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Saturday, September 30, 2017

We did enough damage in the Middle East, just as we did in SE Asia. Time to go now.

Russian op saved Syria from being overrun by ISIS – analysts to RT

Russian op saved Syria from being overrun by ISIS – analysts to RT
It is two years since Russia launched its military operation to fight terrorists in Syria at the request of Damascus. Analysts say that this move was crucial in saving the Middle Eastern country from falling into the hands of jihadists.

Russia launched its aerial campaign in Syria at the official request of the Syrian government in September 2015, after Damascus asked Moscow for help in the fight against terrorist groups and Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) in particular.

Two years on, experts told RT that this decision turned the tide of battle in Syria and came as nothing less than “salvation” for the Middle Eastern country facing a jihadist takeover. Back in 2015, Islamic State was almost “at the gate of Damascus”while the Syrian governmental forces were on the verge of defeat, former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told RT, adding that “Russia saved the day for the Syrian government.”

His words were echoed by Alessandro Bruno, a senior analyst at Lombardi Letter, a Toronto based Advisory firm, who previously worked for the UN in North Africa. Bruno said that Islamic State might well even be in Damascus right now if not for Moscow’s timely interference.

He drew attention to the fact that Islamic State was by far the most powerful Syrian rebel force as its fighters apparently received good training and “really good military strategists” were involved in the terrorist group operation planning.

“Because of its excessive power, Islamic State could have gotten control over [all Syrian territories] if not for Russia,” he said.

Ford also said that Russia’s military operation also weakened Islamic State in another way as “before that point, the US and other western states as well as the Gulf countries were sending [substantial aid] to the Islamist forces” despite the fact that this aid often ended up in the hands of Islamic State.

Russian airstrikes on the terrorists’ ammunition depots and equipment storage bases deprived Islamic State of its material and technological resources.

Russia also helped Syrian government forces to achieve “important strategic and symbolic” victories in Aleppo, Palmyra and other regions, Abdo Haddad, a Syria-based journalist and author told RT, adding that “proper planning, cooperation and air cover” provided by the Russian Air Force played a key role in those efforts.

The experts concur that, due to the successful joint efforts of the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Army, Islamic State in Syria has effectively now been defeated in most areas. Ford in particular stressed that the terrorist group is likely to be eradicated in Syria as a regular fighting force by early next year and “the end of the conflict is in sight.”

De-escalation zones ‘a remedy’ for war-torn country

However, Russia’s role in Syria over the last two years was not confined solely to military assistance, the experts say.

It was the Russian diplomatic efforts that prevented the situation in Syria from “getting completely out of hand” following the alleged chemical attack in the town of Khan Shaykhun in the Idlib province in April 2017, Ford told RT.

The former diplomat also said that, even though the US did carry out an airstrike against a Syrian military base following the incident, the Russian position on the matter apparently prevented it from “going any further.”

The experts also praised Moscow’s efforts in the Astana peace process and particularly its initiative involving the establishment of the de-escalation zones. These zones facilitated the separation of the moderate opposition from the hard-line jihadists and terrorists, as well as contributing to the reconciliation between the parties to the Syrian civil war.

The proposal to establish four de-escalation zones was signed by Russia, Iran and Turkey as well as approved by the Syrian government in May 2017 in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana. Four de-escalation zones were envisaged, located in eastern Ghouta, parts of Homs, Hama, Latakia, Aleppo and Idlib provinces as well as territories in southern Syria. Also included was the creation of a mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in these regions.

The de-escalation roadmap “was a true remedy for the [civil] war,” Haddad said, adding that Russia’s political efforts were just as important for “preserving Syria’s sovereignty and unity” as the military assistance.

Ford also praised Russia’s efforts aimed at cooperation with Turkey in the field of de-escalation, adding that Ankara’s involvement could help defuse tensions in Idlib province, which has long been an anti-government stronghold.

US to impede Syrian peace process?

Analysts warned that the crisis in the region is far from over as the US possibly does not want to see Syria re-united. The end of the civil war would effectively mean the collapse of US plans to topple the Syrian government, and Washington shifting its focus to the Kurds.

The Kurdish question could become another reason for a war in the region and put the Russians, who are seeking to preserve the Syrian territorial integrity, “directly against the US” which supports the Kurds, Bruno told RT.

"Such an eventuality would greatly escalate tensions between Russian and US forces on the ground, leading to an increased risk of a direct clash between the two,” he added.

He also said that the US is likely to “obstruct the Syrian Army’s efforts to regain the last bits of the Syrian land” that are still in the hands of terrorists and Islamist armed groups. The US wants to prevent Syria from recovering, and eventually to redesign the Middle East, Bruno added.

He believes that redrawing the map of the Middle East is directly linked to the issue of redistribution of the oil and gas resources, so that is just “a formula for a continuous war in the region.”

His words were echoed by Haddad, who said that the US could impede the peace process in a number of ways that include “pushing Kurds towards a clash with Arabs” as well as “targeting Syrian and Russian troops in Tanaf and Deir ez-Zor.”

Ford also warned that the US could use Kurds as its “proxies” and “encourage them to grab some land.” He said that while most Syrian Kurds do not want to secede from the unified Syria, the US could use its leverage to force them in the opposite direction.


  1. We got millions killed and wounded, probably permanently altered Europe for the worse, lost trillions and nobody benefited except ISIS,

    We don't need any thing there that we cannot buy. It is simply none of our business. China won. We lost.

    Get out. Stay out.

  2. Scatter fuckup John McCain's ashes over it as a memorial to the biggest US foreign policy fuckup since the last US fuckup to hopefully prevent the next US fuckup.

  3. Pete, an expert, has got me convinced that the Rookies can't do no wrong.

    1. From the fella that thinks that the 'Wahhabi' is an America Indian dance routine.


  4. An extended weather delay, an uncompetitive game and threats of viewers boycotting the NFL over national anthem protests didn’t stop Thursday Night Football from seeing a ratings and viewership bump over last year

    1. The Green Bay Packers' 35-14 victory over the Chicago Bears netted 15.1 million viewers across all platform, including Amazon Prime Video, NFL Digital and CBS's digital streaming service. The total viewership was a 3% improvement over the comparable TNF broadcast last season: the Packers-Bears Thursday night game played on Oct. 10, 2016.


  5. While the leader of the Islamic State tells us that the 'Rat Doctrine' defeated him.

    Sounding a defiant tone, Mr. Baghdadi ridiculed the coalition forces who are battling the group with American help, saying they “wouldn’t stand one hour of fighting without Crusader air support.”


  6. "Little Marco" can read the writing on the wall

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Friday on CNN that Trump should put the U.S. military in charge of handling and delivering aid to Puerto Rico. He asserted that only the Pentagon could repair the logistical issues preventing aid from reaching island residents.

    San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Friday urged Trump to ramp up the federal assistance, ripping acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke for referring to the government’s response as a “good news story.”

    “Damnit, this is not a good news story,” Cruz said. “This is a people-are-dying story.”

  7. Nah

    Is Any Part Of The Russia Election Hacking Story True?
    2:09 PM ET

    Conspiracy Theories: Instead of building up to a troubling conclusion about the Trump campaign's conclusion with Russian to interfere in the 2016 election, the "facts" about this story keep turning out to be untrue. The latest is the claim that Russian tried to hack 21 state election systems.

    For months, we've been told that Russian hackers had targeted anywhere from 21 to 39 state election systems.

    Here's how Bloomberg reported the story in June: "Russia's cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before Donald Trump's election was far more widespread than has been publicly revealed, including incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported."

    In June, Samuel Liles, the Department of Homeland Security's acting director of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Cyber Division, told Congress that "the Russian government tried to hack election-related computer systems in 21 states."

    Then, earlier this month, the election hacking story made headlines again when DHS officials notified state officials in 21 states about the attempts to breach their voter registration systems.

    This sparked renewed outrage from Democrats about how the election results had been "hacked" by Russia.

    But then the story started to fall apart, when Wisconsin and California said DHS was wrong about their systems being targeted.

    California found that Russia hadn't scanned its Secretary of State website at all. "Following our request for further information, it became clear that DHS' conclusions were wrong," California's Secretary of State Alex Padilla said.

    DHS backpedaled on its claim about Wisconsin after state officials there point out that the web address in the DHS report was for the state's Department of Workforce Development, not its elections commission.

    Who knows how many other "targeted" states also weren't targeted. What we do know, as Judd Choate, president of the U.S. National Association of State Election Directors, put it, that "there remains no evidence that the Russians altered one vote or changed one registration."

    But that didn't stop various Trump critics from claiming that this was further evidence that Russia stole the election for Trump.

    This has, unfortunately, become the norm since Trump unexpectedly won the election in November. Headline-grabbing stories claim that Russia was involved in some nefarious election-related business, and then days or weeks later the stories turn out to false or wildly exaggerated.

    1. Glenn Greenwald, the left-wing journalist who was the darling of the mainstream press until he started complaining about the media's postelection coverage of Russia, recently cataloged several such fake news stories.

      In June, three CNN journalists were let go after they falsely reported that Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci had links to a Russian investment fund that was under Congressional investigation.

      The Washington Post had to take back a story claiming Russians hacked into Vermont's electric utility grid. It also had to correct a story on alleged Russia propaganda efforts, as well as one claiming that President Obama "sought to prod Facebook on Russia role." Turns out, Obama hadn't singled out Russia at all but was talking about so-called "fake news" in general.

      The infamous Trump "dossier," which has been used as a road map for reporters and investigators, turns out to have been the work of a notorious opposition research firm founded by former journalists.

      "This has happened over and over and over again," Greenwald writes. "Inflammatory claims about Russia get mindlessly hyped by media outlets, almost always based on nothing more than evidence-free claims from government officials, only to collapse under the slightest scrutiny, because they are entirely lacking in evidence."

      He said it points to "an incredibly reckless, anything-goes climate (that) prevails when it comes to claims about Russia. Media outlets will publish literally any official assertion as Truth without the slightest regard for evidentiary standards."

      As we've noted in this space repeatedly, after more than a year of investigations by law enforcement and the press, we've yet to see a shred of credible evidence that Trump had anything to do with whatever Russia actually was up to during the 2016 election. Or any evidence whatsoever that whatever Russia was up to had any impact on anyone's votes.

      It's shameful, and a disservice to the public. Even Chicken Little didn't claim the sky was falling this often.

    2. California is nothing but a bunch of dishonest far alt-right hacks covering for their man Trump.

  8. John Bolton: U.S. Should Support Independence for Kurds, ‘State of Iraq as We Have Known It Doesn’t Exist Anymore’
    By Geller Report Staff - on September 29, 2017

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said it’s time for America to realize the Iraq of years past is long gone, and that the best foreign policy going forward would be for the United States to support the Kurds in their quest for independence.

    John Bolton says helping the Kurds achieve their independence would be a good thing for America.
    He made the remarks during a chat on Sirius XM with Raheem Kassam and Steve Bannon.

    And he spoke of the long-time friendship America’s maintained with the Kurds as part of the reason the United States shouldn’t turn blind eyes to their fight for independence now.

    Breitbart has more of the story:

    “The Kurds are one of the largest ethnic groups in the world that has never had a nation in contemporary times,” Bolton explained. “Just two days ago, they held a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan and voted well over 90 percent for independence. I think the United States should support independence for the Kurds. They’ve been friends of ours in the struggle against Saddam Hussein and the struggle against international terrorism. I think they’d be an important buffer against Iran.”

    “And let’s face it: the state of Iraq as we have known it doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s not coming back together,” he added. “The Baghdad government is controlled by the ayatollahs from Tehran. The American strategy to defeat ISIS, which has relied so heavily on the Baghdad government, I think has been a mistake.”

    “I think it’s a mistake for the State Department now, as it did before the referendum, to tell the Kurds ‘don’t hold it,’ and opposing now the inevitable consequences. They’re now going to be de jure independent,” said Bolton.

    Bolton agreed with Bannon’s salute of the Kurds as a reliable U.S. ally over the past three decades.

    “They asked, in early days, ‘please just give us weapons.’ Of course, the Obama administration didn’t want to do that for the longest time. Now we are, and I think that’s right,” he said.

    “This referendum has created a new reality. I just don’t see the State Department at this point acknowledging that, even though it benefits the United States,” he lamented.

    Bannon said the situation was even worse than that, quoting a New York Times report that the State Department tried to stifle the Kurdish independence vote because it didn’t want to upset Iran and Turkey.

    “This is Obama administration thinking, reflecting the obsession with the Iran nuclear deal and not wanting to do anything that might cause problems there, and reflecting the idea that the Turkey of today is the Turkey of 30 or 40 years ago,” Bolton responded.

    1. “During the Cold War, Turkey was a loyal ally of the United States, but under Erdogan, they are moving toward becoming an Islamic state, and unfortunately moving at a very rapid rate,” he said. “Independence for the Kurds in Iraq has implications for the very large Kurdish population, particularly in eastern and southeastern Turkey. That would have worried me 20 years ago. It doesn’t worry me today, given the Erdogan government in Turkey.”

      “There’s simply no doubt that this will have an impact in Turkey,” Bolton said after Kassam noted the Kurds are a significant element in the European refugee crisis. “I’ve been to that region, that border between Turkey and Iraq, which is entirely Kurdish. The only Turks in that region are the Turkish military. This is a long-standing dispute that goes back centuries.”

      “Erdogan has been entirely cynical. He allowed these Syrian refugees free passage across Turkey over the past couple of years to get to Greece, to get into the Balkans, to get into Europe. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to relieve pressure on his own regime. Getting rid of the Kurds for him is maybe even better than getting rid of the Syrians in the refugee camps inside Turkey,” Bolton said.

      He said Erdogan has been moving toward making Turkey an Islamic state throughout his presidency, and during his tenure as Prime Minister before that.

      “He has successfully purged most of the judiciary of the secular judges who were upholding Kemal Ataturk’s secular constitution,” Bolton noted. “Even before the most recent failed coup attempt, he had been purging the military of secular – at least in their political views – secular generals and replacing them with Islamicist generals. He’s all but said he wants a caliphate.”

      “When he was mayor of Istanbul back in the 1990s, he famously said, ‘Democracy is like a streetcar: you ride it to the stop you want, and then you get off.’ I think he’s getting ready to get off, and I think re-establishing the caliphate is definitely on that agenda,” he predicted.

      As for the fragile Iraqi state, Bolton said it was important to destroy the Islamic State “caliphate,” while also considering “what the region looks like once we defeat ISIS.”

      “Unfortunately, following the Obama administration strategy, which the Pentagon and the State Department are still doing – by expanding control of the current Iraqi government, we’re giving Iran the possibility of an arc of power, a land bridge from Iran to Iraq, to Assad’s Syria, to Hezbollah in Lebanon that threatens Israel and threatens the oil-producing Arab governments of the Arabian peninsula,” he warned.

      Bannon said that Iran has effectively gained control of four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and Sanaa in Yemen.

      “Yemen, although it doesn’t get a lot of attention in the United States, people should think of it as a backdoor to the oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” Bolton advised. “That’s why they’ve focused on trying to destroy the Houthi rebels in Yemen, which are the surrogates for Iran.”

    2. Mr Bolton is so 20th Century.

      Part of the "Old Establishment"
      An elitist member of the Elite

  9. USS Liberty - Case Now Closed

    Only Bob and WiO had it right....

    The USS Liberty Incident: "The USS Liberty: Case Closed"

    by Michael B. Oren

    ....Refuting this accusation was difficult if not impossible in the past, when the official records on the Liberty were designated top-secret and closed to the general public. With the recent declassification of these documents in the United States and Israel, however, researchers have gained access to a wealth of primary sources - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and U.S. military records, Israeli diplomatic correspondence, and memoranda from both the State Department and the White House. With the aid of these materials, the attack on the Liberty can now be reconstructed virtually minute-by-minute and with remarkable detail. The picture that emerges is not one of crime at all, nor even of criminal negligence, but of a string of failed communications, human errors, unfortunate coincidences and equipment failures on both the American and Israeli sides - the kind of tragic, senseless mistake that is all too common in the thick of war.....

    ....The Israelis, too, committed their own share of fateful errors, as the Yerushalmi report points out: The erroneous reports of bombardment at El-Arish, the failure to replace the Liberty's marker on the board after it had been cleared, the over-eagerness of naval commanders, and worst of all, Ensign Yifrah's miscalculation of the ship's speed. Though Yerushalmi's report suggested reasons for these errors - inflexible naval procedures, the inaccuracy of speed-measuring devices - one is still left with a sense of poor organization and sloppy execution. Moreover, there were breakdowns in communications between the Israeli navy and air force stemming from inadequate command structure and the immense pressures of a multi-front war. To these factors must be added Israel's general sensitivity about its coastal defenses, and the exhaustion of its pilots after four days of uninterrupted combat. Yet none of these amount to the kind of gross negligence of which the Israelis have been accused.

    And then there were "bad breaks" that are unfortunately commonplace in war: The U.S. planes that were called back because of their nuclear payload (their mere presence might have warded off the torpedo boats); the Liberty's inability to signal the approaching Israeli boats, and the machine gunner who fired on them; and the smoke that hid the identities of both the attackers and the attacked.

    All of these elements combined to create a tragic "friendly fire" incident of the kind that claimed the lives of at least fifty Israeli soldiers in the Six Day War, and caused 5,373 American casualties in Vietnam in 1967 alone.53 Obviously, these findings can do little to lessen the suffering of those American servicemen who were wounded in the incident, nor can they be expected to offer comfort to the families of the dead. But they should at least permit us to bring to a close what has for a generation remained one of the most painful chapters in the history of America's relationship with the State of Israel.


    1. Only tbe Jewidh Library would su
      Be so crassas to publish those lies

    2. .

      Or Michael Oren.

      One more coverup article.

      It surprises me it would be the faux farmer who brought this up again given how pitifully he whines every time the subject is raised.



    3. Ph, Mr Oren, the Israeli Ambassador that told US that Israel would prefer al-Qeada taking power in Syria, rather than allowing the Assad regime to survive.

      Fuck him

    4. Thought I had a bonded duty to bring it your attention, Quirk.

  10. Cayucos Beach Webcam

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    3. BobSat Sep 30, 05:46:00 PM EDT
      You need a webcam in your lava tube so we can watch the bats come and go to and from their hunting.

      Include some selfies for our enjoyment, too.

  11. A DOJ Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination Against A Group You Wouldn’t Expect
    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 5:31 pm on September 30, 201

    In recent years we’ve seen any number of federal lawsuits alleging discrimination against employers. They have been brought based on allegations of racial discrimination against minorities, bias against gays and lesbians or even on religious grounds. But there’s a new one coming out of Colorado with a twist. The Justice Department is charging a company with violating the Immigration and Nationality Act by discriminating against American citizens in favor of immigrants applying for guest worker visas.

    SEE ALSO: Gen. Honore to Trump: San Juan’s mayor is living in a cot and you’re out golfing

    Crop Production Services Inc. was allegedly turning down American workers applying for seasonal agricultural jobs after demanding they meet more stringent job requirements than non-citizens with visas. (Free Beacon)

    The complaint states that Crop Production Services discriminated against three Americans, Ramiro Torres, Ramiro Salinas, and Javier Salinas, “based on their citizenship status.”

    The DOJ argues the company put these individuals through a more rigorous hiring and vetting process and denied them jobs as seasonal workers at a rice breeding facility in El Campo, Texas. The company instead filled all its positions with “H-2A visa holders from Mexico.”

    “In the spirit of President Trump’s Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American, the Department of Justice will not tolerate employers who discriminate against U.S. workers because of a desire to hire temporary foreign visa holders,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “The Justice Department will enforce the Immigration and Nationality Act in order to protect U.S. workers as they are the very backbone of our communities and our economy.”....

  12. As with regards to Iraq ...

    Why is it that no matter the Administration, the "Draft Dodger" always takes the anti-US position?

    Erbil, Iraq (CNN)The United States does not recognize the independence referendum held this week in Iraqi Kurdistan, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Friday.

    "The vote and the results lack legitimacy and we continue to support a united, federal, democratic and prosperous Iraq," Tillerson said in a statement.

    To support an independent Kurdistan is an anti-US position to advocate.

    1. Tillerson is being stupid.

      None of Iraq is united, federal democratic or prosperous.

      Like Syria, it doesn't really exist any longer.

      "Rat Fink" realizes this.

    2. "Rat Fink" sees it a good for Iseael, therefore he is against it.

      That is his guiding star. What is good for Israel is bad, what is bad for Israel is good.

      Same wit the Catholic Polish Quirk, to a lesser degree.

    3. Tillerson speaks tmtor the United States, he represents the President.

      YOU are, it seems, constantly advocating anti-US policies.

      Whether it was Obama or, as in the now, the Trump Administration ...

      The Draft Dodger opposes US foreign policies. No matter who the US President in the White House is.

    4. I ate a Polish Sausage today- Polaski brand or something like that.

      Stuffed with turkey, beef and ham.

      It was very good.

    5. On, I don'i oppose all US policies, only he poorly thought out ones.

    6. You are beginning to rant, again.

    7. Why does the Draft Dodger always support the anti-US faction?

      Why does he constantly disrespect US officials, regardless the Asministration they represent?

    8. Leave me out or your rants the rest of the week.

      Thank you

    9. Stay off the blog, then

      You never honored Rufus's requests to not write and rant towards him. You disregarded my requests for honesty in your posts.

      I'll never honor yours to be left alone

    10. When you post anti-US Propaganda it will not be ignored.

      When you post lies ...
      It will not be ignored

    11. Rufus never made any such request. In his case I think he got ill.

      Trish left because of you, as did Whit, and a number of others.

      I'd honor your requests, maybe, but not certainly, in some other life, given all he lying you have done.

      Go back to your mom's basement now and quit stirring up trouble, expert General. Bwabwabwa

    12. You're full of shit.

      I am going to take a nap.

      Let the others read your bullshit if they wish.


      Cheers to all the others....

    13. Rufus certainly did

      Run away, coward.

    14. Rufus run away from you, like so may others.

      And now you're telling us that 'a good American' should obey and support whatever military doctrine happens to come down the tack at any given time. Regardless, we must obey.

      What a muddle you must live in !!

      The order is given "Kill the women and children" and immediately off goes rat killing the women and children.

      I am outta here. Rat has turned it into nasty again.

    15. Generals Rufus and rat both owned me money on the bet about when ISIS would be pushed out of Iraq. Both predicted over a year and a half ago. Rufus owes me $100 and rat owes me $5, and never have paid up nor have any intention to do so.

      We learn:

      !)Neither is very good at understanding battles and predicting the outcomes


      2) Neither pay their debts.

    16. It was at this time I finally figured out both spoke through their hats.

      Neither actually knows squat.

    17. Post the alledged bet

      You cannot do it.
      There never was a bet, butt boy bob

  13. If it was one particular person that drove Rufus away I would bet on Doug. Bob would be my second guess.

    1. It was rat.

      Also Trish, The Cleaning Lady, Whit and a couple more left because of rat. You could also put mika in that category and it still doesn't name them all. Even Allen maybe, though he had some medical issues.

    2. Rufus is a pussy, bottom line. He went off the deep left end at the end, even saying his young niece should have no problem with Obamas sharing a bathroom with a pervert. Sicko. Glad he's gone. Hope he's lurking and sees this. Fuck him.

    3. Ash, are you protesting the USA flag this weekend, along with all the other BLMs?

    4. Rufus left because he saw the writing on the wall about Hillary getting her ass kicked in the election. All his Madam President bullshit.

      I doubt he has gotten up from his fetal position.

    5. And if what BLM Ash says about Doug driving Rufus away is true, Doug is my new hero.

  14. Rufus was here when I went to Burbank and was gone when I returned. That time period did overlap much of the 2016 election cycle.

    As for his standing on the bravery scale ... he was not a draft dodger.

    Mr Oren, as Israel's ambassador to the US, told the JPost that Israel supported al-Qeada operatives taking power in Syria.

    He and the country he represents do not have US National Interests at heart.

    Neither he nor Bibi put America First

    Neither does our Draft Dodger.

    1. Trish, bob called her a syphilistic slut

      Melody, his vibe was simpler ... He reduced her to a "cunt".

      Run away draft dodger as far and as fast as you can

    2. You are a self confessed war criminal, ratso, and a dead beat dad.

      You win the big prize, going away.