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Thursday, November 02, 2017

The New Face of German Police - Imagine the "EU Army"

‘Enemy in our ranks’: German police trainer blasts immigrant recruits in leaked audio message

‘Enemy in our ranks’: German police trainer blasts immigrant recruits in leaked audio message
In a leaked recording from the Berlin Police Academy, a lecturer bemoaned the poor language skills, lack of respect, and disloyalty of ethnic Turks and Arabs who will form a sizeable part of the next generation of German police officers.

The audio message was recorded by a paramedic lecturer, who intended to pass it on to Berlin Police chief Klaus Kandt. It was subsequently circulated in private chats between officers on a messaging app last week, and has now been shared with RT. Police officials have previously confirmed that the recording is authentic to several German media, but have not disclosed the identity of the tape’s author.

In the voice message, the lecturer complains about a class of 16 and 17-year-old recruits, who are just beginning their vocational training.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” the trainer says on the minute-long recording. “The classroom looked like hell, half Arabs and Turks, disrespectful as hell. Stupid. Unable to speak articulately. I had been close to knocking out two or three of them because they only disturbed the class or literally slept. German colleagues have said that they were threatened with violence.”

The “shocked” lecturer reported that he had “never felt such hostility before” and believed that many of the trainers are scared to discipline the students as “they will trash the place.”

About 1,200 students graduate from the academy in Spandau each year, most of whom proceed to join the Berlin police force, which already consists of 30 percent ethnic minorities. This number is expected to increase, reflecting demographic trends in Germany.

“These are not colleagues, that’s the enemy in our ranks,” the paramedic lecturer said in the message for Kandt, complaining that the recruits will produce “a second-rate police force that will only be corrupt.”

“Criticism is acceptable, but the form and tone of it was inappropriate,” said Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf. “The person in question was overwhelmed by the situation.”

At the same time, Neuendorf promised that “insolence and indiscipline will not be tolerated” and vowed to improve relations between the student body and the staff.
The German Police Union, which comprises 180,000 law-enforcement staff, said that it had been aware of rumors concerning the institution, but was unable to act, as there were “no specific complaints, and only hearsay” until the latest incident.
Nonetheless, the Berlin Police Academy has been rocked by a series of damaging revelations, which have been reported in the media. This year alone, a student was discovered to have starred in a pornographic film, an officer was caught selling stolen cameras out of his trunk, and two students were caught taking drugs inside the academy premises.


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      Knight to King's Bishop 3


    2. Yup.

      I'd rather have a (Christian) Knight sitting there than the fellow I see.

    3. He's got a mustache, he's fine.

    4. Well.....yes I guess he does.

      On the other hand he looks to be working on a jihadi beard.

      Why don't the German Police demand that everyone must be totally cleanly shaven ?

      That ought to hoe some weeds from the force.

      After all, Mo has said what Mo has said.

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    Four Pinocchios?

    The question before the Bar is what do we do with our Twins, Bob and Doug. The choices are...

    1. Do we set up a remedial reading program for them and hope they have the capacity to eventually get up to speed with their reading comprehension, or...

    2. Do we simply hold them back another grade?

    As a discussion starter, let me give an example:

    From Bob (last stream):

    BobThu Nov 02, 04:16:00 PM EDT
    Even The Washington Post gives 4 Pinocchios to Quirk's claim that the tax cut plan announced is a 'boon' to the rich.

    In support of his statement, Bob cites this article from the Washington Examiner...

    The article starts out...

    The Washington Post's fact-checker said Thursday that Democrats aren't telling the truth when they say the Republican tax plan would raise taxes on most middle-class families.

    If you read the full article you will see it is all about the middle class and says nothing about the 'rich' or the boon to the rich the proposed tax cuts will provide.

    The other Twin, you know the one who is fixated on the MSM, encouraged Bob in his ignorance.

    It's unfortunate it's come to this but let's face it this isn't these cowboys first rodeo.

    This is painful but I'm going to have to raise another motion, as well. Because this isn't the first time Bob's reading comprehensive skills have been called into question, I move that we demand he provide proof that his claims of being an English major are true.


    1. Sir, the conversation has moved on to jihadis in the German Police Force.

      Please keep up to date and concerned with the topic at hand.

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      Sorry, their is no statute of limitations on false claims of being an English major.


    3. It's 5 years, and has expired, and you cannot continue to bring the same old washed out false charges again and again.

      Sorry, you are wrong.

    4. .

      Once again, you prove my point.

      What don't you understand about the term 'no statute of limitations'.

      Besides, you commit this particular crime daily.


    5. The charge was shown to be lame brained years ago.

      The Court will not hear of your drivel again.

      You are putting yourself at risk of Court sanctions.

    6. .

      I'll take my chances.

      You on the other hand better lawyer up.


      Perhaps, you could make another offer.


  3. 3rd row down, (2nd row down of those whose heads we can see), 5th from left is really suspicious.

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      Nonetheless, the Berlin Police Academy has been rocked by a series of damaging revelations, which have been reported in the media. This year alone, a student was discovered to have starred in a pornographic film, an officer was caught selling stolen cameras out of his trunk, and two students were caught taking drugs inside the academy premises.



  4. Humorous Interlude -

    Alec Baldwin Imagines President Trump's First Day at the White House (Exclusive Book Excerpt)

    heh, not bad.

    Quirk will appreciate the painting of The Donald sitting on 'the throne', and the military bemedaled Donald too, among others.

    I can only imagine the hoot and holler that would have arisen if O'bozo had been depicted 'enthroned'.

  5. Pope raises prospect of married men becoming priests

    Pope Francis leads a mass on November 2 CREDIT: AFP

    John Phillips, rome
    2 NOVEMBER 2017 • 2:59PM

    Pope Francis has requested a debate over allowing married men in the Amazon region of Brazil to become priests, in a controversial move that is likely to outrage conservatives in the Church, Vatican sources say.

    The pontiff took the decision to put a partial lifting of priestly celibacy up for discussion and a possible vote by Brazilian bishops following a request made by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the president of the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon, Il Messaggero newspaper quoted the sources saying.

    Cardinal Hummes reportedly asked Francis to consider ordaining so-called viri probati, married men of great faith, capable of ministering spiritually to the many remote communities in the Amazon where there is a shortage of priests, and evangelical Christians and pagan sects are displacing Catholicism.....

  6. Mexico gang leader killed at hospital during plastic surgery

    Mexican authorities say a leader of a fuel-theft gang was shot to death at a hospital where he was undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance.

    The killing of Jesus Martin and three other people at the hospital comes amid an upsurge in slayings involving pipeline thieves in central Puebla state. At least 16 people have died In Puebla this week in apparent disputes between gangs.

    Puebla state prosecutors said Thursday that Martin had also tried to have his fingerprints removed. Doctors at the hospital are being investigated for possible complicity.

    Prosecutors say Martin, a woman and two other men were apparently killed at the hospital by members of his own gang.

    Fuel thieves drill an average of 28 illegal pipeline taps every day in Mexico.

    1. Nailed by members of his own gang.

      Life is hard....

  7. Folks in my home town usta steel "drip gasoline" (condensate in gas pipelines)

    ...once there was a big BOOM.

  8. I count 8 or more possible jihadis in that one German Police photo alone.

  9. :(

    Pakistani bride kills 17 in botched plot to kill husband


    MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police arrested a newly married woman on murder charges after she allegedly poisoned her husband’s milk and it inadvertently killed 17 other people in a remote village, a senior police officer said Wednesday.

    District police chief Sohail Habib Tajak said a judge allowed the police to question the woman, 21-year-old Aasia Bibi, for two weeks to determine whether it was the woman’s decision or her boyfriend had incited her to kill her husband by poisoning.

    “This incident took place last week and our officers have made progress by arresting a woman and her lover in connection with this murder case, which was complicated and challenging for us,” Tajak told The Associated Press.

    He said Bibi was married against her will in September in a village near the town of Ali Pur, 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Multan, a city in the eastern Punjab province.

    Tajak said Bibi was not happy with her husband and wanted to return to her parents’ home.

    She apparently obtained a poisonous substance from her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari, last week and mixed it in milk for her husband, who refused to drink it, Tajak also said.

    The woman’s mother-in-law later inadvertently used the tainted milk to make a traditional yogurt-based drink and served it to 27 members of her extended family, who fell unconscious and were hospitalized.

    Seventeen people died and 10 are still being treated in hospital, he said.

    Bibi and Lashari appeared before a judge in the city of Muzaffargarh on Tuesday, where she told reporters that she was angered over her parents’ decision to marry her to a man against her will. They did not have lawyers.

    “I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage but my parents rejected all of my pleas and they married me to a relative,” she said.

    She said her love affair with her boyfriend continued after she got married.

    Bibi said she had warned her parents that she was capable of going to any length to get out of the marriage, but they refused to allow her to get a divorce.

    She said Lashari gave her a poisonous substance, which she used to try to kill her husband. She expressed remorse over the deaths, saying her target was only her husband.

    Tajak said police were trying to trace and arrest all those who were aware of the plot. He said Lashari confessed to supplying the poisonous substance.

    Faisal Chingwani, a top human rights activist in the city of Multan, said Bibi apparently committed the crime because she was mentally stressed about the forced marriage.

    Many parents in Pakistan arrange marriages for their daughters against their will.

    Also Wednesday, in the eastern city of Lahore, a brother shot and killed his sister who had recently wedded a man of her choice without consent from her family in the latest case of so-called honor killings.

    Police officer Shaikh Hammad said Mahwish Arif, 25, was fatally shot by her younger brother Samar Ali. The brother fired three bullets as Arif came to visit her parental home, months after the marriage, in the suburban area of Satu Katla.

    Hammad said Ali fled the scene after killing his sister. A police search was under way.

    Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women are killed by close relatives each year in honor killings.


  10. The Facts on Uranium One

    1. "It may be that individuals and companies sought to curry favor with Hillary Clinton and even influence her department’s decision on the Uranium One sale. But, as we’ve written before, there is no evidence that donations to the Clinton Foundation from people with ties to Uranium One or Bill Clinton’s speaking fee influenced Hillary Clinton’s official actions. That’s still the case. We will update this article with any major developments."


      I've always believed the Clintons gave any money they came by to Haitian orphans.

    2. Whatever happened, Mueller will get to the bottom of it like his bottom buddy Comey did with Hillary's emails.

  11. Chicken Coop/Housefires were lent added excitement when 50 gallon barrels of "drip" lighted off.

    1. Sad that Idahoe youth lacked such experiences.

    2. Buncha Okies in my home town.

    3. Drip Gas

    4. Can one smoke a cigar around such a pipeline ?

      I never trust a pipeline that I can't smoke a cigar around.

    5. Which reminds me of a cousin who had a red Pontiac Firebird back in the day, and liked cigars, and beer.

      He was filling his Firebird with gas, and smoking his cigar, and the pump fell out of the gas tank on to the ground, and didn't shut off, spewing gas everywhere.

      Thoughtlessly, he reached down and picked the nozzle up and it back in the fuel tank, and only then did he realize how utterly stupid that move had been.

      I think, though, he had been drinking a considerable amount of beer at the time of this incident, which is the only excuse he could come up with.

      He said the cigar had a thumb nail length or more of glowing ash on it.

    6. The cigar never left his mouth during this procedure.....and he was bending down.....

      We all had a good chuckle about it, and it was never done again by my cousin.

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    Bernie Didn't Have a Chance

    The Citizens United decision was one of the worst cases of judicial overreach in the history of SCOTUS. But even that wasn't sufficient for the DEMS. From Donna Braziles new book...

    A brief lesson in joint fundraising committees

    The key to understanding Brazile’s conclusion and the current controversy is to understand the unusual fundraising apparatus at its center: the joint fundraising committee.

    JFCs exist as a clever loophole to skirt existing campaign finance laws. Under current law, the most an individual donor can give to a presidential campaign committee is $2,700 per election. An individual donor can also give up to $33,400 to the DNC, and up to $10,000 to each state party committee.

    But by existing as a group, the "joint committee" can get a big fat check that would be far too large for it to legally receive if its members were fundraising alone, according to Bob Biersack, a senior fellow at the Center for Responsive Politics. So a single donor could give around $353,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund, on the principle that money would go to the presidential committee, the DNC, and 32 state parties...

    And how does this help Clinton and the DNC? Brazile says...

    “The agreement — signed by Amy Dacey, the former CEO of the DNC, and [Clinton campaign manager] Robby Mook with a copy to [Clinton campaign counsel] Marc Elias— specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised,” Brazile wrote in the story under the headline “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC.”

    Brazile added of the deal: “[Clinton’s] campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings...”



    1. {...}

      Now, the JFCs aren’t loved by campaign finance or good-government experts, but they’re not entirely out of the ordinary. Before his grassroots fundraising juggernaut took off, for instance, Sanders also had an agreement for a joint fundraising committee with the DNC. Donald Trump has a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee. They’re effective ways to tap donors who can give much more than $2,700.

      And when Clinton’s JFC began, it appeared that all three parties involved had a great deal of mutual interest: Clinton would bring her big-money donors to the table, giving groups like the Democratic Party of Utah access to George Clooney’s wallet that it would never otherwise get. In exchange, Clinton could broaden her fundraising pitch by saying — as she did on several occasions — that she was raising money not just for herself but for the benefit of the entire Democratic Party.

      But then it turned out that the money was not being shared between the three parties. Reporting by Politico showed that 99 percent of the money raised by the committee ended up going to the DNC or to Clinton's campaign directly. Some of the state party chairs objected — often anonymously, for fear of reprisal from national Democrats — but the DNC defended an agreement that appeared to starve it of resources and direct them almost entirely to Clinton’s team...

      I would say that what Clinton did wasn't within the spirit of the law but you don't get prosecuted for violating the spirit of the law. But the question becomes why isn't Jeff Sessions doing anything about it. If it's illegal, why isn't he investigating and prosecuting? If it is legal, why isn't he politicking for the law to be tightened up?

      I suspect is because they all do it, DEMS and GOP.


    2. It's because Jeff Sessions is out of his league as AG, one of the worst ever, nice man though he seems to be.

    3. Jeff Sessions was castrated by the Ruskies.

  13. Hannity is reporting tonight that some Uranium One uranium from the USA did go to Europe and possibly the far east.


    We don’t know much about the committee’s deliberations because there are “strong confidentiality requirements” prohibiting disclosure of information filed with the committee, the Treasury Department says on its website. Some information would have become available if the committee or any one of its members objected to the sale. But none of the nine members objected. - This certainly sound like a deep black hole.

  14. Hannity is good at getting some ranting and raving shiite iman on there to so easily take apart.

    1. :) heh

      Hannity brings up the terror attack in NYC, and this iman brings up Paddock and Las Vegas.

      By the numbers,the iman is holding his own tonight.

  15. We Need the Diversity Visa Lottery


    Machmud Makhmudov is studying political theory at University of Oxford on the Rhodes scholarship.

    1. Most important, America is obligated to live up to its promise as a shining city on a hill for aspiring immigrants across the world. The country has always served as a place where people were limited only by the bounds of their imaginations or the scope of their dreams. No person has a greater claim to the American dream than any other, and it would be uniquely un-American to systematically exclude the residents of some nations in an immigration system that disproportionately favors those who are related to those already in the United States.