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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Mac Attack: “Let go of my tie or I’m gonna fuck you up.”



    Netanyahu Seeks $4.5 Billion-a-Year in US Arms
    Planned Billion Dollar Increase Not Enough for Israeli PM

    by Jason Ditz, November 03, 2015

    Heading to Washington for a high-profile visit next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again bringing a substantial wishlist of military gear. That was not wholly unexpected, as plans are to announce a $1 billion annual increase to the US aid budget to Israel. That may not be enough, however.

    Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said the visit was going to see Netanyahu laying out what is necessary to “deter Iran,” and that it is going to cost America $4.5 billion annually. The current aid budget is around $3.1 billion, and the planned hike was to get it in the range of $4-$4.1 billion per year.

    This hike in annual spending will be above and beyond the multi-billion dollar one-off military aid package the US is planning to give to Israel as “reparations” for the international nuclear deal with Iran. Israel is said to be trying to avoid talks on this aid until after the annual deal is finalized, likely to avoid asking for things they were going to get anyhow.

    Despite being couched as about Iran, the annual increase is simply part of the endless march toward greater aid to Israel, with the latest 10-year aid package about to expire, a substantial increase was seen as virtually inevitable, and sure to secure considerable bipartisan support.

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      As I said, 'Drama Queen'.

      Bibi sits pouting for a few months threatening not to 'accept' American baksheesh from the political elites in the US. Did anyone in their right mind buy his bullshit?

      He merely waited long enough before pouncing to allow his accountants to total the amount they thought he could get away with.

      And dicks in DC, put in a call to China to borrow some more money. All on the US taxpayer's tab.





  2. What would be great? Obama was arrested and sent to prison...

    More likely.

  3. This just in, REALLY they are saying the Russian Jet that was bombed by ISIS and built by....




  4. Palestinians Flock to Islamic State

    by Khaled Abu Toameh
    August 21, 2015 at 5:00 am

    The terror group Islamic State has become extremely popular among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Four recent public opinion polls show that at least one million Palestinians support the Islamic State.

    The Palestinians' two governments, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), have good reason to be worried about the Islamic State. In recent weeks, Islamic State spokesmen have issued threats against both the PA and Hamas, accusing them of "collaboration" with the "Zionist entity."

    Hardly a week passes without another report of a Palestinian killed while fighting for the Islamic State terror group.

    The reports have raised deep concern among many Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. A recent report estimated that some 100 Palestinians have already joined Islamic State. Other reports claim that the number is much higher.

    According to the report, most of the Palestinians who joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are from the Gaza Strip. Another 1000 Palestinian men are believed to be preparing to join Islamic State, but have been unable to fulfill their dream for various reasons, the report revealed.

    It is no surprise that most of the Palestinians who have joined the Islamic State are from the Gaza Strip, which has been under the control of Hamas since 2007.

    In the past year, various reports have suggested that Islamic State and its supporters have managed to infiltrate the Gaza Strip, where they pose a major threat to Hamas's rule over the area, home to some 1.6 million Palestinians.

    deuce's friends...

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      Hamas and the PA are the only ones that have been keeping ISIS out of the occupied territories.

      Hamas or ISIS? Quite a choice.


  5. What will be great is the day Obama leaves office.

  6. "Burger Brawls", as they are now called, are breaking out everywhere.

    Our nation, for shame, really.

    Video: Brawl amid the burgers at South Beach Five Guys

    Fists were flying at a South Beach Five Guys burger joint this week when a customer and an employee went at it just beyond the counter.

    A security guard tried to stop the fight between the red-shirted employee and a customer dressed in black. Cups and napkins went flying amid the brawl. The cellphone video has gone viral on Facebook.

    The fight broke out at the Five Guys in the 1500 block of Washington Avenue.

    “The actions displayed in this video are simply unacceptable. We are working with the franchise owner to do a full investigation and ensure appropriate disciplinary actions are taken,” according to a company statement to NBC 6.

    Read more here:

  7. Would you be willing to fight if your Chinese take out had no Fortune Cookie?

    What if your Big Breakfast, with the extra sausage, had only one sausage ?

    If your Colonel Sanders Big Bucket had nothing but legs and thighs ?

    Or if you're a kid, and the school lunch program only serves Michelle Obama Approved Crap ?

    Where is your line in the sand ?