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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Joran va ser Sloot Murders again. This Time in Peru


Joran van der Sloot manhunt continues in Chile, autopsy of Stephany Flores in progress in Peru

Thursday, June 3rd 2010, 8:43 AM

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Chilean police continue their manhunt for Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch playboy and prime suspect in the 2005 Natalee Holloway murder who now stands accused of killing a 21-year-old woman in her hotel room in Peru.

Officials in Chile said van der Sloot, 22, entered their country a couple days after he is suspected of killing Stephany Flores in a Lima hotel, where he was staying.

Flores' body was found clothed, face down on the hotel room floor Wednesday, abrasions on her face and body, and signs of trauma, Peruvian Police Gen. Cesar Guardia said. An autopsy is in progress.

Van der Sloot was in Lima for a poker tournament, police said, and appears with Flores in a video at a casino. A hotel employee spotted the pair around 5 a.m.

"We have an interview with a worker at the hotel who says she saw this foreigner with the victim enter his room," said Guardia.

The police say van der Sloot fled the hotel, alone, four hours later.

Chilean authorities believe he is still in their country and are searching hotels in the tiny towns of its northern provinces.

The May 30 murder comes exactly five years after Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old Alabama woman disappeared in Aruba, the Caribbean island where van der Sloot's now deceased father was a prominent judge.

Twice, Aruban police arrested van der Sloot only to release him over a lack of evidence.

In 2008, van der Sloot was caught on camera, confessing to a Dutch crime reporter that he dumped Holloway's drunk, unconscious body into the ocean.

The judge in the case, however, declined to re-arrest van der Sloot.

Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, is aware of the latest murder rap against van der Sloot, but had no comment, a family spokeswoman told The Associated Press.

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  1. Killed both women on May, 30.

  2. WiO,

    Please, hold your fire. Keep your powder dry. Don't be the first to go there.

    Be well.

  3. "Joran va ser Sloot Murders again. This Time in Peru"

    speaking of eurotrash.

  4. I knew the little prick was guilty the first time I laid eyes on him and heard him. Damn shame anotyher young girl has to die. Since it was his hobby, how many more are there?

  5. Deuce,

    Re: how many more

    If his pattern/obsession is 30 May, he has killed at least three more.

    This is one of those times when one would like to be fabulously wealthy, without scrupple. A trusted "fixer" and crack team of hunters could be sent forth. The severed head would be mailed to the Aruban court, postage due.

  6. ” I seek no victory, for the honor of my soul and character consists in deviating from the paths of fools, but not in conquering them. ”

  7. Maybe Mace just won't be enough.


  8. Just be careful who you accept a drink from. :)

  9. Good advice, Rufus, if I was going to a place where I would be drinking. If would stop scrolling over my nonsense ( ; you would know that I'm taking a road trip alone so I would only be stopping to go to the bathroom.

  10. I wuz jokin, Melody. I don't scroll over your comments.

  11. According to the interview I saw this morning with her cousin, he said that they had talked about Joran a month ago. And when asked what brought the subject up and if she had met him prior to the night she was killed. His response was evasive.

    Maybe she met him long before the murder. That would be a real shame.

  12. Universal truth #3

    There is great need for sarcasm font.

  13. sarcasm font....very interesting. I am in Central America, travelling between power outages.

  14. Now here is a good judge of character:

    Paul McCartney:

    McCartney Bashes Bush: "It's Great To Have A President Who Knows What A Library Is"

    This asshole marries a one time porn star tramp with one leg, gets hosed for a 100 million or so, and finds something lacking in George Bush.

    What an effin stroker!

  15. Less than four months ago, the United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) issued a dramatic warning in its 2010 Joint Operating Environment[1] report about an event that is likely to change the world we live in:

    By 2012, surplus oil production capacity could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 million barrels per day.[2]

    For those who fail to perceive the importance of the message, a shortfall of 10 MBD would be similar to a total shutting of Saudi-Arabia’s oil production. Just imagine what would happen tomorrow if a coup was to take place in the Saudi kingdom. The decline forecasted by the USJFCOM could exceed 10% of global oil production within five years. In comparison, the first oil shock of 1973 was caused by a decline of 9% and the 1979 shock by a mere drop of 4%[3] - both events were limited in time.

    Now the key question: which study was used by the US Army to sustain such bleak conclusions?

    My Freedom of Information request to the USJFCOM confirmed earlier suspicions[4] that the Army relied on an underpublicized, if not covered, global study made by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the statistical branch of the US Department of Energy (DOE).

    Click for Scariest Chart you'll Ever See - from the EIA

  16. "There is great need for sarcasm font."

    Very insightful Melody.

    A profound observation.


  17. Never say things can't get any worse:

    JERUSALEM -- A U.S. citizen of Turkish origin was among the nine people killed in a botched Israeli effort to stop a Turkish aid ship from reaching the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, a Turkish official said Thursday.

  18. mika wrote:

    "2/ Re: Judaism and being Jewish and Israeli. Belonging to the Hebrew tribe is not about religion. Most members (probably 80-90%) of the tribe are secular and downright anti-religious, myself included. It's about having REAL blood ties and REAL cultural and emotional ties to the Hebrew tribe and Hebrew national identity. If these criteria don't apply, then obviously you don't qualify. "

    allen, do you concur?

  19. Deuce said...
    Never say things can't get any worse:

    JERUSALEM -- A U.S. citizen of Turkish origin was among the nine people killed in a botched Israeli effort to stop a Turkish aid ship from reaching the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, a Turkish official said Thursday.

    Sucks being a jackass no matter what the nationality of the jackass...

    If you attack an armed Cop or Soldier there is a good chance you will get your ass kicked...

    If you put yourself on a ship, attempting to travel to a war zone and break through a blockade? Be prepared to die.

    I aint mourning the death of a radical terrorist loving activist...

    I will smile knowing his gene pool has ended...

    There seems to be this odd acceptance that it's ok to riot, stab and blow up things if they are owned by Jews or Israelis.

    This is now spreading to the west, the riots in Greece, France and other anti-western / anti-capitalist protests...

    Look for the same behavior in the USA when it comes to illegal immigration soon...

    As our EB Nazi clearly states, Americans do not have the right to shoot at illegals on their own land that are threatening...

  20. The Umpire got the call "Right." No "Perfect Game."

    I'm watching the slow-mo replay; the first baseman bobbled the ball. The runner was Safe.

    Two people on TV have picked up on it - both women. The men have an Emotional Attachment to the idea of a "Perfect Game."

    The women are just looking at the tape.

    You want analysis? Never go to a "fan."

  21. "I am in Central America, travelling between power outages."

    I am in North America, travelling between assholes. There is nothing more irritating then people who can't drive.

    I was watching The Today Show this morning and they showed a clip of Paul McCartney singing, Michelle my belle, and made a comment about getting hit by the President for singing to his wife and Meredith said wouldn't that be a good sight.

  22. You know, I have read almost every post made, here at the EB.

    I have never read one that said that if your life was threatened by deadly force, deadly force could not be employed in defense.

    I do recall one that remarked that posting a property did not give the poster a license to kill trespassers.

    But then, again, I do not know of any resident Nazis, here.

    Only the two resident racists, guess that is close enough, for a kosher piece of pork.

  23. I heard the official scorer said there was no error. He indicated he wouldn't change his mind.

    He was watching the game and reviewed the camera angle from center field.

    Go take your nap Ruf and let us men alone.


  24. "I am in North America, travelling between assholes. There is nothing more irritating then people who can't drive."

    Should you be posting while driving Mel?


  25. Thought for the day, from my personal analysis of human behavior:

    Antisemitism is rooted in envy.

    On a lighter note:

    Four guys are standing on a street American, a Russian, a Chinese man, and an Israeli...a reporter comes up to the group and says to them: "Excuse me, what's your opinion of the meat shortage?"
    The American says: What's a shortage?
    The Russian says: What's meat?
    The Chinese man says: What's an opinion?
    The Israeli says: What's Excuse me

  26. Oh goodie, goodie...

    The comment below was posted on the previous, "Let's get our panties as tightly wound as possible about the Israel success in preventing a breach of the Egyptian-Israeli blockade of the unlawful Gaza Hamas, terrorist regime" thread. It was posted there as a courtesy to all those who quite rightly complain of degeneration and to prevent this thread from FIRST being contaminated by a Jew. Now, the gate has been kindly opened by the proprietor.


    allen said...
    His name was not Francis Xavier Vincent dePaul McGillicuddy.

    American, 19, Among Gaza Flotilla Dead

    Thu Jun 03, 11:03:00 AM EDT

    I already can hear the shrieks of the critics: "Excessive Force". Admittedly, he did take four rounds to the head and one to the chest...fine marksmanship that...

  27. linearthinker,

    Re: "Excuse me"


  28. Regarding the ...botched Israeli efforst to stop a Turkish aid ship from reaching the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the blockade running tramp is impounded short of Gaza, last I heard, and the "humanitarian cargo," none of which is in short supply in Gaza, is being sorted and separated from the weapons and other accessories to murder and mayhem found on board. Over a dozen terrorists and terrorist sympathizers were dispatched to hell because of their own misbehavior. What was botched?

    That the Turks have their knickers in a twist over Israel protecting its own boundaries and people?

    Where's the news in that?

  29. Linear, are you suggesting that the Gaza strip is part of Israel?

  30. Ash,

    Re: Do you concur?

    ...not taking questions from you, Ash...

    You have still not answered by query over the span of two days. That's the one where you have to admit in writing that Hamas is a terrorist organization that came to power in Gaza by a bloody coup and was subsequently cut-off from foreign aid and was, moreover, blockaded by Egypt and Israel.

  31. linear,

    Re: the envious Jew baiter

    How can it be otherwise?

    Look, everybody thought that BiBi would do another Hebron deal, buckle under, and allow the blockade to fail.

    Their expectations unmet, the critics are naturally miffed, feeling betrayed.

    You also have to keep in mind that some countries have not "won" a war since 1945 - this despite spending trillions on defense. That is a long time to be out of practice. Obviously, given such an abysmal track record, there will be some envy when a tiny nation of 7.4 million routinely pummels its enemies (somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 million) into dust.

    There are those who accuse me of superciliousness. Nonsense! What they are seeing is old fashioned Schadenfreude - naughty but normal under the circumstances.

    PS: There is a very good reason for referring to native born Israelis as sabras.

  32. ...not taking questions from you, Ash...


  33. Catholic Bishop Stabbed to Death in Turkey
    Published: June 3, 2010

    ROME — A Roman Catholic bishop was stabbed to death in eastern Turkey on Thursday, a day before he had planned to travel to Cyprus for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

    The bishop, Luigi Padovese, 62, the apostolic vicar of Anatolia, or the Vatican’s representative to eastern Turkey, was found dead outside his home in the Mediterranean port Iskenderun, officials said. The police arrested his driver, who officials said had psychological problems.

    The officials said the killing was not believed to be politically or religiously motivated.

  34. Good idea about the nap, Q. I'm going to take you up on it.

    But, he bobbled the ball. The runner was well past before the first baseman "put it away."

  35. allen wrote:

    "You have still not answered by query over the span of two days. That's the one where you have to admit in writing that Hamas is a terrorist organization that came to power in Gaza by a bloody coup and was subsequently cut-off from foreign aid and was, moreover, blockaded by Egypt and Israel."

    lordy allen you are like a dog with a bone. Yes, that pretty well sums up the recent history of Hamas in the Gaza strip.

    Do you agree with Mika on the racial stuff?

  36. And Ash if you could get that notarized it would be greatly appreciated.

  37. Israel sealed off Gaza to put pressure on Hamas and have the Palestinians select a responsible government to deal with Israel.

    It has not worked. Hamas is stronger and Israel has not enhanced its interests anywhere.

    As a strategy, it is a diplomatic failure. If there is no plan B, this would be a good time to develop one.

  38. '"And Ash if you could get that notarized it would be greatly appreciated."

    You're starting to get into the spirit of this thing, Mel.



  39. Sarcasm font is a good idea. I say that with tongue in cheek.

    Just heard on Hannity, if I heard right, they got some tapes of some of these peace activists, pledging to be suicide bombers.

    There was a young prince who forgot who he was, and wandered away from his father's castle to a far land. There he remembered who he was and returned as a prince. That's my cryptic for the day.

  40. I'm still an uninterested party or apolitical as my friend calls me. But a little taste of Mel doesn't hurt once in awhile.

  41. Who made you the bar cheerleader?

  42. It has not worked. Hamas is stronger and Israel has not enhanced its interests anywhere.

    Hindsight is most always 20/20.


    A rancher had a rocky corner of his spread infested with rattlesnakes. It pissed him off, so he began killing the snakes. The Humane Society got wind of it, and pressured him to do something less violent. He put up a fence.

    Wasn't long til the snakes figured out how to defeat the fence, and were spreading their venom out across his spread. They invited their cousins from outside to join the party.

    The rancher took up killing snakes again, and began a couple of profitable sideline businesses, selling snake skins, and manufacturing improved snake killers.

    This really pissed off the Humane Society, but the rancher ignored them.

    Before long a little rodent that dwelt in the arid lands nearby became a nuisance to an immigrant farmer. He only wanted to clear the weeds to grow crops, but the Humane Society claimed he was being genocidal toward the poor little rodents. Their attentions were diverted by the little farmer, and soon the rancher and his solution to the snake problem became yesterday's news.

  43. Ash,

    Re: Mika

    No, I do not agree.

    As an observant Jew, I take the position that Judaism is paradigm or blue print for living an ethically monotheistic life and has yet to fulfill its religious role in the world, i.e. tikkun olam of a spiritual nature.

    Neither the polling of Luntz nor the opinion of Mika regarding secularism comes as a surprise. This has always been true, as even a cursory review of our canon will prove. It may also explain why, no matter how materially and intellectually we bless other cultures, they turn against us murderously.

    This dichotomy of perspectives has been normative Judaism since the beginning. You may recall the second crime recorded in the Bible? Cain murdered his brother Abel.

    As an aside, "cain" means acquisitive; "abel" means zero.

    It would be well to remember that, despite our differences, when next there is a war, we will fight ferociously side by side to preserve Israel. The children of Ishmael and Amalek know this, and that is why they need the bomb. For them to win, we must be killed in one fell swoop. And, Ash, if that means the collateral killing of countless Muslims in the process, so be it.

  44. Hindsight is used all the time on the firing range. It is called sight adjustment.

  45. thanks allen though I'd like to note that not all cultures always turn murderously against the Jews which seemed implied in "no matter how materially and intellectually we bless other cultures, they turn against us murderously." There is much to be admired in the Jewish culture in my opinion.

  46. Ash,

    I do agree with Mika entirely on this (you did not show an interest...wonder why)

    Mətušélaḥ said...

    It's really sad to see what you've become. A compulsive liar and a provocateur in the service of hate. That disease will eat you alive. I really feel sorry for you what you've degenerated to.

  47. Can't help it.

    It's great seeing a butterfly spread her wings.

    I'm a sensitive guy.



  48. Re: sight adjustment

    That is happening as we speak.

    If Barak remains, Israel is in for some serious trouble on the battlefield. If his resignation is demanded, Israel will do well.

  49. rat likes to stir up some shit that's for sure. Sometimes he makes good points other times not. I don't find it necessary to respond to everything I agree or disagree with. Folks are tired enough around here of my 'voice' as it is without my adding more noise to the din.

  50. Transcendental Unity of ApperceptionThu Jun 03, 04:24:00 PM EDT

    'All things are one.' Heraclitus

    'We have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject-lenses have a creative power; perhaps there are no objects.' Emerson

    'No phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is observed phenomenon' physicist John Wheeler

    'Wherever life is, the world bursts into view.' Emerson

    'From wild weird clime that lieth, sublime out of space, out of time.'

    Edgar Allen Poe

    'Ye gods, annihilate but space and time, and make two lovers happy.'
    Alexander Pope

    'I am its stony shore, and the breeze that passes over,in the hollow of my hand, are its water and its sand.' Thoreau

    First Principle of Biocentrism--'What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our external reality, if it existed would have to exist in space...but this is space and time are tools of the human mind.

    'The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed with the human body, but their is some part of it that remains eternal.' Spinoza

    from Biocentrism, at random

  51. Sometimes it is useful to employ 20/20 Hindsight. Sometimes you ignore it at your own risk.

    The Exodus -- 1947

    "The ship Exodus 1947 became a symbol of Aliya Bet — illegal immigration. After World War II, illegal immigration increased and the British authorities decided to stop it by sending the ships back to the ports of embarkation in Europe. The first ship to which this policy was applied was the Exodus 1947.

    "The ship sailed from the port of Site, near Marseilles, on July 11, 1947, with 4,515 immigrants, including 655 children, on board. As soon as it left the territorial waters of France, British destroyers accompanied it. On July 18, near the coast of Palestine but outside territorial waters, the British rammed the ship and boarded it, while the immigrants put up a desperate defense. Two immigrants and a crewman were killed in the battle, and 30 were wounded. The ship was towed to Haifa, where the immigrants were forced onto deportation ships bound for France. At Port-de-Bouc, in southern France, the would-be immigrants remained in the ships’ holds for 24 days during a heat wave, refusing to disembark despite the shortage of food, the crowding and the abominable sanitary conditions. The French government refused to force them off the boat. Eventually, the British decided to return the would-be immigrants to Germany, and on August 22 the ship left for the port of Hamburg, then in the British occupation zone. The immigrants were forcibly taken off and transported to two camps near Lubeck.

    "Journalists who covered the dramatic struggle described to the entire world the heartlessness and cruelty of the British. World public opinion was outraged and the British changed their policy. Illegal immigrants were not sent back to Europe; they were instead transported to detention camps in Cyprus..."

    History Repeats

    Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


  52. "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment."

  53. Israel Use of "Captured" Video Draws Criticism

    Well, duh...yeah!

    The camera doesn't lie. Reporters do.

    For instance,

    "Another video shows a man being interviewed, saying that he wants to become a martyr. A microphone bearing the logo of Iran's state-run Press TV points up at him."

  54. Rufus,

    What do you know about the Allard home scale ethanol brewer?

    Seems like something that could use some promoting. Maybe up DR's alley

    I just came from a visit to Oahu and asked a number of the yard guys hauling away truckloads of green waste if any of them had heard of or thought about using an ethanol plant.

    Only one guy even understood what I was talking about. He said it was a "fantasy."

    Stuff grows so fast down there... I mean there's just a bunch of yard clippings and trimmings. I think Doug could confirm.

    And I'd ask why the larger resorts, such as the one his wife is associated with, couldn't "green up" by installing something like the Allard rig...

    And, as an aside, in the little community we were in, I saw very little, maybe 10% use of solar. Either for hot water or PV.

    And zero use of wind energy. Which, when you think of it is almost more strange... There are the old "colorful" remains of windmills still dotting the rural landscape..

  55. Re: Exodus

    The comparison is between aardvarks and avocados.

    Jews attempted to run the British blockade to settle permanently in the Mandate.

    The Muslims and quasi-Muslims of the flotilla were not seeking to settle in Gaza.

    Instead, they were attempting to break the blockade so that war material and weapons could gain unimpeded entry to Gaza. Israel's fears are justified, given the capture of numerous ships during the past year carrying hundreds of tons of contraband.

    Surely, you are not making some comparison to recently freed Holocaust victims and contemporary Palestinian bound rebar, rifles and rockets? Then, again, maybe you are.

  56. No perfect game for Gallaraga but Chevy steps up and gives him a Corvette.

    (Also, we need an emoticon for rasberries for you Ruf.)


  57. Is there any evidence that there were weapons being transported in that flotilla? I haven't seen anything in the press as of yet.

  58. Pissing and parsing and missing the point.

    This raid was not a necessity. From what I read, the Israelis have allowed other ships thru the blockade on an ad hoc basis. The risks from a public relations standpoint seem to have far outweighed the benefits.

    The hamhanded execution only compounded the problem.

    Regardless of the justification for the blockade, looking at the reaction to the British assault 70 years ago should have alerted the policy makers of the risks involved.


  59. Ash,

    Re: weapons and flotilla

    To my knowlege, no weapons have yet been found.

    That could not be known without first searching the ships.

    Since hundreds of tons of North Korean and Iranian contraband destined for Hamas and Hezbollah have been captured on the high seas during the past year, Israel exercised its right of self-defense.

    You may recall that yesterday, Hamas refused to accept truck loads of truly humanitarian aid removed from the ships. Where are the activists now, decrying the inhumanity of such a cruel act.

    O, that's right - the cameras have stopped rolling. Therefore, Israel is bad and Hamas is good.

    By the way, where are those other threatened blockade runners? The point may have been taken.

  60. Quirk,

    Re: risk management

    You may be certain that a cost/benefit analysis was done.

    That the execution of the mission was done with the usual lack of finesse associated with Mr. Barak does not negate either its necessity or success.

    Do note: Egypt is not screaming.

    By the way, you did not address the thesis. I don't think "piss" etc are particularly helpful to the discussion. But if that's the best you can do, well...sad

  61. Thanks for that cellulose link, The developer, Allard Research has a seminar program, and links to their commercial and small business applications. One unit, their 'Mini-Refinery' looks promising, producing 120 gallons of ethanol a day. They also link to some Federal tax information.

    The link to their own cellulose specialty web site does not go anywhere.

    We may be early, ahead of their marketing curve on that data set.

    Thanks, gnossos.

  62. The Pirates of the Mediterranean care not for world opinion nor any standard of civilized behavior.

    Their failure to participate in the NPT puts them in the same league as North Korea, Pakistan, India and Iran.

    Right where mika wants them to be.
    At least he is an honest fellow, wanting to flock with those of a feather. Acknowledging that Israel is not a part of the "West", but has more in common with Russia and Iran, than with the United States.

    We agree, on that.
    Guess he is a Nazi of some stripe or another.

  63. What Mika really said,

    Mətušélaḥ said...

    It's really sad to see what you've become. A compulsive liar and a provocateur in the service of hate. That disease will eat you alive. I really feel sorry for you what you've degenerated to.

    Thu Jun 03, 04:11:00 PM EDT

  64. The folks at Allard Research have this to say, about our favorite non edible Ethanol feedstock:

    Sweet Sorghum. We believe that Sweet Sorghum is probably the best feedstock to use (if you intend to go out and grow something). Sweet Sorghum is fundamentally exactly like sugar cane, but will grow in almost any climate. It has the same sugar content as sugar cane, is processed the same way (running the stalks through a roller press), and best of all, you can get up to 4 harvests per year (versus an 18 month growth cycle for one sugar cane harvest). Agricultural harvesters are already being manufactured that are designed specifically for Sweet Sorghum and will automatically cut, press, and even prepare the juice for fermentation.

  65. Rat, why do you spout that kind of BS? Just to get a reaction?

  66. President Obama has declared the "War on Oil", halting the US from further developing the deep water exploitation that has already been granted Federal permits.

    Large scale ethanol production is the anti-Obama Green Alternative.
    It is the anti-Left Green Alternative.

    But there are no visionaries on the "Right", no real populists.
    No one to promote adding 250 million acres of ag production to our capacity. None that want to seriously address the various issues of balance of payments, energy security or jobs.

  67. I address the issues with regards the Pirates of the Mediterranean, allen wants you to believe the issue to address is little old me.

    How quaint.

    He has no sources, no quotes and even mika, his fellow "Friend of Israel", whom if I recall used to be a self-identifying Israeli citizen, sides with me on where Israel really stands with regards US national interests.

    allen continues to rant on, complete with the name calling, almost uncontrollably.

  68. DR,

    It cannot be said too often and you will prove it all too often: You are a liar.

    Whit asks why? You need attention, but since you have never bothered yourself to get off your rear end and learn anything of value, you roll your own.

    I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do here. Your behavior forces me to get off my rear end and learn things. Of course, I have an advantage: I've spent most of my life learning things and killing rats.

  69. DR,



    1) Violent or extravagant speech or writing.


    This is ranting. You are a jewel.

    "For the record, available when they have sobered up, here is DR’s log of tribute to America’s veterans:

    Mon May 31, 03:25:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:27:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:29:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:31:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:35:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:37:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:40:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:41:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 03:46:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:01:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:03:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:12:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:18:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:21:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:27:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:32:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:37:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 04:43:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 05:05:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 05:08:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 09:55:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:03:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:04:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:19:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:21:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:29:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:30:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:39:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:41:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:47:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:50:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:56:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 10:58:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 11:04:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 11:23:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 11:24:00 AM EDT
    Mon May 31, 11:10:00 AM EDT"

    Tue Jun 01, 08:42:00 AM EDT

  70. Gnossos,

    Yes, thank you for the link. I've noticed Allard, from time to time, over the last few years. They've been trying to market small systems; and, although, I have no idea how successful they've been, I think they're "real" people trying to market a "real" product. I'v read Nothing negative about them.

    Although, everyone goes "ooh," and "aah" about cellulosic it's really no big deal. You just need to "pretreat" (soak) the feedstock in something capable of breaking loose the cellulose from the harder lignin. After that, you just add yeast, and ferment as you would any other sugar. Followed, of course, by distilling step to remove the alcohol from the water. That gets you to approx 90 to 95% alcohol; at which point you go to a zeolite membrane to remove the rest of the water, or, if using in your own vehicle, simply pour in the gas tank as is.

    The future is in using "enzymes," and not acid. I'm not for sure which way Allard is going. The traditional way is dilute acid, but all the neat stuff is being done with Novozymes, or Dupont Danisco enzymes. If Allard has gotten access to the good enzymes I'm interested. If they're using the old "acid" approach, not so much.

    I'll try to do a little research tomorrow, and see what they're doing. Again, thanks for the "heads up."

  71. Shell, Exxon, and the boyz hate it, but "Cellulosic" ethanol is, definitely, the near/medium term future of transportation fuels.

    Cellulosic ethanol is perfect for "Local" production, and use. That does Not sit well with either the oil companies, or the "Big Solution" Socialist Democrats. They are trying their best to hold it off, but it's just too perfect at this time and place.

    When all is said, and done, you Will have a local source for affordable ethanol made from cellulosic feedstocks - corn cobs, switchgrass, waste paper, sorghum, etc.)

  72. "By the way, you did not address the thesis."

    My original post was in response to LT's post on the utility of 20/20 vision.

    The fact that you wish to expand that "thesis" is of little concern to me. More non sequitur. Can't anyone here address one argument at a time without bouncing around like a hapless kitten chasing a katnip ball?

    "I don't think "piss" etc are particularly helpful to the discussion."

    The man who constantly spouts invectives such as pussy, cretins, addled rummies, Nazis, fascists, is now in high dudgeon over the use of the term "piss". Hilarious.

    But then one can hardly expect the supercilious to recognize superciliousness in himself. Perhaps I should use a thesaurus to find a word with fewer syllables.

    I used to think of you as the Jack Bauer of the EB. Now images of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Chris Matthews come to mind.

    Any actual or imagined criticism of Israel (oh, except if Allen or some other Jew does it) is immediate grounds for being considered a racist anti-semetic. In Allen-world, it's the Jew against the world. Kind of like Chris Matthews saying of the Tea Party "Hey, they are mostly all white, they must be a racist organization." The fact that many Jews don't agree with that worldview? Irrelevant, or worse, further confirmation of the worldwide conspiracy against Israel.

    Pull the stick out of you ass (oops sorry, anus) and get a life.


  73. The title of that thread, on 31May10:
    Israel Attacks Palestinian Relief Ships

    Which proved, once again, that the Israeli do not operate in the best interest of the United States nor its' veterans.

    That allen took the time to cut and paste the date line of each, a tribute to myself and further evidence of his imbalanced view of what is going on, in the real whirled.

    As if I am important enough to document my great disdain of the Governors of Israel.

    As if it was of consequence.

  74. That he believes that my views are so right on, so convincing to the general audience that he rants uncontrollably, cutting and pasting, over and again.

    Bringing ever more readers to my opinion. And that of Beinart, Luntz, Goldberg and even, now, that of mika

    As to where and how Israel is perceived to be behaving, in its' relationship to the national interests of the United States.

  75. Joran van der Sloot, the chief suspect in the disappearance of US high school graduate Natalee Holloway, has been detained in Chile on suspicion of murder.

    Van der Sloot is suspected of having beaten a Peruvian woman to death in a hotel room in Lima, the capital of neighbouring Peru. The murder of 21-year-old Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez took place on Monday morning, and the room was booked in the name of Joran van der Sloot.

    Van der Sloot and Ms Ramírez are reported to have visited a casino before the murder, and security camera images reportedly show the couple leaving it together. Hotel employees have also stated that they saw the two together. Peruvian police are said to have found Joran van der Sloot’s footprints.

    The events took place in Miraflores, a rich district of Lima, famed for its many shops, restaurants and clubs and known to be a popular spot for people in their teens and twenties. Ms Ramírez was the daughter of Ricardo Flores, a noted Peruvian businessman and racing driver. He has recounted the story of his daughter’s murder on national television.

    Joran van der Sloot fled from Peru to Chile earlier this week. At the time of his arrest, he was travelling by taxi from the coastal town of Viña del Mar to the capital Santiago. He will be transferred to Santiago where he will be required to make a written statement. His identity papers will be confiscated. The international warrant for his arrest is expected to arrive in about three to five days.

    Deputy chief of the Chilean immigration police Fernando Ovalle has told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that Joran says he feels safe and trusts the Chilean police. Mr Ovalle says Joran van der Sloot speaks decent Spanish. He is now waiting for a representative of the Dutch embassy in Santiago. Van der sloot has not been officially arrested because Peru has not yet issued the international warrant for his arrest.


  76. Anon was certainly right, that fella is pure Eurotrash.

  77. I am adding to the post the little shit bird's interview with CNN, two years ago.

  78. BP has "graciously denied" James Cameron's offer to help. I wonder why:
    Among the key issues that Cameron said he is interested in helping the government with are methods of monitoring the oil leak and investigating it.

    "The government really needs to have its own independent ability to go down there and image the site, survey the site and do its own investigation," he said.

    "Because if you're not monitoring it independently, you're asking the perpetrator to give you the video of the crime scene," Cameron added.

  79. Notice how Chile handles its' foreign suspects

    Deputy chief of the Chilean immigration police Fernando Ovalle

    Wonder if he, or a similar Eurotrash scum, were detained in the US, would ICE handle the official arrest and deportation procedures?

    Or would he be released, pending a hearing?

  80. Now that the Federals have decided that there is a high probability of criminal negligence, you'd think it'd be imperative to:

    1. Take control of the crime scene.
    2. Remove the suspects from the crime scene.
    3. Assess the scale and scope of the possible crime.

    That the Federals have not moved on taking control of the scene, now that the criminal investigation is underway, seemingly a piece of pure incompetence on the Team Obamamerica's part.

  81. This wasn't some poor Alabama Sharecropper's daughter. That little asshole is burnt toast.

  82. As awful as the BP oil leak is, it is still an industrial accident. If a plane crashes because of a stupid pilot or a careless mechanic, you don't destroy the entire airline.

    BP did not blow up the drilling rig to collect insurance. They were working at the edge of technology, like Apollo 13 or the two shuttle that went down.

    I heard the pig-eyed, no lips, all mouth Joe Scarborough, a dullard even by congressional standards going off about throwing them all in prison.

    The federal government controls the fields, takes the taxes, provides the oversight and sets the standards. They clearly have an equal part to play in the liability and cleanup.

  83. In all fairness, it should have been:

    1. Take control of the potential crime scene.
    2. Remove the suspects from the potentialcrime scene.

    mea culpa.

  84. It's a "War on Oil", Deuce.

    It was coming, plain as day.
    It is where the established elites have made their bed.

    That oil to be replaced by windmills & mat's electric cars.

    The Wahhabi Solution.

    The only viable solution, a grassroots political movement to promote the capability of "Green Ethanol" to solve so many of our economic and security issues, at the expense of those that promote Wahhabi interests in the United States.
    The established elites of both the Democrats and the Republicans that protect the Wahhabi.

  85. BP is toast. The MSM is ratcheting up the volume by the day. The usual New Orleans suspects (Shepard Smith) are going into full hysteria. To placate their people, The Dems are demonizing BP even as they rely on them to plug the well.

    Speaking of the MSM and demonization, has anyone else noticed the bad news volume coming out of Afghanistan. For instance, I am hearing more stories about how dysfunctional and backwards the Afghans are. Also hearing about McCrystal's lack of vision and now doubts are being raised about COIN.

    We're being prepped for the beginning of withdrawal next year.

  86. But to defend BP, from charges of criminal negligence, after doug has provided a storyline of incompetence and negligence by the "Company Men", the day the disaster began.

    That is political suicide.

    It may be correct, but it is not "Politically Right", let BP exercise its' rights to defend itself, and for US to advance the solution to our Energy and subsequent long term Economic challenges to the United States, first and foremost.

    The present political and, more importantly, educational environment allows the populist "Right" and opportunity to flank the "Establishment", by
    Going Green, Baby, Going Green

  87. That is a wicked looking sinkhole in Guatemala City. Shear walls, straight down to China.

  88. If you want to fruitfully attack Obama, the field is open, now that the criminal investigation has begun.

    Why are the suspects still in charge of the potential crime scene?

    Whether the leak is capped, or not ...

    The Gulf is like a Maytag washing machine, or so its' been reported, here.

    Benign neglect, the best course of action for US to take on this spill, I've been advised, right here at the Elephant Bar.

    The US does not need for BP to continue on in control of that potential crime scene.

    There are other experts that can cap the well head, or not.

    If Obama orders a Federal take over, and the leak continues, its' on him. Politically.

    Then attack the "DC Elite" from the farm belt enlisting the Environmental and Conservationist "Right".

  89. I used to think of you as the Jack Bauer of the EB.

    Jack Bauer wears Gabriel Allon pj's, Quirk.

  90. Quirk,



    Hmm...sticks in anus...what an odd use of language...I take it you have some ER experience? Stick with gerbils. They tickle, I'm told but they do far less tissue damage.

  91. No, whit, I hadn't. All I've heard, lately, was that we "got" aQ's #3.

    I believe he is the third or fourth #3 that we've killed, for what it's worth. But that has been the stream of reports that I've seen, of late.

    Then again, I have not invested much time watching the news of late, either.

  92. Speaking of tissue damage, if the father of Stephany Flores is a man believing in vengance, he can have plenty with little Sloot boy in a Peruvian prison.

    A paltry budget of $100 per month will make slooty a favorite slutty for the inmates at a cost of four cigarettes for ten minutes. Slutty will find a whole new side to his sexuality and get a better understanding about what a white punk ass bitch is.

    For old time's sake and a smuggled camera, the father can share bitch-snaps with the respectable Sloot the Elder.

  93. Sloot the elder died earlier this year, Feb 11.

  94. Quite bizarre conversation subjects, allen, that you entertain yourself with.

    You are a tad bent to be even be discussing the results of having gerbils up your ass.

    Seems that you do have happy conversations, in Atlanta.

  95. Well, there's always the momma, whit.

    She is a culpable as the Elder.
    Doubt she'd get much joy from the video, either.

    Could be best seller, though, in allen's circle of friends, there in Atlanta.

  96. Desert Rat: If Obama orders a Federal take over, and the leak continues, its' on him. Politically.

    This Donk congress will not hold him accountable until the oil drifts around Florida and starts washing up on Martha's Vineyard.

  97. I'm sure, Deuce, wouldn't mind if Obama dove down 5000 feet and plugged up the hole with his own head.

  98. It's not the Donks, Ms T, but the folk in Iowa, remember?

    That's where the Big O got his big break, could be where he is broken, too.

  99. Melody: I'm sure, Deuce, wouldn't mind if Obama dove down 5000 feet and plugged up the hole with his own head.

    BP would need to ream out the hole a lot more for that to work, Mel.

  100. That is a wicked looking sinkhole in Guatemala City. Shear walls, straight down to China.


    Have you seen any large pictures of it?

    I've seen a couple stories featuring small pictures of it at various sites. But when I pull up the story, they don't have the picture.


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