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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Changing American Culture: Why did the American "Transatlantic accent" of the 1930s to the 1960s disappear?

Amy Walker demonstrates:

From Wikipedia - Historical use[edit]

Elite use[edit]

At the start of the twentieth century, elevated public speaking in the United States focused on song-like intonation, lengthily and tremulously uttered vowels, and a booming resonance, rather than the details of a given word's phonetic qualities.[9] It is clear, however, that such speaking styles still sought to imitate the phonetics of educated, non-rhotic (sometimes called "r-less") British accents. Sociolinguist William Labov describes that such "r-less pronunciation, following Received Pronunciation", the standard English of Southern England, "was taught as a model of correct, international English by schools of speech, acting and elocution in the United States up to the end of World War II".[7]
Early recordings of prominent Americans born in the middle of the nineteenth century provide some insight into their adoption or not of a cultivated non-rhotic speaking style. President William Howard Taft, who came from an Ohio family of modest means, and inventor Thomas Edison, who grew up in Ohio and Michigan, both used natural rhotic accents. Presidents William McKinley of Ohio and Grover Cleveland of Central New York, however, clearly employed a non-rhotic, upper-class, Mid-Atlantic quality in their speeches; both even use the distinctive and archaic oratory affectation of a "trilled" or "flapped r" at times whenever r is pronounced.[10] This trill is less consistently heard in recordings of Theodore Roosevelt, McKinley's successor from an affluent district of New York City, who also used a cultivated non-rhotic accent but with the addition of the New York accent's once-notable coil–curl merger.[10]
According to vocal coach and scholar Dudley Knight, it was Australian phonetician William Tilly ( Tilley), teaching at Columbia University from 1918 to around the time of his death in 1935, who introduced a phonetically consistent American speech standard that would "define the sound of American classical acting for almost a century", though Tilly himself actually had no special interest in acting. Mostly attracting a following of English-language learners and New York City public-school teachers,[11] Tilly was interested in popularizing his version of a "proper" American pronunciation for teaching in public schools and using in public life.[12] Linguistic prescriptivists, Tilly and his adherents emphatically promoted this invented type of English, their own non-rhotic variety, which they called "World English":
World English was a speech pattern that very specifically did not derive from any regional dialect pattern in England or America, although it clearly bears some resemblance to the speech patterns that were spoken in a few areas of New England, and a very considerable resemblance... to the pattern in England which was becoming defined in the 1920s as "RP" or "Received Pronunciation." World English, then, was a creation of speech teachers, and boldly labeled as a class-based accent: the speech of persons variously described as "educated," "cultivated," or "cultured"; the speech of persons who moved in rarified social or intellectual circles and of those who might aspire to do so.[13]
Now popularly identified as a Mid-Atlantic accent, this conscious American pronunciation was advocated most strongly from the 1920s to the mid-1940s, but, by 1950, its influence had largely ended.[14]Upper-class Americans known for having learned to speak with a consistent Mid-Atlantic accent include William F. Buckley, Jr.,[15] Gore VidalH. P. Lovecraft,[16] Franklin D. and Eleanor RooseveltGeorge Plimpton,[17][18] Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (who began affecting it while at Miss Porter's School and maintained it lifelong),[19] Louis Auchincloss,[20] Norman Mailer,[21] Diana Vreeland,[22] Joseph Alsop,[23][24][25] Julia Child,[26] and Cornelius Vanderbilt IV,[27] all of whom were raised, partly or primarily, in the Northeastern United States (and some additionally educated in London). The monologuist Ruth Draper's recorded "The Italian Lesson" gives an example of this East Coast American upper-class diction of the 1940s.
The Mid-Atlantic speaking style among the educated wealthy was associated with white Americans of the urban Northeast. In and around Boston, Massachusetts, for example, the accent was characteristic, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, of the local elite: the Boston Brahmins. Examples of people described as having a "Boston Brahmin accent" include Henry Cabot Lodge,[28] Charles Eliot Norton,[29] Harry Crosby,[30] John Brooks Wheelwright,[31] George C. Homans,[32] McGeorge Bundy,[33] Elliot Richardson,[34] George Plimpton (though he was actually a lifelong member of the New York City elite),[35] and John Kerry,[36] who has noticeably reduced this accent since his early adulthood. In the New York metropolitan area, particularly including its affluent Westchester County suburbs and the North Shore of Long Island, other terms for the local Transatlantic pronunciation and accompanying facial behavior include "Locust Valley lockjaw" or "Larchmont lockjaw", named for the stereotypical clenching of the speaker's jaw muscles to achieve an exaggerated enunciation quality.[37] The related term "boarding-school lockjaw" has also been used to describe the prestigious accent once taught at expensive Northeastern independent schools.[37]
Excerpt of FDR's "Fear Itself" speech
Recordings of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who came from a privileged New York City family and was educated at Groton, a private Massachusettspreparatory school, had a number of characteristic patterns. His speech is non-rhotic; one of Roosevelt's most frequently heard speeches has a falling diphthong in the word fear, which distinguishes it from other forms of surviving non-rhotic speech in the United States.[38] "Linking r" appears in Roosevelt's delivery of the words "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"; this pronunciation of r is also famously recorded in his Pearl Harbor speech, for example, in the phrase "naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan".[39]
After the accent's decline following the end of World War II, this American version of a "posh" accent has all but disappeared even among the American upper classes. The clipped, non-rhotic English of George Plimpton and William F. Buckley, Jr. were vestigial examples.[5]

Theatrical and cinematic use[edit]

When the twentieth century began, classical actors in the United States were in the habit of explicitly imitating British accents onstage.[40] From the 1920s to 1940s, the "World English" of Wiliam Tilly, and his followers' slight variations of it taught in classes of theater and oratory, became popular affectations onstage and in other forms of high culture in North America. The codification of a Mid-Atlantic accent in writing, particularly for theatrical training, is often credited to Edith Warman Skinner in the 1930s,[4][41] a student of Tilly best known for her 1942 instructional text Speak with Distinction.[3][42] Skinner, who referred to this accent as "Good American Speech" or "Eastern Standard" (both names now dated), described it as the appropriate American pronunciation for "classics and elevated texts".[43] She vigorously drilled her students in learning the accent at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and, later, the Juilliard School.[4]
It is also possible that the clipped, nasal, "all-treble" quality associated with the Mid-Atlantic accent partly arose out of technological necessity in the earliest days of radio and sound film, which ineffectively reproduced normal human bass tones.[44] As used by actors, the Mid-Atlantic accent is also known by various other names, including American theater standard or American stage speech.[41] American cinema began in the early 1900s in New York City and Philadelphia before becoming largely transplanted to Los Angeles beginning in the mid-1910s. With the evolution of talkies in the late 1920s, a voice was first heard in motion pictures. It was then that the majority of audiences first heard Hollywood actors speaking predominantly in the elevated stage pronunciation of the Mid-Atlantic accent.[citation needed]Many adopted it starting out in the theatre, and others simply affected it to help their careers on and off in films.
Among exemplary speakers of this accent from Hollywood's Golden Era are American actors like Tyrone Power,[45] Bette Davis,[45] Katharine Hepburn,[46] Laird Cregar and Vincent Price;[3] Canadian actor Christopher Plummer;[3] and arguably Cary Grant, who arrived in the United States from England at age of sixteen,[47] and whose accent was likely a more natural and unconscious mixture of both British and American features. Roscoe Lee Browne, defying roles typically cast for African American actors, also consistently spoke with a Mid-Atlantic accent.[48]


  1. Some accents passing is lamentable, others, a blessing. I always found the "Transatlantic accent", comforting and nostalgic. My least favorite was the sing song de bop , de doop of the nineties.

  2. Some here will recognize the challenges of flying without a tail fin.

    1. Quirk !

      His Sky High Ultra-Light has no tail fin.

      Being optional, the cheapskate opted out.

      Our Nation is amazed that Quirk is still flying.

    2. The ability to trim one's moustache as those two officers have done is a true, lost and sorely lamented skill.

      Style Guide | American Mustache Institute


      People aren't going to be able to communicate effectively until everyone speaks Idaho.

      Only then will tribal wars cease.

      Speaking of which, Dems with an eye to running for Prez. in 2020 are dumping on Hillary and shoving her under the bus, regardless of their past expressions of affection for her.

      Hillary has finally arrived at that sacred time of life when one has lived past one's usefulness to anyone or anything, and true freedom finally begins.

      If only she would realize it.


    3. If only YOU would realize her irrelevance, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, we would be saved from your reprehensible rhetoric.

  3. ...speaking of which, or in this case, witch:

    Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who defended her own husband from multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment for decades, entered the political sexual misconduct crossfire Friday, taking aim at the president who defeated her.

    “Look at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump who have done neither,” Hillary told WABC radio’s Rita Cosby, according to Politico.

    Then-model, now newscaster Leeann Tweedy accused Sen. Franken (D-MN) of forcefully pushing his tongue into her mouth on a 2006 USO tour in Afghanistan after contriving a scene in which the two would kiss. The accusation included a photograph from the tour appearing to show him touch her breasts while she slept.

    Despite the photographic evidence and an admission of some wrongdoing on Franken’s part, Hilary was willing to forgive and forget. The fact that Franken owned up and apologized to something largely proven put the matter to rest in her mind, despite the fact that Franken continues to deny elements of Tweedy’s story. Other Democrats were not so forgiving, returning donations from Franken’s PAC and entertaining the possibility of ethics violations.


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    1. My God, O My God !

      That really IS something.

      It may constitute a truly new event in the anals of human life.

    2. Your anal belongs to me bobbie, you better give up thinkin' on that handsome Muzzie prince.


    Riyadh seems to have found the way to curb the budget deficit caused by lower oil prices. As the Financial Times report, Saudi officials are offering the arrested royals a deal – pay up to 70 percent of your wealth and go free.

    The Saudi government could appropriate hundreds of billions of dollars from the arrested to refill depleted state reserves, according to the media.

    The arrested include Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, businessman Waleed al-Ibrahim, the founder of the Middle East Broadcasting Center, which owns the Saudi satellite television channel Al Arabiya, and Bakr bin Laden, chairman of the Saudi Binladin construction firm.

    The billionaires are being detained at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh.

    “They are making settlements with most of those in the Ritz,” FT’s source said. “Cough up the cash, and you will go home.”

    Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that arrests of Saudi royals, ministers, and businessmen could lead to the confiscation of cash and other assets worth at least $800 billion.

    1. The confiscation of the confiscators.

      An old commie trick, nothing new to see here.

      It may even lead to Civil War.

      A Civil War in Saudi Arabia would be a joy to witness.

  6. Imagine the possibilities of Trump locking up Buffet, Gates, Schmidt and Bezos in the Trump Tower.

    1. A joy to witness.

      If I got involved and dared risk my massive holdings I would stand with Gates.

      And urge Buffet to join with me an' Bill.

      Gates and Buffet being better than the others in so many ways.

  7. Adding our past four presidents to the list has it's merits:

    Over the last quarter century, China, thanks to economic nationalism and $4 trillion in trade surpluses with the United States, has exhibited growth unseen since 19th-century America.

    Whatever we may think of Xi's methods, this vision must attract vast numbers of China's young — they see their country displace America as first power, becoming the dominant people on earth.

    What is America's vision? What is America's cause in the 21st century? What is the mission and goal that unites, inspires and drives us on?

    After World War II, America's foreign policy was imposed upon her by the terrible realities the war produced: brutalitarian Stalinist domination of Eastern and Central Europe and much of Asia.

    Under nine presidents, containment of the Soviet empire, while avoiding a war that would destroy civilization, was our policy. In Korea and Vietnam, Americans died in the thousands to sustain that policy.

    But with the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the breakup of the USSR, it seemed that by 1992 our great work was done. Now democracy would flourish and be embraced by all advanced peoples and nations.

    But it did not happen. The "end of history" never came. The New World Order of Bush I did not last. Bush II's democracy crusade to end tyranny in our world produced disasters from Libya to Afghanistan.

    Authoritarianism is now ascendant and democracy is in retreat.

    Pat Buchanan

  8. Still unrecognized by the masses to this day, and unrecognized by the intelligentsia as well, all this was orchestrated behind the scenes by a secretive elite sect of chess playing Swedes, who stayed out of it all and prospered -

    November 18, 2017
    The Great Folly of World War I
    By Mike Konrad

    ....But best of all, the United States would have stayed out of world affairs.

    The ridiculous urge to save the world would not have become part of our national psyche. We would have stayed home and minded our business. The prosperity the United States enjoyed after the Civil War and before World War I would have been our heritage.

    We should have remained neutral and stayed out of it.

  9. The other side of some 'stories' -

    November 18, 2017
    Mall Never Banned Moore and Other Lies
    By Daniel John Sobieski

    The rush to judgment by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, and others was premature, but the facts about Judge Roy Moore may be unraveling the fiction as we speak, starting with the accusation that Moore was banned from the Gadsen Mall for repeatedly trolling for young women. The problem is, the manager of the mall says Roy Moore was never banned:

    The former manager of the Gadsden Mall, Barnes Boyle, said he does not remember Moore being banned.

    “It was part of the job, yeah, we did have written reports and things (on people banned,” Boyle, 86, who managed the mall from 1981 to 1998, told WBRC. “To my knowledge he was not banned from the mall.”

    Moore has been under intense pressure to get out of the senate race as new accusers have continued to come forward.

    The legacy media ran with the unverified story by a mall worker that Moore had been banned and Sen. Graham even repeated it on Fox News.

    Sen.Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he had been willing to give Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt when the sexual misconduct allegations arose, but now he’s heard enough and he thinks the Alabama Senate nominee is guilty.

    “We’re in a political environment,” Graham told Fox News host Shannon Bream. “[When] the allegations first came out I said, if true he should step aside. I’ve heard enough. I believe the women.

    “He was barred from a mall. His behavior was so extreme in his thirties that apparently the Gadsden mall put him on the no-fly list,” he said. “That tells me a lot. I don’t know anybody personally who’s been banned from a mall.”

    But, as President Ronald Reagan used to say, facts are stubborn things, and the fact is Roy Moore was not banned from the Gadsden Mall for predatory activities:

    Remember the mall worker who so convincingly said Roy Moore was banned for harassing young girls decades ago? Well the mall manager from 1981-1996 came out and said Moore was never banned so far as he knows. The time frame isn’t exact, but it would seem that something like that would be common knowledge for some time.

    The media reported the mall worker’s interview as if it were fact over all the major networks, but it was hearsay.

    1. Barnes Boyle, who was manager of the Gadsden Mall from 1981 to 1996, told WBRC News in Alabama to his knowledge Moore was not banned.

      “To my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle told the news station.

      “We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle told WBRC in Birmingham, Ala.

      Most of the accusations were in the 1970s but Moore was prominent and if he was banned in the ’70s, he would likely have still known.

      This is another claim about Roy Moore that mysteriously never became an issue in his statewide and county races, that is, until he threatened the GOP establishment in Washington, D.C. by winning the Alabama Senate primary. Then, accompanied by serial accuser Gloria Allred and a box of tissue, women such as Beverly Nelson suddenly found their alleged trauma too much to bear without telling their tale of woe conveniently just four weeks before a national election. Casting doubts on her story is none other than her stepson, Darrel Nelson:

      Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson, claims that his stepmother’s accusations are “one hundred percent a lie.”

      “I know for a fact that there is a lot that that woman does not tell the truth on,” Nelson claimed in an in-person interview with Breitbart News. “Do I think that Beverly is trustworthy? No, I really don’t. Could I see her making it up? … The odds are in that favor.”

      Beverly Nelson, 55, gave a press conference earlier this week at which she claimed that Moore sexually assaulted her in a car in December 1977 or early January 1978 when she was a 16-year-old high school student. Nelson said the alleged assault took place outside a restaurant in Gadsden, Ala., where she says that she worked as a waitress…

      Beverly Nelson says that she told her husband about the accusations against Moore before they got married. “Before I married my husband, John, I told him what Mr. Moore had done to me,” she said alongside Allred at the news conference.

      Darrel Nelson said that neither Beverly nor his own father ever mentioned the claims against Moore.

    2. If she told him, you would think that somewhere along the conversations of talking to his son and talking to his family that he would’ve mentioned something like that. That’s something you don’t hide from anybody,” he said.

      Then there’s the issue of the yearbook which Nelson and Allred claim Moore signed, which Allred has thus far refused to have examined by independent experts who can verify the age of the ink and whether in fact the handwriting is Moore’s, that is, until she can milk it for more camera time as the election clock runs down:

      Gloria Allred is a highly accomplished, if controversial, lawyer who is admired -- or reviled -- for her sensational representation of women who are alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Yet on Wednesday she committed a major blunder when she declined a public invitation by the attorney representing Roy Moore, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, to have a key piece of evidence examined by independent experts….

      (Moore attorney Phillip L. Jauregui ) noted that handwriting experts “can’t look at a copy on the Internet… they’ve got to look at an original.” He demanded that Allred release the yearbook to a “neutral custodian” so that a “professional expert” could examine it to determine whether the signature was genuine -- or, as he contended, a “fraud.” He said that Allred would be free to send her own handwriting expert to examine the yearbook and the signature for herself.

      Allred then called into CNN, reaching Wolf Blitzer live on The Situation Room. She said that she would be willing to submit the yearbook to “an independent expert or experts” -- but only once her client and Moore had testified under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics before the election. She would not agree to have the yearbook examined otherwise, claiming “we’re not going to be distracted.”

      Having experts verify whether it is Moore’s signature or not on a key piece of evidence is a distraction? Or maybe finding out it is not Moore’s signature as he claims would blow Allred’s chance for more publicity, and blow more smoke before a national audience.

      There’s a principle in law which says that if a witness is caught lying about the littlest thing then all of that witness’ testimony can be discarded. There is another principle that guilt should be determined in a criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt. There is plenty of reasonable doubt here – decades-old accusations unmentioned during Roy Moore’s political career until now, only to be resurrected by celebrity lawyer and serial accuser Gloria Allred.

      One key question is whether Bob Menendez and Al Franken will be barred from the Senate as Moore’s accusers say he should be if he wins on Dec. 12. Equal justice under the law, right?

    3. Wait -

      ScottFreitas • an hour ago
      Doesn't matter, apparently. According to every single news poll--including Fox News Channel's--women voters in Alabama are predictably flocking like the sheep they are over to the side of the Demoncrat candidate, by at minimum a 26% margin.

      Women voters are also by all measures expected to turn out "in record numbers" to vote against Judge Moore.

      This is why the Washed Up Post and the rest of the drive-by media did what they did. They knew it would send both women voters and pussified pajama boy-men into helpless hysterics, headed hellbent to the polls next month to virtue signal each other by voting against Judge Moore--even if they have no idea who the other candidate is, or what he represents.

      God, how I wish women had never been given the voting privilege. Women have so corrupted and corroded our politics, our government, there is probably no possible way to save our Republic from their foolishness at this point.

      FACT: since women first got the vote, not one Demoncrat President ever would have made it into the White house without women heavily favoring him--barring only LBJ, who rode JFK's death-coattails for all it was worth into an easy win among both sexes.

      Other than that, it was women who forced FDR onto us. Women who gave us Kennedy and Carter and Clinton and Obama bin Lyin, our first half-black President.

      It was women voters who turned America into a corrupt statist one-party rule system, wherein Demoncrats effortlessly controlled congress for over 60 years almost nonstop. Women who despised Joe McCarthy and ended his war against Communist infiltration of our government, women who corrupted our public schools and took them over until today male teachers make up on average well below 30% of K-12 school faculty, women who today simultaneously are almost 70% of all our college students (while still receiving preferential "affirmative action minority treatment" for college admissions, mind you!), driving future generations of men downward into poverty and out of the work force (have fun trying to marry up like you women always want to, with 70% of you trying to find the 30% of men you consider your educational "equals").

      Satan has always delighted at manipulating women through their emotions. He did it in the Garden of Eden and he still does it today, every time a Demoncrat politician or leftist celebrity, educator or judge opens their mouth to start shrieking hysterically at us about "climate change women's reproductive rights gay rights immigrant rights LGBTQ rights white privilege male patriarchy" etc etc please shut UP, you whiny #$%^#.

      Since American culture no longer has any checks whatsoever on female sin nature (Hell, the entire feminist ideology is about encouraging women to surrender to their sin natures entirely, without a single shred of remorse), I see no remedy for any of this.

      But I damn sure don't have to like it or fail to point it out from time to time, either.

      Virtually all men seem to have hard-wired into themselves an automatic and natural love for women.

      Too bad women also seem to have hard-wired into themselves an automatic and natural love for women (more specifically, themselves). What most of them do not have, is a natural love for men.
      •Reply•Share ›

      Opus ScottFreitas • an hour ago
      Dang! You must have known my ex-wife! She nullified every vote I ever cast, no matter the issue or person on the ballot; her vote was ALWAYS opposite of mine. After twenty years (TWENTY!!), she told me "we did not get to know each other very well before we were married!" ???!! And while I was grappling with that statement, she walked out the door! Her replacement has been a breath of fresh air and a true godsend!



    4. You truly are one sick puppy, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, to propagate such reprehensible rhetoric.

    5. Heh

      I'm not propagating anything, War Criminal.

      I think both writers are a little tongue in cheek, Dead Beat Dad.

      Both are so over the top it must be an attempt at intentional humor.

      You have no sense of humor, Jew Hater.

      It's why you can't appreciate Jewish humor, which is some of the world's best.

      You must have been really rough on your 'wife', Jack Ass rat, so much so that she was compelled to flee from you immediately after "dropping the kid" - your words for the miracle of human birth - in the USA, never to look back, Liar.

      There is nothing worse than a War Criminal like you.

    6. You are lying, again Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      Please provide a reference, time and date, an actual quote..

      But you cannot, can you.

      Never have been able to.
      Because your blogging persona is a built on lies.

      One thing that is true, you are a thief, a fraudster, and a draft dodging piece of ordure.

    7. Bob has a consistent tendency to simply make up shit and post it as if it were true. He then proceeds to believe whatever he posts.

    8. .

      God, how I wish women had never been given the voting privilege. Women have so corrupted and corroded our politics, our government, there is probably no possible way to save our Republic from their foolishness at this point.

      Any questions as to why this guy would defend Moore?

      Satan has always delighted at manipulating women through their emotions

      Not only is he a nutjob, he's a Jesus-freak nutjob.


  10. Dang, this guy has it figured much like I do -

    November 17, 2017
    If Roy Moore is guilty
    By Dan Tindall

    Let's suppose Roy Moore is guilty, on all charges.

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not.

    If all these charges are true, Roy was not the man you would want to date your daughter. If they are true, he has been a disgusting rogue pursuing young and underage girls and has done stupid and offensive acts. A thirty-something man chasing teenage girls is scary. Furthermore, if they are true, Roy has lied about them, so even though all the claims are long past the statute of limitations, Roy has committed a current infraction in lying about them.

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not.

    The Washington Post has done some terrific detective work, finding some serious character issues with Moore none of us knew about. Moore has been a controversial political figure for most of the past thirty years. Think about it: no one has managed to dredge this up after all that time.

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not. Do you know what that is?

    Where were these Sherlocks when Jack Kennedy was cavorting about in the White house? When Ted Kennedy was driving home with Mary Jo Kopechne in the back of his car? When the Clintons were calling Paula Jones "trailer trash"? Where is the coverage of Bob Menendez?

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not. Partial-birth abortion a procedure in which the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal, except for the head...and then kills him.

    Well, yes. Excusing Moore because this was long ago is moral relativism. Moore's bad behavior is not excusable just because there are a lot of folks in the swamp who are worse than Moore, although pouring out all Moore's sins into the swamp might actually make the water clearer.

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not. The accusations against Moore are more than 25 years old. Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion today and tomorrow and forever.

    The Washington Post dug up dirt on Moore not so you could make a moral decision not to vote for Moore. The Post does not care about what Moore did nearly thirty years ago. The Post did not care what the Kennedys did forty years ago, or the Clintons twenty, or about what is happening today in the Menendez corruption trial. The Post found this information to defeat Roy Moore, who had a substantial lead over Jones, because the policies he supports are favored by most of the voters in Alabama and the policies favored by the Post and by Jones are not.

    Doug Jones and the Washington Post support partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not.

    Roy Moore is a flawed candidate. I did not support Roy Moore in the primary. I considered him less desirable than others even then, before all this swamp muck was dredged up. However, I am nearly seventy years old, and I still have not found anyone to vote for who is not in some way or other flawed. All of us are flawed. Waiting for a perfect candidate is like waiting for Hamlet to make up his mind. It is not going to happen. All elections are about the least of multiple evils. I am also not a single-issue voter, but some issues are transcendent.

    Doug Jones supports partial-birth abortion. Roy Moore does not.

    Partial-birth abortion is pre-meditated murder.

    Doug Jones supports pre-meditated murder. Roy Moore does not.

    This is not a morally challenging issue for me.



    1. Move to Alabama, and you'll still be in the minority.

    2. Obviously a Dead Beat Dad would have no problem with a minor matter like partial birth abortion.

      You should move to Alabama, on the off chance, however slim, slim, slim that you might be influenced towards the human.

    3. Everyone dies, Draft Dodger.

      The law is the law, until it is changed. Each State regulates medical practices within Federal guidelines.

      What they do in Alamba, with regards abortion, not my concern.

      It's outside my cultural norm.

      They seem to think grown men dating chidren is culturally acceptable, as do you. As do fanatical radical Muzzies.


    4. Anyone that would defend a 32 year old man pursuing a 14 year old for sexual gratification is a piece of shit.

      Even if it is the cultural norm of Radical Islam and Republican Christianity.

  11. Even the color of their eyes are the same -

    After Muslim outrage, Miss Iraq apologizes for selfie with Miss Israel

    NOV 17, 2017 7:44 AM BY ROBERT SPENCER


  12. It was part of the job, yeah, we did have written reports and things (on people banned,” Boyle, 86, who managed the mall from 1981 to 1998, told WBRC. “To my knowledge he was not banned from the mall.


    It was part of the job, yeah, we did have written reports and things (on people banned,” Doug, 96, who managed the mall from 1971 to 1981, told WBRC. “To my knowledge I don't remember shit.

  13. Bureaucraps:

    Literally hundreds of people would have taken care of this fox.

    Sorry, no deal.


  14. I do find it extremely humorous that our Draft Dodger is now making a morality case against abortion.

    When I have a couple of great quotes from him advocating abortion as a social engineering tool, to limit the Black population of the US

    A racist hypocrite, that's our Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    A true believer in Republican Christianity.

  15. A putz is one that has been sent to The Dunce Chair.

    Images of Dunce Chair:

    1. There's something really wrong with you, rat.

      And you too Putzash.


    2. Man up Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, do not let your mebtal pathologies cobtrol you.

      Seek help, you may still have a sliver of sanity left.

      Just take some responsibility for what you write. Own it Draft Dodger

      Stand Tall

  16. I was able to prevail with The Donald on the elephant question early this morning.

    Called him on my private line.

    "The Donald you got to back off on the elephants"

    --"The have no value. I couldn't care less about them"

    "Yes, but the vast majority of the American people do, The Donald"

    --"Most Americans are childish idiots"

    "Think of it this way, The Donald. You'd be blamed for killing off the symbol of the Republican Party. Think of the optics, The Donald, think of the bad optics of that. Think of the votes."

    The Donald is a fast thinker.

    --"You're right. What do I owe you for the advice today ? Will 50K do ?"

    "Make it 100K and I'll continue to advise you, The Donald"

    --"You got it"

    And I did, too, by special bank wire, even this early on Saturday morning.


    1. Trump halts decision to allow animal trophy imports after uproar....Drudge

    2. So you are telling US Mr Trump is corrupt and can be bought for a pittance.

      What a corrupt putz you are Draft Dodger, to disparage the President like that

      To think so little of him, to claim he is so easily bought


    3. Only an anti-American piece of shit would disparage the President like that.

    4. There is something really wrong with you, rat.


    5. bobal Fri Mar 20, 06:03:00 PM EDT
      Trish always was a syphilitic slut

      You disrespected Trish with the 'syphilitic slut' comment, now you want to make up and attribute a quote, one that you cannot reference in time or space ...

      You really are quite the misogynist, aren't you, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson?

  17. Last game this season Home in the Dome for the Mighty Vandals.


    Coastal Carolina, which nobody has ever heard of.....

    Coastal Carolina University - Home of the Chanticleers
    The official website of Coastal Carolina University. CCU is a dynamic public institution located in Conway, SC, just minutes from the vacation area of Myrtle Beach.

  18. Driving into town for game munchies.


  19. Up stream we can se Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson telling US about the evils of abortion.
    How inhuman process it is. How no good societal good can come of it.

    Here you go, in Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson's own words, calling for an Eugenics Program, for black citizens of the United States.

    bobal said...
    ah, hell, after having thought it over, and considerging that my brother was a doctor, and my sis a med tech, who almost got roughed up by some niggers in Oakland, California, maybe the best thing to do is let the niggers abort, abort, abort themselves.

    They do a good job of that.

    bobal Thu Nov 13, 01:29:00 AM EST

    ... the best thing to do is let the niggers abort, abort, abort themselves.

    They do a good job of that.

    Good old Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, our in house, inbred, racist hypocrite and true believer in Roy Moore's version of Republican Christianity.

  20. Real Americans aren't war criminals.

    1. Your pathologies are on display, again, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

  21. Anyone here have advice on where to invest about $30k?

    1. I would urge you not under any circumstances to invest in or through QueSkyHigh Profits & Advertising,LLC, milking out of Detroit, Michigan.

      Don't invest in Jack 'rat' Hawkins Fictional Publishing & B.S. under any circumstances.

      Nor in Ashlikins of Canada under any circumstances.

      Doug has a Lava Tube he might sell on Maui if the price were right.

      The best advice I can give is to ask Deuce directly.

      He knows what he is doing.

  22. That wonderful and good woman Bridget Bardot of Foundation Bridget Bardot had slammed President Trump about the elephants -

    French screen legend and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot added her voice to the growing chorus of criticism, slamming Trump as 'unfit for office' after his administration's 'shameful actions.'

    'No despot in the world can take responsibility for killing off an age-old species that is part of the world heritage of humanity,' Bardot said in a letter to Trump, released through Fondation Brigitte Bardot.

    Read more:

    1. Brigitte, not Bridget.

      I've always liked that woman.

  23. Drudge has a picture up of an angered noble elephant fighting back from being molested by some disgusting hyenas that bear a distinct resemblance to the crapper and Ashlikins.

    Might make a good picture for The Bar.

  24. There was a Doctor my dad and I knew in Moscow back in the day who fancied himself a great white hunter. He went to Kenya or somewhere on safari and for his efforts got a water buffalo horn or maybe rhino horn right bullseye up his asshole.

    Said he would have certainly died if it hadn't been for some blacks who carried him in from the bush and to a medical facility.

    I swear this is the truth.

    He has respected blacks ever since and has not gone hunting again.

    1. I would love to hear of the exact thing happening to Donald Trump Jr.

      The article at Drudge shows a picture of D. Jr. in nice clean clothing knife in hand ready to cut an elephant tail.

      What, really, is the point of all this pulling of triggers on these noble animals ?

  25. "We do not need to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe."


    1. He looked into your eyes and saw a fraud, aye "Draft Dodger".

  26. "Will you comfort him so long as you both shall live?"

  27. Mighty Vandals 7

    Coastal Carolina 7

    4 minutes till half time

    1. Coastal Carolina Chanticleers 1 - 9 for the season.

      They ain't worth a shit and neither are we.

      It's like an argument between the crapper and Ashbag.

    2. Chanticleer - Wikipedia
      Chanticleer, a rooster appearing in fables about Reynard The Fox. A character in The Nun's Priest's Tale, a version of Chanticleer and the Fox told in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
      Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its twelve male voices ranging from countertenor to bass and its ...
      ‎A Chanticleer Christmas · ‎Chanticleer in Sonoma · ‎Support Chanticleer · ‎On Tour
      On Tour — Chanticleer
      Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the ... Chanticleer is a multi-Grammy Award winning ensemble and was inducted in to the ...
      Chanticleer | Define Chanticleer at
      chanticleer. /ˌtʃæntɪˈklɪə/ noun. a name for a cock, used esp in fables. Word Origin.
      Chanticleer | Definition of Chanticleer by Merriam-Webster
      These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'chanticleer.' Views expressed in the ...
      People also ask
      Who is Chanticleer in The Canterbury Tales?
      Is Coastal Carolina a public or private school?
      Where is Coastal Carolina Chanticleers?
      chanticleer - Wiktionary
      Middle English Chauntecleer, from Old French Chantecler (modern Chanteclair), the proper name of the cock in the literary cycle of Reynard the Fox, that also ...

      Reynard the Fox is the European equivalent of the North American Coyote in our Native American myths and tales.

    3. In both Europe and America there was a figure like Goofy, basically a real dumb fuck.

      The similarity with Jack 'rat ass' Hawkins is unmistakable, though the Goofy figure is depicted as much less malignant, less harmful to others, and somewhat more intelligent.

    4. Goofy also had the behavior of endlessly repeating the same things, over and over and over again.

      Goofy was the butt of endless jokes and disparagement.


  28. You seem to be projecting, yet again, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson ...
    ... the b00bie.

    The butt of every sex joke told at the Elephant Bar by your Uncle Hank.

    Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, a true believer in Republican Christian orthodoxy that thinks grown men dating children is culturally acceptable in the US.

    You are an anti-American pig, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    Stand Tall

    1. Hell, bobbie, you ARE the butt in every story I tell
      Ever since I took you for that first ride on the Brokeback Trail


    2. Looks like Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is losing control of Hank.

      You really should find a mentaal health care provider, Draft Dodger, even though it may be to late.

  29. Obviously th US Navy never did learn the lesson of the USS Cole.

    The 7th Fleet cannot protect destroyers from stray tugboats.
    What if it was not 'just' a tugboat, as occurred in Yeman.

    The U.S. Navy said a Japanese tugboat “drifted into” a destroyer during a scheduled exercise Saturday, causing “minimal damage” to the warship and no reported injuries.

    The USS Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer, appears to have sustained scrapes on its side and remains at sea, according to the Navy’s 7th Fleet, which is based in Japan. The tugboat lost propulsion before drifting into the warship, the Navy said in a statement.


    1. This incident occurred amid heightened scrutiny of the 7th Fleet
      in the wake of numerous embarrassing accidents, including two fatal collisions involving guided-missile destroyers.


  30. According to the LA Times there are a whole bunch of folks that are true believers in Orthodox Republican Christianity.

    Cultural Muzzies in the Homeland, calling themselves 'Christians'.

    Sick puppies, just like our own Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

  31. Final Score

    Mighty Idaho Vandals 7

    Coastal Carolina Chanticleers 13

    O my, being a Vandal is hard at times.

    We have lost our chance to even go to the Potato Bowl.

    Thankfully only two games remain.

    Our starting quarterback was out with an injury all game today, which didn't help.

    Go Vandals !

  32. I see crapper is still blabbing on into the early evening.

    Deuce really ought to shut him up and enforce some normalcy around here.

    It really gets old.


  33. So far there are 140,000 refugees from Puerto Rico relocated to the mainland.

    They will never have to count hanging chads, in Florida, again.

    Now, Florida’s schools, social service agencies and government programs are overwhelmed. The crisis has prompted Gov. Rick Scott to declare a State of Emergency in Florida as a result of Hurricane Maria. This declaration gives the state the state access to federal funding, which was activated Thursday.

  34. The Great Hugh Is Indeed Back - Read It All - You Will Be Rewarded

    Hugh Fitzgerald: A Few Thoughts on Muslims in the West

    By Hugh Fitzgerald - on November 18, 2017

    Is it somewhere written that the countries of the advanced West are required to admit Muslims into their lands, or to continue to endure their large-scale presence, no matter what information may come to light, with greater understanding as a result, of the meaning and menace of Islam? It is by now quite clear, to all who are paying attention both to the canonical texts (Qur’an, Hadith, Sira) of Islam, and to the attitudes and observable behavior of many Muslims, that there is something deeply worrisome about the ever-increasing numbers of Muslims in the Bilad al-kufr (Lands of the Infidels). And it is also clear to many that this has led to a situation, in Western Europe though not yet in America, that is far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous for the indigenous Infidels (and for other, non-Muslim, immigrants) than would be the case were there no such large-scale Muslim presence.

    It may be impossible to completely end Muslim immigration to the West, but can it not be cut way back in the interests of security? We already know that there are tens of thousands of jihadis among recent Muslim immigrants to Europe. Even to monitor just one suspect around the clock requires at least three members of the police. It’s a terrifically expensive undertaking. We simply lack the manpower and money to monitor all those who require it. Should we not return these Muslim non-citizens to their countries of origin rather than fail to monitor them, or monitor them only at great expense? On what theory are we required to allow them to stay? Similarly, can we not impose restrictions on money coming from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere that fund Wahhabi or other extremist mosques and madrasas, with their message of hatred for Infidels, all over the Western world? Can legislation be passed to allow for the monitoring of mosques, and stripping citizenship from those who by word or deed support Islamic terrorism, identifying such support as treason? Can we enforce the equality of women, and freedom of conscience, among Muslims in our own countries? We are expected to believe that “diversity” is always and everywhere a societal good, though there is no evidence for this belief that amounts just to that warm fuzzy feeling that so often substitutes for thought. We need to take a much harder look at the impact of Muslims on our societies, instead of dwelling on the presumed but unproven benefits of “diversity.”

    Is it impossible to create the conditions where True Believers in Islam, with all that that implies, may have to make a choice? If they remain in the Lands of the Infidels, they will discover how hard it can be to lead a “full Muslim life.” The mixing and equality of the sexes, in schools and sports (no more yielding to Muslim demands for “women only” hours at public pools), and at work, the banning of burkas and niqabs for security reasons, the security afforded apostates from Islam, the punishment of Muslim men who commit “honor killings,” the denial of Muslim prayer breaks in schools and workplaces, the public denouncing, and punishment, of imams who call for the mass killings of Jews, or Hindus, or Christians, the ending of tax breaks for any religious institution where such preaching goes on, new laws to punish anyone who publicly calls for such genocide, with both fines and prison terms as possible punishments — all this can severely constrain the conduct of Muslim life. Some Muslims, in order to be able to freely lead a truly Islamic life, may rethink their plans to settle in the West and instead may never leave their homelands, or if already living in the West, may decide to return to the Muslim lands from whence they came.

    1. Islam is not mainly, or merely, a “religion” as we understand that term. It is a religion and a politics, a Total Belief-System. If we come to view Islam as the threat it is to the legal and political institutions that have been created in our own societies over time — tolerant, liberal, with equality of the sexes and equal treatment for minorities enshrined in the law — that we have inherited, and that we have a duty to preserve, then we will be far more willing to consider, and then to take, the kind of measures that have been taken, within recent memory, by a tolerant and advanced people, who decided they were under no obligation to again endure, for the sake of some theoretical “standard of tolerance,” a situation that they could remedy once and for all. I am thinking of the case of the Czechs, and those Europeans of the civilized old school, the Czech leaders Jan Masaryk and Eduard Benes. Their government passed, and then put into force, what came to be called the Benes Decree in 1946. By that decree, the Czech government decided to expel the “Sudeten Germans” who had lived, for hundreds of years, along what was then the border separating the Czechs from the lands of Deutschtum, These ethnic Germans had before the war allowed themselves to be used by Hitler to whip up Western opinion against the Czechs, and during the war, the Sudeteners were to a large degree supporters of Nazi Germany, treated by the Nazis as German citizens, and given, for example, the larger food rations to which Germans, but not Czechs, were entitled. Benes and Masaryk did not want the Czechs to ever again have to endure, much less yield to, demands from their German population. So they expelled them, well aware that not every Sudetener was a threat, but that enough of them had been, and were, to justify such an act. No one then thought, and no one has thought since, that the Czechs were wrong to expel the Sudeteners. Why should the Western world, similarly, provide citizenship to Muslims, whose deeply-held beliefs are not consonant with, but opposed to, Western values? Shall we simply ignore the evidence, pretend that everyone shares those values, and hope for the best? Should those who believe deeply, sincerely, in the Qur’anic commandment to conduct violent Jihad, be allowed to remain in our countries? Why? On what theory?

      All those Muslims who recognize a duty, because of opinions they have expressed or posted or shared with others, either to participate themselves, or to support others who do, in the “Jihad” or struggle to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam, ought to be carefully examined, before being given citizenship, to see if they are likely to pose a permanent danger to the legal and political institutions of this country. And if they have already acquired citizenship, but either taken part in Jihad warfare themselves, or given or expressed support to others who engage in violent Jihad, we have a right to take that citizenship away.

      Those Muslims who do not agree that they have such a duty of Jihad and whose Islam is more a matter of inherited cultural baggage than deep belief – people are born into states and societies and families suffused with it, and do not realize that in non-Islamic societies they are free to leave Islam — should have our government make clear to them that apostasy is their right, and that they are safe, in the West, to abandon Islam for another or for no religion, if they so wish, and no harm will come to them. Some may at once take up the offer. And given that guarantee, many more should now be willing to listen, no longer constrained by fear, to Christian proselytizers eager to make new converts.

    2. Still others, despite their being ill-treated by other Muslims, may wish to defend the faith, out of some kind of residual loyalty to their own families of Believers, or to the sect from which they came. It is amazing to see, for example, how Ahmadi Muslims, though themselves the perennial targets of persecution and even murder, in Muslim lands, by those Muslims (especially in Pakistan) who consider Ahmadis to be Infidels rather than true Muslims, nonetheless remain stout defenders of Islam. They never complain to non-Muslims about their treatment, as if that were akin to hanging out Islam’s dirty laundry. The Ahmadis have shown themselves perfectly willing to misstate Islam’s contents when they participate, as a significant number of Ahmadis do, in those “Ask-A-Muslim-Anything” efforts. Misrepresenting what is so clearly in the texts, and that form the tenets, of Islam, is hardly the way for Ahmadis to alleviate the fears of Infidels. We have a right to expect Muslims not to hide the uncomfortable truths about the ideology of Islam, and we should be suspicious of those who continue to twist or deny the clear meaning of the Qur’anic verses, even if, like the Ahmadis, they are themselves generally peaceful. Non-Muslims could show up at these affairs, and suggest to the Ask-Me-Anything Muslims that they ought to be working on turning the “prescription” of Jihad (a commandment applicable to all time and space) in the Qur’an into “description” (meant to describe wars against non-Muslims at a particular time and place), which may be the only possible way to “reform” Islam and relieve non-Muslims of their justified worries and suspicions.

      Those who continue today to call themselves Muslims (and not “cultural Muslims” or “Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslims), should ordinarily be held to know the contents of the texts (Qur’an, Hadith, Sira), and therefore the teachings of Islam, and arising naturally from them, the attitudes of Muslims, and the atmospherics of states, societies, families suffused with Islam. There are still many Infidels who don’t want to hear any unpleasant truths about Islam (Robert Spencer’s extraordinary experience at Stanford is just the latest example), but at the same time, other Infidels have been educating themselves about Islam, thanks in large part to the Internet, and it is getting harder to hide the truth from that ever-expanding number of well-informed Infidels in the West. Muslims should realize that they should not encourage willful ignorance among non-Muslims, if they wish to be trusted, nor insult the intelligence of those who have educated themselves, and cannot be fooled. Someone who today calls himself a Muslim has an affirmative duty, as the lawyers say, to forthrightly acknowledge what the Qur’an teaches about Jihad warfare, while declaring that as far as he is concerned, the doctrine of violent Jihad is no longer acceptable, but must be re-interpreted as a description of what went on in early Islam.

      There are a wide variety of reasons why Muslims might fail to acknowledge the commandment to wage Jihad, or to admit to what Muslims have done in conducting Jihad over 1400 years. In some cases this may reflect not a desire to deliberately mislead, but lack of information. Not all 1.5 billion Muslims are equally informed. Some are simple souls, many are illiterate, who just don’t know what is part of their faith or what has been committed in the name of Islam. Others may not wish to know, preferring to be kept in the dark for fear of what they might learn. Still others know perfectly well what is in the Qur’an and Hadith, but are determined to keep that knowledge from non-Muslims; these are the sly and sinister defenders of the faith, people such as Tariq Ramadan.

    3. Here are some of the reasons why a Muslim (or an “Islamochristian”) might not recognize certain home truths about Islam:

      1) Ignorance of history is widespread among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Why should we assume that the real history of Muslim conquest — as with the mass killings of tens of millions of Hindus, or the Arab slave trade that claimed 80 million victims — is known to all Muslims? How many Westerners are ignorant of their own history? What does the average American know, say, about European history between 500 and 1800 A.D.? Why should Muslims be any different?

      2) Ignorance of what happened, after conquest by Muslims,, to so many lands and peoples. How did islamization,, and then arabization, of the conquered populations, proceed over time?. Few non-Arab Muslims recognize how Arabs are privileged in Islam. But just think: Muslims prostrate themselves in prayer toward Mecca, in Arabia, five times a day; they read the Qur’an, ideally, in Arabic; they often memorize and recite passages in Arabic even if they do not really know the language; they make the hajj to Mecca, at least once in their lives, if financially able; if not Arabs, they take Arab names, and assume pseudo-Arab identities, while some even go so far as to adopt false Arab lineages, calling themselves “Sayeeds” or descendants of the Prophet; they copy the ways of seventh-century Arabs in dress and manners. Islam has always been, as the writer Anwar Sheikh maintained, the “Arab national religion” or, put more bluntly, “a vehicle for Arab supremacism.”

      3) Filial piety, including memories of sympathetic older relatives who were quietly pious Muslims and did not seem to wish harm to anyone, can delay or soften criticism of Islam. The famous apostate, and now fierce critic of Islam, Magdi Allam, writes movingly of the simple piety of his elderly parents, and it is clear that their example did cause him to delay announcing his own apostasy, but once he had moved from Egypt to Italy, and especially after the death of his parents, he began to relentlessly denounce Islam, pulling no punches, as he still does today.

      4) The desire to spare oneself knowledge of certain truths about Islam that could call into question the entire value of what has been, in so many ways, central to one’s sense of self or, rather, of the self immersed in the umma, or community, of Believers. How difficult it is for those who live not in free societies, but in Muslim lands, to see Islam steadily and whole. For they are subject to the constant din of Islamic propaganda, in societies suffused with Islam, where this total belief-system offers both a simple explanation of the universe, and a complete regulation of life, and thus a comforting way to organize and make sense of the universe.

      5) Among Arab Muslims, their ethnic identity reinforces a desire to protect, to defend, not to question, Islam — and that can be true even of non-Muslim Arabs, those I call “islamochristians.” One thinks, for example, of Christian “Palestinians” who parrot, because they have internalized, the Muslim view of Israel and of Jews. These “islamochristians” thereby hope to be accepted by the Muslims among whom they must live. They choose not to take seriously what the Qur’an says about Christians; they ignore the ominous Muslim chant of “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people” that expresses the anti-Christian hatred among Muslims that is to be satisfied once “the Jews” have been taken care of.

    4. These are explanations, not justifications, of varieties of Muslim responses, of both real and willful ignorance, of misplaced loyalties, of the defensive desire to protect, of the tug of family and tribe, of the fear of apostasy, of the ethnic identity that carries with it loyalty to Islam even among some non-Muslims. But they should give pause to those who insist that every Muslim knows exactly what all other Muslims know about Islam, or that those who remain loyal to it do so for the same reasons. It’s not so simple. There’s plenty to ponder.

      Coming back to the effect of a large Islamic presence on our societies, let’s think first of the cost. More than $1 trillion dollars has been spent on homeland security alone since 9/11 (and another $7 billion on wars abroad that were prompted by the felt need to clean out terrorists from the Middle East and Central Asia). Then think of how our way of life, because of the large-scale Muslim presence and the consequent threat of terrorism, has been considerably altered. Think of the hundreds of millions of man-hours now wasted because we must appear at airports, for security reasons, at least three hours before our scheduled flights. Think of the ubiquitous security checks, before we get on a plane or train, think of the security details on those planes, trains, busses, subway stations and subway cars..Think of the enhanced security now required at concerts, sports arenas, night clubs, hotels, army recruitment centers, national monuments, government buildings, famous pedestrian walkways (as in Nice, Barcelona, New York), hospitals, universities, churches, synagogues, all because of the threat of Muslim terrorists. Think of all the events,too, that have been cancelled because of terrorist threats. Many Christmas markets have been cancelled in Europe, the latest being the Christmas market held on the Champs-Elysées, in the very heart of Paris. Concerts and sports events, too, have been cancelled or postponed, especially in the immediate wake of Muslim terror attacks. And these terrorists against whom we require all this security are not, we know, misunderstanding Islam, but zealously following the Qur’an — e.g., Qur’an 3:151, 4:89, 8:12, 8:60 — and Hadith (Muhammad’s “I have been made victorious through terror”). The call for qitaal (combat) against the Infidel, the jihad commanded in 109 Qur’anic verses, is held by many Muslims to legitimately include, along with conventional combat, what we non-Muslims have no difficulty in describing as “terrorism.” These texts calling for “striking terror” in the hearts of Infidels have not been twisted or distorted, but taken literally, are correctly understood.

    5. Meanwhile, the march of Islam is promoted by using, along with terrorism, non-violent instruments of Jihad– Da’wa (the Call to Islam), demographic conquest, deployment of the Money Weapon (all of which have the same goal as terrorism, and in the long run may be even more effective in spreading Islam). Da’wa — the Call to Islam — has been effective in the prisons of the Western world, where individual prisoners convert because they want to join “the Muslim gang,” the toughest of all the gangs, which affords them protection in the violent prison environment. In the U.S. alone, last year 40,000 prisoners converted to Islam. Little is done to counter this Da’wa, though much could be done if there were sufficient will and resources. Since many of these prison converts to Islam are black, a campaign by Christian ministers, possibly accompanied by black refugees from the Sudan, former slaves of northern Arabs, ought to bring prisoners information about the horrendous Arab slave trade carried on in Africa for centuries, with 80 million black African victims of that trade. There never was, nor could have been, a Muslim William Wilberforce, because Muhammad himself bought and sold and traded in slaves, which means that Muslims have always regarded slavery as legitimate. Slavery finally ended in the Muslim Arab lands, but only under terrific Western pressure; it wasn’t until 1962 that slavery ended in Saudi Arabia.

      These, then, are some of the things we ought to be thinking of doing:

      1) cutting back, if not eliminating entirely (only because it would be politically impossible), Muslim immigration. At the same time, deliberately raising the number of immigrants who have been victimised by Muslims, as Assyrian and Chaldean Christians from Iraq, Copts from Egypt, and Hindus and Buddhists from Bangladesh. Not only do these people deserve rescue, but once in the West they will offer convincing personal testimony as to how Muslims treat non-Muslims.

      2) denying American citizenship to those Muslims who are not yet citizens, and whom we have reason to believe support the doctrine of violent Jihad. They need not have taken part in such Jihads; it is enough that they support them.

      3) stripping American citizenship from anyone found to have taken part in, or who otherwise lends support to, terrorism planned or carried out against our citizens.

      4) halting the flow of money from abroad, especially from Saudi Arabia, that pays for mosques and madrasas, and for the salaries of imams and teachers, where we have evidence that violent Jihad, or hatred of non-Muslims, is preached in those mosques or taught in those madrasas. In some cases, if we find repeated violations of our laws concerning the preaching of genocide or extolling of Jihad, those mosques and madrasas may be permanently shut down.

      5) helping to arrange private funding (to avoid first amendment problems) for campaigns of counter-dawa, especially in prisons, where African-American prisoners in particular should be informed about the massive Arab slave trade in Africa, Mohammed’s role as a slave-owner, and the consequent toleration of slavery in Muslim Arab lands.

      These are some of the measures that deserve to be considered and that, one hopes, will be adopted. When it comes to Islam, the Western world has for decades tried a large number of carrots. Now it’s time to try the stick.


  35. Another GREAT PIC of the noble beasts --

    Trump Saves The Elephants
    ALLAHPUNDITPosted at 5:31 pm on November 18, 2017

    1. Hats off, though. This is a good call, welcomed by animal-lovers of all political stripes. I’m curious to know what made him change his mind.

      Bob and Brigitte Bardot made him change his mind.


    Cleetus • a minute ago
    There is a lot of furor over some material being published on a site called 4chan by someone named "Q clearance anon". His postings (I assume it's a he for no reason) suggest that there are over a thousand sealed indictments and that what happened in Saudi Arabia will happen here with the arrests of all sorts of Democrats (especially Hillary and company) as well as others like John McCain. It is all just too much to be true, but still it is so tempting that you end up wishing this fantasy actually turns out to be true.

    This comment by one Cleetus, an honest looking American if one has ever been born, proves what I have long suspected - that poor Q has finally lost his mind.

    November 19, 2017
    Robert Mueller Is the Cover-Up
    By James Lewis

    But what if "Q clearance anon" is right ?

  37. Anyone here have advice on where to invest about $30k?