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Thursday, June 29, 2017

CNN Chases Elmo Down The Rabbit Hole - It is not possible to make this up

“You used to be much more...muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.”

(CNN) Sesame Street's Elmo says refugee kids are just like kids everywhere.
"They like to play and learn just like Elmo and all his friends at Sesame street" he said during a Facebook Live interview with CNN on Monday.
The 3 1/2-year-old Sesame street character visited a refugee camp in Jordan back in February, and described the trip as "really wonderful because Elmo got to meet a lot of new friends." 
    "Elmo thinks it's important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that's very important."
    Elmo also noted some of the differences between kids here and there. "It was really sad because Elmo's new friends told Elmo that they had to leave their homes because it wasn't safe for them to stay," he said. "And that made Elmo really sad and sometimes a bit scared."



      The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) found only 45 per cent of Syrian refugees in Germany have a school-leaving certificate.
      Statistics from the Federal Labour Agency show the employment rate among refugees stands at just 17 per cent from over one million arrivals.

      The FT wrote just last week:

      “Initially, the influx of so many working-age, highly-motivated immigrants spurred optimism that they would mitigate Germany’s acute skills shortage and solve the demographic crisis posed by its dangerously low birth rate. Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of carmaker Daimler, said the refugees could lay the foundation for the “next German economic miracle.”

      This is confirmation that Merkel’s refugee intentions, far from benevolent, was simply about boosting the workforce as Germany’s ageing factory workers, the oldest in Europe and rapidly catching Japan’s will see German factories with well over 2 million vacancies by 2025. But the plan has backfired:

      In the space of just one year, migrants looking for work, but not finding it, jumped by 50 per cent. In the meantime, German Federal Employment Agency statistics show that only 6,500 refugees are enrolled in work training programmes out of nearly 500,000 unemployed. Around 12,000 applied but were not awarded a place due to poor academic or language skills.


      The European Commission has launched legal proceedings against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic who have accepted just 12 refugees between them.

      Hungary and Slovakia have countered proceedings against then and challenged the refugee quota together in the EU’s top court.

      Meanwhile, the EU is now spending millions to stop hundreds of thousands leaving Libya, described as ‘hell on earth’ by migrants escaping torture, rape and killings where the rule of law is now completely absent.

      Research by the US-based Refugees International (RI) group warned that the EU’s push to prevent boats leaving the Libyan coast – now the main departure point towards Europe – could fuel horrific abuses.


      The Independent Reports

      “Things are so bad in Libya the International Organisation of Migration has now warned people were being openly traded in “slave markets”. Rape is so prevalent among migrants in Libya and on journeys to it that some women passing through Ethiopia or Sudan are given a contraceptive injection, but many of those arriving on boats to Italy are already pregnant.”

      Millions are trying to escape the carnage created by Britain, France and NATO. Izza Leghtas, Refugees International’s senior advocate for Europe, said EU countries know “full well” the dire conditions faced by migrants.

      “A lot more needs to be done to address this emergency, for refugees, Libya is death and torture – that is what they are fleeing.”

    2. :):):):)

      I love Mark Steyn.

      Glad he is becoming a US citizen.

      No freedom of speech in Canada.....

    3. Elmo also noted some of the differences between kids here and there. "It was really sad because Elmo's new friends told Elmo that they had to leave their homes because it wasn't safe for them to stay," he said. "And that made Elmo really sad and sometimes a bit scared."

      Eastern European states have jointly crossed arms and refused to take part in the refugee quota programme, which is quickly turning into a stalemate position with EU bureaucrats.

      There are complicated reasons for the rejection in the region as a whole; some cultural, many practical or political but either way, self-determination on such matters should be sacrosanct. But sovereign power is not on the agenda for the unelected bureaucrats who determine the fate of member states, proving once again that authoritarian tendencies walk the corridors of power in Brussels.

      The refugee crisis was the result of destroying the fragile structures and institutions that supported Afghanistan, carpet bombing Iraq and invading Syria with proxy armies. As if that was not bad enough, by destroying Libya, described as the cork in the African migrant bottle, all hell was let loose. The leaders of the UK, France and America refused to listen to reason as they exerted more so-called ‘influence’ over the region for reasons that are geopolitically complex but more or less designed to secure energy supplies on the one hand, whilst denying it to the emerging economic threats from the East in the form of China and Russia on the other. The EU ended up being the inevitable geographical destination as the cork popped.European Parliament President Antonio Tajani claims there could be as many as 30 million migrants heading to Europe in the coming years and advocates “refugee cities” as some sort of answer to what is now predicted to be worst of the crisis yet to come.


      The migrant crisis engulfing Europe is likely to last for 20 years, the government minister in charge of Britain’s international response warned two years ago. The Secretary of State for Britain’s Department for International Development, said the humanitarian crisis was such that many refugees would be unlikely to return home for two decades.

      Since then, the refugee crisis has simply escalated and both of these predictions are numerically on target

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    4. Mr. Rogers' Christian Ghost says Islam Sucks.

    5. I doubt Graham Vanbergen will be getting a job on CNN.

    6. Steyn calls Europe Eurabia and says it will be dominated by the moslems in a generation.

      But not "Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic who have accepted just 12 refugees between them."

      That is an acceptable number, though a little high by my standards.

    7. The people's choice was:

      A. Hillary Clinton

      B. Christ on a Harley

      C. Donald Trump

      The US effete elite has been in meltdown mode since the American Public wisely did not jump on a Harley or follow the Clintonites down the rabbit hole.

    8. CNN, the nation's Fake News leader, has reached an all-time low -- using a beloved children's character to attack President Trump's temporary travel ban.

      The network produced a bizarre Facebook Live Chat that featured CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, Sherrie Westin from Sesame Street, International Rescue Committee's David Miliband and Elmo - a hand puppet.


      This is what has become of the once respected CNN -- reduced to interviewing guests who has a hand stuck up his backside.

      And this is why I support President Trump's plan to defend PBS. If Elmo wants to tickle somebody - let him do it on his own dime.

      - Todd Starnes

    9. Video: Ex-Muslim explains the ways lying is allowed and encouraged in Islamic law

      JUNE 28, 2017 7:55 AM BY ROBERT SPENCER

      “Because You Asked: What’s the Difference Between Taqiyya and Tawriya?”: An ATP Report Production – in this episode, Anni Cyrus explains the details of different ways that lying is allowed and advocated under Sharia.

      She is very beautiful. It's wonderful she doesn't have to cover up any longer.

      1. Join American Truth Project here:

        I just did !


      A court in Hanover has handed suspended sentences to six members of a Kurdish clan who seriously wounded two dozen police officers during a violent rampage in Hameln. The court's ruling was greeted with anger and derision by police who said it is yet another example of the laxity of Germany's politically correct judicial system.

      The case goes back to January 2014, when a 26-year-old clan member, arrested for robbery, tried to escape from the magistrate's office by jumping out of a seventh-floor courtroom window. The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he died. Members of his clan subsequently ransacked the hospital, as well as the court, and attacked police with rocks and other projectiles; 24 police officers and six paramedics were injured.

      The judge said he was lenient because the defendants witnessed the death of the 26-year-old and were traumatized. The judge also revealed that he had reached a deal with the clan, which among other effects prevented police from testifying in court.

      Dietmar Schilff, chairman of the GdP police union in Lower Saxony, said that the ruling had left many police officers shaking their heads in disbelief: "All police forces expect protection and support from the state." He added:

      "If we want to protect those who ensure public security, it must be clear that anyone who attacks police officers attacks the state — and has to fear appropriate consequences. It does not matter from which milieu the perpetrators come."

      Observers have surmised that the real reason for the judge's leniency was that he feared his family might be subjected to retribution from the clan.

      Middle Eastern crime syndicates have established themselves across Germany, where they engage in racketeering, extortion, money laundering, pimping and trafficking in humans, weapons and drugs.

      The syndicates, which are run by large clans with origins in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, among other places, operate with virtual impunity because German judges and prosecutors are unable or unwilling to stop them.

      by Soeren Kern
      June 18, 2017 at 5:00 am

    11. In Düsseldorf, two members of a clan brutally assaulted a 49-year-old woman who witnessed a car accident in the Flingern district. Her mistake, apparently, was to corroborate the "wrong" version of what she saw. The Rheinische Post called on the German government to fight the clans:

      "The threat remains, in particular wherever large families, mostly immigrants, place the supposed need for the protection of their loved ones above all else. The readiness for violence is great, the inhibition threshold is low. The punishment of existing laws hardly deters anyone."

    12. In Naumburg, police confiscated the driver's license of Ahmed A., a 21-year-old member of a Syrian clan, during a traffic stop. Almost immediately, police were surrounded by a mob of other clan members. The police retreated. The mob then marched to the police station, which they proceeded to ransack.

      Ahmed A., a serial offender whose asylum application was rejected but who remains in Germany, said: "Lock me up. I have nothing to lose. I am going to put a bullet in the head of every single police officer. I will make your life feel like hell. Then I'll just be a cop killer." He also warned the police officer who seized his license: "I will destroy his life. I know exactly where he lives." He then explained what he would do to the officer's wife and daughter. Ahmed A. was allowed to walk free; police said there were insufficient grounds for his arrest.

      Naumburg police have defended their weak response as being due to a lack of personnel, but regional parliamentarian Daniel Sturm pointed to the big picture: "We are talking about resistance to the power of the state." The Interior Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, said that it appeared as though the Syrian clan had established a "parallel society" in Naumburg. A local newspaper noted that the police's failure to act "sounds like the capitulation of the state of law (Rechtsstaat)."

    13. In Mülheim, around 80 members of two rival clans got into a mass brawl following a dispute between two teenagers. When police arrived, they were attacked with bottles and stones. More than 100 police backed up by helicopters were deployed to restore order. Five people were taken into custody but then released.

    14. In Munich, police arrested 20 female members of a Croatian clan believed to be responsible for up to 20% of all the burglaries committed in Germany. Investigators believe that the clan has at least 500 members throughout Germany.

    15. In Bremen, police effectively surrendered to clans from Kurdistan and the Balkans because of the need to conserve limited personnel resources for the fight against spiraling street crime by migrant youths.

      Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPolG), criticized city officials for their lack of resolve. "Bremen has capitulated to extremely dangerous clans. The state's monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force [Gewaltmonopol des Staates] is now becoming the law of the jungle. Security continues to go down the drain."


      2017 is nevertheless on track to be a record year for honor violence in Germany; in the first five months of this year, there have been at least 30 honor killings, including the following:

      May 18. In Berlin, a 32-year-old Bosnian, Edin A., murdered his former girlfriend, a 35-year-old German woman named Michelle E., after she ended their abusive relationship. He also abducted and tortured her 12-year-old son, who was forced to watch his mother's murder. Neighbors said they had repeatedly alerted the police about Edin A.'s violent behavior, but the police did nothing.

      May 17. In Pforzheim, a 53-year-old Tajik man stabbed to death his 50-year-old wife at her place of employment, a Christian daycare center. It remains unclear if the woman was a convert to Christianity.

      May 17. In Wardenburg, a 37-year-old Iraqi man stabbed to death his 37-year-old wife while she was asleep in her bed. The couple's five children, between the ages of four and 15, were at home at the time of the murder and are now living with relatives.

      May 8. In Neuendettelsau, a 24-year-old Ethiopian asylum seeker, Mohammed G., stabbed his 22-year-old girlfriend in the stomach at a restaurant after she allegedly "provoked" him. The woman was five months pregnant; the unborn baby died in the attack.

      May 4. In Freiburg, a 33-year-old Syrian asylum seeker stabbed his 24-year-old wife, a Kurdish Christian who had moved out of the couple's apartment, but had returned to collect some personal belongings. The couple's three children — aged six, three and ten months — are now in protective custody.

      April 29. In Prien am Chiemsee, a 29-year-old Afghan man stabbed to death a 38-year-old Afghan woman, Farima S., who had converted to Christianity. The attacker ambushed the woman as she was exiting a grocery store with her two children.

      April 23. In Syke, a 32-year-old Iraqi man, Murad B., strangled his 32-year-old wife, Mehe K., in front of the couple's three children, ages one, two and nine.

      a 29-year-old Pakistani refugee, Shahajan Butt, murdered his girlfriend, a 41-year-old Vietnamese woman named Thu T. Police say the man, who arrived in Germany in December 2015, became enraged after he noticed that the woman had not posted any photos of him on her Facebook page, and suspected that she may have had another boyfriend.

      April 16. In Mainz-Finthen, a 39-year-old Egyptian asylum seeker stabbed to death his 32-year-old wife. Police said the couple had been arguing at the time of the attack. Their two children are being held in protective custody.

      April 5. In Leipzig, a 34-year-old Syrian man stabbed his 28-year-old wife because she wanted a divorce. The couple's two children witnessed the attack; they are being held in protective custody.

      March 31. In Gütersloh, a 43-year-old Syrian man burned his 18-year-old daughter with a cigarette and threatened to kill her. When the police intervened, the father refused to allow his daughter to leave the house. After police succeeded in bringing the girl to safety, the father and son attacked the police, who used pepper-spray to fend them off. The girl is being held in protective custody.

      March 15. In Kiel, a 40-year-old German-Turkish man stabbed to death his 34-year-old Turkish wife in front of a daycare center. Neighbors said the couple, who were separated, had quarreled about moving their three children to Turkey.

      March 4. In Duisburg, a 30-year-old Syrian asylum seeker, Mahmood Mahrusseh, stabbed his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend. The woman survived; her attacker remains at large.

      March 3. In Mönchengladbach, a 32-year-old asylum seeker, Ahmed Salim, murdered a 47-year-old German woman, Nicole M., apparently after she ended a relationship with him. The man, who also uses the alias Jamal Amilia, was arrested in Spain. In his asylum application, he had written that he was from Israel. In another asylum application filed in another country, he had written that he was from Morocco. He is believed to be from Iraq.


      1. (...)

        March 2. In Scheeßel, a 42-year-old Iraqi man stabbed to death his 52-year-old wife, also from Iraq. Police described the murder as an honor killing. The couple's children are now in protective custody.

        February 25. In Euskirchen, a 32-year-old German-Turkish man stabbed to death his former girlfriend, a 32-year-old German woman who had begun dating someone else.

        February 17. In Offenbach, a 32-year-old Turkish man, Volkan T., shot to death his former girlfriend, a 40-year-old woman, Silvia B. The man said he was angry that the woman, who had two children, had ended her relationship with him.

        February 15. In Bielefeld, a 51-year-old Iraqi man tried to murder his 51-year-old wife by attacking her with a hammer while she was attending a German class at a local language academy. The man was apparently angry that his wife was mixing with other language students.

        February 10. In Ahaus, a 27-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker stabbed to death a 22-year-old woman after she seemingly offended his honor by rejecting his romantic advances. The woman, a Hindu, was employed at the same asylum shelter where her attacker lived. He was arrested in Basel, Switzerland.

        February 7. In Hanover-Mühlenberg, a 21-year-old Serbian man stabbed his ex-girlfriend after she ended their relationship and had begun dating someone else.

        February 1. In Hamburg, a 26-year-old Afghan man stabbed his estranged 28-year-old wife during an argument; she survived the attack.

        January 15. In Bremen-Vegesack, a 39-year-old Turkish man murdered his 40-year-old Syrian wife, who was nine months pregnant, because she wanted to divorce him. The unborn baby also died during the attack.

        January 5. In Waldshut-Tiengen, a 47-year-old Turkish man stabbed his estranged wife as she was walking with a friend. When she tried to run away, he pursued her and plunged a knife in her back.

        January 4. In Köln-Buchheim, a 44-year-old Iraqi man murdered his 19-year-old daughter because he did not approve of her boyfriend. Two days later, he called police. "I killed my daughter," he said. The man may never face justice; he is believed to have fled to Iraq.


      3. heh :)

        I volunteer to comment for Elmo -


    17. Multi- Culturalism Came to the West
      Muslims Came to celebrate Multi-Culturism
      Muslims hate the West
      The Multi-Culturists explain why we don't get it
      Muslims hate the West even more
      Progressives claim it is our fault
      Muslims agree
      Western governments change to please
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      Jinad continues
      Western governments deny the obvious
      There is only one winner
      Jihad or the West?

    18. Trump at least is trying to fight back a little.

    19. Will Christ Return on a Harley to help?

      1. I doubt it, myself.

        And I don't think we should even put any energy into wishing for it.

        We'll have to do it alone.

      2. Christ With A Handgun, perhaps that might be something to wish for....

    20. Will Allah plant a road bomb in front of the Harley?

      1. No, not Allah his very self, but one of his 'followers' would.

        And that is why we need Christ With A Handgun and not Christ On A Harley.

    21. Will moderate Muslims intervene?

      1. No, they will cheer behinds the scenes.

      2. Moslems who, incurring the death penalty for doing so, have left the 'faith' might well intervene, like the good lady in the above video I posted.

    22. When Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met in August 1941 on the battleship HMS Prince of Wales to agree the Atlantic Charter, a church service was held for which Prime Minister Churchill chose the hymns. He chose "Onward, Christian Soldiers" and afterwards made a radio broadcast explaining this choice:

      We sang "Onward, Christian Soldiers" indeed, and I felt that this was no vain presumption, but that we had the right to feel that we serving a cause for the sake of which a trumpet has sounded from on high. When I looked upon that densely packed congregation of fighting men of the same language, of the same faith, of the same fundamental laws, of the same ideals ... it swept across me that here was the only hope, but also the sure hope, of saving the world from measureless degradation.

      — Winston Churchill


      ... When I looked upon that densely packed congregation of fighting men of the same language, of the same faith, of the same fundamental laws, of the same ideals ... it swept across me that here was the only hope, but also the sure hope, of saving the world from measureless degradation.

    24. My Aunt of my beloved memory absolutely adored Winston Churchill, though she was only luke warm on Roosevelt.

    25. We sang this as kids. We had no angst about who we were.

    26. Trump should throw CNN into terminal apoplexy by having Diane Bush open for him.

      1. This would do it:

      2. Before every rally, before every presser !

    27. Nancy says the Wall is Immoral:

      1. She said Trump's health care plan was an affront to God.

        I say Nancy is an affront to any creative God.

      2. Well, maybe she said 'dishonors God' -

        Pelosi: Let’s face it, this Republican health-care bill dishonors God
        AllahpunditPosted at 10:41 pm on June 27, 2017