“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, June 03, 2011

TSA SCUM - Update 3

Once again, the TSA, which was mobilized in reaction to 19 Arab males who hijacked four American airplanes and killed thousands of American citizens, continues its absurd outrage and mindless multi-billion dollar harassment program against decent Americans.

Most of the 19 killers were swarthy young Arab males, Saudis with muslim names. They were undistinguishable from thousands of other young Muslim males who by every reasonable measure fit a similar profile. There has not been one terrorist attack by a chubby white middle age American woman traveling with her white American middle age husband and her white American son. None. It is a threat that never was.

Because we do not want to hurt the feelings of the always and easily offended, the federal government with gobs and gobs of your money has hired an army of losers who could not get a better job anywhere else. They shamelessly harass millions of Americans every day.


  1. Flying, like driving, is a privilege, not a right.

    "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

    Timothy Leary Lives!

  2. Our Federal protectors, they do not always need a reason, to fire upon civilians.

    Exemplified in Ohio

  3. But then again, the US has grown, "evolved", since then.

    Love it or leave it.

  4. The goings on in Yemen, tribalism gone awry.

    Yemeni troops have wounded at least seven people when they fired on protesters demanding an end to president Ali Abdullah Saleh's three-decade rule, in a conflict that has brought the state to the brink of civil war.

    In other parts of the capital, tribesmen siding with the protesters have fought pitched street battles with Mr Saleh's troops - including his special forces which were set up to fight Al Qaeda - for control of government buildings.

    More than 350 people have been killed since the uprising started in January, but at least 135 of them have died in the past 10 days ...

    But violence always seems to be taken to extremes, in the tribal cultures of the Middle East.

  5. Using military force, to create a political outcome, that is prevalent, too.

    BEIRUT (AP) - An activist group says Syrian troops have pounded a central town with artillery and heavy machinegun fire, killing at least two people in the latest onslaught.

    The Syrian Army, they most not have "pounded" very hard, if only two died.

    The US National Guard created a higher body count, with one volley.

  6. The attitude that you have to be out of your mind to make new hires seems to be spreading> 9.1% unemployment.

  7. Flying is neither a right nor a privilege. Flying is a necessity. A governmental police force without focus on the real threat, wearing blue uniforms and latex gloves, probing baby diapers and the breasts of middle age American woman is a perversion of common sense.

  8. The number of vacancies in the strip centers and even at the supermarket anchored stores is unprecedented.

    Small businesses that had been a staple of the area, gone. The space now empty.

    John Galt is hanging out with Timothy Leary.

    (CBS/AP) Failure. That's the word a high-level international panel is using to describe the decades-long global war on drugs.

    The Global Commission on Drug Policy panel issued a report that said,
    "Political leaders and public figures should have the courage to articulate publicly what many of them acknowledge privately: that the evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that repressive strategies will not solve the drug problem, and that the war on drugs has not, and cannot, be won."

    The commission said decriminalizing certain drugs would help nations "safeguard the health and security of their citizens." It said this recommendation applies especially to marijuana.

    The Whites House disagrees

  9. 35,000, maybe 40,000 people have died in the escalated "War on the Drug Cartels" in President Calderon's Mexico.

    Doubtful that they were all "guilty".

  10. True enough, Deuce.

    So too is the idea that the Congress cannot audit the Federal Reserve.

    While most folk labor under the misconception that the Federal Reserve is just another part of the Federal Government.

    The Federal system has gone awry.
    The power balance destroyed with the direct election of the Senate.
    That emasculated State governments, politically, on the Federal level.

  11. The Syrian regime has carried out a "systematic" series of abuses against protesters that could "qualify as crimes against humanity," and the United Nations must hold the government accountable, a leading humanitarian watchdog organization said Wednesday.

    Human Rights Watch makes these assertions in a report titled "'We've Never Seen Such Horror': Crimes against Humanity in Daraa."

    The 57-page document contains chilling detail from dozens of victims and witnesses to abuses in Daraa province, the southwestern Syrian powder keg where the anti-government protest movement began in mid-March before spreading across the country. The government reacted with a tough crackdown against protesters.

    At present, the report says, there have been about 887 deaths "across Syria," including at least 418 people in Daraa province.

  12. Debt ceiling posturing will lead to more market volatility

    June 1, 2011:

    The 112th Congress is among the greatest risks to global financial stability. The political posturing over the debt ceiling will bring more volatility to the U.S. dollar and the financial markets.

    By Darius Dale, Hedgeye

  13. Who profits from increased volatility in the financial markets?

    No one on Main Street America, that's for sure.

  14. .

    Flying, like driving, is a privilege, not a right.

    Rhetorical B.S.

    Argumentative and simplistic even the part about driving.

    Even the argument over is voting in the U.S. a right, a privilege, or an obligation is meaningless without the proper analysis.

    Government will always argue that an issue is a privilege rather than a right whether is comes to flying, driving, owning a gun, or using that gun. It is easier to regulate and control a privilege than a right. If they are the dispenser of a privilege their power and influence are increased.

    After decades of being pounded by this bullshit, the American public accepts the arguments without even thinking, definately without major complaint.


  15. Good Morning. Just woke up. Some tool yakking about "confidence," and "Japan," and the "debt ceiling."

    Shit. Things died here when gas went to $3.50. Period. We were booming along, stores were full, roads were full of people going to the Casinos, then, within a period of a week, or two, it's like someone turned off the tap.

  16. We are in soooooo much trouble.

  17. Of course, Q, that is the government position with regards to "rights & privileges"

    Yes, the public agrees.

    The driving idiom, long established and accepted.

  18. .

    California has a $9 billion budget deficit and it appeared unlikely that they would reach a budget agreeement by the statuatory deadline.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) ''' State Controller John Chiang announced Thursday that he will withhold lawmakers' pay starting June 16 if they have not passed a balanced budget by then, following through on the initiative voters approved last November requiring an on-time budget...

    Do Your Job or Go Home


  19. After decades of being pounded by this bullshit, the American public accepts the arguments without even thinking, definitely without major complaint.

    Amen. The era of the rugged individual has been replaced by the docile herd.

  20. The driving idiom, long established and accepted.

    As I said, simplistic.

    The driving situations in New York is entirely different than that in Detroit or LA. In New York or Chicago you have the subway and the L. In Detroit and LA you do not. This difference was not the result of the public's actions. It was due to governmental decisions on infrastructure. Any restriction on driving is a restriction on other rights, like where a person lives, where they work, what they can do.

    Are rights unlimited? Of course not. There is the priciple of not being able to shout "Fire" in a crowded theater just as there can be regulations on driving that prevent a person from harming others. Under current technology, no one would expect that a blind person has the right to drive.

    I'm afraid I agree more with Deuce's post on flying than with yours.

    Throwing out bromides like driving is a privilege is meaningless without some analysis.


  21. Sometime in the next two weeks we will all go down to the corner, and send Saudi Arabia/Venezuela/ et al another $14 Billion.

    That would have built 50 Cellulosic Ethanol Refineries/power stations.

    That would have put 15,000 Steel Workers, Pipefitters, concrete workers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, etc To Work.

    Plus, all the workers required to make the boilers, piping, and so forth.

    50% of the "American" Cars made this year will be Flexfuel, and they will be driven on Saudi/Nigerian/Russian Oil.

    We're the dumbest motherfuckers in the history of the universe.

  22. Nonsense, it's a privilege not a right, as it should be. On your farm it's a right. Not on a public highway with others involved. Quirk, just don't get another DUI.

    You don't like it? Hire a driver like Deuce.


  23. .

    Once, again.

    A simple answer from a simple man.

    No analysis. No distinction. The government says its a privilege. Most people agree. It must be true. Doesn't affect me. Why should I care.

    Let's go fishing.



  24. Moron, it's a public right of way. The level of legal literacy in this country is abysmal. Buy a ranch you can drive around it all day. But the government has a legitimate interest in keeping drunks and the blind etc from driving down the freeway, in fact it has a duty to do so. For the public safety. I know you're struggling with this Quirk, I feel it from here.

    What this country needs is a lot of legal remedial education.

    Yet, you done good on the question of jury nullification, Quirk, so I know you can handle it.


  25. By the way, thanks for backing me up on my b'ar story. Two separate witnesses don't have to agree on everything to know that some b'ar was stared down just like I said.

    gotta run, but think about that privilege stuff, sooner or later a light will turn on


  26. Well, it won't be a problem much longer. I figure the rate highways are "emptying out" around here, they'll probably be firing all the highway patrol, soon.

  27. .

    As I said, a simple answer from a simple man.

    Moreover, one from a guy who jumps in and offers an opinion on a comment having clearly not even read the comment.

    This becomes obvious when you offer your statement about drunk driving and the "blind".

    Go back and read my initial comment.


    Just go fishing. You'll probably accomplish more.


  28. "Just go fishing"

    I'm leaving in a couple of hours to go camping.

    Did you know the state of Pennsylvania prohibits the transporting of wood from other states into Pa, so says Fantasy Island Campground. If this is true what is the exception for Christmas trees or any other specialty tree that someone might have planted in their yard.

    I just hope that the wood I loaded into the back of my truck from some strange man's house is legal. Lord knows I don't want to be responsible for any emerald ash borer infestation or any other harmful forest pests and deceases.

    You should see the rash on my arm.

  29. I made the statement on the Carpe Diem Blog that Iowa, a state with no oil well, nat gas, or coal, that I'm aware of, is a Net Energy Exporter. I was called out to show my figures, and this is what I posted:

    3,400 btus = 1 kwhr

    1 gal ethanol = 76,000 btus

    1gal ethanol = 22 kwhrs

    Avg per capita consumption = 12,000 kwhrs

    Iowa population = 3,000,000

    3,000,000 X 12,000 kwhrs = 36 Billion kwhrs or 36,000 Gigawatt hrs. Remember that Number.

    It would require approx 550 gal X 3,000,000 to fuel every car in Iowa with 100% Ethanol.

    3,000,000 X 550 = 1,650,000,000 gallons needed to fuel Iowa's fleet of personal vehicles. Approx. 850,000,000 gallons required for commercial trucks, tractors, etc.

    Iowa produces right at 4 Billion gallons/yr of Ethanol/Biodiesel

    After supplying gasoline, and diesel needs that leaves a surplus of 1,500,000,000 gallons.

    Now, They need 36,000 Gigawatts of Electricity. Remember? They get about 10,000 Gigawatt/hrs from wind.

    1.5 Billion gallons of excess ethanol, and biodiesel X 22 = 33 Billion kilowatt hrs, or 33,000 Gigawatt Hrs.

    Ergo: From Wind (10,000 GW/hrs,) and from biofuels (33,000 GW/hrs,) they more than match their needed 36,000 Gigawatt Hrs.

  30. Oops, Mea Culpa. I'm Wrong. I didn't account for the approx 25,000 btus of nat gas to distill a gallon of ethanol. That puts them, temporarily, about 15,000 GW hrs short.

    Still some work to do. :)