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Tuesday, November 17, 2015



The Governors With Presidential Ambition
Meanwhile, three Republican presidential candidates who are governors said they don't want new refugees. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said he had signed an executive order telling state agencies to "take all available steps" to stop the intake of Syrian refugees. 
In a letter to the president, Ohio Governor John Kasich encouraged the president to stop accepting refugees until "the rigor and depth of background checks are improved." 
"I respectfully request that the federal government take no further action in resettling Syrian refugees in Ohio," the letter also said. 
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said even children with no family should be admitted into the U.S. 
"We could come up with 18 different scenarios, the fact is that we need for appropriate vetting and I don't think orphans under 5 are being — should be admitted into the United States at this point," Christie said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt. "In the end i don't trust this administration to effectively vet the people that they're asking us to take in." 
The Lone Democrat — So Far
New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, who is running for Senate in 2016, is the only Democratic governor to take such a position. She said the federal government should "halt acceptance of refugees from Syria until intelligence and defense officials can assure that the process for vetting all refugees ... is as strong as possible." 

Image: Migrants wait in line to get food in a reception center

Migrants wait in line to get food in a reception center on the Greek island of Lesbos on Nov. 16, 2015 after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU / EPA


  1. Jesus loves the little children,
    All the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    All are precious in His sight,
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

    Jesus died for all the children,
    All the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    All are precious in His sight,
    Jesus died for all the children of the world.
    Jesus calls the children dear,
    Come to me and never fear,
    For I love the little children of the world;
    I will take you by the hand,
    Lead you to the better land,
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    Jesus is the Shepherd true,
    And He’ll always stand by you,
    For He loves the little children of the world;
    He’s a Savior great and strong,
    And He’ll shield you from the wrong,
    For He loves the little children of the world.

    I am coming, Lord, to Thee,
    And Your soldier I will be,
    For You love the little children of the world;
    And Your cross I’ll always bear,
    And for You I’ll do and dare,
    For You love the little children of the world.

    Read more:

    1. Be it noted that in the first phase of Jesus' very short career he made every attempt to stay away from those that would harm him.

  2. Excellent.

    Though Idaho is not known as being part of 'the Bible Belt'.

    We are the hayseed state, home of the Vandals.


    Now 24 governors have refused to take Syrian refugees

    November 16, 2015 8:36 pm By Robert Spencer 65 Comments

    A realistic concern for security is trouncing Obama’s politically correct fantasies.


    “Syrian refugees not welcome here, governors of 24 states say,” by Ashley Fantz and Ben Brumfield, CNN, November 16, 2015:

    The governors of at least 24 states have announced they will not accept Syrian refugees. The states range from Alabama and Georgia, to Texas and Arizona, to Michigan and Illinois, to Maine and New Hampshire. Among these 24 states, all but one have Republican governors.

    The announcements came after authorities revealed that at least one of the suspects believed to be involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe among the current wave of Syrian refugees. He had falsely identified himself as a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad and was allowed to enter Greece in early October.

    Some leaders say they either oppose taking in any Syrian refugees being relocated as part of a national program or asked that they be particularly scrutinized as potential security threats….

    Predictably, Hamas in the U.S. is outraged:

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday, “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”…

    I see Michigan is waking up, and Mississippi too.

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  3. Former CIA Director: ISIS Will Strike America

    Michael Morell

    Nov. 16, 2015

    Michael Morell is the former deputy director of the CIA and has twice served as acting director. He is the author of The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Fight Against Terrorism — From al Qa'ida to ISIS.
    The head of the UK’s domestic security agency recently warned that ISIS is planning mass casualty attacks in Britain. His concerns are well founded. We will not be far behind.

    I was an intelligence officer for 33 years. When intelligence officers write or brief, they start with the bottom line. Here it is: ISIS poses a major threat to the US and to US interests abroad and that threat is growing every day.

    The nature and significance of the threat flows from the fact that ISIS is— all at the same time— a terrorist group, a state, and a revolutionary political movement. We have not faced an adversary like it before.

    As a terrorist group, ISIS poses a threat to the Homeland. That threat today is largely indirect — ISIS’s ability to radicalize young Americans to conduct attacks here. The FBI has over 900 open investigations into homegrown extremists, the vast majority radicalized by ISIS and a large number of which relate to individuals who may be plotting attacks here. Such attacks have already occurred in the US. Others have been arrested before they could act.

    While the sophistication of such homegrown attacks is likely to be fairly low, the potential exists for the quantity of these kinds attacks to be large. The number of ISIS followers in the US is in the thousands. It dwarfs the number of followers that al-Qaeda ever had.

    Over time, if not significantly degraded, the ISIS threat to the Homeland will become a direct one—that is, an ISIS ability to plan and direct attacks on the Homeland from the group’s safe haven in Iraq and Syria— just like the group did in Paris last week.

    Such attacks are deeply concerning because they carry the potential to be much more sophisticated and complex—and therefore more dangerous—than than homegrown attacks, again just like in Paris last week, or London in 2005, or even 9/11 itself. And, in something that should get everyone’s attention, ISIS has shown an interest in weapons of mass destruction.

    1. “Over time” may be shorter than many think. The attack in Paris was the first manifestation of an effort that ISIS made to put together an attack capability in Europe—an effort that they began less than a year ago. The head of the UK’s domestic security agency recently warned that ISIS is planning mass casualty attacks in Britain. His concerns are well founded. We will not be far behind.

      As a state, ISIS poses a threat to regional stability—a threat to the very territorial integrity of the current nation states there, a threat to inflame the entire region in sectarian war. All this in a part of the world that still provides almost a third of the world’s oil supply; a region that is home to one of America’s closest allies, Israel; and a region that is home to a set of close American allies— the Gulf Arab states—that are willing to resist Iran’s push for regional hegemony.

      And, as a revolutionary political movement, ISIS is gaining affiliates among extremist groups around the world. They are signing up for what ISIS desires as its objective—a global caliphate where day-to-day life is governed by extreme religious views. In the mind of ISIS, its global caliphate would extend to the US itself.

      When they join ISIS, these affiliates evolve from focusing on local issues to focusing on establishing an extension of the caliphate themselves. And, their targets evolve from local to international ones. This is the story of the bombing of the Russian airliner by an ISIS group in the Egyptian Sinai.

      ISIS has gained affiliates faster than al-Qaeda ever did. From nothing a year ago, there are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that have sworn allegiance to ISIS. They have conducted attacks that have already killed Americans, and they carry the potential to themselves grab large amounts of territory. Libya is a place that this could happen in the near term.

      An intelligence officer has many jobs. One is to describe for a president the threats that we face as a nation, and that is what the previous paragraphs did. Another is to look a president in the eye when his or her policies to deal with these threats are not working and say so.

      Mr. President, the downing of the Russian airliner, only the third such attack in 25 years, and the attacks in Paris, the largest in Europe since the Madrid bombings in 2004, make it crystal clear that our ISIS strategy is not working.

      Michael Morell, the former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the CIA, released a book earlier this year on the war against international terrorists. The book, The Great War of Our Time: CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism — From al Qaida to ISIS, warned against the types of attacks that occurred in the Sinai and Paris.

    2. .

      ISIS will attack America. Brilliant. Thank you Captain Obvious.

      Guy must be from the Idaho Mensa Asylum.



      WASHINGTON — The United States on Tuesday accused Iranian officials of plotting to murder Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States in a bizarre scheme involving an Iranian-American used-car salesman who believed he was hiring assassins from a Mexican drug cartel for $1.5 million.


      The alleged plot also included plans to pay the cartel, Los Zetas, to bomb the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the Saudi and Israeli Embassies in Argentina, according to a law enforcement official.

    4. April 18, 1983: Hezbollah attacks the U.S. embassy in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 63 people, 17 of whom were American citizens.

      At last check, the US Embassy is considered to be sovereign American lands.

    5. More Hezbollah...

      Oct. 23, 1983: The group attacks U.S. Marine barracks with a truck bomb, killing 241 American military personnel stationed in Beirut as part of a peace-keeping force. A separate attack against the French military compound in Beirut kills 58.

      Sept. 20, 1984: The group attacks the U.S. embassy annex in Beirut with a car bomb, killing 2 Americans and 22 others.

      March 16, 1984: William F. Buckley, a CIA operative working at the U.S. embassy in Beirut, is kidnapped and later murdered.

      April 12, 1984: Hezbollah attacks a restaurant near the U.S. Air Force Base in Torrejon, Spain. The bombing kills eighteen U.S. servicemen and injures 83 people.

    6. June 14, 1985: Hezbollah terrorists hijack TWA flight 847. The hijackers severely beat Passenger Robert Stethem, a U.S. Navy diver, before killing him and dumping his body onto the tarmac at the Beirut airport. Other passengers are held as hostages before being released on June 30.

    7. October 1997: The United States lists Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

      This has never been changed.

    8. The Most Dangerous Sleeper Cells? Hezbollah in North America

      Beyond the the massive Iranian/Hezbollah presence throughout the western hemisphere, Hezbollah has operatives in America that can carryout attacks. In 2003, Former CIA director George Tenet declared that there were 12 Hezbollah cells operating in the US, and there have likely been more created or established since then.

    9. Cells in at least 15 American Cities
      Hezbollah is present in “no fewer than fifteen metropolitan centers, stretching from New York to Los Angeles.”
      –Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council
      New York, NY | Newark, NJ | Boston, MA | Chicago, IL | San Francisco, CA | Louisville, KY | Houston, TX | Miami, FL | Los Angeles, CA | Portland, OR | Atlanta, GA | Tampa, FL
      This is of particular concern given the Obama administration’s 2010 description of Hezbollah as ‘the most technically capable terrorist group in the world.”
      Clare Lopez, Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, indicates that Hezbollah’s objectives in North America include: pre-attack casing and surveillance; funding scams, intelligence collection, proscribed military equipment acquisition, and establishing sleeper cells.

  4. If we can somehow bring the Christians in, and some of the other minorities, that's one thing, but not those of the savage book, please.

  5. What is our strategy for school shootings by domestic terrorists? Surely, that must be less implacable that foreign terrorists.

    1. Oh that's easy...

      Allow selected, trained, screened teachers and such to have a concealed carry weapon. (we could also station one retired cop or GI as an additional security guard)

      These folks can be background checked, they can be trained by the FBI and be the tip of the spears, of course you do have the problem with students that are seeking a "safe space" against hostile terrorist words....

    2. Different topic.

      I would be against importing school shooters too.

  6. Unlike during world war 2, where the Jews were a central part of Hitler's plan of extermination, the syrian refugees have DOZENS of fellow islamic nations to flee to.

    In fact, there are several MILLION empty air-conditioned hotel rooms sitting in Saudi Arabia in Mecca.

    There is no shortage of Islamic nations. Just check the role of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation...

    According to its charter, the OIC aims to preserve Islamic social and economic values; promote solidarity amongst member states; increase cooperation in social, economic, cultural, scientific, and political areas; uphold international peace and security; and advance education, particularly in the fields of science and technology.[1]

    The emblem of the OIC (shown above) contains three main elements that reflect its vision and mission as incorporated in its new Charter. These elements are: the Kaaba, the Globe, and the Crescent.

    On 5 August 1990, 45 foreign ministers of the OIC adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam to serve as a guidance for the member states in the matters of human rights in as much as they are compatible with the Sharia, or Quranic Law.[2]

    In June 2008, the OIC conducted a formal revision of its charter. The revised charter set out to promote human rights, fundamental freedoms, and good governance in all member states. The revisions also removed any mention of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. Within the revised charter, the OIC has chosen to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law.[3][not in citation given]

    Charity begins at home.

    There is no shortage WITHIN the arab and moslem world for compassion and help.

    there is no reason to so to the "great satan" for assistance.

    Of course, the refugees are not being settled in Iran? A nation with gobs of space, cash and as deuce loves to tell us, compassionate people...

    1. What is "Occupation"Tue Nov 17, 09:47:00 AM EST
      Unlike during world war 2, where the Jews were a central part of Hitler’s plan of extermination, the syrian refugees have DOZENS of fellow islamic nations to flee to.

      You are not a Jew.

    2. Should I respond by calling you some names?

      Naw, you'd just delete them...

      Deuce I am your worst nightmare, a Jew that refuses to be 2nd class or a victim...

      Get used to it.

      You complained that Jews during WW2 allowed the Nazis to destroy them....

      I listened. I will not go quietly into the night..

      And if your pals, the Palestinians, seek to try to kill me or mine? We will defend ourselves without apology and with lethal force....


  7. Iranian authorities have arrested a cartoonist and sent him to prison to complete a suspended jail sentence, his lawyer said on Tuesday, joining a growing list of journalists, artists and activists detained on security charges.

    Hadi Heidari, a cartoonist at the Shahrvand newspaper, was arrested on Monday and sent to Tehran's Evin prison, his lawyer told Reuters in a telephone interview from Tehran.

    "He was convicted two years ago for his cartoons and was sentenced to one year in jail. The authorities had a different interpretation of his cartoons than he had," the lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht, said. Heidari had served about a month of the original sentence, Nikbakht said.

    The Tasnim news agency, which is close to the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), said Heidari had telephoned his family from prison and told them his arrest stemmed from the original conviction.

    It was not immediately clear why Heidari had been re-arrested. Hardliners have accused other recently arrested journalists of being part of an "infiltration network" linked to hostile foreign powers.

    Power of the pen?


    2. There's no laughter, no joy at all in Islam.

    3. Whole nation of Iran needs remedial courses on how to take a joke.

  8. Israel takes in Syrians to escape death and destruction...

    Last Jews Of Aleppo Escape Syria And Head For Israel With Help From American Businessman

    Of course, according to some here at the esteemed "Elephant Bar" this doesn't count as they were "Jews"

    Jews., of course, have been living in Syria for at least 2100 years, so say dating back to the days off King David (-1000 BCE)

    Today, 80,000 Jews of Syrian decent live in Israel.

    Of course, to some here at the Blog, these are also "fake jews" deserving of death due to they being "occupiers"

    Interesting standards..

  9. God, I hate stinking "religion."

    1. And, the fearful, right-wing bigots that promote it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. At last check? Islam is a religion not promoted by the right-wing....

    4. If you hate religion so, Rufus, why would you want a bunch of Moslems in Mississippi ?

    5. Rufus only hates Jews and Christians.

  10. .

    GOP governors covering their asses.

    Unfortunately for them, it's not their decision. If the Feds bring in refugees, no state can refuse to allow them in.

    If their 'political' pressure is effective in stopping the refugees coming in, it will be a great recruiting tool for ISIS. YouTube will be inundated with videos showing starving/drowned/etc. kids transposed with scenes of allied bombing helping to create more of the refugees.


    1. I notice you do not provide any PROOF of your claims, and yet? you demand it of others...

      tsk tsk

    2. The Governors can order the state agencies not to co operate with the fiasco, I'd think.

      Recruiting tool for ISIS ?

      Does Pooty care ?

      How many 'refugees' are the Russians inviting in ?

      We shouldn't either then.

      Drowned kids ? In the desert ?

      You need another cup of coffee, Quirk.

    3. .

      I assumed even a moron like you would know it.



      The interesting thing?

      Is that many are claiming the refugees are fleeing ISIS, but it has been borne out that the refugees are SUNNI, and are fleeing ASSAD, Hezbollah and Iranians...

      There are very FEW shiites in Syria.

    5. .

      Drowned kids ? In the desert ?

      Lord, how stupid are you? Don't you read anything but Jihad Watch and American Thinker?


    6. Bob, the refugees are drowning due to boats capsizing.

    7. I read RCP too and Drudge and Front Page and some others.

      Haven't seen anything yet about drowned kids out in the desert.

    8. sure you have, they drowned in the Med...

      Made all the headlines..


    10. Ah, boats capsizing, didn't think of that.

      Just had a long talk with my Niece.

      Everything is going well there.

      She's happy !

  11. .

    From the last stream,

    Just one attack away from the abyss: America is on the brink of a revived politics of fear

    Count on it. It's already started. Feinstein and other right wing nuts were on the tube yesterday pumping up the need for 'back doors' and every other neocon wet dream that the public has rejected in the past. They are pumping up the fear and the frightened sheeple bleat "Baaaa".

    The is no denying the tragedy of the Paris bombings. Since it was Paris, we can count on CNN coverage 24/7 for weeks just like Charlie Hebdo. A week before the Paris bombing, 43 were killed by an ISIS bombing in Beirut. CNN mentioned it for 1 day.

    The bullshit and hypocrisy continues to roll.


    1. Live your 'inner Quirk', Quirk.

      Move to Hamtramck, Michigan.

      But if you do, your 'refugee privilege' out this way is lost to you.

    2. Not to be pissy...

      CNN ignores the stabbing, car rammings and shooting by Palestinians on Jews. In fact another rocket was shot today from Gaza, no news coverage...

      There is violence by islamic terrorism all over the world, it's just not as pretty as when it happens in Paris...

      All about "optics"

    3. I'd like to prevent that 'one' attack, if possible. The odds are lower with less 'refugees'.

      Quirk you seem to think it's something we should just take in stride, just like an everyday event we need get used to, like a traffic accident, a domestic shooting.

    4. Here is a thought?

      Allow all the refugees access to the hotels of Mecca

      The haji is over and there is a substantial infrastructure sitting empty.


      10,000 rooms, 70 restaurants and multiple helipads: Saudi Arabia reveals plans for world's largest hotel to cater for Muslims on annual pilgrimage to Mecca

      That's ONE hotel

    6. The Abraj Kudai, will be located in the holy city of Mecca, a city visited each year by more than 15 million Muslims
      With twelve 44-story towers containing 10,000 rooms, the hotel, will have a total area of 1.4 million square metres
      £2.25billion project will feature 70 restaurants, whole floors devoted to royalty and one of world's largest domes
      The Venetian and The Palazzo, Las Vegas, is the currently world's largest hotel with 4,049 suites and 4,059 rooms

      They can handle 15 MILLION people...

    7. Why is this not being floated as an idea????

    8. If things are so desperate?

      Deuce compares this crisis akin to the Jews flees the Nazis....

    9. First World World Hotel in the Genting Highlands, Malaysia, has 6,118 rooms, and eleven official restaurants

      another islamic nation that has LOTS of space and rooms

      One of the world's largest hotels with more than 6,000 rooms to offer, First World Hotel is also house to a 500,000 sq feet indoor theme park, a shopping mall and tons of dining stops

  12. Why Europe for the Syrians (and others)????

    Tourism in Iran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In late 2003 there were about 640 hotels in Iran and around 63,000 beds. .

    Iran can take at least 120,000 syrians...

  13. No asshole. Let me give you a simple example:

    American Jews cajoled Carter to let them build The Holocaust Museum on The Mall in Washington DC. The US had nothing to do with the European holocaust of killing fellow Europeans because they were Jews. It simply was not an American issue and had no business on The Mall which was to be used for American History.

    It was argued that there was a universal message and lesson that should be applied to all go humanity. That argument won.You, an Israeli-firster and racist deny the applicability because the Syrians are not Jews. It is all about your tribe.

    1. I am not advocating genocide of the syrian refugees..

      I am advocating they be settled closer and in islamic lands.

      Now the fact you cannot understand that? is frightening.

      I have posted numerous easy solutions to the refugee problem, all peaceful and friendly and islamic respectful.

      You choose to ignore the numerous solutions.

      The Syrians, as a people have supported the genocide of the Jewish state since 1948, they are not my friends nor friends of the west. Why they choose to flee to Europe and America where their language is not spoken, fart from their homeland is senseless.

      Saudi Arabis is close, it is Sunni, it speaks arabic, it has the ability to handle 15 MILLION people in comfort...

      You call me names..

      You say I aint a Jew, you call the Jews of Israel frauds. You call israel a colonial experiment by Europeans.

      You are full of fun facts about jews, Israel, zionism and Judaism but you cannot see the beauty of helping Moslems refugees with the help of the OIC??????

      There are DOZENS of islamic nations. Europe (and it's nations) and America are places of LAST resort, not 1st.

      Why do you not understand this???

  14. Tell us the significance of the St. Louis.

  15. There were dozens of countries that could have taken in the Jews. Did any of them?

    1. Dozens of countries were exterminating the Jews.

      The world did not have even ONE jewish nation that could take them

  16. What makes Syrian human beings different from Jewish human beings?

  17. Are Jews fleeing for their lives different than Syrians fleeing for their lives?

    1. Sure, Syrians have 57 Islamic nations that are friends and accommodating...

      Jews only have Israel.

  18. Does any of the countries that refused to take in the Jews get a pass because they thought other countries should do it?

    1. Most of europe turned over their jews for concentration camps.

      Are there concentration camps with millions of Syrians being murdered?

      Is there not safety for the Syrians in Jordan and Turkey?

    2. .

      Both Jordan and Turkey are currently inundated with refugess.


  19. You are truly a loathsome excuse for a human being.

    1. Thanks, coming form you?

      Shows I am on the right track

  20. You have become what you claim to hate.

    1. Hardly, it's your own bias, blindness and bigotry that has made you into the creature you are..

      I suggest again, for the 10th time, the resettlement of the syrians in a place that speaks their native tongue, that shares their faith.

      You seem to equate that with sending them to the death camps.

      You have an exaggerated sense of logic

    2. Was the US WASP administration wrong or right in turning away the St. Lewis?

    3. How about Catholic Cuba? Were they right or Wrong? Surely there were other far larger countries that had more room for all those suspicious untrustworthy Jews?

    4. It was the St LOUIS.

      Not the St Lewis.

      The Jews were being genocided by most of the christian european world. There was no safe haven for them anywhere.

      But that was yesterday and now Israel exists to be a refuge for the world's jews.

      And also today? We have the OIC, 51 Islamic nations that cooperate for the betterment of moslems.

      There is no need for moslems of any stripe to flee to "the great satan" as your friends the Iranians would say, there are fine, decent hotel rooms sitting empty across the Islamic world.

      Deuce, why do you not call on Iran, Indonesia, Arabia, Malaysia to take these poor fleeing folks in?

      Why the silence?

  21. During WW2, America turned a ship back to the war torn area of europe to their deaths.


    Related Articles
    How to cite this article
    Gustav Schroeder, captain of the "St. Louis," on the day of the ship's departure from Hamburg. Neither Cuba nor the US granted refuge to the ship's passengers. Germany, May 13, 1939.
    Gustav Schroeder, captain of the "St. Louis," on the day of the ship's departure from Hamburg. Neither Cuba nor the US granted refuge to the ship's passengers. Germany, May 13, 1939.
    — US Holocaust Memorial Museum
    View Photographs
    View Personal Histories
    View Artifacts
    View Maps
    On May 13, 1939, the German transatlantic liner St. Louis sailed from Hamburg, Germany, for Havana, Cuba. On the voyage were 937 passengers. Almost all were Jews fleeing from the Third Reich. Most were German citizens, some were from eastern Europe, and a few were officially "stateless."

    This is why America embraced the lesson of the holocaust. (among others0

    resettle the teaming syrian masses not BACK to the group of the genocidal Assad, Iran and Hezbollah, but rather give them 4 star accommodations in Arabia!!!!

    They Oil Producing arab nations are awash with cash and resources... USE THEM

    1. .

      In fact, Saudi Arabia, one of the progenitors of this mess has offered to do something.

      They have offered to donate $200 million to build madrasas and mosques for the refugees (in Western countries) so the refugees will have full access to the Salafi and Wahhabi fundamentalism that is at the bottom of most of the terror in the world.


  22. Replies
    1. so when I am rational, don't stoop to your level and call you "an asshole" "You are not a Jew" "You are truly a loathsome excuse for a human being." post reasonable arguments you counter with:

      Deuce ☂Tue Nov 17, 11:26:00 AM EST
      Get lost.

      Deuce you are funny...

  23. Argument won by WiO on points and substance.

    One wonders why all these moslem countries aren't stepping up to the plate.

    1. .

      One wonders why all these moslem countries aren't stepping up to the plate.

      Because they are dicks.

      And you seek equivalence with them.


    2. Heck no...

      Israel just settled syrian refugees from aleppo and is going to ethiopia to settle another 9,000 refugees.

      israel has a history of settling refugees..

      But you don't LIKE Israel.

      I do..



  24. Acts of Faith
    Would Jesus take in Syrian refugees?

    I couldn't see that the question was really answered one way or the other.

  25. 6 Reasons to reject moslem 'refugees' - don't miss #3

    November 17, 2015
    Obama claims it's un-American to have a 'religious test' for 'refugees'
    By Carol Brown

    Speaking to reporters at the G-20 Summit in Turkey, Obama had this to say, per Yahoo News, when speaking about those calling for a halt on admitting Syrian “refugees” to the United States: “That's shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are. ... We don’t have religious tests to our compassion. We do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.”

    Forget about closing our hearts. Let’s use our brains and get our priorities straight. Priorities = survival.

    Obama also made the case that rejecting “refugees” trying to flee terrorists would play into the hands of terrorists by making this war against terrorism a war against Islam. He then referenced George W. Bush, saying, “I have a lot of disagreements with George W. Bush on policy, but I was very proud after 9/11 when he was adamant and clear that this was not a war on Islam. The notion that some of those who have taken on leadership of his party would ignore all of that; that’s not who we are.”

    Oh dear Lord, please deliver us from this madness.

    First, some of these “refugees” may be fleeing terrorists. But a whole heck of a lot of them aren’t. In fact, a bunch of them are terrorists and would-be terrorists. There, now we got that straightened out.

    Second, the idea of playing into the hands of terrorists is a common leftist claim that is asinine drivel. More importantly, let’s stop this stupid “war on terror” brand, and let’s actually try speaking the truth. Islam has waged war against us since its founding. It’s in the Koran, and those who argue for violent jihad possess a scriptural trump card in a religion that insists its holy document is the literal word of God. So, yes, let’s do. Let’s make this a war against unreformed Islam. There, now that’s straightened out as well.

    1. Third, if some of these refugees are genuinely fleeing terrorists, they need to find safe haven in any number of Islamic countries in the region. And if Islamic countries don’t want to accept their brethren for fear of importing terrorists, howzabout we take a cue from them?

      Fourth, George Bush was wrong, wrong, wrong when he ignorantly proclaimed that Islam is a religion of peace and did untold damage by uttering those words. Those words are, of course, quite convenient for Obama, and others, to use as verbal shields against the truth.

      Fifth, and getting back to the statements noted in the opening paragraph, since when did it become American to blindly, stupidly, thoughtlessly open our country to anyone and everyone, including people whom even the FBI says we can’t vet? Last I checked, compassion is not synonymous with stupidity. (Unless you’re a leftist, as they can put any two things together and find a way to force the fit.)

      And sixth, Obama is already using a religious test by rejecting Christians from the Middle East who are truly fleeing persecution and genocide. He does this by dredging up some arcane bureaucratic verbiage that says a person can be considered a refugee only if he is fleeing violence and persecution from his own government. And so he has ignored and abandoned Christians in the Middle East, leaving them to be raped, kidnapped, enslaved, beheaded, dismembered, executed, crucified, tortured, and starved to death. And as Paul Miregoff notes in Powerline:

      We can be quite confident, however, that no Syrian Christian is an an ISIS supporter or sympathizer. Therefore, all we need to do to vet a Christian refugee is vet his or her Christianity. By contrast, there is no reliable way to vet Syrian Muslims seeking entry to the U.S. So says our FBI director; so says the associate director for fraud detection and national security at DHS’ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

      Hey, Barry. We see who you are. You’re who you’ve always been. Lots of people have analyzed you and come up with all sorts of descriptive words: narcissistic, pathological liar, psychopath, Islamophile, Marxist, and so forth. And they all are true. But I like to keep it simple and to the point.



      A mass grave thought to contain the remains of as many as 80 Yazidi women murdered by Islamic State has been discovered near the Iraqi town of Sinjar. The grave was unearthed following an offensive Friday against the terrorist group by Kurdish forces. According to the U.N., abuses against the Yazidi minority, a religious sect whose beliefs combine elements of several ancient Middle Eastern religions, may constitute an attempted genocide.

      Several mass Yazidi graves have already been uncovered in the area north of the Sinjar Mountains, which was taken by Islamic State in December 2014. Most of Iraq’s Yazidi population still live in camps in the Kurdistan region.

      Presently, more than 2,000 women remain in Islamic State captivity.

      From Russian news site RT:

      According to a local council member, the grave yet to be excavated, is thought to contain the bodies of 78 women, aged from 40 to around 80.

      “It seems that the [IS] terrorist members only wanted young girls to enslave,” Miyasir Hajji told AFP. The jihadists have a reputation for using women as sex slaves - bought, sold and dumped.

      The mayor of Sinjar and local Yazidis, who visited the site of the mass grave, told Reuters they saw clumps of hair, bones, money and keys, which they believed belonged to older women from the village of Kocho. The younger women were taken into sexual slavery, while the older ones were taken behind an institute in the Solagh area. Gunfire was heard shortly afterwards, according to locals who survived.

    3. .

      Threw me there for a minute.

      Carol Brown. I thought it was probably written by Rick Moron.


  26. Keep in mind just who invaded Iraq and started this disaster.

    1. As part of the larger Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia saw the emergence of the earliest emergence of civilization in the Neolithic (the Ubaid period) and formed a significant part of the Ancient Near East throughout the Bronze Age and the Iron Age (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian).[1] After the fall of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, Mesopotamia fell under Persian and then Greek rule. By the 3rd century, when it was once again under Persian (Sassanid) control, the earlier population was increasingly displaced by Arabs, and the Arabic name al-ʿIrāq dates to about this time

      Arabs, Persians and the Greeks?

    2. Bush, the guy you voted for, and then Obama took the troops out too soon and all hell broke loose.

      I realize I've said this many times before.

    3. .

      I realize I've said this many times before.

      It's one of the reasons you were nominated for the IMA.


  27. WASHINGTON – Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Tuesday ripped Gov. Bruce Rauner’s move to ban, for now, Syrian refugees from Illinois as “despicable and cowardly and precisely the kind of reaction ISIS wanted.”

    Meanwhile, all eight Illinois Republican House members lined up on Tuesday to support Rauners’ move: Bob Dold, Peter Roskam, Mike Bost, Rodney Davis, Randy Hultgren John Shimkus, Adam Kinzinger and Darin LaHood.

    In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, Rauner on Monday said he would temporarily suspend Illinois accepting Syria refugees, even though a governor does not have the power to block people admitted to the U.S. legally from living where they want.

    1. Why not use this blog as a platform for advocating the settlement of refugees in Arabia?


  28. The Syrian Kurds Are Winning!
    Jonathan Steele
    December 3, 2015 Issue

    Out of Nowhere: The Kurds of Syria in Peace and War
    by Michael M. Gunter
    London: Hurst, 169 pp., $50.00 (distributed in the US by Oxford University Press)

    1. The Kurds are the Kurds, being occupied by the Syrians, the Iraqis, the Iranians and the Turks...