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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Horoscope - Cancer - by Quirk

Quirk said...

This month’s horoscope is being put out a couple days early because of the following note.

[NOTE: This notice is being issued on all of our websites including Quirk’s Horoscopes.

Please note that through circumstances beyond our control (force majeure) our expert astrologers were unable to publish our 2nd Quarter forecast (usually available only to subscribers) on time at the end of March. Therefore, we are now providing that forecast free to everyone (subscribers will receive a rebate the amount of which has yet to be determined.)

The following is our exclusive 2nd Quarter, 2010 forecast (Please use it in planning your 2nd Quarter actions):

1. There will be significant turmoil in European financial markets which in turn will affect markets around the world.
2. There will be a major oil spill in the Western Hemisphere, possibly in the Gulf of Mexico or another major body of water.
3. There will be political/military conflict in the Mediterranean west of Gaza.
4. The LA Lakers will once again win the NBA championship.
5. A major past crime will be revisited and the perpetrator arrested.

Once again, we apologize for the delay in issuing our 2nd Quarter, 2010 forecast]

- and now-

HOROSCOPE – CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Origin – Fourth sign of the zodiac; named by the ancient Assyrians after the Crab. The sun enters Cancer on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Controlling Planet – Moon

Lucky Day – Monday

Color – Silver/White

Element – Water

Symbol – Crab

Lucky Number - Two

Compatible Signs – Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio

Incompatible Signs – Aries, Gemini

Famous Cancers – Clarence Thomas, Thurgood Marshall, John Delinger, Leggs Diamond, George Orwell, Imelda Marcos, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles, Jerry Rubin, Arlo Guthrie, Richard Simmons, Lizzy Borden, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush

Cancer Quote (Male) – George Orwell " Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. "

Cancer Quote (Male) – Milton Berle “You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think.”

Cancer Quote (Male) – Robin Williams “If women ran the world we wouldn't have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days’’

Cancer Quote (Male) – George Orwell “The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.”

Cancer Quote (Female) – Gilda Radner “Adopted kids are such a pain - you have to teach them how to look like you.”

Attributes – Kind, sensitive, sympathetic, imaginative, maternal/paternal, solicitous, protective, cautious, patriotic, tenacious, shrewd, thrifty, resourceful, a good homemaker, over-emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy.

Cancer is a water sign. It is also a feminine sign. This contributes to it being one of the more complex signs of the zodiac.

The Cancer’s complex nature reflects two extremes. They value stability and the home and will go out of their way to protect them. In fact, they prefer to stay at home and tend to be agoraphobic. They are good at painting, excellent at needlecraft, and are purported to be the best ironers in the zodiac. They are also good at hoarding and Feng Shui.

Problems occur because of their basic insecurity and neediness. They tend to strike out without warning when they feel they are threatened which is often. Being a feminine sign, the Cancer has the concept of the “lock box” down pat. They always remember and rarely forgive the slightest injury whether real or imagined. Most Cancers have inferiority complexes complicated by the fact that most are inferior, at least, on an emotional level. They live by the tenet “To err is human, to forgive unusual.”

Physically, most Cancers, are average to below average in height, stocky, and tend to have short legs. They have round faces with prominent foreheads, small eyes, and a full mouth. Some would describe them as simian. You can usually spot a Cancer by their full breasts. This applies to both men and women. Ironically, though named Cancer, they tend to be pretty healthy. Most are vegetarians. Also ironically, although born under the sign of the crabs, most do not suffer from VD.

The Cancer’s emotional development is quite slow. Man or women, they don’t tend to hit their stride until their mid-30’s. They tend to marry very young. This can lead to legal problems in some states, but beyond that, these early marriages tend to fail because the parties are not emotionally ready. However, by the time they are in their 30’s they have mastered the arts of subtlety, manipulation, and emotional blackmail and seem to get along quite nicely.

Cancers are uncomfortable in social settings. Their basic insecurity, defensiveness, and fear of rejection make them behave in the odd manner of their symbol, the crab. At a party, if attracted to someone, they will never approach them directly. They do it in a sideways, crablike fashion. Laughing loudly, moving from one group to another, ever closer, tripping over cocktail tables, spilling drinks, trying to draw the attention of their target. Their behavior can be quite disconcerting to even the casual observer.

Cancers are intelligent and caring when their brooding and defensiveness does not come into play. They will aggressively protect their most important assets, their homes and families. Their real talent is caring for people, their homes, and the environment. As such, they make good stay-at-home moms (or pops), librarians, nursing home orderlies, and supervisors for organizations like PETA and the Sierra Club. They are also well qualified by temperament and disposition to work as junk yard attendants. They have a basic need for domestic tranquility and will do whatever it takes to achieve it even if that means beating the heck out of their spouse even if only mentally.

Appropriate Cancer Pets – There is only one pet appropriate for the typical Cancer and that is a cat. Prickly and moody, moving from playful to reclusive, the cat personifies the different aspects of your personality. With a cat as a pet the playing ground is level. It can be the same manipulative prick that you are.

-Your 2010 Horoscope (Cancer)–

In July and October, you will make your quarterly trips to the grocery store. They will be uneventful.

In August, your doctor will advise you to take up sports for relaxation and exercise. You will immediately purchase a Nintendo Qui.

In September, while working on a complicated stockinette pattern you will drop a stitch and in your frustration knock over a small bowl of potato chips. In gathering up the chips, you will eat a couple assuming the “five second rule” only to have the rule fail you. You will subsequently end up in the emergency room with a severe e-coli infection.

In November, you will be the recipient of much applause, praise, homage, and hurrahs, only to be followed by accolades, approbation, and acclaim for something that you did, said, or accomplished. Bravo and kudos.

In December, while attempting to moon the mailman in a wild holiday prank, you will discover a large testicular tumor. Merry Christmas.

Next Month: Leo (monthly personalized horoscopes available by request)

Other Services

• This month we will be offering a new service, “Past Life Regression Analysis”. Each one hour session comes with a free “tickler card” which provides a number of suggestions to help you easily recall past life experiences. These therapeutic sessions under the careful supervision of our skilled Regressionologists (@copyright) are conducted in a soothing setting and are designed to help resolve issues currently marring you present life. Let’s pull up a couch and get started.

• Please note that we have discontinued the sale of souls to the general public under our exclusive “Souls R Us” brand. We regret having to cut off orders to our New Zealand suppliers especially in this period of global slowdown; however, we have been unable to resolve the “soul leakage” issue raised by the EPA. Our entire stock of souls has been moved to a Yucca Mountain repository where they will be held pending auction. Notice of the auction will be sent out soon (wholesalers and dealers only).

• At the request of our many satisfied customers, we are expanding the offerings at our online “Soul R Us” gift shop. This month’s special comes to us from a secret and very exclusive source. It is a limited supply of the famous (some would say infamous) Bilderberg Owl. Available in two colors, this perfectly crafted replica (1/26th scale) would look great on your mantel or side table. Some conspiracy theorists claim this menacing one foot tall visage represents the evil god Molech (Ooooweeooh. Scary stuff. Ha. Ha.). Regardless, it will provide loads of fun as your friends try to guess whether you were or were not at the latest Bilderberg Group conference in Spain.

[The Bilderberg Owls are produced by the same skilled Asian workforces that previously supplied firms such as Nike and Mattel. See picture below.]

Bilderberg Owls

• Discounts are available to fellow Rosicrucian’s.



  1. I'm not even getting close to this one, Ive learned the topics to shy away from, over the years.

  2. o Quirkie Quirkie I'm just resting curled up here on the couch like a purring cat, my emotional motor running like a Harley, oil warm, rroom rroom, o Quirk my Overcomer, my shooting star, my sign celestial, tonight is a warm summer's night, O Quirk never quit.


  3. And, I don't read Hegel, but read "Time" and "Life" and I think Oprah is quite out of style. So there.


  4. while attempting to moon the mailman in a wild holiday prank, you will discover a large testicular tumor. Merry Christmas.


    Sign me up for that quarterly matter the cost.

    That is the best information that I have seen since Jean Dixon died.

  5. tonight is a warm summer's night

    And tomorrow is the Summer solstice.

    Wretchard's short winter days nights will be getting longer.

  6. Looking very carefully, that is one hell of a thin moon, and reminds me of a line from my poet Roethke,

    "Who'd think the moon could pare itself so thin?"

    which has a spiritual meaning to me and like minded folk, of an older spiritual generation. But you have to figure it out yourself, I ain't telling.

  7. Tomorrow in Anchorage Alaska.
    Jun 21, 2010
    Sunrise 4:20 AM
    Sunset 11:43 PM

    Sydney Australia
    Sunrise 7:00 AM
    Sunset 4:53 PM

  8. Ah, Father's Day, the day above all days that fathers look forward to.

    I received

    1. A beautiful card from the Missus.

    2. A new wallet.

    3. A new Tervis Tumbler to replace the monogrammed one which has served me admirably for many years. I will be returning the old tumbler to Tervis for a free replacement. They could with a lifetime guarantee, don't you know?

  9. For Ash

    eeyores enigma said...

    "I worry more about the tassels that stream out from my handlebars. No tassels and thats it...end of world as I know it.

    WTF are you all talking about?

    Bikes? Wheelbarrows? rickshaws? hand cranked icecream makers? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How in the HELL does anyone think we get from where we are now to some cartoon fantasy future where this subject is relevant in the slightest. Don't get me wrong, I have more and different bikes than pretty much anyone here but this is like talking about what kind of antifouling paint we have on the bottom of the Titanic as we sink.


    less than one tenth of one percent of the population of the developed world uses a bike in a utilitarian manner. A non-issue. A non-solution for the other 99.99%."

  10. Best Damned Horoscope on the Internet. Period.

    Good Job, Q. Thanks.

  11. Can we possibly kill him before he gets to Virgo?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. How did I know she'd be a Virgo?

  14. o Quirkie I have to say it I love you so much much much my hair is down but my blood is up and I think of Maria in the hills of Spain getting laid by a good writer the revo going on, down there in Madrid, and I take you to myself I think of Miss Quickly, o Quirk, Shakes was good, I think of Saint Augustin and all his troubles, I think of Dante, o Quiirk, I think of your rhythmic hips, and I damn near pass out.


  15. Virgos have got to have the cleanest hair on the planet. Every Virgo I've ever tried to date washed her hair "Every Damned Night."

    For "hours" at a time.


  16. And, now, Bob's got a homo doppleganger. 's gettin freaky 'round here.

  17. Yeah bob, you're not foolin' anybody with that mee'mi meme.

    Was up with that? Huh?

  18. SEP 3, whit.

    Stock up on party hats.

  19. Actually, all Virgos hate birthday celebrations, even as young children, because they require you to suffer through the complete mortification of being sung to.

    Also, we'd like to open our gifts without everyone staring, thanks.

  20. Is Obama changing his Gulfs?

    US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

    by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.

    Egypt allowed at least one Israeli and 11 American warships to pass through the Suez Canal as an Iranian flotilla approaches Gaza. Egypt closed the canal to protect the ships with thousands of soldiers, according to the British-based Arabic language newspaper Al Quds al-Arabi.

    One day prior to the report on Saturday, Voice of Israel government radio reported that the Egyptian government denied an Israeli request not to allow the Iranian flotilla to use the Suez Canal to reach Gaza, in violation of the Israeli sea embargo on the Hamas-controlled area.

    International agreements require Egypt to keep the Suez open even for warships, but the armada, led by the USS Truman with 5,000 sailors and marines, was the largest in years. Egypt closed the canal to fishing and other boats as the armada moved through the strategic passageway that connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

    Despite Egypt’s reported refusal to block the canal to Iranian boats, the clearance for the American-Israeli fleet may be a warning to Iran it may face military opposition if the Iranian Red Crescent ship continues on course to Gaza.

    The warships may exercise the right to inspect the Iranian boat for the illegal transport or weapons. Newsweek reported that Egyptian authorities could stop the ship for weeks, using technicalities such as requiring that any official documents be translated from Farsi into Arabic.

    The magazine’s website also reported that the Iranian navy is the weakest part of its armed forces. Tehran has already backed down from announced intentions to escort the Iranian ships with "volunteer marines” from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

    The Iranian news site reported, “The move might be in connection to U.S. self-inflicted embargo against Iran aimed at inspecting Iran bound ships for suspected goods related to the country’s nuclear program.”

    Another battle on the high seas may involve one, and possibly two, Lebanese vessels that are aimed at challenging Israel’s sovereignty over the Gaza coastal waters. Hizbullah, gearing up for a reaction to a possible clash between the Israeli Navy (pictured) and the Lebanese boats, has delayed rocket units near Lebanese ports, according to unofficial military sources.

    Israel has warned U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that Israel will use force, if necessary, to stop the boats, one of which is carrying approximately 70 women passengers and crew organized by Hizbullah support Samar al-Hajj. Her husband is one of several jailed suspects involved in the assassination for former Lebanese anti-Syrian Prime Rafik Hariri.

    Hizbullah has denied it is connected with the Lebanese flotilla, but it has been reported that Al Hajj met with Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah last month. (

  21. Via Drudge link:

    Hugo Chavez Spearheads Raids as Food Prices Skyrocket
    Published: Friday, 18 Jun 2010 | 5:18 PM ET

    Mountains of rotting food found at a government warehouse, soaring prices and soldiers raiding wholesalers accused of hoarding: Food supply is the latest battle in President Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution.


    I feel for the Venezuelans because, I swear to God, that assfuck is gonna hang on forever.

    (Bush called him a "nutjob," being entirely too kind really.)

  22. Here is an interesting statistic from the Tom Freidman column on Turkey...
    In 1980, Turkey’s total exports were worth $3 billion. In 2008, they were $132 billion. There are now 250 industrial zones throughout Anatolia. Turkey’s cellphone users have gone from virtually none in the 1990s to 64 million in 2008.

  23. But, Trish; You're a "Dem," now.

    Dems LOOoove Ugo.

  24. Also, the Turks are experiencing no small amount of private schadenfreude with regard to the Greeks.

  25. That little statistic about Turkey is interesting, Deuce. What is it, mostly, that they're, exporting?

  26. Mee'mi an me, we just want to let it all hang out, finally.

    She a good kid, once you get to know her.

  27. But, Trish; You're a "Dem," now.

    - rufus

    Not yet. I am slowly working my way there.

    The next step, I think, is a subscription to Mother Jones. Or the Utne reader.

  28. We'll never doubt you again, O Gifted One. Santos Wins in LANDSLIDE.

  29. Besides, Ive got a 'thing' for old Quirker.

    We both know old Egypt.

    An odd couple, but lasting.

  30. The most recent hostage rescue didn't hurt one little bit, either.

    : )

  31. And Hugo Chavez is having a sad.

  32. Regardless, it was a Great, and Timely, Call.

    Lotsa talent staggering around the Bar from time to time (if you can just keep'em sober.) :)

  33. Why, rufus, how uncharacteristically sweet of you.

    Ambassador Brownfield, God love 'im, has got to be popping a few corks.

  34. Don't get "used to it," Toots. I'm in a good mood, today, 's all.

  35. "Toots."

    You know I hate that beyond belief, you old hillbilly.

  36. Hot and humid beach perfect hair....I'm satisfied. Now I just have the get that blue drink to do the same.

    Quirk, I'm going to have to disagree with you once again on compatibility. I think I did one other time. Capricorn is Cancer's opposite and while opposites attract they will have a hot and heavy sexual relationship, in the beginning. But eventually Capricorn won't find the time to give the needy Cancer the attention it needs. Cap's are abrupt and have a more direct approach towards life Cancer will rebuff and become critical and moody. And that will end that.

  37. Huh? I'm sorry. D'you say somethin, Toots?

  38. Call "Me" Sweet, agin.

  39. I call everyone toots. When we were in Kentucky there was a restaurant called Toots. I turned around twice so my daughter could get a good picture of it.

  40. All Commodities are Up, and Screaming after the Yuan Revaluation news.

  41. Rufus does not employ the Toots as a term of friendly endearment, but rather blunt condescension and derision.

    And now he's entirely spoiled my little Trish Was Right celebration.

  42. Aw, that's silly.

  43. Natural gas up.

    Canola down.

    What's it all mean, Ruf?

  44. Have I Ever used terms that could be construed as "derisive, and condescending" when complimenting someone on a "Great, and Timely" Call?

  45. The Chinese don't buy much Canola?

  46. Quirk, I'm going to have to disagree with you once again on compatibility.

    Goddamn you don't know how glad I am to hear that!

  47. My daughter is a Cancer. My mother is a Cancer.

    Marvelous, amazing people both.

    As long as you catch them in the right mood.

  48. The Quirker and My Lady don't get along!


  49. Sam, sometimes I get stupid, and try to pretend that I understand a small slice of the oil market, but natural gas is like trying to figure out Japanese economics. 's inscrutable to a hillbilly.

    They don't call it the "widowmaker," for nuthin.

  50. Komorowski is a leading member of the pro-European Union, moderate Civic Platform party, which governs the country. He has pledged to work closely with the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk to adopt the euro in about five years, end the unpopular military mission in Afghanistan and promote pro-market reforms.


    Kaczynski has made it a priority to fight crime and corruption, preserve a strong welfare state and promote Roman Catholic values. He is more skeptical about the European Union and adoption of the euro, saying it's too early to set a timetable for giving up the Polish currency, the zloty.

    A former prime minister, Kaczynski is known for his nationalism and his combative stance, but he has struck a more moderate tone since his brother's death. Many Poles are unsure of whether the change is permanent or a campaign strategy to win over middle-of-the-road voters.

    Presidential Election

  51. Or, like tryin to unnerstan a Virgo.

  52. And I should add:

    Virgos have no compatible sign.

    Not even other Virgos.

  53. If anybody called you "Toots" in front of me, Melody, I'd punch 'em in the jaw, and that's for sure.

  54. And, "CANOLA!!"

    Don't get me started on "CANOLA!"

  55. I think the compatibility is out, also.

    Scorpios and Cancers don't mix well.

    Near as I can tell.

  56. We're entirely above compatibility.

  57. The compatible sign of the Virgo must be the shampoo bottle. Every night they wash their danged hair.

    Ever time I ever called, it was "Can't go out tonight, gotta wash my hair."

    What keeps the damned stuff from falling out, huh? I mean, "Every freakin' night?

  58. Yes we are. Especially if it's your moon sign.

  59. Actually just the opposite, Sam.

  60. The charming side of my Capricorn usually takes over, Trish, no need to worry.

  61. Scorpios are evil.

    o b s, not.

    I went and looked over the alfalfa today, touching it gently, as I always do, farmer that I am, caressing, caressing it, like a woman, as I do, it is magnificent. Really booming. I had my big hat on, like an aging farmer, you would have been proud of me, o Trish, what a man, with such a good eye for the land. You would have been so proud. I've got an eye for it, o kiddo, and not an evil scorpio here.

  62. You see Deuce's girl up there?

    That's alfalfa, in my hands.

    In my ever loving hands.

  63. "Quirk, I'm going to have to disagree with you once again on compatibility..."

    You are not disagreeing with me child; you are disagreeing with the stars, nay with the immutable laws of the universe.

    I merely interpret the stars.

    These are general horoscopes and reflect general tendencies. They cannot capture all outliers or mutants.

    The fact that you've obviously had a failed relationship in the past with a Cancer and can't seem to let it go is such an infinitesimal nit in the cosmic enormity it is of little consequence.

    However, if everyone here were willing to give me their signs I could put aside some small measure of integrity and modify my horoscopes to accommodate their peccadilloes and picayune concerns.

    For instance, I could have just as easily have put:

    Compatible Signs - Capricorn (except for Melody or for Trish's daughter and mother), Pisces, Scorpio (except for Sam)

    Or if Sam is a Cancer rather than a Scorpio

    Incompatible Signs - Aries, Gemini, (and Scorpios in Sam’s case.)

    I aim to please. (Especially, since this is non-union work.)

  64. Fuck you Quirker. None of the girls likes you, they all told me so, already. They said, none of us like Quirk, he's quite crazy, is what all the girls said, and my wife listened in.

  65. "I merely interpret the stars."

    You mean you copy and paste from what web site...

    And what's with the child crap. You said that to Trish the other day and it made my skin crawl.

    And I've never dated a cancer, I don't think.

  66. trish said...
    "Scorpios are evil.

    We Scorpios sneer at your scurrilous insult.


  67. MeLoDy said...
    "I merely interpret the stars."

    You mean you copy and paste from what web site...

    More insults from the peanut gallery.

    Why must I put up with this abuse?


  68. al--fal--fa

    what a word, I love words, that one comes off the tongue o so Whitman, or Twain....or Roethke....

  69. If you look closely, like I always do, she's got her toe in water.

  70. I married a Scorpio.

    No end of headache.

    Wouldn't recommend it to the layman or laywoman.

  71. "And what's with the child crap."

    Once I've taken on the robes of the Adept, it takes me some period of time to fully return to the physical plane and the mundane world.

    "You said that to Trish the other day and it made my skin crawl."

    Was that in a good way?

    And I've never dated a cancer, I don't think.

    Denial, one of the five stages of grief.

    (Or perhaps, you were just hitting the bottle a little harder than normal at the time. A shame if so.)


  72. Quirkie, you fuck around with Melody, I beat your brains out, no shit.

  73. Trust me Melody, I am a professional.


  74. The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement about the security cabinet's decision after the meeting. Blair gave interviews to international media outlets in which he expressed his support for the plan and explained it in great detail.


    "After the change in policy international attention will be on the Qassam rockets fired by Hamas and not on the coriander seeds that Israel does not allow into the Gaza Strip," a senior source in the PMO said yesterday.

    "It would have been correct to alter the old policy [on the siege] even if there was no flotilla," a senior official in Netanyahu's office said. "The new policy will prevent absurd situations like preventing the import of pasta into the Gaza Strip and bolster Israel's ability to maintain the security siege vis-a-vis the world, and it will aid the moral position of Israel, which demands the release of Gilad Shalit."

    Gaza Blockade

  75. Fuck you Quirker. None of the girls likes you, they all told me so, already. They said, none of us like Quirk, he's quite crazy, is what all the girls said, and my wife listened in.

    Bob. Bob. Bob.

    You fail to see that the orbits of the Three Muses of the EB are far beyond your ken. They transcend your petty concerns.


  76. You put up with abuse because as a Scorpio you dominant keyword is, I desire. That just says it all.

  77. Sex is Life, you MORON!

    See--The Exstasy==by one

    John Donne


  78. "Sex is Life, you MORON!

    See--The Exstasy==by one

    John Donne


    Excuse me Bob. You were a little unclear. Was this post meant for me or for Melody?


    by John Donne

    WHERE, like a pillow on a bed,
    A pregnant bank swell'd up, to rest
    The violet's reclining head,
    Sat we two, one another's best.

    Our hands were firmly cemented
    By a fast balm, which thence did spring ;
    Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread
    Our eyes upon one double string.

    So to engraft our hands, as yet
    Was all the means to make us one ;
    And pictures in our eyes to get
    Was all our propagation.

    As, 'twixt two equal armies, Fate
    Suspends uncertain victory,
    Our souls—which to advance their state,
    Were gone out—hung 'twixt her and me.

    And whilst our souls negotiate there,
    We like sepulchral statues lay ;
    All day, the same our postures were,
    And we said nothing, all the day.

    If any, so by love refined,
    That he soul's language understood,
    And by good love were grown all mind,
    Within convenient distance stood,

    He—though he knew not which soul spake,
    Because both meant, both spake the same—
    Might thence a new concoction take,
    And part far purer than he came.

    This ecstasy doth unperplex
    (We said) and tell us what we love ;
    We see by this, it was not sex ;
    We see, we saw not, what did move :

    But as all several souls contain
    Mixture of things they know not what,
    Love these mix'd souls doth mix again,
    And makes both one, each this, and that.

    A single violet transplant,
    The strength, the colour, and the size—
    All which before was poor and scant—
    Redoubles still, and multiplies.

    When love with one another so
    Interanimates two souls,
    That abler soul, which thence doth flow,
    Defects of loneliness controls.

    We then, who are this new soul, know,
    Of what we are composed, and made,
    For th' atomies of which we grow
    Are souls, whom no change can invade.

    But, O alas ! so long, so far,
    Our bodies why do we forbear?
    They are ours, though not we ; we are
    Th' intelligences, they the spheres.

    We owe them thanks, because they thus
    Did us, to us, at first convey,
    Yielded their senses' force to us,
    Nor are dross to us, but allay.

    On man heaven's influence works not so,
    But that it first imprints the air ;
    For soul into the soul may flow,
    Though it to body first repair.

    As our blood labours to beget
    Spirits, as like souls as it can ;
    Because such fingers need to knit
    That subtle knot, which makes us man ;

    So must pure lovers' souls descend
    To affections, and to faculties,
    Which sense may reach and apprehend,
    Else a great prince in prison lies.

    To our bodies turn we then, that so
    Weak men on love reveal'd may look ;
    Love's mysteries in souls do grow,
    But yet the body is his book.

    And if some lover, such as we,
    Have heard this dialogue of one,
    Let him still mark us, he shall see
    Small change when we're to bodies gone.

  80. She can make up her dear mind.

  81. "You put up with abuse because as a Scorpio you dominant keyword is, I desire. That just says it all."


    And your point is?


  82. "i was sitting in McSorley's"
    by E. E. Cummings

    I was sitting in mcsorley’s. outside it was New York and
    beautifully snowing.

    Inside snug and evil. the slobbering walls filthily push
    witless creases of screaming warmth chuck pillows are noise
    funnily swallows swallowing revolvingly pompous a theswallowed mottle with smooth or a but of rapidly goes gobs
    the and of flecks of and a chatter sobbings intersect with
    which distinct disks of graceful oath, upsoarings the break
    on ceiling-flatness
    the Bar.tinking luscious jigs dint of ripe silver with warm-
    lyish wetflat splurging smells waltz the glush of squirting
    taps plus slush of foam knocked off and a faint piddle-
    of-drops she says I ploc spittle what the lands thaz me kid
    in no sir hopping sawdust you kiddo he’s a palping wreaths
    of badly Yep cigars who jim him why gluey grins topple to-
    gether eyes pout gestures stickily point made glints squint-
    ing who’s a wink bum-nothing and money fuzzily mouths
    take big wobbly foot-
    steps every goggle cent of it get out ears dribbles soft
    right old feller belch the chap hic summore eh chuckles
    skulch. . . .
    and I was sitting in the din thinking drinking the ale, which
    never lets you grow old blinking at the low ceiling my be-
    ing pleasantly was punctuated by the always retchings of a
    worthless lamp.
    when With a minute terrif iceffort one dirty squeal of soil-
    ing light yanKing from bushy obscurity a bald greenish
    foetal head established It suddenly upon the huge neck
    around whose unwashed sonorous muscle the filth of a col-
    lar hung gently.
    (spattered)by this instant of semiluminous nausea A vast
    wordless nondescript genie of trunk trickled firmly in to one
    exactly-mutilated ghost of a chair,
    a;domeshaped interval of complete plasticity, shoulders,
    sprouted the extraordinary arms through an angle of ridicu-
    lous velocity commenting upon an unclean table.and, whose
    distended immense Both paws slowly loved a dinted mug
    gone Darkness it was so near to me, i ask of shadow won’t
    you have a drink?
    (the eternal perpetual question)
    Inside snugandevil. i was sitting in mcsorley’s
    It, did not answer.
    outside.(it was New York and beautifully, snowing. . . .


  83. That is the point. You're the one that said, "Why do I put up with this abuse?"

  84. Cummings isn't worth a goddamn, and both of us know it.

    Try a little Frost, fool, there you may get something.


  85. The London-based Al-Hayat reported yesterday that two ships were in advanced stages of preparation for sailing to Gaza. Lebanese sources told the paper they had received the authorities' approval for both the passenger list and the cargo.

    A high-ranking Lebanese security source said the country's laws do not allow weapons to be transported by sea. Lebanese law also forbids sailing to ports under Israeli control - including Gaza, which it categorizes as under Israeli occupation.

    Flotilla organizers are thus expected to ask permission to sail to another destination, such as Cyprus or Turkey, and then divert their route once at sea.

    Sailing for Gaza

  86. Quirk is a piece of shit, but I'm going to bed, I need my rest, I don't need to teach no more, I love ya Melody.

  87. The Cummings was meant for mee'mi, Bobbo.


  88. bob's lost it again.

  89. I don't know why he is attacking Quirk all of a sudden they were best buddies the other day.

  90. I'm off to bed I have a hot date tomorrow night.

  91. At least 46 have been killed in a mine explosion in China's Hunan province, state media report.

    Mine Blast

  92. Bob's alright.

    He is the only one here bizaare enough to get me rolling on subjects other than oil spills and immigration, ethanol and the Obamanator.

    We have a symbionic ralationship of sorts that is good for my mental health (although I'm not sure it helps his out much.)

    He will rejoin us soon.


  93. Hey, Melody.

    I see your redecorating.

    Nice picture. Is that a toe ring?

    Here's one from Bobby Darin.



  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. I'm off to bed I have a hot date tomorrow night.

    I'm back but that idea hurts, you don't know how. Damn.

    Quirk and me, we ok, always have been, always will be. Okey dokey the two of us.

    We do want Melody around the camp fire. I speak for the both of us, on that subject, my friend agrees.

  96. We want you round our campfire, Melody. The Quirk, he''s even stranger than me, yes it's possible, but we want you there, as the sparks float upwards, o Melody. We all sing, together.

  97. Hey, Bobbo, you're back.

    You're up kinda late. Don't you farmers have to get up at the crack of dawn or something?


  98. Quirk founded the Symbionic Liberation Front.

    He sneaks into people's kitchens, snatches the salt shaker then liberates them ions on the front lawn

  99. We get it up at the dawning of crack, Quirk, we older farmers, if you know what I mean, and love it, we know what to do, how to plow a field, virginal, setting the seed just so, like it should be.

  100. And, we know how to take it to harvest, too, us simpletons, people of earth, rain and growth, unread, not knowing Shakespeare, not city folk, not metro sexual, we know what the hell we are doing, when it comes right down to it, as it always does, forever and ever, always, and we can laugh, too.

  101. "Is that a toe ring?"

    No, they're my fingers can't you tell? What else would the fuck it be, numbnuts...sheesh.

  102. "No, they're my fingers can't you tell? What else would the fuck it be, numbnuts...sheesh."


    My. My. My.

    A little testy this morning aren't we?

    Have a cup of coffee and relax girl.

    It was a simple question. Let's face it, in your case it could have been a pull top from a beer can.


  103. Yes, I was a little testy but I woke up only to find that my hot date was cancelled for tonight. That means no Reiki session for Mel. And it's been quite a few weeks since my last session so I excited when she called yesterday to set it up.

    And again, Mel, bit her tongue because what she really wanted to say was....

    Now let's talk about that can of beer. Who in their right mind would drink beer out of a can? That is just morally and ethically, and what the fuck, politically incorrect.

  104. Hmm.



    With regard to canned versus bottle beer, I bow to your expertise.


  105. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Just having those hands touch your body is like an addiction in itself.