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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hey Kick-Ass, Get off Your Ass!

I know, I know, but I can't help myself!



  1. Obama can't blame this one on BP:

    Underwater volcanoes that spew asphalt instead of lava: they were discovered in the Gulf of Mexico during an expedition of the research vessel SONNE, led by Prof. Gerhard Bohrmann of the DFG Research Center Ocean Margins. On these volcanoes the multinational team of scientists encountered a previously unknown highly diverse ecosystem at a water depth of 3,000 meters. The prominent scientific journal Science reports the spectacular discovery in its issue of 14 May 2004.

  2. You see, doug, if j has found an accurate and correct report, then the Obama Administration reaction as been at least adequate, there was no need for super tankers, so little oil has spewed.

    It does seem, though, that a little oil spreads a long way.

  3. Good on you, Governor. Scold on, Governor, scold on.

    Do the Feds realize what they're doing to public confidence in Washington D.C.?

    I guess the answer is yes, but they just don't care because they're hell bent on instituting Card Check, Campaign Finance Reform and control of the internet. President thin skin and his party will be able to suppress dissension.

  4. Ghana wins the futbol game, Obama goes "YEAH BABY!"

    If McCain was president we'd be talking about invading Ghana.

  5. It does seem, though, that a little oil spreads a long way.

    That's what I've always said about my profession.


  6. Card Check is handing the union thugs a license to steal.

  7. I am, if you haven't noticed, a working girl, I don't need no union card, I'm so good at it I can bring a 30 minute man down to 10, every time.


  8. Obama simply cannot contain his arrogance. If he could there is no way that he would have allowed himself to be televised glued to a television, watching Ghana play the US.

    You can take the Hussein out of Ghana, but you can't take Ghana out of the Hussein.

    He will have a one way ticket come 2012 and we will be rid of him. In fact he may do so much damage during his administration that he may be responsible for a reaction that will take down most of what he tried to do and more.

  9. "He will have a one way ticket come 2012 and we will be rid of him. In fact he may do so much damage during his administration that he may be responsible for a reaction that will take down most of what he tried to do and more."

    You always were a cockeyed optimist, Deuce.


  10. He will have a one way ticket come 2012 and we will be rid of him.

    I think that is right. We'll be half way done with him come this November.

    The polls look dismal and the whites are no longer apologetic and the economy is a mess, and we've had it with this disaster. He's not even an American, his father was from Kenya, his mother was a white looey tune, his educators and mentors and friends were commies, his political associates are criminals, and he is a moslem at heart.

    Since my wife is so non political, and she feels so affronted by this piece of shit, I know which way the winds are blowing. People like my wife, not very politically active, but when they get their steam up, watch out.

    I speak for mee'mi too. She may be a whore, but she is a good person, down home, and she would never vote for this crap. I asked her, that's what she said.

  11. Since I'm a woman of the night, and know humanity very well, I'm tellin' ya, Hillary is out of there, right after the November elections. She's a bigger whore than I am, I at least have a heart, maybe not of gold, but I know a rat when I see one, and she's going to swim away from a sinking ship.


  12. "The Pat Tillman Foundation, founded after Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in April 2004, gave away $642,000 last year to help with college expenses for those serving in the military, veterans and their family members. The initial 52 Tillman Military Scholars are studying at 21 universities in 16 states."

    This is what Tillman's family does

  13. The Tillman family are certainly good, secular Americans, moving forward to a better tomorrow.

    Honoring the memory of their son.

    Good on them.

    Which does nothing to alter the physics of ballistics and how even minor angles of deviation, when extended over 150 yards from the barrel to the target will expand the impact area of any three shot grouping.

  14. I'm thinking of putting mee'mi in philosophy school, after all I have that right, as she is my creation, though I'm a little worried she might take up Hnduism, and become a worshipper of Kali, or something.

    When she gets her PhD, on my dime, she can argue it out with Quirk.

  15. Re: Tillman trajectories


    You are now a physicist :D? Your CV never ceases to impress.

    The Tillman family represents everything you are not.

  16. O bull shit, there where so many bullets flying around, that nobody really knows what happened.

    And why would anyone want to kill Tillman?

  17. I return, unscathed and victorious, from the furniture gallery endeavor.

    Someone's going to have to sell a kidney, but that sofa...Ohhhh, that sofa.

  18. ventriloquist dummy here. just call me vd cause that's probably what quirks got to make him so quirky.

    a anon is a anon is a anon; that's quirk's quirk. seeing pattern's where none exist. i take back the vd comment and would like to replace it with a recommendation to an endocrinologist.

  19. welcome back from the furniture store trish! I'm constantly amazed at the cost of sofa's. By the way, did you notice, almost all the folk here agree with your take on Afghanistan? I find that somewhat surprising (It's mitigated by my assessment of their reading ability)but that would put them wholly behind the current administrations policy. go figure...

  20. "go figure..."

    They were drunk at the time and will regret it when they sober up.

  21. Actually, I bought three rooms of furniture.

    But the sofa is to die for.

  22. No, I'm just a fella that has sent a few thousand rounds down range.

    Anyone that ever had, really, could tell you about the inability to obtain a three shot grouping with an M4 on full auto at 150 meters.

    But, believe whatever you want to.

    I couldn't give a shit, what you think or believe, allen. It is of less less consequence than Governor Brewer going to the frontier and making a little video.

  23. Heroin, bob.

    Payoffs and protection money.

    He would not "look the other way"

    And, having turned down $3.2 million USD, from the AZ Cardinals, could not be corrupted with petty cash payoffs.

    He was writing a journal that was to become a book, documenting what he'd seen and learned, as an Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    To say he'd become disillusioned with the "War on Terror", an understatement, I do believe from reading the contemporaneous reporting.

    The journal has been lost to this whirled, his equipment burned.
    All the physical evidence, lost or destroyed.

  24. New furniture is always a good thing.

  25. If it looks, smells and feels like a cover up, it may well one.

    The possible motives, many.

    Motivation or the lack of knowledge of it, does not change the reality of the autopsy and forensic ballistics.

    The awarding of the Silver Star, the investigation required for that, would have and did inform Stan that the story was bogus from the get go.

    His warning to his political backers, in DC, to stay clear of the story, proof enough.

    But that he allowed the Silver Star award to go forward, more proof of his continued complicity in covering up the real truth.

  26. And I am, after all, just a shamless whore.


  27. And new furniture means new drapes and curtains.

    That's my next step. I am not window-dressing certified so I have a gal coming next week to advise.

  28. But, I'm going to an American college to get my PhD.


  29. OK. this supposed clandestine heroin protection agency, had enough control to use the US military as a front but was unable to divert Tillman to another unit knowing full well that this guy was a patriot of the highest order? he already had fame and fortune, what other reason to join up like he did? oh i get it he was actually a secret spy or detective on top of it all, right?

    are you frequenting bars in Amsterdam before coming here?

  30. We keep remodeling the apartments, but by God we could use some new carpets here.


    Stuff handed down from the deaths of old ones.

    The dining room table--it must be a hundred years old--I can't remember when we were without it.

    It's part of me.

  31. "...what quirks got to make him so quirky."

    Don't go picking on the Bar's token Rosicrucian.

  32. Awesome! And new paint, too. I'm going to repaint just so the pictures I had had done of my granddaughter will match. I had a photographer do them and I ordered two 16x20's and an 11x14 in sepia. The three together will tell a story. I can't wait. They're in I just have to make time to go get them.

  33. Bwahahaha...My fortune cookie fortune just said to keep negative comments to myself and to avoid any disputes.

  34. A friend of mine had a photographer (friend of hers) photograph her sons, following them around one afternoon, playing in a local park. Gorgeous, gorgeous black and whites.

  35. "...avoid any disputes."

    I get better and better at that.

  36. I'm thinking, maybe, "We" are the bar's token Non-Rosicrucians.

  37. "...avoid any disputes."

    I get better and better at that

    It's hard after a whole bottle of wine.

  38. My on-the-way-home-with-deliriously-happy-sofa-visions-in-my-head song:

  39. Well then, Melody, you are to be recognized this evening for your exceptional discipline.

  40. Oh, You don't even know, Trish.

  41. Trish is always the last to know anything.

    Trust me.

  42. Ballistics and the angle of deviation, over 150 meters tells the tale.

    That's the reality of that deal.

    Believe whatever you all want.
    Some of US have been to the "Drug Wars", most of you, have not.

    The protection is none to clandestine, believe you, me.

  43. All common sense tells you the man had to be shot at very close range.

  44. This is my vision. Local Solar - Local Wind - Local Biofuels

    As the price of solar drops it becomes a good way to meet "peak-time" demand. The Windmills can be co-located with the fields of switchgrass.

    The switchgrass to ethanol refineries turn out an Abundance of biomass "pellets" to be used in electrical generation to complement the wind, and solar.

    Don't think for a minute that the Obamas, and Bushes of the world will like this, though. This would put them back to working for us.

  45. "...a anon is a anon is a anon"

    Shouldn't that be " anon is an anon is an anon"?

    ”…seeing pattern’s where none exist.”

    I just call’s em like I see em Al…er …Anon.

    There just appear to be a number of tells, at least to me.

    Like Bob and Mee’mi for example. Neither Anon or Mee’mi show up in Blogger when you click on the screen name. No Blogger trail. Easy to do when it’s another person posting as them. Likewise, I seem to remember you… er… Allen instructing Trish on proxies about the time I first came to the EB.

    Not especially telling, but there are other things. Now with Bob and Mee’mi for instance, in one of the first posts he mentioned elephant dung as a substitute hair treatment. Heck, who else but Bob would be conversant on elephant dung here at the EB?

    Likewise, there are tells with you.
    First, you are rarely here when Allen isn’t. He goes on vacation, you’re gone. He gets in a snit and decides to leave for a while because everyone at the bar isn’t appropriately grateful for the fact that western civilization wouldn’t exist without the Jews and you (evidently) get upset at the same thing and we don’t see you. When he is losing some battle of wit or intellect , feels frustrated, and tries to encourage Whit and others to take their ball and leave the EB and all its anti-semites, we see you doing the same thing.

    One has to wonder, are you guys spending time together in Atlanta or are you one and the same person. Just kind of interesting in a creepy Norman Bates and his mother kind of way.

    But there are other things. Your reference to endocrinology for instance. It just kind of reminds me of Allen’s penchant for medicine and the DSM IV website.

    Then there was your reference to Trish as “my dear” on a post on the last stream. Pure Allen.

    Initially, your posts were simple denunciations of rat, Rufus, et al on the Israeli issues. Pretty straightforward stuff. But then I couldn’t help but note that on occasion you kind of fell into that simpering whining mode so characteristic of Allen.

    Of course I could be wrong.

    But adding it all together, that’s just the way it seems to me.



  46. Look they were attacking up a hill, were they not, and Tillman was more or less in the lead, and there were bullets flying all around, everywhere, and he got hit from behind. What could be more simple than that. I think the guy is an American Hero.

  47. "This is my vision."


    I think we could use a guy like you at the Temple, Ruf.

    San Diego. Here, in Michigan.

    Your call.


  48. Of course I could be wrong.

    And of course you are cause Allen'
    s writing and Anon's are so different.

    Of course I made up Mee'mi, my darling, and never tried to hide it, she's my girl, my dear Mee'mi, my creation.

    I am going to send her to graduate school, and get her off the streets, she has a good mind when uses it but she mostly uses her hips.

  49. never, in the history of blogging, has there been two more fitting names for a blogger than "Quirk" and "Rat".

    you and rat have a true connection to each other, in a homo-erotic sort of way.

  50. "And of course you are cause Allen'
    s writing and Anon's are so different."

    I bow to your expertise, Bobbo.

    I must be wrong.

    By the way, I hope you and Mee'mi have a very fruitful life. I think it's great everything you are doing for the girl.


  51. and rat have a true connection to each other, in a homo-erotic sort of way...

    Come back and talk to me when the Allen persona is dominant. This is too confusing.


  52. You have the wrong story, bob.

    He was shot while facing the shooter, in the forehead, three times.

    So sad.

    It was covered up.


    Matters little. Not at all, really.
    Other than it was done and reflects poorly upon those that were involved, from whomever the shooter was, to Stan the Man, all of whom operated in their own, or the Army's best interests, as they perceived them to be.

    Tillman, a real American hero, paid the ultimate price for his patriotism.

  53. San Diego? vs. Michigan?

    Yep, That's a toughie. Sure 'nuff.

  54. Oh, by the way.

    Rat doesn't like his name capitalized (other than at the beginning of a sentance of course).
    He says he doesn't deserve it.

    I tried to argue with him but you know rat.


  55. Tillman was supposed to be at the top of the ridge, the rest of the patrol, in the vehicles at the bottom of the ravine, on the trail.

    He was supposedly shot by the men in the vehicles, while they were taking fire. There was no battle damage to any of the vehicles, no casualties other than Tillman and the Afghan guide, both killed by US fire.

    The Afghan could not be trusted by the surviving Rangers, to get the story straight, guarantee you that.

  56. Well, looks like I got "squeezed out," huh?

    I wuz a "Charter Member" of the Duopoly of Evil. And now? Pushed aside by Q. Thrown away, and forgotten . . . . like old dirty socks, . .. . . or sumpin.

    An' we was a Good Duopoly, too. Always creating Chaos, and Pandemonium, and such. Makin peoples mad, and gettin' them to go away, and swear to never come back. . . .. . . . . . .

    And, Now? Nuthin. Pushed aside by the Rosicrucians. A broken shell of a hillbilly. Pitiful.

    There oughta be a law.

  57. "Yep, That's a toughie. Sure 'nuff."

    You got to look at the big picture Ruf.

    California vs. MEECHIIGANN!!!!!

    I'm gonna have someone from the state tourist office contact you.

    Maybe we can get Jeff Daniels to give you a call.

    Hmm. Maybe in your case we should make that Kid Rock.

    All Summer Long


  58. Abandon the Dark Side young Rufus and come over to the Light.

    There is enough mystery in the Light to quench your needs.

    (Shipping and Handling extra.)


  59. He was shot while facing the shooter,

    I didn't know that, if that's true it makes me rethink.

  60. I heard the seasons in Upper Michigan are "July," and "Winter?"

  61. you and rat have a true connection to each other, in a homo-erotic sort of way.

    Quirk's queer? I would never have guessed.

    That ends the relationship between Quirk and Mee-mi, she don't like that shit.

  62. Jesus Rufus you almost have me feeling sorry for you and that's a real bad sign.

  63. Rufus, you may have been pushed away by a queer!

    O the disgust and degridation!

  64. Bob's been my protector and benefactor since I was fourteen, he took me to church and stuff, and look where I am now, going to graduate school. Bob is a wonderful man, even if I do say so myself.


  65. "They were moving fast . . . "

    Matt Helm, right?

    It's been driving me crazy where I read that. The fact that it was thirty something years ago might have been a factor. :)

  66. sorry, Q, allen is allen is allen...

    It is fascinationg, however, to watch your projection.