“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Video of Ferguson Police in full battle gear attacking a news crew with tear gas and then dismantling their gear until they see some other reporters filming them. Listen to their bullshit telling the reporters that they don’t want them to get hurt. The cops are the ones who would hurt them!

What a pathetic display of Ferguson’s lethal Keystone Cops in their GI Joes - Checkout the cop with the rifle looking for who the hell know’s what as the other two cops are removing the camera gear - The voice over is another camera crew recording the entire charade - Listen to the lame cop telling the second crew of reporters that they have to move so they don’t get hurt!


  1. Los Angeles Times
    Written by Matt Pearce

    Boisterous yet peaceful demonstrations continued as night fell in Ferguson on Thursday under the lower-key supervision of police in standard uniforms.

  2. The local DA will not be the prosecutor of the policeman or men that shot that unarmed man, with his hands up.

    Obama Calls For Peace In Ferguson, Orders FBI Investigation Of Shooting

  3. Mike Keller
    1 hour ago - Google+
    The only rioters here are the police

  4. If the cops can screw up so badly by attacking a bunch of reporters in such an overreaction and a grossly disproportionate manner, what else did they do?

  5. Funny not one "peaceful " protester that was photographed lighting and throwing fire bombs was injured..

    That's a shame.

  6. Why don't you keep your Apartheid, Zionist Ass out of American commentary.

    1. Because as an american I have JUST as much right as a stolen valor, fake veteran like you to express my opinion.

      You a fraudster, liar and bum, are an american, just as I am an american, except I stand with the rights of Jewish self-determination in israel and I do not lie or pretend to be a veteran as you do..

      as for apartheid? only the arab world has that today...

      don't let the truth explode that thing you call a brain... better go get a beer, you need it.

    2. If there's a town in Israel named "America," then you might be an American. Otherwise, you're just another "master race asshole," working out of a basement in Tel Aviv.

    3. Sorry Rufus with your self inflicted delusions, come to Ohio and I'll serve you some midwestern raised beef brisket, smoked 14 hours in by backyard...

      But I don't serve crow, you will have to bring your own...

    4. "O"rdure continues to post lies, because he is a fraud.
      Claiming to be someone he is not.
      Being unable to post on the thread of the character he claims to be, the proof is in the posting.
      Or rather the lack of it


    5. Being unable to post a thread on the blog of the character he claims to be, the proof is in the posting.

  7. Most of us are determined to make America work for Everyone, not just for some mythical "Master-race."

    1. That's right, Zionists, Neo-Nazis, and Al Queda Terrorists - Not Welcome.


    2. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

    3. Rufus IIFri Aug 15, 09:21:00 AM EDT
      That's right, Zionists, Neo-Nazis, and Al Queda Terrorists - Not Welcome.

      Thanks for including Jewish self determination as a terrorist ideology, shows just how ignorant you really are....

    4. "Self determination" your ass. What about the Palestinians' right to self determination?

      I don't see the slightest bit of difference between Zionists and Nazis.

  8. Speaking of "getting it:" Have you noticed all those stories about "Rolling Brownouts in California," this year?

    Yeah, neither have I.

    In the hottest, driest year in God know when, California has just chugged right along.

    Could this be the reason?


    1. maybe the doubling of the price has curbed demand?

    2. Retail prices have remained the same, dumbfuck.

    3. Another proof our Zionist, "O"rdure, is not an American.

      He does not understand that electricity is a price regulated monopoly.

    4. And that solar and wind generated electricity now cover cover the hours of "Peak Demand"

    5. Our Electric rate per hour is regulated and has been raised....

      I guess you don't understand that even regulated industries submit and do get price increases....

      "We are now in an era of rising electricity prices," said Philip Moeller, a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, who said the steady reduction in generating capacity across the nation means that prices are headed up. "If you take enough supply out of the system, the price is going to increase."

      In fact, the price of electricity has already been rising over the last decade, jumping by double digits in many states, even after accounting for inflation. In California, residential electricity prices shot up 30% between 2006 and 2012, adjusted for inflation, according to Energy Department figures. Experts in the state's energy markets project the price could jump an additional 47% over the next 15 years.

      You silly guys are so ignorant...

      Amazing you can actually type...


      The California power market also experienced a large (59%) increase in wholesale power prices. As with the rest of the nation, this increase was largely the result of higher natural gas prices. The ongoing outage of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) contributed to a continued separation in power prices between the northern and southern parts of the state's electric system.


    7. Wholesale does not equal retail

      Back to ESL class, for you "O"rdure.

    8. Again, your lack of understanding of the way the US works is evident.

    9. "residential electricity prices shot up 30% between 2006 and 2012, adjusted for inflation, "

      All the Solar started coming online in 2012, Israeli.

      Stick with defending Apartheid. You still haven't got that worked out, yet.

    10. Moreover, regulatory bodies periodically approve emergency rate hikes to help California utilities meet their revenue requirements. In August 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorized San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to increase average rates 2.7 percent above and beyond rate increases originally approved by the CPUC

      As a result, SDG&E commercial customers saw rates rise more than 7 percent over a few months.

      When 7% is said to equal doubling the contributor is lying.
      "O"rdure continues to lie, and is a fraud.

    11. Despite Enron And California, Retail Electricity Reform Has Not Been Zapped

    12. When 45% is said to a Doubling of the price, the contributor is LYING

      So even "O"rdure's own references PROVE he was lying.

      Our in house Zionist is a fraud, by his own accounting.

    13. California tried to deregulate the electrical marketplace, it was robbed by the folks at Enron.
      That is where the 45% price increases came from.

      An era of crony capitalism. As ou friends at Wiki report

      As the FERC report concluded, market manipulation was only possible as a result of the complex market design produced by the process of partial deregulation. Manipulation strategies were known to energy traders under names such as "Fat Boy", "Death Star", "Forney Perpetual Loop", "Ricochet", "Ping Pong", "Black Widow", "Big Foot", "Red Congo", "Cong Catcher" and "Get Shorty". Some of these have been extensively investigated and described in reports.
      On August 17, 2013, the British Columbia company Powerx agreed to a $750 million refund as a settlement over charges of manipulating electricity prices during 2000

    14. If "O"rdure would LIE about something so insignificant as the electriaclal rates charged in California, what more would he do with regards to subjects "close to his heart", like the NASI Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.


  9. Protests Calm After Police Change Tact in Missouri

    - Wall Street Journal


  10. Times Square SHUT DOWN: More than one thousand march in New York as Ferguson protests spin-off across the country over police shooting of Michael Brown

    The New York rally in support of Michael Brown began Thursday evening in a march up Broadway before culminated in Times Square

    Head of highway patrol, put in charge of Ferguson security by Governor Jay Nixon on Thursday, the St Louis suburb resembled a 'war zone'

    In addition to vigils in Ferguson and New York, there have been protests planned across the country via Twitter
    Ferguson police have said that on Friday they will name the police officer who shot Brown

    1. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a black police chief who is now in charge of policing the protests in St Louis over the death of a black teenager walked among the crowd as he began the 'shift' away from military style policing.

      Captain Ron Johnson said: 'I'm not afraid to be in this crowd today' as he marched with 1,000 people in the suburb of Ferguson


  11. Iraqi Sunnis lay out conditional offer to join unity government

    (Reuters) - Tribal leaders and clerics from Iraq's Sunni heartland said on Friday they would be willing under certain conditions to join a new government that hopes to contain sectarian bloodshed and an offensive by Islamic State militants that threatens Baghdad.

    Members of the Sunni Muslim minority made their offer after Iraq's most influential Shi'ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, threw his weight behind prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi, a Shi'ite trying to form an inclusive government in a country beset by daily bombings, abductions and executions.

    Abadi faces the daunting task of pacifying the vast western province of Anbar, where Sunni frustrations with the sectarian policies of outgoing Shi'ite premier Nuri al-Maliki have pushed some to join an insurgency led by the Islamic State fighters.

    1. Nothing like 10,000 "head removers" running loose to cause the interested parties (those still with heads attached) to get real.

  12. Iraq crisis: Emergency EU talks on arming Kurds

    EU foreign ministers have held emergency talks on arming Iraq's Kurds against the advance of Islamic State (IS) militants in the north.

    Any decision would build on French and US moves to supply weapons to the Kurds, whose Peshmerga fighters provide a bulwark against the extremists.

    The Islamic State group's violence against religious minorities has driven out an estimated 1.2 million Iraqis.

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he was flying to Iraq.

    He will meet Kurdish leaders and the government in Baghdad to discuss what support is most needed.

    "We cannot just watch as people are slaughtered there," he said after the foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels. "If the current threat level persists, I can't rule out that we will have to deliver weapons."


    Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, has said Britain is prepared to arm Kurdish forces in Iraq to end the "terrible threat" posed by Islamic State extremists.