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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Why is Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions Protecting Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama?

Come on Trump, Hold Sessions and Rosenstein Accountable for Hiding Hillary Clinton's Criminal Past

The (Draft) Indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

Why is Hillary Clinton such a reviled figure in many precincts of the American populace? And not just the Right—I’m lookin’ at you, Bernie Sanders supporters. A Judicial Watch case being argued in federal court on Friday supplies some answers to that question.

Long before Benghazi, long before emails and clever Clinton Foundation shakedowns, there was Whitewater. The Clintons—abetted by the slack intellectual standards of American media—have succeeded in putting over the argument that Whitewater “was about nothing.” The Judicial Watch case proves otherwise.

For more than two years, Judicial Watch has been fighting to make public draft federal criminal indictments of Mrs. Clinton in the Whitewater affair. The allegations are well known to aficionados of financial crime: with Gov. Bill Clinton running Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton leveraged her work at the Rose Law Firm into a series of transactions on behalf of a corrupt financial institution, Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, run by a longtime Clinton crony, James McDougal. Among the transactions was a document drafted by Mrs. Clinton to conceal a series of fraudulent loans that were used to deceive federal bank examiners. Winning the White House, Mrs. Clinton and her allies engaged in a long-running cover-up.

Between 1996 and 1998, the Office of Independent Counsel drew up a series of draft indictments of Mrs. Clinton. In the end, overwhelmed by the Lewinsky perjury case and stymied by Clinton stonewalls, prosecutors decided not to bring charges against Mrs. Clinton. But the evidence against the First Lady was significant. And the case sheds light as well on the mystery of why Mrs. Clinton is such a polarizing figure: Whitewater presents significant evidence that she was a crook, and got away with it.

Our Freedom of Information Act request for the draft indictments and our subsequent lawsuit was rejected. The court ruled that grand jury secrecy and Mrs. Clinton’s right to personal privacy barred disclosure of the draft indictments. We argue that given the enormous amount of grand jury and other information already made public, including in the vast “Final Report of the Independent Counsel” of January 2001, there is no secrecy or privacy left to protect.
A three-judge federal appeals panel will hear arguments Friday at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 20 of the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, 333 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.
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  1. Let's be inspired by Hillary's book, What Happened. Let's help everyone find out what happened.

  2. Trump was wiretapped by Obama.

    Obama was out in full ghetto mode desperate to elect Clinton.

    While that happened, all the US intelligence agencies were meddling in the domestic US election process.

    While they did that, abetted by the US Media, they tried blaming election meddling on Russians.

    Sessions is tolerating Dirty Cop, James Comey's cadaverous looking Mueller running amok like a grand inquisitor. Why?

    Who the hell is Mueller? Who elected him?

    I believe that the only thing allowing Session to remain is that Trump has determined he could not get another AG confirmed.

    1. I think your statement is correct that Trump has determined he could not get another AG confirmed if he got rid of Sessions.

  3. Watch the Tom Fitton video. This is all truly outrageous.

    In Session's home state, Alabama, Trump did raise his eyebrows about what is going on with Jeff Sessions. He mentioned that he has not been shy about firing others.

    They are out to get Trump.

    This is the most important video that I have posted this year and if you can, watch it.

  4. Have watched it.

    Always have liked Judicial Watch.

    Ah, jeez, what can one say ?

    The swamp drains, the rains fall, the swamp fills yet again ?

    The corrupt seem to badly outnumber the uncorrupt back in D.C.

    My hunch is they are not going to get anywhere with the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

    Heh, Mueller does resemble a figure out of a Halloween horror movie, half dead, half alive, ashen, gaunt, jaw one can hang a lantern on.....

    My Representative, Raul Labrador, who could easily have gotten re-elected, has decided to come home and run for Governor instead. He might well win.

    If Raul is corrupt, he is very inept at it, as his current net worth is slightly in the negative.

    He is continually soliciting funds from this citizen. I gave him a hundred bucks last time around. And, we named a lovely wonderful dog after the man.

    I am thinking the salary for Governor of Idaho might be higher than that of US Representative.

    I should look it up.

    The co-founder of this blog, Whit, once said: 'a people get the government they deserve'.

    What have we done so wrong, what, o what ?

    1. Let us rejoice we are not North Korea.

      We are not going to get machine gunned or fed to dogs for voicing our opinions.

      And, that IS something.

  5. Heh, Lordy, the most important video you have posted all year eh? That certainly says a lot about the stuff you post. Whitewater!? That old saw. That doesn't bode well for Trump if you are all hepped up on that old realestate transaction. Trumps got a few his own that won't hold up well under scrutiny. I'm sure you will hold Trump to account- not. Trumps toast anyway.

  6. Ash, I am concerned, and fear you may have not penetrated deeply enough into the video's inner meaning.

  7. Could it be possible that the Whitewater problem discussed is simply a single symptom of a larger ailment ?

    1. Like....hmmmm....swamps is hard ta drane ?

    2. Byron York: Showdown looms over Trump dossier; FBI misses third deadline to turn over subpoenaed documents

      by Byron York | Sep 22, 2017, 4:21 PM

      So far, the FBI and the Justice Department do not appear to be in the mood to comply with the subpoena. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

      A third deadline has now passed for the FBI and Justice Department to give the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed documents related to the Trump dossier. And for a third time, the bureau has not produced the material.

      The dossier is a collection of what former FBI Director James Comey called "salacious and unverified" allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign figures in the 2016 campaign. The Russia allegations were compiled by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, who was commissioned by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which is thought to have been paid for the work by wealthy supporters of Hillary Clinton. The FBI reportedly considered taking over the dossier project in the fall of 2016, when the campaign was at its height, leading Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to say the dossier matter raised "questions about the FBI's independence from politics."....


  8. What 'weak' attorney general? Trump praises Jeff Sessions for 'doing a good job' during Strange rally


    In Huntsville, Trump instead heaped praise on his attorney general -- who is widely popular in Alabama -- while stumping for Strange.

    "Luther is going to be taking over for a man that you all love, what's his name, huh? Sen. jeff Sessions, you love Jeff Sessions, he's doing a good job," Trump said. "He is doing a good job. We have him very busy watching the borders, a lot of things are happening, but Luther's taking over for Jeff, hopefully, and you are going to be so impressed with what we're going to do in Washington."

    1. Guarding the border, combating the opiod scourge, battling MS-13, recriminializing marijuana and laying siege to Sanctuary Cities.


    2. No time in Jeff's busy schedule for looking back, he is not going that way.


  9. It has begun!!!!

    Jakarta: About 240,000 people are expected to flee Bali's Mount Agung precinct in eastern Indonesia with the volcano threatening to erupt at any moment.

    The warning was raised to the maximum level four on Friday night, which means a hazardous eruption is imminent for the first time in 54 years.

    1. The time to pray has arrived.

    2. Another earthquake hits Mexico....

    3. When a thermonuclear device is exploded over the Pacific Ocean today we will know the end is upon us.

  10. .

    I watched two minutes of the video and turned it off.

    I've always liked Judicial Watch but in this case I believe their arguments are specious.

    Forget about Clinton's privacy. The primary argument JW is facing is the fact that grand jury documents and testimony are secret and privileged. JW's argument that some of the grand jury info has already been leaked so why not release the rest is equally specious. It equates to 'criminal leaks have already been committed and that justifies the release of whatever other information some plaintiff might seek'.

    Sounds like a bullshit argument to me. On the same level as those we hear here every day, to wit, why go after Trump when others have 'purportedly' committed far greater crimes, an idiotic argument on its face since the two matters are independent of each other as a matter of law.

    Having read Federal Rule 6(e)(2)(B)(2), I don't see Judicial Watch as qualifying under the exceptions rule. I would be surprised if they are successful in their appeal especially given the arguments they are making.


    1. I watched two minutes of the video and turned it off.

      Two minutes of a 33 minute video.

      Attention span challenged ?

      No wonder you mistake the slough for the snake.

    2. Or, never judge a whole book by its first chapter.

    3. Unless the book is A Farewell To Arms.

    4. .

      A faux farmer offering up an inapplicable aphorism.

      The video discussed the Judicial Watch FOIA request for grand jury information, the rejection of that request by a lower court, and JW's appeal on the request. Within the first couple minutes, the author explains the basis of the JW appeal. Everything after that is simply dressing, trinkets for the natives, and singing to the choir.

      I assume anyone who can't make a decision based on the original argument is either a member of the choir or an English major.


  11. The Mighty Vandals got their loss out of the way early today:

    1 2 3 4 Total
    Idaho 3 - - - 3
    South Alabama 10 - - - 10

    1. Correction: score is 13 to 13 with about 8 minutes to go, but a lightning 30 minute time out has been called.

      It is 90 degrees in Mobile, Alabama.

  12. .

    Congressional Research Service: Report

    U.S. Role in the World: Background and Issues for Congress

    A view of Congress' role in the Age of Trump.


    1. I read the first couple pages.

      That's all I need to read to know the whole thing is bull shit.

      I'm a qwikquirk study.



    Six earthquakes reported in one day off Pacific Coast, west of Ferndale

    1. Shit !

      There is a fierce football game stopping fan evacuating lightning storm in Mobile, Alabama !

      There are small earthquakes being felt under Mt. Rainier in Washington state !

    2. SHIT !!

      Quake strikes test zone in North Korea

    3. People have begun losing their minds outside of Detroit, Michigan !


    4. Flint's public health emergency with its contaminated water just took a disturbing new turn, as new testimony suggests the alarm should have been sounded long ago.

      Zervos testified that an outbreak of legionella bacteria cases had been spotted in the initial weeks of June 2014, and hospitals should have been notified to stop people from using water. Instead, it would take another year before authorities sounded the alarm over local water, leading to a public health crisis.

    5. It might be possible this is someway connected to the nonsense often originating from the outskirts of Detroit.

  14. NFL was in process of self-destructing.

    Trump taking on NFL and NBA his dumbest move yet.

  15. I MUST report from this amazing Idaho/Southern Alabama football game.

    We are now 23 - 23 in the 2nd overtime and are enduring either our third or fourth lightning delay.

    IF the game continues Idaho gets the ball at the 25 yard line. We have a good kicker and I hope the coach has him field goal kick from there. It would be 35 or so yards, and if he makes it would finally win the game.

    Game is now about 7 hours long.....

    1. There are no fans left in the stadium, our intrepid UI broadcasters report.

    2. :):):):)

      Scandinavian Pride !

      Vandals win on a touchdown in double overtime !

      Idaho 29
      S. Alabama 23

  16. The Media Take North Korea’s Side Against Trump

    ....And yet, ABC anchor Terry Moran said Trump’s vow to retaliate “borders on the threat of committing a war crime,” the kind of comment you’d mock an MSNBC prime-time host for saying. (Lawrence O’Donnell actually did say the same thing. “At UN Trump threatened to commit a war crime,” he tweeted Tuesday.)

    Jessica Schulberg, a reporter for the liberal Huffington Post, even suggested that Trump’s comments justify North Korea’s provocations. “Gee, Kim Jon-un is so irrational for wanting nuclear weapons,” she said on Twitter.

    Kim starves his own people and the media are siding with him over them and, more importantly, us.....

  17. Mueller Scorches The Earth

    ....The FBI and the Justice Department were pursuing that investigation aggressively for months before Mueller entered the picture. It has been over a year, and they don’t have it. If they had it, former FBI director Jim Comey would not have thrice told Trump he was not a suspect. If they had it, it would have leaked by now — the way every unflattering morsel has been leaked. And if they had it, they wouldn’t be poring over eleven years of Manafort’s checkered history; they would be arresting him for espionage in connection with the 2016 election.

    If there is strong suspicion that Manafort has committed fraud crimes unrelated to the 2016 campaign, then fine, investigate him. But investigate him as you would any other white-collar fraudster who (a) has counsel willing to honor your lawful demands to produce evidence and (b) has, at least ostensibly, been cooperative. Paul Manafort is not Osama bin Laden, so there’s no reason for Bob Mueller to make like the commander of Seal Team Six.

    Why is this worth pointing out? Because someday, maybe, we’ll get around to asking: What would have happened if Hillary Clinton’s very real email scandal — with its mountainous evidence of felony mishandling of classified information and destruction of government records — had been investigated with the no-holds-barred vigor Mueller and his band of Hillary donors are applying to the surmise of Trump collusion in Russian espionage?....

    1. .

      The Clinton e-mails?

      Why do they bring up Mueller with regard to the Clinton e-mails? His investigation has nothing to do with that.

      Trump has his own people in at both DOJ and the FBI. Why doesn't Sessions appoint a special council to investigate the Clinton e-mails?

      The length of time Mueller is spending?

      This constant whine about no charges being brought yet is another piece of B.S. These investigation typically run for about 2 to 3 years, about 1,000 days on average. Settle in and wait.

      Oh yeah, and quit whining. Good lord, it's annoying.


  18. If it is good for the goose ...
    It is good for the gander

    Of course it is rational for the NorKs to want a few nukes.
    They cannot depend on tbe Chinese to defend their regime from what they see as tbe threat of US aggression

    The US has thousands of nukes
    Kim would be satisfied with a few dozen.

    Like Israel, the NorKs think they need military parity on a strategic level against any possible aggressor

  19. I'm worried the thermonuclear armed American imperialist running dog occupiers might invade defenseless China and its noble peasantry via the North Korea Corridor.

    1. The American occupiers have had over 60 years to do so and haven't done it yet but one can't be too suspicious or cautious concerning those western white ghost running dogs.

    2. All the American occupiers have brought yet to the Peninsula is democracy, human rights, electricity and a booming economy to the S. Koreans, leaving the North to starve to death, eating only grass.


    3. Sorry, amigo, but your perspective is not the same as theirs

      They see annual military war games on their border as a threat.

      They see a US run amok invading countries, toppling despots and causing their Chinese comrades to leave the Communist Cause by dangling Crony Capitalism in the US marketplace

      All to detriment of the Hermit Kingdom, from their perspective.

    4. Toppling despots should definitely be counted among the international war crimes.


    5. Joseph Campbell, in his writings on the early Chinese, at the time of the Warring States, describes one Chinese gentleman, whose name was something like 'the great Mo' or some such, no relation in any way to the Mohammedans, who devoted his life to going about toppling small Chinese tinpot despots of the day, and setting thing to right.

      He had a small and devoted following among militarily skilled people, that day's equivalent perhaps of our Navy Seals or Army Special Forces, and scored a good number of victories.

      Finally he died, and his group and movement pooped out.

    6. .

      Would you negotiate with Trump if you were North Korea?

      Kim already had the examples of Qaddafi in Libya and Sadaam in Iraq.

      Now he's facing Trump.

      He sees Trump's threat of reneging on the Iran nuclear deal. The Donald did the same thing in his business dealings. He can't be trusted. You can't trust a thing he says. Even if he means it today he'll change it tomorrow.

      If Kim did explode a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, the wrath of the world would come down on him, not militarily but everyone including China would cut off his balls economically. He's a psychopath playing a dangerous game.

      That said, I find Trump an embarrassment, his UN speech, his speech in Arizona, his puerile back and forth with Kim, his idiotic tweets... Pathetic. I don't know how anybody has the guts to defend him.


    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. If I were a psychopath playing a dangerous game I might try to negotiate with Trump, knowing he can't trusted, just like myself.

      If I were a psychopath playing a dangerous game I would not explode a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, knowing the wrath of the world would come down on me, and that would be the end of me, one way or another.

      But I'm not Kim, so I don't have any idea what he might do. It might well depend on how deeply liquored up he gets some evening.

      If I were Kim, I'd get a great supply western Indomethacin for my gout, cause the gout hurts like hell, and ain't no fun at all.

      Then, with a steady supply of Indo, I could keep drinking without that horrid pain.

    9. Had to correct a couple typos for Your Excellency.

    10. I agree on the Tweets.

      Melania ought to establish control of the Twitter account.

      She said early on she can't stand the 'double tweets'.

      She ought to just put an end to all of it, or walk out on him.

      She would be doing our nation a great service.

    11. Melania walking out over the Tweets would cause The Donald great embarrassment.

      It would be like having one's dick cut off in public.

      She's got a lot of power.

      She ought to use it.

  20. All this stuff about football players 'taking the knee' - just talking about pros here - seems to me to come down to the employment contract.

    When they are on the field they are definitely 'on the job'. Likewise too at practice and perhaps some other times too, when officially representing the team in public...etc.... but definitely on the field.

    These contracts should begin to spell out, if they don't already, what is agreed to or not agreed to during the contract negotiations, and what happens if/when the contract is violated by one side or the other.

    The owners and investors in these teams are getting bruised financially because of this behavior on the part of some players, and I don't see that they have to agree to do this in the contract negotiations.

    This also puts some downward pressure on what they can afford to pay to players.

    I think it all comes down to contract negotiations, and both sides should try to get their wishes in the negotiations, and if they don't, then no contract is agreed to or signed, and no employment takes place.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Trump Misreads North Korea’s Sacred Dynasty At His Peril

    ....The Kim dynasty claims spiritual descent from this shaman king. It is taught in schools that Kim Jong-il, the father of current leader Kim Jong-un, was born on Mount Paektu, the mystical birthplace of Tangun.

    Tangun as a national unifying emblem is the most enduring project of Cheondogyo. The persistent theme running through all its spinoffs, including Juche, is the promotion of the Korean nation as the gift of heaven to the world.

    The grandson of Kim Il-sung may be pursuing the messianic mantle, the reclamation of the lordship of Tangun, with an even higher calling – and nuclear weapons – but the original Cheondogyo message was one of spiritual peace and harmony. To understand how that was transformed into a violent revolutionary force is to begin to answer the key questions about Kim Jong-un....

    These Kim shitheads are somewhat sly, and crafty, or, rather, at least seem to think so.

    Alas, Kim Fatso III may actually have come to believe his ancestors' ruse.

    They have all badly misunderstood the Nature of Things, and the meaning of the 3rd chakra, which meaning is that in a well and properly lived human life, at that stage one should master oneself, in service to others, and not master others in the service of oneself.

    Sooner of later, and if not in this life, certainly the next, due to the reality of karma, this misreading always ends in disaster to one's self, as surely as the operation of gravity.

    1. The Donald is enlightened compared to these spiritually darkened monsters.

  22. Heh, Lordy, the most important video you have posted all year eh? That certainly says a lot about the stuff you post. Whitewater!? That old saw. That doesn't bode well for Trump if you are all hepped up on that old realestate transaction. Trumps got a few his own that won't hold up well under scrutiny. I'm sure you will hold Trump to account- not. Trumps toast anyway.