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Saturday, October 06, 2012

The threat from the federal government increases - Lew Rockwell: Gov’t is Far Worse Than The Mafia

Additional purchase includes bullets designated for snipers
Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers.

A series of new solicitations posted on the FedBizOpps website show that the DHS is looking to purchase 200 million rounds of .223 rifle ammunition over the next four years, as well as 176,000 rounds of .308 caliber 168 grain hollow point boat tail (HPBT) rounds in addition to 25,000 rounds of blank .308 caliber bullets.
As James Smith over at the Prepper Podcast website highlights, “It is the type of ammunition and not necessarily the quantity that is troubling.” 

Smith points out that the DHS’ acquisition of .308 rounds is of concern because they are set to be used by well-trained snipers.

“All of the sniper grade ammunition is being used by trained, or in-the-process-of-being-trained snipers,” writes Smith, noting that the math adds up to 135,384 potential kills for the snipers to make, using the 176,000 rounds of ammunition, basing the figures on the fact that United States Army and Marine Corps snipers in the Vietnam War expended 1.3 rounds of ammunition for each claimed and verified kill.

As this police training website documents, .308 caliber 168 grain bullets are the ammunition of choice for experienced law enforcement snipers.
The number of bullets purchased by the DHS now adds up to a staggering 1.4 billion over the last six months alone. Although all those bullets won’t be delivered at once, the DHS’ commitment to purchasing such an arsenal of ammo is both worrying and ironic given that Americans are being harassed and treated with suspicion for buying a couple of boxes of ammo at their local gun store.
Following a barrage of questions about why the federal agency has purchased so many bullets, the DHS has refused to respond and even gone to the lengths of censoring information relating to solicitations for ammunition.

The DHS’ decision back in March to purchase of 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage prompted questions as to why the federal agency required such powerful bullets and in such large quantities merely for training purposes.

This was followed up by a more recent order for a further 750 million rounds of assorted ammunition, including bullets that can penetrate walls.

The mainstream media responded to the controversy by focusing on a purchase of 174,000 bullets by the Social Security Administration while completely ignoring the fact that the DHS had purchased well over a billion rounds.
Although the Associated Press and other media outlets dismissed concerns over the federal government purchasing large quantities of ammunition as paranoia, the fact that the DHS is preparing for civil unrest cannot be denied.

Having recently acquired riot gear, the DHS also purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.
Last year, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano directed ICE to prepare for a mass influx of immigrants into the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and “processing” of large numbers of people.
The U.S. Army has also been preparing for domestic disorder.

A recently leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a, “Warning shot will not be fired.”

The manual includes lists of weapons to be used against “rioters” or “demonstrators,” including “antiriot grenades.” It also advises troops to carry their guns in the “safe port arms” stance, a psychological tactic aimed at “making a show of force before rioters.” Non-lethal weapons and water cannons are also included.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.




  1. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this. For what possible reason can the federal government have need for 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition? How many Americans are they prepared to kill?

    History is firmly on the side of government repression over government benefice.

    Our entire constitutional process was designed to protect us from the federal government. That system has morphed into an organization that needs 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition.

    No problem there?

  2. We put up with this?

    Law enforcement jobs are available in most of the agencies however, the largest numbers are employed by Homeland Security, the Justice, Defense, and Treasury Departments. Homeland Security was formed after the September 11th 2001 attacks, to protect the nation against terrorism. The Department was the first addition in over 40 years to the Executive branch and it is now the third largest department, employing over 150,000 federal workers. Homeland Security consolidated 22 agencies from various departments to unify the war on terror.

  3. .223 was sold out at all the ammo stores all the way across the country. I was trying to buy some.

    What the hell is going on?

    United States

    U.S. Secret Service officers on foot patrol.
    An NYPD boat patrols the New York Harbor.
    Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

    United States Coast Guard (USCG)
    Coast Guard Police (CGPD)
    Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS)
    United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
    United States Border Patrol (USBP)
    Federal Protective Service (FPS)
    United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
    United States Secret Service (USSS)
    Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
    Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS)

    Department of Justice (USDOJ)

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)
    Drug Enforcement Administration (since 1973)
    Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (1968–73)
    Federal Bureau of Narcotics (1930–68)
    Bureau of Prohibition (1927–33)
    Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (1966–68)
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
    United States Marshals Service (USMS)

    United States Department of State (DOS)

    Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)

    United States Department of Commerce (DOC)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement

    United States Department of Treasury

    Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division (IRS-CID)
    Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)
    United States Mint Police (USMP)
    United States Treasury Police – merged into the US Secret Service Uniformed Division in 1986.

    Department of Defense

    Defense Criminal Investigative Service(DCIS)
    Pentagon Force Protection Agency

    Department of the Army

    United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (Army CID)
    United States Army Military Police Corps

    Department of the Air Force

    Air Force Office of Special Investigations (Airforce OSI)
    Air Force Security Forces
    Department of the Air Force Police

    Department of the Navy

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
    Office of Naval Intelligence Police (ONI Police)
    Marine Corps Provost Marshal's Office

    Department of Education

    Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

    Department of Health and Human Services

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    Office of Criminal Investigations

    United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

    U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations
    Office of Inspector General

    United States Department of the Interior (USDI)

    Bureau of Indian Affairs Police
    Bureau of Land Management Office of Law Enforcement & Security
    National Park Service
    National Park Rangers
    United States Park Police
    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement

    Other Major Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

    Central Intelligence Agency Security Protective Service (SPS)
    Federal Reserve Police
    Library of Congress Police
    National Security Agency Police (NSA Police)
    Smithsonian National Zoological Park Police
    United States Capitol Police (USCP)
    United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS)
    United States Probation Service (USPO)
    United States Supreme Court Police
    Veterans Affairs Police

    1. Mitt Obama, whoever. Seems they are going to be ready when the people who have had their heads buried in the sand start to wake up get hungry and find they have been fleeced of all their money and taxes keep coming. Then there is the idea that all the water belongs to the Feds as well, even if you own the land. Of course I could just be totally misguided. Governments never betray their citizens. Right? I mean look at Stalin, Mao and the list goes on and on, they did what was best for the citizens, right? However, that 16 Trillion in debt and all the other Trillions of entitlements are not going to just fade away. How about all the people being fed now that don't work? Think they are going to just go hungry? Think they got a plan to feed themselves? Can the ones who work sustain everyone? How much are the Feds going to require from the workers to "fix" the problems they have created by being greedy fools?

  4. Library of Congress Police

    The Archives Division wasn't able to stop Sandy
    'Socks Burglar' Berger, though.

  5. The US Army has ten active divisions with aprox 18,000 per, or 180,000. That is the US Army. The federal government police agencies far surpass the US Army.

    What the hell is going on?

    Who protects us from the US government, certainly not the courts.

    1. The USSC wouldn't protect the elderly from ObamaCare. After about age 75, count on being on your own, buddies, and buddettes, unless the Pubs win this time around. You'll be looking at the Culling Burueacracy.

  6. Suckers massage like hell, too, when urged -

    from The Dreaded American Thinker -

    October 6, 2012
    Behind the BLS Unemployment Numbers

    Based upon its most recent Household Survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the unemployment rate in the United States decreased from 8.1% to 7.8% in September. This apparent improvement in our labor markets is deceptive for the following reasons:

    1.Two-thirds of the new jobs claimed by the Report (582,000 jobs) are part time jobs.

    2.Of the claimed 582,000 new part time jobs, only 268,000 are real. The remaining 314,000 part time jobs are the result of a "seasonal adjustment" by the BLS.

    3.The BLS reported dramatic increases in seasonally adjusted part time employment in September of 2011 (483,000 jobs) and September of 2010 (579,000 jobs) only to report significant decreases in such jobs in each of the following Octobers (419,000 jobs in 2010 and 480,000 jobs in 2011) with continuing decreases in November and December. It is therefore reasonable to expect that the increase in part time jobs this year and the resulting improvement in the unemployment rate is also temporary.

    4.The U-6 unemployment rate, which is the broadest measure of unemployment, in that it includes among the unemployed those persons who are working part time but would rather be working full time, was unchanged in September at 14.7%.

    In conclusion, in the third year of an alleged recovery, the unemployment problem in the United States did not really change in September. This is not good news for the United States or the continued employment prospects of President Obama.

    Otto Sorensen

    Read more:

  7. Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)

    Didn't do our Ambassador much good though, cause the Obama Administration turned down his request for some help out there.

    Said he feared for his life, and that of his employees.

    Turned out he was right.

  8. I started reading news paper, magazines etc before I was ten, probably sometime after eight. I remember watching televised atomic bomb test in the fifties. I liked to thing that I was well informed.

    I entered the military when I was 17 and before my 20th birthday was reading the Guardian, The Telegraph, The Observer, US News and World Report, Stars and Stripes and the Herald Tribune on a weekly and daily basis. I subscribed to Foreign Affairs and had access to routine secret CIA analysis reports. I thought I was informed.

    Only after starting this blog did I realize how ignorant I was about what was really going on. My technical background and experience taught me not to be surprised when things did not work, but when they did. I am uncertain if the internet came along just in time or a little late. I would hope the former but have my doubts.

    Obama has done nothing but increase federal rule with him as master of course. He is adept at skirting oversight, loves to kill with his drones and has all the manipulative skills to become a tyrant if unchecked. There is no evidence that Obama is in awe of the system that was designed to protect us from government. On the contrary, Obama is a manipulator and agitator with his own goals and agenda to install top down governance mostly to transfer benefits to his people.

    Romney seems to be genuine in his stated desire to restrict Washington rule. At this stage, I think I have learned enough to expect little more and will take my chances with Romney rather than support more surrender to Obama’s collective view.

  9. A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man
    Barack Obama has always been less real than dream—a media dream.
    5 October 2012

    Even before his inauguration, Barack Obama was an imaginary man, the creation of his admirers. Think back to the 2008 Time magazine cover depicting him as FDR, the Newsweek cover of the same year on which he was shown casting Lincoln’s shadow, or the $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”—this in 2009, less than a year after he had taken office. It was not that Obama had done nothing to deserve these outsized comparisons and honors—it was not just that he had done nothing—it was that he seemed for all the world to be a blank screen on which such hysterical fantasies could too easily be projected, a two-dimensional paper doll just waiting to be dressed in leftist dreams.

    This weird quality of emptiness incited the imaginations of his opponents as well. Among the more paranoid on the right, he’s been called several kinds of Manchurian Candidate: a radical disguised as a moderate, a Muslim disguised as a Christian, a foreigner disguised as an American, and so on. The idea was that his hollow identity was his own insidious creation, the result of sealed college records, votes of “present” in the Illinois state senate, and a supra-partisan persona carefully crafted after a scuttled lifetime of revolutionary ferocity.

    To be sure, Obama has disowned the depth of his past associations with such fire-breathing America-haters as William Ayers (“A guy who lives in my neighborhood”) and Jeremiah Wright (“He was never my spiritual mentor”) with startling insouciance. And such previous Obamas as the race-baiting, black-talking demagogue of a 2007 video recently covered in full for the first time by The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson are not at all apparent in the Obama of the Oval Office or the campaign trail—whom he himself describes as a “non-threatening” statesman. But I think the real Obama has been more or less plain to see. Norman Podhoretz described him best in a 2011 Wall Street Journal op-ed: a typical product of the anti-American academic left, committed to transforming U.S. capitalism into a social-democratic system like Sweden’s.


  10. {…}

    The mystery Obama—the hollow receptacle of out-sized fantasies left and right—is not a creation of his own making, political chameleon though he may well be. It emanates instead from a journalistic community that no longer in any way fulfills its designated function, that no longer even attempts the fair presentation of facts and current events aimed at helping the American electorate make up its mind according to its own lights. Rather, left-wing outlets like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and the like have now devoted themselves to fashioning an image of the world they think their audiences ought to believe in—that they may guide us toward voting as they think we should. They have fallen prey to that ideological corruption that sees lies as a kind of virtue, as a noble deception in service to a greater good.

    Theirs are largely passive lies and lies of omission. The active frauds—NBC’s dishonest editing of videos to reflect a leftist worldview, ABC’s allowing Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos to masquerade as a newsman, the Los Angeles Times’ suppressing even the transcript of the video in their possession that shows candidate Barack Obama at a meeting with a PLO-supporting sheik—these are only egregious salients of the more consistent, underlying dishonesty. The real steady-state corruption is revealed in the way Obama scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi-gate, and the repeated breaking of federal campaign laws have been wildly underplayed, while George W. Bush’s non-scandals, like the naming of Valerie Plame and the firings of several U.S. attorneys at the start of his second term, were blown out of all proportion.

    And it is revealed in Obama’s blankness, his make-believe greatness, and the suppression, ridicule, and dismissal of any evidence that he is not the man this powerful media faction once wanted so badly for him to be. No other modern president could have associated so intimately with lowlifes like Wright and Ayers and the now-imprisoned Tony Rezko and not had those associations exposed in every detail. No other president could have made the radical remarks he’s made—about wealth redistribution, religion, and the federal government’s alleged ill-treatment of blacks—and not had them headlined all over for weeks. No other could have presided over such a crippled economy and such universal failures at war and in foreign policy and escaped almost without mainstream blame.

    The Obama of the imagination is the media’s Obama. Out of their fascination with the color of his skin and their mindless awe at his windy teleprompted rhetoric, they constructed a man of stature and accomplishment. Now, with the White House on the line, they’re waging an ongoing battle against the undeniable evidence that he has never been, in fact, that man. The result in these quadrennial autumn days has been media coverage of a fantasy election, an election in the news that may bear no relation whatsoever to the election as it is. Polls consistently skewed to favor Democrats in percentages beyond any reasonable construct of reality have left us virtually ignorant of the state of the race. Orchestrated frenzies over alleged gaffes by Mitt Romney have camouflaged an imploding Obama foreign policy, an Obama economy threatened by a new recession, and an Obama campaign filled with vicious personal attacks and lies.


  11. {…}

    Governor Romney’s unprecedented dismantling of the president in their first debate—an encounter so one-sided it reminded me of the famous cartoon in which Godzilla meets Bambi, with predictable results—was surprising only for Romney’s warmth and clarity. Obama’s hapless fumbling, bad temper, and inarticulate inability to defend his record were actually thoroughly predictable. They were simply facets of the man as he truly is, unfiltered by the imagination of his media supporters: a man who has succeeded, really, at almost nothing but the winning of elections; a man who cannot distinguish between his ideology and life; a man who does not seem to know how the machinery of the world actually works.

    Fantasy is a powerful thing, but reality will out. Perhaps by Election Day, the public will have awakened from the media’s dream.

    Andrew Klavan is a novelist and a contributing editor of City Journal; his new thriller for young adults, If We Survive, will be published in November.

  12. Great decision.

    It is an important election.

    (I'd personally like to see at least one WASP on the Supreme Court again, for instance. We are The USSC Waspless at this point, and I believe would remain so if O is re-elected.)

    Best not to throw one's vote away. Can always do that later when the dems go back to running something more like a 'normal' democrat agaqin, not this freak from somewhere, and Alinskiite commie, and vote third party then, if one thinks the parties are equivalent bastards.

    By the way, JFK's 'ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country' has morphed into it's opposite under President BuyYourVote.

    Wife says O can always find employment with Rahm in Chicago, so not to worry there about O's future. She loathes the guy. Was practically jumping up and down on the motel bed during the debate.

    Montana and Nevada are looking good for Republicans for Senate.


    1. Fourteen Critical Races -

      Probable Republican Wins:

      Montana - Denny Rehberg (R) has shown surprising strength against Jon Tester (D), the incumbent. Jon Tester has leveraged his incumbency through moderation in a red presidential and statehouse state. Rehberg has a down-to-earth, highly energetic style. He has consistently led Tester in the RCP polling averages by up to 5%; the state has a strong economy but a fear of regulation and the EPA. Rehberg uses Obama's unfavorability (41%) and Romney's popularity (52%) effectively, and he exhibits a deft touch citing foreign policy concerns. Rehberg will win, but narrowly.

      Nevada - An insurrection is brewing in the state. The state has a party registration favorable to Democrat Shelley Berkley, yet the state's unemployment rate leads the nation, has immigration issues and budget and deficit problems. Dean Heller (R) has led Berkley in the RCP average polls by up to 9% and now leads 47.3% to 42.0%. Berkley is under investigation, which gives Heller the edge. Heller wins in a pro-Obama, Democrat state.

      Berkly is in some deep legal do-do.

      The House Ethics Committee has voted unanimously to launch a formal investigation into allegations that Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) used her position to benefit the financial interests of her husband — a blow to her candidacy in one of the nation’s most competitive Senate contests.

      The ethics panel said Monday that it will probe “alleged communications and activities with or on behalf of entities in which Representative Berkley’s husband had a financial interest.”

      News reports last fall detailed moves made by Berkley to sponsor legislation or influence federal regulators in ways that favored the business interests of her husband, Larry Lehrner, who operates dialysis centers in Nevada and has actively lobbied lawmakers to help kidney care providers.

      Berkley, 61, is a seven-term Las Vegas congresswoman and candidate in a closely watched Senate race against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) that observers believe could be a pickup for Democrats.

      A UNANIMOUS vote by the ethics committee.

      This woman would scare anyone in the morning -

  13. I sent in my absentee ballot yesterday.

    Romney for President

  14. RCP Average 9/26 - 10/5 -- -- 48.6 46.8 Obama +1.8
    Rasmussen Tracking 10/3 - 10/5 1500 LV 3.0 47 49 Romney +2


  15. by buying up .223, maybe the feds think they are engaging in a form of "gun control."

  16. "If you don't vote Obama, Mitt Romney is going to be eating me by the end of November. Show your support." Tweet from BigBird2012

    Snoopy had no comment, since he had already been eaten by Obama.

    "The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment." -Warren G. Bennis

    1. The Toyota plant we toured here has no employees at all, only Team Members.

      The only non-team member I met was the President of the Plant, a big black fellow that reminded me of a young Herman Cain, full of enthusiasm and, from the look of him, great competence.

      One Team Member, our tour guide, said, "I wish I had his salary."

      The whole place is run under the Japanese concept of mismim, or some such ununderstandable word, which mean "ah so, con tin ual im prove ment". Many examples were shown us, some initiated by the Team Members, who all seemed happy, or, perhaps, were ordered to seem so.

      Diversity was a big deal, and indeed, the place was diverse, women, all sorts of minorities, except for no Japanese, who seemed oddly missing.

      From a roll of steel to the final product, just a few hours. Kicking out a Toyota at about the rate of one a minute, they were making around 1,000 cars a day. We got a private peek at a new model for next year, can't recall the name.

      Oddly enough, the plant wasn't run 24 hours a day, but had two 8 hour shifts.

      The Robots, one grade above the Team Members, seemed to be almost to the point of taking over the joint, and did ALL the welding, something like 800 welds a car, IIRC, sending up nifty showers of sparks worthy of the best Fourth of July.

      There were about five Team Members to a Team. Everyone in each Team had to know everyone else's job, and rotated jobs, so as not to get to boring. About five Teams to a Group, with a Leader Team Member at each level, and above that the Management Team, with the President the only entity to be recognized as a human being linguistically.

      Actually it looked like a nice place to work, and not very stressful.

      I think the boys at Les Schwab Tires out our way work a lot harder, always bustling about at double time.

      Diversity Is A Strength, many signs said, only outnumbered by the Safety First signs.

      We went about on an electric tram, ten of us Tram Members to a tram, two trams each hour, no cell phones or cameras allowed.

      Any spy agency wanting to do a little industrial espionage would have had zero trouble photographing the entire place close up, however.

      Your neighborhood Private Investigator could have easily done the same.

      Everything was made right there, except perhaps the engines and transmissions, I am unsure of that.

      We Tour Team Members only toured one building, and there were five other buildings I believe.

  17. You'd better be worried about those that have sent our jobs to China, and lied to us about the future availability of Petroleum, while fighting against biofuels, and jobs programs.

    The man was right about the seasonal adjustments in the jobs data, and the strong possibility of a large give-back in the jobs report on Nov. 2.

  18. As for the Mammoths, I think it's pretty simple; the arrival of the Interglacial reduced their numbers, and the new predator (humans) finished them off.

  19. Since 2005, Global production of oil has expanded at Two-tenths of One Percent, annually (0.002)

    Click on Crude + lease condensate, and 2005

    EIA Data

    The next step is inexorable decline.

    They probably need to buy More ammunition.

  20. They completed 152 New wells in the much-ballyhooed Bakken in July (the last month of data,) and received back less than 10,000 bbls of Increased Production as a result (a new well up there costs about $10 Million to complete.)

    Now, the rigs are Leaving - there were, last week, 187 rigs drilling, down from 214 a couple of months ago.) The Eagle Ford, in Texas, is running about a year behind the Bakken.

    Alaska is plunging, and it's getting harder, and harder to find oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Sea. Russia, and Saudi Arabia admit that they have Peaked, as does China.

  21. Meanwhile, our lower 50% are broke, their jobs having been sent to China.

    They probably didn't buy nearly Enough ammo.

  22. I, personally, plan to have my family safely ensconced in a small homestead in W. Texas (with a possible one or two year stopover in Las Vegas) by the time it gets "really" rough.

  23. .

    In an attempt to make Bob's day, I offer this:

    VATICAN CITY (AP) â?? The pope's butler was convicted Saturday of stealing the pope's private documents and leaking them to a journalist, and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

    Judge Giuseppe Dalla Torre read the verdict aloud Saturday two hours after the three-judge panel began deliberating Paolo Gabriele's fate. He said the sentence was reduced to 18 months from three years because of a series of mitigating circumstances, including that Gabriele had no previous record.

    In his final appeal to the court, Gabriele insisted "I don't feel like a thief" and said he leaked the pope's private correspondence to a journalist out of a "visceral love" for the church and the pope...


    1. Kangaroo Court.

      An act of visceral love for the Church and the Pope, who must just be getting back from the Summer Palace at the Lake about now, and this is what he gets.

      Where's Garibaldi? Where's Mussolini, to march on Rome and right this terrible wrong and Papal Farce?

      Where was Quirk when Dale and I turned the Swiss Guard and tried to Free The Butler?

    2. Max Keiser: Fat Cats Spy On You (E251) -

      People need to make the connection between the VATICAN, the CIA, the Banks, the Fascist Corporations, world history and the NEW WORLD ORDER (which is the old ROMAN REICH re-establishing itself). Follow the money trail: who is it that owns the Banks, who is it that owns the US, who is it that runs the shadow government. And no, I don't mean the individual Jooo managers they like to hire and put on display so that their propaganda outlets can focus on them and distract from what is really going on.

      I did a Google search to ascertain the demographic make-up in these richest of US counties, counties that are primarily fed by the CIA/Military complex, and the vast majority in all these counties were Catholics. That is not coincidence.


      And the Butler goes to the slammer trying to wake us up through an act of visceral love for Church and Pope.....

  24. Our "inventories" of oil are high, so, what's the problem, you ask. Well, the "Problem," dear friends, is that a whole lot of that inventory is exceedingly rough stuff (very heavy, very sulfurous.)

    It's hard to refine. That's why you keep reading about refineries blowing up (case in point - Richmond, Ca.)

    Shell and the Sauds spent $10 BILLION adapting the Motiva Refinery in Port Arthur, Tx to run on it. It blew up two hours into the start-up. Meanwhile, they have 40 Million Barrels of Heavy Saudi Crude sitting in tanks in the back yard.

    Same story all over the world - not enough light/sweet to mix with the heavy/sour.

    They've shut down a bunch of refineries in Europe for that reason.

    Probably the same reason that huge refinery in Venezuela blew. And, the one in Washington State. The reason they shut down the two in Pennsylvania, and the one in New Jersey.

    We are slip-sliding into a mess.

    Ethanol was $2.44/gal on the CBOT, yesterday.

    And, the oil company-financed Republicans are still fighting E15 tooth and nail.

  25. Which brings up Another point: That barrel of oil that we're refining, Today, isn't producing as much gasoline, and diesel fuel as the barrel that we were refining in 2005 (the heavier the oil, the less of the "good stuff" you get out.)

    So, while we're producing 0.015 more oil, we're actually producing Less gasoline, and diesel.

    Why do you think the Armed Forces are fighting the Republicans so hard on the subject of biofuels?

    The Militaries of The United States, Canada, and Germany (plus, I'm sure there are some of which I'm unaware) have all studied the situation and Published opinions that by 2015 we're in a world of shit.

  26. Okay, here's a call that, if made by Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, would shock the world.

    The Bakken will quite likely Peak, either this month, or in November (depending on the weather.)

    There's really no "upside" to making this call; only the downside of derision, and catcalls if I'm just very slightly wrong.

    But, fuck it; ya gotta have some "fun," sometime.

    The big risk to this call is another Warm Winter that allows the rigs to keep working through Dec, Jan, and Feb. Otherwise I have a pretty good chance of being right, I think. :)

  27. Al Gore had it right. Incompetents like Obama do not belong in high places.


  28. Craparoo -

    As Daniel Horowitz at says, "Today's [Friday's] report of September employment is so bizarre that it's hard to comprehend, much less give over." The BLS is doing such a misleading data manipulation job that even retired General Electric CEO Jack Welch has publicly announced his skepticism. And, Rick Santelli, on CNBC's "Squawk Box," said, "I told you they'd get it under 8 percent - they did!"

    And this little nugget of information has come forth. Have you ever heard of Harley Frazis or Stephen Phillips? They have (at least) two things in common: (1) they are both economists at the BLS, and (2) they are both Obama contributors. I'm not saying that they in any way influenced the current unemployment figure, but "something is rotten in Denmark" in light of the BLS figures and procedures.

    As this graph from Shadow Government Statistics shows, the unemployment rate, if discouraged workers were included, would be close to 24 percent. John Williams, Shadow Government Statistics author, provides some very interesting reading on how the BLS arrives at its unemployment and jobs figures.......

    as SNL's "Church Lady" used to say, "How Conveeeeeeeeeeeeeeenient!" The Labor Department (of which the BLS is a part) raised its job-creation figures by a total of 86,000 jobs for July and August. The July figure was revised from 141,000 to 181,000, and the August figure from 96,000 to 142,000. And guess what! The MSM reported those numbers - just in time for Obama to campaign upon. How convenient. Does anyone suspect the timing?

    Does anyone suspect the timing?

    The entire Nation.........Everyone........ but perhaps Rufus.......


  29. The very best and most efficient way to bring down unemployment in the cities is......

    Further, the various unemployment rates and the number of jobs added to the economy are derived from two separate reports! The Household Survey estimates the unemployment rate from a monthly sampling of about 50,000 households (reduced from 60,000 under Clinton). The Payroll Survey estimates the number of nonfarm jobs in the US economy. (((((And, under Clinton, surveying in the inner cities was ended (causing a drop in minority unemployment).))))) The sampling error for the Household Survey is ± 280,000 jobs, while the sampling error for the Payroll Survey is ± 100,000 jobs.

    .......don't keep count.

    There, then, now, everything is fine.

    Read more:

  30. The Detroit Police have issued a 'don't enter Detroit' warning.

    Too dangerous for human life.

    They, of course, also want more hires, and a raise.

    And who can blame them?