“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Present from Melody


  1. As demonstrated by Barry Goldwater and George McGovern, each in their own sphere ...

    Sometimes to win, you have to lose.

    Incremental change, takes a while.

    Goldwater got US Reagan
    McGovern, Obama.

    Anyone else wonder what Dr Paul is going to be the precursor of?

    Joy to the Whirled!


  2. (Reuters) - A federal judge on Friday barred Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio from detaining people simply for being in the country illegally, in a ruling that faulted the local lawman for enforcing federal immigration law.

    The opinion by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow came on the same day he issued legal sanctions against Arpaio over destroyed documents.

    The sheriff already has faced rebukes from federal agencies over his controversial efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

    Both rulings by Snow stemmed from a 2007 civil lawsuit against Arpaio and his agency, which accuses his officers of racial profiling of Latinos in traffic stops ...

  3. Run Doctor Run!!!

    Iowa - He has set himself apart from the rest of the Republican field as the candidate who believes the United States should shed its role as the world’s policeman and focus instead on its internal economic problems. Representative Ron Paul of Texas says he would cut a trillion dollars out of the federal budget his first year as president, in part by ending all foreign wars and foreign aid, including to Israel.

  4. Ron Paul has them nervous. They brought out the dreaded race card, the holy cross dipped in garlic.

    What are the marching orders from talk radio headquarters?

  5. I don't have a clue, as to the Limbaugh line. Nor Hannity for that matter.

    Abandoned those voices of Federal Socialist elitism years ago.

    Those two personify what rufus was saying a few days ago. They are not for a smaller, less intrusive Federal government, they support big government as long a it's doing their bidding.

  6. Here's to hoping that the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia get behind the good Doctor and rock the whirled of the Federal Socialists.

    Been waiting over forty years to see it happen. Perhaps now is the time.

    Let's Roll!

  7. As a child the first stop at the zoo would be the elephant pen. I'd sit and stare at these large creatures as they stood on the edge of the moat waiting for someone to throw peanuts for them to eat. If you looked real close, into their eyes, you could see the sadness that swept through them knowing they really didn't want to be there.

    Their innocuous demeanor and incredible memory is what mesmerizes most people. It's what drew me in.

    Thanks Deuce.

  8. Doctor Ron Paul

    In your heart you know the Doc is "Right".

    Extremism, in the defense of liberty, no vice.

    I have to believe that a President Paul would utilize the veto power inherit in the Presidency.

    Unlike Mr Bush or Mr Obama.
    Those two peas in a pod.

  9. Paul can also siphon off votes from Obama. "Progressives" being disillusioned with President Wall Street's lack of action to bring some of that cosmic justice down on the heads of the bankers who caused the financial crisis.

    Auditing the Fed was thought to be an absurd idea two years ago. Yet some how, it got done, and what we all suspected was confirmed.

    They are all very, very scared.

  10. With the primary process going from "Winner Take All" to proportional distribution of delegates, the game has changed.

    That's Entertainment!

  11. Well, Bro, after forty years in the wilderness, I can at least see that "Promised Land".

    We're goin' to the mountain top!

  12. What's that I see ...

    ... off on the horizon ...

    Yep, it's a bumper sticker ...

    Paul/Johnson - 2012


  13. Paul/Johnson - 2012
    "Real" Republicans

  14. .

    We're goin' to the mountain top!

    Well, let's not go crazy.



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  16. More News about Sheriff Joe

    A federal judge denied an attempt by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to get a lawsuit by a Chandler police officer dropped. The suit accuses Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other county employees of unconstitutional arrest and prosecution related to the death of his K-9 partner, Bandit.

    Chandler police Officer Thomas Lovejoy was arrested and charged with animal cruelty following the August 2007 death of Bandit, who died in the back of Lovejoy’s patrol SUV after the officer forgot the dog.

    A justice of the peace in the San Tan Justice Court in Chandler acquitted Lovejoy of animal abuse in 2008, and the officer filed a notice of claim that year seeking $350,000 in damages.

    Arpaio sought a summary judgment in his favor, but U.S. District Judge Neil Wake refused Friday, saying Lovejoy had sufficient evidence that Arpaio acted maliciously to bring the case to a jury.

  17. It is a long way from the mountain to the sea.

    But the view of the beach is great.


  18. Pakistani Christians Face Alienation, Discrimination This Christmas

    While we send the Pakistani government billions of dollars.

    Go Ron Paul Go!

  19. .

    From the WaPo:

    Gingrich, Perry disqualified from Va. primary

    One of the big knocks on Gindrich is that he is undisciplined, a big idea man who neglects details, all hat and no cattle.

    He has failed to put together the necessary organization and he lacks money. He's had a free ride through the debates but now the debates are ending and he needs an organization if he has a chance of succeeding.

    From George Will:

    GOP candidates face historical headwinds

    Who da thunk it a year ago?


  20. .

    From George Will:

    Paul probably cannot be elected president, but neither could Eugene Debs or Norman Thomas. They campaigned as socialists, not expecting to win the presidency but hoping to expand the menu of topics that were politically debatable, which they did.

    Debs ran in 1900, 1904, 1908 and 1912, and in 1920 from prison, where the progressive Woodrow Wilson administration had sent him for violating the Espionage Act by speaking against World War I. (President Warren Harding, who is as despised by today’s progressive intelligentsia as Wilson is adored, commuted Debs’s sentence and invited him to the White House.) Thomas ran in six consecutive elections, 1928-48...


  21. Newt's personal promotion book tour still has legs, Q.

    That was his primary mission, to sell books and garner speaking fees, after Mr Obama is re-elected.

    The VA GOP "freezing" he and Mr Perry out, just grist for that mill.

    The "I Told You So" tour.

    It's classic Newt.

  22. Ron Paul. I would love to see it happen.

  23. All he has to do is run against Congress and not fall off his horse.

  24. .

    Prediction: Water, or the lack therof, will become a major story in the first half of this century.

    Groundwater Dropping Globally

    I Blame Bob

    Although watering those golf courses in Las Vegas doesn't help.


  25. I have a documentary on my DVR about that water thing, Quirk.

    I haven't watched it yet.

    It sounds interesting.

  26. "Peak Water"?

    Fear not ...
    ... there is always desalinization.

    Goes hand in hand with ethanol.

    The 21st century ..,
    ... powered by nuclear fusion ...
    ... from the sun.

  27. We can always mine Antarctica ...

    ... for its ice.

  28. There is your infrastructure project:

  29. No need to let the Mississippi River flow to the sea.

    Harvest that water, like we do on the Colorado.

  30. We have the engineering know how.

    The Central Arizona Project (CAP) is a 336 mi (541 km) diversion canal in Arizona in the United States. The aqueduct diverts water from the Colorado River from Lake Havasu City near Parker into central and southern Arizona. The CAP is the largest and most expensive aqueduct system ever constructed in the United States. CAP is managed and operated by the Central Arizona Water Conservation District

    The CAP delivers Colorado River water, either directly or by exchange, into central and Southern Arizona. The project was envisioned by Senator Barry Goldwater, to provide water to nearly one million acres (405,000 hectares) of irrigated agricultural land areas in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties, as well as municipal water for several Arizona communities, including the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson.

  31. Ron and Rand for Sanity, Peace, Prosperity and Liberty.

    The Israeli's have been yelling for at least a decade that that Iran is about to develop a nuclear weapon. As far as our intelligence agencies know this is all a pack of out right lies. In both Israel and the USA there is a group of insane politicians who want to start WW3 by attacking Iran. The former heads of the Mossad Meir Dagan and Efriam Halevey have said that an attack on Iran would be the stupidist thing possible. Santorum Gingrich, Romney, are all chicken hawks kow towing to the Israeli lobby. Bachman belongs back on a Kibbutz in Israel, picking oranges. Obama has been owned by the Lobby since he was a guy running for the state legislature. The only hope for peace before we blow up the world is vote for Ron Paul. End the Sanctions. Send an ambassador to Tehren and start negotiating all our problems. Sanctions are a prelude to war and so is all this war propaganda. The are all liars and criminals. Shame on us if we fall for their lies again.

  32. The water not used immediately is pumped into the aquifer, replenishing those dwindling groundwater supplies.

  33. "Sanctions lead to war."

    Thank you, Ron Paul. Fear monger.

    You've got all the girls scared.

    Get a grip.

  34. If the Dr keeps hitting the anti-war chord, over and over, he could surprise.

  35. Yes, Deuce, and Melody, thanks for the great video. I'm pretty select in the charities I support - Mostly Salvation Army, but I think I'm going to look into, maybe send a few bucks to, this one.

    I, also, was deeply touched as a young kid, making a tour of the St. Louis Zoo, and seeing those big, magnificent beasts chained up in their stalls. I thought it was terribly sad.

    They're wonderful animals, and we've treated them badly.

  36. Newt campaign was $1.2 Million in debt at 9-30-11 & has missed Missouri & Virginia ballot deadlines.

  37. Anon, you should be right at home with Mark Steyn, Mark Levin Hugh Hewitt and all your neocon Zionist New American Century wannabes.

    Everyday is all about Israel.

    You fear Ron Paul with a passion but it looks like your worst fears may come about - he may win an election.

    If Mr. Paul were to be elected President - your whole international Zionist world financial cabal would crumble.

    Ron Paul - RIGHT on EVERYTHING.

  38. We've seen a lot of shooting stars explode in this campaign, but R Paul might be different. He was, actually, pretty much a known quantity before he shot to the top tier.

    I know I'm recoiling in horror at the words that are coming out of the mouths of Romney, Gingrich, and Obama's Sec of Defense, much more than I'm being swayed by Rupaul.

  39. I would rather have four years of a nutcake than a war with Iran.

  40. It would, also, be wonderful entertainment for four years.

  41. If it was the "old days" they'd shoot the crazy old coot. I "hope" those days are gone.

  42. If the US Govt was a family, they would earn $59,000 per year, spend $75,000, & would have $327,000 in Credit Card Debt.

  43. Seattle voters don't like Mitt because he's Mormon and might ban coffee.

  44. There are still 56 more states where Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann and Santorum can register, but they'd better get on it!

  45. Deuce said...

    Ron Paul. I would love to see it happen.

    Sat Dec 24, 09:46:00 AM EST

    Jesus Christ.

    What can one say except deuce has totally lost his mind. It's odd too, but, what can you expect from a man who takes the baby Jesus birth stories seriously.

    Let's see, I was criticized by deuce for backing Palin on the grounds she couldn't get elected......

    And old racist and anti-semite and isolationist.

    Honestly, one wonders if deuce has had a stroke, he was doing so well taking on Obama earlier.

    Nominating Paul is a perfect way to ruin the Supreme Court for a generation I might add, maybe the most important consideration of all.


  46. Pentagon asks for an extra $106 million to Israel (and Congress throws in yet another $129 million for a tip)

  47. I Blame Bob

    If that's meant for me, my ass. My 5,000 foot deep well pumping 20,000 year old ice age water seeping from the Bitteroots hasn't lowered our aquifer one foot.

    The shallow 500-1,000 foot wells have dropped, but that's not me.

    Nice post about the elephants.


  48. Anonobob: Nominating Paul is a perfect way to ruin the Supreme Court for a generation I might add, maybe the most important consideration of all.

    Yeah, he might pick judges who would roll back Kelo v. City of New London.

    The horror.

  49. .

    The water not used immediately is pumped into the aquifer, replenishing those dwindling groundwater supplies.

    We'll keep that in mind when you dicks from the southwest come begging to divert Great lakes water.


  50. Stolen from a commentor (Benji) at Carpe Diem:

    But Ron Paul’s portfolio isn’t merely different. It’s shockingly different.
    Yes, about 21% of Rep. Paul’s holdings are in real estate and roughly 14% in cash. But he owns no bonds or bond funds and has only 0.1% in stock funds. Furthermore, the stock funds that Rep. Paul does own are all “short,” or make bets against, U.S. stocks. One is a “double inverse” fund that, on a daily basis, goes up twice as much as its stock benchmark goes down.
    The remainder of Rep. Paul’s portfolio – fully 64% of his assets – is entirely in gold and silver mining stocks....

    The old bastard puts his money where his mouth is.

  51. hmmm, I used to think Deuce actually added something to this blog, but no longer.

    I am going to the Casino with my daughter.

    Keep on hallucinating.

    Miss T, Obama isn't going to pick judges to roll back Kelo, and Paul isn't going to be President.


  52. .

    The water issue is a worldwide issue. The whole north of China is rapidly turing into desert. The water from farms is being diverted to new urban centers of a million or more people that are springing up overnight. Their water table is dropping faster than they can dig new wells.

    The desalinization idea sounds nice. Kinda like being able to wean ourselves off ME oil in a year.


  53. "Gingrich Well-Liked by Republicans, Not Democrats"

    (thanks Gallup, don't know how we'd get by without your polls)

  54. BTW, in case you're wondering, Ethanol production accounts for less than 1% of U.S. land area.

    22 million acres out of 2.3 Billion acres.

    The amount of land farmed in the U.S. is 408 Million acres, Down 34 Million Acres from 2002. Yes, Down.

    w/o ethanol we would be farming 386 Million Acres, a difference of 0.9%.

    Some Other Intersting Land Use Stuff from the USDA

  55. Just to clarify, that means: Instead of farming 17.7% of our land we would be farming 16.8%.

  56. Ok all you Christians and Pagans and eternal optimists, Merry Christmas and a Happy Yule.

  57. And, Happy New Year.

    I may have a few extra toddies this evenin'. Hope you all enjoy my company.

    If you don't, Merry Christmas, anyway. :)

  58. Frohliche Weihnachten und ein gluckliches Neues Jahr -German Christmas, for all you fellow "anti-Semites" out there.

  59. Well, Q, why do you think I suggested utilizing the Mississippi River.

    We do utilize most of that CAP water, immediately.

    The "extra" they pump into the ground.

    Desalinization, it's an option, if you live by the sea.

    Who gives a hoot about China?

    Their problems are theirs, not mine.

    Unlike the electrical grid, in Pakistan, which it seems I'm paying millions to upgrade. Along with delivering $10 million to them for them to locally produce a version of Sesame Street.

    Run Doc Run!

    Poor boobie, out in the cold, and no one cares.

  60. Merry Christmass and Happy Solstice, one and all.

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