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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Where is Jeff Sessions and the GOP on the Ethically Altered Comey/Mueller FBI Scandal?

by VICTOR DAVIS HANSON September 7, 2017 12:00 AM @VDHANSON

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Beware of Narratives and Misinformation

U.S. intelligence agencies said Russia was responsible for hacking Democratic National Committee e-mail accounts, leading to the publication of about 20,000 stolen e-mails on WikiLeaks.
But that finding was reportedly based largely on the DNC’s strange outsourcing of the investigation to a private cybersecurity firm. Rarely does the victim of a crime first hire a private investigator whose findings later form the basis of government conclusions.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is many things. But so far he has not been caught lying about the origin of the leaked documents that came into his hands. He has insisted for well over a year that the Russians did not provide him with the DNC e-mails.

When it was discovered that the e-mails had been compromised, then–DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz weirdly refused to allow forensic detectives from the FBI to examine the DNC server to probe the evidence of the theft. Why did the FBI accept that refusal?

That strange behavior was not as bizarre as Wasserman Schultz’s later frenzied efforts to protect her information-technology specialist, Imran Awan, from Capitol Police and FBI investigations. Both agencies were hot on Awan’s trail for unlawfully transferring secure data from government computers, and also for bank and federal-procurement fraud.

So far, the story of the DNC hack is not fully known, but it may eventually be revealed that it involves other actors beyond just the Russians.

There is not much left to the media myth of James Comey as dutiful FBI director, unjustly fired by a partisan and vindictive President Donald Trump. A closer look suggests that Comey may have been the most politicized, duplicitous, and out-of-control FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover.
There is not much left to the media myth of James Comey as dutiful FBI director, unjustly fired by a partisan and vindictive President Donald Trump.

During the 2016 election, Comey, quite improperly, was put into the role of prosecutor, judge, and jury in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. That proved a disaster. Comey has admitted under oath to deliberately leaking his own notes — which were likely government property — to the media to prompt the appointment of a special counsel. That ploy worked like clockwork, and by a strange coincidence it soon resulted in the selection of his friend, former FBI director Robert Mueller.
Comey earlier had assured the public that his investigation of Clinton had shown no prosecutable wrongdoing (a judgment that in normal times would not be the FBI’s to make). It has since been disclosed that Comey offered that conclusion before he had even interviewed Clinton.

That inversion suggests that Comey had assumed that whatever he found out about Clinton would not change the reality that the Obama administration would probably drop the inquiry anyway — so Comey made the necessary ethical adjustments.

Comey was also less than truthful when he testified that there had been no internal FBI communications concerning the infamous meeting between Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, and then–attorney general Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac. In fact, there was a trail of FBI discussion about that supposedly secret rendezvous.

Before he fired Comey, Trump drafted a letter outlining the source of his anger. But it seemed to have little to do with the obstruction of justice.

Instead, Trump’s anguished letter complained about Comey’s private assurances that the president was not under FBI investigation, which were offered at about the same time a winking-and-nodding Comey would not confirm that reality to the press, thus leaving the apparently deliberate impression that a compromised president was in legal jeopardy.

There is also a media fantasy about the Antifa street protesters. Few have criticized their systematic use of violence. But when in history have youths running through the streets decked out in black with masks, clubs, and shields acted nonviolently?

Antifa rioters in Charlottesville were praised by progressives for violently confronting a few dozen creepy white supremacists, Klansmen, and neo-Nazis. The supremacists were pathetic losers without any public or political support for their odious views, and they were condemned by both political parties. Yet Antifa’s use of violence was compared perversely by some progressives to American soldiers storming the beaches on D-Day.

Later, Antifa thuggery in Boston and Berkeley against free speech and against conservative groups without ties to white supremacists confirmed that the movement was fascistic in nature.

It was recently disclosed that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had warned the Obama administration in 2016 that Antifa was a domestic terrorist organization that aimed to incite violence during street protests. That stark assessment and Antifa’s subsequent violence make the recent nonchalance of local police departments with regard to Antifa thuggery seem like an abject dereliction of duty.

Doubts about official narratives of the DNC leaks and the errant behavior of James Comey, and misinformation about the violent extremists of Antifa, illustrate media bias — not to mention entrenched government bureaucracies that are either incompetent, ethically compromised, or completely politicized.

– Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and the author of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, to appear in October from Basic Books. You can reach him by e-mailing © 2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


  1. The law, The law, The Law

    That is all you hear from Republicans and Trump. I agree, enforce the law. Here is an easy one. Enforce the laws on employers hiring illegals.

    If they don't do that, you know they are all full of shit.

  2. I am going to be enjoying the Menendez trial the next many days.

    Poor fellow nearly wept in Court today.

    It will take the edge off all the miserable news elsewhere.

    I am looking forward to the moment when, I expect, the Guilty verdict is read by the Court Clerk.

    If one learns to properly direct one's attention one can see flowering plants pushing up out of the soil here and there.....


    1. Your expectations are usually wrong, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      bob Mon Nov 16, 04:13:00 PM EST (2009)
      I have the feeling we're going to get hit again, and soon, and hard.

  3. One solution to the DACA problem - not that I recommend it -

    September 6, 2017
    The perfect solution to the DACA problem...from Bill Clinton!
    By Ronald C. Tinnell

    I suddenly realized we have a clear precedent from the Clinton administration of how we should deal with the DACA children. For those of you too young to remember the incident, I will summarize it.

    Elian Gonzalez's mother attempted to bring him to the United States from the socialist paradise of Cuba. She died in the attempt, but Elian was rescued and brought to the U.S. Fiendish relatives claiming to represent Elian's best interest attempted to keep him in the U.S., but caring and compassionate Federal Agents took him and returned him to his home in Cuba.

    Fidel Castro became a sort of godfather to Elian. He is a grown man now, a Cuban hero, and quite supportive of the Cuban regime.

    Why should we deny the DACA children the benefits of this kind of treatment? Are they less deserving than Elian Gonzalez? The United States is, after all, a terrible place filled with "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic" deplorables. Hillary Clinton said so. Surely the DACA kids would be better off somewhere else.

    Some of the DACA "children" are actually adults now and able to make their own decisions. If, for some reason, they do not want to return to their home countries, perhaps they would be interested in going to the socialist paradise of Cuba. I'm sure the Cuban government would be eager to accept as many of these "wonderful" "kids" as it can get. They could help offset the constant outflow of traitorous counter-revolutionaries constantly leaving the island on anything that will float.

    Of course, Fidel is gone now, and Raúl is a bit old to act as godfather to several hundred thousand DACA kids, but I'm sure the Cubans can work something out.

    It's a wonderful thing to have outlived Fidel.

    Congratulations to all who have done so.

    1. Picture of caring and compassionate Federal Agents rescuing Eilan included in article.

  4. I am hoping to live long enough to see Hillary and Comey get theirs.

  5. September 7, 2017
    1913: The Turning Point
    By Robert Curry

    In 1913, Woodrow Wilson was the newly elected president. Wilson and his fellow progressives scorned the Constitution and the Declaration. They moved swiftly to replace the Founders' republic with a new regime.....

    ....Clearly, the bargain, honorably entered into by the Founders' generation, was broken. It was broken by the 17th Amendment, which instituted the direct election of U.S. senators. That amendment struck directly at the heart of the Founders' design. According to the original Constitution, senators were chosen by the state legislators. Unlike the members of the House, who represent the people of their district, the senators had a special responsibility to represent their states in the deliberations having to do with the those "few and defined" powers the Constitution transferred from the states to the federal government. That is why the states with small populations and the states with larger populations got the same number of senators and the same number of votes in the Senate. It is also why the Constitution gives the Senate power over treaties and over the appointment of the senior officials of the executive, those whose responsibilities include "war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce." The 17th Amendment eliminated the fundamental electoral guarantee of the Founders' vision of a federal government with limited powers....

  6. Debbie Flops Helplessly On The Dock, Soon In The Dock

    September 7, 2017
    ‘Big fish’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz watches as ‘small fish’ start to cut deals
    By Thomas Lifson

    It’s starting to look like Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi are making plea deals and incriminating people above them in the food chain. Both of them were IT staffers for Democrats in the House of Representatives, earning substantial multiples of customary wages, raising intense suspicions of blackmail.

    Ms. Alvi reportedly has already made a deal, and will be returning to the US from her native Pakistan, where she earlier fled. Her husband was arrested at Dulles Airport, attempting to do the same. Todd Shepherd reports in the Examiner:

    A document filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia indicates that federal prosecutors have struck a deal with Alvi that would allow her to return to the U.S., but would also require her to surrender her passport and afterwards not book any international travel. The deal only surrounds how Alvi will turn herself in, and is structured so that she can avoid being arrested in front of her children when she returns to the U.S., "during the last week of September 2017."

    Alvi, and Awan in particular, are the focus of investigations by the FBI and Capitol Police regarding irregularities for purchases of some computers and other equipment which was later discovered to be missing. The pair, and their associates, could have had access to sensitive government information over the years.

    We don’t know if Awan has made a deal yet, but his wife would not be returning if that were unlikely. In fact, thanks to the work of Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller, we have to consider the possibility that Awan has been playing a double or triple game since last April.

    A laptop that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since-indicted staffer, Imran Awan, along with a letter to the U.S. Attorney.

    U.S. Capitol Police found the laptop after midnight April 6, 2017, in a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn House Office Building, according to a Capitol Police report reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. Alongside the laptop were a Pakistani ID card, copies of Awan’s driver’s license and congressional ID badge, and letters to the U.S. attorney. Police also found notes in a composition notebook marked “attorney-client privilege.”

    1. This happened four months after Awan had been banned from the House IT network, so he had realized he was in trouble for quite some time, even if DWS kept paying him his salary and he was able to get access to the network via her office. Enough time for him to plot and plan. And it does look like the material was intended to be discovered, not somehow accidentally left behind:

      The laptop was found on the second floor of the Rayburn building — a place Awan would have had no reason to go because Wasserman Schultz’s office is in the Longworth building and the other members who employed him had fired him. (snip)

      Leaving important items there accidentally would seem extremely unlikely, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, former prosecutor, and member of the House Judiciary Committee.

      “Imran Awan is a calculating person who made great efforts to cover his tracks, both electronically and physically,” Gohmert told TheDCNF. “Placing that laptop with his personal documents, which may well incriminate him, those he worked for, or both, in the dead of night in a House office building, was a deliberate act by a cunning suspect, and it needs to be investigated.”

      If Awan thought he was better off with his crimes documented, that suggests he feared something worse than prison, that this was a matter of life insurance.

      There are signs that DWS is panicking. Wasserman Schultz first claimed that the laptop was hers, and notoriously harangued the Capitol Police to return it to her on that basis.

      Now, she is claiming it was Awan’s, and she had never seen it. Yet:

      Wasserman Schultz has hired an outside counsel, William Pittard, to argue that the laptop not be examined. Pittard argued that the speech and debate clause — which only protects a member’s information directly related to legislative duties — should prevent prosecutors from examining the laptop’s contents, TheDCNF has learned. Pittard did not respond to requests for comment.

      Pittard, a partner with KaiserDillon, is the former acting general counsel of the House. Hiring an outside counsel to argue the speech and debate clause on behalf of Wasserman Schultz is highly unusual, because the general counsel of the House offers opinions on speech and debate issues for free.

      That can’t be cheap. There must be material on that laptop that that is incriminating. Very incriminating. Perhaps of DWS, perhaps some of the other House Democrats that hired the Awan gang.

      Debbie is already distancing herself from Awan:


  7. China: Sure, Let’s Ramp Up The Sanctions On Kim
    ED MORRISSEYPosted at 10:01 am on September 7, 2017

    Under pressure from the US and the UN, China has begun to budge on tightening the grip of sanctions — but may demand direct negotiations in exchange for them. Beijing announced that it would support tougher sanctions today in light of “new developments on the Korean Peninsula,” a step away from Russia’s insistence earlier that more sanctions would not help. But will it be enough to keep Donald Trump from imposing penalties on China for trade with the Kim regime?

    China’s foreign minister said Thursday that Beijing would support further U.N.-imposed “measures” against North Korea following its largest nuclear test, but stopped short of saying whether China would back crippling economic sanctions such as halts to fuel shipments.

    The comments by Wang Yi suggested possible room for cooperation over U.S.-drafted plans to increase pressures on North Korea after its nuclear test earlier this week. …

    “Given the new developments on the Korean Peninsula, China agrees that the U.N. Security Council should respond further by taking necessary measures,” the foreign minister Yi told reporters.

    “We believe that sanctions and pressure are only half of the key to resolving the issue. The other half is dialogue and negotiation,” he added.
    The US and South Korea want an oil embargo, a proposal that Vladimir Putin rejected outright. However, North Korea only gets a small percentage of their oil from Russia; 80% of their imports come from China. Thus far, China has balked at the idea of an oil embargo, but the South China Morning Post reports today that they’re considering a significant reduction in the flow:

    Chinese analysts said it was unlikely that Beijing would support a full oil embargo but a partial cut in supplies could be one option to keep its neighbour in check without bringing down the Kim Jong-un regime. …

    Zhao Tong, a North Korean affairs expert at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Centre, said Beijing could tighten restrictions on North Korea’s sources of foreign currency with bans on textile exports and all North Korean labourers working abroad.

    North Korea exported US$147.5 million of garments to China in the second quarter, Chinese customs data showed.
    Will China’s moves send a signal to Kim? Only if they make them quickly. We might get a test as soon as this weekend:


    South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon suggested that Kim Jong Un could order a launch on Saturday, which is the 64th anniversary of the totalitarian regime’s founding.

    “There is speculation that there could be an additional provocation of firing an ICBM at a normal angle on [Sept.] 9,” Lee said. …

    “It is time to step up sanctions and secure sufficient military means to deter them in order to stop North Korea’s nuclear armament,” Lee said. “We ultimately need talks with North Korea, but it is not the time right now to speak of a dialogue with North Korea.”

    A launch at a “normal angle” would simulate an attack, and if it’s a long-range ballistic missile, the US might have no other choice than to assume it to be hostile and aimed at American territory. At some point, we will have to attempt to shoot these down, and that could escalate matters even further. That is why Nikki Haley warned the UN Security Council that the time for diplomatic half-measures were over. For China, the time for worrying about the stability of the Kim regime should really be over, too. The time to end to hereditary dictatorships on the Korean peninsula passed a long time ago, and China’s risking open war on its doorstep by protecting the dissipated third generation out of sheer force of habit.

    1. September 7, 2017
      North Korea's Threat Might Be Worse Than We Think
      By Robert K. Wilcox

    2. He mentioned it during the campaign -

      Does Trump Want a Nuclear Japan?

      It might please the ‘America First’ crowd. But retreat from Asia won’t bring peace.

      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump on a TV news program in Tokyo, Sept. 4.PHOTO: SHIZUO KAMBAYASHI/ASSOCIATED PRESS

      By Walter Russell Mead
      Sept. 4, 2017 2:31 p.m. ET

      As the North Korean nuclear crisis continues to deepen, the stakes are slowly becoming clearer. This isn’t only about the threat Pyongyang poses to its neighbors or even to the U.S. mainland. Kim Jong Un is challenging the foundations of the American position in East Asia. In the process he has exposed a deep divide in American thinking, laying bare the hard choices Washington may soon be forced to make.

      Close observers have long understood that North Korea’s belligerence and nuclear buildup are pushing Japan toward fielding its own nuclear weapons. No nonnuclear power in the world is nearer to a nuclear capacity than Japan. Many analysts believe it would take Tokyo only months to go from deciding to nuclearize to having the weapons. In the ensuing chaos, it’s likely that South Korea and Taiwan would follow suit, with at least Taiwan receiving quiet help from Japan.

      Elite Japanese opinion is perceptibly shifting in favor of the nuclear option. Conservative nationalists there have long believed that a nuclear arsenal would allow Japan to resume its place as an independent great power, freed at last from its post-1945 dependence on the U.S. The Japanese public has been deeply skeptical, but North Korean threats and missile overflights—combined with doubts about American commitment and reliability—are leading more people to think the unthinkable.

      The effort to get China to put its weight behind stopping North Korea is predicated on these assumptions. The theory is that China’s interest in blocking Japanese and Taiwanese nuclearization is great enough to enlist Beijing in an all-out campaign to stop Pyongyang. Logical as the concept may be, it is a hard sell. Although some Chinese experts understand that the U.S. presence in Asia advances their interests, others are so buoyed by China’s economic growth and dismissive of Japan that they would rather focus on reducing American power in the region.

      Neither the U.S. nor China should look to Russia, which benefits from the North Korean crisis, for much help checking the Kim regime. Moscow wouldn’t greatly mind a nuclear Japan, whose rise would reduce American influence, promote a more “multipolar” international system, and check China. In this scenario Russia’s influence in Asia would increase, with China and Japan competing for its favor.

      The Trump administration appears divided....

  8. Psycho ass is back.


    Cheers to all you others.

    1. The moral and physical coward, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson runs away, yet again.
      Seems he just does not want to have his head explode

      His man in the Whit House has abandoned Mr Bannnon, and embraced Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
      He just can't stomach the taste reality.


  9. Ms Pelosi is now advicing Mr Trump ...

    He is taking her advice, twice, now.

    Pelosi urged Trump to tweet DACA reassurance

    And he did.

    Donald J. Trump


    For all of those (DACA) that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about - No action!

    6:42 AM - Sep 7, 2017

    For real Reality TV fans ...
    It does not get better than this.


  10. President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) have agreed to pursue a deal that would permanently remove the requirement that Congress repeatedly raise the debt ceiling, three people familiar with the decision said.

    Trump and Schumer discussed the idea Wednesday during an Oval Office meeting. The two, along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.), agreed to work together over the next several months to try to finalize a plan, which would need to be approved by Congress.


  11. The words that matter in this piece ...
    Opioid ... prescription ...

    Opioid use by American men may account for one-fifth of the decline in their participation in the U.S. labor force, according to a study by Princeton University economist Alan Krueger.

    "The opioid crisis and depressed labor-force participation are now intertwined in many parts of the U.S.," Krueger, who was chief economist at the Treasury Department in the Obama administration, wrote in the study released Thursday at a Brookings Institution conference in Washington.

    Krueger's study linked county prescription rates to labor force data from the past 15 years, concluding that regional differences in prescription rates were due to variations in medical practices, not health conditions. In previous research, he found that nearly half of men in their prime worker ages not in the labor force take prescription painkillers daily.

    Build walls around the pharmaceutical companies, if you want to cut the flow of opioids to the US.
    The opioids that are causing the crisis are not flowing into the US from Mexico.

    1. Dumb ass rat wiperThu Sep 07, 04:35:00 PM EDT

      N.H. Opioids Coming From China, Mexico - Valley News

      N.H. Opioids Coming From China, Mexico. ... synthetic drug, ... chemical and pharmaceutical facilities that manufacture synthetic opioids, drug makers in Mexico, ...

      Mexican Drug Cartels Driving Heroin, Opioid Consumption in ...
      Mexican Drug Cartels Driving Heroin, Opioid Consumption in U.S. Up to 94 percent of heroin in U.S. comes from Mexico

      Synthetic Opioid Carfentanil Enters NH. What Is It and ...

      Synthetic Opioid Carfentanil Enters NH. What Is It and ... from one of the most deadly opioid drugs in ... mostly come from Mexico, synthetic opioids, ...

      N.H. opioids come from as far away as China and Mexico

      N.H. opioids come from as far away as ... The drugs coming into New Hampshire from ... facilities that manufacture synthetic opioids, drug makers in Mexico, ...

    2. Dumb ass rat wiperThu Sep 07, 04:41:00 PM EDT

      rat ass prove he's a dumb ass


    3. That is not the opinion that was held by Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, before it wasn't.

      bobal Mon Sep 01, 05:20:00 PM EDT

      Rat's a gentleman.
      With his own way of thinking about things.
      While with Rat, you are always eager to hear what he has to say.

  12. #sjspecialist

  13. More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump

    By Rowan Scarborough - The Washington Times - Thursday, September 7, 2017

    Over 6,000 individuals registered to vote in New Hampshire on Election Day Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses — and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.
    Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper, a Republican, issued the findings on Thursday based on inquiries he made to the Department of State, which oversees elections, and the Department of Safety.

    Since election days, Republicans have charged that a significant number of non-resident Democrats, principally from Massachusetts, flowed into New Hampshire to vote illegally, tilting close elections to their party. Mr. Jasper’s findings give credence, though not outright proof, to those allegations

    6,540 people voted using out-of-state licenses
    As of Aug. 30, 1014, about 15 percent had been issued N.H. driver’s licenses.

    Of the remaining 5,526, only 3.3 percent had registered a motor vehicle in New Hampshire.

    Over 80 percent, 5,313, who used non-N.H. driver’s licenses, had neither a state licenses nor had registered a motor vehicle.

    There are 196 people today who are being investigated for voting illegally both in New Hampshire and in other states.
    Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in News Hampshire by 2,736 votes.

    Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte by 1,017 votes.

    Last February, while meeting with senators at the White House, Mr. Trump said he lost New Hampshire because thousands of Massachusetts residents crossed state lines to vote. He also said Mrs. Ayotte lost for the same reason: illegal voting.

    The liberal media dismissed his allegations. The Boston Globe called them “groundless.”
    The president has appointed a special commission to investigate voter integrity, led by Vice President Mike Pence.
    Democrats oppose the panel and have called for its demise.

    At least two scientific surveys show that a larger number of non-citizens register and vote illegally in U.S. elections. One poll found that a large majority vote Democrat.


    1. Lies told by liars ...

      At least two scientific surveys show that a larger number of non-citizens register and vote illegally in U.S. elections.

      Fake News .... or the surveyors would have been named.
      But unnamed surveys, none by anonymous surveyors, nothing more than a lie told by a liar.

      Sorry Hank, but the only person we know of that was illegally registered to vote ..

      The wife of Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, who, according to our "Draft Dodger", registered illegally in the state of Ohio, while she was a legal resident of Idaho.

      Name some names, Hank. or go back to your anonymity.

  14. North Korea May Already Be Able To Launch A Nuclear Attack On The U.S.
    Why is this such an important issue? Because, if you believe, as Selva and others apparently do, that North Korea cannot yet attack the homeland with a nuclear weapon, it follows that the United States can take preemptive military action against North Korea without risking a retaliatory nuclear strike by Pyongyang. You can take such action without putting the United States at risk.

    However, if you believe, as I do, that North Korea might be capable of striking us today, it follows that a preemptive U.S. military strike against Pyongyang could bring about the very thing that we are working to avoid — the nuclear annihilation of a U.S. city and the deaths of millions of Americans. If this darkest of scenarios were to play out, the assumption and assessment that North Korea cannot yet threaten us would be a strategic mistake of historic proportions.


    1. Tell us, Fredericka, what makes you ...

      believe, ... that North Korea might be capable of striking us today

      Your opinion, is worthless without a valid reason for it.

      What causes you to hold that opinion?

    2. ?

      Who said I held that opinion ?

      I didn't say it ?

      Leave me alone, please.

    3. You are a disgusting person.


    4. Look at what you wrote, Fredericka, the first line of the second paragraph.
      You know, the one I pasted in the first response.

      Why did you write it, if you do not believe it ?

  15. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Trump administration was willing to solve the North Korean crisis through diplomacy, while reiterating that more sanctions wouldn’t prompt Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons.


    Putin said on Thursday that North Korea won’t agree to end its nuclear program in return for easing sanctions.

    “It’s impossible to scare them,” Putin said of North Korea. “They think that means the next step for them is an invitation to the cemetery.”


    In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters that Japan was preparing for various scenarios, including North Korea’s development of electromagnetic pulse attack capability.


  16. Trump Jr. says he can't recall White House role in explaining meeting with Russians

    Silly boy ...