“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

How the Israelis smuggled nuclear triggers out of the US from a front company where Bibi Netanyahu worked. The same Netanyahu that wants the US to attack Iran for their nuclear ambitions. The US Government isn’t talking. They are too busy trying to find Edward Snowden, “Enemy of the State.”


  1. Can you picture the US Conga line genuflecting to Bibi Netanyahu, nuclear proliferator, international arms thief, and recipient of stolen US military technology?

    1. LOL you are on the wrong side of history again.

      But you are impressive in your hatred.

  2. Obama’s intuitions about Netanyahu are right on the money.

  3. Plumbing.

    "Will the human world improve?"

    Question asked to an old Lutheran writer, with whom I mainly disagreed.

    "Yes, perhaps plumbing may get better".

    And, indeed it has, we now have plastic pipes with no lead in the water.


  4. Who are you going to trust Bibi Netanyahu or Edward Snowden?

    Which of the two has real US interests at heart?

  5. Netanyahu is indifferent to how many US military get killed attacking Iran and helping Israel maintain their looted nuclear hegemony.

  6. I suggest a post about Iago, the nature of his life's intent, or lack thereof, the nature of his character, or lack thereof, the nature of his demise and last words, and the nature of his destiny, or lack thereof. The nature of his choice, or lack thereof.

    Damn I wish she would call.

    But it only mid afternoon there.

    Let let the world do as it will.

    There is nothing dumber than politics.


  7. Snowy or Bibi?

    Snowy is not responsible for the survival of Israel.

    I think your question makes no sense.

    It is without any context.

    I am not certain but I think Israel got help from the French in developing their nukes in the beginning. They may have done it on their own. They are, after all, very smart and intent on their nation's continued existence, after their experience in Europe.


    1. boobie is more concerned with Israel than he is with Idaho.

      In Idaho boobie's indifference to crime let a rapist go unmolested by law enforcement. He endangered the women of his own community with his studied indifference to his civic responsibility.

      His comments regarding Bibi are in the same vein. He does not even consider the US crimes Bibi is reported to have committed and the dangers those crimes represent to US.
      He speaks of the survival of Israel, but he is not concerned with the mass murder of 20,000 Jews in Israel in 2012. Murders reported by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, murders that go unmentioned by the US press and the chorus line of Israel's sycophants.

      He wallows in the hypocritical muck that is his life's work.

    2. Good morning Iago.


  8. Consider this: The US is on a campaign doing extreme damage to Iran over unproven allegations over nuclear development. The same US government is maintaing secrecy over the crimes involved in transferring the US nuclear technology to Israel. Why is the US public, forced to pay in blood and treasure for a secret campaign against a country on behalf of another country that has systematically broken US law. A country ruled by one of the chief culprits in the theft and the same man with huge conflicts of interest on his hate and scare campaign against Iran?

    1. >>>>over unproven allegations over nuclear development<<<<

      O Come On!

      This is non sense.

      It is like saying the North Koreans doesn't have a nuclear program.

      Every intelligence agency in the world knows that statement is not true.

      There are something like 20 sites or more.

      Spy satellites!

      Even the UN watch dog whatever it is called committee does not make that assertion any longer.

      It is non sense.

      What are you talking about?


    2. Even the CIA's last public published Intelligence report, which is probably filled with toned down spam, does't make your assertion.


    3. Iran can maintain a civilian nuclear program, legally.
      It guaranteed to them as part of the NPT.

      The Israeli refuse to sign on to the treaty. Pirates that they are, they refuse to join the international community, urging military action against those that are members of the community of nations.

      The Iranians are as further from the deployment of a nuclear weapon than are the Japanese. This is verifiable, by he statements that Bibi has made in the past. In the 1990's, thirty years ago, Bibi told US that Iran was three years away from a nuclear weapon, just as they are said to be today.

      The Japanese could build one in days. They have the technology, the smart people and the nuclear fuel.
      Remember Nanking?
      It was raped, by the Japanese, so I imagine it may have slipped your mind.

      In December of 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China's capital city of Nanking and proceeded to murder 300,000 out of 600,000 civilians and soldiers in the city. The six weeks of carnage would become known as the Rape of Nanking and represented the single worst atrocity during the World War II era in either the European or Pacific theaters of war.
      Rape of Nanking

      The US assisted those self same Japanese in developing their nuclear infrastructure, providing them the technology to build "The Bomb".

    4. Both Japan and South Korea are a screw driver twist away from nuclear weapons.
      It is a capability not prohibited by the NPT.

      The Iranians are in compliance with their responsibilities under the Treaty, despite protestations to the contrary by folks that do not participate in the community of nations.

      Nuclear latency is the condition of a country possessing the technology to quickly build nuclear weapons, without having actually yet done so.[1] Because such latent capability is not proscribed by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, this is sometimes called the "Japan Option" (as a work-around to the treaty), as Japan is a clear case of a country with complete technical prowess to develop a nuclear weapon quickly, or as it is sometimes called "being one screwdriver's turn" from the bomb, as Japan is considered to have the materials, expertise and technical capacity to make a nuclear bomb at will.

      Another reputable case for nuclear latency is South Korea. Although not many people have analyzed the South Korean capability for nuclear weapon, it is quite possible that the ROK could make nukes in times of danger from the DPRK.

      Many South Koreans also support the obtainment of nuclear weapons to combat the threat of the North. Japan and Korea are both very similar in terms of nuclear latency and it is very possible that in a war both countries might procure a nuclear weapon.

    5. A rose by any other name?Thu Jun 27, 12:13:00 PM EDT

      LOL no anti-semitism. Just pure Israel/Jew hatred.

      Thanks for the multiple Israel/AIPAC bashing posts in one day!

      I think it's a record.

      No sense in trying to discuss rationally any topic. You simply will delete it.

    6. That must be the default position for Aipackers: “anti-semite”, "anti-semite"

      You remind me of Mestigoit from Black Robe


    7. You really are quite pathetic. This post is based on information uncovered by two Jews.

      The penultimate is based on an interview with a Jew.

      The post prior to that was written by a Jew critical of the default position of Aipac.

      Are these anti-Semitic Jews as opposed to enlightened Jews as yourself?

      Bibi Netanyahu is a Jew, and that is of no interest to me. Netanyahu is a politician, a skunk, a liar and a thief, all of interest to me.

      I have not deleted anything by you that is even tangental to reason. I deleted your paranoid graffiti and will continue to do so.

      Israel is a Jewish State. I don’t care if they are. iIsrael is a national player that intrudes into the conduct of US affairs. I resent and dissent about US foreign policy and in this case, Israel comes along as a package deal. I think less highly of the US Conga line than I do of the Knesset, Frankly, I find the Knesset more honest and more working for their own interest the The US Conga line. The US Conga line is in the pocket of their masters.

      Like it or not; defend it to your heart’s content but Israel practices apartheid. It has nothing to do with them being Jewish or white or European. It has everything to do with what they do and not what they wish everyone else to believe.

    8. Your HISTORY of deleting my posts says otherwise.

      You delete when you are proven wrong.

      Over and over again.

      So enjoy your one sided argument, selectively present the snippets that paint your Israel hatred on an hourly basis.

      Arguing with you is a waste of time.

      BUT thanks for proving what an anti-semite you are.

      Your father would NOT be prove of you. Most likely hit you upside the head.

    9. Yawn all you wish.

      I suspect your daily libelous shit will continue, regardless of whether anyone wastes spit trying to convince you otherwise.

      to me? you are a friend of the Islamic Nation of iran, you do it's bidding.

      You are a friend of the Palestinians and their POV.

      I hope someday they will repay you.

    10. Let’s just agree that I don’t support your point of view.

    11. Let's just agree you hate Israel.

  9. Ecuador, the South American nation mulling an asylum request from fugitive U.S. intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, renounced its U.S. trade benefits today, saying they were being used as “blackmail.”

    “Ecuador doesn’t accept pressure or threats from anyone,” Communications Secretary Fernando Alvarado said in a statement published in the presidential gazette. “It doesn’t barter its principals or submit to mercantile interests, however important they may be.”

    The announcement comes a day after U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would lead the effort to block renewal of trade preferences for Ecuador if it granted Snowden asylum. The Andean nation has been lobbying the U.S. congress to renew the preferences, known as ATPDEA, which are due to expire next month.

    "F" your trade pact, and the horse it rode in on

    1. It's getting harder, and harder to be a Bully.

    2. Bet that Charlie Chi-com will sign a trade pact with those Ecuadorians.

  10. Replies
    1. It's good to be an Oil Exporter.

    2. Of course, in the 50's, if you were an Oil Exporter, and you formed a National Oil Company, the CIA would overthrow your elected government, and install a "Shah."

      That was under our revered Eisenhower, if I remember correctly.

    3. First, Television,

      Then, The Internet,

      and, now,

      Iphones, and Twitter

      The terrain ain't what it was.

    4. Iphones, and Twitter

      Who saw That coming?

    5. And now Rufie and Ratie.

    6. It looked like the standard Iranian election - close, but the "moderate" doesn't quite make it.

      Then, on the afternoon of election day, MILLIONS of Young People started showing up at the polls. Twitter turned a close loss into a Landslide Victory. Wha' happened?

    7. Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Turkey.

      BAU. until, "wha hoppened?"

    8. Demographics, and Marshall Mcluhan

    9. We're old men. We talk about Churchill, and "The Great Game."

      Meanwhile, a seventeen year old with a twitter account can put a million people in the town square in an hour.

      The world is changing; youth will be served - whether We like it or not.

  11. I am going to respond one more time to Ratie's ignorant and wicked statements about rape reporting.

    I have just done the search and I cannot tell for certain if all hospitals in my state are required by law to report rape to the police.

    It seems a hospital judgement.

    I do know for certain that the hospital my daughter was treated at reported it to the police, because my wife told me so.

    I did not know about any of it until about two weeks after it happened.

    Then I tried three times to urge my daughter to press charges.

    She declined.

    My wife finally told me, that's it, quit.

    So I did.

    In my niece's case the police were at the hospital. It was nearly two months before I understood clearly all of what had happened. When she gave me her power of attorney to handle her affairs here the one thing she did not want me to read was the police report. That is in the care of a lady at the University Foreign Students Dept here.

    I think the reason she did not want me to see this police report is because it was too damn gruesome and she felt it was a private matter and wished a male not to see it.

    She almost died, and needed blood transfusions.

    The assailant fled back to India.

    I have gotten my niece a woman lawyer and we are in the process of getting the multiple thousands of dollars of hospital bills off her back.


    1. That you would allow anyone to force you to shirk your civic responsibility, especially your child, a mark of your own irresponsibility.

      You are a self serving pig, that left the women of your own community at risk, to satisfy the self serving hedonism of your own family.

      You are a despicle man, not really a man at all. Just another pig that leaves women defenseless in the face of real danger.
      Your reasoning for doing so, no reason at all.

      That your child was chose to be irresponsible, to shirk her responsibility to the community, no reason for you to do the same.

      You and your family enjoy all the perks, but deny all responsibilities, of citizenship.

      You are a shameful example of a father.

    2. The civic responsibility had already been carried out by the hospital, wife and daughter.

      Two weeks before I even knew about it.

      Daughter was an adult at the time.

      I have no way to "FORCE" her to do anything at that time. Nor was I "FORCED".

      It was her adult and independent decision.

      Your own language betrays you Iago.

      It is always force, kill, threat.

      bob's last post on the subject

    3. Notice the horrible comments this blog allows to stay up...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. "rat, there is something really wrong with you."

    Trish from many years ago


    This place ain't worth it.

  13. .

    Edward Snowden

    Hero? Yes.

    Criminal? Of course.

    Traitor? Of course not. Yesterday, even the upright John's, McCain and Bolton, backed off the claim that he was a traitor. (One suspects the polls may have affected their opinions.)

    Guilty of espionage: No, not at this point. The government has obviously overcharged him.

    Should he turn himself in?

    Pros: Right now he can be viewed in a good light because he has given up a lot and unlike Bradley Manning never took any money for the information he released. There is a perception problem being fueled by many in the MSM and government saying that Snowden has shown his true colors by heading off to China and Russia and possibly Equador, none of which could be described as U.S. allies at the moment. All bullshit of course but turning himself in would further the image of him as a martyr to the cause. If he was guaranteed a civil trial, IMO, there is a good chance he could get off, if not as innocent at least by mistrial with a hung jury.

    Cons: The big issue would be "if" he was guaranteed a civil trial. In turning himself in, he would be putting his trust in a system he has shown cannot be trusted. If there were a guarantee that he would be given a civil trial it might be worth the risk; however, this administration is so duplicitious there is no telling where he would end up. There are three charges against him now and no guarantee others couldn't be lodged. Alawi was droned for the things he said. What's to say Snowden wouldn't be charged as a terrorist based on some secret ruling and disappeared into the depths of the CIA. It is not like the U.S. has not pleaded national security and 'state secrets' in supressing info from the public before.

    Current Status: Kind of a draw. Snowden is like a prisoner under home arrest albeit the home is a transit terminal. The computers he carries offers him some protection as long as no one really knows all that they contain. On the other hand, they also carry risk. A lot of people would like to get their hands on them, 'friend' and foe alike. They might even be worth offing him for. The situation in the Russian airport can't go on indefinately.

    What would you do if you were Snowden?

    Seek quarantees on the limits of what he would be charged with and that he would be given a civil trial?
    Give himself up and return to the U.S. to stand trial?
    Continue attempting to reach asylum in some other country?

    It would be nice to assume Obama would see the light and pardon him. It would be great if he was given a civil trial and it was proven that the government has overcharged him. A mistrial would be acceptable.

    Chances of any of those happening? probably zip.


  14. Obama does not have to pardon him. Obama could ask that he be return to the US and be put under house arrest with access to the press in exchange for standing trial. Let him be quartered as a US law school.

    If the US is convinced that he should be tried criminally, let 12 Americans be on the jury and have a televised trial. Let Snowden not have to face the punishment for anything unless convicted.

    Obama doesn’t have the balls and the US government, imperious liars fear the American public learning the truth.

  15. .

    The world is changing; youth will be served - whether We like it or not.

    Sad but true.


    Wildest Dreams


  16. I am enjoying in the sense of being interested in the discussion among the bright young lady lawyers on Fox about Zimmerman/Martin.

    They are talking really well about trees, but missing the forest.

    The forest is 'beyond a reasonable doubt', that is in a criminal trial, 'to a moral certainty', that is 99 percent.

    This is not a civil trial, 51 percent.

    That Jewish lawyer from Harvard or where ever whose name I can't recall right now had it right, this case should not even be in court.

    It is a political trial.

    We have lost our way.

    I haven't yet seen a pic of the jury but once I do I can predict the outcome.

    Can't you?


    1. It is a racist trial.

      And neither Zim or Martin are/were white.


    2. You're a fucking moron; go back to bed.

    3. Racial trial


    4. That proves your point, a little profanity.

      Again, your language has no meaning.


    5. At least you didn't demand I 'blow you' or threaten Q with death in the night.


    6. Reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty.

      Stand your ground law.



      The star witness for the prosecution has already lied. Twice.

      But she got some sleep last night.

      And maybe she will do better tomorrow.


    7. I have no racial interest in the trial at all.

      Whitey is neutral in the dispute between brownie and blackie.

      I am concerned with the standards of justice.

      I think I am watching a part of the dissolving of our criminal justice system.

      With all else going on in the US of A I find this very worrying.


    8. You are a despicable pos.

      "Whitey is neutral in the dispute between brownie and blackie."

      This might be the worst thing you've ever written.

    9. >>>>I have no racial interest in the trial at all.

      Whitey is neutral in the dispute between brownie and blackie.

      I am concerned with the standards of justice.

      I think I am watching a part of the dissolving of our criminal justice system.<<<<

      I agree with Counselor Rufus. This would not pass the Legal Writing Exam.

      However, the meaning is clear enough, even though I may not have earned my five hundred dollars an hour.

      Sometimes I am not up to the higher standards of Counselor Rufus, who has already convicted Zimmerman of Something, whatever it is.


    10. Now I will earn my five hundred dollars.

      The whole trial is a political/racial FARCE.

      There is not enough evidence, as the police originally and correctly concluded, to bring Zimmerman to trial at all.

      This decision was made by the prosecutor under political pressure.

      The best evidence is that Zimmerman's brains were about to be leaked into the concrete by Martin.

      There is pictorial evidence and forensic evidence of this.

      At this point Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot Martin cause he didn't want to die with his brains on the concrete.

      Almost all else is in dispute.

      It does not have the required evidence to even have a trial.

      Martin could just as easily be on trial, if he were here.

      I have no racial interest in it at all.


  17. .

    If you read the definition of 2nd degree murder in Florida, I think the prosecutors have overcharged Zimmerman. I think they probably should have gone for manslaughter.

    2nd Degree murder requires murder with a depraved mind. Murder with a Depraved Mind occurs when a person is killed, without any premeditated design, by an act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind showing no regard for human life. I don't know if the last part is provable in this case.

    Manslaughter on the other hand (From the FL Supreme Court)

    (1) The killing of a human being by the act,
    procurement, or culpable negligence of another,
    without lawful justification according to the
    provisions of this chapter, is manslaughter,
    a felony of the second degree, punishable as
    provided in s. 775.082, s.775.083, or s. 775.084.

    Culpable Negligence: (Jury Instructions)

    instruction read as follows:

    I will now define "culpable negligence" for you. Each of us has a duty to act reasonably toward others. If there is a violation of that duty, without any conscious intention to harm, that violation is negligence. But culpable negligence is more than a failure to use ordinary care for others. For negligence to be called culpable negligence, it must be gross and flagrant. The negligence must be committed with an utter disregard for the safety of others. Culpable negligence is consciously doing an act or following a course of conduct that the defendant must have known, or reasonably should have known, was likely to cause death or great bodily injury.

    Culpable negligence is also known as felony stupid.

    Not sure how this one will go but I think manslaughter would have been a lot easier to sell to the jury.


    1. I agree. The decision to go 2nd Degree Murder was purely political. I don't know if the jury will have the option to find him guilty of manslaughter, but second degree murder would be a tough sell to me.

    2. It was racial/political.

      The whole thing is a farce. He shouldn't even be charged. There is simply not enough evidence, as the police first concluded. What evidence there is points to self defense. What evidence there is points to Martin attacking Zimmerman. We will probably never know for sure, but we are dealing with a criminal trial here, highest standard of evidence. It is not a civil trial, a matter of more likely than not.

      What I wish to know, Counselor Rufus, is if you pop Q in the night is it 1,2, or M?

      despicable pos

    3. The decision to charge Zimmerman had nothing to do with money - it was not political in that sense, regardless of the earlier civil suit. It had to do with racial feelings. It was racial/political.

      And I am called a racist for pointing this out, or even suggesting it.

      Observe here that the Law Firm of R and Q - even though they may come to blows, and end up in court themselves, when they will be suddenly intensely interested, at least the survivor, in the rules of evidence - have basically already convicted Zimmerman of something, the argument between them is over what, exactly.

      It is a farce.


    4. No, you are called a racist bigot for advocating for the murder of black babies, in an effort to improve the culture of the United States.

      That is the core, but not only reason.
      Anyone that has read your dribble, for years, knows it.

      You have no respect for the laws of the United States, none for the women of Idaho and even less for your those in your community.

  18. .

    IRS shenanigans.

    Congressional Democrats have sent a letter to House Republicans formally demanding that they call the author of the now-infamous audit on IRS targeting of conservative groups to come back to the Hill and testify under oath — where he’ll be pressed to explain why the audit failed to detail that progressive groups had also been targeted...


    This comes as George sent a letter of his own to Congressional Democrats today pushing back on criticism of his audit. His letter — a response to questions about why he didn’t mention progressive groups in the audit – claims that six applications within the period in question had the words “progress” or “progressive” in their names out of 298 political cases identified by the IG as having been scrutinized by the IRS. It also said that while 30 percent of the groups with “progress” or “progressive” in the names were “processed as potential political cases,” the audit found that 100 percent of names with “Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 in their names” were processed as political.

    My opinion, those who did the targeting, singled out any group they thought might have been politically opposed to the Obama administration, the Occupy groups being a good example.

    Lost in the politics are two big questions,

    1. Why would the IRS be targeting anyone, and

    2. Why hasn't anyone been fired?

    The last is the overriding theme of all of these 'scandals', misconduct is admitted, mistakes pointed out, responsibility taken, blame assigned, at least to lower-level flunkies, but no one punished, all the either ignored, moved around, or promoted.

    Absolutely, zero accountibility. Real great deterrance. (Sarcasm off)


    1. .



    2. .

      Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

      On Monday, the IRS released its findings from an internal review relating to the controversy. Werfel acknowledged in a conference call that the agency’s screening methods had been inappropriate, but he said the agency had “not found evidence of intentional wrongdoing by anyone in the IRS.”


      The inspector general’s report focused primarily on the targeting of conservative groups, and George told Congress that his office was unable to determine whether any of the cases reviewed in the audit involved progressive groups.

      George’s spokeswoman, Karen Kraushaar, told the Hill newspaper on Tuesday that House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) had asked for auditors to “narrowly focus on tea party organizations.”


      Issa’s office has disputed Kraushaar’s characterization. Spokesman Ali Ahmad said that “the Committee engaged TIGTA in a discussion about the determinations process and asked that they broadly focus on concerns about the disparate treatment of applications.”

      Kraushaar clarified her comments in an e-mail to the Post on Wednesday, saying: “Some members of Congress did express concern about the way tea party organizations were being treated,” but that the objective of the audit was to “assess the consistency of the EO function’s identification and review of applications for tax-exempt status involving potential political advocacy issues.”


  19. .

    Jon Corzine charged over MF Global collapse

    Former New Jersey governor and MF Global head charged by CFTC with the alleged misuse of over $1bn in customers' funds


  20. I took my dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes (he is 66).

    We decided to grab a bite at the food court.

    I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him.

    The teenager had spiked hair in all different colours - green, red,orange, and blue.

    My dad kept staring at her.

    The teenager kept looking and would find my dad staring every time.

    When the teenager had had enough, she sarcastically asked: "What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?"

    Knowing my Dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response; I knew he would have a good one!

    In classic style he responded without batting an eyelid ......

    "Got stoned once and had sex with a parrot, I was just wondering if you might be my kid.”

  21. On this day in 1919, the first edition of The New York Daily News was published.

  22. A man joins a very exclusive nudist colony....

    On his first day there, he takes off his clothes and starts to wander around. A gorgeous petite blonde walks by, and the man immediately gets an erection.

    The woman notices his erection, comes over to him and says, 'Did you call for me?'

    The man replies, 'No, what do you mean?'

    She says, 'You must be new here. Let me explain. It's a rule here that if you get an erection, it implies you called for me.'

    Smiling, she leads him to the side of the swimming pool, lies down on a towel, eagerly pulls him to her and happily lets him have his way with her.

    The man continues to explore the colony's facilities. He enters the sauna and, as he sits down, he farts.....

    Within minutes, a huge, hairy man lumbers out of the steam-room toward him, 'Did you call for me?' says the hairy man.

    'No, what do you mean?' says the newcomer.

    'You must be new,' says the hairy man, 'it's a rule that if you fart, it implies that you called for me.' The huge man easily spins him around, bends him over a bench and has his way with him.

    The newcomer staggers back to the colony office, where he is greeted by the smiling, naked receptionist, 'May I help you?' she says.

    The man yells, 'Here's my membership card. You can have the key back and you can keep the £500 membership fee.'

    'But, Sir,' she replies, 'you've only been here for a few hours. You haven't had the chance to see all our facilities.'

    The man replies, 'Listen lady, I'm 68 years old. I only get an erection once a month. I fart 35 times a day!!'

  23. >>The Prosecutor's "Star Witness" can't even READ.

    She has been determined to have 'literacy problems'.<<

    from Pete Johnson Fox News Legal Analyst.

    My wife tried to deal with a lot of children like this, finally coming to the conclusion 'it isn't worth it'.


  24. Deuce: Suggested Post:

    Zimmerman Trial

    Suggested Topics:

    Evidence: Rules of Law: Reasonable Doubt: Moral Certainty

    Racism: Emotion: Violence: Self Defense

    Brains on Concrete

    Criminal Trial:

    Legal Standards of Proof

    Civil Trail: Standard of Proof



    1. Literacy

      Witness Capability



      Responsibility Concerning: Mental Capacity


      Standards of Proof




    2. Hoody

      U bonics


      Prosecutorial Misconduct



    3. The dissolution of civilizations

      White fear of black violence

      Brown fear of black violence

      Black fear of brown and white violence

      Rates: Statistics

      Criminal rates

      The right of a 'gated community' to protect itself


      Crackers: use of term: creepy ass cracker: meaning of

      The 'n' word


    4. Discredited witness

      Jury trial

      English system of special juries

      Should we have juries?

      Should we have public juries for criminal trials or should we go to a system of learned jurists?

      Should any one of any kind of mental capacity/incapacity be on a jury?

      Should persons of mental incapacity be allowed to testify?

      Cell phone evidence


    5. Zoo

      Are we now a Zoo?

      Meaning of Zoo


    6. .

      ...have basically already convicted Zimmerman of something, the argument between them is over what, exactly.

      Your title of 'the' complete idiot is safe. You still lack the ability to read a simple post and process its content and meaning correctly. The conclusion you draw are illogical and absurd. You would be better off having your daughter or your 'neice' read it and then explain it to you before you respond, this even though English is the latter's second language. As an English major, you should feel ashamed of your obvious deficiencies.

      And why are you fixated on this case anyway? There are 15,000 homicides in the U.S. every year. There are 1.2 million abortions. There are almost 40,000 suicides. And yet you get your panties in a twist to the point of obsession over one event in Florida.

      You sound like Nacy Grace or someone from Court TV. You must have had a ball with Casie Anthony.


  25. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, said he isn't willing to wheel and deal or to use U.S. fighter jets to force down any flight carrying Mr. Snowden. At a news conference during his tour of Africa, Mr. Obama said he would rely on routine channels to end the chase centered on Mr. Snowden.

    "I'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker," the president said.

    Mr. Snowden, who recently turned 30, has admitted to seizing classified National Security Agency intelligence documents about U.S. surveillance programs and sharing them with reporters.

  26. .

    Interesting, I see that the petition to pardon Snowden has reached 100,000 signatures. Due to a procedure Obama instituted early in his term this means the WH now has to answer to that petition within 30 days. It will be interesting to see what the response is.

    Snowden's revelations have split both parties and the public in general. Obama has pretty much stayed on the sidelines on this one. I suspect that he would rather have Snowden just disappear in one way or another rather than to have him come back to this country for trial and have the whole process absorb the country for months.


  27. You want to see the next post and the video where Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian tears it up.