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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Crooked Comey - Boy Scout From Hell: Comey’s pattern of unethical bias, plus his personal ties to Special Counsel Robert Mueller going back many years, seriously tarnish Mueller’s standing

Comey and Clinton: Rigged from the beginning

Newly disclosed evidence that then-FBI Director James Comey began working on a statement to reject criminal charges against former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton months before she and other key witnesses were interviewed by the FBI shows that President Trump was right to fire Comey.

The evidence proves that Trump and his supporters were correct to say throughout the presidential campaign that Washington operates on a “rigged” crony system that serves the interests of the powerful and rewards corporate globalists to the detriment of the American people.

As evidence of the rigged system, voters sided with Trump during the campaign in often citing Clinton’s apparent immunity from consequences regarding her unsavory acts as secretary of state, especially her hidden emails on a private server, as well as corrupt Clinton Foundation dealings.

Given what we learned in recent days about Comey, the investigation he oversaw of Clinton represented the very worst of the rigged process. Instead of acting as an impartial, honest fact-finder on behalf of the American people, Comey behaved like a partisan hack.

The former FBI director’s reprehensible behavior both during and after his tenure surely validates the judgment of President Trump in firing a man totally unfit to oversee our most revered law enforcement agency in our nation.

The new evidence is revealed in a letter sent Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray from Republican Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. The letter is a bombshell, and didn’t get anywhere near the media attention it deserves.

The evidence disclosed by Grassley and Graham comes from the Office of Special Counsel, a government agency that investigated whether Comey violated the law when he was FBI director. The investigation was closed after Comey was fired. The new evidence shows that Comey drafted a memo exonerating Clinton of wrongdoing as early as April 2016, even though Clinton was not interviewed until July 2016.

As Grassley and Graham correctly stated in their letter:  “conclusion first, fact-gathering second – that’s no way to run an investigation.”

In fact, after Comey wrote his “nothing to see here” draft absolving Clinton of wrongdoing, the FBI still interviewed a total of 17 key officials. In addition to Clinton herself, State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, who was appointed by Clinton and served under her, was also questioned. Mills received a very unusual immunity agreement from investigators. 

How is it possible that Comey had ascertained, at such an early date, that the evidence would not incriminate Hillary Clinton? Such a prejudicial judgment certainly reveals a shocking level of bias and a dangerous willingness to engage in partisan politics.

Understandably, President Trump reacted to the new evidence with indignation, tweeting Friday: “Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over … a rigged system!” 

Many Americans had already concluded that Comey’s investigation of Clinton was a sham. The majority in a July 2016 Washington Post/ABC News poll disagreed with Comey’s decision to not seek an indictment against her.

The American people were poorly served by an FBI director who shirked his duty as a public servant. They thankfully delivered their verdict on Clinton’s suitability for the Oval Office at the ballot box last November.

Adding insult to injury, Comey’s deceptive practices extended beyond his FBI tenure.  Once he was fired by President Trump, he again showed his true colors by leaking confidential information to the media with the expressed intention of triggering a special counsel investigation.

Comey’s pattern of unethical bias, plus his personal ties to Special Counsel Robert Mueller going back many years, seriously tarnish Mueller’s standing.

Donald Trump triumphed in 2016 because he promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington.  Sadly, the swamp has proven resilient, from Capitol Hill to James Comey in obstructing the president’s transformational agenda.

In the end, the will of the people must prevail and smash a rigged system that has stolen the dignity and prosperity of Americans.

Steve Cortes is a Fox News contributor, former Trump campaign operative and spokesman for the Hispanic 100. For two decades, he worked on Wall Street as a trader and strategist. 


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    1. Firing Mr Mueller would not end the investigation into Russian interference in the US election, nor the collusion between the Russians and members of the Trump Campaign and/or Administration.

    2. .

      Comey’s pattern of unethical bias, plus his personal ties to Special Counsel Robert Mueller going back many years, seriously tarnish Mueller’s standing.

      Nonsense. Mueller was hired by Rosenstein not Comey. Any speculation that Mueller is in the tank for Comey is just that, speculation. No one has anything negative to say about Mueller other than those being investigated by him. His investigation is about Russia not Comey.

      No doubt, if the investigation drags on and Mueller comes up with nothing the Trumpkins will whine it was all an exercise to weaken Trump. If Mueller actually comes up with something on the Trump team the Trumpettes will whine the investigation was rigged. It's what they do.

      Rather than waiting until the investigation is over and we see the results, the Trump team and their minions continue their attempts sans evidence at trying to disparage Mueller.



    3. "minions", one of the favorite words of the pettifoggers.

    4. Mueller's relationship with Comey will have no effect whatsoever on their investigation of Trump.

      Both are above reproach according to the MSM it's Minions.

    5. Just wait for the results: FBI's recent record is sterling.

    6. .


      A rather imprecise word choice. In my humble opinion, of course.

      Minion, on the other hand, is very precise and conveys the intended meaning perfectly.


      minions (plural noun)

      a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.

      synonyms: underling · henchman · flunky · lackey · hanger-on · follower · servant · hireling · vassal · stooge · toady · sycophant · yes-man · trained seal · bootlicker · brown-noser · suck-up


  2. How do you fix low testosterone Republicans.


  3. Trump campaigned on the promise of tax reform, but economist Diane Swonk said there is a lot of rhetoric in Washington now on tax cuts instead of reform.

    "The only thing you can do quickly is tax cuts, not reform,"
    the CEO of DS Economics told "Power Lunch."

    "There's a reason that it took three years back in 1986 and started 10 years before that, and that's because it's hard. Reform is hard. Tax cuts are easy," she added.

    Swonk also agreed with Goolsbee about the potential for problems with a Trump plan.

    "There is a real danger in sort of setting the agenda and then not having Congress really on the same page and having to cut deals," she said.

    Tax Reform will be more difficult to enact than was "Repealing and Replacing" ObamaCare.
    Lessons not learned by the Trump Administration.

    Tax Reform will be more difficult than having Mexico "Pay For the Wall".


  4. The investigation into what happened with the USS John McCain will run its course and more likely than not will reveal human errors. Most of these will track back to “inadequate training” and that’s always a function of inadequate leadership.

    Training requires time and focus. To have the time and focus, the Navy needs more ships and more sailors. It also needs to prioritize naval skills over social experimentation.

    The Trump Administration has its chance to reverse a 30-year decline in US naval capabilities.

    It dithered in appointing a new Navy Secretary and rejected a good candidate, Congressman Randy Forbes, owing to political pettiness. It’s been eight months since the inauguration and the grace period is over.

    The collisions of the USS Fitzgerald off Japan and USS John S. McCain near Singapore cost the lives of 17 sailors — a grim reminder that the Administration needs to hurry.

    Grant Newsham - a retired US Marine Officer and a Senior Research Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies.

    1. Not running into other ships at sea is sailing 101 and does not require brilliant leaders to execute. If the Navy cannot perform that most basic skill then they should not be allowed near the water.

      Something else is going on.

    2. .

      The problems in the navy precede the Trump presidency, but the comment about not nominating appointments is a good one and it is a problem that is indicative of a major problem with Trump and his people.

      The Dems were holding up confirmation on appointments during the whole repeal Obamacare phase but when that passed nominations were confirmed en masse. With the exception of a few controversial nominations, the confirmation process is proceeding.

      A key problem with the confirmation process is the lack of nominees to vote on in key jobs, primarily the number 2 guys in the various agencies. While cabinet heads outline administration policy, it's the number 2 guys who actually do the hard work and get those policies implemented and deployed. The problem is particularly widespread at the State Department, where more than two dozen assistant secretary and undersecretary positions remain without a nominee. Not a good things given the situation with North Korea.

      Treasury, Education and Health and Human Services departments, HUD, the EPA also lack confirmed deputy secretaries to serve as No. 2 to Trump's Cabinet chiefs.

      This is on Trump. And he doesn't make it any easier on himself given the way he treats the people currently has working for him.


  5. Vote for Libertarians !

    ho Ho HO !!

    Wasn't it your guy who infamously said:

    "What is aleppo ?"

    After a clarification from Barnicle, Johnson answered that he favored greater diplomacy with Russia and criticized U.S. support for the Free Syrian Army and Kurdish forces as well as U.S.-supported "regime change."[107][108] Johnson's "what is Aleppo?" answer prompted widespread criticism.[107][109] In response to charges that he was uninformed, Johnson said that he had "blanked," that he did "understand the dynamics of the Syrian conflict," and that he had thought that Barnicle's reference to "Aleppo" was in relation to "an acronym, not the Syrian conflict."[109]

    Libertarians couldn't run the sewer system in any moderate sized town in USA.

    Good at smoking maryjane and hash, though.

    CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc.[edit]
    In July 2014, Johnson was named president and CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc., a Nevada-based company that aims primarily to sell medical cannabis products in states where medicinal and/or recreational cannabis is legal.[99][100]

    Maybe that's your problem, psycho ass. You've smoked so much hash you don't which way is up.

    Johnson said that he had "blanked".

    Your symptoms are the same, psycho ass, only much much worse.


    1. Better to be blank than to be a liar and thief, as YOU are, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.


    2. Or to be dangerously misinformed, as is Mr Trump.

      Repealing ObamaCare was never going to be 'easy'
      The Mexicans will never pay for that wall.
      Tax Reform will no be seen in 2017.

      Better to be blank than to lie to the constituency.

    3. Ah, but psycho ass, I have told you, my lawyer at the time, who had been the District Judge, thought my move brilliant. It was not illegal. If it had been, the bank would have sued me. Or taken it to the Prosecutor, don't you see ?

      No, you don't.

      Too much hash, a whole lifetime of it, maybe.

      I am now going to take an afternoon nap.

      Before I say something like:

      "Upon reflection, I agree with WiO. Abandoning your daughter was probably the best thing you ever did, you self confessed war criminal. It gave the girl a fighting chance."

      Ciao, and cheers to all the others.

    4. That is not what you told us, Robert "Bank Frudster" Peterson

      . My lawyer thought it to be a hell of a good move. He got most of the money. It was tough, in them days. They couldn't do a damn thing about it, I put her in the rest home, age 96. What you going to do, when she is institutionalized?

      Your lawyer got the money and YOU still broke the law.
      That you threw your Auntie under the bus ...

      Institutionalizing her so YOU could escape prosecution ...

      Just another indication of your lack of character.


    5. Robert "Bank Fraudster" Peterson


  6. If one is in the mood to bash Trump, here are a few suggestions -

    How Not to Threaten North Korea

    The country has conducted its sixth nuclear test. Is Donald Trump committing deterrence malpractice?

    People walk past a street monitor showing a news report about North Korea's nuclear test in Tokyo, Japan.Toru Hanai / Reuters

  7. Breaking. SecDef Mattis Makes A Statement On North Korea
    Posted at 4:30 pm on September 3, 2017 by streiff


    Just a few minutes ago, Secretary of Defense James Mattis made a statement on the latest provocation by North Korea:


    A small group national security meeting today with the president and the vice president about the latest provocation on the Korean Peninsula.

    We have many military options and 00:14 president wanted to be briefed on each one of them.

    We made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies South Korea and Japan from any attack and our commitments among the Allies are ironclad.

    Any threat to the United States or its territories, including Guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response. A response both effective and overwhelming. Kim Jong Un should take heed of the United Nations Security Council’s unified voice. All members unanimously agreed on the threat North Korea poses and they remain unanimous in their commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

    Because we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea, but, as I said we have many options to do so.

    Thank you, very much ladies and gentlemen.

  8. The Case For A Special Counsel To Investigate Hillary Clinton

    ....But the Clinton e-mail scandal, like Clinton herself, won’t go away. It remains a blot on the legacy of the Obama administration, the Justice Department and the FBI, and now comes fresh evidence that the investigation that cleared her was a total sham.

    The revelation from the Senate Judiciary Committee that J. Edgar Comey drafted his statement exonerating her about two months before FBI agents interviewed Clinton or 16 other witnesses confirms suspicions that the probe was neither honest nor thorough. When the outcome is decided long before the investigation is over, the result can’t be trusted.

    Imagine a baseball game where the final score is decided before the players take the field. What’s the point of playing the game, and why should spectators trust anyone involved?....

    1. Time for a Full Investigation... of the FBI


      Failing that, we might as well rename the FBI as the GDS -- the Guardians of the Deep State.

  9. SOUTH Korea has launched a ballistic missile exercise in response to North Korea’s provocative detonation of what it claimed was a miniaturised hydrogen bomb.

    The drill involved surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and F-15K fighter jets hitting targets off the east coast of South Korea, simulating a strike on a target as far away as North Korea’s nuclear test site, Punggye-ri.


    After meeting with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday, US Defence Secretary James Mattis read a brief White House statement in response to North Korea’s latest threat.

    “We have many military options, and the president wanted to be briefed on each one of them. We made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, South Korea and Japan, from any attack, and our commitments among the allies are ironclad,” he said.


    Malcolm Turnbull has redoubled calls on China to rein in North Korea’s “cruel and evil dictatorship” after the hermit kingdom claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb.

    Conflict on the Korean Peninsula could now only be avoided by the regime “coming to its senses”, the Prime Minister said this morning.



    Good, that is what he should do.

    The Dreamers will be all right.

    He has kicked the can over to Congress, where it should have been from the git-go.

  11. Quirk, who now handles the My Pillow account, has just put a the FIRST decent My Pillow ad. full of attractive musical jingle, not much talking by the nauseating Mr. Slimbo Pillow guy, which comes briefly at the end.

    Way to go, Quirk !!

    Excellent work. Clean, quick, enjoyable, uplifting work !

    Now I'd almost buy some My Pillows myself !

    1. The new ad is not on YouTube yet that I can find, but did find this _

      MyPillow gets F from Better Business Bureau

      That's our Quirk for ya !!

      Making a silk purse outta a sow's ear !!!!!

      Excellent work, Quirk !!

    2. Just shoot three or four ducks, pluck 'em, put the feathers in a gunny sack, and you got a better head rest than you ever will with a My Pillow.

  12. True Love

    Japan's princess giving up royal status to marry commoner....DRUDGE

    Good on Her.

  13. Cultural Jihad

    September 3, 2017
    CAIR Forms an Outpost at Georgetown U
    By Andrew Harrod

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) "will always hold a very, very special place in my heart until the day I die," declared Arsalan Iftikhar on April 1 at CAIR-Oklahoma's annual awards banquet in Oklahoma City. The commentator's affection for the Hamas-derived, Islamist CAIR has now landed him a position at Georgetown University's fount of Islamist propaganda, the anti-"Islamophobia" Bridge Initiative.

    Iftikhar will fit right in at Bridge, a "multi-year research project" of Georgetown's Saudi-funded Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU). Bridge's claim "to fulfill Thomas Jefferson's dream of a 'well-informed citizenry'" is laughable to anyone familiar with ACMCU's Potemkin village of academic integrity....

  14. Tactical non-violence combines virtue signaling with support for terrorists. It’s an abomination that should be disavowed by anyone who genuinely believes in non-violence as a principle, not a tactic.

    The Islamic conquests were accompanied by clever tactics of divide and conquer. Muslim warlords pitted Christians against each other, promising one Christian denomination protection against another.

    The Islamists working to conquer the West are once again cleverly making inroads among their Christian and Jewish enemies. And any move to counter Islamism should oppose such groups, not fund them.

  15. from Pam Geller today -

    ** Finland Arms Police With Submachine Guns in Response To Deadly Jihad Terror
    Attacks -

    Interesting that the elites in Europe and the U.S. continue to fiercely deny of the
    motive, deny the ideology and deny the religious exhortations to holy war, but they
    cannot deny the reality of the dead.

    Hence, cops with submachine guns.

    ** Motor City Muslim MD Female Genital Mutilators Were Motivated By Their Most
    Authoritative Islamic Law Text -

    Why would trained Bohra Muslim MDs, Dr. Nagarwala, and her MD co-defendant, Dr.
    Fakhruddin Attar, engage in the illegal practice of FGM—which has no intrinsic
    medical value—while further violating the Hippocratic Oath, “noxamvero et maleficium
    propulsabo”/ “I will utterly reject harm and mischief,” by causing well-established
    immediate and chronic medical complications [bleeding, infection, difficult
    birthing, painful intercourse], and deleterious psychological effects [depression,
    phobic anxiety, hostility]?

    ** Robert Spencer: What’s the Point of Mass Muslim Migration? -

    The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, has dared to buck the
    zeitgeist, saying: “When we see problems in other European countries, we do not want
    Muslims in the Czech Republic.”

    ** Canada: Another church vandalized with Islamic State graffiti -

    Ontario Provincial Police are looking for suspects after a church was spray-painted
    with Islamic State messaging in Guelph-Eramosa Township.

  16. Venezuelan police state refusing to allow opposition leaders to leave the country

    JAZZ SHAW Sep 03, 2017 8:01 PM

    Not surprising, but frightening none the less

    I thought more fighting would have broken out by now.

    People seem to be trying to flee rather than fight, so far.

    Our next refugee surge is likely to be from Venezuela.

    Many have already left for Colombia.

  17. Celebrating the English language - (quirkignosis will surely make the list next year)

    September 4, 2017
    Name-Calling -- What a Catharsis!
    By Eileen F. Toplansky

    I am slowly cleaning out my personal library. Of course, each volume must be scrupulously examined, marginal notes savored, and finally the book itself must be dusted and either put back among the shelves or given away.

    One of the gems is a 1986 book titled Dimboxes, Epopts, and Other Quidams: Words to Describe Life's Indescribable People by David Grambs. Its pages fill a need that I have long had for describing certain individuals in America today. While profanity has its own personal satisfaction, a more literate epithet is equally forceful and this book has quite a few colorful terms.

    The cover had a picture with the word canoodler or amorous caresser and Joe Biden instantly came to mind with his "nuzzling, hugging, squeezing or making sure the bodily contours are still there, as opposed to more urgent exploration."

    Then there is Bill Maher, a genuine âme de boue or someone "with a 'soul of mud,' whose thoughts and imagination, if not in the gutter, not higher than the curb" --- in short, "a mundane, nasty, cosmically dirty mind" as he accused the President of the United States of incest. And, of course, who could forget the grotesque Kathy Griffin?

    Jonathan Gruber and Susan Rice, exquisitely exemplify what being an ananias or "liar" is -- prevarication on steroids, shall we say?

    Hillary Clinton is a pseudologist -- a "skillful or systematic liar, able to pile lie upon lie without batting an eye" -- actually a "marathon ananias since she not only falsifies but embellishes and makes it all believable."

    How interesting that "charming sociopaths and playboy husbands are often pseudologists, also known as mythomaniacs."

    In addition, Hillary Clinton is both a cachinnator with her "loud laughter, whose deafening bray is usually inappropriate" as well as a fleerer who "emits howls of laughter chiefly to proclaim an avowed sense of humor or an aroused sense of superiority."

    Then there are the present-day snowflakes who, as misomusists or misosophists, "can't stand learning, which chiefly includes school, studying, lectures, books and instructive people," preferring to wrap themselves in safe spaces. Instead they seem to collapse "in tears at the slightest hint of adverse criticism, mockery or teasing" -- genuine catagelophobes.

    Far too many of the media fall into the category of "ipsedixitists or opiners who make dogmatic statements that are anything but proven facts, or whose assertions are borrowed from so-called authorities." Grambs calls them "parrots with an ego problem."

    Basically they are misologists or "thick-skulled individuals who hate any rational discussion or honest argument about an issue" and "who mightily resist becoming enlightened." Thus, if one attempts to "bounce ideas off a misologist, the ideas just clatter to the floor."

    Crowds who are agitprops or "vociferous, propagandistic agitators or sloganeers, particularly people with Marxist or leftist sympathies such as a rabid aspheterist (communist)" now occupy far too many college campuses. "Guerilla theater, bullhorns and revolutionary graffiti describe these people" as explained in this article titled "March for Science: Leftwing Agitprop Creates #FakeScience to Advance Liberal Agenda."

    1. Too often, groups such as Antifa are bashi-bazouk or "dangerously out-of-control, undisciplined individuals who know no law." Then there is George Soros who, as an "unusually evil manipulator," would be known as a Svengali or "cunningly exploitive" individual.

      One fervently hopes that there are some in the universities who are philonoists since they are the "knowledge seekers, otherwise known as the ideal students or continuing self-educators." The philonoist is the "instinctive or resolute inquirer and acquirer of facts and ideas old and new," ever desirous to learn. And, "like all ever hungering and well-exercised minds, never a know-it-all."

      Then there is Hurricane Harvey madness where Twitter comments include such comments as "I feel sorry for those in Texas and LA who will suffer when #Harvey strikes -- Even the idiot #Trump fans who still deny climate change." Apparently these folks think that the Gulf Coast is having its first hurricane ever. This "batch of baloney" describes perfectly the badaud or "idle, markedly stupid individual who believes just about anything and is a half-witted gossip. A cousin to badaud is the bayard or "self-confident ignoramus, the person who is not only a dimwit but one cocksure about himself or herself or do I have to say theirself!

      Instead of being bayards, it would behoove these people to become zetetics or "skeptical inquirers" who do some further looking into an issue.

      Obama, of course, was an accomplished Aldiborontiphoscophornio or "unduly self-inflated and pretentious" individual. Seems like the size of the word explains itself! In addition, Obama as an autotheist was "not only self-centered but self-deifying, or at least self-worshiping."

      Know anyone who is a Boeotian or someone "so incredibly stupid and dull, so unbelievably obtuse, so far from being cultivated, that a word fails you?

      Then there is Congress -- with far too many laglasts -- "those who dawdle, shuffle, hang back" even when they had at least seven years to figure out an alternative plan to the meant-to-fail-Obamacare plan.

      Fortunately, not all is lost as Judicial Watch, and Circa News, compurgators or true friends at court have been carefully exposing the lies of the Obama White House and now the FBI. Thus, we learn that

      the Comey FBI lied to us. Last July, we sent FOIA requests to both the Comey FBI and the Lynch DOJ asking for any documents related to the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. The FBI, under the then directorship of James Comey, quickly replied that ‘No records responsive to your request were located.'”

    2. And now... "declassified documents [show] that Comey and the FBI may have repeatedly broken the law by improperly receiving and sharing intelligence from surveillance conducted on American citizens. Even worse, there is evidence that Comey knew about these violations, but did little to stop them and hid the abuses from Congress."

      Is Comey a dastard, "one of those active, sneaky cowards -- the kind who do things furtively and maliciously, all the while slyly protecting himself." As Matthew Vadum writes

      The case that the hand wringing, sanctimonious Comey was thoroughly corrupt, exquisitely marinated in the swamp waters and flesh pools of decadent official Washington, was already fairly solid but with these new revelations it seems even more obvious that he was less top cop than grand inquisitor. He thought of himself as judge and jury, justice be damned. As long as he ended up looking good, all was well, in his eyes.

      And an expressive word that begins with a satisfying "f" that refers to a "despicable individual," foumart is perfect for the likes of Maxine Waters or as Michelle Malkin calls her "swamp queen."

      Snollygoster or sharpie -- that is "a shrewd , unscrupulous opportunist" seems apt to describe former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as her name keeps emerging when it comes to threats against police and lawyers and the ongoing DNC lawsuit. Her recently exposed connection with the Awan brothers is even more evidence of her malice and possible connection to an actual murder. Nonstop scandal swirls around this woman.

      Happily, a truepenny is "nothing less than a solidly honest and trustworthy person, and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and Sheriff David A. Clarke come to mind.

      And then there is the amicus humani generis or "friend of the human race." You can see those folks among the first responders, the police, the firemen and those brave souls who have been assisting in the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts because "it is the right thing to do."

      So for the menschen or "wonderfully solid, decent human beings, who are thoroughly honorable and compassionate" among us, let us raise our glasses and toast them for their genuine "fellow-feeling." For the others -- feh!

  18. Top Venezuelan opposition leaders plan to meet with European leaders this week to denounce human rights abuses under President Nicolas Maduro, as his government continues a crackdown on dissent.


    An open letter published by the opposition-dominated National Assembly called for more international pressure against Maduro’s government in light of the treason probes.

  19. Tragifarce -

    September 4, 2017
    Robert Mueller and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    By John M. Ellis

    Did President Trump have a right to be annoyed with Jeff Sessions for recusing himself? A plausible case can be made that Sessions didn’t have to do it, but then there’s an equally plausible case that he did. The real grounds for criticizing Sessions lie elsewhere: once he decided that he would need to recuse himself, Sessions had a duty to make sure that a replacement was on hand who was up to the task that Sessions had sidestepped. That he did not do. Rod Rosenstein has made one grievous mistake after another, with no end in sight.

    Rosenstein’s most important error was the complete incoherence of his statement of the scope of the investigation in his order of May 17 appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel: “…any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.” Here he specified no particular actor (there are scores that this might refer to) nor particular actions, times or places, nor even crimes, because “links” and “coordination” are not in themselves criminal.

    Think about what Special Counsel was being asked to do. Absent any specific allegations, he would need to do something akin to proving a negative. Proving that a specific event actually happened is possible because the details of that event tell us where to look, but proving that something never happened is impossible because it could have happened at any time or place and by action of any person. We could never exhaust all the possibilities. Similarly, for Special Counsel to reach the conclusion that no coordination ever took place is a logical impossibility: it would require that he retroactively monitor every moment of the life of every person involved in the Trump campaign, and that he seize every conceivable record of all such people. If he only asked for phone records, he would miss evidence in emails, but if he also asked for emails, he would miss evidence in written correspondence. And if he asked only for all of these, he would miss what diaries can tell him. And then there are text messages… But even all of this would not be enough: he would need to look into what other people’s records might tell him about each person’s activities. (But which other people? How many?) Mueller would have to do this for every single one of Trump’s campaign staff.

    But since he can’t cite any criminal act, he has no legal grounds to get any of this evidence. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 28, Section 600, provides that Special Counsel shall have no special powers but only those of any other U.S. Attorney, and that he must follow all rules and regulations of the Justice Department. Like every other U.S. Attorney, he’d have to show why he needs records, and having no alleged crime to base his request on, he can’t.

    To get anything at all he’d have to proceed unethically and in violation of the law. There is a now well-known Special Counsel tactic:....

  20. DESPITE bearing the brunt of stiff international sanctions, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continues to splash cash on personal luxuries and advancing the country’s weapons program.

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and other world leaders are hoping “unprecedented pressure” should be brought to bear on the hermit kingdom including sanctions on the country’s foreign trading back, a block on remittances and bans on coal, iron ore and seafood.
    But if the sanctions are having any effect on Kim’s lifestyle, he’s certainly not showing it. The Supreme Leader’s recent purchases are thought to include a gleaming white yacht, expensive liquors and even the equipment necessary to kit out a luxury ski resort, according to CNN.

  21. Lets preemptively emp the Norks before they emp us -


    Options dwindle as world faces renewed threats from rogue regime.

    September 4, 2017 Joseph Klein

    ....Crash programs to develop and deploy far more robust missile defense systems in strategic locations and to harden the United States’ electric grid against a possible EMP attack are of immediate priority. And the United States cannot rule out launching an EMP attack of its own against North Korea if it has highly credible intelligence that North Korea is preparing an imminent nuclear attack against the United States or its allies. This may become the only viable way to destroy in time North Korea’s essential infrastructures and facilities supporting their offensive nuclear and ballistic missile weaponry before North Korea can use it.

  22. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff


  23. Today's Offerings From Jihad Watch

    UK: Muslims condemn as “Islamophobic” posters warning about Muslim rape gangs
    By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 11:45 am
    UK: Muslims condemn as “Islamophobic” posters warning about Muslim rape gangs
    The BNP is or at least was an avowedly race-based party, and “alt-right,” when it has any substance at all and isn’t just an establishment media smear term, generally refers to racist and anti-Semitic views. These are not views I support; I’ve always maintained that opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression is not a […]
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    Brooklyn-based Muslim: “Then we will go to FBI headquarters, kill the FBI people”
    By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 11:00 am
    Brooklyn-based Muslim: “Then we will go to FBI headquarters, kill the FBI people”
    Apparently Akhror Saidakhmetov didn’t get the memo on how the FBI steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat, falsely claims that “right-wing extremists” are as much or more of a violent threat than jihadis, and apparently tried to get foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression murdered. If he had known […]
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    Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Ball State University gives academic credit to students for meeting Muslims
    By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 10:10 am
    Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Ball State University gives academic credit to students for meeting Muslims
    This is based on the oft-repeated claim of the establishment media and Islamic apologists that “Islamophobia” stems from people simply not knowing any Muslims personally, and if these racist, redneck yahoos would simply meet some of these charming, wise, noble people, they would no longer be greasy Islamophobes, but would morph immediately into metrosexual, horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing […]
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    1. UK: Former Labour MP says Left turning blind eye to Muslim rape gangs for fear of being called “racist”
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 09:55 am
      UK: Former Labour MP says Left turning blind eye to Muslim rape gangs for fear of being called “racist”
      This is obviously true. Even Champion herself apologized for stating what is obvious fact. As the last jihadi knife blade slices through the neck of the last Leftist in the UK, the victim will be consoling himself with the last thought, “At least I was never a racist.” “‘Floppy’ Labour are turning a blind eye […]
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      UK: State schools allowing girls as young as five to wear hijabs as part of uniform
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 09:37 am
      UK: State schools allowing girls as young as five to wear hijabs as part of uniform
      “In an Islamic context, the hijab is commonly understood as being for females after they reach the age of puberty. There are very few Muslims who would say a child should be covered.” Yes, women are required to cover their hair so that they don’t tempt men. This policy in the schools is implying that […]
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      Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to classify Antifa as a “hate group”
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 09:26 am
      Southern Poverty Law Center refuses to classify Antifa as a “hate group”
      Of course. The SPLC and Antifa have the same overall goal: to destroy the freedom of speech and allow only Leftists access to the public square. The SPLC demonizes and tries to destroy dissenters (including foes of jihad terror) by lumping them in with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Antifa, a […]
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      Netherlands: Muslims at “Palestinian” rally screamed about killing Jews
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 09:10 am
      Netherlands: Muslims at “Palestinian” rally screamed about killing Jews
      As I explain in my book The Truth About Muhammad, Muhammad led a Muslim force against the Khaybar oasis, which was inhabited by Jews — many of whom he had previously exiled from Medina — and massacred them. The Khaybar chant is a threat of new massacres of Jews. “Leefebaar [sic] Rotterdam, a right-wing faction […]
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      France: Muslim MP strikes rival politician with motorbike helmet, puts him in intensive care
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 08:58 am
      France: Muslim MP strikes rival politician with motorbike helmet, puts him in intensive care
      Yes, Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner senseless with a cane on the floor of the U.S. Senate, but that was a long time ago. This is something new in Western politics, courtesy of the mass influx of adherents of a culture of violence. Oh, and maybe Faure called him names. So what? People get called […]
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      Muslim leader vows to intensify jihad in Kashmir, calls on Pakistan to work for “supremacy of Islam”
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 08:44 am
      Muslim leader vows to intensify jihad in Kashmir, calls on Pakistan to work for “supremacy of Islam”
      “In further evidence of Pakistani terror outfit Jamat ud-Dawa’s attempts at inciting violence in India, the organisation’s second-in-command, Abdul Rehman Makki, has pledging to intensify ‘Jihad’ in Jammu and Kashmir.” What’s Makki going to do? Start hitting the gym more often? Seriously, only in the West, due to the deliberate obfuscation of Leftists and Islamic […]
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      Southern Poverty Law Center: “Our aim in life is to destroy these groups, completely”
      By Robert Spencer on Sep 03, 2017 08:31 am
      Southern Poverty Law Center: “Our aim in life is to destroy these groups, completely”
      The problem is not so much that the Southern Poverty Law Center libels and defames me and others who are calling attention to the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat. The problem is that the establishment media uniformly acts as if the SPLC were an impartial and reliable arbiter of what constitutes a “hate […]
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  24. The Norks look to be readying another launch of an ICBM.