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Thursday, December 22, 2016

UPDATE: Europe - A Migrant Crisis of Mindless Creation by the Usual Suspects

2016: A look at Europe's ongoing migrant crisis

© Louisa Gouliamaki, AFP | Migrants protest on the Greek island of Chios on April 3, 2016.
The year 2016 saw the migrant crisis dominate headlines once again. From the controversial EU-Turkey deal to the closing of the Calais “Jungle”, FRANCE 24 looks back at the key events of the year.

January 1, 2016: More than 1,000 women were assaulted during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne, Germany. Suspicions turned towards Germany’s large refugee population. In the weeks that followed thousands of Germans protested against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “open-door” refugee policy. Although the majority of the New Year’s perpetrators were never caught, many of the identified suspects were migrants from Morocco and Algeria, though not part of the most recent wave of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan migrants.

© Mehdi Chebil
March 7, 2016: France’s first camp built to the standards of the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees opened in the northern French town of Grande-Synthe. The camp was built in partnership with the mayor of Grande-Synthe and Doctors Without Borders, to house some 1,300 migrants who had been squatting in a muddy, unsanitary encampment nearby. The French government initially opposed the project, but is now running the camp and aims to close it.

© AFP, Bulent Kilic
March 20, 2016: A controversial deal between the European Union and Turkey came into effect, aimed at controlling the migrant crisis. Under the pact, Ankara would take back all illegal migrants who cross to Greece, including Syrians, in return for the EU taking in thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey and rewarding it with more money, early visa-free travel and progress in its EU membership negotiations. The deal continued to be a source of tension between the EU and Turkey throughout 2016.

© Sarah Leduc
April 2016: Following implementation of the EU-Turkey deal, migrant camps in Greece were turned into de facto detention centres. Over 3,300 people were held at the Moria centre on the island of Lesbos. Migrants who failed to register for asylum, or whose asylum requests were denied, were deported to Turkey. Clashes between police and migrants were reported in Chios and Moria in April. Doctors Without Borders had suspended its activities in Moria in March, citing what it called “unfair and inhumane” conditions.

May 24-26, 2016:Police evacuated the squalid Idomeni refugee camp in northern Greece near the Macedonian border, which at its height housed more than 12,000 people. In the space of three days, migrants were transferred by bus from Idomeni to newly created camps in the industrial outskirts of Greece's second city, Thessaloniki. The camp had exploded in size after Balkan states began closing their borders in February to stem the tide of migrants trying to pass from the Mediterranean to northern Europe.

June 20, 2016: The UN reported that the number of refugees and internally displaced people worldwide had reached its highest point ever, surpassing the previous record seen during WWII. The UN Refugee Agency reported that there were a record 65.3 million displaced people around the globe in 2015 — or 24 people displaced every minute — up 10 percent from the year before.

© Pedro Ugarte, AFP
August 216: The first ever Refugee Olympic Team competed in the summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The team of 10 athletes included runners, swimmers and judokas from Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. One of them, 18-year-old Yusra Mardini, had swum for her life through the Aegean Sea during her escape from Syria. The refugee team were given a standing ovation during the games opening ceremony.

© Aris Messinis, AFP
October 26, 2016: The UN refugee agency reported that at least 3,800 migrants had died in the Mediterranean Sea since January in an attempt to reach Europe, making 2016 the deadliest year on record in the Mediterranean. As of December, at least 4,690 migrants have died in the Mediterranean in 2016, compared to 3,777 in 2015.

October-November 2016: French police moved over 5,600 migrants out of the Calais "Jungle" camp in northern France, hoping to close the camp permanently. The migrants, who included hundreds of unaccompanied minors, were bussed to shelters throughout France before the “Jungle” was bulldozed. French authorities reported that the camp’s population had reached record levels during the summer before its demolition.

November 10, 2016:France’s first official refugee and migrant shelter opened in Paris, with space for 400 single men. Migrants spend up to 10 days at the site where they receive medical care and advice on seeking asylum before being transferred to a "Welcome Centre" elsewhere in France. The centre was part of the French capital’s ongoing drive to clear thousands of asylum-seekers out of improvised camps on the capital’s streets.

Date created : 2016-12-22


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    The Bush's by fatigue

    The Clinton's by disinfectant:

    Another Clinton run? No thanks: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in this year’s election, but that doesn’t mean Democrats and independents want her to run again. In the new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll, just 23% were excited about the prospect of another Clinton candidacy, and 62% said they prefer she not run. A majority of Democrats and independents said they wanted “someone entirely new.” The poll of 626 registered voters identifying as Democrats or independents had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 points.

    1. By attrition -



      Back in high school an old joke going round was:

      What will it take to get the Kennedy brothers all together again ?

      One more bullet....

    2. A sad commentary on the sense of humor prevailing then....


    Check to see if your church is on the ISIS Church Hit List this Holiday Season

    Exclusive: ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches
    The terror group threatened "bloody celebrations in the Christian New Year"


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    Fred comes in at 34 minutes here - almost 80!


  5. To save ourselves from eventually suffering Europe's fate we need to ban Moslem immigration now.

    1. RACIST!

    2. German Lesson: Islamist Enclaves Breed Jihadism

      by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY December 22, 2016 4:00 AM @ANDREWCMCCARTHY

      Islamist enclaves in European cities are a bigger problem than the infiltration of trained jihadists from the Middle East.

      ....Tuesday’s atrocity highlights an aspect of the refugee crisis to which I have been trying to draw attention for over a year: The main threat posed by the West’s mass acceptance of immigrant populations from sharia cultures is not that some percentage of the migrants will be trained terrorists. It is that a much larger percentage of these populations is stubbornly resistant to assimilation. They are thus fortifying sharia enclaves throughout Europe. That is what fuels the jihad. It would be foolish to think it couldn’t happen here, too.....

      Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/443268/germany-islamist-enclaves-europe-jihad-terrorism-problem-growing

      Islamophobic with good reason.

  6. John Bolton: Sorry, media: I’m not shaving my mustache


    Good for John !

  7. Obama eliminates post-9/11 registry for foreigners, making it harder for Trump to restart it


  8. For those who just can't get enough of Hillary:


    1. What are you trying to do....ruin the Holidays ??!!

  9. Trump is President already -

    UN scuttles vote on Israeli settlement after Trump warning....DRUDGE

    Egyptian officials scrapped a plan to proceed with a United Nations Security Council vote condemning the construction of Israeli settlements, following pushback from Israeli officials and President-elect Trump.

    "Egypt requested the vote's delay to permit them to conduct an additional meeting of the Arab League's foreign ministers to work on the resolution's wording," Haaretz reported, citing Western diplomats. But the vote might be postponed "indefinitely," according to the report.


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    5. Yes, I laughed, but missed the shrapnel....


    6. Damn e-cigs are like a small grenade.

  11. The "Q" Dilemma

    December 22, 2016
    No brain required to import terrorists
    By Robert Arvay

    One of life’s great mysteries is the fact that people with high intelligence scores are so often stupid – not just stupid, but breathtakingly so.

    I have seen it in my personal and professional life, as I am sure that you have also. Examples abound. Here is just one. I once worked for an organization that was obviously failing. A concerned high-ranking person asked me if I had noticed any problems in the company. I listed several, all of them significant. He then gave me a blank stare and said something to the effect of Good, I’m glad to see there are no problems and walked away.

    Here is a more serious one – one you also, no doubt, have noticed. For decades now, Islamic radicalism has been a dominant factor in worldwide terrorism. It is so blatantly obvious that no one, we would think, could possibly have missed it. Yet seemingly intelligent people steadfastly refuse – absolutely refuse – to acknowledge that fact. Absurd excuses are made for cold-blooded murderers who ruthlessly kill and maim innocent children, women, and men, and who do so not only without remorse, but with glee.

    Barack Obama has suggested that the problem stems from unemployment among young Arab men. Others blame oppression by Israelis. Western imperialism is cast as the villain. How about the Crusades?

    By blaming everyone except the terrorists themselves, it then became logical, in a distorted way, to import young Arab men by the hundreds of thousands into Europe, and by the many thousands into the United States. Once they got here, the reasoning went, they would adopt Western values and peacefully prosper by doing so.

    As the imported terrorists began racking up their macabre toll of murders, rapes, and other violent crimes, one would think this would have had some impact upon those who imported them, a decent sense of regret. No. Instead, the woman who almost became the U.S. president had vowed to import even more of them. More!

    Angela Merkel of Germany did in fact import about a million into the nation she leads, and at long last, the German people are beginning to take some notice, despite the attempts of their government to conceal the rape statistics, which skyrocketed after the mass immigration. The German government response: German women should dress more modestly. My thought: Perhaps they should wear burkas, and never go out of the house without a male relative. After all, that’s what they do in Mecca, isn’t it?

    The theory seems to have been that imported Arabs would adopt Western values, and assimilate into Western culture, as have immigrant Asians and Africans. Are Arabs at all different?

    Of course they are. You and I know that. When we see news video of throngs of Arab men ranting in the streets of London, demanding that sharia law be imposed, it becomes obvious that assimilation is the last thing these people desire. Instead, they insist that we must submit ourselves to their way of life and, by extension, death.

    We finally have an incoming president who recognizes the obvious, and is unafraid to give voice to those of us who also notice it. Like us, he has been ridiculed and vilified for mentioning it. We expect him to act decisively and swiftly to end the inexplicable stupidity, the madness, by which our previous leaders got so many of us killed.

    For the first time in years, I am optimistic.

    1. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/12/no_brain_required_to_import_terrorists.html

  12. Should ban the faggot:

    Screaming Brooklyn lawyer chases down Ivanka Trump and yells at her as she sits with her kids on flight - and his Hillary supporter husband BOASTS about the verbal attack before they're kicked off
    A passenger on a JetBlue flight accosted Ivanka Trump on Thursday morning
    'Your father is ruining the country,' said Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms
    He then began demanding to know why Ivanka was on the flight and not travelling on a private plane while she sat with her kids
    Ivanka ignored him and tried to preoccupy her children with crayons while the man berated her
    A fellow passenger said later that Ivanka told security and flight staff she did not want to make the incident a thing and have anyone removed from the flight
    The man's husband, Matthew Lasner, later tweeted: 'My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off'
    However one hour before that he wrote on Twitter: 'Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them'
    Lasner and Goldstein were accommodated on the next available flight according to JetBlue, and Lasner deleted his Twitter account soon after
    Ivanka and her family are heading away for the holiday, meaning they will be spending 12 straight hours on the plane

    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. "The man's husband, Matthew Lasner, later tweeted: 'My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off'

      However one hour before that he wrote on Twitter: 'Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them'

      Lasner and Goldstein were accommodated on the next available flight according to JetBlue, and Lasner deleted his Twitter account soon after

    2. I wonder if she's headed here?

      Can't make it to Sam's place in 12 hours.

    3. Couple of chocolate packers.

    4. If you see Ivanka, give her a hug from me.

      Give her a tour of your lava tube, too. Show her what Republicans must endure in Hawaii.

    5. Ideal parents:

      Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms.

      "Your dad is packing"

      takes on a whole new meaning.

    6. “Why is she on our flight? She should be riding private,” the man, later identified as Daniel Goldstein, exclaimed, TMZ reported. Another passenger told TMZ that Trump ignored the man and distracted her kids with crayons before he was escorted off the flight.

      As he was removed, the man yelled, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?”


      Goldstein's husband, Hunter College professor Matthew Lasner, said on Twitter that he and his husband were kicked off the flight after Goldstein "expressed displeasure" about flying with Trump.

    7. “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?”

      Oughta pack his nasty ass with an e-cig.

  13. "NBC News could not independently confirm the content of what was actually said, and Lasner said in his since-deleted tweets that it was a calm or peaceful confrontation. Lasner did not immediately respond to requests for comment."


    Poor NBC.

    Somehow others got the tweets captured, and talked to other witnesses, but not our beleaguered MSM.

    Woulda convicted the pair on air had they been trying to fuck with Obama's butt.


    BIG jihadi attack planned for Christmas Day disrupted in Australia.

    'Multi-mode' attack.

    Source: Sebastian Gorka, Fox News

    1. They don't seem to be 'assimilating' in Australia, either.

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    Stumped on Deuce.

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    1. Yep, that terror shit not happening down here. All we do is kick ass and chew bubblegum. And, we're all out of bubblegum.

  16. Turkish airstrikes killed at least 47 civilians, including 14 children, Thursday in the IS-held town of Al-Bab, which Turkish forces have been seeking to capture for weeks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.

    The raids came a day after 14 Turkish soldiers were killed by jihadis around Al-Bab, in the country’s biggest loss of the campaign so far.

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim vowed Thursday to press on, saying: “Turkey is in the midst of a great struggle — our fight against terror continues both in our country and outside our borders.”

  17. Vandal Fans !

    Mighty Idaho Vandals break Potato Bowl yards gained record while beating Colorado State

    61 to 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We end the year at 9 wins, 4 losses

    Go Vandals !

  18. Fags get escort, special treatment at SFO Airport


    Insane fag "intellectual"

    Lasner also retweeted a man who wrote on Twitter: 'Dear @IvankaTrump + @JaredKushner, there are swastikas being painted across America by people who support your father. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING.'

    It does not end there either, as Lasner is not a fan of Ronald Reagan or George Bush
    Lasner posted a photo of a college student wearing an old Reagan / Bush shirt earlier this year without the young man's knowledge and then wrote:
    'Seeing this walking out of @packercollegiate this morning made seriously ill. It's disgusting that teenagers might find this amusing. As far as I'm concerned it's hate speech. #idontheartthe80s'

    According to his biography on the Hunter College website, Lasner 'studies the history and theory of the U.S. built environment, with particular focus on housing, and the relationship between housing patterns and urban and suburban form.'

    He earned a PhD in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, a MS in urban and regional planning studies from the London School of Economics and his BA in urban studies at Columbia.

    Just before they took off, Lassner also took a photo of Ivanka sitting on the plane writing that they were kicked off for 'expressing displeasure about flying w/ Trumps.'

    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. http://www.tmz.com/2016/12/22/ivanka-trump-harassers-jetblue-san-francisco/

  19. I did try to fuck her, she was married...


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