“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, June 02, 2014

The motivation of the ruling class is to become a plutocrat and get as close to the 1% as possible. It is a mutually parasitic relationship.


  1. ...and if you are not part of the elite...

    A Third Of America's 18- To 34-Years-Olds Live With Their Parents

    Read more:

    The USDA said it is their responsibility to attempt to alter the food choices of Americans since 25 percent receive food aid from government programs.

    1. Here we have fast food outlets hanging banners saying "EBT Accepted"
      I am told that is some form of food stamp benefit...

      It seems to be a growing trend, at least there are more banners being flown.

      Little wonder that there are calls for government to regulate the nutritional value of what it is paying for.
      Calls either by the taxpayer or the government itself.
      If the Government did not take that course of action, would it not be consider negligent?

    2. Or, as allen wrote to " attempt to alter the food choices"

      Is that not the 'responsible' thing for public employees to do?
      Make sure that the money is not going to waste, while maintaining a veneer of freedom of choice for the beneficiary of the life support, and the rest of US?

  2. Census: Big decline in nuclear family

    Over the past four decades, the American family has been drastically altered. New data from the Census Bureau, released this week, shows just how much families have changed in recent years.

    Here are some major changes demographers note about how American households changed between 1970 and 2013:

    - Fewer family households: A family household includes two or more people living in the same home who are related by blood, marriage or adoption. Such groups made up 66 percent of American households in 2013, down from 81 percent in 1970.

    - More people living alone: In 2013, 27 percent of households were one-person households, up from 17 percent in 1970.

    - Decline in the nuclear family: In 1970, 40 percent of households were married couples with children. Such households made up just 19 percent of homes in 2013.

    - Later marriages: The median age at first marriage was 29 for men and 26.6 for women in 2013, up from 23.2 for men and 20.8 for women in 1970.

    - Smaller families: The average number of people per household dropped from 3.1 in 1970 to 2.5 in 2013.

    - Fewer children: The average number of children per family declined from 1.3 in 1970 to 0.9 in 2013.

    - Parents not marrying: Of children living with only a mother, 48 percent had a mother who had never been married in 2013, up from 7 percent in 1970.

    The data for 2013 shows a broad picture of the country's households, and offered additional information about how children and their parents live today. Some key findings:

    - Most children's parents are married: Of American parents who live with children under age 18, 76 percent are married, 16 percent have no partner and 8 percent live with an unmarried partner.

    - Children in single-parent families most likely to live in poverty: Nearly half of children living with a single mother -- 45 percent -- live below the poverty line. Twenty-one percent of children who live with just their father live in poverty, while 13 percent of children living with both parents do so.

    - Single-parent households more common for blacks, Hispanics: Fifty-five percent of black children and 31 percent of Hispanic children live in a one-parent household, compared with 20 percent of white children and 13 percent of Asian children.

    - One-parent families more common in South: About 41 percent of the country's one-parent unmarried family groups with children are in the South. The Northeast had the smallest percentage of such families.

    - Single moms more likely to raise children on their own: Two-thirds of mothers living with their children have a spouse present, compared with 86 percent for fathers. Twenty-five percent of mothers with children under age 18 have no partner present in the household, in contrast to just 6 percent of fathers.


    1. You need to consider the Baby Boom when using numbers going back to 1970.

  3. The chart referenced in allen's post 18-3 year olds living with parents indicates an almost 2% rise since 1983.

    While the boost in home ownership rates manufactured by the easy credit of the Clinton / Bush years has collapsed back to 1996 levels, with only 65% of US 'owning' their home.
    Homeownership Rate Has Fallen To A 19-Year Low

  4. Too many of the poor, today, are providing no useful service (to the rich.) Not only that, but they are gobbling up resources.

    This is the point at which we've, traditionally, had huge wars - but, in the "nuclear age" . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?

  5. Jack Hawkins,

    We need to come to an understanding. Because I link to something does not make that something "allen's". "Allen" may not even agree with the contents of the link. Moreover, there is all that nasty copyright business and claims of plagarism to avoid. Thanks

    After today, I hope some member of the House submits a bill of impeachment. We (Americans) must rid ourselves of this abomination (Obama) to American constitutional governance. Now, Jack Hawkins, you may call this statement "allen's".

    1. On the other hand, call my linked contributions anything you like.

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      The "Standards and Practices" are well known, if not always applied.

  6. Fjord OlesvensensonMon Jun 02, 10:14:00 PM EDT

    Who said:

    "God must love the poor, he made so many of them." ?

    A) Walt Whitman
    B) Abe Lincoln
    C) Other

  7. Fjord OlesvensensonMon Jun 02, 10:16:00 PM EDT

    Who said:

    "You grow old slowly, then all at once." ?

    A) Ernest Hemingway
    B) Fjord Olesvensenson
    C) Other

  8. Fjord OlesvensensonMon Jun 02, 10:19:00 PM EDT

    Who said:

    "You can swindle some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but I can swindle all of the people all of the time."

    A) Fjord Olesvensenson
    B) Clinch
    C) Cinch
    D) The Quirkster
    E) Other

  9. I'm hearing on Fox that Bergdahl Sr. grew that beard in solidarity with the Taliban?

    Good Grief

    Still glad the guy is back, but.......jeez....maybe he whole family needs psychotherapy.

  10. Fox News is probably wrong one more time. I imagine it was grown in solidarity with his son.

    1. FOX News, that is a foreign news source, the owners being from Australia and Saudi Arabia, that uses its access to the US audience to further their own ideological agendas. Under cover of massive dissemination of misinformation.

      Best illustrated by the coverage FOX News has produced concerning one of its owners, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
      The Parent Company Trap
      Fox News is either evil or stupid for not mentioning that Alwaleed bin Talal is News Corp.'s largest shareholder.

    2. You are partly right about the ownership but wrong about furthering Moslem agendas. They continually attack the Moslems. You must not listen to it much.

    3. False Flags ...
      You are so far behind the curve, thinking their agenda it is based upon Abrahamic religions.
      They worship money and power

      You can't fix stupid

    4. The very fact that FOX News has you fired up about Islam, is proof of their success at disseminating the misinformation.
      Anonymous is illustrative of the Main Stream Media's success at propagating their propaganda,
      The Military Industrial Complex forges forward.

    5. Two really meaningless statements, back to back.

    6. Not at all, Anonymous, if the two posts are beyond your comprehension, is just goes to show ...

      You can't fix stupid

    7. The United States has sold hundred of billions worth of weapons to the Muslims, while at the same time many of it political leaders are propagating a "War on Islam".

      Fear of Islam is propagated as the reason to support Israel, while one of the premier Zionists in the US, Lester Crown, is building M1 Abrams main battle tanks, through his company General Dynamics, in Egypt.

      The US created the Taliban, though they were called the Mujaheddin when Ronald Reagan was sending the support, through Israel to Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden's family was spirited out of the United States on 13 Sept, 2001 before they could be questioned by the FBI.

      Immediately after the "War on Terror (Islam) was started, the US began paying the Muslims in Pakistan, totally over $10 billion USD in tribute through the end of GW Bush's tenure. Since then, the funds have continued to flow, but I quit flowing the amounts, it made me feel nauseous. Qatar, the middle man in the negotiations that led to the release of the Gitmo Five, another beneficiary of US largess, while they've been funding terror organizations in Libya and Syria.

      That you do not comprehend any of this ...
      See Tue Jun 03, 12:57:00 AM EDT

    8. What does any of this bullshit screed have to do with Fox News?


  11. Colorado ‘Mudslide’ Looks Like Fracking Nightmare

    WESTERN COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — “There is no mud in the whole damn thing, there is not even a puddle”, said dutchsinse, a popular environmental investigative Youtuber, referring to a secretive fracking operation that was recently botched.

    “I went and verified the area [...] ran by DCP [...] which they basically have fracked the hell out of the area”, dutchsinse said, continuing to explain how the U.S. government teamed up with Exxon Mobil in the area.

    What you have actually been seeing on the news, sold as a 4-mile long mudslide 1) , is not a mudslide, it’s a massive fracking eruption as they have been pumping high amounts of high pressure CO2 into the ground for an extended period of time.

    Talks of evacuation have been promoted on CNN, said dutchsinse, despite the fact that there has been no rain or snow pack in the area.

    “It’s all a bunch of B.S.”, said dutchsinse.


    1. A really informative video ...

  12. rat is just cathecting again, investing emotional energy in his misplaced, cynical and mentally drained world outlook.