“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul - A Decent Man and Human Being


  1. You're going to give poor ol' Bob a heart attack. :)

  2. I'm going to bed before the esplozin.

  3. Don’t worry, they won’t see this video on their favorite right-wing droid depot. It is too off the message de jour. The word from central command of the right wing elite that love military jargon but never quite had time to actually serve has spoken.

    Hannity, Levin, Medvev, Limgaugh, all veterans of verbosity, the merchants of smear have found the good doctor not up to muster, wanting, not up to their high standards of service, ( the service by others of course).

    Those that shirk war love to fly the colors. They thrill to the call of the pipes. They love the company of the troops but never as a member of a company did they ever troop.

  4. I never said Ron Paul wasn't necessarily a good hearted man, though I'm not so sure he is, just that when it comes to most of his political positions he's nuts.

    Probably a wonderful doctor.

    The only radio I listen to now is Midnight Truckers Radio. Least those boys got some humor.


  5. The Iranian president says his administration will do everything it can to save the national currency from plunging further out of control.

    The semi-official Mehr news agency is quoting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as saying this is possible with the "huge reserves" of hard currency that Iran has. The report offered no details.

    The rial hit a record low on Tuesday, with the U.S. dollar selling for 15,050 rials in foreign currency exchange offices.

    The dollar sold for about 10,500 rials last December and in 1979 — the year an Islamic revolution toppled the pro-Western Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi — it was 70 rials against the dollar.

    Iran has restricted cash withdrawals and allows banks to sell only $2,000 per year to each person traveling outside the country.

  6. Talk the talk about the Constitution or actually do something about it. When you support Ron Paul, you don't only support the man. You support the idea - an idea whose time has come. If you have not donated recently, I call upon you to do it RIGHT NOW. Even if it's $1.00.

  7. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Agrees 100% with Ron Paul on Israel and Iran!

  8. I listened to that video twice and never heard the word 'Iran'.

    We've never had troops in any big amount in Israel. What is this, what does it mean, this sending troops 'endlessly'?


  9. He is however, most certainly Anti-Israel, and Anti-Israeli in general. He wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all. He expressed this to me numerous times in our private conversations. His view is that Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the America taxpayer. He sides with the Palestinians, and supports their calls for the abolishment of the Jewish state, and the return of Israel, all of it, to the Arabs.

    Former Paul staff Eric Dondero, himself a Jew.

    I doubt Mr. Netanyahu would agree with this Paul outlook, nowadays perhaps unspoken in Iowa.


  10. Ron Paul is right in one area - that the Lessons of Munich - that America must intervene not in our vital national interests but "Anywhere people are oppressed and Freedom! is needed and JFKesque, we will bear any burden, pay any price in blood and treasure, we owe it to them! - is a prescription for endless war.

    Now we have a process of guilt-tripping Americans into endless war..because we failed to mobilize in the midst of the Depression and invade Germany to "Save the Jews" we are now morally obligated to Save the Noble Iraqis, Afghans with 1.2 trillion in nation-building and 50,000 casualties...after we failed to save the Noble Rwandans..but did "atone" by having wars to save the Noble Bosnians and Kosovar Muslims. We are now debating how much we are morally obligated for new wars to save the noble Darfurans, noble Conglese, noble Iranians from themselves. We did have a nice little Libyan war...and we are throwing in Neocon fantasies of liberating Cuba and N Korea, helping the noble Somalis...the Zionist perspective, which conflates grovelling support of al things Israel wants with "DO as we say, or you are anti-Semitic!"

    Others have tried the same gambit.
    The Jewish Boshevik thinkers learned from the Jacobites, and created the class conflict model - in which the "dispossessed classes" could criticize the bourgeoisie..but criticism the other way was deemed worth a trip to the Gulag or firing squad.

    Blacks were fans of the tactic by the 60s - any criticism of dysfunctions of black society was termed "racist" and critics hounded and fired.
    Muslims then found the same laws Jews forced on nations barring "hate speech" and taboos on "white Christians" speaking ill of others in more informal PC strictures could be well-exploited by them in turn. It is bigoted and Islamophobic to criticize Muslims or Muslim nations.

    Now we have the Chinese. Belligerant and nationalistic - more and more they have taken to express outrage at any slighting of what China does as "racism against the Han People".

    Eventually, this stifling of criticism does not succeed. It first becomes a "truth everyone knows about but does not discuss in polite society" (who runs Hollywood)..then moves on to "yes, but" criticism. As in "Yes, I love black people, but their high illegitimacy,welfare parasitism, and high crime rate is a matter of concern.."

    "Of course Islam is the Religion of Peace and it is hard to find a more wonderful and magnificent group of people anywhere than the Ummah and their noble immigrants....BUT!!"

  11. Ron Paul is right in one area - that the Lessons of Munich - that America must intervene not in our vital national interests but "Anywhere people are oppressed and Freedom! is needed and JFKesque, we will bear any burden, pay any price in blood and treasure, we owe it to them! - is a prescription for endless war.

    I'm either too tired or too unintelligent to discern the meaning of this statement.


  12. It simply means that if we keep trying to be the world's policeman (righter of all wrongs) we will stay at war, forever, Bob.

    We gotta take a break, and get our own house in order. This deal is going to bust us - hell, it already has.

  13. What I find fascinating is that the Republicans, willingly, or not, are misunderstanding (or, pretending to) Paul's appeal.

    You ask the people of Iowa why they're supporting him, and they say, "Foreign Policy/Anti-War."

    If you ask the "official" repubs, they say, "domestic policy."

    This discordancy of thought cannot end well for the pubs.

  14. I heard Michael Medved expressing indignation with a caller and supporter of Ron Paul. Medved said that Ron Paul would not have attacked Germany to prevent the holocaust. Ron Paul just told the truth. Medved showed his ignorance and is trying to put a guilt trip on Ron Paul for telling the truth.

    The US did not want to get involved in WWII. There was little support for the US getting involved in a European war. It had only been twenty some years since the US fought the war to end all wars, WWI.

    The Japanese attacked the US Pacific fleet and one day later, Germany declared war. The US was dragged into the war. In 1939 the US had the 17th largest army in the world and had no tanks.

    At the height of the war, the US was consuming 40% of its GDP on the military. When the US finally landed at Normandy, the best German armies had been wrecked in Russia, making it easier for the US to gather enough strength to attack a bleeding Germany and that was no easy task.

    This attack on Ron Paul, claiming to show he is an anti-semite is really outrageous and needs to be challenged.

    To blame the US for not getting involved in rescuing the Jews is absurd. The US had its own battle to fight and those unfortunate victims of the Germans including the Russians, Czechs, Poles, Dutch, French, and others had their own fights and problems.

    The intent here is to show Ron Paul as a critic and a hater of Israel and that anyone who supports Ron Paul as an anti-semite hater of Israel.

    Where were these critics while Pol Pot was murdering Cambodians by the hundreds of thousands? They certainly had knowledge that it was going on. The lesson of the holocaust in Germany was that it could happen to anyone at any time.

    It is unfair to Ron Paul and his supporters to have to answer such rubbish. Would it be fair to ask Israel how many battalions it sent to Cambodia?

  15. I must be an anti-semite, and hater of Israel, then, because I am, absolutely, against going to war on the off-chance (very slim "off-chance," I believe) that Iran might commit suicide by firing a nuke at the Levant.

  16. Would YOU fire a nuke at Israel if you thought there was very little chance that it would get through, and knew that it would mean the destruction of your country, family, and yourself before the day was done whether it got through or not?

  17. The thing is, once a country such as Iran decides they want a nuke, the only, and I mean "only," way you can stop them is to invade them, defeat them, AND OCCUPY THEM.


  18. Iraq would be as nothing compared to Occupying Iran.

    78 Million People, and an area roughly a third the size of the Contiguous 48?

  19. I guess he figures their votes count just as much as anyone else's.

    At least he's been consistent in his beliefs. That makes him a minority of one.

  20. As crazy as he is, and as unsavory as many of his supporters are, I'd vote for him against anyone that wouldn't swear to keep us out of war with Iran.

  21. That means, as of right now, I'd vote for him over all Republicans, and Obama, too.

  22. Besides, just imagine having your crazy uncle as President for four years.

    Wotta trip :)

  23. To me the craziest thing about the old coot is that nonsense about jury nullification.

    People don't seem to understand what that actually means, and I don't think he understands it either. It actually means you no longer have any real use for or need of a legislature.

    The law becomes what the jury says it is, not what some elected legislature says it is, from far away.

    He doesn't even want judges instructing the jurors.

    heh, jeez

    The man is, to take one from Rufus, "barking mad".

    I'm going to bed.


  24. barking mad = a two legged dog seeking a new horizon of howls


  25. Oh yeah, he's mad as a hatter. For sure.

    But, he's the only sane one of the bunch when it comes to foreign policy, and the most important thing any President ever does - Take the country into War.

  26. Stupid stupid people...

    It aint about Israel or the Joos...

    It's about Iran and her behavior...

    US and NATO task forces in the Persian Gulf are on alert since US intelligence warned that Iranian marine commandos are preparing to sow mines in the strategic Strait of Hormuz. DEBKA: Tehran's threats to close Hormuz and its big Velayati 90 sea exercise indicate the form of its reprisals for the harsh sanctions scheduled next month for approval in Washington and Brussels for shearing 80 percent off Iran's state revenue. However, the US using mine countermeasures can reopen Hormuz within 24-48 hours.

    But you keep telling yourself it's Israel and the Joos.

    Stupid Stupid people.

    getting dumber by the hour....

  27. sanity = Attack a country of 78 million because they may have a nuclear weapon.

    sanity = Run endless trillion dollar deficits.

    insanity = avoid needless wars.

    insanity = reduce government spending.

  28. Ron Paul 2012 said...
    sanity = Attack a country of 78 million because they may have a nuclear weapon.

    sanity = Run endless trillion dollar deficits.

    insanity = avoid needless wars.

    insanity = reduce government spending.

    Being a PUSSY....

    PUSSY = Listen to a nation of 78 million promise to destroy you and burn you to a cinder

    PUSSY = Not doing everything short of war to stop a nation of 78 million from taking over the middle east.

    PUSSY = Giving billions to jidahist nations in direct welfare.

    PUSSY = Buying oil from clit chopping, camel fucking anti western dictatorships...

    Yep America the Pussy....

    Just has the Jihadi President wanted...

  29. And, I'll guarantee you, there goes an anonymi that has never stepped foot in a War Zone (not wearing a U.S. uniform, anyway.)

  30. Rufus II said...
    And, I'll guarantee you, there goes an anonymi that has never stepped foot in a War Zone (not wearing a U.S. uniform, anyway.)

    I have been in war zones and not in uniform...

    Just like Rat.

  31. Except I didnt murder civilians

  32. Rufus loves Obama..

    Obama never wore an American uniform in battle

  33. January, 20005. GWB inauguration speech paraphrased: "We will end tyranny in the world."

    I remember hearing that and thinking "Holy fucking shit. We are in trouble."

    I also found it deliciously ironic that the rhetoric of our Dear Leaders was embellished with the promises of "freedom" for the genital-mutilating, machete-wielding thumb suckers of the world, while domestically the same Dear Leaders built a surveillance / police apparatus that treats all citizens as suspected "terrorists."

    It's comforting to know that now the Executive branch can label you a terrorist and lock you up indefinitely with no access to counsel, trial or anything.

    If it works for the people we start wars with, it'll work well for us. I guess it's all about a culture exchange.

    Stay the Course.
    Secure the Homeland.
    War means Freedom.

  34. Robert Reich predicts: Obama-Clinton 2012, Biden to State Department

    Romney: "Islam is not an inherently violent faith"

    Nancy Pelosi's daughter: 'My mom wants to leave Congress'..And there was much rejoicing.

  35. Clinton: I didn’t have sex with that woman.

    Nixon: I am not a crook.

    Obama: I am not a Muslim.

    Paul: I am not a racist.

  36. VA GOP will require a ‘Loyalty Oath’ to vote in primary. Ich bien ein Richmonder.

  37. Paul: I am not a racist.

    Neither are Muslims:

    Christians just disappear as if by magic when Muzzies rule.

    "first they came for..."

    Hysterical rantings, nothing more.

  38. Bro D-Day - perhaps POTUS will not sign the NDAA.

  39. Obama's approval among Latinos drops below 50%

    UN Lowers Flags To Half-Staff For Kim Jong-Il

    Michelle O: "McDonalds is givin out free coffee cuz of this awful Bush Recession. Hey-didya see me in my $2000 sun dress?"

  40. "To blame the US for not getting involved in rescuing the Jews is absurd. The US had its own battle to fight and those unfortunate victims of the Germans including the Russians, Czechs, Poles, Dutch, French, and others had their own fights and problems."

    I heard a country called "Britain" was involved, also.

    Guess we would not have heard much from Hitch, if Paul had been POTUS.

  41. Was "The Axis" in WWII aN hysterical delusion of GWB?

  42. Looks like the Candyman is back.

    Funny shit.

    Does not want to commit his troop of blue shirts to the fight, but wants the rest of US to send our sons to fight Israel's battles.

    The hypocrisy is comical.

    As to the veracity of Israel's leadership, first they tell US.

    1992: Israeli parliamentarian Benjamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon – and that the threat had to be "uprooted by an international front headed by the US."

    Then they tell US

    January 2011: When Meir Dagan steps down as director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, he says that
    Iran would not be able to produce a nuclear weapon until 2015.
    "Israel should not hasten to attack Iran, doing so only when the sword is upon its neck," Mr. Dagan warned. Later he said that attacking Iran would be
    "a stupid idea.... The regional challenge that Israel would face would be impossible."

    So, if both these folks of the Israeli leadership are to be believed, the Iranians have been capable of developing a nuclear weapon, in three years, since 1992.

    They have yet to accomplish this task. Perhaps the fact is, as they say, that they are not trying to.

    Or they'd have one...
    ... if Bibi was telling the truth.

    If he was lying then, why believe him now?

    If he was telling the truth, then, so too have the Iranians, since.

  43. Ready to send your son, to the sandbox, doug?

    We can institute a draft, to cut the payroll cost for the combat arms of the Army.

    No need to pay the cannon fodder a "Living Wage".

  44. The draftee cannon fodder -

    A 24 month tour
    12 months of training,
    then a 12 month combat deployment,
    then out they go,
    back to the streets of the USA.

    $100 a month plus room and board.

    No allowances for dependents,
    no deferments.

    Sanctions and Sabotage are Sufficient

  45. Hispanic preferences for President
    68% for Obama
    28% for Romney

    Whether they approve of President Obama, or not, they are going to vote for him, rather than Mr Wall Street Romney.

  46. 1992: Israeli parliamentarian Benjamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon – and that the threat had to be "uprooted by an international front headed by the US."

    Joel Rosenberg used to have a blog on Blogger , about 2008, his shtick was that Ezekiel predicted that Iran would get a nuke in 2009. I went in there and stirred up a bunch of shit by simply being a skeptic, and Joel ended up closing his blog, just like Kudlow, because it was hurting book sales.

  47. .

    I like a lot of Paul's proposed policies. Others are just wacky. But the man is consistent, a rare quality among the munchkins of OZ. Likewise he may be a nice guy.

    Some of the criticism of him lately could be the confusing of his libertarian views with racism when viewed through the eyes of those that see anyone who disagrees with them as being racist.

    That being said the man seems, to me, to have a skewed moral compass. His attitude, as expressed numerous times is "I choose not to criticize any of these groups that are supporting me. They support my positions but I don't necessarily support their positions." A little too pat. If he does it based on libertarian principles, you can see why libertarians have never gotten too far and likely won't in the future.

    Paul will never be president, but if he were it is unlikely he could do more damage to the country than the two current frontrunners.

    However, bottom line, to me it seems Paul is just one more dick amongst a city of dicks albeit a more likeable one.


  48. Quirk: However, bottom line, to me it seems Paul is just one more dick amongst a city of dicks albeit a more likeable one.

    Likeable dick is an oxymoron in my circles.

    American Idol Kelly Clarkson: “I Love Ron Paul”

    Gallup: 42% of Americans Describe Themselves Politically As “Conservative,” Only 19% “Liberal”

  49. .

    Likeable dick is an oxymoron in my circles.

    Have you ever tried one?

    Back in the day, I would have merely considered you a challenge.


  50. 95. Mr X Teresita, if she is in fact a Pentagon employee, will either see her salary get cut, her pension devalued through inflation, or her health care denied.

    Average Federal gov’t salary 60% larger than average in private sector

  51. The only real question with regards the Hispanics is turnout, in November.

    Team Obama got a large Hispanic turnout, in 2008. Whether they can replicate thos gross numbers, given the unpopularity of Mr Obama's policies on the border.

    The increase in deportations has shaken his support amongst the Hispanic base. But forced to make the choice, he still tops Wall Street Romney.

  52. Quirk: Have you ever tried one?

    The 80s were a free-for-all.

  53. Federal employees should have their wages and benefits cut by 10% per year, until the Federal budget is balanced.

    Same with regards Social Security payments and Medicare payouts.

    The military budget should be cut by about 20%, for procurements.
    50% in payroll and benefits.
    A draft re-instituted.

    Military retiree benefits not paid until the retiree reaches Social Security benefit age.

  54. Those reductions in spending, on a year over year basis, not from the "baseline budgeting" numbers.

  55. .

    We need you in D.C., rat.

    You would fit in with all the other dicks there.



  56. Not much chance of that, Q.

    The Senior citizens, here in AZ, will never vote to cut their own Federal welfare payments.

    They'll just vote for cuts to the "other" guys.

  57. I think that was my point. The US was not entering the war until the US was dragged into the war. When the US did enter the war, the goal was to defeat the enemy and win the war. It was not using assets to provide humanitarian support to anyone. The US supported Britain because the US needed a base to launch an attack against the Germans. The US bombed allied cities when it was in the interest of killing Germans. The goal was simple, destroy the enemy. Win the war. Come home. It was every man or woman for themselves.

  58. Even in Syria, the truth is becoming known, with the Arab League monitoring the situation, up close and personal.

    Tha anti-Assad claims, proving to be without substance, at this point in time. The Arab League, now accused of being "collaborators".

    The Arab League, will soon be labeled anti-Semite, or not agreeing with the Zionist talking points on Syria, at least those expressed here at the EB.

    (Xinhua) -- Arab League (AL) observers visited Thursday a number of neighborhoods in several provinces of Syria and met with many people there, as some opposition parties accused members of the AL mission of collaborating ...

  59. .

    Cutting costs is a great idea.

    And I am in favor of a draft despite reasons supporting an all volunteer army. However, your plan to institute a draft so that you can have cheep slave labor doesn't make sense.

    As far as cutting personnel, that may have some value. In fact either the WaPo or the NYT had a story in the past day or two indicating the Pentagon is in the process of cutting back on Generals and Admirals.

    As for cutting pay and benefits for civilian personell, that would need to be done an individual basis although they could look into what the private industry has done in terms of dual-leval wage structures. (A tough way to go given civil service rules and union clout.)

    However, the biggest savings should be on procurement, that is where the corruption lies (or inefficieny, or stupidity if you like). There is a story in today's WaPo or the NYT (can't remember which) about the F-35 fiasco and the F-22 that proceeded it.

    Twenty years to develop a weapons system, over that time the costs double, the numbers decrease, and you are left with a system that costs millions in maintenance each year.

    When a general orders a system, does he really give a shit how much it costs?


  60. Makes perfect sense, Q, from a historical perspective.

    When the country is at war, the government often drafted soldiers.

    But not at low "net" wages.
    I was surprised.

    Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly, April 24, 1944

    By Malvern Hall Tillitt

    Annual "net earned income" of the lowest-paid man in America's armed forces, if single, is more than that of the $3,600-a-year single man in civilian employment. And annual pay of $3,600 is more than the yearly earnings of many tellers in banks or bookkeepers in mercantile establishments or employees in investment houses or pharmacists or engineers in radio operation. It is twice the average pay received by employees of insurance concerns or public utilities or real estate companies. Indeed, Federal income-tax reports show that more than 90 percent of incomes earned by single persons throughout the United States fall below $3,600.
    Let's consider the case of the single man and start with proof of the opening statement. The lowest pay in the Army is the $50 a month; or $600 a year, received by the buck private, while in service within the bounds of the United States. The man may have given up a $3,600-a-year civilian job on entering military service. And, from the figures alone, he may apparently be taking a loss of $3,000 a year.

    On reduction of earnings to "net income," the comparison goes into reverse. This fact traces mainly to the major items of subsistence which are provided for men and noncommissioned officers in military service but for which the civilian must pay out of his pocket. In addition, civilians have much higher income taxes to reckon with.

    Army-Navy Pay Tops Most Civilians' Unmarried Private's Income Equivalent to $3,600 Salary, 1944

    It's not slave labor, it's service to country. Serving the National Interests of the United States.

    Or we stay out of further wars that are not worthy of the sacrifice to the public purse.

  61. We could, since we are at war, one supposedly comparable to WWII, we can replicate the tax rate of 1944.

    A bottom rate of 23% on income under $2,000 per year.
    A top rate of 94% on income over $200,000.

    The chart does not give the mid income rates, but one can imagine what they'd be.

    Either a low paid draftee combat arms contingent, or raise taxes to rates that are historically reasonable for a war footing.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. .

    You conflate two things, paying for miltary personell and the need for them.

    I share your believe that we should cutting back on our overall footprint in the world. And obviously there is waste at the top and any move to cut generals and admirals is a good thing. However, for the poor schmucks putting their life on the line they should be paid.

    As far as GI pay versus civilian pay, you might want to come up with something a little more recent than 1944. Although these days with people actually losing ground on a net basis who is to know.


  64. Maintain the current structure on incomes up to $200,000 per year.

    Then a surtax of 94% on income over $200,000. To pay for the war.
    Deductions only applicable to the $200,000 base.

    A modified WWII program.

    The National Interest would quickly shift, the foreign adventures coming to a screeching halt.

  65. 1944 works best, as that is the war that the adventures in the sand box are being compared to, on this very thread.

    Comparing the Axis of Evil to the Axis Powers of WWII.

    Iran = Germany
    North Korea = Japan
    Iraq = Italy

    The comparisons are ripe fodder for Comedy Central.

  66. The US is facing a decision point, with regards our global military footprint.

    Roll it back
    Or step up and pay cash for it.

    Raise taxes
    Or mint some coin.

  67. We are moving into Round 2 of the payroll tax holiday political battle.

    Forty some days and counting, aye?

    Knowing in your heart the holiday will be extended.
    The battle will settle upon how to "pay for" this.

    With those across the board, but military spending foremost, cuts coming as a result in the debt ceiling battle of last August.
    With another phase of that fight coming, too.

    As we roll to the election.

    While I doubt that Mr Romney will embrace a hardline on the debt ceiling battle, not one that would be in line with that of Eric Cantor, in the first round.

    Will the GOP frosh of the House fall in?

    Will Mr Cantor?

  68. Any one who delivers babies is a decent human being.

  69. Senator John "Maverick" McCain has publicly promised that those military budget cuts, provided for by the failure of the "Super Committee" to come to a piece of legislation, will not occur.

    Where do the Republican candidates for President stand on that?

  70. I think what will happen is Obammie will promise, right through Nov whatever, that Iran won't be allowed to have a nuke, and, then, after the election he will give Bibi a great big, old, slobbery "fuck you."

  71. Any one who delivers babies is a decent human being.


    And, the Nazi gynecologist?

    Paul, however, is a conviction politician who would roll back counterterrorism policies that have kept America safe since 9/11. He opposed the raid that killed bin Laden and the action against Awlaki. Given his views on “blowback,” Paul would abandon America’s military presence and engagement in the rest of the world. He wouldn’t do anything to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, effectively giving them a green light to accelerate their program while he’s president. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as America’s withdrawal from world affairs would be a signal to any tyrant or would be tyrant that it’s open season.

    Here's A Man Who After Careful Thinking Would Back Obama Before He'd Back Paul If That Were His Only Choice


  72. "He opposed the raid that killed bin Laden"

    That's really really damning.


  73. Well, Doctor Paul is no NAZI.

    Just someone who articulates the position of "Real" Republicans.

    Bring the troops home.

    It's over, over there.

  74. I didn't say he was, I said that everyone who delivers babies may not be decent human beings.


  75. At some point you Have to face facts. We're running Trillion Dollar Deficits, year after year.

    We have gotten away with a lot due to our "Reserve Currency," and Strong Military; but, even we can't get away with this forever.

  76. We could look at it this way, with regards the military payroll.

    In 1944, income was $3,600 a year and a private got $600 plus room and board.

    In 2010, average income for young adult, high school grads, 20-29 yrs old, $30,000 a year.

    So, to maintain the ratio a private in the military today, if the nation was on a war footing, similar to that of WWII ...
    Right around $5,500.

    About $475 pr month.
    While in 2011 the military actually pays a private $1,491 per month.

    Three times the money of their WWII counterpart.

  77. With a standing army of over a million men, little wonder then that we've busted the bank.

    Paying privates three times their worth, as valued in WWII.

  78. The World War II draft operated from 1940 until 1947 when its legislative authorization expired without further extension by Congress. During this time, more than 11 million men had been inducted into military service.

    So, if the Axis of Evil is the equivalent of the Axis Powers of WWII, we should have drafted soldiers, paying them about $100 a week, rather than enlisting folks at $350 per week.

    When you're talkin' a million men, it makes a difference.

    But then, there'd have been public outcry, at the length of the War on the Axis of Evil.

    Rather than pay the true price of the Sandbox Wars, we put in on our Charlie Chi-com credit card.

    It's time to pay the piper,
    or come on home.

  79. George W Bush refused to authorize a raid to kill Osama.

    Fearing to large a footprint and extended US exposure at Tora Bora.

    Is George W Bush damned, tambien?

  80. Even after George W Bush refused to authorize the raid to kill Osama, boobie supported him, in 2004 election.

    Seems damnation for inaction, that is only for those boobie opposes, not for those he praises.

  81. Demand for gasoline running 5.6% Below this 4 wk period last year, but Price is 7% Above price from last year.

    Demand is so low in Europe that the Eurozone's largest refiner, Petroplus (5 refineries, I think,) is on the verge of bankruptcy. As of yesterday, they couldn't afford to buy oil to refine.

  82. That Mr Obama is made of sterner stuff than either Doctor Paul or George W Bush, well ...

    That's probably considered damning, too.

  83. Deuce,

    Your early comment about the devaluing rial...

    Watching the local news last night. Finance spot came on. The euro has dropped so low against the Aussie dollar that the finance dude said, 'Pretty soon you'll be able to buy a Mercedes for the same price as a Hyundai'.

  84. Romney said he’s in Iowa now, and that’s all that should matter to voters.

    “The best thing I can do is show [voters] that I’m going to be here,” he said, reminding the crowd that he has launched a bus tour across the state.

    The Romney campaign released a schedule late Thursday showing that the candidate indeed plans to stay in Iowa until the Jan. 3 caucuses, apart from two brief stops in New Hampshire over the weekend.

  85. Deuce said...

    "I think that was my point. The US was not entering the war until the US was dragged into the war. When the US did enter the war, the goal was to defeat the enemy and win the war. It was not using assets to provide humanitarian support to anyone. "


    How does proving Medved wrong make Dr. Demento right?

    ie, isn't Paul against our entry into WWII regardless of the cause?


    I could be wrong about that, of course, I don't spend much time following crazy, racist, old-timers.

  86. I could believe Kain never had sex outside his marriage before I could believe Paul had no idea what was in HIS Newsletter for 10 years.
    Reverend Wright, anyone?

  87. I agree with Doug.


  88. And, I like the term Dr. Demento.


  89. Actually, Ron Paul said that he would do the exact same thing FDR, and the other politicians of the day, did. Stay out of it until we were attacked.

    FDR, and the kidz, knew all about the slave labor/extermination camps, but didn't want to be seen as "going to war for the Jews."

  90. Many people profit off of political causes, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. But Gingrich has exploited conservatism, because he has profited not by advancing the cause, but by harming it.

    He made money as a consultant and lobbyist trying to convince conservatives to support subsidies for housing, prescription drugs and ethanol. And this year, he has profited by temporarily convincing millions of conservatives that he's the right man to beat Obama.

    There's a popular saying about causes that "start as a mass movement, become a business, and end up a racket." With Gingrich, a movement that changed American politics in 1994 has evolved into a Tiffany-studded, jet-setting lifestyle.

  91. He did and he didn't depending on the day and place.

    Just like he did and didn't promote his RACIST Newsletter.

    Why is THAT deemed OK by the August Moralizers of the Bar?

  92. It is exactly like Reverend Wright, doug.

    Those that support the Doc, they don't care.

    Those that care, they already don't support him.

    It is waste of time to harp on it, as it was with regards Reverend Wright.

    Is what it is.

  93. Because, doug, support for the Doctor is based upon his foreign policy and his desire to audit the Federal Reserve.

    More the foreign policy than the Federal Reserve stance, I do believe.

    No one cares about the race.
    As Mr Cain said, we're beyond that, now.

  94. The argument, against the Doctor, has to be based upon the need for continued military interventions around the whirled.

    Needing to convince 25% or so of the GOP caucus goers in Iowa that they and their country will be good to go by starting a war with Iran.

    Or continuing on in Afpakistan.

    And this talking about his 1990's pamphlets will not get that done.

    Those of the GOP that support bringing the troops home, will not rally to Mr Romney, regardless of the race baiting.

    Romney will lose in November, without the Librarians in the tent.

    Paul/Johnson 2012 will draw about 5% of the general vote, if the GOP does not play it correctly.

    Then Obama wins.
    Which he's going o, regardless.

    Better for US to vote your conscience and lose than vote for warmongers and be amongst the winners.

  95. Learned that from George W Bush.

    Joy to the Whirled!

  96. desert rat said...
    It is exactly like Reverend Wright, doug.

    Those that support the Doc, they don't care.

    Those that care, they already don't support him.

    It is waste of time to harp on it, as it was with regards Reverend Wright.


    Do YOU support the Doc?

  97. John McCain refused to touch Reverend Wright with a ten foot pole.

    Fired someone for saying Hussein, or some such as I recall.

    History cannot be denied.
    Running against the Rev was

  98. Doug wrote -

    " I don't spend much time following crazy, racist, old-timers."

    You talking about Paul or rat?

  99. You know you are addicted to following the Rat, anon.

    I do it from time to time, as suits my pleasure.

  100. Rufus II said...
    Actually, Ron Paul said that he would do the exact same thing FDR, and the other politicians of the day, did. Stay out of it until we were attacked.

    FDR, and the kidz, knew all about the slave labor/extermination camps, but didn't want to be seen as "going to war for the Jews."

    Yep Rufus... dont sweat it America NEVER went to war for the jews...

    That's why almost 7 MILLION were turned into ash...

    and another MILLION were ethnically cleansed from the arab world.

    Dont you worry! Ron Paul would CONTINUE the American policy of allow genocide against the Jews of the world as it has in the past.

    That should make you happy.

    But dont expect the Jews of the world to go quietly into the night and if that upsets your apple cart well then tuff cookies...

    America successfully allowed the murder of almost 7 million jews, liberating camps at the END OF THE WAR, after the nazis were defeated

    Not to mention the exclusion of Jewish refugees into America, before, during and after the ww2.

    No the reality is clear, America has not supported the right for Jews to live without fear of genocide.

    It's ok, just sad that the reality (and expectation) of this great nation is now becoming no more than just another nation of the world with no spine, principles or values....

    /off sarc.

    Thank all that is holy that the members of the Paul clan and this blog are NOT representative of the actual people of the USA, but rather a group of whack a doodles...

  101. I support bringing the troops home.

    I'd have supported Gary Johnson, but he got frozen out.

    So, at Primary time, if Johnson is not on ballot, I'll vote for the Doctor.

    Rather than Mr Perry, who said he'd deploy US troops to Mexico.
    Rather than Romney, Gingrich or Santorum, sabre rattlers, all.

    In the General election, I'll vote for the Librarian, little matter his name.

    Would never vote for Wall Street Romney.

  102. So, like the "Good" Doctor, supporting racists is A-OK.

    ...depending on circumstances.

  103. I am sure the MSM will NEVER bring up Paul's newsletters in the General Election.

    I am also sure Elvis is alive.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. "o" will be celebrating Mr Obama's reelection.

    Chicken hawks going home to roost.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. I don't care about the race issues, doug, not nearly as much as I do about war.

    War is the issue that motivates the vote, not race relations.

    That race based quota thing, that was filled, last go-round.

  108. I don't think Dr. Demento will be trying a third party run, cause it would harm the prospects of his illustrious son down the walk a ways.

    Everybody would be blaming him for 4 more years of zero.


  109. In MY country, I'll speak out against racism. What people in other countries do, I could care less.

    Why all the people of Europe hate the Jews I don't know. Nor do I care. It's none of my damned business. I don't love Jews. I don't hate Jews. I've never, to be honest, given a good goddamn about who was a Jew, and who wasn't. It's just something that never interested me.

    I'm, also, not concerned that the future President of the United States might be a closet racist. We've had many, and I do mean "many," racist presidents. Probably More, than Not. It didn't matter.

    The Supreme Court is the arbiter of what is acceptable, race-wise, in the United States, and they've made their rulings (all of which I agree with, btw.)

    There is only one area in which the President is damned near omnipotent; and that is in deciding whether, or not, to get the country involved in a War. And, until some other Republican can convince me that he is as anti-war as Paul, Rupaul is my man.

    First Principles, First.

  110. We'll get four more years, even if the Doc don't run.

    Romney does not have the gumption to beat Obama.

    No more than George W had the balls to pull the trigger on Osama, when they had him cornered, at Tora Bora.

  111. Right now, the chickenhawks are Praying that Iran will give them some excuse in the Straits of Hormuz.

    If Iran doesn't take the bait, you might want to keep an eye out for a "Tonkin Gulf" type incident.

    Of course, it's problematic as to whether they could get Obama to go along with it.

  112. But there is one major aspect of the newsletters, no less disturbing than their racist content, that has always been present in Paul’s rhetoric, in every forum: a penchant for conspiracy theories.

    In a 1990 C-Span appearance, taped between Congressional stints, Paul was asked by a caller to comment on the “treasonous, Marxist, alcoholic
    dictators that pull the strings in our country.” Rather than roll his eyes, Paul responded,“there’s pretty good evidence that those who are
    involved in the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations usually end up in positions of power. And I believe this is true.”

    Paul then went on to stress the negligible differences between various “Rockefeller Trilateralists.” The notion that these three specific groups — the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller family — run the world has been at the center of far-right conspiracy theorizing for a long time, promoted especially by the extremist John Birch Society, whose 50th anniversary gala dinner Paul keynoted in 2008.


    Three months before the Oklahoma City bombing, in an item for the Ron Paul Survival Report titled, “10 Militia Commandments,” he offered advice to militia members, including that they, “Keep the group size down,” “Keep quiet and you’re harder to find,” “Leave no clues,” “Avoid the phone as much as possible,” and “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

    Ron Paul Is A Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist


  113. We'll get four more years, even if the Doc don't run.

    Romney does not have the gumption to beat Obama.



  114. Romney might be able to win even if Demento does run.


  115. For the first time in more than six decades, the United States is exporting more gasoline and diesel than it imports. first time since Truman.

  116. The Doctor believes in the Boners.

    He's not blinded by political correctness, at least with regards to the realities of power in Washington DC.

    Anther plus.

  117. Gotta go State by State, boobie.

    That's how the vote is counted.

    Like George W Bush, Obama can win with a minority of the popular vote, if it's in the "right" places.

  118. Karl Rove, crapper, has Obama losing in a landslide, the Republicans taking the Senate, and losing a few seats in the House, but still the majority.

    You wouldn't care or dare to question the Architect would you, crapper?


  119. From Real Clear Poilitics

    Rasmussen Reports

    Obama (D) 44
    Romney (R) 41
    Obama (D) +3.0

    That's reality, boobie, in a real national poll. By the fellow that does the "best" work, historically.

  120. That fellow is a direct mail maven.

    Good luck if believing in Karl is your touchstone.

  121. Mr R is a tad confused, as his verbiage says ...

    A generic Republican candidate holds a narrow lead over the president again this week as has been the case all but three times in weekly tracking since late May. Obama leads all the other named GOP candidates by as little as seven and as much as 15 percentage points.

    A generic Republican does better than any of the "real" candidates.

    And Obama has not even barely started campaigning. While Mr Romney's been at it for a year.

  122. But the Tea Party and Occupy people are just tired of it all. And they would like to see changes.

    And if the conditions get much worse, the demonstrations on the streets could get much worse, too. And that’s what we have to be aware of.

    But fortunately we still live in a free enough society where they can speak out. If they violate property rights, if anybody violates property rights, they do it at risk.

    - Paul

  123. While the fella that left Mrs Bachmann's campaign for that of Doc Paul says ...

    Asked why he chose Paul over Romney, Sorenson said of the former Massachusetts governor: "I think he's terrible for this country. I think he's terrible for the caucus process."

    He continued, "Mitt Romney hasn't [come] to my town," and added that Romney's record is one of a "big-spending liberal." Sorenson then went further, bashing Romney as a "frugal socialist."

    But pressed to answer how he could switch to a candidate so different on national security than the rest of the field, he said, "I don't agree with every candidate on ever issue -- we differ on some opinions."

    He elaborated that he couldn't think of anything on which he agreed with Romney and added, "I don't trust him."

    As for Romney's differences with Paul on foreign policy, and in particular their approaches to Israel, Sorenson said, "That's not a big issue for me."

    Folks pick and choose what is important, to them.

  124. Mr Rasmussen may be losing his touch, as his numbers don't match his words.

    Who knows, but that RCP average has Obama up, over Romney, by 1.6%, today.

    But still, it's a State by State race. The National polls just fodder for discussion, not a window on reality.

  125. And, it usually has "something" to do with their wallets. :)

  126. RCP has the Dems ahead, in the generic Congressional election.

    Which is fodder for discussion, too.

  127. Folks follow the Media.
    Paul would lose in 50 of the 57 states.

  128. CALLER: Dr. Paul, how confident were you at the time that the newsletters that bore your name were representative of your views on taxes, on monetary policy, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, all the things that you hold dear?


    PAUL: Well, the newsletters were written, you know, a long time ago. And I wrote a certain portion of them. I would write the economics. So a lot of what you just mentioned... his would be material that I would turn in, and it would become part of the letter. But there were many times when I didn't edit the whole letter, and things got put in.


    CALLER: But Dr. Paul, many of the newsletters are filled with conspiracies. You had one newsletter from start to finish with fear that the $50 bill, because it was going to be made pink, and it was gonna have all kinds of things that can track us down, so we should all be afraid that maybe tomorrow they're gonna require us to turn in all of our old money.

    PAUL: The paper money now is pink, you know? No, we haven't had runaway inflation, but I still fear that.

  129. "Right now, the chickenhawks are Praying that Iran will give them some excuse in the Straits of Hormuz."

    "Of course, it's problematic as to whether they could get Obama to go along with it."

    Help us ignorant folks out Mr. Rufus. Administration officials and military folks talking on that glowing screen and the internets are chickenhawks and they're trying to snooker President Obama. They don't actually represent his administration?

  130. The chickenhawks tricked W too.

  131. The big number

    Right track - Wrong track

    is 25 - 75

    Question is whether the folk come to believe that war and the debt involved in financing it, if that led to the economy collapsing.

    Then, of course, how the next nine months play out.

  132. Rufus just a few days ago you said there wasn't a competent republican worth voting for and this would be the first time voting for a democrat.

    Well, something on those lines. Just wondering why the sudden change of heart.

  133. Ah, Rufus will come through. Same as last election, he spouts off, then secures northern Mississippi for the Republicans.

    Pay it no mind....


  134. Mississippi?

    What do you call a good looking woman in Mississippi?

    A visitor.

  135. Maybe he likes the way Michelle looks in $2,000 muumuus.


  136. Then which candidate has the "best" proposal to "fix" things.

    In all of the 57 States.

    Replay of the Tonkin Gulf incident, it does not take that many folk to create something out of nothing.

    Another conspiracy theory that proved to be a real conspiracy.
    According to Mr McNamara, anyway.

  137. Obama's path back to the White House

    The Obama campaign likes to start with the states that John Kerry won in the 2004 election, on the theory that these rock-solid blue states are a lock for the Democratic nominee. Building on the 251 electoral votes that Kerry received, the Obama campaign believes that it can win a second term if any of the following strategies pans out.

  138. It’s Obama’s number that is more significant in these early head-to-head matchups. Republicans are still vigorously contesting a primary, which means Republicans haven’t united behind a candidate in the way Democrats are already lined up behind Obama. These head to head matchups will only truly be on an equal basis after the nomination has been wrapped up by someone, whether that’s Romney or another Republican candidate. An incumbent who can’t break 40% in a poll, especially at this stage of the race, is an incumbent in deep, deep trouble.

    The internals of this poll show how. Obama is losing independents 45/29, while party loyalty on both sides is pretty stable; Romney gets 79/8 among Republicans, while Obama gets 80/11 among Democrats. Obama carries the under-$20K demographic and the two demographics above $75K, but only within the margin of error, while Romney wins the three middle-class income demos, two by double digits. But the big eye-opener is Romney’s six-point lead among women [see update II], which would be the kiss of death indeed in a general election for any Democrat, Obama included.

    The Women, My Wife Included, Like Romney

    Must be that suave, rich, competent look...


  139. Even those who loathe Karl Rove’s every word may be hard-pressed to dispute his pre-Christmas summation of the Republican circus so far: “the most unpredictable, rapidly shifting, and often downright inexplicable primary race I’ve ever witnessed.”
    In the standard analysis of the race, which the embattled GOP Establishment is eager to believe, the rapid ascent and implosion of each wacky presidential contender is seen mainly as a passing judgment on Mitt Romney, the android who just can’t close the deal and improve his unyielding 25 percent average in polls of the Republican electorate. The Old Guard professes to have no worries. That steady 25 percent has been good enough to induce much of the press to portray Romney as the “presumed” (if not the “commanding”) front-runner ever since Beltway handicappers like Mark Halperin of Time and Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post labeled him as such early in 2010.
    this narrative is built on a patently illogical assumption: that a 25 percent minority is the trunk wagging the Republican elephant. What makes anyone seriously assume that the 75 percent will accommodate itself to that etiolated 25 percent rather than force the reverse? That lopsided majority of the GOP is so angry at the status quo that it has been driven to embrace, however fleetingly, some of the most manifestly unqualified, not to mention flakiest, presidential contenders in American history. The 75 percent is determined to take a walk on the wild side. This is less about rejecting Mitt—who’s just too bland a figure to inspire much extreme emotion con or pro—than it is about fervently wanting something else.
    At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., Romney won its influential presidential straw poll three years in a row until Ron Paul ended that streak in 2010, then beat him again this year. Both times Paul’s victories were dismissed by the GOP Establishment (CPAC’s organizers included) as aberrations—fleeting coups staged by hustling young cadres of fringe maniacs. But Paul’s triumphs were no aberration; he was a bellwether of the right’s new revolution. His zeal to dismantle Washington is now mainstream for the firebrand 75 percent. These days a Republican candidate who wants to send multiple departments of the federal government to the guillotine only risks a backlash when he can’t remember the condemned agencies’ names.
    Romney, a moderate reformer who emphasizes eliminating programs, not departments, is such an outlier next to this wrecking crew that he could be in the Obama Cabinet.

    A view from the "other" side, by Frank Rich.
    It seems a reasonable appraisal.

  140. In a time of economic woe, it’s a gift to run against a chilly venture-capital tycoon who, in Mike Huckabee’s undying characterization from the 2008 GOP primary campaign, looks like “the guy who laid you off.”
    If a candidate can attract only a quarter of his own party after essentially four years of campaigning, where is the groundswell going to come from next November?


  141. . What Republican aristocrats in denial like Karl Rove can’t bring themselves to recognize is that “the most unpredictable, rapidly shifting, and often downright inexplicable primary race” they’ve ever seen is not just a conservative revolution but one that has them in its sights.

  142. where is the groundswell going to come from next November?

    From the ABO (anybody but Obama) crowd.


  143. This comment has been removed by the author.

  144. They'll stay home, boobie.

    Rather than vote for a liberal Mormon.

    The distaste for Obama is not so great that folks will swallow a poison pill.

    Or they will go and vote for someone that mirrors their own views and fears. The new America Elect candidate or the Librarians.

    Karl is going to be left out in the cold. Along with the whole Bush Establishment GOP machine.

    Watch and learn.
    It's Entertainment, to be sure.

    They elites have totally lost touch with the base. The T-Party only a small indication of the greater discontent.

    Wall Street Romney will follow "Maverick" McCain, crashing and burning, before take off.

  145. On July 10, Ron Paul, a congressman from Texas, delivered a tirade against his version of neoconservatism. He called it “Neo-Conned!”


    The worst of Ron Paul’s diatribe is his total sliming of all those he calls neocons. He says that, among other crazy and dangerous beliefs they (and therefore I):

    * accept the notion that the ends justify the means;

    * express no opposition to the welfare state;

    * believe pertinent facts about how a society should be run should be held by the elite and withheld from those who do not have the courage to deal with it;


    The heart of Paul’s attack on me is this paragraph:

    In Ledeen’s most recent publication, The War Against the Terror Masters, he reiterates his beliefs outlined in this 1999 Machaivelli book. He specifically praises: “Creative destruction…both within our own society and abroad…(foreigners) seeing America undo traditional societies may fear us, for they do not wish to be undone.”

    - Ledeen

  146. I guess the Obama administration got tricked by those chicken hawks again.

    <a href = '">"a hedge against Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf"</a>

    "The administration has pursued a policy of supplying advanced weapons systems to friendly Arab states to keep Iran’s regional ambitions in check."

  147. We saw in the Iran/Iraq War that Iran doesn't do Offensive ground operations very well at all.

    We saw in the First Gulf War that Saudi Arabia doesn't do Anything well.

    If either of those countries managed to hurt the other it would be a pure accident of the highest order.

    Selling Saudi Arabia F-15's is somewhat akin to selling my ex-wife brain surgery tools.

  148. PrezBO: Me and Mechelle thank the American people for the $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation!

    HO HO HO!


    HO HO HO!

  149. However, there are a Lot of people (countries) in the MENA that would love to see the U.S. at war with Iran.

    There are probably a few that have tried to figure out how to sink an American ship, for example, and blame it on Iran.

  150. Optimism about the nation's path varies with views of the economy's direction. Those who say things have looked better in the past month are generally optimistic (79 percent), while just half of those who say things are getting worse feel positive about what 2012 holds for the country.


    The partisan divide in impressions of 2011 persists in the outlook for 2012, with Democrats more optimistic than either Republicans or independents. But expectations for next year's presidential contest appear not to be a factor.

    Most partisans on both sides foresee victory for their side in the November 2012 presidential election: Three-quarters of Democrats say they think President Barack Obama will win re-election; three-quarters of Republicans say he will not.

  151. .

    The Women, My Wife Included, Like Romney

    Must be that suave, rich, competent look...

    My wife says, looks aside, Romney is a smarmy dolt who lacks common sense. My wife will be voting. I wonder how many of the women in the poll will.


  152. Wimmin will make a fool out of you every time.

    Gramps Rufus

  153. JUST IN ---

    Dr. Demento Says Sanctions Are An Act Of War

    Guess sanctions, and sabotage too, which must also be 'an act of war', won't work for Dr. Demento.

    He says there is no evidence Iran has enriched any uranium anyways.

    What we worry?


  154. In 2008 Doc Demento endorsed .... crazy Cynthia McKinney for Congress.



  155. Inspired by Ayn Rand (Ron named his son, the future senator, Rand Paul)

    Ah now I get it. A whole new light shines on the fascination with the Paul cult displayed here.

    To Get Ron Paul's Insanity You Have To Understand Libertarianism


  156. Well, the Doctor thinks that Sanctions and Sabotage are not needed.

    That's good to go.

    Sanctions and Sabotage are sufficient, if Iran is considered a threat. If the Doctor does not consider Iran a threat, well, then there'd be no need, for either

    When it comes to foreign intervention ...

    None is best
    Smaller footprint is preferable to the larger.

    Good to go.

  157. Countries agreeing to not import Iranian oil, not an act of war.

    Those countries not allowing Iran to export oil, is an act of war.

    There is an line to walk, and not cross, in that regard.

  158. Only Iran can save Iraq?

    First, it is clear that the American venture in Iraq has ended in abject failure at the cost of 4,500 American lives and between 100,000 and 200,000 Iraqi lives. No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, nor was any link established between the Saddam Hussein regime and al Qaeda. Furthermore, as the events of the past few days demonstrate, the United States has been largely unsuccessful in establishing an inclusive, democratic order in Iraq, another objective touted by Washington to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    What the American invasion ended up doing was creating unprecedented sectarian strife and totally debilitating Iraqi capabilities, thus tilting the regional balance of power in the energy-rich Persian Gulf substantially in favor of Iran.

  159. It should be the responsibility of the sabre rattlers to prove their case.

    As Bibi said in 1992, the Iranians were three to five years from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

    As the retiring head of the Mossad said, in 2011, the Iranians were three to five years from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

    There was no need to go to war with Iran, in 1992, no reason to go to war in 2012, either.

    The situation, in Iran, according to the Israelis that know, has remained static.

    There is no proof otherwise.
    None that justifies military intervention by the United States.

  160. As Bibi said in 1992, the Iranians were three to five years from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

    As the retiring head of the Mossad said, in 2011, the Iranians were three to five years from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

    There was no need to go to war with Iran, in 1992, no reason to go to war in 2012, either.

    The situation, in Iran, according to the Israelis that know, has remained static.

    Where did you go to school? Dr Suess's school of logic and military analysis?

    You create an argument and it's conclusions like fingerpainting.

    Quite the checker player you got here at the Elephant Bar.

  161. 2020.06.03酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容八大行業陸續解封,其中台中市已經有75家酒店在昨(1)我在酒店上班的日子日正式復工,不過業者不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因還是得落實防疫規定,所有工作人員都必須戴口罩、保持社交距離,違反規定者最重可處歇業處分。鞭炮聲響起,台中市酒店上班-酒店兼職-兼差如何達成人生的第一桶金酒店在停業1個半月後重新開張,原本酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?用來宣傳店內的佳麗跑馬燈,改成為第一線醫護人員加油打氣,防疫依舊不能鬆懈。首日復工全面備戰,員警到場臨檢,職場須知 【酒店PT 】一個一個得接受體溫測量才能進到店內查核,確保場內所有人都有戴口罩、保持社交距離,落實實名登記制。但疫情過後,驚傳酒店女不回去了。前酒店小姐:「今天才第一天開業而已,然後大家都趕快叫小姐回去,有的人轉正業,可能沒辦法馬上離職,缺小姐一定有。」酒店公關黃先生:「如果沒有(小姐)的話我們可以再應徵啊,沒有其他薪水比酒店高的啦,所以她們也是不得不回來。」很多人想找酒店上班,卻沒有良好的管道,媽咪的部落格算是管道之一!但媽咪要請妳問一下自己確定要來酒店上班了嗎?在酒店上班,必須承受許多許多的不公平與,這表示我還不夠好,而且不誨言的,我也希望收入可以增加!) 雖說酒店上班一個星期的收入等於一個上班族一個月二至三萬的薪水,八大行業絕不是輕鬆的工作很多沒在酒店上班過的都認為酒店上班是個輕鬆的工作、薪水也很多,其實薪水是有比一般工作要來的多沒錯。這陣子酒店休業損失慘重,貼出營業公告中多了一行「應徵酒店女」。受疫情衝擊的還有計程車司機。計程車司機:「差很多啦,以前都有(一天)2、3千,現在1千不到,(這陣子都去做什麼工作?)做鐵工啊。」酒店首日復工,業者全力衝刺拚業績,疫情趨緩之際,酒店開業防疫還是得擺第一。Q:未成年為什麼不能到酒店打工? A:法務部有規定未成年不得進出酒家、特種咖啡茶室、電子遊戲場...等等違反的話最嚴重的罰責是"歇業"或"停業究竟要如何在第一天就上手酒店的工作呢?許多人都認為酒店是個複雜的環境,不過與現實社會的壓力相較,酒店上班家人、男友會知道嗎?酒店兼職懶人包,酒店應徵必須懂的事,閃酒秘訣大公開,面對奧客一次就上手,酒店工作前應該注意的幾件事,這裡沒有天花亂墜的酒店應徵,都會問說到酒店上班要不要簽約。 事實上一般都是不需要簽約。

  162. 2020.07.30不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因日本鑑於東京酒店區染疫人數快速竄升,政府衛生單位週一推出系列影片,邀請酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容招待拍攝防疫教育影片,過程以Q&A方式進行,主題我在酒店上班的日子圍繞在必知新冠肺炎資訊,酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?以期能防止疫情持續擴大。Alarmed by a spike in infections in Tokyo’s nightlife districts, the metropolitan government has released educational videos in the form of a Q&A between nightclub hosts, a hostess and a doctor, hoping to stem the spread of the coronavirus.「你覺得年輕的新冠肺炎患者會出現什麼樣的病症?」
    “What kind of symptoms can a young COVID-19 patient expect?”
    “What are medical costs like?”
    酒店小姐去酒店上班都一定要出場接s嗎?」“How often should we sanitize our hands?”三支影片中邀請在紅燈區工作的年輕酒店接待。自從、五月底日本政府解除緊急狀態,東京紅燈區爆出多人確診新冠肺炎案例。Those are some of the questions posed in the three videos that feature young workers from nightclubs in the city’s red-light districts where infections have crept up since the government lifted a state of emergency in late May.第一則約7至8分鐘的影片邀請到知名酒店男公關平良翔太,他向醫生詢問一些基本,像是無症狀患者確診後是否有可能傳染給他人。In the first of the 7-8 minute videos, a nightclub host Shota Taira asks the doctor general questions such as whether an asymptomatic person who has tested positive could infect others. 得到解答後,平良翔太把心型抱枕拋出,象徵交棒給下一位受訪酒店小姐一条響。