“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Joran van der Sloot When Convicted Will Go to Lurigancho Prison. Good Luck.

Joran van der Sloot has been handed over to the Peruvian authorities. The 22-year-old murder suspect was flown from the Chilean capital Santiago to Chacalluta airport in the north of the country. Then he was driven to the Peruvian border near the town of Arica by Chile's Interpol police.

Mr van der Sloot walked alone across 100 metres of no-mans’ land to the border. He had his head down and spoke to no-one. On the border, 50 Peruvian police officers waited to charge him. On Saturday he was flown to the Peruvian capital Lima, where he is now in custody.

In Peru, Van der Sloot could face up to 25 years in prison, says Javier Villa Stein, Peruvian Supreme Court chief. He says these kind of crimes have to carry heavy sentences to protect human lives.
At Stephany Flores’ funeral this afternoon, her father, rich businessman and famous racing driver Ricardo Flores, said Van der Sloot will have to pay for his actions. “My daughter rests in peace, unlike the girl that died in Aruba. Hopefully her family will get justice too.”

If Joran van der Sloot is found guilty, he will have to sit out his prison sentence in a Peruvian prison. The Netherlands and Peru do not have any treaty for exchanging prisoners, although there have been negotiations since a year. He is likely to be placed in Lurigancho prison or Castro Castro. The conditions in both jails are notoriously poor.



  1. I imagine he's dead. Those S. Americans like race car drivers.

  2. Well, whit, I have resumed the search for Mr Bush's UN speech.
    Still coming up empty, but for this statement of US policy, by his predecessor:

    The Nixon Administration

    “The expropriation or confiscation of land, the construction of housing on such land, the demolition or confiscation of buildings, including those having historic or religious significance, and the application of Israeli law to occupied portions of the city are detrimental to our common interests in [Jerusalem]. The United States considers that the part of Jerusalem that came under the control of Israel in the June war, like other areas occupied by Israel, is governing the rights and obligations of an occupying Power.

    Among the provisions of international law which bind Israel, as they would bind any occupier, are the provisions that the occupier has no right to make changes in laws or in administration other than those which are temporarily necessitated by his security interests, and that an occupier may not confiscate or destroy private property. The pattern of behavior authorized under the Geneva Convention and international law is clear: the occupier must maintain the occupied area as intact and unaltered as possible, without interfering with the customary life of the area, and any changes must be necessitated by the immediate needs of the occupation.” Charles Yost, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, UN Security Council -- July 1, 1969

    There are references to Mr G.H.W. Bush speaking in favor of Resolution 242, but no quotes yet, from him.

    Mr Yost, though, who held the same posting as Mr Bush at the UN makes the US position clear.

  3. The Johnson Administration

    "Although we have expressed our views to the Foreign Ministry and are confident there can be little doubt among GOI leaders as to our continuing opposition to any Israeli settlements in the occupied areas, we believe it would be timely and useful for the Embassy to restate in strongest terms the US position on this question.

    You should refer to Prime Minister Eshkol's Knesset statement and our awareness of internal Israeli pressures for settling civilians in occupied areas. The GOI is aware of our continuing concern that nothing be done in the occupied areas which might prejudice the search for a peace settlement. By setting up civilian or quasi-civilian outposts in the occupied areas the GOI adds serious complications to the eventual task of drawing up a peace settlement.

    Further, the transfer of civilians to occupied areas, whether or not in settlements which are under military control, is contrary to Article 49 of the Geneva Convention, which states 'The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.' ”

    "Airgram from the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel," in Smith, Louis J. (Ed.). Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, V. 20, Arab-Israeli Dispute 1967-1968. DC: 2001.

  4. The Ford Administration

    “Substantial resettlement of the Israeli civilian population in occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, is illegal under the convention and cannot be considered to have prejudged the outcome of future negotiations between the parties on the locations of the borders of states by the Middle East. Indeed, the presence of these settlements is seen by my government as an obstacle to the success of the negotiations for a just and final peace between Israel and its neighbors.” William Scranton, US Ambassador to the United Nations, UN Security Council -- March 23, 1976

  5. The Carter Administration

    “Our position on the settlements is very clear. We do not think they are legal.” President Carter -- April 1980 interview

    "U.S. Policy toward the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is unequivocal and has long been a matter of public record. We consider it to be contrary to international law and an impediment to the successful conclusion of the Middle East peace process…Article 49, paragraph 6, of the Fourth Geneva Convention is, in my judgment, and has been in judgment of each of the legal advisors of the State Department for many, many years, to be. . .that [settlements] are illegal and that [the Convention] applies to the territories.”
    Secretary of State Cyrus Vance before House Ctee. on Foreign Affairs -- March 21, 1980

  6. The George H.W. Bush Administration

    "Since the end of the 1967 war, the U.S. has regarded Israel as the occupying power in the occupied territories, which includes the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The U.S. considers Israel's occupation to be governed by the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the 1949 Geneva Conventions concerning the protection of civilian populations under military occupation."

    Thomas Pickering, US Ambassador to the United Nations -- November 27, 1989

  7. Joran, he will not have a good time of it, in Peru.

    Good on the Peruvians.

  8. It is clear, though, that the position of the United States prior to Mr George HW Bush's tenure at the UN was that the Israeli were in violation of the Geneva Accords.

    It is also clear that after Mr Bush moved on from the UN, to other postings in the Federal system, that the United States continued on with the position that the Israeli were in violation of the Geneva Accords.

  9. The George W Bush Administration:

    “Our position on settlements, I think, has been very consistent, very clear. The secretary expressed it not too long ago. He said settlement activity has severely undermined Palestinian trust and hope, preempts and prejudges the outcome of negotiations, and in doing so, cripples chances for real peace and prosperity. The U.S. has long opposed settlement activity and, consistent with the report of the Mitchell Committee, settlement activity must stop.”

    Mr. Richard Boucher, U.S. Department of State –Daily Press Briefing -- November 25, 2002

    For over forty years the Israeli have operated against the National Interests of the United States of America by blatantly violating the Geneva Accords in regards the Occupied Territories, to include Jerusalem.

  10. “Clearly, then, substantial resettlement of the Israeli civilian population in occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, is illegal under the [Geneva] Convention and cannot be considered to have prejudged the outcome of future negotiations between the parties on the location of the borders of States of the Middle East. Indeed, the presence of these settlements is seen by my Government as an obstacle to the success of the negotiations for a just and final peace between Israel and its neighbors.”

    President Gerald Ford’s UN envoy William Scranton, March 23, 1976

  11. “Consistent with the Mitchell plan, Israeli settlement activity in occupied territories must stop, and the occupation must end through withdrawal to secure and recognized boundaries, consistent with United Nations Resolutions 242 and 338.”
    President Bush’s Rose Garden Address – April 4, 2002

  12. So what are you saying rat? That the US doesn't like Israel building new settelments?

    Not much new there.


  13. Florida Hotel Reservation Lines Go Silent as BP Spill Arrives

    June 5 (Bloomberg) -- More clumps of oil washed up on Florida’s Pensacola Beach overnight, and local officials said hotels and restaurants aren’t getting reservation phone calls as the BP Plc spill hits the state’s tourism industry.

  14. No, Q, I am saying that the Israeli are violating the Geneva Accords and have been for 43 years.

    And how that continued violation of international standards, by the Israeli, is the root cause of the current status of the little "War" in the Levant.

    Fully the responsibility of the Pirates of the Mediterranean, as they held the monopoly of force for the entire period.

  15. "Trish's CIA guys did it right the first couple of months. As soon as Tommy Frank's Army boys moved in, and screwed the pooch at Tora Bora, it all went downhill."

    Much as I've enjoyed amateur flacking for the CIA, this is really a mistaken reading of events and of the involvement of various entities from the beginning of the campaign. JSOC, for one, is deeply wounded and wants you to know that had it ever been left chiefly to that cult of personality at Langley, AQ and its Taliban buddies would have marched on Europe by now. (I expect Scheuer to show up with his beard in an offended huff: "Completely untrue! The Agency was there all alone, carrying the entire burden of the campaign on its manly shoulders while dim-witted DOD pussies tried to find Afghanistan on a map!" Your shit never gets old, Michael.)

    In any case, things went reasonably well as far as keeping the lid on until about late 2006. That's why we were able without too much difficulty to hand most of it over to NATO. Looked like a relatively sweet gig to them at the time.

    The relatively sweet gig just wasn't built to last.

    And switching emphasis there from black SOF to white SOF is looking ...a wee problematic.

  16. "If I ever went back Spain and France, I'd go directly to those paleolithic caves,..

    I don't know Bob. Kind of a static art form. About 20000 years of the of the same paleolithic horses and bison. Once you've seen one of them,...well... you know.

    Besides right after I saw them they started resticting access to the caves.

    (By the way, the restrictions had nothing to do with me visiting them)


  17. Funny how starting in 1949 we gave Israel $133.132 billion dollars (including interest payments to Chine for money we borrow from them and give to Israel) when we don't think their settlements are legal. Usually it works the other way around, you commit the crime and you pay the fine. Like I said before, nice gig they have there. Talk about moral hazard.

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  19. Let me rephrase that to ...

    Preponderance of force, rather than monopoly of force.

    That would be more accurate.

  20. With a similar case in Pakistan, Ms T.

    They were instrumental in placing the Taliban in power, in Afghanistan. Which eventually led to the cross border raids against the United States on 11SEP01.

    Just how much operational control was exerted by the ISI is open to debate, but that they had 'some' is indisputable.

    Yet we have paid the Pakistani well over $10 billion USD in the last decade.

  21. Well, I'd like to see them once, Quirk, and the darkness is said to be quite extraordinary too.

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  23. Newsflash just in...

    Israel doesnt give a shit that Americans, Chinese, Germans or the people of the Arab world believe that Jews building homes in Jerusalem is illegal.

    Let me repeat...

    Israel doesnt GIVE a shit....

    Illegal to BUILD homes in Jerusalem or Hebron?

    Go fuck yourselves...

  24. oh, what's this?

    It LAW in America that Jerusalem is the Capital of the State of Israel?

    The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995[1] is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999, and attempted to withhold 50 percent of the funds appropriated to the State Department specifically for ‘‘Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad’’ as allocated in fiscal year 1999 until the United States Embassy in Jerusalem had officially opened.[2] The act also called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city and for it to be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel. Israel's declared capital is Jerusalem

    Oh my...

  25. Then we all agree!

    The Israeli are in violation of the Geneva Accords, operate against the US national interests and do not give two hoots in hell that they do.

    Exactly my point, all along.

  26. desert rat said...
    Then we all agree

    we agree...

    you are a self confessed criminal that has personally murdered.

    you distort, lie and do anything to defame jews, israel and zionists.

    we agree on that.

  27. we also agree that your opinion on anything to do with israel, jews and or zionists is misguided and specious

  28. No, we do not agree about that.

    I hold no opinion about Jews. Other than to view it as an Abrahamic religion.

    Zionism, well that's the current formulation of the Europeon Campaign along the Eastern Med, in my view. Just another in the long series of such campaigns across that region. This campaign emanating from the religious zealots of Eastern Europe, rather than from the Roman West.

    Israel, that's easy. I look to 43 years of consistency in the official US rhetoric as a guide to what is what, there.

  29. I have never confessed to murder.

    Not once.

    But, the story is not about me.
    Unless, of course, I am equivalent to Israel.

    Which is not a position I would ever advocate. Anything but.

    I am of little, if any consequence on the whirled stage.

    So 'misdirection' moves to change the subject, from US National Statecraft, US National Interests and US policy positions, to half-witted attempts at character assassination supported by lies.

    Back to WWF entertainment, rather than studied discussion.

  30. Well it's after 6:00 am here in Spain.

    What started out as a great morning (met Oprah for heaven’s sake) went downhill quick and turned into a real shitfest.

    Got back to my suite, tried to get to sleep, but was quickly woken up by a row in the suite next door. Bunch of Italian guys making all kind of noise. Must have been a card game or something.

    That was bad enough but then they had the music blasting. The Ave Maria wasn't bad. Kinda liked it. But then they started with the Gregorian Chant and how many times can you listen to Panis Angelicus when you've got a sun and booze headache?

    So I goes next door to shut them up. You know I'm an easy going guy but I'm starting to get pissed.
    Anyway, here's these two Swiss Guards standing by the door. One of them was the same guy that barrowed the Bombay Sapphire earlier. So I goes up to him and tells him I want to see his boss.

    He looks at me like I'm a piece of shit and says, "Uscire di qui pezzo di merda!” which I’m thinking probably meant the boss is busy or something. So I say, “Hey I can hear him in there. The music is deafening." He leans towards me and say “Perdersi รจ scarafaggio” which I’m thinking probably means “I don’t’ understand English”, but the guy is looking at me like I’m a cockroach or something.

    If Rufus and Whit had made it over, we would have kicked these guys asses. However, I had this damn splitting headache and the guys were big maybe 6’ 6” each. Plus their halberds gave me pause. But the main thing was their outfits. Creepy. Gave me the same feeling I get when I’m around clowns.

    So, I leave and head down to my cabana by the pool and plan on getting some sleep there.


  31. So I’m just settling in. Beautiful night, calm, cool, lots of stars. And who come walking in? Mick and Keith.

    I’m thinking, Damn!

    I skootch down in the chaise but they spot me. They stopped back to grab some blow out of their room before heading out again. They insist I come with them. I resisted but you can’t fight these guys. And I’m thinking at this point, well maybe a little ‘hair of the dog’ you know. Anyway we’re just starting to mellow out and Keith says, “Hey, let’s head over to Soho.” So at this point I’m starting to feel pretty good again and the idea doesn’t sound so bad.

    So we grab the Lear and are soon taxiing into this little private airport outside of London. Quick limo ride and we are at the club. We’re led to the VIP room and everything is going pretty good. I hook up with this young chick who is currently working her way thru college. She wants to be a CPA. I only had like two drinks and I look around and don’t see Mick or Keith.

    I ask the barkeep if he had seen the guys and he tells me they left about an hour ago. That’s pretty shitty because we had only got there about an hour ago. I had another friend that used to do this to me all the time. It’s why I always take my own car to bars.

    Anyway, I assume there is some kind of tab and I’d left my wallet and passport in the room in Spain.
    I slip out the back door and make it to the street. Then I think, well that was pretty smart. Now you’re on a backstreet in Soho, in tank top, shorts, and sandals with no money, no passport, and no cell phone. It was just one of those moments when all you can do is say “Fuck” and give up. So I flag down a cop car to give myself in.

    Luckily, I had forgotten to take off my visitor pass and name tag from the conference. In a little over an hour, I’m being dropped off at the lobby of my hotel in Spain.


  32. So now I’m back in my room and luckily the music from next door has stopped. You can still hear some muted talking but not so bad. But I’m thinking it’s so late now I might as well stay up. I’m supposed to have breakfast with George Soros at 8:30 anyway. How I got roped into that I’ll never know.

    So I guess later I’ll catch a couple seminars and then just chill by the pool until the masked ball and fireworks later Sunday night.

    By the way, tell Ruf and Whit I did check on those missing jets. It didn’t take hotel security long to track them down. Evidently, the pilot took one of them to Monaco and sold it to some Hamas guys. Per the hotel dicks, Hamas planned on using the plane to ferry honchos into Gaza to visit the Roots restaurant there. They got the Hamas guys but the plane is still missing. Also, still looking for the pilot. Not sure when that plane will get back to Spain.

    Guys here are talking about taking up a collection to buy a new one. I hate that. Not the money so much as the principle of the thing.

    The second plane is in Iceland. Yea, you heard me “Iceland”. They told the dumb fuck to get it back to Spain as quick as possible. No chance of getting it here in time to get Ruf and Whit over here for this year’s meetings.

    I’m still planning to be back in the US on Monday.


  33. Just like the one last year.

  34. Excellent rundown, though, Q. I feel like I was there.

  35. Excellent. Me too, feel like I was there, I wish I was there, but I'm here, with a dental appointment on Monday, damn.

  36. CAIRO (AFP) – A Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women of their citizenship in a case that has highlighted national sentiment towards Israel.

    Judge Mohammed al-Husseini, sitting on the Supreme Administrative Court, said the interior ministry must ask the cabinet to take the necessary steps to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of their citizenship.

    The court said that each case should be considered separately, in a ruling that cannot be appealed.

    The ruling reflects Egyptian sentiment towards Israel, more than 30 years after Egypt signed an unpopular peace deal with the Jewish state.

    Before reading the verdict, Husseini said the case would not apply to Egyptian men married to Arab Israeli women.

    "The case for (Egyptian) men married to Israeli Arab women is different to those married to Israeli women of Jewish origin because (Israeli Arabs) have lived under Israeli occupation," Husseini told the court.

    "The court's decision is taking into account Egypt's national security," the judge said.

    Lawyer Nabil al-Wahsh said he originally brought the case to court in order to prevent the creation of a generation "disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world."

    Children of such marriages "should not be allowed to perform their military service," he said.

    The number of Egyptian men married to Israeli women is thought to be around 30,000, according to Wahsh. Only 10 percent of them are married to Arab Israelis.

    "This ruling is for the benefit of Egypt, a nation of leadership, history and civilisation," Wahsh said. "It is for the protection of Egypt and Egypt's youth and its national security."

    "The decision comes as Israel continues its assault on those who love peace. The latest example is the aggression against the aid boat which was heading towards the blockaded Gaza Strip," he added.

    On Monday, Israeli naval commandos raided a humanitarian flotilla carrying aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip, in a bungled operation that left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead and scores injured.

    A lower court ruled last year that the interior minister must look into the cases of Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, in order to "take the necessary steps to strip them of their nationality."

    The interior and foreign ministries had appealed the case, saying it was for parliament to decide on such matters.

    Thousands of Egyptians, particularly a large number who lived in Iraq and returned after the 1990 Gulf War over Kuwait, moved to Israel in search of work and married Israeli women.

    In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel.

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  38. Joran Van der Sloot confessed tonight that he was guilty on the murder of Stephany Flores here in Peru. He killed her, as he said, because she was snoopying around in his laptop and found evidence for the murder of Nathalie Holloway.

  39. Joran van der Sloot faces 50 years imprisonment... but not for murder
    Federal prosecutors in Birmingham, Alabama have filed a criminal complaint against van der Sloot, a citizen of the Netherlands, on wire fraud and extortion charges in connection with his soliciting money in May on promises he would reveal the location of Natalee Holloway’s remains in Aruba and the circumstances of her death, according to court documents obtain ed by the National Association of Chiefs of Police.
    The complaint charges that van der Sloot, on May 10, extorted $15,000 from an individual as partial payment toward his promise to reveal the location of Natalee Holloway’s remains for $250,000. The maximum sentence on the extortion count is 20 years in prison.
    The complaint also charges van der Sloot with wire fraud for causing the $15,000 to be transferred by wire from a Birmingham bank to a bank in the Netherlands in furtherance of his scheme to defraud. The maximum sentence for the wire fraud count is 30 years.

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  41. The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our spring, the clearer we should foresee through it.

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