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Friday, May 13, 2016

So, Trump has a Women Problem? The Times They Are a Changin’

Clinton charity arranged $2M pledge to firm owned by Bill’s ‘friend’

Clinton charity arranged $2M pledge to firm owned by Bill’s ‘friend’

Bill Clinton’s foundation arranged a $2 million pledge to a power company partly owned by a wealthy blond divorcée — who some say is the frequent visitor to his home nicknamed “Energizer.”

The “commitment” to Julie Tauber McMahon’s firm from the Clinton Global Initiative was placed on its 2010 conference agenda at Clinton’s urging, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The initiative “commits $2 million to support the work of Energy Pioneer Solutions, a company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America,” said a 2010 statement from the charity.

Clinton even went to bat for the company when it came to lobbying for federal funds. He helped steer an $812,000 federal grant to it by endorsing the funds via then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the Journal said.

McMahon owns 29 percent of Energy Pioneer Solutions, which was given the money to make people’s homes more energy-efficient.

The fit, blond mother of three, who lives just minutes from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, West­chester, is the daughter of Joel Tauber, a millionaire donor to the Democratic Party.

McMahon, 54, is rumored to be the woman dubbed “Energizer” by the Secret Service at the Clinton home because of her frequent visits, according to RadarOnline.

Secret Service agents were even given special instructions to abandon usual protocol when the woman came by, according to journalist Ronald Kessler’s tell-all book“The First Family Detail.”

“You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in,” says the book, based on agents’ accounts.

“Energizer” is described in the book as a charming visitor who sometimes brought cookies to the agents.

The book describes one sun-drenched afternoon when agents took notice of the woman’s revealing attire.

“It was a warm day, and she was wearing a low-cut tank top, and as she leaned over, her breasts were very exposed,” an agent is quoted in the book as saying.
“They appeared to be very perky and very new and full … There was no doubt in my mind they were enhanced.”

“Energizer” reportedly timed her arrivals and departures around Hillary Clinton’s schedule.

Modal Trigger
Bill and Hillary ClintonPhoto: EPA

McMahon has denied in reports having an intimate relationship with Bill Clinton.
The commitment to McMahon’s company raises red flags for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Other Clinton friends — including former Democratic congressional candidate Scott Kleeb, Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias and Mark Weiner — share ownership of Energy ­Pioneer Solutions.

Under federal law, tax-exempt nonprofits like Clinton’s are not supposed to act in anyone’s private interest, the Journal reported. Spokespeople for Bill and Hillary Clinton declined to comment.

A foundation spokesperson defended the financial commitment as “a common practice in the broader philanthropic space.”


  1. Oh, noes, Ol' Bill likes a li'l Tang on the side. :)

    Boy, That'll wreck the campaign. :)


  2. In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is in retreat on multiple fronts


    1. In the latest setbacks for the militants on Thursday, Syrian government troops entered the outskirts of the historic town of Palmyra after a weeks-old offensive aided by Russian airstrikes, and U.S. airstrikes helped Iraqi forces overrun a string of Islamic State villages in northern Iraq that had been threatening a U.S. base nearby.

      These are just two of the many fronts in both countries where the militants are being squeezed, stretched and pushed back.­Nowhere are they on the attack. They have not embarked on a successful offensive in nearly nine months. Their leaders are dying in U.S. strikes at the rate of one every three days, inhibiting their ability to launch attacks, according to U.S. military officials.

      Front-line commanders no longer speak of a scarily formidable foe but of Islamic State defenses that crumble within days and fighters who flee at the first sign they are under attack


      Hezbollah killing: Jihadists blamed for Badreddine death


      those pesky Syrian Rebels. Just blew up the SENIOR Hezbollah dude INSIDE Damascus at a secret base near the airport...


      Now talk about a SET BACK for Assad, Iran and Hezbollah...

      Now that's ENTERTAINMENT

    3. 900 DEAD Hezbollah in Syria...


      Hezbollah Fighters Are Fed Up With Fighting Syria’s War

      BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon — They joined to fight Israel in Lebanon, but after multiple combat tours in the Syrian cities of Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, and around Damascus, Hezbollah reservists tell The Daily Beast that they are no longer willing to die in Syria’s unending, bloody civil war.
      As a result of their refusal to continue volunteering to prop up the embattled government of Bashar al-Assad, they say that the Shia Party of God has cut off the money they were accustomed to receiving: reservist paychecks and permanent family benefits packages. What other consequences there may be remain to be seen.


    4. Ah the Checker Player speaks...

      Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 12:55:00 AM EDT
      In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is in retreat on multiple frontsJack Hawkins

      Notice how Jack "Arm Chair General" Hawkins sets the statement...

      "In Syria and Iraq"

      Cant talk about the CURRENT reality but sets a fixed spot and time to make the judgement on, even if that set time is old and expired... Just like last month's milk, old Jack is expired too....

      Libya, ISIS, and the Flow of Foreign Fighters
      A new UN Security Council report says the Islamic State is attracting outsiders to fight in the failed state

      The UN Security Council is worried about Libya—and rightly so. As we noted in February, the country has seen a doubling of Islamic State forces in recent months, and ISIS has expanded its control of territory, including Sirte, the home city of deposed leader Muammar al-Qaddafi.

      In a UN-issued report this week, the Security Council noted the Islamic State’s growing capacity, which has been buttressed by a flow of foreign fighters from places like Sudan, Tunisia, and Turkey. The development hasn’t gone unnoticed by the United States, which last month killed dozens of ISIS fighters (and two Serbian hostages) in airstrikes on a training camp.

      Isis don't play no checkers Jack... they play GO.....

      Keep that EYE on the PRIZE JACK...

      How ISIS Is Spreading Terror Far Beyond Iraq and Syria

      It has also made strategic gains in Syria and is expanding its operations in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Europe, Asia and the United States.

      In the United States, the terror plots and attacks are rising. This year, eight attacks or plots to attack in the U.S. homeland have been uncovered. Seven of these plots occurred during the last two and a half months, a sharp rise from the nine plots and attacks in 2013 and 2014 combined. Two of the 2015 plots involved actual deaths. Fortunately, the three people who were killed were the attackers or the plotters. One of these plots was an actual attack that took place in Texas in May.

      Related: Why a Military Victory Over ISIS Is Wishful Thinking

      All the plots were either inspired by ISIS or planned by ISIS. About 150 Americans went to Syria to join ISIS. More than 50 Americans were charged in the U.S. for helping or trying to help ISIS.

      Yep Old Jack is Checker player in a world of GO players....

      Trying to put back into the toothpaste tube the paste.....


  3. rufus it's not the tang it's the paying for the tang with charity money gifted by other people you idiot.

    'doc rather than put my hand in a cast can ya just cut the finger off? I want to give the finger to someone'

    'you want to give the finger to someone? Who?'

    guy named quirk out of detroit'


    'he's earned it over the years'

    'whatever but we'll have to clean it up your hand is dirty'

    'just lop it off now and give the dirty finger to quirk'

    'all right then but you got to sign a consent form'

    and I did and he did so i'm giving you the dirty finger quirk.

    it's hard to type now

  4. goddam rufus is a dumb shit I really should have given him the dirty finger

    q's a gentleman genius by comparison

    1. but it's payback for him leaving me broke in the schmee

      pics of schmee:

    2. leaving me broke in vegas the schmee

  5. Clinton Cash

    Always worse than you think.

    That's Ruf's gal !!

  6. Bill Clinton took 26 flights with sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein

    posted at 9:21 pm on May 13, 2016 by John Sexton

    Fox News reports Bill Clinton took 26 flights on the “Lolita Express,” the private jet owned by billionaire sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein:

    Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by

    Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

    “Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,” said Conchita Sarnoff, of the Washington, D.C. based non-profit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, and author of a book on the Epstein case called “TrafficKing.” “Why would a former president associate with a man like that?”.....

    1. Scum.

      And they've got ruf's vote.

  7. Just 17 days until Memorial Day 2016......


    1. Is that when the indictment against Hillary is coming down, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson?

      Or the day the FBI Directer resigns?

      Which is it?

    2. Jack, you tell us since you have a source inside the FBI, what does your mole say?

      Come on Mr Newspaperman....

      tell what does your confidential source say?

      How's that magazine you publish going?

      What was that title?

      "Wannabe Cowboys and their Horse Lovers"?

  8. The point is, Hillary is making philandering an issue with Trump.

    Irony much?

    1. Best move.

      Don’t bring it up.

    2. Yup.

      It's like a felon trying to criticize some else over their traffic tickets.

      Best talk about almost anything else....


    3. Bob
      Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback ...

    4. But what ?

      Libya ?

      Benghazi ?

      Emails ?

      Sniper fire incoming on the tarmac in Bosnia or wherever ?

      The Clinton Foundation ?

      'Diplomatic accomplishments' ?

      'Experience' ?

      Ah, I'm a concentrate on that.....even though The Clinton Foundation, as reported recently in the news, pays its female employees less than the men....

      It would be wonderful if some of the Clinton Foundation gals brought a class action suit right about now, as is their legal right....(remember Wal-Mart)

    5. Jack, you should not throw stones..

      How much child support did you not pay?

      17.5 years of willful negligence is quite a bundle of cash..

      You just can't (legally) father a kid and never pay a dime to support it....

      But I guess there is an upside...

      That child will never have to KNOW you...


      Now THAT'S funny...

    6. 17.5 years... a $1,000 a month?

      that's $210,000 you ripped your own kid off.....


      you stated:

      Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 02:48:00 AM EDT

      Bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT
      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback ...

      Now you ripped your own offspring off of $210,000....

      Seems your theft was FAR greater than bob's....

      Are you on your "knees"? (and we don't mean you hanging out at AZ's finest gay bar's glory holes, this time)

    7. What kind of MAN doesn't support his own child?

      Jack "Dont DO Child Support" Hawkins....

      That's who

    8. What kind of MAN doesn't support his own child?

      All MEN support their children the very best they can.....but not Jack....not at all.

      That's why people often call Jack 'Sperm Donor'.

      My lawyer was very complimentary of my relationship with my aunt.

      Said I made all good moves, and all legal, too.

      He was the District Judge before he was my lawyer, and liked my dad.

      Like all the Jewish folks I have known, he was a very family oriented type guy.

  9. Dead Beat Dad is back.

    Nearly midnight here, so I'm going to bed.

    In five minutes it will only be 16 days to Memorial Day, 2016 !

    1. Is that when you think the indictment of Hillary will be made, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson?

    2. here is some video of Jack in Philadelphia

    3. Jack, you are the person sho claims to have a SOURCE inside the FBI.....

      Tell us...


    4. That was a number of years ago, "O"rdure.

      The Colonel died, and we all moved on, as he was the 'glue' that held that social group together. Now I could call the SAC of the Phoenix office, but I doubt that he knows the details of an investigation centered in DC and NY.

      Nor, I doubt, is the FBI intentionally 'leaking' on that data set, as they did with you, and your suspect gun sales, back in 2005.

    5. LOL

      There you go again, making unfounded allegations..

      Please confirm those details of those "guns" sales...

      But of course? There were none...

      But if you are not lying, then you are guilty of a crime of leaking information of an ongoing FBI investigation.

      Which is it?

      Are you lying about me or your so called "informant" in the FBI?

      Either way?

      You are pathetic.


      Gun sales? Isn't that the time when you were STALKING the owners of Chocolate Emporium?


      Jack "I am a loser" Hawkins?

      You cannot win...

      Born a loser and you will DIE one as well..

      But on a more serious note?

      $210,000 in unpaid child support is a BIG crime as well..

      So we have you a criminal for not paying child support, killing civilians in Central America, admitting to smoking pot and selling guns in AZ all the while "teaching cops" how to ride a pony...

      Now add to that your admitting you leaked evidence to the suspect in an "international arms sales" racket (which I do not concede I am guilty of anything) another crime against the state, in your OWN words...

      Now Jack, just admit it, you lie.

      You are incapable of telling the truth...

      You had no confidential source in the FBI, You make things up out of the air.

      How sad...

  10. U.S. intelligence warns of Venezuela collapse

    With dire shortages of basic goods, a looming foreign debt payment, horrific street crime and intransigent political divisions, Venezuela is in danger of collapsing into waves of deadly violence, U.S. intelligence officials warned Friday.

    Venezuela, which controls the world's largest reserves of crude oil, is in the throes of a potentially explosive political stalemate after opposition parties gained a majority in the national congress in elections late last year.

    Venezuela looters target chicken, flour amid worsening shortages

    1. They have all that oil and gas, but no toilet paper.

      Let that be a lesson to us all about the realities of socialism

      Doug, I injured my hand in a fall at home. The x-ray showed the joint displaced and a bone broken in my little pinky.

      They talked me into having a cast put on for a month.

      A huge dude I can only describe as a white Herman Cain twisted it all back into place before casting it. He did everything with great good humor.


    2. Those 'expert' US sources, are they the same ones that 'missed' the collapse of the Soviet Union?

  11. Dustup at the Japanese Restaurant, with commentary.

    1. Complete video:

  12. I haven't said I expect Hillary to be indicted by the current Justice Department. What I do hope for, and expect too, is a damning FBI report.

    If Trump should be elected he has said his Justice Department will go after her. I hope he means that.

    There is also the issue of a possible Grand Jury proceeding, but no one knows what might be happening there, not even the Judges on Fox.


    1. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, you have been telling US that Hillary is a criminal ...
      If she is not indicted, does that make all you have posted concerning her, a lie?

      You told US that she would be indicted in May, it's May.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, what's up, why are you now equivocating?

    2. Hillary Clinton E-mails: Is The Fix In ?


    3. Go visit your daughter, General Jack.

      If you know where she is, Sperm Donor.

      Or go work on your super secret defense project with the CIA, NSA, and Defense off the coasts of Panama.

      The entire country is counting on you, psycho rat.

      No one here wants you back, Jack.


    4. Just posting your past missives, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson ...

      That they embarrass you, not my problem.
      You should learn to be polite, rather than continue to cause us to look in YOUR closet.

    5. Jack, again, $210,000k owed to your OWN kid you skipped out on...

      How low.

  13. May 14, 2016

    Mazel tov, Israel

    By Michael Curtis

    All countries have imperfect records, both historically and in contemporary times. All at some point have been engaged in internal and external conflict and encountered enmity and violence. The State of Israel is no different in this respect, and has been the subject of continual hostility by some countries and hostile groups that refuse to recognize its existence and legitimacy.

    It is therefore all the more important, at this moment commemorating the 68th anniversary of the creation of Israel, to acknowledge the extraordinary story and achievements of the miracle in the desert. In a Middle East all too replete with failed states, dictatorships, authoritarian regimes, civil wars, terrorist groups, and intra-Muslim religious conflicts, Israel is the only democratic nation and the only economically developed and modernized one.

    This often comes as a surprise since Israel is a small country, 8,500 square miles, almost the exact size of the great state of New Jersey, and in which 60 per cent of the land mass is the Negev desert. The width of the country can be crossed, if there is no traffic jam, in 90 minutes.

    Equally surprising, Israel is one of the relatively small number of counties in the world with a flourishing multiparty parliamentary system expressing almost all political points of view, universal suffrage, a free press and media, an independent judiciary often critical of the government, autonomous independent great universities and research centers, and numerous human rights groups.

    Israel society is vibrant, diverse and productive. First, it should be universally acknowledged that though the State of Israel is relatively new, the relationship of the Jewish people to the land goes back at least 3,000 years. King David established Jerusalem, which has been the site of two Jewish Temples, as the capital of Israel. This history belies the spin of the fallacious Palestinian Narrative of Victimhood, embraced by haters of Israel, that Jews are foreign occupiers or colonialists in the land native to their ancestors.

    Indeed, the Israeli system has incorporated non-Jews. Unlike its neighboring countries, Israel has freedom of worship for all religious groups. Of the 8.4 million population, 75 per cent are Jews, 20 per cent are Arabs, mostly Sunni Muslims, and there are ten other minority religions. Christians constitute 2 per cent of the population, and are more religious that Israeli Jews.

    The population is pluralistic and diverse, with variations of religious affiliations and political views, and with ethnic, cultural, color, and linguistic differences. The various aspects of diversity can be illustrated by a few examples. A Jewish Ethiopian became Miss Israel in 2013. Arabic is an official language. About half the lawyers in Israel are women.

    The return of Jews to the area, whether described as the Holy Land, Palestine, or Israel, has led to transformation of barren land, planting of forests, irrigation of the soil, building of urban areas, and to economic development. OECD now rates Israel as the 35th largest economy in the world. In 2015 its GDP per capita was $35,000.


    1. It is important to remember that the Zionist unilateral declaration of sovereignty, 68 years ago, was the genesis of radial political terrorism, the Islamic State, Hezbollah and Hamas.

      The root cause of the modern problems of the Middle East.

    2. Jew hatred is the root cause, imo.

    3. For political Zionism to come to fruition –

      - for a Jewish state to be created in Palestine -

      it was necessary to carry out as large a scale as possible ethnic cleansing of the country’s unwanted Arab natives.

      But even in 1948, and especially in 1967,
      Israel was unable to fully ‘cleanse’ the land of the Palestinians.

      As a result, Israel’s fallback position was to implement an apartheid regime of exclusion and discrimination.

      Where the dispossession had been most effective
      – inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders –
      apartheid could be less explicit.

      But in the OPT, home to a vast majority of Palestinians,
      Israeli apartheid had to be overt and iron-fisted.

      Let’s take a look at 1948 first.
      The real story of Israel’s creation – the Nakba –
      … is very different from the sanitized, Zionist narrative.

      When the UN proposed partition, Jews owned less than 7 per cent of the land, made up a third of the population – yet over half of the land of Palestine was assigned to the Jewish state.

      Moreover, even in its proposed borders,
      the Jewish state’s population would be almost half Arab.

      Ironically, while Palestinians are often accused of ‘rejectionism’,
      the Zionist leadership only accepted the idea of partition for tactical reasons.

      Prime Minister Ben Gurion described a
      “‘partial Jewish state’” as just the beginning:

      “‘a powerful impetus in our historic efforts to redeem the land in its entirety.’”

      In a meeting of the Jewish leadership in 1938, .Ben Gurion shared his assumption that

      “‘after we build up a strong force following the establishment of the state – we will abolish the partition of the country and we will expand to the whole Land of Israel.’”

      Ben White

    4. Correction:
      Hatred of the Jews is the root cause.


    5. Zionist aggression, in Palestine, has nothing to do with Judaism, Doug.
      Israel is purely political construct, you have been captured by their propaganda, which is, without doubt, "World Class".

      Is Israel were a "Jewish" state homosexuality be championed by that political entity.

    6. I agree.

      Totally irrational hatred.

    7. If srael were a "Jewish" state homosexuality would not be championed by that political entity.

      Mea Culpa, got to get some coffee


    8. Defending oneself from foreign invaders, is in the world of Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, totally irrational.

      He is a "Draft dodger", after all, so his perspective is certainly skewed from the norm.

    9. Now that you bring it up, I'll have to look into the Zionist movement over time in order to become more educated on the matter.

      As for the rebirth of Israel, I cannot feel anything but sympathy for the people and the general cause of survival. By any and all means possible.

    10. The idea that Israel was "reborn" just another piece of their propaganda, Doug.

      What is not part of their 'messaging'

      • Four million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories lack the right to vote for the government that controls their lives through a military occupation.

      In addition to controlling the borders, air space, water, tax revenues, and other vital matters pertaining to the Occupied Territories,
      Israel alone issues the identity cards that determine the ability of Palestinians to work and their freedom of movement.

      • About 1.2 million Palestinian Israelis, who make up 20 percent, or one-fifth, of Israel’s population, have second-class citizenship within Israel, ...
      ... which defines itself as a Jewish state rather than a state for all its citizens.

      More than 20 provisions of Israel’s principal laws discriminate, either directly or indirectly, against non-Jews, according to Adalah: The Legal Center for Minority Rights in Israel.

    11. Jack, aside from your Jew hatred, your israel bashing and your distate for the Jewish right for self determination....

      There are MORE arabs living as full citizens inside israel today than existed from the river to the sea in 1948.

      So much for your vaulted genocide claims.

      The good news?

      20% of Israel is Arab and they support the ZIONIST dream.

      You on the other hand?

      Are a squatter on Native american lands...

    12. Really, "O"rdure?

      You can lie all you want, it matters not at all.
      It does not change reality.

      “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill – and it is our duty to treat this disease,”
      Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on Sunday at a conference titled “From Xenophobia to Accepting the Other.”

      “The tension between Jews and Arabs within the State of Israel has risen to record heights, and the relationship between all parties has reached a new low,”
      he said.
      “We have all witnessed the shocking sequence of incidents and violence taking place by both sides.
      The epidemic of violence is not limited to one sector or another, it permeates every area and doesn’t skip any arena.
      There is violence in soccer stadiums as well as in the academia.
      There is violence in the social media and in everyday discourse, in hospitals and in schools.”

      “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?”
      - Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

  14. Mazel tov, Israel

    (disappearing post syndrome kicked in again above)

  15. .

    All of you guys are nutz.



    1. I probably am.
      But who is to judge.
      We're all nutz, some just turn it into a competition.

    2. Thank you so much for your thought, Quirk.

      I'm certain I am not alone in wanting to extend appreciation for your thoughtful input.

      At least you didn't call us all dicks,

      By the way, I have, and perhaps others have too, often wondered whether one is worse off being nutz, or a dick, in your view of things.

      A simple concise clarifying answer would be much appreciated, but please not one of your interminable dissertations on the subject, which we would all find intolerable.

      Again, and in anticipation, Thanks !

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. .

      Again, and in anticipation, Thanks !


      Nutz: A condition that involves being consistently wrong with a conviction that draws from willful intent to deceive or hurt or is simply borne of an ignorance of the facts. The term is usually used in a situational context though with some rare individuals it can represent a constant state equilibrium.

      Dick: An amoral and self-serving individual usually holding a position of power.

      Not to be confused with the term 'Big Dick' which has a range of meanings such as

      1. Complement: Big penis, member, schlong.

      Ex. "Damn, the tabloids say that guy has a big dick."

      2. Derogatory: The term is used to describe a person sharing the traits of a certain faux farmer from Idaho and the descriptive word choice implies the same oxymoronic relationship as the term Jumbo Shrimp.

      As to where these terms fit in the hierarchy of derogatory terms, that is of course subjective.

      I personally regard the dicks as much worse than those who are nutz if only for the fact that their actions can actually result in harm to others. Those who are nutz on the other hand are usually only nutz on certain subjects and more often than not are only a danger to themselves such as having their little finger dislocated/broken while drinking a Shirley Temple pinky out at a biker bar.

      Ex. "Man that big dick is nutz."


  16. Who Are Syria's Alawites ?

    For Jack, since he is back, against most everyone's wishes, and since he has been badly confused on this question.

    It's very difficult to think of any subject on which he isn't badly confused.

    1. Who are the Alawites?

      The Israeli expert. Daniel Pearl, knows best ...

      ... many observers - missionaries especially - have suspected the 'Alawis of a secret Christian proclivity. Even T. E. Lawrence described them as "those disciples of a cult of fertility, sheer pagan, antiforeign, distrustful of Islam, drawn at moments to Christianity by common persecution." The Jesuit scholar Henri Lammens unequivocally but gullibly concluded from his research that "the Nusayris were Christians" and their practices combine Christian with Shi'i elements.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson provides us with a piece that quotes no one with a name that has any knowledge of the Alawites, or their religion.

      Daniel Pearl does a much better job, Robert, you ought read that piece, it quotes real people, not anonymous sources.

      the anonymous Alawite group dared to issue a controversial declaration designed to "reform" and clarify Alawite identity.

      Best Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson can do, attempt to refute real people with anonymous sources.

  17. Time for me to head to work.

    Be good to each other.

    1. You are going to a better place !

      Have a good day !!

  18. Here:

    is a wonderful long article with many interactives about the Ganges -

    India's Dying Mother

    Can She Be Saved ?

    Lest you despair, recall our eastern rivers, many of which are healing....

  19. May 14, 2016

    ISIS declares state of emergency in its capital Raqqa

    By Rick Moran

    Islamic State forces are preparing for an extended seige of its capital Raqqa as two forces close in on the city from the east and west. Social media reports say that the terrorists have declared a state of emergency and are working feverishly to protect key potential targets.


    “They see the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with the Syrian Arab Coalition, maneuver both to their east and to their west," Warren said. "Both of these areas becoming increasingly secure, and the Syrian Democratic Forces increasingly able to generate their own combat power in those areas."

    The coalition believes ISIS is now responding to those maneuvers.

    "We've had reports of ISIL repositioning both their combat capabilities, I guess what they think may be coming next," Warren said, using another name for ISIS. "And we've seen reports of them repositioning personnel ... either within the city or even out of the city."

    U.S. military also note the movement of fighters who have been well dug in throughout Raqqa could give overhead surveillance aircraft an improved chance of finding and targeting them.

    The fortunes of ISIS have changed in the last few months, as the international coalition has gradually put pressure on ISIS economic assets, drying up their sources of income. And Turkey has taken a far more active military role in the fight, shelling ISIS targets near its border.

    But, as factionalism among rebels continues to hinder the effort to defeat ISIS on the battlefield, the Syrian government is targeting the very same forces that are lining up to beseige Raqqa. It seems unlikely that ISIS can be dislodged from their stronghold as long as opposition to them is so divided.

  20. Strikes in Syria

    Attack, fighter, ground-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted five strikes in Syria:

    -- Near Manbij, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL rocket rail.

    -- Near Mara, four strikes struck four separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL fighting positions.

    Officials added that an administrative error yesterday resulted in a strike being reported to have taken place near Waleed, Syria. No strikes were conducted there.

    Strikes in Iraq

    Rocket artillery and fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 17 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of the Iraqi government:

    -- Near Baghdadi, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL command-and-control node.

    -- Near Albu Hayat, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL weapons cache.

    -- Near Rutbah, four strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, an ISIL headquarters, an ISIL vehicle-borne bomb facility and an ISIL staging facility.

    -- Near Beiji, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL bunker.

    -- Near Fallujah, a strike struck a large ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

    -- Near Habbaniyah, two strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL fighting position, an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL anti-air artillery piece.

    -- Near Haditha, a strike destroyed an ISIL weapons cache.

    -- Near Qayyarah, three strikes struck an ISIL headquarters and destroyed an ISIL tactical vehicle and an ISIL mortar system.

    -- Near Tal Afar, two strikes destroyed an ISIL tunnel system and an ISIL road-roller.

  21. Inherent Resolve Spokesman: Coalition Operations Deny ISIL’s Caliphate Dreams

    By Cheryl Pellerin

    WASHINGTON, May 13, 2016 — The U.S.-led coalition fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is denying the terrorists’ ambition to act as a state by targeting their finances, revenue sources, recruiting efforts and leaders, the Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman said today.

    Army Col. Steve Warren briefed reporters by video teleconference live from Baghdad, beginning his remarks by welcoming an announcement by the Belgian government that beginning July 1 it would extend its counter-ISIL airstrikes into Syria.

    “The additional combat power will help us more rapidly defeat our enemy,” Warren said.

    Warren addressed ISIL’s 2014 announcement that it was establishing a caliphate based in an area that includes land in Iraq and Syria, with ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its Islamic steward, or caliph, and leader of all Muslims.

    “ISIL's so-called caliphate relies on their ability to act like a state,” Warren said. “The fact of the matter is they can't do it. One of the reasons they can't do it is that we have put a dent in their pocketbook.”

    Targeting ISIL’s Finances

    Two operations target ISIL finances, he said: Operation Point Blank targets ISIL cash piles the coalition finds, and Tidal Wave II targets ISIL’s illicit oil revenue.

    “The operations have had an impact,” the colonel said. “We know that ISIL's total income has been reduced substantially, and we know that their income from oil specifically has … been reduced by about 50 percent.”

    ISIL’s primary source of income is what the group refers to as taxation, Warren said. “In reality, we know that it's extortion,” he added. “But even their ability to extort money from their own people continues to be reduced as our partner forces liberate more and more territory.”

    The coalition also sees a reduction in the flow of foreign fighters onto the battlefield, Warren said, assessing that over the past year the number entering the combat zone each month has decreased, possibly by as much as 75 percent. He said ISIL’s failure to deliver on its promise of creating a functioning state has diminished the appeal of the so-called caliphate as a destination for foreign fighters.

    “As a result, we assess that ISIL is no longer able to replenish its ranks at the rate its fighters are dying on the ground,” Warren said, noting that the decline in foreign fighters also can be attributed to coalition counter-recruitment efforts, military gains on the ground and active steps by governments to strengthen and enforce border security.

    1. Baghdad Attacks

      In response to a question about recent bombings in and around Baghdad, Warren said, “Our hearts are broken for the almost 100 Iraqi citizens who were killed or severely wounded in these recent attacks.”

      The three ISIL bombings May 11 included a car bomb in Sadr City, a suicide bomber in Kadhimiya, and a bomb at a checkpoint in western Baghdad.

      “We know that Baghdad is a … city of over 6 million people, and it [can’t] simply be zipped up and completely sealed off,” Warren said. “Tragically, the enemy is going to be able to get some truck bombs into the city from time to time.”

      Coalition officials believe ISIL is on the defensive and back on its heels, but the terror group remains a legitimate threat and a smart, dangerous enemy, he said.

      “These [Baghdad] strikes went straight into, in many cases, heavily populated Shia areas and focused on civilian women and children, … not in any way, shape or form [people who] could be considered a combatant or even a threat to ISIL in any way,” Warren said.

      The bombings also were an opportunity for ISIL to gain international attention, he added.

      ISIL Taking a Beating

      “They have lost ground almost continuously now for half a year,” the colonel said. “They've been taking a beating, particularly in Iraq, where we've seen them lose city after city, … region after region. We've seen them lose their money [and] their leaders. We've seen them lose towns and villages and territory.”

      Regarding ISIL’s threat to Baghdad, Warren reminded reporters that the combined joint task force is not involved in the defense of the city.

      “Our focus right now is on training and equipping the Iraqi security forces and providing airpower in the field,” he said. “The Iraqi security forces have a plan to continue to secure Baghdad, and they're going to execute that plan. … [They] understand that they have to protect their people, and that's what they're trying to do.

      “We are certainly available to provide them advice,” he continued. “We interact with them in the Baghdad Operations Center every day, and we'll continue to work with them and provide them whatever assistance we can.”

      (Follow Cheryl Pellerin on Twitter: @PellerinDoDNews)


    2. Pretty good spin.

  22. Work Joins Groundbreaking for Ballistic Missile Defense Site in Poland

    By Lisa Ferdinando

    REDZIKOWO, Poland, May 13, 2016 — At a groundbreaking ceremony here for an Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense site today, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work emphasized the system is for the protection of NATO members and not directed at Russia.

    As American and Polish flags fluttered in the breeze, Work and dignitaries including Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz and NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment Patrick Auroy tossed shovelfuls of dirt to signify the start of the construction phase.

    "Today we stand at a strategic inflection point and a change in the strategic landscape," Work said at this Polish military base situated in a northern village. Europe and NATO face a range of new and complex security challenges, he said. Addressing those challenges will require a "more capable NATO alliance, one that continues to evolve and adapt to threats," he said.

    In efforts to protect the alliance, NATO is making important investments, including in missile defense, he said.

    Yesterday, Work was in southern Romania for the inauguration of the first Aegis Ashore site in Europe. The ceremony in Deveselu marked the operational certification of that site.

    Russia 'Not Quite Getting' Message

    Russia was never a consideration in the years of discussions and planning for the ballistic missile defense system, Work said. The reason for the defense system is primarily because of the threat from Iran, he said.

    "As long as Iran continues to develop and deploy ballistic missiles,” he added, “the United States will work with our allies and partners to defend against this threat.".

    He pointed out that due to physics and geography, it is "simply not possible" for the NATO ballistic missile defense system to undermine Russia’s strategic deterrent. Russian officials know that fact, Work said, pointing out that they are among the most advanced missile operators in the world.

    Macierewicz agreed that the site is for defensive purposes only.

    "We understand that Russia is not quite getting this point that we are reiterating," Macierewicz said, through an interpreter.

    Polish Officials Hail 'Important Day' for Nation

    1. Having the site in Poland reinforces the Polish commitment to unity in NATO and peace and security in Europe, Polish leaders said.

      "It is truly a very important day for Poland, for NATO and for Europe," Macierewicz said. "This is a very important day for peace in Europe and in the world."

      The main reason to have the site in Poland is to protect the security of Poland and its allies, he said, noting "aggressive steps" have been directed at the security of Poland.

      "We can truly say that Poland is safe," he said. "Poland, together with its allies, has a guarantee that an aggression will never take place."

      Polish President Andrzej Duda said the Aegis Ashore site improves the collective security of NATO members. "From the security point of view, the winner is the entire nation of Poland and all my compatriots," he said.

      Protecting NATO Nations

      The ceremony in Poland marks the start of the final phase of the missile defense project, Work explained.

      The first phase involved putting an early warning radar in Turkey and stationing U.S. warships with ballistic missile interceptors in Rota, Spain, he said. The second phase involved constructing the first Aegis Ashore site in Romania. The site yesterday was operationally certified to perform its mission, marking the completion of Phase 2 of the European Phased Adaptive Approach, Work noted.

      The site in Poland will be physically and operationally the same as the Romanian site, he pointed out. It is to be completed in 2018. The site is capable of defending the central and northern arc of NATO, Work said. The Romanian site is to provide ballistic-missile deterrent coverage of southern Europe, he added.

      Officials explained that the Aegis Ashore site is the land-based capability of the Aegis ballistic missile defense system. The Aegis Ashore sites are staffed by U.S. Navy personnel who serve on rotational deployments, officials said.

      Work thanked other NATO members for their contributions to the collective defense of the alliance, including the United Kingdom for investing in ground-based radar, and Denmark and the Netherlands for upgrading their frigates with new radar.

      In time for the NATO summit in the Polish capital of Warsaw in July, alliance leaders are expected to declare initial operational capability for the NATO ballistic missile defense system, Work said. When that is declared, the early warning radar in Turkey, the site in Romania and the U.S. ballistic missile defense ships at sea will all be linked to a command center in Germany, and be able to work together to engage missiles directed at Europe, Work said.

      (Follow Lisa Ferdinando on Twitter: @FerdinandoDoD)


  23. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack know's English like a dipshit..

    Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 11:45:00 AM EDT
    Who are the Alawites?

    The Israeli expert. Daniel Pearl, knows best ...

    Daniel PEARL?

    Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002) was a journalist for the Wall Street Journal with American and Israeli citizenship. He was kidnapped by Pakistani militants and later murdered in Pakistan.[1][2][3]

    Pearl was kidnapped while working as the South Asia Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal, based in Mumbai, India. He had gone to Pakistan as part of an investigation into the alleged links between American Richard Reid (known as the "shoe bomber") and Al-Qaeda. Pearl was killed by his captors.[4][5]

    In July 2002, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British national of Pakistani origin, was sentenced to death by hanging for Pearl's abduction and murder.[1][6] In March 2007, at a closed military hearing in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a member of Al-Qaeda, claimed that he had personally beheaded Pearl.[2][7][8] Researchers have also connected Al-Qaeda member Saif al-Adel with the kidnapping.[3]

    Maybe you should PROOF READ your posts for accuracy?

  24. Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 11:45:00 AM EDT
    Who are the Alawites?

    The Israeli expert. Daniel Pearl, knows best ...

    So jack thinks Daniel Pipes KNOWS best...

    Zionists stole Palestinian land: that's the mantra both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas teach their children and propagate in their media. This claim has vast importance, as Palestinian Media Watch explains: "Presenting the creation of the [Israeli] state as an act of theft and its continued existence as a historical injustice serves as the basis for the PA's non-recognition of Israel's right to exist." The accusation of theft also undermines Israel's position internationally.

    But is this accusation true?

    No, it is not. Ironically, the building of Israel represents about the most peaceable in-migration and state creation in history. To understand why requires seeing Zionism in context. Simply put, conquest is the historic norm; governments everywhere were established through invasion, nearly all states came into being at someone else's expense. No one is permanently in charge, everyone's roots trace back to somewhere else.

    Germanic tribes, Central Asian hordes, Russian tsars, and Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors remade the map. Modern Greeks have only a tenuous connection to the Greeks of antiquity. Who can count the number of times Belgium was overrun? The United States came into existence by defeating Native Americans. Kings marauded in Africa, Aryans invaded India. In Japan, Yamato-speakers eliminated all but tiny groups such as the Ainu.

    The Middle East, due to its centrality and geography, has experienced more than its share of invasions, including the Greek, Roman, Arabian, Crusader, Seljuk, Timurid, Mongolian, and modern European. Within the region, dynastic froth caused the same territory – Egypt for example – to be conquered and re-conquered.

    Many wars over Jerusalem: Emperor Titus celebrated his victory over the Jews in 70 A.D. with an arch showing Roman soldiers carrying off a menorah from the Temple.

    1. The land that now makes up Israel was no exception. In Jerusalem Besieged: From Ancient Canaan to Modern Israel, Eric H. Cline writes of Jerusalem: "No other city has been more bitterly fought over throughout its history." He backs up that claim, counting "at least 118 separate conflicts in and for Jerusalem during the past four millennia." He calculates Jerusalem to have been destroyed completely at least twice, besieged 23 times, captured 44 times, and attacked 52 times. The PA fantasizes that today's Palestinians are descended from a tribe of ancient Canaan, the Jebusites; in fact, but they are overwhelmingly the off-spring of invaders and immigrants seeking economic opportunities.
      Against this tableau of unceasing conquest, violence, and overthrow, Zionist efforts to build a presence in the Holy Land until 1948 stand out as astonishingly mild, as mercantile rather than military. Two great empires, the Ottomans and the British, ruled Eretz Yisrael; in contrast, Zionists lacked military power. They could not possibly achieve statehood through conquest.

      Instead, they purchased land. Acquiring property dunam by dunam, farm by farm, house by house, lay at the heart of the Zionist enterprise until 1948. The Jewish National Fund, founded in 1901 to buy land in Palestine "to assist in the foundation of a new community of free Jews engaged in active and peaceable industry," was the key institution – and not the Haganah, the clandestine defense organization founded in 1920.

      Zionists also focused on the rehabilitation of what was barren and considered unusable. They not only made the desert bloom but drained swamps, cleared water channels, reclaimed wasteland, forested bare hills, cleared rocks, and removed salt from the soil. Jewish reclamation and sanitation work precipitously reduced the number of disease-related deaths.

      Only when the British mandatory power gave up on Palestine in 1948, followed immediately by an all-out attempt by Arab states to crush and expel the Zionists, did the latter take up the sword in self defense and go on to win land through military conquest. Even then, as the historian Efraim Karsh demonstrates in Palestine Betrayed, most Arabs fled their lands; exceedingly few were forced off.

      This history contradicts the Palestinian account that "Zionist gangs stole Palestine and expelled its people" which led to a catastrophe "unprecedented in history" (according to a PA 12th-grade textbook) or that Zionists "plundered the Palestinian land and national interests, and established their state upon the ruins of the Palestinian Arab people" (writes a columnist in the PA's daily). International organizations, newspaper editorials, and faculty petitions reiterate this falsehood worldwide.

      Israelis should hold their heads high and point out that the building of their country was based on the least violent and most civilized movement of any people in history. Gangs did not steal Palestine; merchants purchased Israel.

    2. Thanks Jack for post Daniel PIPES....

      he is an expert...

      You should read him and learn..

      Israel is a GREAT moral example of a nation to the world.

      and you Jack? Support Hamas and other terrorists based nations.


    3. Hamas is not a nation, "O"rdure.

      That first contradiction of reality is more than enough to dismiss your entire meme.


    4. Pipes is an expert on the Alawites, about whom he reports dispassionately, "O"rdure.

      Unfortunately, when he discusses Israel, he loses ALL objectivity.

    5. Jack "I owe $210,000 in back child support" Hawkins says:

      "Pipes is an expert on the Alawites, about whom he reports dispassionately, "O"rdure.
      Unfortunately, when he discusses Israel, he loses ALL objectivity."

      The Israeli expert. Daniel Pearl, knows best ...

      Jack sometimes when you write the shit you do? I can't understand how you can press the "polish" button without your head exploding..

      You are SUCH a liar. Distorter. Misrepresenting piece of garbage.

      Pay your back child support, dead beat dad, move off other peoples lands, and if you had a soul?

      TURN YOURSELF IN TO THE POLICE for the CRIMES of which you have committed..


  25. Nearly half of the voters in the West Virginia Democratic primary who backed Bernie Sanders say they would vote for Republican Donald Trump in the fall presidential election, according to exit polls reported by CBS News.

    Forty-four percent of Sanders supporters surveyed said they would rather back the presumptive GOP nominee in November, with only 23 percent saying they'd support Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton

    1. 35% of them said that they'd vote for Trump even if it was a Sanders-Trump race.

    2. Sanders hasn't won a single "Closed" Primary (a primary that's open to only Democrats - not to Independents and/or Republicans.)

  26. How bizarre is that! This election will be like nothing any of us have ever witnessed before. Regardless of outcome.

    Status quo or outsider
    Nationalism or globalism
    Kick the can down the road or stop kicking
    US citizens first (for a change) or more apology tours
    Wildman billionaire or another 4 years of same ole same ole.

  27. Heh, I step out for a bit and return to see Jack swimming in his own gooey shit again.

    bwa ha

    Guy's a gas....toxic, to be sure, but a gas...

  28. Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 05:22:00 PM EDT

    Hamas is not a nation, "O"rdure.

    That first contradiction of reality is more than enough to dismiss your entire meme.

    Jack "I beat my wife til she fled back to Central America with my child" Hawkins: Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 05:22:00 PM EDT

    Hamas is not a nation, "O"rdure.

    That first contradiction of reality is more than enough to dismiss your entire meme.

    Hamas is part of the UNITY government of the Palestinians. Like it or not Jack Shit, Hamas IS part of the legal representatives of the Palestinian people and as such you support their terror.

  29. The sociopath Jack Hawkins, who can never be wrong has exhibited a excellent example of his sickness today...

    Even when referencing Daniel Pipes as an Israeli "expert" (and calling him Daniel Pearl, the Jewish American decapitiated by Jack's friends in arms) he cannot give Pipes the credit that is his due.

    Jack "I lie" Hawkins is a scoundrel.

    His words today show he lacks all credibility.

    From telling us he had a mole/source INSIDE the AZ FBI who leaked a case file on weapon sales about me? To his lies about Bob and of course the knowledge that he in fact owed a minimum of $210,000 for child support he never paid...

    Jack what is the truth?

    Are you just some old dude living in a one room apt on social security, no friends, no family, no life? And has to embellish, distort an die about EVERYTHING to make himself feel better?

    Or are you in fact, the ex-black op merc that has killed civilians for cash in Central America? I do not know, but Ollie North, in dialogue with him, does not claim you in any way.

    Ollie North is a staunch support of the Zionist mission to liberate the Jewish lands...

    You do not hold a banana peel to him..

    Here you can go to sign up for a trip to Israel with Ollie and his wife Betsy.

    1. Betsy and I are excited to lead this trip to Israel. It is much more than a tourist visit. We will have exclusive and unforgettable guided tours to some of the most significant and memorable sites in the Old and New Testaments.

      Israel is a place which every American should visit at least once in their lives. I would count it a privilege to serve as your host for this great and unforgetable adventure.

    2. Better get with the program Jack, Israel IS, happy 68th!!

      This year 39,000 Jews ingathered home in israel.

  30. Judge Jeanine REALLY raked Hillary over the coals today !!


  31. For quirk

    COGAT: Hamas, ISIS cooperating
    A senior Israeli general, speaking with an Arab news site, explained that ISIS militants are receiving treatment in Gaza's hospitals in exchange for weapons and money; Hamas and ISIS are also participating in joint military exercises.,7340,L-4802785,00.html

    Now of course, Quirk will assess anything coming from a Israeli or a Jew that is Zionist is as good a source as Arabia or Iran...

    But then again?

    quirk? is Quirk...

    nitwit to the world

  32. Jack LIE of the day.....

    Jack HawkinsSat May 14, 10:39:00 AM EDT
    Nor, I doubt, is the FBI intentionally 'leaking' on that data set, as they did with you, and your suspect gun sales, back in 2005.

    Really Jack?

    Come on we all know you are FULL of shit...

    Even that FBI Agent I talked knew your were a meaningless turd...

    Wasn't that when you were stalking the wrong Jew from Chocolate Emporium?


    1. The readers remember how you threatened me, bob and such to the point I reported your sorry ass to the AZ FBI...

      we both know I did...

      Now as for you?

      A cowboy riding instructor, not to hard to figure out...

    2. Now, "O"rdure, place a date on those claims, will you?

      Oh, that's right, you cannot.

  33. .

    Now of course, Quirk will assess anything coming from a Israeli or a Jew that is Zionist is as good a source as Arabia or Iran...

    Can we get a translation?

    But before you do, I suggest you remember the last time you sought conversation with me two days ago and got your ass handed to you.


    1. Oh-o-

      Quirk is playing his bluffing put-the-fear-of-God-in-them card.

      This generally means he is holding a really weak hand...

    2. .

      And the IMA representative chimes in.

      I put up those definitions you requested but realizing your short attention span I figured I better remind you.

      Shouldn't you over at the casino?


    3. You've forgotten, O Great One, that I rarely scroll back, and never for you.

      Though I may make an exception here....I'll think about it....

      Yes, I should be over at the Casino.

    4. Quirk, a legend in your own mind.

      Your positions are clear.

      You have stated that Israel is as reliable as a source and nation as Arabia and Iran.

      That's your prerogative. It's also my prerogative to think you are a silly old fool....

      You may ignore the Hamas - ISIS (sinai) connection all you wish, your level of expertise of the middle east is about as good as Obama's expertise at the economy..

      So again...


      Your words portray Israel hating bias....

      That's good enough for me to classify you...

  34. 40 ISIS members killed, including foreign leaders south of Mosul

    ( Nineveh – A source in Nineveh Liberation Operations Command announced on Friday, that 40 ISIS members were killed in an air strike carried out by the international coalition aviation south of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad).

    The source said in a statement received by, “The international coalition aircraft bombed ISIS gathering in Haj Ali village in Qayyarah District (60 km south of Mosul) with six rockets, killing 40 ISIS members.”

    The source, who asked anonymity, added, “The dead ISIS members included foreign leaders in the organization.”


    1. Show us the bodies, please, Mr. Anonymous Source.

  35. Question of the Day:

    How many confirmed flights has BillyGoat Clinton taken on the Lolita Express ?

  36. Notice Quirk cannot comment on the story...

    What is "Occupation"Sat May 14, 09:29:00 PM EDT
    For quirk

    COGAT: Hamas, ISIS cooperating
    A senior Israeli general, speaking with an Arab news site, explained that ISIS militants are receiving treatment in Gaza's hospitals in exchange for weapons and money; Hamas and ISIS are also participating in joint military exercises.,7340,L-4802785,00.html

    Poor Quirk.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. .

      Skepticism is good.

      from the Tao of Quirk

      (Editorial comment: Demand evidence. You lose nothing by being skeptical. If the stories turn out to be true, you have lost nothing for the skepticism.)


    4. .

      Notice Quirk cannot comment on the story...

      Poor Quirk?

      Heck, Wio, you are the credulous one. Pity you.

      I gave you an opportunity to back away but since you didn't, I will be glad to comment on the story.

      We've talked on this subject before. At the time, I said I couldn't say that the charges weren't true. However, I mean that statement in the same way as I can't say that Big Foot sightings are all false. That is, I find the charges suspect and frankly doubt them; however, if you can offer me actual evidence or corroborating commentary from sources other than Israeli officials or Jewish writers quoting Israeli officials, I will revisit my position.

      Today, you offer us another example in the Ynet News story of an Israeli news outlet quoting an Israeli general making the same charges yet offering absolutely zero proof to back those charges up.

      It is not surprising that you would readily accept this story. You will believe anything you are fed coming out of Israel. However, I offer the following reasons for my skepticism:

      1. The story of a Hamas/ISIS collaboration has been around for at least a year. However, the only place I have seen the story appear is in Israeli papers and news services. There or in other pro-Israeli publications such as Commentary or FrontPageMag. There may be others news outlets reporting on it but I haven’t seen them. And if there were, I suspect they, like those just mentioned, would all be quoting the same Israeli sources for the stories, stories that all seem to originate with Israeli military and government sources. Why is that? Why are we presented with charges but no evidence? Why would anyone just automatically accept something coming out of the government, any government.

      2. Why haven’t I seen Egypt reporting on this? They are the country most concerned.

      3. I have looked for other sources. A short while ago, I went to google and plugged in ‘Egyptian papers report Hamas supporting ISIS’. This is what I got.

      Then, I tried ‘Egyptian spokesmen says Hamas supporting ISIS’. Again, this is what I got.

      Look for yourself. You can see why I am a little skeptical.



    5. {...}

      To continue the reasons I am skeptical of the Ynet article...

      4. Hamas has been fighting ISIS (along with other smaller groups such as Islamic Jihad) right along in Gaza. They will fight anyone who threatens their rule in there. When another Salafist groups tried to gain power in Gaza in 2009, Hamas wiped them out.

      5. Hamas has been trying to make nice with Egypt since Egypt closed the Rafah crossing. Would it make any sense at all for ISIS to be collaborating with ISIS against Eygpt?

      6. Both Hamas and ISIS deny they are working together and in fact seem to dislike each other very much.

      7. I have seen stories where Hamas is alleged to be helping ISIS in Syria by providing men and arms (even though ISIS recently attacked a Hamas camp there) and others like the Ynet story that claim they are helping ISIS in order to get arms.

      8. But why would Israel concoct such a story you might ask? A possible answer is in the Ynet story.

      Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, told a Saudi news website that ISIS activists have entered Gaza from Sinai and are trading weapons and money to Hamas in return for medical care.

      Mordechai was speaking with the Saudi online newspaper Elaph. He stated that the members of ISIS entered the Gaza Strip a few days ago from Egypt via the tunnels. The purpose of their visit was to carry out military exercises in the strip, the major general relayed, which they coordinated with a source close to Hamas, Said Abed Al-Aal.

      In the interview, the coordinator explained that Hamas is aiding ISIS by providing medical treatment for its people in Gazan hospitals in exchange for money and weaponry. According to Mordechai, there is mutual coordination between the military echelons of Hamas and ISIS, which is known to Hamas's senior political leaders, as well.

      Elaph also reported that wounded have been recently transferred from the Sinai Peninsula, where ISIS is active, to Gaza.

      This report is expected to embarrass ISIS before Egypt, with whom the terrorist organization is attempting to rehabilitate its relationship. One ofHamas's goals with Egypt is to persuade the government to open the Rafah Crossing with Gaza,

      9. But surely the Israeli government wouldn't use a false flag strategy to advance their own purposes. Well, why not, they have done it before. And who would doubt that the idea might appeal to Bibi Netanyahu who in private bragged that he personally destroyed the Oslo peace process and that he could 'easily move' Israel’s main benefactor the US and who recently brought down public ridicule, both inside and outside of Israel, upon himself and his government by fabricating a story that said it was not Hitler but the Grand Mufti who came up with the idea of the Holocaust.

      And those are just reasons off the top of my head that would cause me to pause in accepting a self-serving story out of Israeli officials. And before you bore us all again with your tired whining about me being anti-Semitic, note that I am skeptical of any information coming out of any government sources. It is the same with the ‘Arabia and Iran’ straw men you raised, with the U.S. as in those DOD briefings Rufus puts up, and with any other countries governmental press releases.

      If you don’t understand how all of this works, WiO, perhaps you should try a little harder to learn.


  37. .

    You've forgotten, O Great One, that I rarely scroll back, and never for you.

    That's fine dipshit. In the future, don't bother asking me questions.