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Thursday, June 02, 2011

More Chinese Aggression

This video is in Chinese with English sub-titles

Google reveals China hacked Gmail accounts of senior U.S. officials... one day after Obama's cyber attack warning

  • Last updated at 7:18 AM on 2nd June 2011
Security breach larger than previous Gmail attacks

Google said U.S. government officials targeted
Pentagon warn U.S. may retaliate with military force
  • Hackers also target military contractor that supplies unmanned aerial vehicles

The search giant said it had traced a so-called "spear phishing" bid to Jinan, China. The coordinated attacks involved tailored emails being sent to hundreds of individuals. Appearing to come from a person known to the victim, each email led to a fake Google gmail log in page where users would normally enter their password.
In a blog post, Google said that "The goal of this effort seems to have been to monitor the contents of these users' emails, with the perpetrators apparently using stolen passwords to change peoples'forwarding and delegation settings. Google detected and has disrupted this campaign to take users' passwords and monitor their emails. We have notified victims and secured their accounts. In addition, we have notified relevant government authorities."

The attack targeted individuals rather than Google's own systems. Its aim was to fool people into voluntarily handing over their login details. A Google spokesman said that while the company could determine where the attacks apparently came from, "we can't say for sure who is responsible. Our focus now is on protecting our users and making sure everyone knows how to stay safe online."

It is not known whether other email providers have been targeted in similar attacks. In January last year, however, Google said that it had uncovered a concerted bid to undermine both its own systems and those of other providers such as Yahoo. At the time, the company said that it was the victim of "a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google".

Google has recently introduced improved security features, including "two-step authentication, where users are asked to enter both a pin generated by their mobile phone and a password to access their emails.


  1. The Chinese government has been methodically stealing Western technology since we foolishly gave the bastards keys to the front door. They decided to invade through the backdoor as well.

    The US government has been as incompetent in their response to Chinese industrial spying as they have to illegal immigration. For years they
    have been stealing intellectual property and technology without a US response. Why?

  2. The idea that there could, much less would, be a "military response" is comical.

    The United States has no "military option" with regards to Chinese hackers. That the Pentagon would even suggest such a thing exemplifies Federal bureaucrats searching to justify their budgets.

    The reason that there has been no Federal response to Chinese espionage, same as the lack of Federal response to Israeli espionage.

    It is not in the best interest of the "Boners". Those that are large and in charge of the Federal government. It would annoy their financial donor base.

  3. Rat comments: The reason that there has been no Federal response to Chinese espionage, same as the lack of Federal response to Israeli espionage.

    Rat is a known Israel hating, Zionist hating, Jew hating clout. His opinion on anything to do with Israel, zionism or Jews is highly suspect.

    It is suspect that his real name is Ishmael. Need we really say anything more about a Hamas embracing, self confessed murderer?

    Please disregard any and all comments by "Rat" when it comes to his opinion about anything to do with Israel.

    As for his other opinions on every other subject under the sun? Just remember he is the Bar's Cliff Claven and should be listened to only after drinking several stiff drinks and applying cotton to one's ears.

  4. The first thing that popped into my mind was how the illegal drug trade always seemed to "pop up" around CIA operations.

  5. China understands that for the first half of the 21st Century they will be competing with us for Natural Resources around the world.

    They do not see us as their "friends."

  6. Gasoline Demand is Down 5% from the same 4 wk period last year.

    5% is a pretty big number to be down.

  7. If we're not in "recession," right now, we're damned close.

  8. Gas sales may be down in volume, rufus, but not by dollar sales.

    The oil industry, making more money, selling less product.

  9. There is no denying that both the Chinese and the Israeli maintain a spy network in the US.

    There is no denying that both have constituencies that contribute to US politicos to influence US policies and practices.

    There is no denying that both are successful in their efforts.

  10. Tuesday I said that if you were ever going to sell a "Stock" that would be a good day to do it. What are we down, about 300 points since Tuesday morning?

    "Sell in May, Then Go Away," a call I made back in the Winter, is looking pretty prescient, today.

    I'm betting against PIMCO (the world's largest Bond Fund;) I don't want anything but U.S. Treasuries for awhile.

  11. With gasoline sales down 5% by volume, I don't see how we can be anything but in Recession.

  12. The historical record of the Israeli spying upon the US is long, extensive and well known.

    When the FBI produces its annual report to Congress concerning "Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage," Israel and its intelligence services often feature prominently as a threat second only to China. In 2005 the FBI noted, for example, that Israel maintains "an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States." A key Israeli method, said the FBI report, is computer intrusion. In 1996, the Defense Intelligence Service, a branch of the Pentagon, issued a warning that "the collection of scientific intelligence in the United States [is] the third highest priority of Israeli Intelligence after information on its Arab neighbors and information on secret U.S. policies or decisions relating to Israel."

    In 1979, the Central Intelligence Agency produced a scathing survey of Israeli intelligence activities that targeted the U.S. government. Like any worthy spy service, Israeli intelligence early on employed wiretaps as an effective tool, according to the CIA report. In 1954, the U.S. Ambassador in Tel Aviv discovered in his office a hidden microphone "planted by the Israelis," and two years later telephone taps were found in the residence of the U.S. military attaché. In a telegram to Washington, the ambassador at the time cabled a warning: "Department must assume that all conversations [in] my office are known to the Israelis." The former ambassador to Qatar, Andrew Killgore, who also served as a foreign officer in Jerusalem and Beirut, told me Israeli taps of U.S. missions and embassies in the Middle East were part of a "standard operating procedure."

  13. Just as it is with regards the Chinese.

  14. The economic news keeps getting bleaker for the Obama administration and Americans in general. The manufacturing sector, which had been one of the few bright spots in the wan recovery period over the last two years, turned negative in April. Orders for manufactured goods dropped 1.2%, shipments decreased 1.3%, and ominously, inventories once again increased:

    Uh Oh

  15. If you had a real cast iron gut, I suppose you could go short corn, and long natural gas.

  16. Notice the construction of the false argument that the Bar's Israel hating troll set's up.

    List Israel and China as "spies"

    Does he apply that standard to any and all other nations?

    Typically Rat (the jew hating, self confessed murderer) sets Israel up to a standard that no other nation can live up to, sometimes he will tie into an attack by trying to equate the rouge of the week (this week china) (in the past north korea) to Israel.

    One standard of behavior of all.

    If you point your bony crooked finger at Israel, remember 4 of your bony digits are pointing BACK at yourself.

    America spies on Israel for it's own interests. Did so last week in the West Bank, pretended to be "israeli police" (i guess someone should tell the state dept to switch license tags before pretending such actions) America has sent spy ships to spy on Israel in the past and I am sure America spies on Israel all the time.

    Israel and America share quite alot of things, including many sacred values and whether the rat likes it or not, America PROCLAIMS a special relationship with Israel. Even the worst President in modern history exclaims Israel unique and special bond with America.

    Notice how no president has ever proclaimed that China and America share ethical or moral values.

    Thanks for the strawman's argument once again Rat. Just shows what someone like you (one that has murdered people in central america while NOT in any uniform and brags about it) is quite biased when it comes to Israel.

    Ishmael (rat) I hear that egypt is forming an official nazi party, any plans to join Herr Rodent?

  17. Slight correction: It is Diesel, and All Products, that is down 5%.

    Gasoline is down 0.5%.

    That changes my opinion just a bit. Now, I'm thinking - Flat, but not, necessarily, IN recession. Just real close.

  18. Again, there is no denial that Israel has spied and acted against the US.

    There is no denial that Israel has acted against US interests.

    Again, there are lies told about me, lies which further exemplify the truth of what I posted with regards Israel and the US.

    Because, if there was any chance of factual denial, that is what the Story of "o" would tell us, rather than the continued blood libel against me.

  19. Israel and China, both considered "friends" of the United States, by the DC elites.

    When Israel is held to an equal standard, the Zionist howl of discrimination.

    Funny stuff, really.

  20. If there were posts where I claimed to have murdered folk, the "o" could post a reference to them.

    But he cannot, so he continues the big lie, like a good NAZI propagandist that he is.

    Since he cannot substantiate his claims against me, he proves my case.
    Time and again.

  21. Indiana may save the rest of US up to $4 billion in Medicaid subsidies, to that State.

    Two good things wrapped into one legislative social engineering package.

    Good things are happening, across the Americas.

    Federal officials said Wednesday that the new Indiana law cutting Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood violates Medicaid rules -- a determination that could cost the state millions and possibly even billions of dollars.

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services informed state officials by letter that it was denying Indiana's new Medicaid plan because states can't pick and choose where recipients receive health-care services.

    What happens next is, at best, a guess. But almost certain is that it will add fuel to a legal and political battle likely to be watched closely across the nation.

    An HHS official would not comment on what might happen if Indiana does not change its law, though one possible ramification would be withholding funding.

    Indiana relies on about $4 million in federal Medicaid family-planning funds and more than $4 billion in total Medicaid dollars.

  22. The NATO-led military campaign against Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi has in fact turned into ground operation, Russia's envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said on Thursday.

    “Several members of the Western coalition fell outside the limits of UN Security Council’s resolution long ago and started pounding ground targets, started taking sides, putting their advisors on the ground…to some extent this already is a ground operation,” Rogozin said on Rossiya 24 TV channel.

    Russia's NATO envoy says alliance in 'ground campaign' in Libya

  23. desert rat said...
    If there were posts where I claimed to have murdered folk, the "o" could post a reference to them.

    I actually did post them....

    2 times

    But notice the tread was "More Chinese Aggression" and yet ties it to Israel

    Yep the issue here folks is that the Rat is biased against Israel.

    The fact that he lies, distorts and yes has even killed (by his own admission) (is it true? maybe rat lied about that to?

    How many Fake War Heroes have been busted in this nation in the last 10 years?

    Maybe Rat is just full of shit?

    Who knows, who cares.

    The fact that HE TIES ALL EVIL TO ISRAEL is the point...

    The tread? Off topic BECAUSE Rat's directed to Israel...

  24. Denver – U.S. immigration authorities and local law enforcement personnel arrested 11 undocumented immigrants Wednesday at a dairy farm in eastern Colorado after a grand jury indicted a score of the farm's employees on charges they used false documents to get hired.

    The operation at the Wildcat Dairy in Fort Morgan, about 80 miles from Denver, was the result of a "routine" review of the employment eligibility forms, or I-9s, submitted by the farm's employees, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

    ICE determined that 53 Wildcat employees - representing 89 percent of the farm's workforce - lacked authorization to work in the United States.

    The federal agency conveyed that information to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and a county grand jury issued indictments last week for 20 Wildcat Dairy employees from Mexico and Central America accused of using forged Social Security and alien registration cards.

    Eleven of the indicted workers were apprehended Wednesday and the other nine remain at large. All 20 face charges of criminal impersonation.

    The 20 Wildcat employers indicted in Morgan County represent only "the most notable" immigration violations going on at the dairy farm, Marwell said.

    "The management of Wildcat Dairy cooperated with the arrest operations" and will not face any charges, the Morgan County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

    Wildcat Dairy produces wheat and corn as well as dairy products and receives federal farm subsidies in the range of $20,000 to $42,000 a year.

    Read more:

  25. The Story of "o" posted references to a statement that no civilians were killed.
    Made in reference to the differences in US and Israeli actions. Actions where Israelis killed over 800 civilians in Gaza and another where the Israeli killed a US citizen in the middle of the Mediterranean. Similar to the Achille Lauro incident, where Palestinians killed a US citizen.

    Some how the "o" labors under the misunderstanding, thinking that a statement of denial was some type of a confession of murder.

    The thread is about spying against the US and why it is accepted by the DC elites.

    That the acceptance of spying against US, by the DC elites, is not limited to China, is germane to the thread.

    False claims that I have murdered folk, is not.

  26. The Israeli actions, killing a citizen of the United States in the Med, exemplifying their equivalence to Palestinian terrorists that did the same.

    Pirates of all sorts, based from the lands of the Levant, abound on the Med.

  27. The code, which had been inserted into the original magazine by the British intelligence hackers, was actually a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the Ellen DeGeneres chat show.


    In recent days AQAP fighters have capitalised on chaos in Yemen, as the country teeters on the brink of civil war.

    Tribal forces marching towards the capital, Sana'a, clashed with troops loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh for a third day running yesterday.

  28. “Today’s reports into congestion on motorways and A-roads continues to highlight the impact of high fuel prices and austerity on commuting and travel in the UK,” said Paul Watters, the AA’s head of public affairs.


    “Politicians with free travel passes often fail to understand that is impossible for people to afford long and expensive commutes for low-paid jobs.

    “With the availability of work varying greatly across the country, transport costs must be a more important factor for employment schemes.”

  29. The experience of many Telegraph readers contrasts wildly with the latest figures showing that 85.3 per cent of car journeys on major trunk roads were completed “on time” in April, four per cent more than the same time last year.

  30. Moody's said the world's biggest economy's AAA-rating is under threat because the country will run out of money unless policymakers agree to increase the limit on the national debt above the current $14.3 trillion.

  31. On Wednesday night Moody’s dealt another blow to Greece with a further downgrade that pushed its bonds deeper into junk territory. The downgrade places Greece at the very bottom of Moody's league table of credit-worthy European countries.

  32. Only 25% of all voters prefer a government with more services and higher taxes over one with fewer services and lower taxes. Sixty-one percent (61%) favor instead a smaller government with lower taxes.

    Sixty-eight percent (68%) of voters believe that government and big business work together against the interests of consumers and investors.

    Americans still look back unfavorably on the federal government bailout of the financial industry and think the billions in taxpayer money went to those who caused the financial meltdown. Just 13% of all adults believe the government has been aggressive enough in pursuing possible criminal behavior by major Wall Street bankers.

    Run Out Of Money?

  33. The plant is among the largest of all pitchers and is believed to be the largest meat-eating shrub, dissolving rats with acid-like enzymes.

    The team of botanists, led by British experts Stewart McPherson and Alastair Robinson, found the plant on Mount Victoria in the Philippines.

  34. Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only Green MP, led the call for “economics as if people mattered”.


    Key line: Elly Ashton, 13, in the Telegraph Tent: “It is down to my generation to make a difference on climate change, but most of my friends are more interested in Playstations.”

  35. Mount Victoria in the Philippines, another place I won't be visiting.

  36. Charlie's wife, Lucy, had been after him for several weeks to paint the seat on their toilet. Finally, he got around to doing it while Lucy was out. After finishing, he left to take care of another matter before she returned.

    She came in and undressed to take a shower. Before getting in the shower, she sat on the toilet. As she tried to stand up, she realized that the not-quite-dry epoxy paint had glued her to the toilet seat.

    About that time, Charlie got home and realized her predicament. They both pushed and pulled without any success whatsoever. Finally, in desperation, Charlie undid the toilet seat bolts.

    Lucy wrapped a sheet around herself and Charlie drove her to the hospital emergency room.

    The ER Doctor got her into a position where he could study how to free her. (Try to get a mental picture of this.)

    Lucy tried to lighten the embarrassment of it all by saying,"Well, Doctor, I'll bet you've never seen anything like this before."

    The Doctor replied, "Actually, I've seen lots of them. I used to practice in Washington, DC. I just never saw one mounted and framed."