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Monday, June 23, 2014

Kerry Says ISIS Threat Could Hasten Military Action




  1. Do not continue the Rat-Bob on this post.

    1. And I had a good one about fishing from the Merkava Tank, too.

      What's wrong with a little humor at your expense?

      You are way way sensitive.

    2. Since it was so good I will post it on the old thread.

  2. “Poland's foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski has been caught in a secret recording saying that Poland’s relationship with the United States was worthless, and that any feeling of security it gave was "complete bullshit."

    According to excerpts from a transcript of the recording, the foreign minister told Rostowski: "You know that the Polish-U.S. alliance isn't worth anything."

    "It is downright harmful because it creates a false sense of security ... Complete bullshit. We'll get in conflict with the Germans, Russians and we'll think that everything is super because we gave the Americans a blow job. [We are] losers. Complete losers."

    Mr. Kerry promised "intense" support to Iraq. What adjective he used with the Poles I do not know.

    1. Now you are so far behind the learning curve it could be used as evidence you are an Arab

  3. So you believe the Jews have taken the Ukraine, Deuce?

  4. I believe the ISIS is coming to a screeching halt around Baghdad and that the war is, for the most part, already over.

    Time will tell, but that's what I think.

    It's one thing to ride roughshod among your own folk, another all together to do it when all those around you are of a different persuasion.

    War's over, mostly.

  5. What our country needs is a new President.

    It has become so awful and shameful that one is reticent to read the morning news.

    The Obama Administration is simply a criminal enterprise.

    And a not very good one.

    The Democrats are going to take a thumping over all this non sense.

    Recycled hard drives from the IRS.

    My ass.

    Rosemary Woods could do sooooooooo much better.

    It's shameful, the incompetence of it all.

  6. Even Rufus has gone, for the most part, quiet.

    When it gets to this point all one can do is just go quiet, hide in the cave.

    Our society is beginning to stink like a six day corpse.

  7. Attorney General Holder -

    Racist from the git go,

    It is disgusting.

  8. QuirkMon Jun 23, 02:49:00 PM EDT

    On several occasions, on this site I provided thousands of pages of “documentary evidence” on the USS Liberty incident. There was not a single instance where anyone challenged any statement of that record. That indicated that no one had bothered to read a single page of the record and could not, therefore, form an opinion based upon the written record and cite the record conclusively.

    Speaking to you specifically, I provided exactly the same voluminous record for your review. Within five minutes, you responded, rejecting out of hand the record in its entirety without so much as offering a single quote from said record. That led me to believe that you were either the world’s foremost speed-reader or a bigot. Moreover, you insulted the unnumbered military personnel involved in examining the evidence leading to the various reports, as sycophants and “paper pushers”. It also taught the lesson that debating any subject with you that would require close examination of evidence and thoughtful reflection on that record prior to you shooting your mouth off was a waste. Consequently, it is not only Judaism about which I refuse to debate, but any subject. You are a waste of time, someone who confuses a strongly held opinion with a fact, and finds the use of “dick” as dispositive.

    You provide a lengthy list of documents (cut and paste?), I assume as demonstrative of some sort of proof in rebuttal. In doing so, you prove my point: You did not have the good sense to offer a single quote. In the academic world, one may make a statement or offer a hypothesis as definitive. One then offers a footnote or note to the reader. Either will site with specificity the works of other authorities and definitions and/or quotes to validate ones initial point of view or opinion. Works without such care to research are called novels or romances. I have no interest in either, since fiction is, well, fiction.

    As to your opinion of me, I could not care less.

    1. Gibberish from Jabberwocky

    2. I will be pleased to revisit The USS Liberty

    3. .

      You just spent a lot of words to say zip, Allen. Well, other than to highlight the fact that you are the slimy weasel I called you on the last post stream.

      What has the Liberty to do with today's discussion other than it is one of the usual suspects, that is, one of the non-sequiturs you always rebound to when you have your ass handed to you on another subject?

      On several occasions, on this site I provided thousands of pages of “documentary evidence” on the USS Liberty incident.

      No, what you provided was a governmental info dump of the results from of the first review of the Liberty incident, a review I have on numerous occasions described as garbage in/garbage out due to the truncated scope of the hearings, the ridiculous time-limit set on gathering evidence and witnesses, the number of witnesses the government failed to call including the main offender, Israel, and the fact that the the result was predetermined as evidenced by the content of the telegrams sent out by the Navy to victims families the day prior to the start of actual hearing. The review was a farce, a cover-up and a whitewash, all with a predetermined conclusion. And don't give me your bullshit bullshit about how the US president wouldn't lie or be involved in such a thing. We are talking LBJ. In pursuit of his foreign policy objectives would the lives of 34 servicemen really affect the conscience of the guy whose other lies resulted in the death of 50,000 Americans in Vietnam.

      You provide a lengthy list of documents (cut and paste?)

      What was I supposed to do, make them up? Lord, you are a moron.

      You did not have the good sense to offer a single quote.

      More bullshit. We have been talking about the Liberty on and off here for years. In that time, I have offered reams of references including videos, book excerpts, articles, commentary, AND quotes from numerous people, diplomats, military officers, intelligence chiefs, people involved in the battle. That you can't or choose not to recall them is not my problem. You want quotes? Here is a list of quotes.

      Partial List of Quotes on U.S.S. Liberty

      Me insult the 'unnumbered' (what bullshit) servicemen that drew up the report? You insult the 34 dead and 174 wounded on the Liberty.

      Allen, you lie and dissemble. And half the time, you don't even do it to people's faces but rather behind their back. After Victor Silo died, I recall his son tried to carry on his blog for a while. I visited once or twice. I'm sure Bob would be interested to know the conversations his new best bud had regarding him there. Or, after one of your numerous times leaving here never to return, heading over to the BC and trying to stir Buddy Larsen up with lies about him being badmouthed over here.

      As I said previously, if you try to pass along your bullshit here expect to get challenged.

      Consequently, it is not only Judaism about which I refuse to debate, but any subject.

      Based on your past performance, I think that is probably a wise choice.


    4. Deuce,

      You can visit the USS Liberty as much as you like. On three occasions I have linked the thousands of pages of evidence concerning the incident to this site. As I said, not once has anyone here used so much as a line of text from those pages to make a point. That tells me all I need to know. As with anything Jewish, I will not engage in commentary on the Liberty. Bigotry just has to be outlived; it can never be dissuaded. There was a time when both sides could have made thought provoking points, respectful and worthy of consideration. For me, that time has long since passed. After being branded a "motherfucker", "POS", "cocksucker", etc about 100 times each, the thrill is gone. Enjoy.

    5. I wil be making a post from a personal interview with someone who was there.

    6. Anyone who disparages the deaths of US servicemen does not have split loyalties. Allen has made his clear.

    7. disparage: Regard or represent as being of little worth___Oxford

      I have never said or implied such. What I have said is that it was not premeditated murder by Israel. All the reports agree that it was not murder.

    8. The witnesses who saw their fellow serviceman split, burned and killed under the Jewish star say that you are a liar.

    9. AnonymousMon Jun 23, 05:58:00 PM EDT
      Gibberish from Jabberwocky

      It cannot be "from" Jabberwocky, Dolt. Try finding the definition of "jabberwocky" in the Oxford Dictionary. If you need help, someone will point out a dictionary at a library. A library is a place where books are stored, usually for public use.

  9. And, for those that don't understand, I maybe don't beat on it, constantly, but I'm very happy with the job Obama's doing.

    He's done a very good job supporting "Wind, and Solar (although, I'd like to see a little stronger push for biofuels,) and

    it looks like the Affordable Care Act is going to be a rousing success.

  10. TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran attaches great importance to expansion of ties with China, pointing to the important status of China in the world.

    He made the remarks in a meeting during which he received credentials of the new ambassador of China to Tehran Pang Sen.

    Rouhani stated that he sees no impediments to expansion of Iran-China ties.

    It is expected that the relations between the two countries would be expanded by the Chinese president’s trip to Iran in the near future, Rouhani added.

    Iran is ready to cooperate with China in building oil refineries, Rouhani said.

    Commenting on the talks between Iran and the 5+1 groups – the United States, France, Russia, China, Britain, and Germany – he called on China to make more efforts in reaching a final agreement.

    For his part, the Chinese ambassador said that China is keen to expand ties with Iran.

    Ambassador Pang said Beijing and Tehran share similar views on international issues, adding that China is ready to increase the common ground for cooperation.

    Commenting on Iran’s nuclear program, he said China has always insisted that Iran has right to use nuclear energy within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    He went on to say that China opposes unilateral sanctions against Iran, giving assurances that China will back Iran in the upcoming nuclear talks with the major powers.

    Iran and the group of 5+1 countries (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) ended an intense round of nuclear talks in Vienna on Friday after making progress in the process of drafting the text of a final deal to resolve the decade-old dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program. The two sides also agreed to resume nuclear negotiations on July 2 in the Austrian capital.

  11. Amman - Jordan has intensified its security measures near the Karama border crossing with Iraq, known in Iraq as Tirbeel corssing, amid unconfirmed and conflicting reports that it has been seized by armed groups.

    There was growing concern over the rapid territorial gains made of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on the other side of the border.

    A security source from Jordan’s armed forces, who asked to be anonymous, told Al Jazeera that they could only confirm from Jordan’s side that security measures were being put in place but "on the other side we cannot confirm who is actually there, as it is a different country".

    However, according to the Reuters news agency, Sunni tribesmen took control of the border crossing after Iraq's army pulled out of the area following clashes with armed fighters, Iraqi and Jordanian intelligence sources said on Monday.

    "Jordan is monitoring the situation in Iraq very closely and the Jordanian army will take necessary measures according to developments," Mohammad Mumani, the Jordanian government’s spokesperson, said, without confirming or denying reports about the border being seized by any specific groups.

    Witnesses reported heavy army presence near the border area, which has been reportedly closed since Sunday.

    "For the past two days, military tanks, rocket launchers, anti-terror groups have been moving towards the Jordanian Iraqi border," a resident of Rwaished, about 60km away from the border, said on the condition of anonymity.

    "There is no war here yet, but the situation is alarming for us."

    Rwaished is inhabited by almost 4,000-5,000 Jordanians.

    Political analysts say the geographical expansion and the violent and practices of the ISIL present Jordan with a colossal security challenge.

    "We cannot exaggerate nor undermine the danger the ISIL presents to Jordan. Jordan is a part of Bilad Sham, the geographical unit they aim to sieze along with Iraq, Syria and Plaestine," Iraq, Syria and Palestine," Amer Sabaileh, an Amman-based political analyst, told Al Jazeera.

    1. Jordans air force already attacked isis armored personal carriers. looks like humvees heading for your border is a good target 3 destroyed...

    2. .

      ISIS has had a cakewalk so far. However, the Kurds are digging in and...

      20,000 Shia Militiamen March in Bahgdad

      The Shia marched with small arms, RPG's, rockets, and one group of them with suicide vests, an indication the Shia may soon begin receiving a taste of their own medicine.


  12. WASHINGTON, May 19, 2014 – U.S. forces along with those from more than 20 other nations will begin military exercises in Jordan next week.

    Pentagon Spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said today Eager Lion 14 will begin May 25 in what will be Jordan’s fourth annual, large-scale multilateral military exercises.

    About 6,000 U.S. troops are expected to participate in the exercise, along with 3,000 from Jordan and some 3,200 from more than 20 partner-nations, totaling more than 12,000 troops.
    cenarios will address irregular warfare complexities; counterinsurgency; stability, security, transition and reconstruction operations; transnational crime; foreign internal defense; counterterrorism; law enforcement and civil-military operations, officials added.

    Among exercise objectives, troops will conduct interagency coordination and integration, planning and conducting integrated air missile defense, operations in a chemically contaminated environment and support to civil authority including critical national infrastructure protection, cyber defense and integrated logistics.

    The exercises will wrap up June 8.

  13. Even Steven Pinker has come aboard. You cannot fight science and win. For example, in any group having members with IQs of 145 or higher, the ratio of Jews to Europeans at that level will be 6/1. For non-mathematicians, a ratio has nothing to do with absolute numbers. There are far more Europeans with IQs at this level than Jews. The anomaly is the disproportionate ratio. At higher IQ levels, Jews win, hands down; thus, the crazy number of Nobel winners of Jewish heritage. Note: Judaism has nothing to do with the science other than metaphysically, not the topic herein.

    It should be noted that Jews do not score well on spatially focused IQ tests. Their strong suits are science and higher math (lots of subject matter therein).
    The 2011 Nobel Prize and the Debate over Jewish IQ

    “Indeed, as the models predict, Jews are present in ever-greater disproportion the further one looks in the rarified IQs above 150. Murray points to a 1954 IQ test in New York City’s public schools used to discover the 28 students in the school system with IQs over 170. Twenty-four of these students were Jews.10”
    The Debate about Heritability of General Intelligence Radically Narrows

    “A landmark article went online a few days ago in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. The study was prepared by a team of 32 researchers headed by the University of Edinburgh’s Gail Davies and entitled “Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable and polygenic.” The study’s methods do not lend themselves to easy explanation unless you’re at home with SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and inverse variance weighted models used to capture “the variance in the trait that is due to linkage disequilibrium between genotyped SNPs and unknown causal variants.” But the bottom line of the article is reasonably simple. Using nothing but genetic information, the team of researchers was able to establish that the narrow heritability of crystallized intelligence (the kind that can be more easily affected by education) is at least 40 percent. The narrow heritability of fluid intelligence (the kind that involves pure problem-solving ability, independently of acquired knowledge) is at least 51 percent. Note the at least. The study’s authors explicitly state that these estimates are lower bounds.

    Shelves of books and articles denying or minimizing the heritability of IQ have suddenly become obsolete. Those who continue to claim that IQ tests don’t measure anything real inside the brain also have their work cut out for them.”
    As it turns, heritability advocates are already hard at work. For the non-specialist, I recommend A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE, Genes, Race, and Human History (2013); Nicholas Wade.

    In my small essay about Christianity, IQ was a tripwire. I knew it would bring out a relatively large anti-Jewish response. While none of the EBs pagans, Christian or otherwise commented on my thesis (Bob being the predictable exception [that’s a compliment, Bob]), the absurdity of Christian doctrine, the tripwire line caused the Bar to go bat shit crazy. Since I knew this would be the case, why did I do it? It’s fun.

    1. I really don't know what you are talking about but then I've been alternately drinking and sleeping and thinking of a friend that died just recently.

      I like compliments though, earned or unearned.

    2. I remember rambling on about the Jews taking the Ukraine, and a good part of the Urals, to find some good fishing.

      Then I got shut down.

      They were in Merkava tanks, using Royal Coachmen flies, and floating lines.......

  14. USS Liberty incident.

    O do do do revisit that.

    You should revisit it two, three time a years, like a reading in church.

    1. They were American servicemen murdered there you lousy cur.

  15. A good propaganda site like this should have a rhythm and certainly to it.

    A certain grace and a choir to support.

    The Preacher so practiced as delivering the same old old sermon.

    My God yes revisit the Liberty incident.

    That will bring the rats out from the walls of these hallowed precincts.

  16. That was something like 50 years ago wasn't it, the Liberty incident?

    It is definitely time to replay that propaganda card again.

    Takes away some of the unseemliness of watching arabs killing arabs with glee.

    Those civilized folks.

    The arabs.

  17. To: All U.S. naval officers who serve as captain of U.S. naval surface or submarine vessels.

    Subject: USS Liberty Remembrance Day.

    To wit: The following is a list of seamen and Marines who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their ship when deliberately and brutally attacked at sea by a hostile force in an act of war forty-seven years ago today. As a former Navy petty officer, I honor their service and memory.

    U.S. Navy personnel:

    1.CT3 Allenbaugh, William B.
    2.LCDR Armstrong, Philip M.
    3.SN Blanchard, Gary R.
    4.QM3 Brown, Francis
    5.CT2 Campbell, Ronnie, J.
    6.CT2 Converse, Jerry, L.
    7.CT2 Eisenberg, Robert B.
    8.CT3 Goss, Jerry, L.
    9.CT1 Graves, Curtis, A.
    10.CTSN Hayden, Lawrence, P.
    11.CT1 Hersey, Warren, E.
    12.CT3 Higgins, Alan
    13.SN Hoar, Carl, L.
    14.CT2 Keene, Richard, W.
    15.CTSN Lenau, James, L.
    16.CTC Linn, Raymond E.
    17.CT1 Lupton, James, M.
    18.CT3 Marggraf, Duane, R.
    19.CTSN Marlborough, David, W.
    20.CT2 Mendle, Anthony, P.
    21.CTSN Nygren, Carl, C.
    22.LT Pierce, James, C.
    23.ICFN Skolak, David
    24.CT1 Smith, John, Caleb
    25.CTC Smith, Melvin, D.
    26.PC2 Spicher, John C.
    27.GMG3 Thompson, Alexander, N.
    28.CT3 Thornton, Thomas R.
    29.CT3 Tiedtke, Philippe, C.
    30.LT Toth, Stephen S.
    31.CT1 Walton, Frederick, J.

    U.S. Marine Corps personnel:

    1. SGTRaper, Jack, L.
    2. CPLRehmeyer, Edward, E.

    American civilian personnel:

    1. Blue, Allen M.

    I ask you as acting captains, to never forget the atrocity put upon these men who gave their lives in service to our Navy and the American people.

  18. The greatest critics of Israel are ex-military intelligence, CIA and State Department people that know her best.

    1. Add in anyone who witnessed their performance in Central America

  19. Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty:

    "That the torpedo boat attack involved not only the firing of torpedoes, but the machine-gunning of Liberty's firefighters and stretcher-bearers as they struggled to save their ship and crew; the Israeli torpedo boats later returned to machine-gun at close range three of the Liberty's life rafts that had been lowered into the water by survivors to rescue the most seriously wounded"

    A survivor of the USS Liberty on minute 9:30 of part 3 of 7 states to the BBC crew that one of the Israeli torpedo boats was "methodically machine gunning one of our life rafts", after he saw that the USS Liberty's launched life rafts were on the water, either shredded and/or burning.

    So yeah, fuck that shitty little country.

  20. See all those "CT" ratings in the obit? That was me twenty years later. Spooks gotta stick together.

  21. Allentroll: While none of the EBs pagans, Christian or otherwise commented on my thesis (Bob being the predictable exception [that’s a compliment, Bob])

    Deduct 40 IQ points from anyone who responds to a shit-stirrer.

  22. Deuce: Anyone who disparages the deaths of US servicemen does not have split loyalties. Allen has made his clear.

    Sure as shit no true veteran ever came down on Jane Fonda's side.

    Why The Kurds Selling Oil To Israel Could Mean The Eventual Split Of Iraq

    If true, this could markedly change things in Iraq.

    1. Sure, Kurds, just truck it on over the border controlled by ISIS, or Ergodan, or Assad, or Hezbollah. Knock yourself out.

  24. Das Allen is a true veteran, receiving a 100% service connected pension for disabilities that are permanent and total. Proven.

    What others are is heresay.

    And because I do not believe that Israel maliciously murdered US servicemen does not change my status one bit. Such irrationality makes conversation impossible. It is a witch hunt and I am the witch. Fuck off, Twat.

    1. Gibberish from Jabberwocky

    2. I don't even believe Allen and WiO are really Jews. I believe they are white supremacists from Hayden Lake, Idaho, who in a false flag operation post to this blog in such a way as to discredit the chosen people of G-d.

  25. Deuce, you need another girl friend.

  26. The Chemical Weapons have All been removed from Syria.

  27. It's really amazing. My young Niece, new to the world, has, I am certain, never heard of the Liberty incident.

    She is familiar with thousands of bombings by the muzz in India.

    Yet she still says:

    "The Moslems in the middle east are the worst, Uncle Bob."

    It is amazing and a new experience to me I can tell you.

    She hardly knows what a Jew is but does know Moslems and really really knows brain science.

    Fuck off, Deuce.

  28. Let me repeat that:

    She is familiar with thousands of bombings by the muzz in India.

    Yet she still says:

    "The Moslems in the middle east are the worst, Uncle Bob."

  29. She just wants to go study.

    But at her young age she is surrounded by insanity.

    I am trying to give her an island of snaity among the insanity.

    That is all.

    Fuck off, Deuce.


  30. The USS Liberty Attack In A Nutshell
    A video worth the 6:18 it runs.

    President Johnson, during the Tonkin Gulf fiasco, stated, "To any armed attack upon our forces, we shall reply." You can hear him say it:

    These are damned lies and meaningless words. These words were not true in 1967 (when Israel deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY, killing 34 and wounding 174) and unfortunately, and in spite of these beautiful words, they are not even true today. Moreover, there is no such thing as justice.

    On that June day in 1967, the weather was beautiful... Clear and sunny, visibility unlimited... the LIBERTY, an elaborate state-of-the art intelligence gathering platform, was in international waters off the Gaza strip and was flying the Stars and Stripes. Israeli reconnaissance planes flew overhead for hours. Pilots and ship's crew waved to each other. Then, inexplicably, unmarked aircraft began attacking the ship.

    The defenseless LIBERTY radioed for help. Two aircraft carriers in the Med responded by launching fighter aircraft.

    Unbelievably, they were recalled by the White House. RADM Geis, then commanding the carriers in the Sixth Fleet, called Washington personally to confirm the order. SecDef McNamara came on the line, then President Johnson. Johnson indicated to Geis that the aircraft were to be returned, that he would not have his allies embarrassed, and that he didn't care who was killed or what was done to the ship.

    (LBJ's previous Gulf-of-Tonkin comment that "we would reply" went by the wayside.) Geis, like any good sailor, recalled the aircraft.

    Little wonder the Navy covered-up for the CiC.

  31. The Chemical Weapons have all been removed from Syria.

    The Final Wording is being negotiated in the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

    Damn that Obama.

    1. Assad gave up his deterrent, the Israeli immediately attack.

    2. All theater from Netanyahu...predictable and pointlessly feeble.

    3. Nonsense.

      Syria gave up shit.

      Syria Hands Over Last Of Declared Chemical Weapons
      The last of Syria’s 1,300-ton stockpile of chemical weapons, including mustard gas and raw materials for making sarin nerve gas, have been loaded onto Danish and Norwegian ships off the coast of Latakia, Syria, the Associated Press reports.

      DECLARED is the key word.

      Western Intelligence Suspects Assad Has a Secret Chemical Stockpile
      Syria’s ‘declared’ arsenal of chemical weapons is almost gone—but what was left undeclared? And what about its biological weapons? Those have not been acknowledged or inspected at all.
      Concerns are growing among Western intelligence services that Syria still has a significant and undeclared arsenal of chemical weapons, including crude chlorine-filled bombs, secret stockpiles of sophisticated nerve gasses or their components—and the scientific know-how to rebuild a larger-scale, higher-grade chemical weapons effort once the Bashar al-Assad regime has escaped the international spotlight.

      “A ghost of CW [chemical weapons] program in a place riven with conflict—that’s a real concern,” one American intelligence official tells The Daily Beast.

      But it’s not the only worry. Within the U.S. intelligence community, there’s also lingering unease about the Assad regime’s biological weapons program that has never been the focus of international inspections and that American officials confess they just don’t have the resources to track down.

      To be sure, the deadly and publicly-declared chemical arsenal that Assad had a year ago, that allegedly was used to kill hundreds of people in August, and that he agreed to destroy in September under threat of an American attack is “no longer in existence,” according to the inspectors on the ground in Damascus. Only 7.5 percent of the 1,300 metric tons of chemical agents and precursors that the regime declared remain in the country, and the means of combining those elements to make sophisticated weapons of mass destruction like vx and sarin gas has been destroyed.

      Do you TRUST assad?

      i dont...

      Declared.... LOL


      Never been to an middle eastern bazaar have you now?

  32. She is a Hindu.

    She knows you cannot further things by killing.

    She is a vegetarian, and scientist.

    She has a likable sexual humor, and has given me veto over her new marriage mate.

    She is delightful.

  33. WASHINGTON – The well-organized army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claims it has access to nuclear weapons and a will to use them to “liberate” Palestine from Israel as part of its “Islamic Spring,” according to a WND source in the region.

    Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer based in Beirut and Damascus, said the move is part of the ISIS aim of creating a caliphate under strict Islamic law, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq.

    Lamb, who has access to ISIS fighters and sympathizers, said ISIS has been working with a “new specialized” unit organized at the beginning of 2013 to focus “exclusively on destroying the Zionist regime occupying Palestine.”

    Lamb added that the ISIS “Al-Quds Unit” is working to broaden its influence in more than 60 Palestinian camps and gatherings from Gaza, across “Occupied Palestine,” or Israel, to Jordan and from Lebanon up to the north of Syria “seeking to enlist support as it prepares to liberate Palestine.”


  34. Replies
    1. Not "amused," but I don't believe them.

    2. Hell, everyone's gotta be right, sometime. :)

    3. If they do have access to nukes? Why do they and not the Syrians, the Palestinians, Hezbollah, the Iranians.

      IF they do have a nuke and try something?

      Then there will be no arab world left. Nor any Persian world. Nor any functioning middle east oil....

      I'd suggest the Arab world get it's act together before it commits suicide...

    4. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDAMon Jun 23, 11:56:00 PM EDT

      So you now suggest that nuclear deterrence against Islam works?

      After all this time saying it would not work against Iran.

      You are on the spit

    5. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDAMon Jun 23, 11:59:00 PM EDT

      Israel is a two nuke country,
      Two nukes = no Israel.

      The Zionists have gathered world Jewry into a single target area, a single ghetto, fulfilling the NAZI dream.

    6. Deterrence against Iran will not work.

      If Iran gets a nuke? It will use it.

      My suggestion is regime change.

      And the best way to do it? Devalue oil...

      Give the Kurds independence

  35. And you, Deuce, are older than I.

    Fuck off, old man.

  36. Bob,
    Sorry you are feeling down. It's so sad losing a dear friend. Try to go and do something you enjoy such as fishing. Grieving is normal and it is unfortunately necessary.

    How is Ashley doing? You never go to watch her ride anymore. That might cheer you up!

    I am feeling a bit down as well as I want this house to sell so we can move forward. I don't care for limbo and I am not a patient individual.

    I have my speech to "The Art of the Concierge" students tomorrow evening. I wish I didn't get uptight each time. I do a great job but I have to work myself up to do it. I think it's possibly because I am retired and out of the work mode. That has made a huge difference. It all seems so very long ago. I would rather be at home doing my own thing. This is what happens to retired people. :)

    I saw "The Book of Mormon" last Thursday evening. Very funny Broadway show. Still my favorite of the series remains "Les Miserables". "Book of Mormon" was the final show of this years season.

    Lana and family has returned from the Western Regional Wrestling championships. Tyler won first place in all three categories. :) They were suppose to stay and continue on to the Nationals but Tyler wanted to come home. He said it was to attend football practice but now that he has a girlfriend I bet it was for her. Oh my, it starts!!! :)

    Hang in there!!!
    Jacque :)

    1. I am trying.

      But this shit hole blog doesn't help much.

  37. ..and as I get older and older, you will be the same old fool as you were a young fool.

  38. Bob,
    Sorry you are feeling down. It's so sad losing a dear friend. Try to go and do something you enjoy such as fishing. Grieving is normal and it is unfortunately necessary.

    How is Ashley doing? You never go to watch her ride anymore. That might cheer you up!

    I am feeling a bit down as well as I want this house to sell so we can move forward. I don't care for limbo and I am not a patient individual.

    I have my speech to "The Art of the Concierge" students tomorrow evening. I wish I didn't get uptight each time. I do a great job but I have to work myself up to do it. I think it's possibly because I am retired and out of the work mode. That has made a huge difference. It all seems so very long ago. I would rather be at home doing my own thing. This is what happens to retired people. :)

    I saw "The Book of Mormon" last Thursday evening. Very funny Broadway show. Still my favorite of the series remains "Les Miserables". "Book of Mormon" was the final show of this years season.

    Lana and family has returned from the Western Regional Wrestling championships. Tyler won first place in all three categories. :) They were suppose to stay and continue on to the Nationals but Tyler wanted to come home. He said it was to attend football practice but now that he has a girlfriend I bet it was for her. Oh my, it starts!!! :)

    Hang in there!!!
    Jacque :)

  39. Das Allen is a true veteran, receiving a 100% service connected pension for disabilities that are permanent and total. Proven.

    We're way beyond that, allen. Rufus has demolished your claim to be in an elite sharpshooting subbracket of the Marines so thoroughly it should go down as a classic of the stolen valor expose. I did the same thing to Habu and his claim to be in the CIA. There's things you can't Google.

    1. really? says you?

      Give it a rest. Rufus, you and rat are all posers.

    2. Bob continues to dissemble and lieTue Jun 24, 12:01:00 AM EDT

      So says the draft dodger

  40. WASHINGTON - The Pentagon says the U.S. and Iraq have reached an agreement on legal protections for American commandos deploying into Iraq to assess and advise the Iraqi military in its fight against Islamic militants.

    Rear Adm. John Kirby says Iraq outlined acceptable legal assurances for the short-term mission in a diplomatic note ensuring that troops will not be subject to Iraq's judicial process, but to the U.S. military's code of justice. The legal protections are the same as those provided to U.S. employees and troops working at the embassy.

    Two teams of special forces already in Iraq could begin their assessments later this week. Four more teams will join them soon.

    Iraq refused to sign a legal protections agreement with the U.S. force in 2011 so the U.S. didn't leave a residual force there when combat ended.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. great news...

    isis is coming to lebanon to attack the amal, friends of Hezbollah

    A suicide bomber has detonated a car bomb near a Lebanese army checkpoint in the capital, Beirut, officials say.

    The blast, which caused a huge fire, occurred in a southern suburb mainly inhabited by Shia Muslims.

    1. Should be interesting if the shia squatters of southern lebanon flee to syria for safety.

      The Shia are not welcomed in Lebanon as they are not considered (by the Lebanese to be "Lebanese")

    2. Population exchanges are going to occur in the arab occupied middle east.

      Shia will be fleeing to Shia areas and Sunnis to the Sunni areas.

      Of course, the Shia leaving Lebanon would weaken Hezbollah's violent grip on Lebanon. It could get interesting..

    3. Lebanon has surpassed the "devastating milestone" of one million, the UN says.

      Lebanon now has "the highest per capita concentration of refugees worldwide", said the head of the UN refugee agency.

      "For Lebanon, a small nation beset by internal difficulties, the impact is staggering," he added.

      About 9.5 million people, almost half of Syria's population, have fled their homes since the start of the conflict.

      real refugees...

      not the fake kind...

    4. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:05:00 AM EDT

      TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Tel Aviv has long been a gay paradise, one of the few places in the Middle East where gays feel free to walk hand-in-hand and kiss in public.

      Now, thanks to its balmy climate, vibrant nightlife and a creative government-backed branding campaign, the city has become one of the world's top gay tourist destinations.

    5. International aid agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the flow of refugees.

      UNHCR has only received 14% of the $6.5bn (£4bn; 4.7bn euros) funding it has asked for.

      The hardships many refugees are facing was dramatically highlighted last week when a mother with a sick husband and four children set fire to herself in protest at not receiving help. She was critically injured.

      The civil war in Syria between Sunni-led rebels and the government of Bashar al-Assad has also fuelled sectarian tensions in Lebanon, which has a large Sunni and Shia Muslim population.

      Hundreds of people in Beirut and other parts of the country have been killed in violence between opponents and supporters of President Assad.

      Interesting, where is all that money from the arab oil producing nations????

    6. Gay are free and allowed to be gay in Israel so much that Palestinians sneak into Israel to celebrate being gay..

      A 21-year-old university student with serious professional ambitions, Nawal wouldn't dream of performing in his hometown, where homosexuality, as in the rest of the Palestinian territories, is strictly taboo, sometimes violently so. Last year, a group of gay Palestinians visiting East Jerusalem from the United States were threatened and one of them badly beaten after they announced plans to join an Israeli gay pride rally. The Web site of ASWAT, an organization of Palestinian gay women, says Palestinian society "has no mercy for sexual diversity and/or any expression of 'otherness' away from the societal norms and the assigned roles that were formed for women. ... The Palestinian woman has no right to choose an identity other than the one enforced on her by the male figures in her family and surroundings."

      So for Nawal and his friends, the only place where they can pursue a full social life is across the border in Israel.

      "I can't be honest about my sexuality with my family because they wouldn't know how to respond, and I respect them too much to want to hurt them," he says. "But the same traditional family values which oppress me in that way also protect me."

      Although his mannerisms sometimes attract unwelcome comment in the streets of Ramallah, he adds, "no one will attack me physically, because in our society that means my whole extended family will join together to attack them in return. It preserves a kind of balance."

      He does not expect it to continue forever, and knows that after he graduates, he will probably leave the West Bank.

      "This is not a free life," he says. "Apart from private parties inside people's homes, the only place where I can really behave as I wish is in Israel. Once they complete the security wall and I cannot reach Jerusalem, there will be nowhere to go. I will have to leave."

      He is not alone. Saturday night is Arab night at Shushan, a gay bar in central Jerusalem, featuring a drag show that is part karaoke, part cross-cultural celebration. At the top of the bill is the Iman, also known as the Queen of Sheba, a 6-foot-plus black Palestinian with African roots -- who keeps his sexuality and nighttime drag queen theatrics carefully hidden from his wife and children. The crowd of about 50 this evening is a mix of Israelis and Palestinians, with a spattering of Western expatriates. The deafening music ranges from Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper to Arab divas Diana Haddad and Boshra.

      Freddy A., a 27-year-old bisexual Arab from East Jerusalem, a regular at Shushan, is a veteran of the Palestinian gay scene.

      "It's very tough being gay or bisexual because Arab behavior is still dominated by Islamic tradition, where it is forbidden," says Freddy, a hotel worker and the youngest male in a traditional Muslim family of eight children. "It's difficult to be with another Palestinian, and because of Israeli-Palestinian politics it's tough to see someone who isn't part of your community.

      Funny actual...

      Arab gays fleeing for safety in Israel.

    7. So now we know that the rat is a homophobe as well...

      That ought to get Ms T's panties in a wad.

    8. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:18:00 AM EDT

      Unlike many countries, prostitution in Israel is legal.

      To many people it is shocking to learn that in the "Holy Land" prostitution is allowed.

      Prostitution in Israel is legal and not kept on the down low.
      Everyone knows about it and where to go to find a prostitute.
      It is a choice whether they decide to pay for sex or not.
      Prostitutes are known to be discrete.
      They do not go around talking about the men they have sex with.
      Some of the places where prostitution is more popular is in cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa.

      Spengler's Universal Law #9: A country isn't beaten until it sells its women, but it's damned when its women sell themselves.

    9. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:19:00 AM EDT

      Spengler's Universal Law #9B
      A country isn't beaten until it sells its MEN, but it's damned when its MEN sell themselves.

    10. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:21:00 AM EDT

      It is clear now why "O" travel to Israel so often, he needs his kosher sausage.
      What happens in Tel Aviv, Stays in Tel Aviv

    11. Sorry Rat, unlike you I need no alternative lifestyle.

    12. But unlike your homeland, gays are not stoned or murdered like stray cats and dogs in Israel.

    13. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:37:00 AM EDT

      Isaiah 13:11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

    14. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:41:00 AM EDT

      Israel is a two nuke target -

      Why is it, do you think that there are Christian Zionists?
      Christians that want all the Jews in Israel.

      They want you and yours to die.
      They have read the Book - as adapted

    15. Yep that's what's happening to the arab world as we speak...

    16. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:56:00 AM EDT

      That is not all, "O" it is happening to Israel, as we speak.
      Both sides will slide into the Battle of the Valley of Megiddo.

      Neither will emerge.

    17. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 01:08:00 AM EDT

      Apostate Jews have broken God’s covenant. They can’t receive God’s covenant promises because they do not hold up their end of the bargain: giving God the faith of Abraham. Consider:

      Genesis 17:9, 18:19 and 26:5 say Abraham’s seed must keep the covenant through obedience.

      Genesis 17:14 says covenant breaking means being cut off.

      Genesis 22:18 reinforces that the covenant exists because of obedience.

      Deuteronomy 1:37 details how Joshua’s obedience empowered Israel to inherit the covenant promise of occupying Canaan.

      Deuteronomy 7:12 is particularly definitive: “If you pay attention to these laws and are careful to follow them, then the LORD your God will keep his covenant of love with you, as he swore to your ancestors.”

      So is Deuteronomy 28:1: “If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth (i.e. He will fulfill His covenant promises).”

      Disobedience to God has destroyed the "Birth Right", if the Ashkenazi were ever really part of the bloodline, which is, in and of itself, controvertible

    18. And with your Standard of Communal Guilt - You're just as guilty as the the fellas sellin' kosher sausage.

    19. So jack, you're just full of jack shit...


      Too many concussions?

  43. check out this photo

    Syria conflict: Barrel bombs show brutality of war

    Assad is doing this to his OWN people.. LOL

    For all the attention given to the issue of chemical weapons in Syria the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of deaths and injuries - especially civilian deaths and injuries - are caused by conventional weapons.

    Many of them - like the barrel bombs reportedly used again in Aleppo by Syrian government forces during recent days - are home-made, relatively crude and totally indiscriminate in their impact.

    The barrel bomb is essentially a large, home-made incendiary device. An oil barrel or similar cylindrical container filled with petrol, nails or other crude shrapnel, along with explosives. With an appropriate fuse, they are simply rolled out of a helicopter.


    1. .

      The chemical weapons were always merely an opportunity by the West to show that they were actually doing something in Syria. That and an excuse for one side to blame the other.

      Use of chemical weapons a crime against humanity? Hell, what isn't in war? Would you rather suffocate or be ripped apart by a storm of ball bearings and scrap metal and die trying to stuff your guts back in? Some choice.


    2. Genius, Quirk.

      You got to start somewhere.

      Why not with

      Thou shalt not kill.

      Which was of course originally intended as inter tribal.

      Now of course after the coming of the white farmers here in Latah County, Idaho, land of stone and pine trees. nobody can kill nobody, that is the law.

    3. Otherwise the sheriff is after your ass.

    4. There is no more taking of scalps.

      That ended in the old days.

      My deceases friend, his Uncle Gus, die have a scalp given to him by a red stick. He kept it all oiled up in a rag.

      It was a mother fucker out this way, Deroitt Boy.

      The Law finally prevailed.

    5. When I tell these old tales to my Niece, she says "At least you don't have suicide bombings".

      Think of that, City Boy.

    6. In Detroit, Michigan you can't walk down the street at night, and in Philly Deuce needs a Limo and a walled compound.

      And it would be worse without a few white cops around.

      And you know it.

    7. And my Nice says "At least you don't have suicide bombings, Uncle Bob"

      She knows, you and the Great Deuce have no clue.

    8. My Nice Niece, and she is truly wonderful....

    9. BobTue Jun 24, 02:21:00 AM EDT
      Genius, Quirk.

      You got to start somewhere.

      Why not with

      Thou shalt not kill.

      Actually Bob, it's "No Murder"

  44. It's getting interesting...

    Study the Baluchistans.... arabs who have been repressed by the shia..

    At least 23 people including several Shiite pilgrims were killed in a gun and suicide attack on the restive Pakistan-Iran border late Sunday night, Pakistani officials said.

    The attack came when a bus carrying Pakistani pilgrims returning from a visit to holy Muslim sites in Iran stopped at a restaurant in the Pakistani town of Taftan in the border area.

    "So far we can confirm 23 people killed including several Shiite pilgrims and security personal. Seven others are injured," Akbar Durrani, home secretary of Pakistan's southwest Baluchistan province, told AFP.

  45. Blackouts hit Yemen after assailants attack power lines in country facing militant insurgency

    SANAA, Yemen – A series of attacks on power lines have left Yemen in the dark without electricity.

    The country's Electricity Ministry said in a statement Tuesday that assailants attacked power lines located along the road linking the capital, Sanaa, with Marib, immediately causing the power outage early Monday. The ministry said the whole country of 23 million people was without power after the attack.

    Yemen has suffered repeated power outages in recent years. Many depend on diesel generators for power.

    Residents and witnesses say gas stations in Sanaa have long lines after fuel trucks also came under attack over the past days.

    Yemen is the Arab world's most impoverished nation. It has been suffering from a decade-long al-Qaida insurgency, as well as tribal and sectarian conflicts.

    now why is this important?

    On April 16, 2013 six men launched an attack on a critical power station in California.
    The attack consisted of hundreds of AK-47 rounds being unleashed on 10 large transformers — and it was first called “vandalism.”
    But the former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission calls it “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”
    It has largely gone unreported, although TheBlaze did cover it last December.
    Dr. Peter Vincent Pry tells TheBlaze, “If it was a terrorist attack, the electric power industry and the media are almost certainly in error to describe it as a ‘failed attack.’”
    Former CIA director James Woolsey adds, “Without electricity we aren’t a civilization, and this is a major societal vulnerability.”

    One week ago, a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told the Wall Street Journal that the sabotage of a California transformer substation was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.” The words of warning ignited a flurry of news reports across the nation about the potential terrorism dry run.

    The shocking details of the event — in the middle of the night, six men fired hundreds of AK-47 rounds at critical energy grid components after purposely disabling emergency call systems — rightly piqued the collective curiosity.

    But the concerned coverage is dangerously delayed. While TheBlaze reported on it last December, only last week did the brazen Silicon Valley attack gain more attention because of the Journal story — nearly 10 months later.

    1. Less than a week later shots were fired at a nuclear plant in Tennessee

      A TVA spokesperson confirmed that a security officer patrolling TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Spring City was involved in a shootout with a suspect Sunday at about 2:00 a.m.

      The security incident happened on the Tennessee River side of the plant property, more than a quarter mile from the plant’s protected area, which houses its reactor and power production facilities.

      TVA spokesperson Jim Hopson said the subject traveled up to the plant on a boat and walked onto the property. When the officer questioned the suspect, the individual fired multiple shots at the officer. The officer shot back, and when he called for backup, the suspect sped away on his boat.

  46. Deuce fell for an arabic switch, and that made all the difference.

  47. “This site is dedicated to preying on people’s vanity, ignorance, or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.”

  48. I remember when my dad first took me to court to watch a "feather in you cap case" as they called them

    The Injun had gotten totally drunk and beat the hell out of some girl.

    My dad was appointed by the Court to represent this piece of shit.

    He did the best job he could but that facts were not on his side.

    Verdict: guilty

    Aat the sentencing hearing, dad made up some stuff, just barely believable, about how he was on the way to another way of life.

    When the red stick was given the two years in prison, dad told him, "When you get out if you do another thing you will be right back in the slammer."

    Dad made that exceeding clear to the red skin.

    The LAW had finally come to the Land of Rocks and Pine Trees.

    I was young then, and I saw it all.

    Muslim girls being lead off in chains to meet their new husbands.
    Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

    Whether any of this is true, depends of point of view. If it's on the news it must be true.

  50. Good I hope they outlaw women. Fewer Muslims later.

  51. ISRAEL prefers al-QAEDATue Jun 24, 12:19:00 AM EDT

    Spengler's Universal Law #9B
    A country isn't beaten until it sells its MEN, but it's damned when its MEN sell themselves.

    There is no "Spengler's Law 9B". Try reading the book. If you have forgetten the title and author, just ask.

    You have taken to making things up as needs be.

    Das Allen

  52. Bob: “This site is dedicated to preying on people’s vanity, ignorance, or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.”

    It is what we make it from moment to moment. Do good now and you are good.

  53. WiO: Sorry Rat, unlike you I need no alternative lifestyle.

    The fake Jew is so deep in the closet he lives on mothballs.

    1. Sorry Ms t, I am no fake. Now you? LOL

      Lesbian, lapsed catholic, not a lesbian catholic, then possibly a lesbian lapsed catholic..

      Who knows the truth about you, you have lied on a daily basis about yourself from day one.

      I dont support gay marriage,I do support gays not being stone and hung from cranes. I don't personally want to liven the gay areas of any city however I am proud that the ONLY place in the entire middle east that gays can live is Israel..

      I am not a homophobe, I just hate posers and liars, jihadists and anti-semites. You are 3 out 4.

  54. What is "Occupation"Tue Jun 24, 12:09:00 AM EDT
    International aid agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the flow of refugees.

    It is reported that there are about 50,000,000 refugees in the world, today. That is about the same number resulting from WWII. What's the cause?

    1. Why our Nobel Peace Prize winning jackwagon in the oval orifice.

  55. Abu Izzadeen (ابو عز الدين‎), born Trevor Brooks, 18 April 1975), a British spokesman for Al Ghurabaa, says "Terrorism is a part of Islam." There you have it, straight from the jackass's mouth.

  56. MissT, i say this politely --

    You know ZERO about the Bible.

    But, I luv ya just the same, you delightful nitwit.