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Monday, March 06, 2017

The Media Confounds Itself Over The Lies, Leaks and Felonies Of US Intelligence Agencies or CNN, NY Times and The Washington Post



    BEIJING — China has charted out a $300 billion plan to become nearly self-sufficient by 2025 in a range of important industries, from planes to computer chips to electric cars, as it looks to kick-start its next stage of economic development.

    But big companies in the rest of the world worry that it is more than that: an unfair advantage in China’s home court, and perhaps elsewhere.

    A report by a European business group on Tuesday said the “Made in China 2025” program, which calls for enormous Chinese government assistance to 10 industries, would force out competitors from abroad and lead to government-subsidized global players that would compete unfairly. Indeed, the Chinese government’s plan says Chinese industries that benefit should own as much as 80 percent of their home market in just eight years.

    “The Chinese make it clear that they want to be the global champion” and are trying to carve out market share now, said Joerg Wuttke, the president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, which wrote the report.

    The plan’s mechanism is simple: It would provide large, low-interest loans from state-owned investment funds and development banks; assistance in buying foreign competitors; and extensive research subsidies, all with the goal of making China largely self-sufficient in the targeted industries.

    Although European and American government officials have expressed misgivings about the plan, the Chinese government has made clear in recent days that it plans to press on.

    “We will fully implement our plan for developing strategic emerging industries,” Premier Li Keqiang said in his annual speech to the National People’s Congress on Sunday. “We will accelerate R. & D. on and commercialization of new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, bio-pharmacy, 5G mobile communications and other technologies, and develop industrial clusters in these fields.”

    In addition to the sectors Mr. Li cited, the plan also covers the manufacturing of aircraft, robots, electric cars, rail equipment, ships and agricultural machinery. China seeks to wean itself off imports from companies like Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, Siemens, Nissan, Renault, Samsung and Intel.

    1. .

      Yet, Trump wants another 10% increase in military spending while drastically cutting other programs. Genius.

      He promises a $1 trillion infrastructure program which will be dead on arrival. Gutted by the Freedom Caucus and other deficit hawks. Not to mention NIMBY which could do the job all itself.

      Any major industrialization program would face the same obstacles only with the Dems adding their weight to screwing it up.

      Make America Great Again!



  2. Judge Napolitano caught up with Bob this early morning and quoted the statute I have cited here:

    BobMon Mar 06, 07:14:00 AM EST
    Good Morning !

    Oops...Ohh ooooo

    We don't need no stinkin' FISA warrant:

    Besides, Obama and his gang have generally been smart enough to hide their tracks when carrying out political dirty tricks. The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and NSA, aren’t headquartered in the White House. Obama could wage war against Trump by creating multiple layers of plausible deniability. That’s what a community organizer from Chicago does.

    Predictably, former Obama speechwriter Rhodes went on Twitter to lie. Replying to a Trump tweet, the Iranian mullahs’ best friend wrote, cheekily, that, “No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.”

    In fact, as Zero Hedge notes, Chapter 36 of Title 50 of the US Code, War and National Defense, Subchapter 1, Section 1802, states that under certain specific conditions:

    Notwithstanding any other law, the President, through the Attorney General, may authorize electronic surveillance without a court order under this subchapter to acquire foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year …

    Details of a Watergate-style conspiracy against Trump emerge.
    March 6, 2017 Matthew Vadum

    O'bozo didn't need no stinkin' warrant, and, it is Judge Napolitano's expert opinion that he relied on this statue spying on everything in sight, most certainly INCLUDING Candidate and President Trump's communications.

    It pays to read and pay attention to those that know a legal thing or two, like Bob and Judge Napolitano....otherwise you are left in the Swamp of Unknowing listening to reptiles like the SMIRK'n'QUIRK TWINS bellow and fart from fetid water.

    1. .

      Judge Dipshit.

      Show us the evidence!

      Show us the evidence!

      Show us the evidence!


      What don't you get about that?

      The DOJ, FBI, and all the other acronyms in the damn government work for Him.

      Why does he need a congressional investigation? Why drag this out? He issued his accusations on Saturday. By Sunday, he could have already talked to Sessions, 'I'm sure I've been targeted. Find out if I or my campaign have been wire tapped. Do it quick.'

      Instead we see the same bull from him. Go through the conspiracy theory sites, find something, and throw up a tweet. Do it without notifying your own staff leaving them to hang in the wind trying answer questions they can't. [Then, by the way if reports are true, rant about how fucked up your staff and appointees are.]

      Bottom line: Go directly to YOUR people, find out what happened, and act. Don't wait for some congressional investigation that could take months.

      Do it now.

      If Obama did something illegal, he should be prosecuted and if appropriate spend some time in jail.

      If he did what you accuse him of but it was all legal, punish him 9and the Dems) politically to the extent you can.

      However, if as your surrogates love to say, there is no there there, then you can just post another ass clown sticker on the presidential clown car.

      Give us something rather than simply echoing Levin and Breitbart. Lay out the proof.

      Show us the meat!

      That shouldn't be all that hard given YOU ARE THE FRIGGIN PRESIDENT.

      Let's then move on quickly to the next thing you want to screw up.


    2. .

      Bob puts up a frontpagemag article that simple echoes the shit we have seen since last Saturday.


    3. It appears Trumps 'evidence' is the BrietBart article. Their silence on the matter until a congressional hearing addresses the claim is their attempt to save face.

      Unfortunately for them the face saved is one a clown face.

    4. .

      On the last stream Deuce says,

      Someone is lying.

      It is not Trump.

      Easily proved. TRUMP IS THE FRIGGIN PRESIDENT. Trump 'knows a guy' for every situation. I'd suggest Sessions, but Trump would know better. Go to your boys, D, and tell them to give you the evidence to back up your charges, and do it now. Find out who is lying because if there is no evidence Obama wire tapped you and you are not 'lying', the alternative becomes a little scary.

      It is obvious that wiretaps, electronic monitoring, was being conducted against Trump and his team.

      I disagree. At this point, we don't know shit. You're being inconsistent. In your first post on the last stream...

      Deuce ☂Mon Mar 06, 08:09:00 PM EST

      ...All the reports by the US Media about government investigations of Trump and the Russians has been contradicted by The FBI, NSA and ex- officials such as Clapper and Comey. They both claim that there never has been any wire taps on Trump or his associates as has been widely reported by all big US media...

      ...Leaders of the Intelligence agencies, all having served under Obama, now claim there has never been an investigation...

      ...The Media and the Democrats have been Lying to destroy Trump. There is no other explanation.

      you blame it on the media, 'there is no other explanation'.

      There is NO other alternative explanation

      Others might disagree, but this is easily resolved. TRUMP IS THE FRIGGIN PRESIDENT.

      Since Saturday, everyone has been talking about how powerful Obama was 'as president', what he was allowed to do 'as president', different sections of the law were cited showing the extraordinary power a president wields. Now Trump has that power. HE IS THE FRIGGIN PRESIDENT.

      Make a few phone calls Mr. President and give us a tweet by say close of business today.


    5. The frogs are chirping, the alligators are farting.

      Life in the swamp goes on.

    6. .

      Can Mark Levin or Breitbart confirm that?



      WIKILEAKS publishes huge trove of 'CIA spying secrets'...

      Global hacking program...DRUDGE


    8. .

      And the point is...what?

      What has this to do with Trump's tweet about Obama?

      Are you saying it was 'actually' Obama that spied on the DNC and Podesta as part of a false flag operation?

      Or, is this another...

      What if...

      Its possible...

      We can presume...

      We have had a lot of that lately.


    9. .

      Come on Swamp, throw us a bone.

      Give us something more than Drudge headlines. You are starting to sound like the ex-hick Bob.


  3. SMIRK is so damn dumb brain dead he was wondering the other day how the USA could be charged with act of war violations (aka war crimes) if Congress hadn't declared war !!!

    At that level of mental functioning one is, or should be, declared BRAIN DEAD, and buried.

    Otherwise we would have ZOMBIES posting among in Smirk's case, we do.

    1. (Quirk will. He ain't dumb. He will see the writing on the wall. Quirk will wan to mostly silent.

      Smirk will not get it. He's an idiot. He will buffoon it, making an even and ever bigger fool of himself.)

  4. Big Bidness meeting today. Got to get going.

    Cheery Ciao !!


    The CIA's Remote Devices Branch's UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques 'stolen' from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

    With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the "fingerprints" of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.

    UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques.

    1. .

      That's why while I admit the possibility of the Russian hacks, I have always been skeptical of the Russians officially authorizing the hacks especially given some of the bullshit rationale the intelligence agencies have offered as proof (RT stories for example).

      Lately, I have become a little more open to the idea that Russia might have been involved in some kind of chaos campaign though I'm not thoroughly convinced.

      It doesn't help that after viewing the testimony of the intelligence agencies in January, Trump said he had come to the opinion that the Russians were involved in the hacks. Might have been politically wise but it was disappointing.


    2. .


      Probably not, if you listen to FOX (full disclosure, that is not a recommendation).

      Saw, Hayden being interviewed today on Fox. In rebuttal to some of Hayden's statements, the FOX host said that like 95%-97% of the people in the FBI and the CIA favored Clinton in the last election. He probably said where he got the info but I missed it.

      He also didn't say whether it represented a poll of the candidates themselves or of their intelligence.


    3. probably....


      I missed it....

      He also didn't say....

      Great report. Now we all know a lot more of nothing than before we began to read it.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. .


      Shit Swamp, I didn't know you could read. I thought you just laid there enveloped in a miasmic world of rotting things spouting a philosophy of emptiness for the most part centered on the atavistic tendencies of reptiles in a voice old and wizened like some ancient Cajun Yoda similar to a thin irritating scrape like the sound of two dead trees rubbing together in a light breeze, a voice that is first noticed, then becomes tiresome, and eventually is ignored as the eldritch nature of its musings bear down on the listener's soul and he turns away seeking light and breathable air.

      Well, anyway glad to hear it.

      What's the 411 on gator futures these days?


  6. A Warning for Bob's Indian Niece:

    "Canadian citizen denied entry to U.S. told she needed visa to get in

    Sidhartha Banerjee
    MONTREAL — The Canadian Press
    Published Tuesday, Mar. 07, 2017 8:09AM EST

    A Montrealer who is a Canadian citizen by birth says she was barred from entering the United States and told to get a valid visa if she ever wants to cross the border.

    Manpreet Kooner said she was turned away at a crossing along the Quebec-Vermont border on Sunday after a six-hour wait where she was fingerprinted, photographed and questioned before being refused.

    She said she was told she was an immigrant without a valid U.S. visa.

    Kooner, 30, is of Indian descent and was born in Montreal to parents who came to Canada from India in the 1960s and have lived in the same LaSalle district duplex for decades.


    Kooner claims the border agent told her, “I know you might feel like you’re being Trumped,” in reference to U.S. President Donald Trump – a statement she found odd.

    A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman said Monday the department can’t comment on individual admissibility inspections, but noted that possession of a valid travel document does not guarantee entry to the United States.

    Asked how she feels, Kooner said, “Just so bad, I feel like I’ve done something wrong, like I’m a criminal or something, but I’m not.”

    Kooner went to the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, as suggested at the border, and was told the situation was “odd” and that a visa isn’t necessary for Canadians.

    “Maybe there is no valid reason, maybe this is something that I can’t shake because I’m born like this,” Kooner said of her skin colour.

    Her travel plans are up in the air: Kooner is supposed to go to a U.S. music festival at the end of March and her bachelorette in Miami in May.

    “I’ve never had issues before, that’s the part that kills me,” Kooner said. “Now I’m just debating whether I should cancel.”"

    1. Thanks, Ash. That is uncharacteristically kind of you.

      I don't think she'll have any trouble. She has a job waiting, she knows all the rules, I have an immigration lawyer waiting in the wings if necessary....but thank you, Kind Fellow.

      I need a passport to get into Canada now. And, I assume, to get back here....I got one just for this purpose....

    2. Mankreet Kooner. Mankreet Kooner? I bet she's still angry at her parents. I'm sorry guys, but there's like 3 tons of jokes in that name.

      Come on! Lighten up were all thinking the same thing.

  7. What this country needs is More Departments!


  8. While You Weren’t Looking, the Democrat–Media Election-Hacking Narrative Just Collapsed

    OH! oooooo.....

    1. A New York Times report perfectly illustrates the three-prong scheme. On January 19, under the alarming headline “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry into Trump Associates,” the paper began its report as follows: WASHINGTON — American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, current and former senior American officials said. The continuing counterintelligence investigation means that Mr. Trump will take the oath of office on Friday with his associates under investigation and after the intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had worked to help elect him. As president, Mr. Trump will oversee those agencies and have the authority to redirect or stop at least some of these efforts. Could what’s going on be more obvious? The Times would have you believe that the Russians “worked to help elect” Trump because the intelligence agencies have said so. With this ballyhooed conclusion as the premise, law-enforcement and intelligence agencies are conducting a “counterintelligence investigation” — meaning that there may be crimes involved, as well as activities of a foreign power in the United States — to determine the nature of links between Russian officials (who, remember, helped elect Trump) and Trump associates connected to the Trump campaign. The probe, we’re further told, is “broad” and includes “intercepted communications” — which, to any informed person, strongly suggests that the FBI went to a federal court and laid out probable cause of improprieties, which prompted one or more judges to authorize wiretaps and potentially other forms of electronic surveillance (e.g., e-mail intercepts).

  9. Wikileaks is set to reveal the medication the CIA is providing Quirk and Mika B.

    1. .

      Ah, the evil twin arrives born on an oppressive wind from the west, like a single locust intent on sucking all the life out of whatever it can.



    2. What are talking about ?

      Ash has been here with you all morning.

    3. And Ash was born in a hospital, like anyone else, except you.

      Ash was borne here on a west wind.

    4. .

      What are talking about ?

      Ash has been here with you all morning.

      Nice try old man, no cigar.

      For god's sake, man, make an effort to dream up your own memes and don't degrade yourself even further to plagiarizing other's.

      By the way, follow that Swamp string of posts above, you might see some interesting info on gator futures popping up soon.


    5. .

      You sir were born by the west wind in an unholy scissoring between Electra and one of the lesser Nephelae and suckled in the belly of a typhoon.


    6. .

      It's god stuff, if you have any questions ask ex-hick Bob.


  10. It is certainly possible that the president was angry and the tweets result from a fit of pique.

    On the other hand, though, how much crazier is it for Trump to contend that Obama ordered spying on Trump than for the media and Democrats to have contended, for month upon month, that Trump’s campaign conspired with the Putin regime to steal the American presidential election and turn the Oval Office into occupied Kremlin territory?

    It is probable that both allegations are ludicrous. There is a good case, though, that there’s more support for the former than the latter. Here’s the most interesting part:

    Now that they’ve been called on it, the media and Democrats are gradually retreating from the investigation they’ve been touting for months as the glue for their conspiracy theory.

    It’s actually quite amusing to watch:

    How dare you suggest President Obama would ever order surveillance!
    Who said anything about FISA orders?

    What evidence do you lunatic conservatives have — uh, other than what we media professionals (And Democrats) been reporting — that there was any investigation of the Trump campaign?

  11. Trump ought to go get Julian Assange on Air Force One, bring him to the USA, issue him a Presidential Pardon, and give him his own quarters in The White House.

  12. Mika Loses It

    Here’s what she said:

    This is not funny.
    This is really bad.
    Just for the record, we are all really nervous.

    So if people out there feel nervous, we do too. We don’t think this is funny.

    We are at a low point in American history and I don't know how anybody can defend this president, even if it's their job.
    Like you've got to have a job after this.
    You've got to look in the mirror after this.
    Sarah Huckabee or whoever is speaking out next.

    You have to look in the mirror and think about this country after this is over.

    You need to think of the end game here, because there isn't one at the rate we are going….

    They are pushing a very dangerous agenda.
    An extremely dangerous one….

    It looks like he’s trying to deflect from something much bigger, probably pertaining to Russia at this point, who knows,
    but the people close to him, the people guiding him…the buck does stop with the president.

    I know he doesn’t think so, but it does….

    They are pushing a strange, far right agenda that is going to threaten everything.

    You can hear Mika, voice breaking, completely under the influence of her Meds, at the very end of this one hour podcast:

    1. It's a hilarious 3 minutes, Bob.

      Plus it might spur you to have a little more compassion for Quirk.

      These are trying times.

    2. I saw it on Fox, I think.

      I'm out of courage for the day, in any case.


    3. "Bobba Acosta - United Stents - Calling Former President of the United State sic
      Unbelievable Names!"

  13. From the WSJ

    Wednesday is looking like another tough day for the anti-Trump resistance. The people who brought you the “Women’s March on Washington” on Donald Trump’s first full day in office have organized tomorrow’s “Day Without a Woman.” It’s intended as a general strike to protest gender oppression. But it seems that the oppressed may be too busy to participate.
    “Stupid. That’s what I first thought,” Angie Beem tells the Seattle Times. Ms. Beem helped organize a January 21 Women’s March in Seattle but is skeptical of tomorrow’s event. “What’s the purpose of a strike when you can’t afford a day to not work? Women who could possibly do this are in an executive-type position. Life will go on for them. Their career is more stable. This screamed white privilege,” says Ms. Beem.
    The Times was able to find “only one local event associated with the strike: a free yoga open house at Spa Eir in Kirkland. ‘Let us be your sanctuary for the afternoon, a place to celebrate yourself,’ says a posting from the spa.” The Times adds that the spa will offer “slow flow yoga,” “yin yoga,” aromatherapy and “singing bowls.” The paper quotes spa owner Natalie Nelson: “I’m pretty passionate about women’s issues and want to give back to the movement. We’re happy to give space to commune and relax.”
    It may be tougher for some women to relax now that various school districts have cancelled Wednesday classes due to staff absences. “It came as a surprise when my husband texted me to tell me there was no school,” said Courtney Scott, who has children in Virginia’s Alexandria City Public Schools. She told TV station WJLA. “I can imagine how big of an inconvenience it is for people who don’t have child care and have to go in to work and don’t have the options to stay home.”
    Alexandria girls also have limited options but it seems clear they will forgo one day of learning in the classroom. The city’s school system says in a statement on its website: “Students will not be required to make up this instructional day.”


    1. PRIVILEGE.....I knew that didn't look right.

  14. The spa will offer “slow flow yoga,” “yin yoga,” aromatherapy and “singing bowls.”

    The paper quotes spa owner Natalie Nelson:

    “I’m pretty passionate about women’s issues and want to give back to the movement. We’re happy to give space to commune and relax.”

  15. ob posted Fake News:

    This Fox clip

    Is no match for this:

    DougTue Mar 07, 04:00:00 PM EST

    Mika Loses It

  16. .

    Regarding the Times article commented on by the National Review that Doug linked too above, IMO, it is a bullshit article that any ‘informed’ person would question at many levels (who’s communications were intercepted, by what agency, the timeline is confusing, questionable assumptions about FISA requests and warrants) the very thing that Trump or his alt-right supporters would call ‘fake news’ from the MSM (read NYT and WaPO); yet, despite this, Levin, Breitbart and others in the alt-right evidently accepted it , ate up the info in the article and spit it out in an extended rant. Then the president while taking a shit Saturday morning reads the Breitbart article, explodes, fumbles for his phone, drops it in the bowl, retrieves it, dries it off and starts tweeting.

    Did the Russians hack the DNC and Podesta? Possible but all the ‘evidence’ is circumstantial and some of it is just silly. Was Trump involved in a conspiracy with the Russians? There is no evidence of that. Did the Russians do the hacking to help Trump? Again, the evidence is circumstantial and even less convincing than that which suggests it was Russia that did the initial hacking. And Trump’s associates? We still don’t know if the investigations (if they exist) on any of them are because of conspiracy on the hacks or for separate, criminal issues.

    Was much of the media opposed to Trump? Sure, who wouldn’t be? Were the NYT and the WaPo in the tank for Hillary and their editorial boards waging war against Trump? Sure. Was the Times story poorly written? Of course. As written, it is just the kind of bull that conspiracy theorists like Levin and Breitbart would jump on and run with. But one part of the story was true…

    As president, Mr. Trump will oversee those agencies and have the authority to redirect or stop at least some of these efforts…

    Trump, as president, can declassify any info he wants to. All the department heads from FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, et al report to him. He could clear this up today, or at least by tomorrow morning's tweet.



    1. Yes, the MSM, Obama, Democrats, lie and are against Trump,

      but we need Quirk to warn us of the dangers of any alternate sources that point this out.

      If Trump can't easily defeat this massive conspiracy, it's all on him.


    2. My Lord, what's WRONG with you ?

      Why are you subjecting readers world wide to this sort stuff ? -

      Then the president while taking a shit Saturday morning reads the Breitbart article, explodes, fumbles for his phone, drops it in the bowl, retrieves it, dries it off and starts tweeting.

      Projecting again ?

    3. "Was much of the media opposed to Trump? Sure, who wouldn’t be?"


      Case Closed

    4. Comment above meant for Quirk.

  17. What the hell's wrong with you, Quirk ?

    1. It's mid afternoon here.

      CHILDREN might be reading your stuff.

      THINK !!, man !!

    2. You should apologize to Swamp, and everyone else, and take it down, too.

  18. "He could clear this up today, or at least by tomorrow"

    The President is given magical powers. Quirk's "Mind"

    1. Sorry, in all my posts thus far, I left out that Trump also has REPUBLICANS, "on his side."

  19. Has National Review passed the Quirk Test as Non Alt News?

  20. NSA Whistleblower Backs Trump on Wiretap Claims....DRUDGE

  21. Fake News Misleads On Obama Surveillance Of Trump

    What I have laid out here could answer why some in the government and media are now claiming there is no evidence of a FISA court order in October.

    There is a plausible sequence of events where Obama’s AG was turned down both at a regular court and the FISA court last summer (as I posted over the weekend). That rejection by the FISA court last summer could have led Team Obama to challenge the court’s determination at the higher-level FIS Review Court.

    Either way, there would be a record of the application (exposure of which would NOT interfere with any investigation – making sure an investigation is done within the rules is not ‘interfering’). But some are claiming there is none?

    OK. Or, … Team Obama could have decided to use his executive power and go at this without FISA Court coverage. You only need a pliant Attorney General (or designee).

    This means the lack of a FISA Court Order is not solid proof that nothing nefarious happened. We would need to see if the AG certified with the court a Presidential surveillance order. It is either a FISA application and order or an AG certification of an executive action. One or the other.

    The irony here is just too much. The NY Times accused President Bush of spying on Americans in 2003 and were proven wrong. Yet here in 2016, we may have President Obama doing exactly that and the evidence for it provided by the very same NY Times.

    What I have presented here is also reflected by Andrew McCarthy in a recent post that is well worth the read.

    * The Political Industrial Complex (PIC) encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club.

    It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc.

    And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.


    Locally, it includes Quirk, who regularly joins in the choir.

    1. Update: When crafting this long post I neglected to add one more bit of evidence that ties all these actions to the Obama White House (from The Guardian):

      "The White House is aware of phone calls between retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn and ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a senior US official told the Associated Press.

      It is not clear how the current administration learned of the contacts, although the AP noted that US monitoring of Russian officials’ communication within America is known to be common.

      Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak reportedly included several calls on 29 December

      This article is dated Jan 13, 2017. So this is clearly the Obama White House. And since it is a communications intercept from the NSA, it is clear the Obama White House was aware of the surveillance.

      Also note that the US Person is named and then leaked.

      Unless someone wants to retract this story and its sources, we have clear evidence of the Obama White House monitoring a Trump campaign member –

  22. On a more important note, does anyone have an update on Mankreet Kooner?

  23. Let’s begin by setting down a hard and fast rule to blunt the coming weasel words from team Obama.

    The President runs his administration. The President’s cabinet has some individual authority, but they confirm with the Commander-in-Chief anything that could erupt back on them either legally or politically.
    No cabinet member – especially the Attorney General – would run near or across legal or ethical lines without concurrence (i.e., cover from) the top person.

    To say Obama did not “order” the “wire tap” against the Trump campaign is as ridiculous as it sounds.
    Trump used figurative parentheses when he tweeted “wire tap”, so read that as meaning “surveillance” legally.

    It is not like the Captain of a ship actually “weigh’s the anchor” themselves!
    Captains order it be done.
    Or more accurately, it is one step of a process that has been established by the command chain so that when the Captain orders the ship to prepare to “get under way” this action is taken.

    However executed, the Captain is legally responsible for the people under him, and any mistakes they make. This would include any issues or damage done “weighing” the anchors.

    So when someone tries to split hairs about who ordered the surveillance on Team Trump, remember this:

    First, as Obama officials well know, under the FISA process, it is technically the FISA court that “orders” surveillance. And by statute, it is the Justice Department, not the White House, that represents the government in proceedings before the FISA court.

    The fact is no one would be dumb enough to run afoul of the laws protecting the American People from our intelligence apparatus without top cover – because these represent very, very serious crimes. So let’s stop pretending AG Lynch did this on her own. If this happened, it was all coordinated.


    As we deal with this explosive situation, remember the core issue. It is not run-of-the-mill political skulduggery (is there any other kind?).

    It is the criminal misuse of a critical national defensive capability. Liken it to using a military weapon against your political opponent, because that is the nearest and best analogy. If Obama ordered the military to intervene with Team Trump during the election, that would not be much different from using the intelligence powers to intervene.

    This is not on the same level as using the IRS to target political opponents – not by a long shot.

    Why is this the case? Because the FISA court operates outside the US Constitution, and therefore any misuse is much more serious:

    1. Mike M. says:

      Obama has a very long history of his campaigns (or their Propaganda Press auxiliaries) getting information that was supposedly nonpublic. That he’d try this sort of stunt should surprise nobody.

  24. "But Binney did say events such as publication of details of private calls between President Trump and the Australian prime minister, as well as with the Mexican president, are evidence the intelligence community is playing hardball with the White House."

    "I think that's what happened here," Binney told Fox. "The evidence of the conversation of the president of the U.S., President Trump, and the [prime minister] of Australia and the president of Mexico. Releasing those conversations. Those are conversations that are picked up by the FAIRVIEW program, primarily, by NSA."


    1. but, but...


  25. Christ on a stick

    ‘Hey, look, I got a new piercing,’ ski instructor yells after impaling face on branch


    1. Hagood experienced zero pain from the impalement, which left an 18-inch long branch through one side of his lip and sticking out the other.

      Ski patrol said that he needed to brace it before riding down.

      “It was initially about a foot and half long,” Hagood said. “But I braced it against my cheek and snapped it down to about 6 inches. Ski patrol was all like, ‘You’re crazy, man.’”

      Ski patrol wrapped it, stabilized it by securing the stick to his face and loaded him up into the sled before transporting him to the bottom of the mountain.

      The true pain set in once he got to the hospital, but it wasn’t from the tree branch sticking out of his face.

      “The most painful part of the experience was the numbing shots from the hospital,” he said. “Then they cut the top-left section of my lip near the exit-wound, trimmed the back half and pulled it through.”

      After a quick rinsing, Hagood — now referred to by his students and the local community as “Lipstick” or “Sticky” — left the hospital not only with 15 stitches in his face, but also with a hospital bill close to $1,500.

      Not too bad: Wyoming here I come!

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