“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, May 16, 2016

Palestine Under Israeli Occupation and Apartheid: The Architecture Doesn't Lie

Bill Clinton: ‘I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state.”


  1. Here's video on the crappy video from the last thread

  2. Now this new video?

    It's interesting how he glossed over the arab violence to the Jews...

    He mentions Baruch Goldstein and his murders (and his being beaten to death) but doesn't mention the arab slaughter in the 1920's of all the Jews of Hebron.

    The film doesn't lie.

    The palestinians that throw rocks and firebombs? Would be shot to death by any other nation on the planet, but not the Israelis, that's why they stand around like a street party lobbing firebombs and rocks like America kids throw skipping stones on a lake...

    Maybe it's time for the arabs of the west bank and gaza to get a taste of real war like Assad in Syria is doing to them?

    1. LOVe the section where the arabs are telling the reporter that the Jews throw rocks down on them so they put up a shield..

      How about some video where the palesitnians on the temple mount do that to the worshipper below?

      Oh that's right the palestinians refused the Jordanian request for cameras...



    2. Glossing over self-defense, nothing unusual there, "O"rdure.

    3. Jack "I kill for HIRE" Hawkins I see they let you out of prison!


    4. Jack "I lie because that's what I do" Hawkins is a self confessed criminal dear readers..


  3. If the Zionists had not ignored UN Resolution 181, back in 1948, there could have been a negotiated settlement, but the Zionists would not negotiate then, they still won't.

    Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference
    read more:

    1. Misdirection, distortion and lies...

      Jack do you ever tire of being an anti-semite?

    2. Israel IS. Palestine is still born.

      Iraq is dying.

      Syria is dead.

      Yemen a shit hole.

      Sudan a toilet.

      Libya? Trashed.

      Lebanon? a shadow of what it was.

      Jordan? One moment away from anarchy.

      Gaza? LOL An Iranian supported Shit hole.

      The PA under Abbas? an elected president in 11 year of a 4 year term.

      Turkey? Ass stabbers.

      Iran? Hanging Gays, Stoning women and about to have a pile of ISIS shit up their ass...


  4. As for further context ...

    Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Yair Golan for Holocaust Day. Golan spoke about certain phenomena in Israel that are beginning to remind him of the "abhorrent processes" that occurred in Germany of the 1930s.

    Golan's words started a public storm in the country. He was reprimanded practically by the entire diplomatic echelon including the prime minister. Netanyahu even dedicated a public speech to Golan at the opening of the government session on May 8.

    And after all this, Ya'alon comes along and backs up the deputy chief of staff in a direct and flagrant manner, over Netanyahu's head and in direct opposition to the prime minister's directives. Ya'alon went ever further by imploring IDF officers to continue to spill their hearts without fear or bias.

    Read more:

    1. “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill – and it is our duty to treat this disease,”
      Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities on Sunday at a conference titled “From Xenophobia to Accepting the Other.”


      “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?”
      - Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

    2. Out of context, distortions and bullshit are your calling card.

      You specialize in distortions and proof texting..

    3. The readers understand you hatred of jews, Israel and Judaism.

    4. UN ranks Israel 11th-happiest country worldwideJewish state above US in World Happiness Report, but below Canada and Australia, among others; Switzerland the happiest

      Sorry Jack....

    5. Palestine is not listed by the UN as a county...


    6. #63 Libya
      #103 Lebanon
      #108 Palestinian Territories
      #110 Iran
      #112 Iraq
      #135 Egypt
      #156 Syria


    8. Palestinian land laws

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Palestinian land laws refer to ownership of land under the Palestinian Authority (PA). These laws prohibit Palestinians from selling Palestinian-owned lands to "any man or judicial body corporation of Israeli citizenship, living in Israel or acting on its behalf."[1][2][3] These land laws were originally enacted during the Jordanian occupation of the West Bank (1948–1967). Land sales to Israelis are considered treason by the Palestinians because they threaten the founding of a future state and to "halt the spread of moral, political and security corruption".[4] Palestinians who sell land to Israelis can be sentenced to death, although death penalties are seldom carried out; a death sentence has to be approved by the Palestinian Authority President.[4][5][6][7][2]


      And Deuce ALWAYS uses that loaded word 'apartheid'.

      I am formally calling 'bullshit' on that propaganda.

    9. Arabia would be apartheid except they don't allow Jews to live in the entire nation...

      I remember that the Jews used to be there before mohammed was conceived.

    10. If whites in the USA were prohibited from selling to Jews or blacks on penalty of death - hmmm, what would that be called these days ?

      Hmmm ?

    11. What happened to, where are those Christians of Bethlehem ?

      From 70% 50 years ago down to 15% today.

      Perhaps someone would offer an explanation of this exodus ?

      Quirk might know the score. He follows these situations closely, having informed us that Israel has annexed Gaza and that the IDF is occupying Gaza.....

      Know the score here, Quirk ?

  5. Boo Hoo...

    Iranian TROOPS outside of their nation getting killed...

    IRGC routed in Syria by new missile

    The battle on May 6 in the village of Khan Touman, located southwest of Aleppo near Route 5, the main highway leading to Damascus, will go down in the annals of the Syrian war as the biggest defeat suffered by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hizballah, as well as the battle that changed the face of the war.

    Hezbollah (the Iranian proxy in Lebanon, now the Iranian proxy forces in Syria) and IRGC troops a dying in Syria...

  6. Someone somewhere finally gets something right -

    Hollywood Life: Justin Bieber banned from performing in Argentina

  7. .

    Know the score here, Quirk ?

    Actually, I had read about this before but haven't been able to find the article I read it in. However, it wasn't hard to look up other sources.

    Christian population [of Bethlehem]

    See also: Palestinian Christians

    After the Muslim conquest of the Levant in the 630s, the local Christians were Arabized as well even though large numbers were ethnically Arabs of the Ghassanid clans.[68] Bethlehem's two largest Arab Christian clans trace their ancestry to the Ghassanids, including al-Farahiyyah and an-Najajreh.[68] The former have descended from the Ghassanids who migrated from Yemen and from the Wadi Musa area in present-day Jordan and an-Najajreh descend from Najran.[68] Another Bethlehem clan, al-Anatreh, also trace their ancestry to the Ghassanids.[68]

    The percentage of Christians in the town has been steadily declining over the years, primarily due to emigration. The lower birth rate of Christians also accounts for some of the decline. In 1947, Christians made up 85% of the population, but by 1998 the figure had declined to 40%.[65] In 2005, the mayor of Bethlehem, Victor Batarseh explained that "due to the stress, either physical or psychological, and the bad economic situation, many people are emigrating, either Christians or Muslims, but it is more apparent among Christians, because they already are a minority."[69] The Palestinian Authority is officially committed to equality for Christians, although there have been incidents of violence against them by the Preventive Security Service and militant factions.[70] The only mosque in the Old City is the Mosque of Omar, located in the Manger Square.[27]

    The outbreak of the Second Intifada and the resulting decrease in tourism also affected the Christian minority, since they are the owners of many Bethlehem hotels and services that cater to foreign tourists.[71] A statistical analysis of the Christian exodus cited lack of economic and educational opportunity, especially due to the Christians' middle-class status and higher education.[72] Since the Second Intifada, 10% of the Christian population have left the city.[69]

    In 2006, the Palestinian Centre for Research and Cultural Dialogue conducted a poll among the city's Christians according to which 90% said they had had Muslim friends, 73.3% agreed that the PNA treated Christian heritage in the city with respect and 78% attributed the exodus of Christians to the Israeli blockade.[73] However, it is likely that there are many factors, most of which are shared with the Palestinian population as a whole.[74]

    [Editorial comment: At your age, shouldn't you be able to look this stuff up for yourself?]



    1. In 2006, the Palestinian Centre for Research and Cultural Dialogue conducted a poll among the city's Christians according to which 90% said they had had Muslim friends, 73.3% agreed that the PNA treated Christian heritage in the city with respect and 78% attributed the exodus of Christians to the Israeli blockade.

      Now talk about pure bullshit..

    2. Hey, that's the Palestinian Centre for Research and Cultural Dialogue you're talking about!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. .

    What really fries my ass is the annexation of Gaza by Israel and it's occupation by the IDF...

    I would suggest a little Preparation H but I suspect your troubles go far deeper than that.

    Now, I really think it's because you consider the Hague and Geneva Conventions as annual opportunities to party down at convention sites in Vegas. That it’s because, to you, the concept of ‘effective control’ amounts to being able to avoid going to a sex-neutral toilet for an hour or more after drinking a cup of coffee. That because French isn’t your native language and your vocabulary is lacking,you haven’t a clue as to what the terms ‘de jure’ and de facto’ mean. That, it’s because you ignore context either by intent or because you are just so dumb that the term 'context' is alien to you. And it’s also because the term ‘legal definition’ just doesn’t translate well into yokel.

    By the way did you see my response to your silly post on alleged Hamas/ISIS collaboration at the end of the 'We know another crash is coming..' stream?


  9. .

    I am formally calling 'bullshit' on that propaganda.


    You are hilarious.


    1. I realize it won't do any good, dipshit, it is just a gesture.

      Say, while you are here, who better to ask than you - with your vast knowledge of Gaza, perhaps you can inform us what happened to all the Christians of Bethlehem ?

      Your insights are always valued.

    2. And, you would certainly know, why can't the Arabstinians sell their holdings to whomever they wish ?

    3. * 'dipshit' is Q's term of affection for me - like 'amigo'- so of course I reply in kind. *

    4. Quirk replies in depth regarding the Christians and yet you still prattle on. You are truly an idiot Bob.

    5. He like a monkey with a keyboard programmed by American Thinker.

    6. Quirk doesn't accept any reports/news concerning Israel or ISIS or the palestinians coming from Israel or jewish sources...

      Now really?

      Who gives a shit about what quirk thinks...

      He has proven himself to be a fool.

    7. That's funny coming from you WiO.

    8. .

      Quirk doesn't accept any reports/news concerning Israel or ISIS or the palestinians coming from Israel or jewish sources...

      Damn, your stupid, Wio, I put up articles from Israeli papers all the time. And of course they are going to quote Mordecais' allegations. It's what newspapers do. Do you think US papers would ignore statements by Gen. McFarland at SOCOM. Of course they wouldn't.

      I have put up two long posts stating my position on the supposed Hamas/ISIS marriage that boil down to show me some convincing proof that the Israeli General is just trying to blow smoke up are asses and I will be glad to accept it.

      I have asked you and Bob twice to answer a simple question: Do you automatically accept every statement coming out of the US military or the civilian administration? If not, why the fuck would you just accept the would of some Israeli general without any kind of supporting evidence.

      Now, I don't really expect an answer. I told you this all before yet you keep falling back on the same old straw man, 'Quirk doesn't like Israeli newspapers.' You are either felony stupid, too cowardly to give a straight answer, or you are so used to playing the asshole you don't know any better.


  10. Obama planning to fix the problems in Libya caused by Hillary -

    AP: US, West to start arming Libyan “government” to fight ISIS

    posted at 9:21 pm on May 16, 2016 by Ed Morrissey

    Too little, and way too late. Five years after deposing Moammar Gaddafi and turning Libya into a failed state, the West has finally decided to do something about the chaos they created. As ISIS creates its own power center in Sirte, the US and the same powers that created the failed state on the Mediterranean will sponsor an easing of a UN arms embargo to boost the internationally recognized but largely impotent Tripoli government:

    The United States and other world powers say they are ready to supply Libya’s internationally recognized government with weapons to counter the Islamic State and other militant groups gaining footholds in its lawless regions.

    The world powers aim to push for exemptions to a U.N. arms embargo imposed on Libya to keep lethal arms away from Islamic extremists and rival militias vying for power. But in a communique obtained by The Associated Press, the U.S., four other permanent U.N. Security Council members and the more than 15 other nations participating at the talks say they are “ready to respond to the Libyan government’s requests for training and equipping” government forces.

    “The Government of National Accord has voiced its intention to submit appropriate arms embargo exemption requests to the UN Libya Sanctions Committee to procure necessary lethal arms and materiel to counter UN-designated terrorist groups and to combat Da’esh throughout the country,” said the communique, using an alternate name for the Islamic State. “We will fully support these efforts while continuing to reinforce the UN arms embargo.”

    “Government” makes the GNA sound a lot more significant than it is. The most significant achievement of the GNA has been to make it into the capitol without getting killed, and to still be alive now. Its writ arguably doesn’t even run throughout the whole of Tripoli, let alone in other parts of the failed state that used to be Libya but is now largely a territory run by warlords and terror networks. It’s Somalia on the Med, and the GNA is as relevant to it as Mogadishu has been to the rest of its country in the last three decades.

    1. The US and its NATO allies have been conducting largely underreported military strikes on ISIS in the Sirte region from the air, but it hasn’t done much to dent their momentum. The refugee problem has continued despite efforts to block the routes from north Africa to Europe. Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion — terror networks have to be defeated by ground troops and holding ground — the West is going to opt for another remote-control option by arming a force that barely exists at the moment. The GNA forces that would “combat Da’esh throughout the country” bear some similarity to the Free Syrian Army units that the Obama administration decided to fund, also years after the time for action had arrived and passed — which is to say, they’re mainly a product of wish-casting.

      As the Wall Street Journal notes, it’s more of a task force than a military capable of fighting anyone throughout its country — and it’s not the only force in the field, either:

      Islamic State controls the Mediterranean port of Sirte and in recent weeks has gained territory in government-held areas.

      Earlier this month, Mr. Serraj’s government announced the formation of a military task force to address the threat posed by Islamic State. But the task force isn’t backed by the rival government in the eastern-Libyan town of Tobruk, which is quarreling over the allocation of country’s oil and financial resources.

      The U.S., U.K., France and Italy have said they would only consider easing the embargo and a possible military intervention against the three Islamic State affiliates in Libya if the unity government forms a centralized military force.

      Great! Let’s send lots of weapons to the GNA. Just don’t be too surprised when they’re aimed back at the West, and likely sooner rather than later.

  11. Quirk quotes an 8 year old wikipedia article on Christians in Palestinian lands...

    You are retarded.

  12. Former President Bill Clinton on Saturday claimed “I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state,” and maintained that he secured an agreement, which the Palestinians turned down.

    In fact, no such text was ever presented to the Palestinian side, and then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak kept flaking out on commitments previously made, leaving the Palestinian negotiators with nothing to agree to. Negoatiator Aaron Miller later admitted, “There was not a formalized, written proposal that covered the four core issues. There was no deal on the table. None of the issues were explained enough in detail to make an agreement, though the Israelis made an interesting argument on Jerusalem.”

    No time here to go into the paternalist and colonial language about “giving” the Palestinians a state. They are a stateless people because they are unrecognized; they would get a state by recognizing them as such, not giving them anything.




    Here are signs Clinton didn’t put himself out that much:

    1. From the time Clinton presided over the handshake between Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in 1993 to the end of Clinton’s term, the number of Israeli colonists on the Palestinian land from which Rabin had pledged to withdraw just about doubled. In 1993 there were between 95,000 and 116,000 Israeli squatters in the West Bank and Gaza. By 1996 there were 147,000. By 2000 there were about 200,000. These numbers do not include the squatters in East Jerusalem, which Israel has illegally annexed in contravention of the UN charter. This stab in the back by the Israelis of the Palestine Authority undermined the possibility of a Palestinian state. Did Clinton kill himself stopping this vast expansion of Israeli squatters on Palestinian land? No. Did he do anything at all about it? No.




      2. Israel agreed to withdraw its troops from the West Bank by the end of 1998. It did not. Its troops are still there, guarding sometimes murderous or vandalizing Israeli squatters who are trying to displace the Palestinians from their homes. Did Bill Clinton kill himself to get the Israeli troops out of Palestine? No. Did he do anything at all about this collapse of Oslo process commitments on Israel’s part? No.




    3. Donald Neff writes that in

    “March, 1995 . . . President Clinton invoked the [UN Security Council] veto after all 14 other members approved a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on Israel to rescind a decision to expropriate 130 acres of land in Arab East Jerusalem.23 The Clinton administration exercised two more vetoes in 1997, both of them on resolutions otherwise unanimously supported by the 14 other Security Council members. The draft resolution was critical of Israel’s plans to establish a new settlement at Har Homa / Jabal Abu Ghneim in East Jerusalem in the midst of Palestinian housing.”


      So did Bill Clinton kill himself stopping Israeli large scale theft of Palestinian land while he was supposedly being an honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians? No.

      Clinton was the most partisan President for Israel in our country’s history, and was anything but even-handed in his approach to the Palestinians. The Palestinians complained that they’d get an Israeli proposal, reject it, then get the same one from the Americans; there wasn’t really any difference between the positions of those two.

      Clinton also defended the brutal Israeli assault on defenseless little Gaza in 2014, blaming it on Hamas and suggesting that they had craftily manipulated world media into blaming the Israelis for killing nearly 2000 Palestinians. Mr. Clinton did not address the issue of proportionality, the key one for critics of the assault. Nor did he address the Occupation, the displacement of Palestinian families to Gaza by the Israelis, or the siege of Gaza, contravening the Geneva Conventions if 1949.

      Bill Clinton’s partisanship for the Israeli side and refusal to act as an honest broker, refusal to stop squatter settlements, refusal to let the UN Security Council demand of Israel that it stop contravening international law, and failure to get an actual text to which Palestinian negotiators could assent, all these defects doomed the Oslo process and doomed the world to more turmoil coming out of this interminable conflict. It also encouraged the Israeli side to think they could get away with anything and so warped them into a Likud far-right regime and an Apartheid state.

      Bill Clinton didn’t kill himself getting a Palestinian state. His one-sided approach to the negotiations ensured that there would be none. Ever.

  15. .

    Say, while you are here, who better to ask than you - with your vast knowledge of Gaza, perhaps you can inform us what happened to all the Christians of Bethlehem ?

    You stupid ass. I've already answered it. Damn, you are a dolt.

    In response to questions from you on at least three occasions recently, I have posted extended answer and when I asked if you have read them, I get this shit...

    You've forgotten, O Great One, that I rarely scroll back, and never for you.

    Don't bother asking me any questions any more, you dumb fuck. Why should I waste time answering an asshole like you?


    1. You little tender loinless runt, don't make any more of your senseless assertions opening yourself up for proper mockery then, dipshit dumbfuck.

      You make a FOOL of yourself, someone is going to call you on it, urban asshole.




    It was Europe that expelled Jews over 100 times. The Palestinians?

    It was Europe that perfected the pogrom. The Palestinians?

    Europe created the ‘holocaust’. The Palestinians?

    Israel is a European colonial settlement expanding using the science of apartheid. It is an anachronism and exists solely due to the artifice of AmericanZionists and their corrupt toadies in the US government.

    It will all end badly as every US venture in the Middle East has gone badly, is going badly now and will only get worse in the future. No one should be surprised when it does.

  18. I added the video of Clinton’s fantasy.


    U.S. Middle East Policy

    By Donald Neff
    Former Time Magazine Bureau Chief, Israel

    This updated version was published in Fifty Years of Israel

    Originally printed in Washington Report, September ⁄ October 1993

    Donald Neff has been a journalist for forty years. He spent 16 years in service for Time Magazine and is a regular contributor to Middle East International and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. He has written five excellent books on the Middle East.

    On March 17, 1970, the United States cast its first veto in the United Nations Security Council during the presidency of Richard Nixon, when Henry Kissinger was the national security adviser. It was a historic moment, since up to that time Washington had been able to score heavy propaganda points because of the Soviet Union’s profligate use of its veto. The first U.S. veto in history was a gesture of support for Britain, which was under Security Council pressure to end the white minority government in southern Rhodesia.

    Two years later, however, on Sept. 10, 1972, the United States employed its veto for the second time—to shield Israel.1 That veto, as it turned out, signalled the start of a cynical policy to use the U.S. veto repeatedly to shield Israel from international criticism, censure and sanctions.

    Washington used its veto 32 times to shield Israel from critical draft resolutions between 1972 and 1997. This constituted nearly half of the total of 69 U.S. vetoes cast since the founding of the U.N. The Soviet Union cast 115 vetoes during the same period.


    1. {...}

      ☐ The initial 1972 veto to protect Israel was cast by George Bush [Sr.] in his capacity as U.S. ambassador to the world body. Ironically, it was Bush as president who temporarily stopped the use of the veto to shield Israel 18 years later.

      ☐ The last such veto was cast on May 31, 1990, it was thought, killing a resolution approved by all 14 other council members to send a U.N. mission to study Israeli abuses of Palestinians in the occupied territories.

      ☐ President Bill Clinton came along and cast three more.

      The rationale for casting the first veto to protect Israel was explained by Bush at the time as a new policy to combat terrorists.
      The draft resolution had condemned Israel’s heavy air attacks against Lebanon and Syria, starting Sept. 6, the day after 11 Israeli athletes were killed at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games in an abortive Palestinian attempt to seize them as hostages to trade for Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Between 200 and 500 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed in the Israeli raids.

      Nonetheless, Bush complained that the resolution had failed to condemn terrorist attacks against Israel, adding: “We are implementing a new policy that is much broader than that of the question of Israel and the Jews. What is involved is the problem of terrorism, a matter that goes right to the heart of our civilized life.”

      Unfortunately, this “policy” proved to be only a rationale for protecting Israel from censure for violating a broad range of international laws. This became very clear when the next U.S. veto was cast a year later, on July 26, 1973. It had nothing to do with terrorism. The draft resolution affirmed the rights of the Palestinians and established provisions for Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories as embodied in previous General Assembly resolutions.6 Nonetheless, Washington killed this international effort to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.



    3. .

      The irony is that all of these presidents have gone against Israel at one time or another. The only one who hasn't voted against Israel, not even once, has been Obama; yet, he is the one they bray about with their endless whining. The ingratitude is galling.


  20. .
    The Architecture Doesn't Lie

    Deuce, I can see why with your training you would be impressed with the functionality of architecture and design, but I really think your efforts are wasted on your intended audience here. The terms are a little esoteric for this lot. And face it, they are not going to spend a half hour or even a quarter hour watching a video they reject simply on the basis of its title.
    They are looking for nourishment to feed their confirmation bias rather than any type of enlightenment.

    Keep it simple. Use maps.

    Here’s one of the West Bank that is color coded and shows Areas A, B. and C.

    Areas A, B, and C

    Drawn by the Israelis, it was part of the Oslo Accords and the so-called 'peace process'. You can see that Area C is under full Israeli control and that they are responsible for everything in that area from security to civil administration to land management. They do what they want. Area C represents over 60% of the entire West Bank. But where you cite architecture to show Israeli control, I merely put up this map. It clearly shows how the Palestinians are controlled. The Palestinian population areas have been divided into 70 or 80 tiny cantons all completely surrounded by Area C and the Israelis.

    However, not even this map tells the whole story. You video showed a few roads and barriers that cut through Palestinian neighborhoods. However, I believe the following map taken with the previous one shows the full extent of the containment process.

    Roads and Barriers

    There are hundreds of maps showing how the West Bank has been sliced and diced over the last 50 years.


    1. I appreciate your points. There are two here that post on making excuses for the inexcusable. Neither of the two are particularly good at anything other than raw emotion and childish assertions.

      Allen, a past protagonist for Israel, made some reasonable arguments, but Allen is gone.

      The trends are going in the direction of less reluctance to confront the lies and propaganda excusing Israeli apartheid policies and the US political blunders in the ME.

      There really is a silent majority becoming less silent and more of a majority.

      Our cumulative arguments show up in the search results and other than the two regular defenders of anything that Israel does is good, there less support for their views than they think. Most people have been intimidated from saying what they really think. What they really think would not be good news for the Zionists.

      There is a lessening reluctance of many on the internet to express a free thought on the US/Israeli deception. I am encouraged by the trends that I see in exposing the lies and the injustice, mostly all based on absurd and intellectuals vacuous propositions based on a made up history.

      I do not recall that any of your arguments have been contradicted by either a fact or a cogent thoughtful response,

    2. The status quo has always favored Israel. It has been my opinion that most accept the status quo but the more an individual learns about the history and details of the situation the more they are disturbed by Israeli actions. Anericans, in general, do not concerne themselves with things not American, so the status quo does not change. Europeans, on the other hand, are much less supportive of Israel.

    3. I do not recall that any of your arguments have been contradicted by either a fact or a cogent thoughtful response,

      Wow, and if there were any would you have the guts to admit you are wrong?


    4. regardless of meaningless world opinion?

      The arabs who call themselves "palestinians" are proving to be a blood lust, murderous bunch to the rest of the world.

      All your attention on Israel and as we speak almost 1/2 million arabs (including thousands of your special people, the fakistinians) are laying dead not 60 miles away in Syria.

      The Iranians with the help of your other special friends, Hezbollah? Are in full kill in Syria, in Yemen and Iraq more of the same..

      Lebanon? a shit hole...

      Gaza? Self induced pile of murderous shit...

      But play with your videos and maps...

      Meanwhile Israel will not sit and WAIT for the savages like the ones in the opening of 2001 Space Odyssey to learn live and let live.

      There were no "settlements" in Judea and Samaria from 1948-1967.... Oh strike that, from 1920 to 1967...

      The fake nationalistic people named Palestinians have had NUMEROUS opportunities to create and establish their state and have refused.

      We all know history.

      We all KNOW the arab league's refusal in their famous 3 NO's

      So sorry if Israel doesn't sit on it's hands and waits.

      The disputed lands of Judea and Samaria are jus that, DISPUTED.

      If the arabs seek a true compromise and peace? israel has offered and followed thru in giving up land for "peace" which has never accomplished anything but more arab terror...

      So play with your maps. Your videos

      Israel will continue to grow and build, it's not going anywhere.

      The fake nationalistic movement of the arabs of gaza and judea and samaria?

      going no where fast...

  21. Democracy Now! spoke with world-renowned political dissident Noam Chomsky about where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on the issue of Israel and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or BDS. "Boycott and sanctions make perfectly good sense when these tactics are properly applied, as they often are," Chomsky said.

    ”You can understand why Hillary Clinton is frightened of them. They might undermine the policy of her husband and his predecessors, and Obama, as well, to support Israeli violence and aggression.”


  22. It is no wonder that Trump is so popular. Remember Hope and Change? President Obama has done what every President of the United States has done since the banks took over in 1913, what he is told to do. Hillary will be more of the same and worse. Trump could be catastrophic and yet another shill for

    Sanders is all we have left for the next round.

    1. " President Obama has done what every President of the United States has done since the banks took over in 1913, what he is told to do."

      Far out, Dude.

  23. Here it is, lest we forget, the Dipshit Quote of the Year -

    QuirkWed May 11, 07:08:00 PM EDT


    You forget the big difference, WiO, the U.S. had the balls to admit what we were doing.

    Israel didn't. They still refuse to say that they have effectively annexed the West Bank, Gaza, parts of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Until they admit it, under international law, they are an occupying force.



    Quart is nutz and totally uninformed.

    And has well earned heavy mockery.

    1. Even this makes no sense:

      "Until they admit it, under international law, they are an occupying force."

      This is dizzy.

      If they just admit they have annexed Gaza and are occupying it then they are no longer an occupying force ?

      I do not believe Quirk has given up drinking.

      Most of us know the truth - there isn't an Israeli troop in all of wonderful Gaza, which is in everything but name a state making a total mess of its own affairs and dedicated in its own Charter to the genocide of Israel.

    2. Most of us know the truth - there isn’t an Israeli troop in all of wonderful Gaza, which is in everything but name a state making a total mess of its own affairs and dedicated in its own Charter to the genocide of Israel.

      I will do a post on all the repressive restrictions, placed on Palestine by Israel, that make it impossible for a normal functioning society.

    3. Don't forget to mention the missiles, the tunnels and the clause in the Charter that calls for the genocide of the Israelis.

    4. Please include the UN's restrictions and of course Egypt's

      BTW, are you now saying there is a NAtion called "palestine"?

    5. Compare that "occupation" to the "occupation" America did to Germany and Japan after WW2 please

    6. If you had an invading force of Muslims seizing the greater part of Idaho, you would be calling for all of them to be killed and have a lot of company with you.

      Israel has brought that on itself as all invaders do.

    7. If one million Russians who were tending turnips in Russia and several hundred thousand Americans from New York can claim they have national rights and statehood in Palestine, I’m sure the Palestinians that have been tending olive groves they planted 2000 years ago have a similar right and claim.

    8. Your argument of a right to return will be the same argument used by future attacks on Israel by Palestinians as an expression of their right to return. Next time you get to be the British or the Boers.

    9. Compare that “occupation” to the “occupation” America did to Germany and Japan after WW2 please

      Anyone have a clue here?

  24. May 17, 2016

    What Lies Beneath?

    By Matt Patterson

    Unfortunately, it isn't so simple.

    Recent excavations at a site in southeast Turkey show an astonishing megalithic monument, covered with complex and beautiful symbols. It is called Göbekli Tepe.

    Photo by Rolfcosar

    The problem is that it seems to date in its earliest incarnations as far back as 10,000 B.C., many thousands of years older than the earliest known megalithic monuments in Mesopotamia and Egypt. So old, in fact, that its builders, whoever they were, started their project as the last Ice Age was coming to a close, a remote epoch during which our ancestors were supposedly still sub-literate cave dwellers.

    It is not only the extreme antiquity of the site that is unnerving to the scientific establishment. It exudes a complexity that spans time and space. Giant stone, multi-ton blocks were somehow carved, moved, and erected in bizarre circular patterns and covered with representations of animals living and extinct, both native to the area and alien. The circles span many miles, and there are sections of which are still being found and excavated.

    We have no idea how large it really is, who built it, what they used it for, or why. We know it was in use for thousands of years. And it was apparently, intentionally buried around 8,000 B.C. The deliberate burial of such a complex, requiring the movement of hundreds of tons of earth is in itself as stunning an engineering achievement as the construction of the monument itself.

    Keep in mind this site is not some fevered imagining of some History Channel fake expert or alien conspiracy theorist. This is an actual archaeological site being excavated and puzzled over by credentialed and thoroughly disturbed scientists.

    And in fact, excavators estimate that what they have found constitutes a mere 5 percent of the complex, and that digging for another century will still not reveal the whole of the structure.

    It’s all so disturbing to scientists because they thought they knew the human story already. And they make their living telling that story, their entire lives are based upon the fact that they are experts in that story. How profoundly unsettling it must be to realize perhaps you understand the smallest sliver of a story that was more vast and complicated than you could have ever imagined.

  25. If Bernie were to become President our entire nation would become Burlington College.

  26. Quirk: Drawn by the Israelis, it was part of the Oslo Accords and the so-called 'peace process'.

    Mahmoud Abbas: Palestinians ‘no longer bound’ by Oslo accords with Israel

    So who cares what Israel proposed years ago?

    The Palistinians have have rejected it.

    By forming a Unity Government with hamas?

    Israel has the right to do whatever it chooses. there are no agreements.

  27. AshTue May 17, 05:15:00 AM EDT
    The status quo has always favored Israel. It has been my opinion that most accept the status quo but the more an individual learns about the history and details of the situation the more they are disturbed by Israeli actions. Anericans, in general, do not concerne themselves with things not American, so the status quo does not change. Europeans, on the other hand, are much less supportive of Israel.

    Ash with all due respect (none)?

    you tell us that the Europeans, on the other hand, are much less supportive of Israel.

    Are these the same Eurotrash that sat by and or helped murder 6- 7 million jews?

    pardon me if I dont give a flying fuck.

  28. .

    The Alberta fire continues, the wind has changed, and it is now heading north towards the oil sands. Fort McMurray remains evacuated and too dangerous to allow residents back in. Suncor has shut down its operation and put 4000 workers on leave. Other oil producers have yet to make a decision on evacuating.


  29. Phone call from Niece. She has been following the American elections closely. She says all The Donald does is say the same things over and over and over again and never says exactly HOW he is going to make America great again....

    I say 'you got it figured but he wants to do more trade with India'.

    Raining in Dresden.

  30. .
    Israel has the right to do whatever it chooses. there are no agreements.

    I don't disagree that Israel has the power. The Palestinians have none. But to insinuate that Israel hasn’t been doing exactly as you suggest is either specious or benighted.

    If we are talking about the military ability to absorb all the occupied territories, there is nothing to stop them. In fact, they have been doing it since the beginning. It’s always been about the land.

    At the time of the Mandate, Jews represented between 7% and 11% of the population of Palestine (the land west of the Jordan River). Under the League of Nations, the proposal was to create a homeland (not a state) within Palestine. Under the mandate, despite their minority status, the Jewish homeland was to represent about 53% of the land.

    In 1947, the UN had accepted responsibility to manage the Mandate lands and was talking creating two ‘states’, Israel and Palestinian. The Jews represented about 33% of the population.

    In 1948, Israel declared the establishment of the State of Israel. Fighting between the three parties, Jews, Arabs, and the British had been going on for years. Now, with the British pulling out, the fighting escalated as Israel was invaded by Arab armies. By the end of 1948, Israel controlled about 57% of mandate Palestine and Jews represented about 82% of the population.

    After the 1967 war, Israel had absorbed about 79% of the mandate lands and controlled the rest.

    We have discussed the situations in the WB, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Anyone who thinks the trend won’t continue is a fool. All you have to do is look at facts on the ground; trends in Israeli government attitudes and policies and more importantly in those of the Jewish citizens there; the changing demographics in Israel; the growth of settler influence; and recent proposals by influential leaders there that include absorbing Area C (61% of the WB) and putting certain areas of the West Bank under Israel civilian law, an action contrary to international law. The path is clear.

    There’s no doubt Israel has the power to absorb all of the Palestinian lands. Doing so would fulfill the vision of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s prime founder and first prime minister. So why don’t they do it right now rather than through this slow walk policy that has taken 70 years?

    Occam’s Razor would say it’s not a military response they fear but a political one.


    1. They have already annexed, and occupy Gaza.

      Everybody knows that.

    2. Stay focused on the Alberta fire and don't make a further fool of yourself.

    3. Quirk: In 1948, Israel declared the establishment of the State of Israel. Fighting between the three parties, Jews, Arabs, and the British had been going on for years. Now, with the British pulling out, the fighting escalated as Israel was invaded by Arab armies. By the end of 1948, Israel controlled about 57% of mandate Palestine and Jews represented about 82% of the population.

      So Israel was attacked by the arab armies and won, also absorbing 850,000 Jews thrown out of the arab occupied middle east.

      So sad, too bad

    4. The Brits handed over military bases to the arabs in hopes that the slaughter would only take a few days..

      So sad, too bad

    5. After the 1967 war, Israel had absorbed about 79% of the mandate lands and controlled the rest.

      please include Jordan in the mandate.. :)

    6. quirk: QuirkTue May 17, 03:07:00 PM EDT
      .I don't disagree that Israel has the power. The Palestinians have none.

      Interesting shift of labeling...

      It was the arab israeli conflict...

      until the collective arab world LOST...

      Now you claim the "palestinians" have no power.

      The battle for the Jewish state is and was about the arab/Israeli conflict. The palestinians are but a PART of the arab world

      The arab world controls 899/900th of the middle east. Israel has 1/900th

      That is the overview.

      You want to go micro?

      Who control what square yard of what?


      Jordan and egypt had the "west bank, jerusalem and the gaza strip (respectively) from 1948 - 1967

      They could have given the arabs of those areas a state by snapping their fingers.

      It wasnt until 1988 that Jordan un-annexed the "west bank....

      So play your games with your meaningless numbers, maps and bullshit...

      That's what they are...


      The simple fact is clear.

      Israel is 1/900th of the middle east. It has 20% arabs as citizens.

      The arab world controls the other 899/900th

      The disputed lands of Judea and Samaria are micro-issue at the moment, the bigger historic issue?

      The arab - Israeli conflict.

      Gaza has not been annexed. It is not occupied and is sided on Egypt on one side that is the historic (recent) ruler of the strip.

      Hamas is a terrorist group that is in a UNITY government with the PA, and it calls for the genocide of the Jews.

      These are all facts.

    7. .

      These are all facts.

      You insist upon diverting.

      You directed a post at me at

      What is "Occupation"Tue May 17, 12:34:00 PM EDT

      Go back and read it.

      It ended with the statement...

      Israel has the right to do whatever it chooses. there are no agreements.

      My statement was in response to your conclusion. In fact, I was agreeing with you. Your point was specific as was my response.

      Now, you divert to the broader Arab-Israeli conflict. I have no problem talking about that or the definition of what constitutes 'Palestine' as I used it in my post, nor even the subject the 'annexation' of Gaza which your tiresome little buddy has his pants in a twist over. Of course, as I said I won't be talking to him on any of these matters or for that matter on any others as our friend from Idaho as discussion with him has proven to be a complete waste of time.

      Now, if you want to talk about another subject pick one. But lets take them one at a time. You seem to have a problem keeping your thoughts straight.


  31. Obama is not going to let, citing 'executive privilege', Rhodes to testify before Congress about how they lied to the American people and pulled the wool over our eyes concerning the Iran nuke 'deal'.

    Smart move.

    Though he has already spilled his guts to, I think it was, the NYT, so we all know already we were lied to now.

    Many had figured this out long before.....

    1. White House won't let Rhodes testify about the selling of Iran deal - 5/17/16
      Administration cites "constitutional concerns." More

      American Thinker

  32. quirk's on his mission..

    I hope Quirk's offspring marry hamas members...

    1. Now that it's been annexed and occupied by Israel, I'm thinking of withdrawing my offer of free transport to Gaza for Quirk.

      It would be too safe there.

      I'm in process of thinking of other, more dangerous alternatives.

  33. Case of a lifetime for the class action lawyers -


  34. Unanimously Stupid.

    How many Iraqis will be suing the US for the illegal attacks, killings and destruction of Iraqi buildings?

    What a bunch of strokers!

    1. Look at it this way - we can all sue ISIS for intentional infliction of emotional suffering !

      I think the whole idea might be unwise too.

      If my Judges Napolitano and Pirro discuss it I will pass their wisdom on....