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Deuce, 21 June 2018

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scarlett Johansson , The Self Portrait, Nude Photos or Art?

In all honesty, it is a very lovely self portrait. 

Vintage Nude in Mirror

Woman Standing in Front of Mirror

Woman Seen From the Back


  1. The photo is done so tastefully, it must be a publicity stunt.

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  2. Really, she is out of shape and chubby, that is the reason she doesn't want us to see them. She knows that we will realize all her good looks and glamour is thanks to lighting, make up and airbrushing..!!

  3. Chubby? You can't be serious. Isra, are you a male or female?

  4. Here I arrive for my daily dose of your Obama hemlock smoothie and well, well, I am speechless!

  5. Getting back to basics, I see, aye.

    Good show.

    Scarlett looking sweeter than Demi Moore, well, Scarlett's a better quality picture, anyway.

  6. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Europe must take immediate and decisive action to safeguard its banking system, while the US economy is at stall speed and needs a dose of fiscal stimulus, top bankers and investors said on ...

    The Federals could provide fiscal stimulus, balance the Federal budget and get the Treasury Department out of the debt markets, all with the minting of a few sovereign coins.

  7. You know what I am doing tonight. That's right taking pictures in a rear view mirror, because if I look like that from behind it means more time on the elliptical and less time basking in the sun.

    Speaking of sun what the hell kind tan line is that anyway? Mine doesn't even look like that. It probably isn't even her.

    Scarlett doesn't look bad, but it's obvious the others are not her.


  8. Please feel free to submit your photo for our rearview.

  9. I do not think so Ms Mel, I've seen Art and none of those ladies, not a one of them look like Art.

  10. MLD: Scarlett doesn't look bad, but it's obvious the others are not her.

    I'd still hit that.

    Limbaugh says the president's limo "weighs eight tons without Michelle in it.
    In other news...Rand Paul is mocking President Obama to "Pass it Now" on the new NLRB rules bill.

    Fred Thompson: "Michigan bank robbed by man wearing Obama mask. Must've been quite a shock. They probably thought he was there to give them a bailout."

  11. Chubby, no art to it, but we been raised that way.

    Told what thing is art.

    Mel: Share. Tonight.

    Later, the better.

    the minter

    (there's a Trillion
    AluminunCoin in it for four>

  12. Look at them high flabs, that woman's never rode nor horse, and her frontal legs, sheeeeiiiit, nickernickernicerwhhhwwwhwwheeeee

    Get her off the rodeo grounds.

    She needs one of them fancy Phlly Physicals......suck the fat cells out----

    ricsky alibi

  13. (there's a Trillion
    AluminunCoin in it for four you)


  14. .

    Interesting comments from the distaff side.



  15. Dreary, Idaho is late September?


  16. Bonners Boardwalk!


  17. 12. krontekag: And as for the WMDs, I fear that will soon be broken out of storage from their Bekaa Valley bunkers. I don’t know if you remember the convoys streaming across the Syrian border, and escorted by Russian “advisers”, Teresita?

    The Iraqi WMDs were better protected in their spider holes than Saddam.

    COUNTRY CLUB is the secret facility for WMDs in Syria. Not even the Israeli Air Force, which neutralized the Syrian nuclear enrichment plant, has been able to penetrate the anti-air defenses around Country Club.

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  18. Even so, the cascade of finds offers growing evidence that alien worlds may outnumber the stars themselves.

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    "The universe is teeming with planetary systems of multiple planets, many of which are nearly the size of Earth," said plant-hunting pioneer Geoffrey Marcy at the University of California in Berkeley.

  19. For many years now, STRATFOR has been carefully following the evolution of “Lashkar-e-Taiba” (LeT), the name of a Pakistan-based jihadist group that was formed in 1990 and existed until about 2001, when it was officially abolished. In subsequent years, however, several major attacks were attributed to LeT, including the November 2008 coordinated assault in Mumbai, India.


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  20. http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dh9zIMAM_NIk



  21. I've looked thrice now and our horse has a better tan line than that. And spots too, put a few delicate dark spots on 'er ass, would be improvement.

    If she whinnys well in the morning and nickers she might have a wondeful personaliy though, which is all that counts in the end, in a filly.


  22. Haz the kidz had fun? I just drove to Chattanooga, and back (800 miles,approx.) I'm whipped. Tomorrow, all your comments belongs to me. :)

    Oh, Melody, Quit it. You'll give Bob a heart attack. I ain't driving to Ideehoe for no funeral. :)

  23. If you got a good filly it don't matter that the big house in Vegas is underwater by 200%

    They is always trailer parks in Wells, or on the National Forests.

    And deer up in the mountains.

    And a quail, delicate, on the hood, in the early morning, and nuts from the pinyon pines, delicious, and the lingering aroma of the last rainfall, and the shotgun, and the shotgun shells......


  24. Ain't gonna be no fureral. Gonna be a buring.

    And cheap. too.

  25. Noting the massive, recurring demonstrations against the government of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, the statement said, "We remind US citizens that even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. US citizens are urged to avoid the areas of demonstrations if possible, and to exercise caution if within the vicinity of a demonstration."

    It also warned, "Syrian efforts to attribute the current civil unrest to external influences have led to an increase in anti-foreigner sentiment. Detained U.S. citizens may find themselves subject to allegations of incitement or espionage."

    Syrian authorities sometimes wait days or weeks to notify the US embassy of the arrest of an American citizen, it cautioned, and "there have been numerous credible reports of torture in Syrian prisons."

  26. She needs spotted, like an Apooloosa..



  27. President Barack Obama is awarding the military's highest honor to a Marine credited with saving 36 lives during an intense fire-fight in Afghanistan.

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