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Thursday, October 25, 2012

CBS enables Obama to prevaricate on Benghazi


  1. Somebody has to do something, might as well be CBS, because Obama is sounding like he's on the crack pipe again. He said these dead people were 'just a bump in the road'.


    Damn the oil companies. Royal Dutch Shell, damn them.

    Shale Glut Becomes $2 Diesel Using Gas-to-Liquids Plants
    By Andrew Herndon and Brian Swint - Oct 25, 2012 11:57 AM ET

    Drivers are next in line to benefit from the U.S. shale boom.

    Technologies that create motor fuels from raw materials other than oil, some drawing on techniques first commercialized in Nazi Germany, are poised to turn the glut of U.S. natural gas into energy for cars, trucks and planes.

    Gasoline prices in the U.S. have jumped 134 percent since the end of 2008 as crude doubled to more than $100 a barrel. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
    Enlarge image Oxford Catalysts Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Roy Lipski

    Oxford Catalysts Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Roy Lipski said turning gas into liquid fuels “is the flip-side of the coin to fracking for shale gas, because what are you going to do with all the gas?” Source: Oxford Catalysts Group Plc via Bloomberg
    Enlarge image Nazi Technology Turns Cheap Shale Gas Into Sub-$2 Diesel

    Hydraulic fracturing processes, or fracking, helped gas producers unlock reserves in shale that were once off bounds. Photographer: Julia Schmalz/Bloomberg
    Nazi Technology Turns Cheap Shale Gas Into Sub-$2 Diesel

    Royal Dutch Shell Plc began production at its $19 billion Pearl project last year in Qatar to process gas from offshore fields. Source: Shell International Ltd. via Bloomberg

    A Chesapeake Energy Corp.-backed company and Oxford Catalysts Group Plc are planning U.S. factories to make diesel, gasoline and jet fuel from gas, which fell to a decade-low price this year. Their goal is to make motor fuels more cheaply and easily than oil-based products produced at giant refineries, and all within two years.

    U.S. gasoline prices have jumped more than 125 percent since the end of 2008 as crude doubled to more than $100 a barrel. At the same time hydraulic fracturing processes, or fracking, helped gas producers unlock once inaccessible reserves in shale rock. That’s boosted output and driven down prices, sparking interest in using the surplus energy to fill fuel tanks.

    “It’s going to happen in North America,” Roy Lipski, chief executive officer of Oxford, England-based Oxford Catalysts, said in an interview. Turning gas into liquid fuels “is the flip-side of the coin to fracking for shale gas, because what are you going to do with all the gas?”
    Shell’s Pearl

    So-called gas-to-liquids technology has been proven on a larger scale, primarily at Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA)’s plant in Qatar. Smaller production typically is targeted for areas producing gas that’s “stranded,” or unserved by pipelines. The economics depend on the feedstock staying relatively cheap.

    While U.S. natural gas prices are currently about $3.50 per million British thermal units, the futures curve shows prices rising to more than $6 per mmBtu during the next 10 years. Every $1 increase in the price of gas boosts the cost of producing a barrel of diesel by $9, Oxford Catalysts said.

    Oxford Catalysts can produce a barrel of premium diesel for $66, or $1.57 a gallon, using gas at $4 per thousand standard cubic feet ($3.89 per mmBtu) at plants with a capacity of just 1,500 barrels a day. The unprofitable technology developer said a plant that size can be built for about $150 million and would last for 20 years.

    It costs about $124 a barrel, or $2.95 a gallon, to make premium diesel from oil, the company estimated. The U.S. average price for diesel at the pump is about $4.12 a gallon.

  2. How's this for a disgusting new Obama ad?

    She votes for O she's going to end up getting f-ed all over eventually, for sure, in ways she can't understand yet.

    Some kind of new low watermark has been created here.

  3. How braindead would a young female have to be to vote for the party of Romney, Akins, Mourdock, Ryan, etal?

    1. I would hope young women begin to take their bearings from reading, study, good poetry and the like, perhaps even horses, and begin turning away from the common culture of today. More do so than one might imagine. Obama's ad is aimed directly at those that don't.

  4. How brain dead would Rufus have to be to vote for the candidate endorsed by Castro, Chavez and Putin?

  5. Rufus: expert on all things pertaining to the needs and wants of females every where.

    1. Rufus, father of young female.

    2. The father that will not vote for the man that would deny my daughter the morning-after pill were she raped.

    3. You're so poor you couldn't buy it for her?
      Needs a Govt Daddy, does she? poor ms Fluke THIRTY ONE YEAR OLD STUDENT.

    4. Doug, surely you're not that stupid. These assholes want to outlaw that pill - and, to make it a criminal offense for a Doctor, or Hospital to administer it.

      Mitt Romney Vetoed a bill in Mass that would have made that pill available to rape victims. (his veto was, later, overturned.)

    5. I sure as fuck am If you are right:

      Can you provide a linky poo to both those issues.

      Don't know how they are even in the running if that is indeed the case.

    6. Doug, if you'd get your head out of that right wing garbage bin that you and bob have been wallowing around in, you'd know that that's all anyone's been talking about for days.

      I'm doing something else right now, but just google Romney vetoes abortion for rape victims, or somesuch. Meanwhile, Ryan Does Not support abortion for rape victims, either.

  6. The Obama ad mimics a Putin ad in a definite way -

    showing that the minds of thugs move in the same mud.

    We might recall too that it was a tactic of both Hitler and Mussolini to try to appeal to the romantic yearnings of young women, Hitler to the point that he would not allow himself to be shown with Eva Braun in public, and only married her at the end. Hence the light of possibility kept alive in every young German female heart. Do you remember those photos of the young German girls yelling their guts out over dear Adolph, as if you some rock star?

    It is disgusting.

  7. That ad is aimed at stirring up prurient interest in young women in sex with an older man, a rock star older man.

    It is morbid, degrading, disgusting and idiotic, and indecent.

  8. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered additional security for
    the U.S. mission in Benghazi ahead of the terrorist attack but the
    orders were never carried out, according to “legal counsel” to
    Clinton who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein. Those same
    sources also say former President Bill Clinton has been “urging”
    his wife to release official State Department documents that prove
    she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which
    would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the

    Appearing on TheBlazeTV’s “Wilkow!” on Wednesday night, Klein told
    host Andrew Wilkow that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been having
    “big fights” for “two or three weeks” about the issue, according to
    his two sources on Clinton’s legal counsel. While Bill Clinton
    wishes his wife would “exonerate” herself by releasing the
    documents that show she wasn’t at fault for the tragic security
    failure in Libya, the secretary of state refuses to do so because
    she doesn’t want to be viewed as a traitor to the Democratic party.

    1. How the hell can we possibly know? It is to the point now that we can't believe anything they say, any of them, and not even water boarding would be sure to get the truth out of these people.

  9. It is pornographic, lewd, invitational - come have sex with Pappa Obama.

    It is repugnant.

  10. There seems to be no low to which President Obama will sink in his desperate attempt to win reelection. One has to wonder, is there any point at which the main stream media and the public get some self-respect and toss out this loser? First he asked for your wedding gifts, then your yard sales and now he has asked for your daughters.

    from Red State

    I'm not even going to mention this to my wife. She would explode. She doesn't care about the policies as much as most, she just wants some decency back in the White House.

    Romney/Ryan 2012!


      Cheap Tricks and One Night Stands

      By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | October 25th, 2012 at 09:15 PM |

      If you needed further proof about just how much the President has cheapened the Presidency, consider his latest ad, which not only compares voting for him for the first time to losing virginity, but also ridicules those who might not want to lose their virginity to just any politician. This is the peer group peer pressure people across the political aisle have complained about in high schools for years.

      But our President is adopting it as a last minute campaign strategy. If you need any further proof we live in a fallen world destined for hell fire, consider the number of people who have no problem with the President of the United States, via a campaign ad, ridiculing virgins and comparing sex to voting.

      This is the man who once said children were a punishment. At least we know he’s cool with abortion.

      The reason Barack Obama is running this ad is because he is done trying to get independent voters. He’s given up. Despite campaign rhetoric about fighting for evangelicals, he’s given up there. He’s given up on Catholic voters. He’s given up on the South. He’s given up on men who have daughters. He’s given up on moms. He’s given up on everyone expect his core base of singles, gays, and minorities, including college kids he is desperate to get back to the polls.

      I don’t see this ad helping him among remaining swing voters, including women, in Ohio, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Many of them still want a President who upholds the honor and dignity of the office without the pretension of trying to be the cool kid. On the bright side, he could have done nothing to better solidify those leaning toward Romney in the last two weeks of the campaign.

      About the only honest bit of innuendo in the ad is that the people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 have been screwed — economically. The problem for Barack Obama is that many of those people believe their vote for him was a one night stand that they’d prefer to forget. Additionally, we know now that Barack Obama, like that one night stand, probably won’t call you back. Just ask the American Consulate in Benghazi.

  11. I thought, for a change, that I would browse a few droppings from the boobie - lordy what bunch of crap!

    1. I have looked it up for you, asshole. All you have to do is go to the nearest American consular office there in Canada to revoke your citizenship.

      You cannot revoke your citizenship on American soil. This is actually logical, as the law so often is, as you would immediately become an illegal alien, and then what do we do with you?

      You don't need an attorney. Do it yourself.

  12. wrt Bob/Rufus and Pennsylvania in the last thread, I heard some perfect description of Pubs expectations vs reality on the radio, but can't remember what it was, but similar to mirage, fool's gold, rooting for the Cubs or Sox, whichever it was that didn't win for a century.
    ...only took watching halfway closely for a couple or three goes for this usually slow learn to pick up on that one.
    Setup for a heartbreak for any and all true believers.

  13. At least 12 of the Republicans running for the Senate support No Rape Exception in their anti-abortion agenda.

    These crazy assholes mean it. No Exception for Rape. Your Wife, or Daughter is Raped, and they would force her, by Law, to carry the resulting fetus to term.

    That is, also, Paul Ryan's position.

    Mitt Romney has stated, videos available, that he would gladly sign such a law.

    Think about that.

    1. Good night. I'm going to try to sleep.

    2. Notice how Rufus always changes the subject, which was a disgusting Obama ad fit only for the dumpster.

      Here, this must be the Romney video Rufus is chattering about ? -

      "My position has been clear throughout this campaign," Romney said. "I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother."

      It's not that Rufus is a liar, exactly, he just gets carried away, and doesn't exactly tell the truth.

    3. All this abortion talk is blown air anyway. The Supreme Court has made the rules. And if they should reconsider, the issue goes back to the states. And around it will go again.

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  15. Get some sleep, Ruf. Get some sleep, ol' befuddled warrior. Don't dream of having political sex. There is no morning after pill for voting for Obama.

  16. How is that Linda Lingle (?) doing in Hawaii, Doug?

  17. Messing with Ruf's dozing mind, here Rufie, dear Rufie, sleep tight, and dream, ol' fellow, dream of this -

  18. One fellow's reaction to what must be the most disgusting political ad in the history of the modern United States -

    Jack_Savage •

    It looks like Democrats have finally reduced women to a crotch with a body behind it.

  19. Michelle Malkin (now there's a Woman!) asks:

    Is it a good idea for a campaign to equate voting for their candidate to getting screwed? Maybe not, but credit where credit is due — it might be one of their most metaphorically honest political ads in quite some time.

  20. You all know this woman -

    She is Cherokee.

    Dorothea Lange's famous photograph, Migrant Mother, that epitomized the Great Depression, features Florence Owens Thompson (Cherokee)[66] and her three children

    I have been trying to see if there is a connection between the Crow and the Cherokee, through the Hidatsa and the Mandan, and failing.

    When the Crow hunted the buffalo, and of course when the other tribes did too, it was almost like a military operation. They had 'police' who managed the hunt, and kept the hunters performing in the proper and successful ways. The Crow also had a kind of morality police in the villages to keep the romantic interest from getting too far out of line.