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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. Ever heard of him?

New Suspicious Death Feeds Clinton 'Kill-spiracy'

When former DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot dead within blocks of his D.C.-area home, the motive for the homicide by D.C. police was robbery. It would have been the first robbery in which the victim’s wallet was left untouched, a high-priced watch was not stolen, and a gold chain was apparently deemed not worth snatching.

The only thing stolen from Seth Rich was his life.

The revelation that Rich was almost certainly the DNC staffer who supplied the now-infamous DNC email threads to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks further strengthened theories about Rich’s murder being tied to high-ranking members of the DNC.

There is another of two recent Clinton-related kill-spiracy theories that bears some resemblances to the Seth Rich case. To be clear, I am not claiming that every young person with ties to the DNC who dies unexpectedly was the victim of political assassination. I will only re-affirm the rarity of coincidence, and the adage that where there is smoke, there is most likely fire. But please, reach your own conclusions.

The story of Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. cannot be told without explaining the current investigation into Imran Awan, and Awan’s connections to Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Awan has been the point man for Wasserman Schultz’s technology needs since 2005. It has been reported that Imran and his brothers Jamal and Abid, who would eventually become the IT-men for dozens of other Congressmen, are accused of stealing technology from Congress and accessing countless members’ emails and information without permission.

They were also reportedly paid $4 million for their services, in taxpayer money no less, since 2010, despite being rarely seen on premises. (Daily Caller)
The Awan brothers along with Imran’s wife have fled to Pakistan since the brothers became the target of the federal probe. It has been made clear that the Awan’s had unprecedented access to sensitive information and emails, and one reason for their freedom was the lack of a paper trail detailing what they had accessed and potentially duplicated or stolen:
“IT staff at HIR can be tracked for every keystroke they make,” a former House Information Resources member told the Daily Caller. But by comparison, “when these guys (the Awans) were granted access to the Member’s computer systems there is no oversight or tracking of what they may be doing on the Member’s system. For example they could make a copy of anything on the Member’s computer system to a thumb drive or have it sent to a private server they had set up and no one would know.”

When the computers which the Awans reportedly worked on were confiscated by Capitol police in connection with the probe, one member of the DNC, the one who had first taken on Imran as an employee, appeared to panic. That member was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose own computer was one of those confiscated. You can watch her on video threatening the chief of the Capitol police, telling him that there will be “consequences” should he not return her laptop.

This sort of desperate attempt at reclaiming what is likely evidence in a federal investigation is not normal, and Wasserman Schultz’s argument, that because she was not the subject of the investigation her computer should not have been confiscated, was easily rebuffed. Debbie, it was your IT guy who was under investigation, and his job was to, in part, work on your computer.

Does it not seem as if there might be some things on that computer that Debbie would rather the police not see?

Which brings us to Beranton Whisenant, Jr., a 37-year-old member of the U.S. Attorney’s office major crimes unit who worked out of Miami and was reportedly immersed in numerous visa and passport fraud cases. The up-and-coming attorney’s body was found rolling in the crashing tide in the early hours of May 25th in Hollywood, FL.

West Palm Beach’s WPTV reported that police cited head trauma, likely a gunshot to the head, as the cause of death. One month after Whisenant’s death, the Miami Herald penned a piece documenting the Broward County medical examiner’s inaction in reporting details, including whether the incident was a homicide or suicide. Nearly two months have passed now, and still, the Broward County ME continues to deny public records requests into Whisenant’s case.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Wasserman Schultz. DWS’s 23rdCongressional District includes Broward county, which encompasses the beach on which Whisenant was found and the medical examiner’s office which has yet to provide crucial details about the cause of death. Beyond this factual connection, connections between Wasserman Schultz, the DNC’s many scandals, and Beranton Whisenant are speculative.

Unlike the victims in many recent theories, Whisenant was not known to have been investigating the DNC, or- as some have speculated- the visa and immigration status of the Awan brothers. This could have to do with the Awans’ swift exit from the country after being notified of the investigation, their entry into the country before being employed by Democratic Congressmen, or both.
Again, it’s possible that Whisenant was never investigating Wasserman Schultz and/or the Awans.

But one must not ignore the facts and the similarities to the Seth Rich case. Whisenant was never a DNC staffer, but his operations as an immigration-specific investigator in a county adjacent to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s, and his death at the time DWS- a figure inextricably linked to the DNC- is embroiled in a case involving shady immigration practices, cannot be ignored.

Like Seth Rich, Whisenant was killed in a relatively upscale neighborhood with nothing stolen from him, a sign that robbery was not the motive for the killing. In the Rich case, the D.C. police department proved to be an obstacle to independent investigators, withholding a laptop that investigators believed held the answers to the potential motive for the slaying. While not quite the same, the coyness of the Broward County medical examiner and the repeated denial of public records requests pertaining to Whisenant’s death belie routine procedure.

Whisenant was considered a standout within the U.S. Attorney’s office. By recorded accounts, he was happily married and a responsible father of three kids. Suicide is highly unlikely.

So, if it’s not a robbery and unlikely to be suicide, then what was the motive for what is almost certainly the shooting death of Beranton Whisenant?
Critics continue to call theories revolving around the DNC and murder conspiracies, but it is no conspiracy to consider possibilities when it comes to murder. It is called an investigation, and it is something that D.C. and Broward area detectives apparently are not very interested in the cases of Seth Rich and Beranton Whisenant.

How else can one interpret months passing without grieving families even receiving a certifiable cause of death or even a suspect for the Rich homicide?
Again, reach your own conclusion. Hopefully, information will be released that sheds more light on these unsolved cases.

If we are fortunate, such information resides on Debbie Wasserman’s coveted computer.


  1. Obviously, a coconut fell on his head.

    It's one of the hazards of walking on a Florida beach.

    If a coconut falls on my head, so to speak, all the Police Departments in the area here, City, County, State, Federal, know who to look at first. They all have the same letter in their files.


  2. Yeah, Robert "Jodie" Peterson has reported his fear of those American Indians he's seen doing the 'Wahhabi'.


  3. The stories revolving around Vince Foster makes him the prime suspect in both the Seth Rich and Beranton Whisenant cases.

  4. Sergeant Inspector KluesnoWed Sep 20, 07:02:00 AM EDT

    Vinnie, the prime suspect, came back from the dead after shooting his mouth off and bumped both Seth and Beranton, then returned to the peace of the grave.

    1. Sergeant Inspector KluesnoWed Sep 20, 07:09:00 AM EDT

      It's also widely accepted he came back one other time, to bump off US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, on whose body no autopsy was done.

      On this occasion he ended up partying in Vegas for a weekend before returning to his rest.

  5. Good Lord, runt rat is really unusually delusional this morning.

  6. I have never understood wby a man would be so delusional that tbey believe they"re a woman.

    Even goung so far as to take on a female identiry in public.

    What's up with that, Robert "Jodie" Paterson

    What is it that is drivibg your schizophrenia?

    1. Was it being molested by your Uncle?

      Is that why you felt so rightous when you institutionalized your Auntie?

      Did she know about it and let the molestation continue ... unabated ... for years?

  7. .

    But please, reach your own conclusions.

    My conclusion?

    Sam Mire and Trigent are the poor man's Alex Jones and Infowars.



    Russian warplanes and Syrian forces have repelled an offensive by jihadists in a de-escalation zone in Idlib governorate in Syria. The forces killed some 850 militants and destroyed 11 tanks and other assets, Russia’s General Staff reported.

    The offensive was launched by the militant group formerly called Al-Nusra Front and its allies on Tuesday morning, a statement from the General Staff said.

    The jihadists attacked the positions of government forces stationed to the north and northeast of the city of Hama. The positions are part of a designated de-escalation zone, which covers Idlib governorate, the powerbase of a number of anti-government armed groups in Syria, the Russian military said.

    The report accused US security services of instigating the offensive, which, the statement said, is meant to derail the successful operation of Damascus forces east of Deir ez-Zor.

    1. The US is spending upwards of $2.2 billion buying weapons for those Islamic jihadists

      Who ever thought Mr Trump would double down on the policies of Barack Obama?

  9. .


    An Independent Kurdistan? A Truly Risky Proposition.

    The genie of Kurdish independence will be hard to put back in the bottle

    Mr Barzani's reasons for unleashing the genie of independence at this moment are entirely strategic. Facing serious opposition inside Kurdistan, he is, doubtless, hoping to forge a better deal with Baghdad by using the sledgehammer of a referendum. But that is a significant gamble.

    For one, the coalescing of opposition to the referendum has highlighted how misaligned Erbil is from other governments in the region. That could shift the consensus in regional capitals, particularly in Ankara, Baghdad and Tehran, all of whom fear an independent Kurdistan would start to give their own Kurdish minorities ideas.

    But it is also a tactical error. Because even if there were a referendum, given the fierce rivalry between Mr Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), there is no guarantee it would pass. The rivalry with the PUK is so fierce that it has dampened the excitement of the referendum to the east and south of the Kurdish areas, where PUK support is strongest. Forced to choose between a vote for independence or their preferred party, a yes vote cannot be taken for granted.

    That would be worse than no referendum. A botched referendum, where the vote failed or passed with a slim majority – especially if significant numbers of Turkmen, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians did not vote yes – would actually strengthen Baghdad's position, which would leap to suggest that the Kurds had no real mandate to separate. The march towards independence would be greatly weakened.

    Nor, in any case, will independence be a cure for what ails Kurdistan. At the moment, the semi-autonomous government in Erbil gets to blame any problems on Baghdad. After independence, Kurds, and the other groups like Iraqi Arabs who will then be minorities within Kurdistan, will demand more accountability.

    That won't be easy, because the Kurdish movement in Iraq has long been split between the KDP and the PUK, which function more like fiefdoms. Barzani is president of the Kurdish region and the head of the KDP, his nephew is prime minister and deputy of the KDP and his son is the head of Kurdistan's intelligence service. While Kurds may tolerate this monopoly situation at the moment, given the Barzani clan's centrality to the Kurdish movement, that won't last long.

    Moreover, despite the vast oil wealth of the region, the Kurdistan government is billions of dollars in debt. The peshmerga, the Kurdish militias who would form the backbone of any new army, are often not paid. Civil servants have seen their salaries slashed. Kurdistan's government, creaking, corrupt, run along factional lines and with a president who is 12 years into an eight-year term does not look ready for independence. (Indeed the region, one wag noted, seems more like Lebanon without the beaches.)

    Worse, Kurdish leaders have made it appear as if independence would be an easy thing. It will not. Turkey and Iran would have vastly more leverage over a small, independent Kurdistan than they do over a semi-autonomous part of Iraq. The major oil pipeline from the region goes from Kirkuk into Turkey. But Kirkuk is a mixed city and it is an open question whether it would become part of Kurdistan – the government in Baghdad might defend its current status by force.
    Erbil would, after independence, face an awful choice: either entirely dependent on Turkey to sell its main source of revenue. Or, worse, if Kirkuk stays within Iraq, with the only way to export its oil now inside a foreign country.

    Ironically, Kirkuk gives the Kurds more leverage if it is within Iraq.


    1. .

      Indications are the Iraqi Kurds want independence. Other than Israel, few other countries support the idea. Were they to declare independence, it would likely mean war. Were they to gain independence, they would be weak, politically divided, surrounded and isolated.


  10. Yes, a truly intent observer, searching diligently, has, over the years and decades, seen some signs, here and there, that the Kurds want independence.

    The vote is likely to be 95%+ for Independence, and be a fair vote, too.

    Were they to declare independence, it would likely mean war.

    This would, of course, be an entirely new experience for the Kurds, for have sat there, hands folded in laps for generations, only occasionally getting gassed to death by some miscreant or other.

    They have been weak, surrounded and isolated for quite some time. This is likely to continue come what may.

    They have been independent before. If they opt for Independence, which they will do, it will be an attempt to regain something they once had.

    Anyone with something other than a pumpkin for a brain would support a Kurdish State.

    So far, I have read, they have never intentionally killed an American.

    All real and true red white and blue Americans ought to support Kurdish Independence !

    1. Robert "Jodie" Peterson supports 'clit clipping' Muslims in their effort to destabilize Iraq, a country the US spent a decade, a trillion dollars and over 4,000 lives to stabilize.

      That our "Jodie" would take such a stance, unremarkable, as he often has disrespected the US, its people and government.

      He is both a physical and moral coward and must always be treated as such.


  11. Jake 'The Raging Bull' LaMotta Dies at Age 95

    Former world middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta died at the age of 95 due to complications from pneumonia, his wife confirmed to Lucy Clarke-Billings of the Mirror on Wednesday.

    His career was highlighted by his famous rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson, who he fought six times and beat once. In total, LaMotta fought 106 times in his career, going 83-19-4 with 30 knockouts.

    "To LaMotta, fighting was a personal statement," author Bert Sugar wrote in his 2006 book, Boxing's Greatest Fighters (h/t Matt Schudel of the Washington Post). "He fought with an anger that seemed as if it would spring forth from the top of his head like a volcanic eruption."

    He was given the nickname "The Raging Bull" for his aggressive style in the ring, and was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the film Raging Bull, which examined his tumultuous life outside of the ring. The film, directed by Martin Scorsese, is considered one of the greatest sports movies of all time and one of the best films ever made.

    "I just want people to know, he was a great, sweet, sensitive, strong, compelling man with a great sense of humor, with eyes that danced," his wife, Denise Baker, told TMZ Sports.


  12. Robert "Jodie" Peterson would welcome the Turks and Iranians finding common cause in the Middle East. One has to wonder why he would support the diminishment of the US interests in that region of the world

    Iran’s military chief meets Turkish counterpart in rare visit to Ankara

    ANKARA, Turkey – Chief of Staff of the Iranian military has met with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara to discuss “developments” in the region, border security, and terrorism, Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported.

    General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri is on a three-day visit to Turkey during which he is scheduled to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli , the agency added.

    The visit is on the invitation of Turkey.

    The two countries have been supporting opposing sides in the more than six year Syrian civil war, with Iran supporting Bashar al-Assad’s regime and its allied militia in their fight against Turkish backed Syrian rebels, including the Free Syrian Army.

    Turkey has become increasingly worried about the presence of the US-backed People’s Protection Units (YPG) on its borders with Syria. Ankara considers the YPG an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and therefore a terrorist organization.

    Iran and Turkey, who each have significant Kurdish populations, have said separately that they oppose the Kurdistan Region’s plans to hold an independence referendum on September 25.

    Bekir Bozda─č, Turkey’s deputy prime minister, told reporters on Tuesday that the referendum in Kurdistan would not “serve the stability” in the region, as it is against the Iraqi constitution and will not be recognized by Baghdad.

    He said that in addition to Turkey, the United States and Iran also oppose the vote and called on Erbil to “reconsider” the decision.

  13. 'monkey mind' rat craps is throwing turds around his cage again today, boring everyone to death.

    It sure gets old.

    This is the best he's done today, and it doesn't make any sense:

    Jack HawkinsWed Sep 20, 06:27:00 AM EDT

    The stories revolving around Vince Foster makes him the prime suspect in both the Seth Rich and Beranton Whisenant cases.

    Put him in The Dunce Box for two months.


    1. Come on "Jodie" ...
      Man up and sign in

      You are just confirming your inner cowardice with your schizophrenic behaviour.

      Providing a cause for mirth anong your detractors

      Man up "Jodie", that is if you can

    2. Cathectocrapper.

      That's YOU.

      Unending idiocy.

      THAT'S YOU

      Put him in The Dunce Box.


    3. Come on Robert "Jodie" Peterson ...
      ... man up ... if you can

      Grow some balls

  14. His ass ought to be in jail for his war crimes and not paying any child support for his girl not the dunce box.


    1. Come on Robert "Jodie" Peterson ...
      ... man up ... if you can

      Grow some balls

  15. It was 2006, and the Miami Heat was squaring off against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA finals.

    As the younger brother of the Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, Dallas-based lawyer Brian Cuban not only had great seats for himself but two extras to share with his friends. But he didn’t give them to his friends.

    He gave them to his drug dealer for $1,000 of cocaine.


    Family and colleagues were stunned when newly hired Miami prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., washed up on Hollywood Beach with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in May. He is remembered for his passion and dedication to public service.


    “As a profession, we have to deal with these problems where they are, but we also have to deal with how we got there,” Cuban said.

    Addiction and Depression

  16. A NORTH Korean defector has revealed she saw 11 musicians “blown to bits” by anti-aircraft guns in a terrifying execution ordered by maniacal dictator Kim Jong-un.

    Hee Yeon Lim, 26, the daughter of a high-ranking soldier from Pyongyang, fled to South Korea last year and has told of the horrors she witnessed while part of the secretive Kim regime’s inner circle.


    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he is “extremely concerned” after President Donald Trump told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday he was prepared to “totally destroy” North Korea.


    Russia’s rebuke comes as Mr Trump hit out at former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton over Kim’s despotic regime, tweeting: “After allowing North Korea to research and build Nukes while Secretary of State (Bill C also), Crooked Hillary now criticizes.”

    1. Mr Bannon told the truth

      He said six million people will die in another Korean war

      South Korea will be laid to waste. Just sayin'

  17. Lots of rain in Truckee. Unusual summer.


    1. The climate see m s to be changing, Doug

      Record rainfall
      Multiple massive hurricanes
      All across the world

      6 killed in north-east India landslide, urban chaos in Mumbai amid monsoon deluge

    2. Record ice gain in the North Polar cap.

      Yep, yessiree, the times, they are a'changin'

    3. I'm a climate expert too, in addition to being a military genius, a self confessed war criminal, a dead beat dad, a liar, and a cathected neurotic.

      If the Management had good sense, they'd put me in The Dunce Box.


    4. Hey "Jodie" you used to care about India ...

      No mas, aye

    5. Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | NASA

      Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reached a new record high extent this year, covering ... Antarctic sea ice has been increasing and bucking the overall trend of ice loss. ... Since the late 1970s, the Arctic has lost an average of 20,800 square miles ..... the result will be a high-quality survey of some of the fastest melting areas in ...
      Inconvenient: Record Arctic Sea Ice Growth In September | Watts Up ...

      Sep 27, 2016 - History Keeps Proving Prophets Of Eco-Apocalypse Wrong Source data: ... extent since 1997, Arctic sea ice has been expanding at a phenomenal rate. ... NASA Announces New Record Growth Of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent .... Don't hold your breath for the headline for fastest September growth though.
      Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with ...

      Sep 6, 2017 - Average sea ice extent for August 2017 ended up third lowest in the satellite record. Ice loss rates through August were variable, but slower ...
      ‎Sea Ice Data and Analysis Tools · ‎Greenland Ice Sheet Today · ‎Sea Ice Index
      Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 ... › Science
      Oct 8, 2016 - Dire predictions that the Arctic would be devoid of sea ice by September this ... quickest refreeze ever recorded with the extent of sea ice growing 405,000 square ... is happening at the fastest rate since its daily records began in 1987. ... then and they now do a much better job of simulating historical events.
      Record Arctic Ice Growth Continues | The Deplorable Climate Science ...

      Jan 27, 2017 - Arctic sea ice extent is now the highest in the last three or four years. ... ... Temperature and precipitation history of the Arctic.
      Record Arctic Sea Ice Growth Continues | The Deplorable Climate ...

      Sep 25, 2016 - ... History Of NASA/NOAA Temperature Corruption · Ice-Free Arctic Forecasts ... Arctic sea ice extent is now almost 50% higher than 2012, higher than last ..... years with lower summer minimum will put on a faster rate of growth. ..... FASTEST September sea ice growth since daily record commenced in 1987.
      Blog | The Great White Con | Putting the Arctic sea ice record straight

      Our normal Arctic sea ice extent 2017 minimum service will be restored as soon as ... The overall rate of ice loss this summer was slowed by a persistent pattern of low ... of the Arctic melt season, and discuss the Antarctic winter sea ice growth, ...... becoming open-access to surface vessels for the first time in human history.
      One of the fastest Arctic sea ice growths on record! | HotWhopper

      Sep 18, 2016 - Below is a chart of Arctic sea ice extent, comparing 2016 ice extent to the average of .... We're facing "one of the fastest ice growths on record" - duh! ... I bet the rate of freezing can't beat the rate of freezing after the melt season in 2012. ... Any reference to “history” on this subject is a thin argument at best.


    6. Is Robert "Jodie" Peterson now going to advocate moving people from India to Antartic8?


  18. What's at stake if U.S. scraps Iran deal?
    Another North Korea crisis, French president says

  19. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday he had had a matter of fact exchange with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif but that Washington continues to have "significant issues" with the Iran nuclear deal.


    Trump is due to report to the US Congress by October 15 on whether he can certify that Iran is upholding its side of the accord, under which it accepted limits on its nuclear program.


  20. Manafort should go to jail for the rest of his life if he colluded

    President Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said this week that, if anyone on Trump's campaign colluded with Russian officials during the 2016 election, they should "go to jail for the rest of their lives."

    "I think if anybody, and I've said this, if Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, or Rick Gates or Carter Page, or anybody else attempted to influence the outcome of the U.S. election through any means that's inappropriate – through collusion, coordination or cooperation – I hope they go to jail for the rest of their lives,"

    Bye bye Paul
    Bye bye Mike


    1. Flynn backed for-profit nuclear scheme inside Trump transition

      Among other nefarious Russia related activities

    2. If there were any justice in this immediate world I'd be in jail for the rest of my life for my self admitted war crimes.

      Karma, though, is gonna get me in the end, the sages say.

      But I don't believe the sages.

    3. Desert Rat has a Google account.

      But you're right Robert "Jodie" Peterson. YOU should be in jail, for ripping off that bank.

      It is referred to as 'projectiion'

      Years of your pent up guilt spilling out.

  21. I'm winning -

    “You Can Make The Argument That We Are Living In Peak A**Hole”

    As he points out in his book, research shows that even a “single exposure” to negative behavior, like receipt of an insulting email, can turn a person into a “carrier.” “Literally like a common cold,” he adds. Similarly, when the president calls his detractors “haters and losers” in a tweet, when the wallpaper of life is made up of faces that belong to certified assholes like Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Don Jr., etc., etc., ad infinitum, it most likely has a trickle-down effect. “The more assholes you’re around, the more asshole-y you get.” But there are other factors that have led to this explosion of assholes, Sutton points out, everything from heat and crowding to imbalances in power and the wealth gap. “The research says that when we’re in those situations, there’s envy going up, and sort of disdain goes down.” Research also shows that technology has increased the “asshole problem,” as Sutton puts it, because people are much more likely to be mean if they don’t have to make eye contact. And because technology has created the expectation for things to happen faster, and at all hours of the day, hurriedness and sleep deprivation have become major factors.

    1. Can you even remember, "Jodie"

      Or did being butt fucked by Hank shatter your psyche, veyond repair?


    2. He made you happy, which explains why you use the Felicity moniker

      The word for happiness in Spanish is felicidad, a feminine noun.

    3. Who am I ?

      I am YOU, JH asshole, to be exact.

    4. You're right, I have your asshole.

      YOU are my bitch ... Glad you realize it, Jodie Peterson

  22. The strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years has destroyed hundreds of homes, knocked out power across the entire island and triggered heavy flooding in an onslaught that could plunge the US territory deeper into financial crisis.


    Even before the storm, Puerto Rico's electrical grid was crumbling and the island was in dire condition financially.

    Puerto Rico is struggling to restructure a portion of its $90 billion debt, and the Government has warned it was running out of money as it fights back against furloughs and other austerity measures imposed by a federal board overseeing the island's finances.


    Puerto Rico had long been spared from a direct hit by hurricanes that tend to veer north or south of the island.

    The last category four hurricane landfall in Puerto Rico occurred in 1932, and the strongest storm to ever hit the island was San Felipe in 1928 which killed more than 300 people with winds of 257 kilometres per hour.

  23. "One important aspect will be the type of reaction of the European Union should this come to pass," he said.

    As for accusations that Iran is supporting terrorists, Rouhani responded with a question asking which governments created al-Qaida, formed the Taliban, supported the Islamic State extremist group and bought the oil and antiquities they are selling.

    "So whomever brings their armies to our region, whomever sparks war in our region, whomever has formed and supported terrorist groups in our region is in no position to levy such accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran," Rouhani said.

    1. Seems like a reasonable position

    2. That's because the Iranian chant 'Death to Israel' has always been music to your ears, Jack.

    3. Jodie, Jodie, Jodie

      Israel is in the same class as North Korea ...
      Nuclear rogues with no regard for international norms.
      Both have attacked ships of the US Navy.

      Simple as that

    4. And of the two, Israel and Iran ...
      It is the Israeli that killed US sailors on the high seas, without provocation or warning

      That truth doesn't matter to a draft dodger, vut it does bother patriotic citizens of the US.

      A self-selected group that Jodie has chosen to not be a member of.


  24. Tillerson:
    Iran in 'technical compliance' with nuclear deal

    Tillerson's comments came after the Federica Mogherini, the European Union's top foreign affairs official, said that all parties to the Iran nuclear deal agree that Tehran is in compliance with the plan.


  25. ... while scientists maintain that no single weather event can be attributed to climate change, two centuries of human fossil-fuel burning has altered temperatures just enough to almost certainly make this particular storm worse.

    "In general, the way to think about it is: climate change has changed the environment that everything is happening in," says Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado. "When you add in the climate's natural variability and then the right conditions come along, you can get a storm which is stronger than you might otherwise have expected."


    1. As the globe warms, rainfall is increasing all across mid-latitude regions. Just as with a hurricane's intensity, the heat built up in the sea surface from climate change allows the storm to take up more water vapor. And since the atmosphere, too, is warmer, its capacity to hold more moisture also increases.

      Every scientist contacted by National Geographic was in agreement that the volume of rain from Harvey was almost certainly driven up by temperature increases from human carbon-dioxide emissions.

  26. Japan PM says time for North Korea dialogue is over

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday declared the time for dialogue with North Korea is over and rallied behind a US warning that "all options" are on the table

    Addressing the UN General Assembly, Abe said "there is not much time left" to take action on North Korea which in recent weeks has detonated another nuclear bomb and fired a series of missiles over or near Japan.
    A day after US President Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if it attacks, Abe said: "We consistently support the stance of the United States: that 'all options are on the table.'"
    Abe said that the world has already tried exhaustively to reach a negotiated settlement with North Korea, starting with the US-backed 1994 Agreed Framework which collapsed a decade later.

    "Again and again, attempts to resolve issues through dialogue have all come to naught. In what hope of success are we now repeating the very same failure a third time?" he said.

    "What is needed to do that is not dialogue, but pressure," he said.

    © Provided by AFP Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urges action against North Korea in an address to the UN General Assembly

    He voiced alarm at North Korea's military progress, which he said had brought the regime to the threshold of mastering hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles, which would be able to strike the United States.
    Abe demanded the strict implementation of UN sanctions on Kim Jong-Un's regime, the latest round of which includes a ban on the country's textile exports and a freeze on work permits to North Korean guest workers.

    But years of sanctions have had limited effects on North Korea, which follows a "juche" ideology of self-reliance and counts on neighboring China as its economic lifeline.

    China -- which has grown frustrated by Kim's actions but also fears the consequences of his regime's collapse -- has repeatedly urged dialogue, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday urging an end to the "current deepening vicious cycle."

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, responding to Trump's bellicose speech, called for dialogue in tandem with implementation of sanctions.

    "There is no military solution because that would be a disaster, not only for North Korea but for South Korea, the whole peninsula, Japan," Lofven told reporters.

    But Abe warned that global credibility was on the line, saying that only North Korea has been "allowed such self-indulgence" in its defiance of the Security Council.

    "North Korea is attempting to dismiss with a smirk the efforts towards disarmament we have assiduously undertaken over the years," Abe said.

    Abe, Japan's longest-serving post-World War II prime minister, rose to political prominence on his calls for a tough line on North Korea over its past abductions of Japanese civilians.
    He has also pressed for a shedding of defense taboos in Japan, whose US-imposed constitution forbids the country from ever again waging war.

    1. Another chicken hawk that Jodie Peterson has come to admire

    2. But, but.....crapper jack....Bob just posted the article, no endorsement or non endorsement implied.

      You really do have a seedless watermelon for a mind, so absurd, and neurotically driven too.

      It's like you are a badly designed robot.

      So sad, you are.

    3. Put in a plug nickel in crapper jack's rear slot, and out comes a turd.

    4. Jodie posted a long article about the feelings of a Japanese chicken hawk. Feelings that mirror Jodie's

      Always the war monger
      Never the warrior

      That's Jodie Peterson, my bitch.

    5. By his own admission @
      Wed Sep 20, 11:00:00 PM EDT

      Dumb ass bitch.

    6. Put in a plug nickel in crapper jack's rear slot, and out comes a turd.

      You gotta pay for what you get with crapper jack ass, I guess.

      But the price seems real steep, at a plug nickel a turd, to me.

      I wouldn't pay it.

    7. Jodie... Sign in

      At least pretend to have some balls

    8. You seem a little jumpy lately, crapper jack.

      Why not drive to the Grand Canyon, it's not so far away, and jump over the edge ?

      Have someone video the event.

      Most everyone here would love to watch.

    9. But don't think you'd finally be rid of your tormented self.

      It doesn't work that way.

      I want you to know that.

      We'd be rid of you, and that would be pleasing, but you should know, don't do it just to please us.

      Don't do it at all.

      You will just be facing the same shit over there.

      Best to get a grip, and reform yourself here.

    10. Sign in, Jodie
      My little bitch in heat

      I won't be reading your lustful notes until you do

  27. French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters it would be a mistake to pull out of the pact.

    However, he also appeared to open the door for tougher action on Iran saying the deal was insufficient given Iran's growing regional influence since 2015.

    "Is this agreement enough? No. It is not, given the evolution of the regional situation and increasing pressure that Iran is exerting on the region, and given ... increased activity by Iran on the ballistic level since the accord," he said.An official from a Gulf nation suggested that his country could accept the deal's collapse. Should Trump either not certify Iranian compliance or withdraw from the deal entirely, the Gulf official said: "I think we can live with that."

    1. No nartion in the Gulf, other than Iran, is signatory to the agreement
      European Union.
      United Kingdom.
      United States.

      What other signatory will follow US into the wilderness?

  28. Officials from the countries that signed the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran have affirmed that there have been no violations of the deal. US top diplomat Rex Tillerson has accused Iran violating the deal in spirit.


    Wednesday's meeting marked the highest-level talks between US and Iranian officials since the beginning of the Trump administration.

    Afterwards, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared that, although Iran was in "technical compliance" with the accord, it was failing to live up to the expectations of the deal. Iran's continued support of the Syrian regime, its malicious cyber activity and ballistic missile development had fostered "anything but a more peaceful stable region," he said.


    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected any renegotiation of the 2015 nuclear deal and said Tehran had "various" options" if US President Donald Trump decides to pull the United States out of the agreement.

    1. What other signatory will follow US into the wilderness?

  29. RESCUERS dug for survivors of a 7.1- magnitude earthquake that killed at least 230 people in Mexico as the nation watched anxiously for signs of life at a collapsed school in the capital.


    Many residents were preparing to spend a second night in parks and plazas, in tents or makeshift shelters, unable or unwilling to return to their homes as authorities inspected some 600 buildings whose walls swayed and cracked when the quake struck.


    Rescuers have raced against the clock to pull children from the rubble of a Mexico City school that collapsed in the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, killing at least 230 people.

  30. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

    Welcome to my cunt-servatory


    1. Unsurprisingly, for a long period of my life, I believed I was aromantic and asexual
      (otherwise known as aro/ace). I couldn’t imagine myself in a romantic relationship, and while I clearly wasn’t sex-repulsed, my fascination with all things sex rarely stemmed from attraction toward others. I still tried to see how far I could deepthroat bananas and popsicles, though.

    2. I moved to China when I was nine, but even the country’s fervent censorship failed to stop me — equipped with a trusty VPN, I continued to explore the then-mysterious bowels of the internet, and I wasn’t afraid to get dirty.

    3. You explored Al Gore's bowels ?

      That sounds a disgusting innards search.

      What did it entrails, exactly ?

    4. Aromantic ?

      Or a romantic ?

      You have always been romantically aromatic, Doug.

      A fragrant, scented, perfumed, fragranced, romantic, pungent, and redolent pleasing smell like cedar wood chips, irresistible to the ladies.

  31. Expert’s advice: Don’t engage with the alt-right on campus

  32. Former president Barack Obama is reportedly earning up to $400,000 (£296,000) an hour for making speeches to investment banks.

    The 56-year-old has been criticised by several Democratic senators who said they are “troubled” by the sums he is taking home.

    Mr Obama is reported to have received the fee for delivering a lecture to clients of asset manager Northern Trust Corporation in New York in September.

    This month he will take home another $400,000 for speaking to investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, according to Bloomberg News.

    The firm’s CEO, Howard Lutnick said: “Everybody would like to come. Hopefully, we will really talk about the Affordable Care Act in interesting and nuanced ways, which I think is really cool.”

    But before entering the White House in 2009, Mr Obama said that he had not run “to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street”.

    His spokesman defended the lectures, telling Bloomberg News that he has only spoken “true to his values”.

    The proceeds have also helped Mr Obama contribute $2 million to youth programmes in Chicago.

    However, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts told a local radio station: “I was troubled by that (fee for lectures)."

  33. Every scientist contacted by National Geographic was in agreement that the volume of rain from Harvey was almost certainly driven up by temperature increases from human carbon-dioxide emissions.

    crapper jack, crypto climatologist

    September 21, 2017
    Leftist Global Warming Mythology
    By Bruce Walker

    The left's response to the natural disasters in Florida was to raise again the bogeyman of man-made global warming. The left blames every natural disaster or significant change in weather on man-made global warming. So if the weather is unseasonably hot, man-made global warming is the culprit, but if the weather is unseasonably cold, the man-made global warming is to blame as well. The "science" of the left simply plugs in man-made global warming to every natural disaster or significant change in the weather.

    This is anti-science in its purest form. Totalitarianism – and the left is utterly totalitarian – always claims to base its actions upon "science." So the Nazis insisted and persuaded many scientists involved in genetics, psychology, biology, and so forth to agree with Nazi racial policies as "scientific," and almost everything that happened was accounted for by the Nazis as part of racial "science." So the Soviets coerced all scientists to accept as an overarching "science" Marxism, and so geneticists and physicists were sent to the Gulag or worse if their scientific discoveries conflicted with Marxist "science."

    The settled "science," which is to say anti-science, is screeched by the left despite the fact that more than 4,000 scientists, including 72 Nobel Prize winners, from more than 100 nations signed the Heidelberg Appeal, which explicitly challenged politically correct science and warned against "irrational ideology" and "pseudoscientific arguments of false and nonrelevant data."

    Even more interesting is the Oregon Petition from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which explicitly stated that there was "no convincing scientific evidence" of global warming and noted that rising carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants and animals. This petition has been signed by more than 30,000 scientists in America.

    The left assumes global warming when a truly scientific analysis of the data could mean a stable climate, a cooling climate (which is what the great scientist Sir Fred Hoyle believed was the case at the end of the last century), or global warming. The left not only prostitutes science into insisting upon man-made global warming, but ignores any explanation for climate change, assuming that climate change is real, which conflicts with its politically correct theory of man-made global warming.

    1. So the left ignores dramatic changes in global climate about which we have abundant evidence, scientific and documentary, based upon people living in these periods. During the Roman Warm Period, the climate was 2℃ to 6℃ hotter than it is today. The Dark Age Cold Period saw a significantly cooler climate than today. The Medieval Warming Period, which lasted centuries, saw the climate 3℃ warmer than it is today, and the Little Ice Age, which ended shortly before the American Civil War, saw temperatures 2℃ lower than today.

      None of these climatic changes in temperature can be explained by human activity, and all of them produced changes greater than what the Chicken Little leftists claim will produce the end of civilization.

      The left also ignores explanations for any global warming that do not involve human activity. Henrik Svensmark, director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research in Denmark, proposes a new theory for possible global warming and a new discipline, cosmoclimatology. Svensmark shows how cosmic rays have affected the climate on Earth over thousands of years. Perhaps even more persuasive, Svensmark notes that the climate changes of Mars track very closely the climate changes on Earth and that these changes fit closely into his theory that climate change is caused by cosmic rays and other forces of nature operating outside Earth. This does not preclude global warming; rather, it finds that natural forces, cosmic forces, in this case, account for global warming and not human activity.

      So why does the left love its silly theory of man-made global warming? Why does the left violently resist scientific opinions to the contrary? Because all the left really cares about is power, just like its close cousins, Marxism and Nazism. Man-made global warming demands – or rather, the left demands on behalf of its pet theory – a concentration of power away from the people and to remote, insulated, arrogant political bosses.

      Whatever happens in any area of life produces the same shrill cry for statist power by the left, no matter what the problem may be or how badly the left's "solution" to the problem may have failed in the past. Power, power, power and power is all the left loves.

      Read more:

    2. the Little Ice Age, which ended shortly before the American Civil War, saw temperatures 2℃ lower than today

      The glaciers in Glacier National Park have been receding from approximately this time, so I have read.

      In news closer to home, Doug reliably reports that Truckee is undergoing a rainy spell, while I can report the drought out this way of app. 90 days duration has finally broken.

      The local farmers are happy for this, though it came way way to late to help the crops.

      Those July rains were fiscally missed.

  34. Why are we paying for ex-presidents' pensions, offices, healthcare and security?

    1. Any ex-Presidents that can't make it on their own just isn't trying.

      Why are we paying for the healthcare of Congress ?

      I think we still are....

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