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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Great Professional Police Work - in Estonia

This obviously deranged man would have been shot dead by US Cops:


  1. Very good reaction of the Police, for sure.

    He 'might' have been shot dead by some Police here.

    He didn't seem even concerned with the pepper spray.

    Big strong guy, when he started boxing with them at end, he was a real danger to them.

    Good situation for a Taser, seems to me.

    1. Not one pulled out their gun during the whole thing.

      I bet they'd dealt with this guy before.

  2. Good observations. European patrolman are mostly young and in very good physical condition. They are far better trained in civil matters and in a non military, non lethal manner. They don’t do swagger and over-respond and engage in badass trash talk. I do work in Estonia. I suppose this is Tallinn. Pleasant little city. Polish police are very similar.

    You may also notice that civilians came to the aid of the cops as well.

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    1. I don't understand the open hatch door on the top of the plane on both takeoff and landing.

    2. Colonel Quirk, can you explain the utility of this to a Yankee Noodle ?

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    1. 'A special plugin is needed to view this video'

      I am glad. I can't stand John Stewart.

  5. While the U.S. Air Force was sending 12,500 head cutters to the virgin islands in the sky, 25,000 lost youths from 100 countries around the world have traveled to Iraq to join ISIS, according to a United Nations report just cited by Fox News. This is not a good ratio.

    1. Jihad Watch
      Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

      Learned analysts starting to realize airstrikes alone will not dislodge Islamic State

      May 27, 2015 11:07 pm By Robert Spencer

      Mainstream analysts usually lurch from mistake to mistake, applying faulty solutions based on fantasy-based analyses, without ever being held accountable for the disasters that follow in the wake of their actions. Just look at Obama and Hillary at Benghazi. But the idea that an entity that controls an expanse of territory larger than Great Britain will be dislodged by airstrikes alone is so risible that even mainstream analysts are having to acknowledge it.

      “Analysis: Growing sense that airstrikes alone will not dislodge the Islamic State group,” Associated Press, May 27, 2015:

      BAGHDAD – It is the modern era’s military strategy of choice: overwhelming air power delivering precision-guided punishment backed by intelligence on the ground, with minimal exposure for soldiers of the striking side.

      Seductive though it is to risk-averse governments with war-weary publics, the approach has its limits — and these are on display in Syria and Iraq, where a U.S.-led coalition has carried out over 4,100 airstrikes against Islamic State radicals yet failed to stop the extremists.

      August will mark a year since the campaign was launched after tens of thousands of minority Yazidis were forced to flee an onslaught by the militants in Iraq, causing a humanitarian crisis.

      It was clear from the start that a ground force was needed, and Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish fighters have had successes on the battlefield. The Iraqi military was also to play a key role: air power would soften up the extremists, weakening them or getting them to flee, and the Iraqis were to deliver the final blow or retake areas abandoned by the militants.

      That has not gone according to plan.

      Badly humiliated and Shiite-dominated, Iraq’s army has shown little stamina in the mostly-Sunni cities taken by the Islamic State militants. In recent days U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter assessed it lacked the “will to fight” after fleeing Ramadi, the strategic capital of Iraq’s largest Sunni province, Anbar, leaving the Islamic State group in control of nearly all its territory, which stretches to the Jordan border….

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