“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want to Know What Goes on Beyond Closed Doors?

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Intelligent Agent provides near-field radar sensors for robotics and automation.

Intelligent Agent was founded by the two technology enthusiasts Elias Bakken and Øyvind Nydal Dahl in 2009.

Both with strong technical backgrounds from the Nanoelectronics group at the University of Oslo, Norway.

The first period of operation comprised mostly of consulting work and creating proof-of-concept demos using

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar technology. This provided us with a large base of radar signal processing knowledge for UWB radar.

Then the robotics and automation industry got our attention. We realized that there were no available off-the-shelf sensors on the market that could handle near-field sensing in harsh environments. So we decided to build one.

Today we are a small innovative company, dedicated to provide high quality near-field radar sensors that are easy to use for a global market.

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  1. The GOP always believed in making government small enough to fit into people's bedrooms, but with this new technology, they can monitor fleshcrimes remotely.

  2. Although some of the more “nuts and bolts” details of this build are missing, the robot uses an Ultra-Wideband Radar system called the [D1] Radar System. This system can, according to their documentation, “Avoid false positives caused by vapor, dust, smoke, rain or other small particles.” Apparently this means drywall as well if programmed correctly.

    The X-Band Motion Detector operates in the X-band frequency, at 10.525 GHz and indicates detected movements with oscillations in its high/low output.

    The X-Band Motion Detector’s sensor is a common ingredient in security systems and automatic door openers, and can detect movements in a room, yard, or even on the other side of a wall. Sensitivity is manually adjustable with a potentiometer, offering direct line of sight detection from roughly 8 to slightly over 30 ft (~2.4 to 9+ m).

  3. The liberals who hated Bush and wanted him out of office at all costs all stated in unison: We dont need to be in Iraq, we should be in Afghanistan. Kerry, Pelosi, even your beloved President Barry.

    Sometimes you get what you ask for.

  4. They did not pay attention in English poetry class.

    It is not wise for the Christian white
    To hustle the Asian brown;
    For the Christian riles
    And the Asian smiles
    And weareth the Christian down.

    At the end of the fight
    Lies a tombstone white
    With the name of the late deceased;

    And the epitaph drear,
    A fool lies here,
    Who tried to hustle the East.


  5. I certainly thought the effort in Iraq was never part of the "War on Terror" against the Wahhabi raiders of 11SEP01, but a separate war, entirely.

    I supported the Iraqi effort, until it bogged down, becoming a base building occupation and an effort to micro-manage Iraqi politics.

    I also supported inserting US troops into Afpakistan, to kill Osama.

    Especially after it became public knowledge that the US allowed Osama to slip away from Tora Bora. When the Generals decided that inserting a Ranger Battalion, 800 soldiers, was a footprint to large.

    The poor doctrine of the US military became apparent in Afpakistan, when the military used the Iraqi model, of "success" to "surge" into Afghanistan.

    The truth of the matter, now ...
    Osama is dead.

    Mission Accomplished.

    It's over, over there.

  6. Interesting factoid: Over half of Ford F-150 sales are, now, Six-Cylinder models (mostly, the Turbo-charged Eco-Boost Models.)

  7. The challenge that faces the United States ...

    It does not know how to announce the mission is accomplished and it is time to go home.

    Or the bases in Germany and Italy would be empty of US troops.

    The Marines would no longer be in Okinawa, 75 years after taking that island from the Japs.

    25,000 US troops would not be on the front lines of the Korea peninsula, protecting the million men of the South Korean army from it's cousins to the north.

  8. Nor would we still have 70,000 or so troops in God-forsaken Europe.

  9. It's been 65 years, in Okinawa, not 75.

    Sorry for the slight error, on that.

  10. Ooops, looks like you already said that. :)

    Oh well, I second the motion.

  11. Hard to believe that those that piss, and moan the loudest about the possibility of the U.S. Government helping Americans procure healthcare, are the same ones that tend to promote, the loudest, the pissing away of trainloads of money on the shittiest people on earth in Asscrackistan.

  12. Mel Gibson's Ex Wife Takes Half His Estimated $850 Million in Divorce Settlement

  13. I would say, Q, that the pencil ushers, at the teaching hospitals, they work for the Guilds that control those hospitals.

    While they do try to maximize returns, they do so within the political framework and processes that the Guilds have built over the past decades.

    But to blame the Federals, ObamaCare in particular, for the shortages of residency spots, due to Medicare policies introduced in 1997, or for the necessity of three years of residency that the Guilds demand prior to licensing a private practice doctor, misplaced rage.

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  15. Not really all that much WW.

    If it was announced that the US was leaving Okinawa, after 75 years, that timetable to withdrawal would be cause for celebration.

    Run Doc Run!

  16. Romneycare has some interesting stats.

    99% of the citizens of Massachusetts now have Health Insurance.

    Romneycare has added Less than 1% to the State's Budget, and

    3/4 of the citizens of Mass support keeping the plan.

  17. Giants die ...

    (CNNMoney) -- Sears Holdings on Tuesday reported a sharp drop in holiday sales compared to a year ago, and said the results will force it to close 100 to 120 Sears and Kmart stores.

  18. That's too bad. I always had a "soft" spot for Sears.

  19. Jesse Ventura has a TV show, about conspiracies.

    Seems that a Navy SEAL could not fire that Eyetalian rifle three times in 7 seconds, let alone hit the mark on a moving target.

    He interviews the son of E. Howard Hunt, a fella named Saint. Who has a taped death bed confession by his father claiming E Howard was complicit in the "Big Event".

    That the "Project 40" folks, of Bay of Pigs fame did the deed, according to E Howard Hunt.

    With LBJ, Richard M Nixon and George HW Bush all being involved, one way or another.


  20. (Bloomberg) --
    The clandestine arrangement worked smoothly for years. The Israeli company shipped its Internet- monitoring equipment to a distributor in Denmark. Once there, workers stripped away the packaging and removed the labels.

    Then they sent it to a man named “Hossein” in Iran, an amiable technology distributor known to them only by his first name and impeccable English, say his partners in Israel and Denmark.

    Israeli trade, customs and defense officials say their departments didn’t know that the systems for peering into Internet traffic, sold under the brand name NetEnforcer, had gone to a country whose leaders have called for the destruction of the Jewish state. Israel’s ban on trade with its enemy failed, even though a paper trail on the deals was available in Denmark.

    The transactions illustrate how ineffective governments have been in blocking a global trade in new, intrusive surveillance technologies that authoritarian regimes can use as weapons for repression. Such gear from Western companies -- including tools that intercept e-mails and text messages, record Internet activity and map cell phone locations -- has been used to track and torture dissidents in countries including Iran, Bahrain, Syria and Tunisia, ...
    “The question is, how much are you trying to know?
    Or is ignorance bliss?”

  21. .

    I've always felt that the problem with OZ is not only the partisanship and corruption but also the inability of anyone there to set priorities.

    The following from the WAPO Wonkblog is not something anyone wants to hear these days but it does make the same point.

    The Treasury Department keeps track of something called "Daily Treasury Real Yield Curve Rates." It's the actual rate -- the one that takes into account expected inflation -- at which the United States can borrow. And something amazing has happened to it in the past year. For three-year, five-year, and 10-year treasuries, the rate has turned negative. That is to say, the market is so afraid of losing money in the dangerous, uncertain world out there, that they'll pay us to keep their money safe for them.

    That's a sad commentary on the state of the global economy. But it's an incredible opportunity for us. It means that any investment with any positive rate of return is an investment worth making. Infrastructure clearly fits that bill. Not only is the likely return high, but if we don't do it now, we'll need to do it later, when our borrowing costs will be higher...


  22. Old news, Rat. James Ellroy wrote a book in 1995 named "American Tabloid" that goes in to all that detail. I guess ole Jesse just got around to reading it.

    It is actually a very good read.

  23. In the final analysis it's a "Peak Oil" play.

  24. Well, gag, I would not expect Jesse to break "new ground" on television.

    But I found it an interesting side bar to the discussion we had a few weeks ago.

    I had read that "Papa Bush" had been deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs operation, using off shore oil explorations as cover.

    The veracity of those claims questionable, to be sure. But it is a stretch to think the George HW would be assigned to head the CIA without any real whirled experience with them.

  25. If you smoke in a smoking jacket, what's a 'windbreaker' for?

  26. 92% of convicted murders are Democrats...Conclusion: Guns don't kill people...Democrats do!

  27. That 92% of murderers are even registered voters, that's an amazing statistic.

    One that is hard to believe.

    Who'd have thought.

  28. In 1963, the U.S. government sent 10 Special Forces personnel to El Salvador to help General Jose Alberto Medrano set up the Organizacion Democratica Nacionalista (ORDEN)-the first paramilitary death squad in that country. These Green Berets assisted in the organization and indoctrination of rural "civic" squads which gathered intelligence and carried out political assassinations in coordination with the Salvadoran military.

    Now, there is compelling evidence to show that for over 30 years, members of the U.S. military and the CIA have helped organize, train, and fund death squad activity in El Salvador.

    In the last eight years, six Salvadoran military deserters have publicly acknowledged their participation in the death squads. Their stories are notable because they not only confirm suspicions that the death squads are made up of members of the Salvadoran military, but also because each one implicates U.S. personnel in death squad activity.

    The term "death squad" while appropriately vivid, can be misleading because it obscures their fundamental identity. Evidence shows that "death squads" are primarily military or paramilitary units carrying out political assassinations and intimidation as part of the Salvadoran government's counterinsurgency strategy. Civilian death squads do exist but have often been comprised of off-duty soldiers financed by wealthy Salvadoran businessmen.

    It is important to point out that the use of death squads has been a strategy of U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine. For example, the CIA's "Phoenix Program" was responsible for the "neutralization" of over 40,000 Vietnamese suspected of working with the National Liberation Front.

    Part of the U.S. counterinsurgency program was run from the Office of Public Safety (OPS). OPS was part of U.S. AID, and worked with the Defense Department and the CIA to modernize and centralize the repressive capabilities of client state police forces, including those in El Salvador. In 1974 Congress ordered the discontinuation of OPS.

    In spite of the official suspension of police assistance between 1974 and 1985, CIA and other U.S . officials worked with Salvadoran security forces throughout the restricted period to centralize and modernize surveillance, to continue training, and to fund key players in the death squad network.

  29. The list of politicians holding important positions without any obvious experience is a very very long list.

  30. In late January, I wrote about the Obama administration’s “presidential assassination program,” whereby American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the Executive Branch that they’re involved in Terrorism. At the time, The Washington Post‘s Dana Priest had noted deep in a long article that Obama had continued Bush’s policy (which Bush never actually implemented) of having the Joint Chiefs of Staff compile “hit lists” of Americans, and Priest suggested that the American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was on that list. The following week, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, acknowledged in Congressional testimony that the administration reserves the “right” to carry out such assassinations.


    We need not give another recitation of past complaints nor engage in redundant dialogue of discontent. Our conditions and their cause for being should perhaps be best known by those who have written the record of America's action against Indian people. In 1832, Black Hawk correctly observed: You know the cause of our making war. It is known to all white men. They ought to be ashamed of it.
    The government of the United States knows the reasons for our going to its capital city. Unfortunately, they don't know how to greet us. We go because America has been only too ready to express shame, and suffer none from the expression - while remaining wholly unwilling to change to allow life for Indian people.

  32. The Salvadoran episode a good example of the US achieving its policy goals, without a large footprint on the ground.

    That small footprint, leaving the locals to do what they thought best for their country.

    As in Libya.

    While in large footprint operations, as in Iraq and Afpakistan, the cost of maintaining local political stability through occupation, not worth the blood of US citizens flowing into the sand.
    Nor the treasure lost in the process.

    With the US experience in Indochina exemplifying the worst of both whirleds.

  33. While the President was authorized, by Congress, to target US citizens if he determines there to be cause for such action.

    That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, ... in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

    The Law is clear.

  34. There was no "Sunset" provision to the ...

    Authorization for Use of Military Force
    September 18, 2001

    Public Law 107-40 [S. J. RES. 23]

    107th CONGRESS

  35. .

    The US intervention in El Slavador was as misguided as that in Libya, supporting a country where most of the wealth was controlled by 2% of the people and with a government whose character was personified in the term 'death squads'.

    The US lied to Congress, lied to the press, and lied to the relatives of the American servicement killed there. I believe that action is where the term 'bodywashing' came from.

    That some would consider this admirable? Interesting but not unexpected.


  36. That Mr Bush determined he needed another Authorization to go into Iraq, the legal proof that Saddam's regime could not be tied to the raid of 11SEP01, nor that there was enough evidence for him to determine that Iraq posed a threat to commit...

    ... any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

  37. .

    The WOT one more massive restriction on the rights of individual Americans.


  38. Admirable?
    You best bet that it is better than committing large numbers of troops to the effort.

    That the Executive often lies to Congress, exemplified by the Gulf of Tonkin episode, one that never occurred.

    Better that the US follows a "small footprint" policy than the other alternative, of a major military intervention.

    Would we be better off to cut most all of the ties to these foreign adventures?

    I think the answer is yes.

    But until that day arrives, small beats big, with regards utilizing military force.

  39. There is no argument that the WOT has resulted in "unintended consequence" from the public's point of view.

    I believe that the Federals knew exactly what they were doing.

    Run Doc Run!

  40. Compare Salvador to Vietnam and the wisdom of US policy in Salvador is crystal clear.

    Compare Libya to Iraq and the positive aspects for the US in the Libyan policy are clear, tambien.

    In regards both blood and treasure.

  41. .

    I wish my conscience was as flexibile as that of some here where I could easily justify helping kill 75,000 people on the basis that it only took a 'small footprint' to do it.


  42. The US did not kill 75,000 folks, in Salvador.

    Nor did it kill 75,000 folks in Libya.

    So the conscience is clear, in those regards.

    That it may have been directly involved in that many deaths, or more, in Iraq or Afpakistan or Vietnam, cause to not replicate those behaviors.

    Better that the US military stays home, but if the Federals decide to intervene in the internal affairs of other nations, better that we go smaller, than larger.

    The historical evidence is clear on that point.

  43. .

    The US did not kill 75,000 folks, in Salvador.

    Do you deny they helped the Salvadoran army kill the 75,000 more efficiently?

    As for your saying your conscience is clear, I am not the least surprised.


  44. .

    In both Libya and Salvador, the US intervened in civil wars. They were US wars of choice.

    There was no justification.


  45. Let's look to the future, at Iran.

    While it'd be best to leave the Iranians to stew in their own juices, there is considerable pressure to intervene, there.

    Now I am diametrically opposed to military intervention in Iran, but better that the US support Iranians opposed to the regime in Tehran than to send in the 82nd Airborne.

  46. Yes, the US intervened in civil wars.

    No doubt of that.

    Those folk we elected to represent US made those decisions.
    That's a fact.

    The discussion, going forward is not whether or not to be involved, but the level of that involvement once the decision to engage is made.

    What is the best military doctrine to engage with.

    The Vietnamese or the Salvadorean?
    The Iraqi or Libyan?

    There is little doubt in my mind, given a choice.

    None is best
    Smaller is better than larger.

  47. I had meant to post this earlier when my internet went down:

    The key to Lee Harvey is that he was a Smart man, a lousey shot, but, an intelligent, lousey shot.

    A man of his intelligence (Russian linguist, Naval Intelligence, prob. CIA) would never have bought a piece of crap mail-order rifle/scope. He would have gone down to the local sporting goods store, and bought a suitable rifle (knowing his shortcomings with a .30 caliber, he would probably buy a .223, or .243. A .270 at max.)

    He would read enough to know that a cheap mail-order scope is worse than worthless.

    He would know that in any "major" operation the rifle would be traced back to him, no matter how he bought it, so there would be no upside to buying a piece of crap from a Mexican mail-order firm.

    He would have had some sort of escape plan (other than wandering around town, and taking in a movie.)

  48. For T: 86% of all statistics used on the internet are Made Up on the Spot. :)

  49. Which is the reasoning behind the idea that ...

    Sanctions and Sabotage are Sufficient

  50. Mrs Oswald claims that the two of them were "dirt poor", which certainly seems reasonable.

    One wonders, though, how a fella without financial resources managed to travel to Mexico City.

  51. Then there was old Jack Ruby batting clean up.

  52. Better yet, how did that "dirt poor" boy go to Russia, and come back out 3 months later, married to a Russian Admiral's daughter?

    The boy was a Spook. And, eveidently too idealistic, or financially inept, to take advantage of his position to make any money (or keep it?)

  53. I figure that cop was supposed to be the "clean-up batter," but Lee Harvey got the drop on him.

    Jack Ruby was a bagman for a lot of Dallas Police, and might have had the responsibility of setting up that part of the program.

    Maybe he felt compelled to "do the job" after his boy got hisself kilt. Maybe, he figured that the safest place he could be at that point was the Dallas Jail.

  54. I've known a few "mobbed-up" (Chicago mob) nightclub owners, and other businessmen, and they were ALL button-men. It would be the height of naivete to assume Jack Ruby was any different.

  55. all part of the bigger picture. Jack Ruby was terminally ill. He has already a dead man walking.

  56. all part of the bigger picture. Jack Ruby was terminally ill. He has already a dead man walking.

  57. I sneezed right when I hit the button.

  58. According to the Ellroy book, it was all tied to the anti Castro Cuban nationals and the casinos in Havanna under Mafia control. Kennedy became a target after he renigged on the air support for the Bag of Pigs invasion. You can't leave a bunch of Cuban nationals and Mafia soldiers lying dead in the surf without retaliation.

  59. He was, also, at war with the CIA, with the oil companies, the "Christian" Jim Crow Society, and he was threatening to pull the advisors out of Vietnam. The fact is, he was pissing off Everybody.

    And, Johnson surely wanted to become President. (Kennedy had already made noises about not Ever backing LBJ.)

  60. But, I've known mobsters, and they could never pull off a job like that.

    The only organization available that had the personnel, the money, and the organizational know-how to pull That job off was the You Know Who. (I still get nervous typing it.)

  61. Rufus II said...

    For T: 86% of all statistics used on the internet are Made Up on the Spot. :)

    "The trouble with quotes on the Internet is you never know whether they're true or not." - Abraham Lincoln.

  62. Home prices in the Washington area increase by 1.3 percent in October, compared to the October 2010 prices, according to data released Tuesday by the S&P/Case-Shiller. D.C. and Detroit were the nation's only markets in the top 20 to post an annual increase in October.


    Experts have said the Washington market, which includes D.C., suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, tends to be insulated from the rest of the country due to the federal government's positive influence on the job market here. However, with federal spending under a cloud of uncertainty, experts have also warned that D.C.'s economy will also suffer as a result.

  63. President Barack Obama said Tuesday he plans to nominate a Harvard University finance professor and a private-equity executive to fill the two vacancies on the seven-member Federal Reserve Board.

    The nominees are Jeremy Stein, 51 years old, a Ph.D. economist who did a five-month stint in the Treasury and White House early in the Obama administration, and Jerome Powell, 58, who was undersecretary of the Treasury for domestic finance under President George H.W. Bush.

  64. Three years ago today, our national debt was 75.3% of GDP. Today, it is 100.5% of GDP and growing.

  65. Hate to say I told 'em so ...

    The Associated Press

    BAGHDAD — In the week since the last American troops left Iraq, Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered an arrest warrant for the country's highest-ranking Sunni official, threatened to exclude the rival sect's main political party from his government and warned that "rivers of blood" would flow if Sunnis seek an autonomous region.

    The moves confirmed what many longtime observers of Iraqi politics have suspected since al-Maliki came to office more than five years ago -- that he has an authoritarian streak and beneath his tireless rhetoric about national unity is essentially a sectarian politician.

    And al-Maliki has made clear he intends keep a strong grip heading that government.

    "I have been working here for six years and I will be here for another six," al-Maliki told a news conference last week.


  66. High quality global journalism Read More

    Iran on Tuesday threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a chokepoint for a third of the world’s seaborne oil trade, if the West imposes oil sanctions on Tehran, causing a rise in oil prices.

    The warning by Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Iran’s first vice-president, came days after Iran staged naval war exercises in the strait.

    “If they [the West] impose sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, then not even one drop of oil can flow through the Strait of Hormuz,” he told the official Iranian news agency Irna. Iranian officials have in the past threatened to shut down oil traffic through the strait, but the comments by Mr Rahimi are the strongest yet.

    France, Germany and the UK are pushing for an embargo on Iranian oil exports to Europe, although several countries, including Greece, have some reservations. EU foreign ministers are scheduled to consider the embargo on January 30.

  67. They elected the bastard; now let'em live with him.

    Or, die with him, or whatever floats their boat.

  68. Some how or another the folks in the "West" tend to forget that embargoes are an act of war.

  69. Rat, are you now arguing that we should not embargo Iran?

  70. .

    Some how or another the folks in the "West" tend to forget that embargoes are an act of war.

    Unlike blockades, I don't think may people consider embargoes an act of war.


  71. sabotage would also be considered an act of war would it not?

  72. a key 'people' would be whether the Iranians consider it an act of war and use that as a pretext to limit shipping through the Straits.

  73. I am against embargoes, sanctions, blockades, etc, and I've always been. They are counter-productive, and nonsensical.

    If they hit you, hit'em back. If they really hurt you, hurt'em back. If it gets "too" bad, bomb'em into oblivion. But, "Sanctions" are stupid.

  74. .

    The fact that Iran 'considers' it an act of war does not make it an act of war.

    It could be considered a causi belli for Iran, but if they blockaded the straght it would be an act of war since it affects the right of free passage for Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

    In fact, besides Iran, the straight is also bordered by Oman and The UAE.


  75. We have conducted a perfect 50 yr case study of sanctions/embargoes, and their effects right south of Miami.

    How did That work out?

  76. Chris Woodfin, third district GOP chairman, said Perry failed to submit 10,000 signatures and Gingrich turned in only a few more than the bare minimum, making it likely that just a few disqualified signatures would prevent him from getting on the ballot.

    "I didn't hear from a lot of these campaigns until the beginning of December or after that. They had since July 1," Woodfin said.

    "Some other people might have sympathy for them. I don't."

  77. from one of the 'links of interest' cited here --

    The man is literally crazy, at least in a low-level, non-commitment, doesn't-expose-himself-in-public way, and apparently Step One in our effort to take back the White House is to announce to America, in Iowa, that this man represents our views.

    Of course, half or more of his support isn't even from conservatives or Republicans, but what are conservatives and Republicans doing adding to his numbers?

    The Man Is Literally Crazy...


  78. Of course Ron Paul's supporters don't sweat details like that. They've got bigger issues to worry themselves about.

    When not listening to Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, chemtrail believers obsessively take photographs of the “poison trails” and “evil clouds.” Of course, since the alien-lizard-Zionist-Bilderbergers forbid the puppet governments of the world from admitting that chemtrails exist, the intrepid chemtrail hunters have been stymied. Sure, they can photograph them, but they can’t stop ‘em.

    Or CAN they? This year, a movement has spread like dengue fever among chemtrail sleuths. This movement claims that chemtrails can be “killed” with vinegar, sprayed upward from the ground. And hundreds of chemtrail true believers are doing just that – and they’re uploading videos to Youtube, Dailymotion, Ebaumsworld, and elsewhere, documenting their chemtrail “kills.”

    Of the hundreds of “chemtrail kill” videos, the majority are made by self-described Ron Paul supporters. I’ve dubbed this branch of the Paul camp the “Paulsamics” (as in “Paulsamic vinegar”). If you want to see the sheer volume of Paulsamic videos online, just Google or Youtube-search “chemtrails” and “vinegar.” Below, I’ve embedded the very best video of the lot. It’s ten minutes long. Normally, I would grab a video of that length and edit a highlight reel. But it’s impossible to edit this one down; it’s too damn perfect as it is. Watch as a chemtrail-obsessed, Ron Paul-obsessed mom uses her trusty spray bottle to combat the marauding trails, as her long-suffering teenage son is forced to record her. Witness her great victory as she reemerges later to find that she has “cleaned the sky.”

    Why haven't the Paulinistas on this site posted some Ron Paul chemtrail defense videos so we can protect ourselves????


  79. But I’ll say this: If two hundred Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, or Rick Santorum supporters converged on the U.S./Mexican border to combat illegal immigration by spraying vinegar in the air, I’d consider that every bit as worthy of ridicule as I do the actions of the Paulsamics.

    Yes, I AM Implying Ron Paul Supporters Are BAT SHIT CRAZY


  80. Just wiki'ing this stuff about Hunt:

    Two newspaper articles published a few months before the deposition stated that a 1966 CIA memo linking Hunt to the assassination of President Kennedy had recently been provided to the HSCA. The first article, by Victor Marchetti—author of the book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (1974)—appeared in the Liberty Lobby newspaper The Spotlight on August 14, 1978. According to Marchetti, the memo said in essence, "Some day we will have to explain Hunt's presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963."[36] He also wrote that Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Gerry Patrick Hemming would soon be implicated in a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy.

    Great stuff.

  81. :) Gotta love it.

    I think I've found my candidate.

  82. Several of the Paulsamics brag about the “money bombs” they’ve coordinated for Paul, the organizing they’ve done for his campaign, the Internet spots they’ve created, etc. This is an important segment of his support base. As Leon Wolf at RedState so aptly observes, “Ron Paul has built an entire political career off of pandering to the paranoid and hate filled when he thinks no one is looking.”

    And now he has the Paulsamics as a result – a small cadre of dedicated loons who spray vinegar at the sky. Own ‘em or disown ‘em, Dr. Paul. Or do neither, while still happily accepting their money and support. Either way, there’s no denying that your association with the lunatic fringe is a serious stain on your presidential campaign.

    Hey – now that I think about it, you know what’s good for removing stains?




  83. Never leave the house without that bottle of vinegar, Rufus, and you'll be 'OK'.


  84. !!!

    Stop Chemtrails Now.

    Vote Paul!!!


  85. An informant in a state fraud case against Bank of New York Mellon Corp. has provided prosecutors a rare inside peek into how the bank allegedly scrambled to contain the fallout from a fast-growing government investigation, according to hundreds of pages of confidential documents.

    As investigators sought to determine whether the bank overcharged clients to execute their currency trades, a senior BNY Mellon executive nicknamed "Rambo" urged traders not to tell clients how much money they made on trading, according to the informant. Bank officials worried clients would switch to negotiating their own foreign-exchange trades.

  86. At this point, I think we should try to find if there is honestly a conspiracy theory he will flatly shoot down – “Do you think the moon landing was staged?” You know, absolutely crazy stuff, like, “Do you think the United States Government is going to build a wall to keep people from escaping to Mexico?” I want to know if there are any that he will flatly dismiss out of hand.

    Paul Is Crazy Part 4,018,663

    We might want to flee to MEJICO before the ENCLOSURE WALL is built so's to escape from the SHADOW GOVERNMENT and its CHEMTRAILS.