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Friday, August 08, 2014

The Cynical and Criminal Destruction of Gaza by Israel - The Aftermath Tells the Tale


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  8. The Cynical and Criminal Destruction of Gaza by Israel - The Aftermath Tells the Tale

    Hamas started the rocket war, Hamas hid it's munitions, it's bunkers, it's tunnels and it's command and control in civilian buildings, schools, UN buildings and hospitals.

    The ONLY "Cynical and Criminal" behavior is by Hamas.

    But we all know that.

    Hamas even attacked again this morning and started another round of destruction.

    Regardless of Hamas's horrible success rate in murdering jews, it's attempts are a crime.

    Now I don't doubt that Deuce, Rat, Rufus don't give two shits about jews being rocketed for the last 13 years non-stop by Hamas but Israel does and Israel decided it didn't like be rocketed 10,000 times...

    So gaza? Enjoy your destruction and as long as Hamas continues to try to murder Jews? israel will bomb hamas's military sites that are hidden behind diapers and women's panties.

    Hamas are the Gaza Strip's version of ISIS. They seek the genocide of the Jews.

    So when they TRY to murder Jews? They will be kicked in the teeth..

    The gazan's? SUPPORT hamas, they voted for them.

    When the Gazans finally decide they have had enough of Hamas? they can revolt and get rid of them..

    1. Hamas seeks the GENOCIDE of the Jews.

      This point is never spoken about here.

      Only the reaction to the attempts of genocide by Israel.

      If Israel sought the genocide of the people of Gaza? 1700 people (1/2 terrorists) would be an hourly death rate, Israel would not be supplying GENERATORS and repairing power lines to the strip and providing hundreds of trucks a day with food and medicine into the strip.

      If Israel were trying to genocide the palestinians? It would look like what ISIS is doing.

      But we DO know that Hamas SEEKS the genocide of Jews IF THEY COULD they WOULD.....

  9. Hamas seeks the liberation of Palestine from the European invaders.

    The religion of the colonialists is secondary to the fact that the Europeans have no legal claim to the land.
    Those that recognized the illegality of the Zionists claim had no authority to compel the Palestinians to accept their judgements.

    If the Europeans returned to Europe, Hamas would not follow them, there.
    To claim otherwise, foolish.

    1. Sorry Charlie, 1/2 of Israel is from the Arab world..

      get your facts straight.

    2. Hamas says clearly it's intention to kill all the Jews. Israel is an additional thing to be destroyed, but Hamas's goal is world wide eradication of the Jews.

      Sorry Rat, your just dead wrong as usual.

    3. Hell, if surrender to the Muzzies will bring Whirled Peas, we should have that before Barry is out of office.

  10. Big blow out your ways, Doug.

    I am hoping you is safe in a lava tube somewheres.

    Best wishes....