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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Great Misconceptions - German Lies About The Polish Cavalry


  1. Wow! The power of the web-of-life. Why, it's like Disney World. As it turns, no Americans died while charging headlong with the Poles, although lots of Russians died liberating them from their pals the Germs. It's sorta like Israel 13, Others 0. :-)

    By the way, in case you missed it, I cannot feel sorrow for the Poles since so many of them helped the Nazi murder my folk. John Paul II understood this and did his best to make amends. While I know the consensus at the EB is against a world-to-come, either good or bad, the late Pope did so believe and has his place assured in the Jewish afterlife (Is that ironic or what?!) It is only a rumor but it is said that the urinals from Heaven lead directly into Hell - just out of reach of the parched damned. Of course, I believe that all urine freezes just prior to reaching Hell's lowest level. Not to worry EB fans, you all are at the upper reaches of Hell, despite your best efforts, thanks to the merits of John Paul II.

    My only complaint against Pope John Paul II was his death, taking place during a time when I was seeking accommodations in Rome...bummer...Rome doubled in population within two days as costs quadrupled.

    Nevertheless, he was a righteous Gentile, who is welcomed by us (Jews) with open arms! Queers and other condemned Roman Catholics, according to the standards set by Roman Catholicism and Calvinism (believe it or not) are just SOL...sorry...

  2. In 1956, the United States gave Israel assurances that it recognized the Jewish State's right of access to the Straits of Tiran. In 1957, at the UN, 17 maritime powers declared that Israel had a right to transit the Strait. Moreover, the blockade violated the Convention on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone, which was adopted by the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea on April 27, 1958.14

    The closure of the Strait of Tiran was the casus belli in 1967. Israel's attack was a reaction to this Egyptian first strike. President Johnson acknowledged as much after the war (June 19, 1967):

    If a single act of folly was more responsible for this explosion than any other it was the arbitrary and dangerous announced decision that the Strait of Tiran would be closed. The right of innocent maritime passage must be preserved for all nations.

  3. Again, where did Chopin die? Who was his English mistress? Was there even such a country of Poland then?

    When did Poland become a nation? How long did that last?

  4. Come on Quirk, you proud Polish polka stud, answer my SIMPLE (even for a Pole) questions.


  5. Michener did one of his books on Poland. Bad Geography. The Gateway to Europe. It's been a busy place.

  6. Michner was correct. Poland drew all the really bad cards. Why, just imagine being on the menu indulged by the Germs and the Russies.

    Of course, there is bad Karma, as Quirk can readily attest. Indeed, Quirk could be the cause :-)

    His country, Poland, has been around how long now?

    Why, my youngest mistess, the USA is older than Poland; while my ancient wife, Israel, sits on a throne with all in awe of her will to life.

    Life is strange. Karma is a ...

  7. Thank you, Deuce.

    Following what appeared to be a day of futile fencing with a fool, I have learned, to my great pleasure and contrary to conventional wisdom, that two old men from the same region of Missouri, who served in Vietnam about the same time, still so honor the Corps that they will stand at attention in Her honor, despite personal animosity. In a world of sick cynics, I'll take that as a positive sign. In fact, I can tell my son (would-be-Marine butter-bar), "This is what you will find a half-century after your best years - by G-d, once a Marine, always a Marine, and don't you ever fail the Corps."

    The few, the proud, the Marines

  8. Cop: Is this a picture of you wife, sir?

    Man: Yes, it is.

    Cop: I'm afraid it looks like she's been in a car accident.

    Man: I know, but she has a lovely personality.

  9. Quirk said...
    I will try to do this in the order received.

    You know, Quirk, right about now, I find so many things more important than you. For example, I am a Marine, and my son will soon become a Marine. That places me a head and shoulder above anyone who is not. In fact, I had almost forgotten what it was like, until an exchange with Rufus.

    Quirk, think, if you can, about two old men, who suddenly recall a sacred vow, an undying trust. But, of course, Quirk, you cannot. You have never put your life on the line for a cause beyond your miserable life. When you look at "The Wall" you will never see young (forever young) mates, who took that round between the eyes or who gave you to drink from his canteen as you marched past his truck. Instead, you and others like you will desecrate the memory of real men. Like your idol Caligula, you will pay homage to a horse's rear end and think yourselves clever. A pox on you and all like you.

  10. For example, I am a Marine, and my son will soon become a Marine. That places me a head and shoulder above anyone who is not.

    What a bunch of drunken crap. Most of the Marines I have known joined up cause they couldn't figure out anything to do with their lives.

    Allen takes his sense of identity from a group.

    There is no real Allen there.

    It's Allen the Jew


    Allen the Marine.

    Without a group, Allen would be lost.

    And Allen is so fucked up he's turned to a kind of Jewish Mengele, giving the up and down finger to those he thinks should have a place in the life of the world to come and those that shouldn't.

    Allen is a slanderer and a liar.

    And he seems to think life in the world to come is some sort of Jewish idea.

    Allen, actually, is the biggest shit here.


  11. bob,

    Whatever you and Quirk were yanking, please continue. Neither of you have ever spent a night in the field nor felt a warm young Chinese maid snuggle next to you. Moreover, neither of you have debated the US role in SE Asia as the male thrust deep into the Orient. How sad, bob, to base your baseness upon envy alone. Oh, bob, she (the Chinese prostitute) was better than either your wife or daughter, I think.

  12. This may come as a shock to you Allen, but there is no family or tribe any older than every other tribe and family. Your history is not one glitter any brighter, worse, or more noble than anyone else's except in your mind. Your god has no more or less credibility than any other idol or myth that exists in word, poetry, chant or dream. Each fabrication, hallucination, tale, myth or fable is a composite dogma with roots in ignorance and awe. The mysteries of the unknown have been used to kill and die and inflict misery for as long as men have stood above their ass. None has any more credibility than Jack and the Bean Stalk. Most have been an impediment to progress and an appreciation of the simple joy and meaning to life. It is a pity that all of these faiths are not harmlessly benign. The only meaningful test between all of them is which has done the least damage to humanity. The more benign and meaningless the better. To your credit and the credit of your tribe, their contribution to humanity, culture and science is monumental and way disproportionate to their numbers. My simple wish is that all people live their own lives for goodness sake, mutual respect and not fuck with anyone else. Your triumphalism and moral superiority is mostly harmless whether it is in your choice of uniform, beads or head cover. Your chiding others, belittlement, sarcasm masking as wit is less benign than meets my taste but you have no more or less privilege on this site than any other that posts here. I am not going to muzzle anyone as is practiced in the Belmont Mirage. You forget that we have all worn that uniform.

  13. bob,


    ...easy as Sunday morning...

    You guys are so easy. Of course, none of you, other than Rufus, have ever spent a night in the wild or feared for your life.


  14. Well maybe I have underestimated the size of the orifice.

  15. Deuce,

    Re: stood above their ass. None has any more credibility than Jack and the Bean Stalk.

    Like me, Deuce, you may be waaaayy into your cups. Unfortunately, you were not trained to handle the use of English and alcohol. (No offense ya all...:-)

    Anyhow, Deuce, I love the Marine
    Corps. Why, goodness me, I may even love you. For all that, I might take you dancing, with or without my size 12 stilletos in red. I am a big man, but I can be had.

    Loosen up, Dude. Far be it from me to be a "triumphaliist" (or whatever). I'm just a simple Kike trying to make my way through the white man's world.

    Power to the Peepholes
    ___Yasser Arafat

  16. Deuce,

    Little shocks me. That would include being banned from a nth rate site by a stud-muffen like ya, Dude (note proper punctuation).


    Truly, Deuce, I am disappointed. You all once had so much promise. Now, like your old (former) bud, Whit, all you can fixate on is censorship. My goodness, Deuce, does that make you feel like the man? If that's all it takes, why, I can introduce you to several ladies who will have you howling, "I'm the King!!!" And for half the usual price.


  17. Bad economy has ROTC on a roll - Collections - Chicago Tribune
    Jul 6, 2011 – Cadet Darren Ujano has perfected the military sales pitch. Speaking to a ... "Frankly, the bad economy" is helping with recruiting, said Lt. Col. ...
    Bad economy good for military recruiters - SFGate
    Nov 30, 2008 – Bad economy good for military recruiters ... Helped by declining violence in Iraq and an economic downturn that has driven up the Central Oregon jobless rate, Army recruiters appear now to be ahead of their recruitment goals ...
    More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle -
    Jan 18, 2009 – Still, the economy alone does not account for the military's success in ... It also has helped ease the job of recruiters who face one of the most ...
    Down economy boosts military - The Boston Globe
    Mar 1, 2009 – The recruiting command, based at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, does not ... "Typically a bad economy has worked to the benefit of the military," said ... that the sagging economy is helping all the branches of the military, not just ...


  18. Anonymous said...
    Bad economy has ROTC on a roll - Collections - Chicago Tribune

    Mon Dec 05, 03:44:00 AM EST

    Yep, bob said (as did Quirk, no doubt - :-)

    But, boobie, can ya get up yer kilts, laddies


  19. Deuce said...
    Well maybe I have underestimated the size of the orifice.

    Mon Dec 05, 03:18:00 AM EST

    No, Deuce, I almost always know a gerkin.

  20. If Allen was a US Marine I am shocked that he would forget about the 241 US Marines who died in Beirut, Lebanon helping Israel secure their northern border.

  21. uniform, under the orders of the Gipper.

  22. Allen does not talk like any other marine I have ever known.

  23. Deuce said...
    Allen does not talk like any other marine I have ever known.

    Mon Dec 05, 08:57:00 AM EST

    ...without doubt...