its meaning depends on which side of the argument you are on. At a minimum, the US is hardly in a position to try to assume a position of higher moral authority on the subject, not with out troops spread across the world in something like 117 countries. I doubt anyone would argue that the US hasn't been the big tail that wags the dog of NATO. Historically, even our apparently most generous actions such as the Marshall Plan were basically self-serving.

    In nature, when the Alpha dog quits screwing the bitches or can't get it up, someone will step into the vacuum, usually the Beta dog. Thus it is with NATO. Trump has argued 'America First' and that NATO countries must take on more responsibility for their defense. Merkel took him seriously and now IMO there seems to be a bit of hypocrisy in Americans criticizing them for setting up defense arrangements where other countries put their forces under German command. A perfect example of that point is the current tensions on the Korean peninsula. Under the current US/South Korea military arrangement, in case of war in Korea, South Korea has agreed to turn operational control of its armed forces over to the US. Which is the mercenary force?

    As for nation building, has anyone seen anything but words on this subject, anything that would indicate the US actually has changed its position on nation building. The only change I've noticed is that while our nation building hasn't changed we are now asking other countries to pay for it.

    As for trade, the only long lasting positive action Trump has taken has been a negative one in walking away from TPP. The rest, just words so far.

    Trump goes around the world screaming 'America First' like some lumbering bully. Obviously, his words are intended for his base. Surely, even he isn't stupid enough to think that other countries especially those in Asia are impressed by words especially from him given his performance in the last 10 months. IMO, he would be better off toning down the rhetoric and actually negotiating some deals that put America first rather than just promising to do it.


    1. NATO was established to keep the Rooskie out of western Europe, the Americans in western Europe, and the Germans down.

      It has been a success.

      So much so, in fact, that now the Rooskie is out of eastern Europe.

      All Polish everywhere should celebrate, and sing the praises of NATO.

    2. And don't worry about the Germans.

      They ain't goin' nowhere but the Bierpalast.

  5. .

    US president Donald Trump on Saturday said Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin told him that "he didn't meddle" in US elections that propelled the billionaire former reality star to the White House.

    Bush looked into Putin's eyes and saw his soul.

    Man, this guy must be good.


    1. Did he ever say what exactly he saw there ?

      I see a blue eyed cold blooded killer.

      Thankfully, he has 'taken the Cross', which makes it all all right.

      The worst ?

      He knows nothing about fishing.

  6. The difference between Swedes, Norwegians, Poles, northern Russians, English, Germans, etc etc is, basically, zero.

    And, they all speak varieties of Indo-European.

    Put them in a line-up, you can't pick them out.

    The Basques have a strange language unrelated to anything known. Finnish seems to have some relation to something east of the Urals, IIRC, WIMN. (which I may not)

    And that's about it as far as the Europeans go.

  7. MSNBC really really sucks.

    I wish my Fox would come back on.

    It's really irritating.

  8. I put up the article not long ago blaming Martin for the muzzies.

    This is the other side of the argument -

    Just don't blame me. I wasn't even around at the time.


    Raymond Ibrahim's bizarre version of the blame game.
    November 10, 2017 Paul Gottfried

    In one of the stranger manifestations of misguided Catholic piety or repugnance for the Protestant Reformation, being exhibited on the occasion of its 500th anniversary, Raymond Ibrahim reveals a bizarre version of the blame game. In “The Pro-Islamic West: Born 500 Years Ago”, he places the blame for Muslim Turkish expansion across Eastern and Central Europe in the sixteenth century at the doorstep of Martin Luther. If this wayward monk had not nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenberg cathedral on October 31, 1517, and had not launched a rebellion against the Roman Church, the Muslim danger supposedly could have been contained. Not only did Luther and his followers weaken the unity of the Christian West, but also gave support to the Muslim penetration of Europe. While the Turkish army moved from Hungary westward toward Vienna, Luther was urging “passivity” before the hostile invaders and, according to Ibrahim, implicitly and explicitly aiding the Turks by weakening the resolve of Christian Europe. Indeed, had this Protestant pestilence not erupted, European Catholics could have mounted a new crusade and thrown back the Turks before they laid siege to Vienna in 1529.

    There are so many holes in this anti-Protestant brief that one hardly knows where to begin one’s criticism. Although Luther called for “prayer and repentance” before the onslaught of the “Devil’s army,” which is the way he referred to the Turkish forces advancing across Europe, he nonetheless urged Protestant princes to rush to the relief of Vienna, when it was under siege. He did not urge “passivity” in the face of this civilizational crisis. Indeed, Luther was willing to join forces with Catholic princes, even though they were killing and expelling his followers, in order to combat the “Devil’s army.”

    Moreover, between 1525 and 1530, even while the Turks were moving on Vienna, the Habsburg emperor and Europe’s premier defender of the Catholic faith, Charles V, was fighting against his fellow-Catholics, including Pope Clement VII, the French, the English, and the Republics of Venice and Florence. In 1526, there took shape the anti-Habsburg League of Cognac, which extended across Europe and which aimed at containing Habsburg rule. In 1536, the French king Francis I concluded an alliance against the Habsburg Empire with the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. This was the beginning of a French connection to the Ottoman Empire that lasted down to the nineteenth century. Please note that these European dynastic wars, led on one side by the French Valois and on the other by the Austrian-Spanish Habsburgs, had nothing to do with Luther and his Ninety-Five Theses. Catholic rulers were fighting each other while Turkish armies were marching toward the center of Europe.

    1. Although the religious struggles of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries diverted attention from the Turkish advances into Central Europe, clearly the Protestants were no more responsible for this turmoil than the Catholic side. In the early sixteenth century, the Habsburgs did everything in their power to destroy the Protestant heresy and to dispossess rulers who embraced it. It is hard to see how during Luther’s lifetime the besieged German Protestant princes were more guilty of fomenting war than their far stronger Catholic enemies, who were determined to reconvert their subjects. If the Catholic Habsburgs and their German allies had left the Protestants alone, these wars would not have occurred. Although Protestant princes did expropriate church property, this was hardly an unknown practice among Catholic rulers before, during and after the Reformation. In any case, Ibrahim’s supposed demonstration that the success of Turkish armies in Central Europe was due to Luther’s rebellion against Rome is less than convincing.

      One might finally note that much of the military success of the well-trained Turkish forces came before the Reformation. It began with the fall of Constantinople to the armies of Mohammed II in 1453 and continued with Muslim forays into Southern Italy and the Turkish occupation of Eastern and Central Europe. These advances antedated the Reformation. After Spanish and Venetian naval forces, moreover, defeated a large Turkish fleet at San Lepanto in the Ionian Sea in 1571, driving the Turks out of most of the Mediterranean, it was not Protestants but the French Catholic king who assisted the Turks in regaining a foothold there. This came even while the French were persecuting Protestant Huguenots at home. Reducing the power of the Habsburgs, who ruled Spain and were Holy Roman Emperors in Germany, was clearly more important to his most Christian Majesty in Paris than launching a crusade against the Muslims.

      By the way, the last and ninth crusade had been undertaken by Edward I of England in 1271 and ended in dismal failure, without the Christians being able to take back any land in the Middle East. Edward’s rival rulers, although uniformly Catholic, had not run to join.

    2. If you need someone to blame, Quirk is always a good target.

  9. Ah, Fox has returned, and Judge Jeanine is doing her Saturday show !

    She's the best !

    1. John Bolton is a guest.

      The Donald is in Vietnam.

      John Bolton is speculating we may negotiate basing rights for our ships in Vietnam......

      The Vietnamese, as always, concerned about the Chinamen.....

      The Buddhists have a saying about enemies mutually arising, mutually receding, dissolving....but the Chinamen seem to be there forever.....

    2. The Vietnamese flag with one big yellow star.....surely they could do better.....

    3. The Vietnamese ought to knock off the persecution of Vietnamese Catholics, and other groups, the swine.

    4. The Donald's hair looks as yellow as that star on the Vietnamese flag.


    5. The worst thing is that yellow paint job on the building behind Trump and the Vietnamese PM. A low bidder job if I ever saw one.



    New Delhi’s air pollution has reached levels so toxic that United Airlines is canceling flights to the Indian city until it improves.

    Flights between Newark, New Jersey and New Delhi are canceled until at least Monday, after evaluations found the air quality to be around 40 times the World Health Organization’s safety levels. One Delhi official said that the pollution is so bad that the city has turned into a “gas chamber.”

  11. Trump taunts Kim Jong Un, says he would never call him 'short and fat'

    President Donald Trump in a bizarre tweet Saturday night said he would never call Kim Jong Un "short and fat," and accused the North Korean dictator of calling him "old."

    "Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat?' Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!"

    1. :)

      What's bizarre about the simple truth ?

      He should have added and psychotic though, to be fully truthful.

    2. I have never fully understood how one person can get such a satanic grip on a whole country. Yet there are so many examples....God bless federalism, the division of power, and the peaceful transfer of power after voting....

    3. .

      When you take the Kim quote and Trump's response in context, Trump actually came up with a clever response.


  12. Japanese PM Spaz and Roll

    1. Made a remarkable and graceful recovery though.

  13. By the way, President Trump did not 'break protocol' by dumping a whole box of fish food into a Japanese fish pond.

    This is FAKE NEWS put out by MSNBC.

    The Jap President or Emperor or someone Official had just dumped a whole box of fish food into the sacred Jap fishpond right before The Donald did so. This is clearly visible on the video of the event.

    1. Some young Lady was biking along and The Donald's motorcade came by.

      She flipped him off.

      She got fired.

      Her Go Fund Me page has raised over $30,000 already.

      She says she would do it again, if she gets the chance.


    3. :) Funny monologue by announcer.

    4. Does she say:

      fucking withered asshole


      fucking lizard asshole


      something else ?

    5. The women, Juli Briskman, is a fat ass, immature, 50 year old liability to whoever is unfortunate enough to have hired her.

  14. Saturday Night Feature Film

    Tonight's feature, Two Women (La Ciociara,) starring Sophia Loren, is a 1960 Italian
    film that tells the story of a woman trying to protect her devout young daughter
    from the horrors of war and the vicious Muslim soldiers terrorizing the countryside.
    The story is fictional, but based on actual events of July 1943 in Rome and rural
    Lazio and during what the Italians call the Marocchinate. Marocchinate, Italian for
    "those [feminine plural] given the Moroccan [Muslim] treatment" meaning "women/girls
    raped by Moroccans") is a term applied to women who were victims of the mass rape
    and killings committed during World War II after the Battle of Monte Cassino in

    Pam Geller

    The muzzies never change.


  15. The Trump Doctrine ?

    The lovers doctrine -

    The Ecstasy


    Where, like a pillow on a bed
    A pregnant bank swell'd up to rest
    The violet's reclining head,
    Sat we two, one another's best.
    Our hands were firmly cemented
    With a fast balm, which thence did spring;
    Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread
    Our eyes upon one double string;
    So to'intergraft our hands, as yet
    Was all the means to make us one,
    And pictures in our eyes to get
    Was all our propagation.
    As 'twixt two equal armies fate
    Suspends uncertain victory,
    Our souls (which to advance their state
    Were gone out) hung 'twixt her and me.
    And whilst our souls negotiate there,
    We like sepulchral statues lay;
    All day, the same our postures were,
    And we said nothing, all the day.
    If any, so by love refin'd
    That he soul's language understood,
    And by good love were grown all mind,
    Within convenient distance stood,
    He (though he knew not which soul spake,
    Because both meant, both spake the same)
    Might thence a new concoction take
    And part far purer than he came.
    This ecstasy doth unperplex,
    We said, and tell us what we love;
    We see by this it was not sex,
    We see we saw not what did move;
    But as all several souls contain
    Mixture of things, they know not what,
    Love these mix'd souls doth mix again
    And makes both one, each this and that.
    A single violet transplant,
    The strength, the colour, and the size,
    (All which before was poor and scant)
    Redoubles still, and multiplies.
    When love with one another so
    Interinanimates two souls,
    That abler soul, which thence doth flow,
    Defects of loneliness controls.
    We then, who are this new soul, know
    Of what we are compos'd and made,
    For th' atomies of which we grow
    Are souls, whom no change can invade.
    But oh alas, so long, so far,
    Our bodies why do we forbear?
    They'are ours, though they'are not we; we are
    The intelligences, they the spheres.
    We owe them thanks, because they thus
    Did us, to us, at first convey,
    Yielded their senses' force to us,
    Nor are dross to us, but allay.
    On man heaven's influence works not so,
    But that it first imprints the air;
    So soul into the soul may flow,
    Though it to body first repair.
    As our blood labors to beget
    Spirits, as like souls as it can,
    Because such fingers need to knit
    That subtle knot which makes us man,
    So must pure lovers' souls descend
    T' affections, and to faculties,
    Which sense may reach and apprehend,
    Else a great prince in prison lies.
    To'our bodies turn we then, that so
    Weak men on love reveal'd may look;
    Love's mysteries in souls do grow,
    But yet the body is his book.
    And if some lover, such as we,
    Have heard this dialogue of one,
    Let him still mark us, he shall see
    Small change, when we'are to bodies gone.

    1. "How are we to take this ?" the student asked.

      "Are we to take it seriously ?"

      "Yes" answered Dr. Stein, "take it seriously."

  16. On this Armistice Day, let us remember those who have sacrificed to ensure our freedom


    Veterans’ Day is November 11 because on November 11, 1918, the Armistice between the Allies and the Central Powers took effect. World War I had been more peculiar, unnecessary and pointless than most wars, but from it comes many lingering features of the American and international political landscape: the messianic idea of “making the world safe for democracy,” even for people who don’t value democracy or want it; the powder keg of a web of global alliances that can be touched off into a worldwide conflagration by a minor incident; the repeated recourse to failed analyses and refusal to reexamine them, no matter how often and spectacularly they fail; the stigmatizing of all opposition and even outright restrictions on the freedom of speech to crush dissent; and more.

    Yet in other ways the military landscape of World War I was profoundly different from that of conflicts today. During the Christmas truce of 1914, the British, French and German soldiers came out of their trenches and exchanged Christmas greetings. In some places they even exchanged gifts and played games together. They respected each other as human beings. They recognized that they shared the same values. Yet this was infrequently repeated in subsequent Christmases; the bitterness of war overwhelmed any impulse to see the opponent as a person worthy of respect.

    In today’s conflict with Islamic jihad, the jihadis likewise do not respect their non-Muslim foes. The Infidels are “the most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6) while the Muslims are “the best of peoples” (Qur’an 3:110). There is no sense of shared values. Yet many of the leaders and opinion makers among the non-Muslims do not understand or accept this. They continue to believe that gestures of good will will be appreciated and reciprocated. They continue to think that their own careful displays of respect for the values and principles of the jihadis will be received with something other than amused contempt. They continue to send their young soldiers into the Afghanistan meat grinder, imagining that they’re winning hearts and minds by forcing our soldiers to train their “allies” who, in appallingly increasing numbers, turn on them and murder them as soon as they have the opportunity.

    Meanwhile, the same leaders and opinion makers insist that groups holding the same goal held by those who have declared their hatred for, and indeed their state of war against, the United States, but who pursue this goal by non-military means, are not our enemies at all, but our friends and allies, who should be encouraged in every way and afforded access to the corridors of power. Some, but not all, of them may dimly realize that in doing so they’re endangering Americans and America itself, but by the time they see this clearly, it may well be too late. For those groups seeking the same goal as that of the jihadis — the submission of Infidel states to the rule of Islamic law — have, with willing help from the establishment media, stigmatized all resistance to this agenda as “racism,” “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.” Few are willing to brave the stigma, and those who do are widely derided and disregarded: while the jihadis and Islamic supremacists advance ever more aggressively and confidently, those who sound the alarm are increasingly unheeded.

    1. As a result, numerous Constitutional and societal principles, including that of equality of rights for all, with no special privileges for individual groups, and the freedom of speech, are being assailed by forces that are increasingly assertive and confident. The mainstream media, government, and law enforcement do not resist those forces, but aid and abet them.

      The record of the resistance to jihad since 2001 is a record of failures caused by false analyses enacted as policy, and that is worse than ever. Still, the last chapter hasn’t yet been written. As long as free people still draw air, there is hope. But only if we don’t give up now, but work all the harder, and solidify our determination to resist tyranny.

      Today, then, we should remember and be grateful to those who gave their lives to secure and protect these freedoms for us, and resolve not to throw away without a fight those freedoms for which they died. We should remember that if we are not willing to give our own lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to protect the unalienable rights enumerated at the founding of this Republic, we will most assuredly lose both them and the Republic itself — lose them for ourselves and for our children.

      And we are far closer to that than most people realize.

      Let us never shrink from the task before us: the great struggle to defend human rights, human dignity, and freedom from oppression and injustice — particularly the oppression and injustice, and assaults to human dignity that are enshrined in the Islamic law (Sharia) that is coming, step-by-step, steadily and apparently inexorably, to an ever more ignorant and indifferent West.

      Happy Veterans’ Day.