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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prove It! - In case anyone hasn't noticed, it is the POTUS that nominates the head of the CIA. Of course it is political and yes they lie, exaggerate and distort!

My first job out of the military was as an analyst on Soviet missile capabilities. All of us were young, ex-military, irreverent and by nature, skeptical.

We monitored every Soviet test launch from their three major bases in Plesetsk,  Baikonur Tyuratam and Kapustin Yar. We both helped the the CIA and other defense agencies and they helped us. Plesetsk was so secret, no one even admitted it existed.

The reason we depended on the CIA was simple. Our technology was such that unlike conventional radar which sends out a signal and analyzes the return and is detectable, we analyzed external modulation of civil shortwave signals by exogenous events in the ionosphere.

WE were undetectable. (How about that? I was undetectable before I became a deplorable!)

We needed time to select the right signals and focus on specific areas. We did not want to waste a launch opportunity so we depended on the CIA and the NSA  to supply us with intelligence of possible pre-launch activity.

Most raw intelligence data is extremely eclectic. It comes from subtle and unexpected places. We were as a group patriotic , irreverent and knew bullshit when we saw it.

The men and women in our intelligence agencies are good people.Washington politicians use the CIA, tell their lies and stories and use the agencies to confirm their bullshit.

(Remind me some day to tell you about Lyndon Johnson and how he blew our cover.)

When we reported an event (missile launch) we used a system called a "confidence factor".

Yesterday, I heard a "journalist" say the CIA had a high confidence that the Russians did the hacking.

I laughed and remembered discussions with our command center and my boss  in Aviano trying to persuade me to call an event "high" because other sites were calling it "high". He reminded me that a "high confidence" call meant that you cannot rule its out. It is not a sure thing. (slam dunk to you other deplorable mutherfuckas)

I did not give him what he wanted. I did my job, realizing they are going to do what they want to do anyway.


I'm calling it unproven from an unreliable source, Barack Obama and the US Media.

Time for some Ethiopian coffee.


  1. Interesting life you've led, Deuce. Not as exciting as farming of course....;)

    Hillary loved her some Putin
    December 11, 2016
    The Russian hacking con is not only another example of manufactured intelligence by elements of Hillary’s Praetorian Guard but is also a personal vendetta against a former business partner. More

    The great Russia-hacked-the-election con
    December 11, 2016
    There is not yet any evidence that Russia hacked the election or was responsible for the DNC email hacks. None. More

  2. 'Mad Dog' Mattis at Defense, 'T Rex' Tillerson at State.....


    1. GOP senators challenge Trump on secretary of state prospect's Russia ties

      Fox News -

      Sen. Marco Rubio and other GOP senators fired a warning shot this weekend over President-elect Donald Trump's consideration of ExxonMobil Chairman Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, raising concerns about the global energy titan's reported Russian ties ...


  3. Mr Obama's connection to the CIA is legend.

    So what if it was the Russians that leaked the e-mails, and what does it mater if those leaks aided Mr Trump?

    Were not the Chinese contributions of cash to the Al Gore campaign, back channeled through Buddhist monks an attempt to influence a US election?

    Are not the Chinese cash contributions back channeled through the licensee selected to administer gambling in Macao and made to Republicans also an attempt, by the Chinese, to influence US elections?

  4. Washington Post - ‎Dec 9, 2016‎

    President-elect Donald Trump claimed Friday night that African Americans came through for him “big league” in the November election and said those who stayed home were “almost as good” as those who voted for him.

    Almost, but not quite.
    How quaint.

  5. Bibi is still upset about the US easing sanctions against Iran ...

    But easing those sanctions is a $16 billion USD boost for those folks connected to Boeing.

    Boeing will sell 80 jetliners worth $16.6 billion to Iran Air

    USA TODAY - ‎

    Boeing's deal to supply a new Air Force One may be on the chopping block but the aircraft maker has some new business to take up any slack: a $16 billion deal with Iran Air.


    1. Will Mr Trump kowtow to Bibi, or will he side with US workers and allow Boeing to be great again?

    2. Because one thing is perfectly clear.
      Bib does not give a hoot in hell about Boeing, it's workers, or the United States of America.

      Netanyahu reiterated his criticism of the Iran nuclear agreement, telling the Saban Forum, “I look forward to speaking to [Trump] about what to do about this bad deal.”

      Bibi just does not give a shit about creating and maintaining high paying jobs, here in the United States. Nor about making the US great again.

    3. Trump, however, really loves Israel, or so he says.

  6. Did not the US and it's allies in NATO attempt to thwart the results of the 2010 election in the Ukraine?

    And by doing so, legitimizing any attempts by foreign powers to influence elections, here in the US?

  7. Did not the US help to dpose the elected government of Iran, back in 1954?

    Of course it did.

    There can be no complaint made when other countries attempt to influence who governs the US.

    1. 1954 to far back for some to think relevant?

      Think again.

      The precedents have been set,by US.

      Learn it, live it, love it.

  8. Do you have a point in all of this, Rat?

    1. Of course.

      Whether or not the Russians attempted to influence the US election ...
      not of any real consequence, it is just business as usual, between former allies.

      Any faux outrage that the Russians could do such a thing ...


    2. Now, whether or not the election of Mr Trump will cause a "reset" of the US/Russia relationship ...
      ... only time will tell

  9. Well, the only ones making a big deal out of it are the deniers.

    Bibi is still upset about the US easing sanctions against Iran ..

    Me too. We should have kept their money and spent it on ourselves. Spoils of war.

  10. Dutch populist leader Wilders rises in polls after conviction for 'hate'....DRUDGE


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  12. .

    The Iranian Nuclear Deal

    The Iran deal is one of the few positive things Obama can claim in his legacy.

    The argument that this legitimizes the Iran nuclear deal and guarantees Iran will become a nuclear power is childish and absurd.

    Bibi offers up the argument for his own reasons not those of the US. The Israeli Lobby and their supporters buy it because it is one of the daily talking points they receive from Bibi. The neocons and hawks oppose it because that is what they do. The sheeple buy the argument because that is what they do. The Christian right in this country buys it because they are opposed to anything that might slow down the coming of the rapture.

    Prior to this deal, both Israeli and US intelligence said that Iran was only a few months away from nuclear capability. Now, everyone agrees that were the deal cancelled today, Iran is a minimum of more than a year away from nuclear capability. Any action the US or Israel for that matter considered taking against Iran prior to the deal is still open were the deal to fall apart. The difference, they now have more time to plan for it.

    The argument that this deal legitimizes Iran's nuclear program and guarantees it in the future is equally absurd propaganda. The deal legitimizes nothing. It delays Iran's nuclear capability (wrt the bomb) for 15 years or LONGER. If the deal works out for Iran there is no guarantee they would want to cancel it rather than extend it.

    Opponents of the deal offer up only the negatives never the positives.

    Some argue we should have kept the money. What they mean is we should have stolen the money. The biggest chunk of change Iran received from the US was because of an arms deal from decades ago where we did not complete our part of the deal. The amount was determined by a World Court judgement that went against the US. As for the sanctions relief, that will eventually help Iran but ask them how much it has helped them so far. Also ask how much the US has helped assure that everyone recognizes that they can now deal with Iran without repercussions down the line from the US. Then ask how much Iran has benefited from it.

    Some say Iran is bound to cheat on the deal. The people doing the inspections would argue with that. So far. My answer, 'Show us the proof'. The only thing we have been given so far is speculation and 'proof' from decades ago, as meaningless as the 'proof' we were given that Sadaam had WMDs.

    Face it, the US operates under the assumption that we are entitled and any action we take is ok regardless of how fucked up it is. Some in the public accept this principle when they speak of 'spoils of war'.

    The deal with Iran was reached along with 4 other major powers. They were already chafing under the sanctions regime established against Iran. There failure of the negotiations would have likely meant the coalition would have folded. It certainly couldn't be reconstructed now for a new deal. China and Russia were already establishing ties with Iran. And oil is a fungible commodity. China was already buying a lot of Iranian oil despite the sanctions.

    So was the Iranian deal a good one. I think so but then so does the Israeli military and intelligence if you can believe the Israeli newspapers. So do our partners in the +5 that helped negotiate the deal.


    1. Keep your job as a Christmas Santa.

      Don't go into Geopolitics.

    2. Shake the bells for money in the Christmas kettle....

      Work with 'Toys for Tots'....

      Stay in, don't stray from, your areas of expertise.

    3. .

      As usual, meaningless words from Boondock Bob meant to obfuscate and deflect but signifying zip. Merely a waste of blog space.

      Confused words from a confused faux farmer.



    4. About 567,000 results (0.64 seconds)
      Search Results
      Image result for Iran's cheating on nuclear 'deal'

      Last week, Germany's intelligence agency produced a report detailing Iranian cheating. ... According to an Institute for Science and International Security July 7 report by David Albright and Andrea Stricker, Iran is required to get permission from a UN Security Council panel for “purchases of nuclear direct-use goods.”Jul 13, 2016

      Why Is Obama Ignoring Iran Cheating on the Nuke Deal? - Newsweek
      About this result •

      Why Is Obama Ignoring Iran Cheating on the Nuke Deal? - Newsweek
      Jul 13, 2016 - Last week, Germany's intelligence agency produced a report detailing Iranian cheating. ... According to an Institute for Science and International Security July 7 report by David Albright and Andrea Stricker, Iran is required to get permission from a UN Security Council panel for “purchases of nuclear direct-use goods.”

      Iran Is Cheating on the Nuclear Deal, Now What? - Gatestone Institute
      Aug 4, 2016 - One year into the nuclear deal, two credible and timely intelligence reports reveal that Iran has no intention of honoring the terms of the deal, ...

      Iran Is Cheating On The Nuclear Deal, Now What? | Zero Hedge
      Aug 4, 2016 - One year into the nuclear deal, two credible and timely intelligence reports reveal that Iran has no intention of honoring the terms of the deal, ...

      First anniversary of Iran nuclear deal marred by massive cheating ...
      Jul 14, 2016 - First anniversary of Iran nuclear deal marred by massive cheating. Expect the Obama administration to take more victory laps this week by claiming Iran has complied with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal that reaches its first anniversary on July 14.

    5. Only the IAEA demurrs - heh -

      IAEA: Iran Not Cheating on Nuclear Deal | Mother Jones
      Sep 8, 2016 - Iran has kept to a nuclear deal it agreed with six world powers last year limiting its stockpiles of substances that could be used to make atomic ...

      Iran's already cheating - Chicago Tribune
      Dec 10, 2015 - The IAEA report on Iran's nuclear ambitions is incomplete. ... a bill on Iran's nuclear deal with world powers, in Tehran, Iran on Oct. 11, 2015.

      Stephen Hayes: Iran cheated on the interim nuclear deal | PunditFact
      Dec 31, 2014 - As the pundits look ahead to 2015, they know that time is running out for the United States to reach a permanent deal with Iran over its nuclear ...

      The Gremans know Iran is cheating on nuclear deal, but not Obama
      Jul 13, 2016 - What US diplomats call the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — known to some of us as the Disastrous Iran Deal — was agreed in Vienna a ...

      Explaining the Obama Administration Overlooking Iran's Cheating on ...
      Aug 18, 2016 - The Obama administration official in charge of monitoring Iran's implementation of the nuclear agreement, Ambassador Stephen Mull, testified ...

      Obama: 'Historic' Diplomacy. Even If Iran Cheats on Deal, It'll Take A ...
      Apr 1, 2016 - For the first time since negotiations about Iran's nuclear program began, President Obama told the truth. Despite a quixotic deal, Iran's breakout ...

    6. I read thru your opinion twice Q, and unless I missed it, I failed to see what the US gained in the Iran deal. What did the US gain? Nothing as far as I can tell. If the US doesn't gain from a deal, why do it?

    7. A relaxing of tensions and a nuclear weapons free Iran is a gain for the US. War would be a bit negative.

  13. "Two top Republican senators -- John McCain and Lindsey Graham --"


    I say if the two top Republican senators say we should go to war with Russia,
    we should go to war with Russia!

    1. :)

      I don't go that far.

      But I wonder what Iranian nuclear scientists are doing spending so much time in North Korea....?

      Quirk will have an explanation....

    2. Some have speculated that Iran has already tested a nuclear North Korea....

  14. Facebook Live, til Death does it Impart.

  15. How the Fancy Bears Broke Into John Podesta and Colin Powell’s Gmail Accounts


    We Spoke to DNC Hacker 'Guccifer 2.0'

  16. ISIS Renews Attacks On Palmyra In Attempt To Retake Historic City

    Months after ISIS was pushed out of Palmyra, the extremist group is again fighting for the Syrian city in the face of heavy air strikes by Russia's military. After early reports that ISIS had retaken the city, activists are now reporting that ISIS elements withdrew to escape air raids.

    From Beirut, NPR's Alice Fordham reports:

    "Russia's defense ministry says its warplanes along with the Syrian army repelled all attacks on Palmyra. In a statement carried in Russian media, Russia said it conducted 64 airstrikes and killed 300 militants. It also said ISIS were using car bombs and rockets.
    "The U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition says it also conducted a huge attack on ISIS close to Palmyra last week. Still, the offensive by the extremists is in itself a surprise. They were pushed out of Palmyra in March and are under intense pressure in their strongholds of Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq."
    In addition to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Palmyra is situated near large oil fields in central Syria that have been a key objective for both ISIS fighters and Syria's government.

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    1. ISIS ?

      They were supposed to be finished over a year ago according to the Bar's Two Prognosticators.