“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, June 03, 2017

English Men - Get Them Out - It is Late But Not Too Late - Get Them Out

Enoch Powell's address to the General Meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre (commonly called "Rivers of Blood" speech) on 20 April 1968 was a speech criticising Commonwealth immigration, and anti-discrimination legislation that had been proposed in the United Kingdom.


  1. I listened to this speech in 1968. Enoch Powell Was Right Then. His words are even more profound, more right and more urgent now.

    Get them out.

  2. Establish their nationality and religion. Identify the neighborhood they are from. Draw a one mile circle and get them out in thirty days.Train , plane or ship. Men, women children. All of them.

  3. There may be two sites to this latest terror attack in London. Hard to tell what's going on. Police have so far made no statement.

  4. Ted Kennedy and his type in the English Left did this.

    End it.

  5. Man hunt launched for three terrorists as men with '12 in hunting knives stab pedestrians' after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van amid reports of explosions in third attack in ten weeks

  6. There is no defense against this. Their is no excuse for it. There is only one answer.

    Get them out. All of them. Don't hurt them but get them out.

  7. I think London has a Moslem mayor, IIRC.

    1. The current mayor is Sadiq Khan, who took up office on 9 May 2016.


  8. Most of "them" are Englishmen.

    Carry British passports.

    There is no where to send them, they are already home.

    1. They can live with you, Jack Ass.

      You used to brag about leading a death squad.

      Your kind of folks.

      And, since you're here to pass gas, D.A., I'm signing out to watch Sky News full time.


      and Cheers to all the others.


    2. Run, "Draft Dodger" run away, it is what you and your Chicken Hawk heroes are best at.

    3. They are not English. Culture does not begin at conception. It is a multigenerational evolution.

      A cat born in a barn is not a cow. They have a nationality in the Middle East. They have a middle eastern religion and a culture.

      The mistake being made in the West, is that people are trying to figure them out, understand them, relate to them on a multicultural level.

      There is no multicultural. The are a multitude of cultures. Some are good. Some are FUBAR.

      There is no attempt for the alien culture to discipline the shit among them. Forget it. Don't try and figure them out.

      This is not complicated. Draw three circles around the killers:

      1. Religion.

      2. Nationality of their ancestry.

      3. Present geographical location.

      If all three apply. Get the out. All of them that are in those three circles.

      You will not have to do it too long before they get the message. If they don't get the message. Keep getting them out.

    4. They are certainly English.

      Born and Bred.

      That "they" do not fit YOUR stereotype of an Englishman, not a real concern.
      Those that carry British passports, they're English.

      Or they'd not have a British passport.


    5. “It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
      It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us.
      If it was Them, then nothing was anyone's fault.

      If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I'm one of Us.
      I must be. I've certainly never thought of myself as one of Them.
      No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We're always one of Us.

      It's Them that do the bad things.”

      ― Terry Pratchett


    6. Now Terry Pratchett, he was an Englishman's Englishman.

      Sir Terence David John "Terry" Pratchett, OBE was an English author

      He knew what's what about "Them" and "Us".

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  9. The Manchester Bombing Is Blowback from the West’s Disastrous Interventions and Covert Proxy Wars

    How the U.S. and the U.K. helped bring jihadists like Salem Abedi to Libya and Syria.

    By Max Blumenthal

    The heinous suicide bombing by British-born Salman Abedi of an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester was not merely the work of an “evil loser,” as Donald Trump called it.
    It was blowback from interventionist policies carried out in the name of human rights and “civilian protection.”

    Through wars of regime change and the arming and training of Islamist proxy groups, the US, UK and France played out imperial delusions across the Middle East.

    In Syria and Libya, they cultivated the perfect petri dish for jihadist insurgency, helping to spawn weaponized nihilists like Abedi intent on bringing the West’s wars back home.

    1. The son of anti-Qaddafi immigrants to the UK, Abedi grew up in Manchester’s community of Libyan exiles. A report in the London Telegraph indicated that he had traveled just weeks before his attack to Libya, where Salafi-jihadi militias are competing for control of the destabilized country.

      Abedi had also reportedly traveled to Syria to join up with the extremist rebels that have waged a six-year-long insurgency against the country’s government, with billions of dollars in assistance from the West and its Gulf allies.

      According to French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb, it was in these conflict zones where Abedi was radicalized.


      When the uprising against Gaddafi began in 2011, Ramadan Abedi, the father of Salem, returned to his home country to fight with the LIFG. He was part of the rat line operated by MI5, which hustled anti-Qaddafi Libyan exiles to the front lines of the war.

      "I was allowed to go [to Libya], no questions asked," a British Libyan who had been under house arrest at the time for ties to extremist groups, told Middle East Eye.

      While it is not known if Salman Abedi himself was involved with the LIFG, the group’s links to British and American intelligence are well established, and go back decades.


    2. The right-wing demagogues pouring out their wrath on Muslim immigrants and rallying for more restrictionist policies are diverting blame from where it should ultimately lie.

      In their pursuit of imperial delusions in Libya and beyond, Western leaders cynically sacrificed the security of their own citizens, setting the stage for the massacre in Manchester.

      The interventionists should be held accountable before they can strike again.


  10. ISIS claims attack that left 37 dead in Manila casino

    Yeah, send 'em home, even if that is where they already are.

    But notice how unconcerned our "Draft Dodger" has been about the innocent people killed in Manila, Must be because they weren't "White".


  11. Mr Trump stroking the "Orb" with the Wahhabi, didn't do a thing, but embolden the terrorists.
    A picture that is worth an amazing number of words, simply amazing.

    You won't believe how the US is winning ...
    You'll beg the President to stop, we've been winning so big.

  12. The vehicle mounted the pavement at the scene in central London this evening, as three people with what appeared to be their throats cut stagged down the street, according to witnesses.

  13. The Left Independent has yet to mention the story.

    Here is there headline:

    Alt-right leaders head to Portland as white supremacist faces trial for murders of men who defended Muslim and black girls
    The prominent alt-right leaders include a self-proclaimed "journalist" who makes propaganda for the movement

    1. There are terrorists of every stripe roaming the world.

      Pick your poison.

      LAREDO - Laredo police have released more information about the events that led to a officer-involved shootout at a Laredo convenience store Friday, which seriously injured three officers and killed a murder suspect.

    2. There is at least one in Phoenix: you.


    3. Prove it, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, your IP address proceeds you, but you know that.

      Don't you ?

    4. .

      This place has gone off the deep end, rat.

      Batshit crazy.

      Hair on fire nutz.

      Bush and his color coded terror alerts did their job.

      Scared shitless.


  14. Let them try this shit in Hungary or Poland. They will not wait till the government figures out what to do.

  15. Meanwhile our domestic shitbirds are clamoring about Trump and the Russians.


    1. Lt Gen Flynn certainly did not help the cause.
      He was not a "Private Citizen" and he definitely 'colluded' with the Russians.
      He definitely was a senior member of the Trump Administration and campaign.

      I don't know if he incorporated in Panama, but he did, definitely, banked in Belize.
      Probably did not incorporate in Panama, or they'd not discovered that he banked in Belize.

      Sold out the US and Mr Trump.

      He is a key part in the Emasculation of the President.

      He provides credence to the claims of collusion.
      Simple as that.


    2. Lt Gen Flynn, tries for an immunity deal, then when that is rejected, takes the Fifth.

      He sold out the United States and Mr Trump, for $500,000 passed to the Lt Gen from the Russians through a Turkish 'false-flag'.

      So, so sad, to have a traitor in the White House, so close and so trusted by the President..

      What a smuck, he ought be shot as the traitor he is.


  16. A Muslim in the Philippines saves 64 Christians from the Islamic State fighters, there.
    Risking his own life and that of his family to do it.

    ‘If they knew about Christians, all would be executed’: Muslim saves dozens from ISIS in Philippines

  17. If a Mosque in the USA advocates Sharia - and what Mosque does not ? - and Sharia demands the overthrow of "man made law", that is to say our Constitution, which it does, then the members of the Mosque should be charged with Treason and either hung, or sent out of the country, their choice.

    Quirk, our House Logician, should be able to appreciate the solid logic of this, though he may whine about the results.

    The Constitution is not a suicide pact.


    1. The idiot Brits are reported to be considering raising 'the terrorist threat level' back up to extreme once again.

      They had just lowered it a notch.

      This will surely save their Nation.

  18. All is going to be well.

    Justin Bieber is joining Miley Cyrus (?) whoever she/he is, and Ariana Grande at the One Love Concert, tomorrow I think it is....unless it's cancelled for security reasons.

    Also, Take That, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, and Little Mix.

    1. Ring of steel set to protect 50,000 fans: Huge security operation in place as Ariana Grande pays tribute to Manchester victims
      Armed police will protect 50,000 fans at tomorrow’s One Love concert
      Officers will be in place for at least two hours after the finish of the concert
      Fans have been told not to take bags and be ready for security searches
      The £40 tickets for Sunday’s event, to be shown live on BBC1, were snapped up in less than 20 minutes on Thursday

      By James Tozer for the Daily Mail
      PUBLISHED: 20:44 EDT, 2 June 2017 | UPDATED: 09:40 EDT, 3 June 2017

      40 pounds a shot.

      I hope all goes well.

    2. I'm not mocking. They are doing just what they should be doing.

      Just don't like Justin Bieber, nor really the concert title, much.

    3. How about Sing Them Goodbye And Send Them Home Concert ?

    4. I've heard all day that the Police and MI-5 have identified 23,000 jihadis now.

    5. Well, we best ban Englishmen from traveling to the US, they are quite the security risk.

  19. It's the holy month of Ramadan, folks -

    The holy month returns with its sacred traditions.
    June 3, 2017 Bruce Bawer

    Yet again it has returned, the sublime and hallowed month of Ramadan – a beautiful and particularly sacred period that was an original part of the magnificent revelation handed down by Allah to the Prophet himself (peace be upon him) in the Holy Quran. Indeed, it has been widely postulated by many of our holiest of men that the precious text of that sacred volume was revealed to the Prophet himself (even more peace be upon him) during the very first Ramadan.

    Needless to say, this is an exceedingly special and sanctified period of the year, a period of grace and majesty as well as of prayer and charity – a time during which the eternally beloved people of Allah are encouraged to demonstrate the depth and strength of their faith by engaging in sawm, or fasting, from dawn until sunset, as well as by strictly avoiding the intake of food and beverages, the use of tobacco, and any kind of carnal activity, although the standard acts of incestuous intercourse with minors and, naturally, the brutal sexual violation of the wives and offspring of infidels can be safely pursued per usual. Furthermore, it is to be hoped that the faithful will manifest the great extent of their self-restraint during this period by scheduling such activities as female genital mutilation, wife-beating, and the theologically obligatory honor killing of wives, sisters, and daughters for the hours following sundown – that is to say, after the iftar, the solemn supper taken in the wake of the sinking of the sun below the horizon, and before the suhur, the consecrated common meal that is directed to take place just prior to the rising of the sun.

    It is particularly vital that the people of God make a special effort during the holy month of Ramadan not to engage in any act of unkindness, injustice, or insensitivity directed at their fellow believers – although, of course, the tossing of homosexuals from the roofs of buildings, the remorseless stoning to death of rape victims, and the violent execution of apostates may proceed as usual, preferably during the hours of darkness. It it crucial, moreover, to underscore that Ramadan is a time during which the followers of the Prophet are enjoined to take part in even a more extensive and profound degree of spiritual reflection than is their usual practice during the remainder of the year: they are, for instance, called upon to recite the special Ramadan prayers, known as the Tarawih, during the nights of this dearest of months, and even, if they are capable of such an accomplishment, to read prayerfully through the entire Holy Quran from start to finish. All of this contemplative and devout activity, to be sure, should not be permitted to distract the children of Allah from such equally urgent and virtuous tasks as mowing down infidels with cars, trucks, and other vehicles, shooting deadly rockets into the heart of urban areas where civilian non-believers are wont to gather, and committing sundry acts of mass annihilation and bloodshed involving such handy implements as machetes and Kalashnikovs.

    1. Most important of all, the consummate lessons of self-control that the people of the Holy Quran are expected to take to heart during Ramadan should not be misconstrued in such a way as to prevent them from setting off bombs at major sporting events, high-profile musical performances, and other large public events at which there is a good chance of reducing large numbers of infidels, especially the small and helpless children of the infidels, to random splatters of blood and to charred, unidentifiable bits and pieces of flesh and bone. On the contrary, the followers of Allah and disciples of the Prophet (peace, yet again, be upon him) should never lose sight of the fact that it is during Ramadan, above all times, that acts of righteous slaughter and virtuous extirpartion – those blessed sanguinary proofs of Islamic piety and allegiance – bring even more joy to Allah in His Heaven than they do during the remainder of the year.

  20. .

    Quirk, our House Logician, should be able to appreciate the solid logic of this, though he may whine about the results.

    Please don't degrade the word 'logic' by associating it in any way with your thoughts. You, sir, are a moron.

    A week ago over the weekend 49 shot in Chicago. Then eight people including a cop shot by some nut down in down in New Orleans. The attack on those Muslims in Portland, 3 stabbed 2 dead. The attack on a mosque.

    Any mention here? Hell no. Other than when the mayor in Portland wanted to cancel some an anti-Sharia march by some fucked up white supremacist nut jobs and people here were complaining about it.

    Oh yea, and in your nightly junk dump from jihadwatch and Pam Geller I noticed stories by the bitch crying about 1st Amendment rights. What bullshit. I remember in one of her screeds she said there had been 380 people killed by Muslim terrorists throughout Europe and the US over the last 2 1/2 years. that's about 150 a year throughout most of the Western world. That is 1/5 of the homicide toll in Chicago last year.

    According to a survey of law-enforcement personnel,[12] in 2014 Sovereign Citizens are now regarded as the number one terrorist threat in America.

    Right wing groups are as big a threat as jihadist.

    Do we hear anything about this around here? Of course not. The right wing nuts out there are you.


    1. What, O Logician, does the death toll in Chicago have to do with a 'theologically' justified destruction of human rights and our Constitution ?

      Hey, listen up, Chicago, Detroit, that's out in your territory. You do something about it.

      It has zero to do with the point I was making, that Sharia teaches the overthrow of our Constitution, constitutes treason, and we ought not let it pass, as you are willing to do.

    2. You worry about Detroit.

      I'll worry about Boise.

      How about that ?

    3. How about that, dumbfuck ?

      Forgot the proper ending salutation, sorry.

      I think I'm heading to bed.

      Sleep well, dear Quirk.

      Cheers !

    4. Oh, and a Happy and Blessed and PEACEFUL Ramadan to you, may the violent month not disturb you and yours.

    5. .

      Read that Newsweek article. You'll spot yourself in there at some point.


    6. You read The Periscope.

      I'll take the broader sunlit view from above the water.

      It was on our High School magazine rack.

      I got bored with Newsweek.

    7. Here's your man, Quirk -

      Hugh Fitzgerald: Jeremy Corbyn, Or, Could Things In the U.K. Become Even Worse?

      JUNE 3, 2017 1:39 PM BY HUGH FITZGERALD

      Hugh Fitzgerald: Jeremy Corbyn, Or, Could Things In the U.K. Become Even Worse?

      JUNE 3, 2017 1:39 PM BY HUGH FITZGERALD

      Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party in the U.K., apparently is rising in the polls and has a chance to defeat Theresa May for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. As we all know, Theresa May has been a disaster on the subject of Islam. She has insisted that the Islamic State’s “actions have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran.” She claims that the massacres in Paris in November 2015 had “nothing to do with Islam.” She and her associates have, as Robert Spencer has noted, “hounded, stigmatized, and demonized foes of jihad terror, falsely claiming that they represent a “far-right” equivalent to jihad terrorists, while appeasing and accommodating Muslim groups in Britain, many of which were by no stretch of the imagination “moderate,” and allowing numerous jihad preachers to operate without hindrance. Among the preachers she has admitted is Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri, whose preaching of hatred and jihad violence was so hardline that he was banned from preaching in Pakistan, but the UK Home Office welcomed him into Britain.” And, of course, Robert Spencer continues to be blocked, as a “far-right islamophobe,” from even entering the U.K. So one wonders if Jeremy Corbyn could possibly be worse? The answer, I’m afraid, is yes.

      Well-known for his anti-Israel views, in 2014 Corbyn attended a wreath-laying ceremony at a cemetery in Tunisia honoring one of the terrorists who masterminded the 1972 Munich massacre. He later wrote about this in an October 2014 column he wrote for the Morning Star (a far-left paper, successor to The Daily Worker) newspaper, recalling his recent participation in a “poignant” ceremony at which wreaths were laid on the graves of Palestinians “killed by Mossad agents in Paris in 1991.”

      Corbyn has appointed one Andrew Murray to run his campaign. Murray, who after forty years as a Communist gave it up to join the Labour Party, also heads the group Stop the War. Murray has repeatedly attacked Israel, and numerous speakers at Stop the War events over the years have denounced the Jewish state. In 2009, one of the group’s founders, John Rees, described Hamas and Hizballah as “resistance” groups which are “a legitimate part of [our] movement.”....

    8. And another fellow you might like -

      Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

      Reza Aslan: Trump “piece of s**t” for calling for travel ban in wake of London jihad attacks


      Wanting to defend Americans from jihad massacres makes Trump a “piece of s**t,” and “embarrassment to America,” a “stain on the presidency,” and an “embarrassment to humankind.”

      Reza Aslan has never used such strong language against, say, Islamic jihad mass murderers. Seven people are dead and twenty wounded at the hands of Islamic jihadists in London tonight, but to Reza Aslan, it is President Trump who is the piece of s**t. The jihadis are not, evidently, pieces of s**t or embarrassments to anyone. What is embarrassing is wanting to resist jihad attack. Surrender, as far as this fashionable young Islamic supremacist cannibal is concerned, is so much cooler....

    9. A travel ban on England and Englishmen, now that'd be an interesting thing.

      Since the 11SEP01 raiders came to the US from Germany, perhaps the US should ban travel from there, too.


    10. Now, the US could ban travel from the UAE, but that would put a crimp in sales at the Trump Resort, there.
      Lots of folks traveling to and from that hotbed of Wahhabi ideology.

    11. Oh, wait a minute, Mr Trump wants to ban travel for 90 days, so he can 'check out' the vetting process.

      Interesting thing, it has been over 100 days since the Executive Order was stayed.
      How did the review go?

      The window on the inspection period, it has closed.
      What were the results of the review ?

  21. According to some here, the Irish just elected an Indian to be their Prime Minister.

    Sorry fellas, he's REALLY an Irishman, it was where he was born, where he is from, the country he'll govern.

    Ireland's governing Fine Gael party on Friday elected Leo Varadkar, the gay son of an Indian immigrant, as its new leader and the country's likely next prime minister.

    That is the truth, not "Fake News", about migrations.
    There is no "Going Back".

    Not in time, not in space.


  22. We now know that Attorney General Sessions had a third, previously undisclosed contact with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller might be including the AG in his expanding investigation. Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) returned to the line-up, issuing a subpoena to the spy agencies to determine who “unmasked” the identities of Trump campaign officials in a foreign surveillance operation. And in the Russian League action, Vladimir Putin—perhaps the most disreputable player since Ty Cobb—threw a bunch of junk from the mound, conjecturing that independently acting Russian patriots might have been the Democratic National Committee hackers.

    Even so, the news-heavy week belonged to Time magazine cover boy Jared Kushner, around whom speculation swirled like a cyclone. The top communications puzzle this week was this: What did Jared Kushner chat about with Sergey N. Gorkov, a Russian banker with spy credentials, when he met with him for a half-hour in December at the behest of Ambassador Kislyak? An assortment of answers are on offer. According to the White House, the meeting’s purpose was diplomatic, part of the Trump transition’s strategy to get a head start on reshaping relations with the Russians. According to Gorkov’s state-owned bank, VneshEconomBank, or VEB, the session was part of a new business strategy, which sounds plausible because Kushner was still running his family’s real estate operation at the time.

    Who are you going to believe? The Rooskies or Prince Jared? Why can’t you believe both? Early in the week, the New York Times speculated that Kushner’s goal was to use the banker as a “go-between” who could provide him with a direct line to Vladimir Putin.

    That theorizing is consistent with the belief that Gorkov, after seeing Kushner, flew directly to Japan to meet with Putin. The lifting of Russian sanctions, which limit American borrowing from the bank, could very well have been on the Kushner meeting agenda.

    The sanctions crimp Russia, especially its ruling class, by blocking economic activity in the United States, something they dearly covet. Kushner could have been killing several birds with one meeting.

    In addition to the Trump administration’s enthusiasm for lifting the sanctions and repeated efforts to back-channel with the Russians, it’s well known that Kushner needs to refinance his 666 Fifth Avenue tower, which he foolishly bought for $1.8 billion in 2007 at the top of the market.

    Adding to the intrigue comes the additional fact that Kushner did not disclose any of his Russian contacts when he applied for a security clearance in January.

    Just when you thought we had drained all the news value out of Kushner’s and Michael Flynn’s previous meeting with Ambassador Kislyak—the parley where Kushner allegedly asked if he could use a secure communications channel inside a Russian diplomatic facility to connect the incoming Trump administration with Russia—comes a dueling account from Fox News.

    In a piece published Tuesday, the news organization reported that the secure line ideas came from the ambassador, not Kushner, and it was a one-off suggestion to discuss Syria.

    The Fox piece carried no byline, which indicates that nobody at Rupert Murdoch’s outfit wanted to take professional responsibility for it. As solid lines of communications go, the Fox signal was heavy on noise, citing as it did a single source “familiar with the matter” to back its scoop. Tellingly, no other news organization corroborated the Fox piece or extended it findings.

    Is Fox really peddling FAUX News?


    1. ... and that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller might be including the AG in his expanding investigation

      Political Emasculation, as done by professionals.

      Who ever thought that the alligators had a say about draining the swamp ???
      Anyone with a brain.

  23. This is so easy to resolve but you have to show resolve.

    There is no benefit to us in the western culture to have them in Europe or the US. There are no problems with Indians, Koreans, Russians. All of those groups, if they have a problem, they resolve it amongst themselves. Muslims had a similar choice. They made a choice. It was the wrong choice. We don't need them. They are as detrimental as a disease. They have diseased every place they have settled.

    We made it worse by getting involved in their lands.

    Humanity designed pragmatic solutions thousands of years ago, divorce, excommunication and exile were all developed for a reason.

    We need to get out and stay out of their shit holes. They need to leave. All of them. It is not our job to figure them out. It is our job and duty to preserve what we have.

    They need to go. We don't need them. They are toxic to the greater good and welfare. We don't hurt them, but get them and their religious disease out. Enough is enough.

  24. The concept of individualism escapes you, aye.

    A Muslim in the Philippines saves 64 Christians from the Islamic State fighters, there.
    Risking his own life and that of his family to do it.

    ‘If they knew about Christians, all would be executed’: Muslim saves dozens from ISIS in Philippines


    1. We'll have to ban travel from Hawaii to the Mainland, there are just
      so, so many Philippinoes in Hawaii.

      Sorry, Doug, but you'll just have to tough it out, while Mr Trump checks out the vetting process for Hawaiians.

    2. The thing that doesn't escape me is your predictable nonsense.

    3. Crapping rat's nonsense is as predictable as the sun arising in the morning.

    4. I'm just hoping it finally blissfully sets and doesn't arise once again.

    5. What is not predictabl is that you ar endorsing "Group Punishments" against citizens based upon actions of others, not even associated with those being 'exiled'.

      Your advocating for actions that go well beyond any Liberal notion of "Politically Correct", or "Hate Crime".

      You are advocating for the worse of the worst "Liberal" notion.
      Group think and group action without personal responsibility or accountability.

      Your are advocating for something so sinister...
      It can only be categorized as nonsense worthy of ridicule.

    6. Nonsense,
      Everyone loves WWII. They love the Civil War.

      On Memorial Day, I posted the bombing record of my Father and crew over German cities. Thirty five cities, with dumb bombs and flights as large as 1000 bombers all with ten men crews.

      They didn't bomb Nazis. They bombed Germans. They were using group punishment because the German people did not discipline the fanatics amongst them. Had the German citizens killed every Nazi, every asshole in a brown shirt, every scumbag that destroyed other Germans and institution, the mass US bombings would not have occurred.

      Men woman, children, civilian, military, pigs, chickens and cats were obliterated. The same happened in The Civil War.

      Societies that survive recognize an existential threat and deal with it. The faster they do so; The more determined they are;
      The more ruthless; They do the least damage and they survive,

      Our problem is far easier. We don't have to kill many. We have to get them out of our society. They do not belong. They add nothing and our grandchildren will curse us if we do not.

      If a patriot could time travel and put five shots into Ted Kennedy as he crawled out of the waters of Chappaquiddick, we would all be better off.

      Humanity has always had to deal with the consequences of bad ideas from the ruling class. Some were recognized early, most not. If someone could time travel and drown six month old Adolph Hitler in a sink, would that be a crime?

      Some time a man has to do what a man has to do. This is such a time. Islam will not stop it. they can't. The Muslim Mayr of London, who entered office swearing on the Koran, made liberal Londoners felt very good and inclusively enlightened about themselves. This Muslim, so called Englishmen can't bring himself to face the facts this morning.

      If he can't or won't none of them will. This is no longer relevant. They had a choice. We made a mistake. They made a big mistake. We made a bigger mistake. We can win only when they lose.

      Hard men need to step up. Get them out. Get them out now. Make the fuckers lose and if we don't lose now, they will win later.

  25. We hear horseshit that there are criminals in the US and somehow that ameliorates the evil psychopathic Islamists. It doesn't. It is absurd. It is a lazy lie. Calling the actions of what just happened in London, a crime, is like calling pathogen an irritant.

    We have an existential threat that did not exist 50 years ago. We did it to ourselves and the liberals own it.

    Thousands of these people jump on a rag tag boat and float onto the shores of Europe and we open our arms to them and they bite.

    They add up to millions.

    it is no technological or logistical problem to expel 100,000 a month.


    1. Ronald Reagan is now considered a liberal, at the Elephant Bar?
      The US is operating under the Immigration Law passed on his watch.

      Interesting idea, that.


  26. We are witnessing the most inept Presidential Administration of my life time.
    The facts are exposed in the performance, more fittingly the lack of performance, in the manning of the Administration.

    It's not Chuck Schumer's responsibility nor fault.

    Nearly 100 days into his term, President Donald Trump hasn't nominated anyone for 85% of key executive branch positions that require Senate confirmation.

    Of the 554 positions requiring confirmation, as of Saturday, 473 have no nominee, 35 have been announced but not formally nominated, 24 have been nominated, and just 22 have been confirmed thus far, ...

    So, just TWO of those nominated as of the writing of this piece (Apr. 22, 2017) had not been confirmed.

    There is no blockage in the Senate, the White House has failed in its responsibilities to the people of the United States.

    Mr Trump is an apprentice, one who just doesn't get it.


    1. March 13

      President Trump tweeted about the first Cabinet meeting of his administration, claiming that four members were absent because Senate Democrats had delayed his nominees' confirmations.

      At the time of Trump's comment, the four Cabinet-level nominees who hadn't yet been confirmed were: Sonny Perdue for Agriculture secretary, Alexander Acosta for Labor secretary, Robert Lighthizer for U.S. trade representative and Dan Coats to head the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

      Trump named Perdue as his Agriculture secretary candidate on Jan. 19, but the formal nomination was only sent to the Senate on Thursday -- more than seven weeks later. Senators had also been waiting for Purdue's ethics paperwork, including an agreement for him to step down from several companies bearing his name. That wasn't received until Friday, according to Politico.

      Trump tapped Acosta on Feb. 16 after his first pick for Labor secretary, Andy Puzder, abruptly withdrew from consideration. Acosta's paperwork was filed March 9 and his confirmation hearing was originally slated for the following Wednesday. That was switched to March 22 because the committee chairman, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), was to appear with Trump at a Nashville rally promoting the GOP's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act the same day, the Associated Press reported.

      Trump announced Lighthizer and Coats as nominees on Jan. 3 and 5, respectively. Lighthizer's confirmation hearing was scheduled for March 14, and a committee voted March 9 to confirm Coats, advancing his nomination to the Senate floor.


    2. The National Review, a hotbed of liberalism to be sure, reports ...

      ... there are many such empty slots. Trump has named only 20 sub-Cabinet-level positions, including two who withdrew — a list that includes nominees for ambassadorships, counsel positions, and commissioners, according to a tracker from the Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service.

      CNN reports that “Trump has more than 1,900 vacancies within his new administration, most of which did not require Senate confirmation, according to data from tracking service Leadership Directories.

      The White House objects to those numbers, but didn’t provide me with any data of their own to refute them. Nor did the White House offer up any numbers refuting my contention in a previous article that the Office of Presidential Personnel had only 18 people working in it — only one-fifth the number employed by President Bill Clinton at this point in his presidency.

      This ghost office is captained by 38-year-old John DeStefano, a former political director for former House speaker John Boehner. His only major personnel experience has been advising newly elected 2010 tea-party members on whom to hire.

      The management chart at the Department of Defense is marked by Swiss-cheese-like holes. The Associated Press reports that after two months, not a single political appointee has joined Secretary Mattis. “The process has definitely slowed,” said Dov Zakheim, who served as the Pentagon budget chief during the George W. Bush administration.

      “The delays are already causing much consternation among allies, especially in Europe and Southeast Asia, as their most senior working level day-to-day contacts — the deputy assistant secretaries — may not come onboard until the summer,” he told the AP.
      “Lots of mayhem could take place before then.”

      Read more at:


    3. A top Republican strategist who has worked on several presidential personnel teams told me that the Trump administration must take command of the situation.

      “The President needs to ensure a process by which 30 to 40 top-tier nominations a week get processed for the next ten to 20 weeks to even be in a position to recess-appoint any who are bottled up by the Democrats,” he told me.

      “The entire system is down now, soup to nuts.”

      He says that the current staff at Presidential Personnel is incapable of handling anywhere near that flow. If nothing is done, the problem will only get worse.

      At the current rate of nominating individuals to positions, we could see the Trump administration’s first or even second anniversary before it would actually be filled with Trump people.
      > — John Fund

  27. Both English Prime Minister May and London Mayor Sadiq what'shisname have given excellent little statements consisting of nothing but the usual platitudes.

    1. Nigel Farage on the other hand is talking interment camps.

      Some recent tweets -

      Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage 2h2 hours ago
      May says enough is enough. We should have reached this conclusion years ago.
      513 replies 2,362 retweets 5,728 likes
      Reply 513 Retweet 2.4K
      Like 5.7K
      Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage 2h2 hours ago

      May now talks tough on terrorism. She had 6 years in charge of this as Home Secretary.
      350 replies 1,398 retweets 3,001 likes
      Reply 350 Retweet 1.4K
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      Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage 4h4 hours ago

      We cannot suspend the campaign and normal life indefinitely. We want real action from our leaders, not more hand-wringing.
      478 replies 2,935 retweets 6,343 likes
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      Like 6.3K
      Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage 14h14 hours ago

      Was very close to London Bridge when incident happened. Sounds like another disaster.



      I got the thing about internment camps from just listening to a Lady on Sky News who mentioned it.

    3. Although it's possible I misheard a little -

      Ex-Labour UKIP candidate calls for internment
      Posted by admin on November 18, 2015 · Leave a Comment
      The UKIP candidate in a council by-election has called for the introduction of internment in response to last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.
      Harriet Yeo – who until last year was leader of the Labour group on Ashford council in Kent, and is a former chairman of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee – commented on the French President François Hollande’s description of the attacks as an “act of war”.
      The former trade union leader asked: “If we’re at war shouldn’t we have internment?”

      But I'm almost certain I heard the Lady mention Nigel Farage.


    4. The British did invent the modern concentration camp.

      "What your government did abroad yesterday, it does at home today."

    5. This doesn't seem to quite do it but it's close -

    6. Ah !

      I just heard Nigel live on Fox News. They asked him about internment.

      His answer was that he has thought about it, but is concerned it might be counter-productive, as it was, he said, in Northern Ireland.

      So for now he is uncertain.

    7. No, for now, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, he is certain that what you pine for does not work...

      ... counter-productive, as it was, he said, in Northern Ireland.

      There is to be, for now, no change in England's policy, of that Nigel is certain, too.


  28. The US and its European allies are arming up the Wahhabi faction of Islam all across the Middle East, so as to foster the "Civil Wars" that are raging across the Region.

    Innocent victims of Western sponsored Wahhabi aggression fled to Europe.
    Where home grown terrorists are operating.

    Some would blame the refugees for the home grown terror.
    They'd be wrong.


    1. Are the Home grown terrorists members of the Wahhaist sect of Islam ?

      Almost in their entirety.

      Yet the politicos in DC harp on and on about the threat from Shia Muslims, sworn enemies of the Wahhabi.

      You've been played for fools, by knaves.


  29. Islamic nukes, the Wahhabi have 'em, in Pakistan, on missiles.

    Must be why Mr Trump rolled over for the Saudi royals.

    Rubbing the "Orb", to solidify the current alliance the US has with the ideologues that attacked US on 11SEP2001. Backing Mr Obama's policy towards the Wahhabi to the extreme.

    So, so sad.

  30. Another suggestion -

    Time for a Terrorism Accord, Not a Climate Accord

    Yes, there's a threat to civilization and it's not global warming, manmade or otherwise. And anyone who isn't comatose should know what it is.

    Islam, like cancer, needs a cure. And we all have to participate in the search for one before it's too late.

    Yes, this is about Islam, not "radical" Islam or some other off-shoot, real or imagined, because the tenets that have inspired the non-stop spate of terrorism across the world in recent years are spelled out clearly in sections of the Koran and the Hadith and other holy works of Islam. They provide justification for ISIS and a hundred other groups that may or may not replace them, now and in the future. This cannot continue -- unless we really do want to destroy ourselves.

    To be clear, this is not about bad people (many Muslims are fine human beings), but about a malignant ideology from the seventh century that must be expunged for the survival of all.

    But the majority of Western leaders don't want to know that. In fact, I'd wager that most have not even bothered to educate themselves in any serious way about Islam nearly sixteen years after 9/11 and with all the constant carnage that has gone on since and has been increasing significantly, not just in London and Manchester but virtually everywhere.

    These Westerners are not only willfully blind, they are suicidal. But we cannot let them commit suicide for the rest of us. They have to go.

    Similarly, the recent Paris climate accord is not only based on bad or "cooked" Climategate science, it is a deliberate conscious/unconscious deflection from the genuine "present danger" in front of us. It is no more than obfuscation allowing moral narcissists to feel good about themselves, virtue signaling about an environmental armageddon that hasn't happened and may never happen while, in real life, people are actually murdered on London bridges and in Cairo churches.


    What we need now is an international terrorism accord -- and, unlike the climate accord, a binding one -- that would commit the world, including the Muslim nations themselves, to the complete reformation of Islam that is the necessary basis for an end to this terrorism.

    1. New ISIS Command to EAT Infidels Has Islamic Roots

      President Trump made a good start in Riyadh in his address to the Sunni leaders, but we must go much further. It is correct that the Islamic world should be the ones to change their religion, but the rest of us on the planet are too affected by the results to stand by and wait. From the horrifying (London this weekend) to the daily (the constant of indignity of being scanned at airports, concerts, museums, etc.), we are all victims of Islamic ideology. We have a right, indeed an obligation, to participate in and demand its change. Otherwise, it will only get worse.

      Since Trump had the courage to open the discussion in Saudi Arabia, he should attempt to expand the dialogue and create this global accord. Egypt's el-Sisi would be a good partner because he already had the guts to criticize his own religion. All should be invited, even those who would never come (like the mullahs). All must confront the question of why Islam, unique among the world's religions today, has so much violence committed in its name. What is it about Islam that attracts this? What therefore has to be changed, both in behavior and ideology?

      The event should be public, with Islam ultimately made to pledge itself to human rights as accepted by the West -- equal rights for women and homosexuals, separation of church (mosque) and state, no discrimination based on race or religion (why no churches allowed in Saudi Arabia?), etc. -- not the absurd Orwellian version of human rights promulgated the UN Human Rights Council.

      This demand should be made to all quarters of the Islamic world with economic punishment applied if necessary. The time for diplomatic politesse is long over. Islam must be forced to join modernity. Reactionary multiculturalists among us must be ignored, along with their hypocritical (and nonsensical) belief that all religions are equal. To do otherwise would be to treat Muslim people like children. And that is what the West has been doing for some time -- with atrocious results for all.

    2. Most probably wouldn't work though.


    3. Mr Trump made just such an accord, with the Saudi.

      He rubbed the "Orb" and finalized the alliance.

      Do they not believe Mr Trump, at pjmedia?

    4. Oh, if one reads even further in the fantsy ...

      pj expects Mr Trump to dump on the Saudi, lose his resort in Dubai, and ...

      The event should be public, with Islam ultimately made to pledge itself to human rights as accepted by the West -- equal rights for women and homosexuals, separation of church (mosque) and state, no discrimination based on race or religion (why no churches allowed in Saudi Arabia?), etc. -- not the absurd Orwellian version of human rights promulgated the UN Human Rights Council.

      ... ally US with Iran, the largest Islamic country that comes closest to pj's wish list.

      An Islamic country with a large Jewish population, a large Christian population, where women can drive and even vote.

      Those bastards.


  31. North Korea "fully rejects" the latest U.N sanctions against its citizens and entities as a "hostile act" and will continue its nuclear weapons development without a delay, its foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

    The U.N. Security Council on Friday expanded targeted sanctions against North Korea after its repeated missile tests, adopting the first such resolution agreed by the United States and Pyongyang's only major ally China since U.S. President Donald Trump took office.

    The sanctions resolution "is a crafty hostile act with the purpose of putting a curb on the DPRK's buildup of nuclear forces, disarming it and causing economic suffocation to it," the foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by its official KCNA news agency. DPRK is short for Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the North's official name.

    "Whatever sanctions and pressure may follow, we will not flinch from the road to build up nuclear forces which was chosen to defend the sovereignty of the country and the rights to national existence and will move forward towards the final victory," the spokesman said.

    Like a broken clock, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson was right, once.

    Bob Fri Jun 02, 07:03:00 AM EDT

    And Trump's a fool if he thinks the Chinese are going to solve the problem of North Korea for him.

    Some would argue that what the NorKs do is not really a problem, for Mr Trump.
    That if their neighbors, South Koreans, Japanese, Russians and Chinese are not worked up about it, the US should not be, either.

  32. .

    They didn't bomb Nazis. They bombed Germans. They were using group punishment because the German people did not discipline the fanatics amongst them. Had the German citizens killed every Nazi, every asshole in a brown shirt, every scumbag that destroyed other Germans and institution, the mass US bombings would not have occurred.

    Carpet bombing?

    Batshit nutz.

    A number of studies were run by the allies after WW II to see if carpet bombing achieved the goals set for it, that is, to destroy the enemy's war making capabilities and to demoralize their population. It accomplished neither. The German war machine was still pumping out armaments at the and of the war and the bombing only increased the slaughter and hardened resolve. The same happened on the other side with the London blitz. Also, remember we bombed the hell out of Hanoi and destroyed the forests of Vietnam. How did that work out?

    It was group punishment and is now a war crime under article Article I of the Geneva Conference.

    The same applies to what you suggested. Bush declared a war on terror. You guys argue we are at war. In that case Article 4 of the Conventions would apply and collective punishment is still a war crime. If you guys were a majority in this country, OBL would have truly won. Luckily, you're not.

    OBL flushed the toilet and the shit has risen to the top. Now, we talk about state sponsored torture, kidnapping, extraordinary rendition, as viable options. Now, right wing nuts want to rip up the Constitution, pull out of the Geneva Conventions and relocate millions of US citizens based not on their crimes or guilt or trials or convictions but because they are part of a religious group. Of course, the idea is nutz and wouldn't even be possible but just the idea shows how low a certain proportion of the US population has sunk out of irrational fear and bigotry.


    1. Well, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did demoralize the populations there, that is, if being dead is demoralizing, and the war ended pronto, saving many lives, both American and Jap.

      Invading the home islands would have been a bitch.

      The Germans had almost no fuel at the end, or ball bearings, and Dresden didn't look so good either, the citizens having no buildings left to dwell in. Demoralizing ? What do you really think ?

    2. And, Quirk-o, the bombing of Hanoi did make them sue for peace.

      Which was later, of course, thrown away by the Democrats, who had started the American involvement, when said party cut off the funding for the effort, and North Vietnamese tanks rolled south, sitting ducks for bombing if we had bombed them.

      You are full of shit, once again.

    3. .

      Now, you are suggesting using nukes on the population of Dearborn, asshole?


  33. I'm waiting for our dear wingnuts tell us how it's a good thing that a knife attack such as what occurred in London is less likely to happen in the U.S. because of its enlightened gun laws.

    1. Let's you and I fight it out, Ash.

      You bring a knife, I'll bring my .38 Auto.

    2. Some Brits in a pub, or cafe, stopped one of the knifers by throwing chairs at the man.

    3. Wingnut 1 checks in as expected.

    4. .

      Watch it, Ash.

      Sounded like a threat to me.

      You know those Sovereign Citizens are pretty crazy.


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