“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Topless Naked Breast Protests in Ukraine by FEMEN

It only took CNN two years to discover the bare breasted protests of a Ukrainian group called FEMEN. They have their various causes but use a similar response to bring attention to their point of view.

Regardless of their point of view, I believe we have a duty to support them even though many do not require any support at all. Bare the facts is all that is required.

Topless Ukraine feminists protest Iranian woman's death sentence

2010-11-11 19:40:00
Last Updated: 2010-11-11 19:48:09

Kiev: A group of female protesters went topless in Ukraine on Thursday at an event promoting Iranian culture, to demonstrate against the death sentence handed down to a woman in Iran for murder and adultery.

Five members of the Ukrainian group Femen tore off their clothing and shouted slogans against what they called court-sanctioned murder during the event at Kiev's Ukrainian House convention centre, which featured hundreds of Ukrainian and Iranian dignitaries.

'Don't kill women!' one Femen activist shouted.

Security guards expelled the protesters after a scuffle.

A Ukrainian official later apologised to the audience for the disturbance, saying 'at least we don't have to be ashamed about what we have on display.'

The case of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, who has been sentenced to death by stoning, has sparked international protests. Iranian authorities have said that her case is under review.

Femen is one of Ukraine's best-known political action groups. Its members routinely take their clothes off to draw attention to their causes, which include equal rights for women and the introduction of a Western-style government in Ukraine.

The event that the group targeted Thursday was part of a cultural exchange programme launched by Iran's embassy in Kiev a day earlier, called 'Week of Iranian Culture in Ukraine.'

The two countries' governments have good relations, with state-owned companies cooperating in aerospace and energy.


  1. Maybe the teacher's union could use this tactic against Christie.

  2. Maybe Christie can force the teacher's union into the same desperation. We can only hope.

    I learned long ago what the teacher's unions were all about. More $, more $ more $. Less accountability.

  3. Those girls were cool under pressure. They were in an intense situation and seemed to be calm and deliberate. I thought that the point that they have "nothing but their minds and their bodies" and that they would use both to get their message across was terrific.

    Did you see the swarming cameras?

    Go Girls!

  4. doug used to blame the NEA for the state of the nation's educational system, before he started blaming the ethnicity of the students.

    I thought he was correct in his former position, not as much so in the later.

    (CNN) -- Pedro Ramirez is the student body president at Fresno State University in California. He is also an illegal immigrant.

    Ramirez moved with his parents from Mexico when he was 3. He has little memory of living anywhere other than Tulare, California, located about 45 miles outside Fresno.

    He said he assumed he was a U.S. citizen until his senior year in high school when his parents broke the news to him.
    Under Fresno State code, there are no citizen requirements for a student to join the college government.
    Fresno State University President John Welty said Ramirez filed the appropriate paperwork when he applied for college. The president said Ramirez notified him and other student body advisers about his immigration status and offered to serve without pay. His status does not allow him to get a paycheck.

    "I commend Mr. Ramirez," the president said in a statement.

    The political science major pays in-state tuition as a result of a California bill that allows illegal immigrants to do that. He also supports the Dream Act, a proposed federal law that would let students in the country illegally earn legal status if they attend college or join the military.

    He works as a student representative for an organization that advocates passage of the Dream Act. Congress is expected to vote on it in January.

    It would seem that Mr. Ramirez was a fine student in the public schools and is doing well at Fresno State, despite his ethnicity or national origin.

    Whether the INS will seek his or his parents deportation, who knows what lies ahead for the family Ramirez?

  5. If I were a cub reporter today, I’d still want to be covering the epicenter of national security — but that would be the Education Department. President Obama got this one exactly right when he said that whoever “out-educates us today is going to out-compete us tomorrow.” The bad news is that for years now we’ve been getting out-educated.
    One of the more unusual and sobering press conferences I participated in last year was the release of a report by a group of top retired generals and admirals. Here was the stunning conclusion of their report: 75 percent of young Americans, between the ages of 17 to 24, are unable to enlist in the military today because they have failed to graduate from high school, have a criminal record, or are physically unfit.” America’s youth are now tied for ninth in the world in college attainment.

    “Other folks have passed us by, and we’re paying a huge price for that economically,” added Duncan in an interview. “Incremental change isn’t going to get us where we need to go. We’ve got to be much more ambitious. We’ve got to be disruptive. You can’t keep doing the same stuff and expect different results.”

    Teaching for America

    From the gist of the piece, the Obama Administration seems to believe that Federalizing the training of teachers is the "way to go".

    A "West Point" for teachers is mentioned.

    To improve the quality of teachers, it would seem that the $$$ they receive would have to go up, up, up.

    But maybe not.
    Maybe the teachers get paid enough, today.

    That it is just the local administration of the schools that is the real problem. When my kids went to school, the problems seemed to lie with the Administrators in the school offices, more so than with the teachers.

    Power hungry tyrants that thought they had authority over peoples lives, until they were threatened with exposure on the local TV news programs.

  6. As I understand it, the Dream Act provides that illegal, non-US citizens are entitled to receive the resident tuition. Aside from the fact, that the Feds have no jurisdiction in this area, what about US citizens who must pay out-of-state tuition?

  7. Our problems with education cannot be laid solely at the feet of teachers. We have tolerated a coarsening culture for a long time. Most of the problems teachers face in classroom originate in the home. Liberal teachers unions have contributed to our societal breakdown as much as any group. They got the money for years, now, they have to live with the consequences of their own ideology.

    Years ago, during the height of the gun control debate, it was argued that the US had some of the highest murder rates in the whirled. I looked at FBI crime statistics and found that when you took out black -on-black gun crimes, our rates were comparable to the Europeans. I suspect that if you account for the performance of blacks and hispanics, our student performance could be comparable to the better nations.

  8. I think that decriminalization and legalization of drugs would do more for minority communities than just about anything else we can do.

    We would lock up fewer men every year.

    We would take the profit out of the illegal drugs trade.

    We would spend less on prisons.

    Drug use would go down.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. It may or may not be true that if you eliminate half the US population from the statistical norm, we soar, whit.

    It is also meaningless.

    We are who we are.
    We will maintain the population trends on the course they are presently on, becoming less Europeon with each passing decade.

    That is an American reality.

    We best learn a way to manage it, not bemoan the unfairness of it.

    Or our 5% of the whirled's population will not long enjoy its 25% share of the pie.

  12. I think that decriminalization and legalization of drugs would do more for minority communities than just about anything else we can do.


    Golly be!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I doubt drug use would go down. Would crime go down? Drug crime sure, by definition, but how are they to get money to buy the stuff they are now hooked on? There would be gov't. maintenance programs, detox programs, etc, etc. Overall to legalize the heavy stuff I suspect would be a disaster. Young people would experiment...more than now....grrrr

  15. Where the pic or video should be, I just have a blank white space. This is extremely irritating, when is my daughter getting up?

    It surprised me that the Californians voted against legalizing marijuana. Shows how poor I am at political predicting. I think legalizing marijuana wouldn't be such a big deal, it's readily available anyway. My apartment owner next door up in Moscow was growing it in his house. Thankfully he is out early and will do my snow removal again. :) But the heavy stuff - cocaine, heroin, meth - I can't help but think that would be a disaster. Heroin nearly ruined China. The Dutch are having some real second thoughts about their outlook. Would crime go down? Drug crime sure, by definition. But where are these people to get money to feed their newly acquired habits? There would be gov't maintenance programs, detox programs, etc etc.
    And the young people would experiment....more than now.....grrrr

    I think we should be careful here.

  16. There is nothing inevitable about the US becoming less white. It could stay white if it chose to do so.

    The "diveristy is our strength" crowd trashed England with such nonsense. It is racist in the extreme to insist that whites are incapable of being strong without other races.

    The left wants unlimited Hispanic migration into the US because they will vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Most of Latin America is a case of a very small minority of extreme halves and a huge majority of extreme have-nots.

    The deck is permanently stacked against them and when they have the chance to vote, they have favored left-wing to communist leaders who are redistributionists.

    Latin American working class will overwhelm every other group in the US only if the apathetic American public allows the politicians to continue what they have been doing.

    White children, for thirty years have been brain washed into white/bad/everything else good/unless white made them bad.

  17. I agree with every word of your last comment, Deuce.

  18. We had a bare breasted car wash protest of some kind in Moscow a couple of years ago. Can't recall what they were demanding, maybe the right to go bare breasted like the boys, but it was a popular car wash. Cars backed up waiting in line. There's something about bare breasted women, and water hoses....

  19. You cannot have a competent work force, efficient manufacturing, clear thinking, high motivation, safe flight crews, clearheaded machinists, safe driving public if they are chronic users of marijuana.

    Every user of marijuana dose not move on to hard drugs, but every hard drug user started with marijuana.

    Legalized marijuana and the de-criminalization of drugs are not the same thing. Pornography is not illegal, but it can be harmful.

    If morality was still respectable, if common sense was still common and if civil society was not vulgar in the extreme, legalization of marijuana could be controlled. Today, I expect it would make things somewhere between worse and much worse.

  20. I had an interesting exchange this morning. I was out walking the designer dog, Louis Vuitton (a yorkie-poo) when along came a crow in the tree above. He cawed a few times and I whistled back. We were looking right at each other. He cawed four times and I whistled four times, then he cawed five times and I whistled five times. Then six. Then five, four, three. I'm telling you, the bird can count. After the numerical sequence he went thru a series of patterns which I repeated. He probably figured "hey, this joker can count and mimic."

  21. The way a crow shook down on me
    A dusting of snow
    From a hemlock tree.
    Gave my heart a change of mood
    And saved some part of a day I had rued.

  22. When I worked in Hawaii, we taught our parrot to say "Hello, I'm a shit bird - hello, I'm a shit bird"
    when someone would walk into the room.

    I like crows. My experience is, it's usually three, or four caws.

    That's interesting, Whit.

    Nice, gag.

  23. Nice, Frost.

    Should have recognized it.

  24. Naked breasts are always good. They can save some part of a rued day.......too.

  25. Rued day
    Saved by nude day

    A federal judge on Saturday ordered the website Gawker to pull down unauthorized excerpts from Sarah Palin’s forthcoming book, “America by Heart,” until a hearing scheduled for Nov. 30.

    A two-page order signed Saturday by U.S. District Judge Thomas P. Griesa, who sits in Manhattan, says: “Gawker is temporarily retrained and enjoined from continuing to distribute, publish or otherwise transmit pages" of the book.

    POLITICO has asked Gawker for a comment about the judge’s order, and will add it.

    On Tuesday, the former Alaska governor begins a book tour of 16 heartland cities. The book, "America by Heart : Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag," is described by her publisher, Harper Collins, as "an intimate and personal look at the woman behind the public servant," including "selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her — from the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography and even some of her favorite songs and movies."

    Palin's previous book, "Going Rogue: An American Life," was a No. 1 best-seller. Her new book comes as speculation increases about the possibility she will run for president in 2012. She told The New York Times Magazine that she was "engaged in the internal deliberations" about a race. When asked by ABC's Barbara Walters whether she could beat President Barack Obama, Palin replied: "I believe so."

    HarperCollins said in a statement after the judge's ruling that on Friday, “HarperCollins sued Gawker for copyright infringement after Gawker posted several pages from Sarah Palin's as-yet unpublished book, 'America by Heart,' on its website. [On Saturday], Judge Thomas Griesa of the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Gawker from posting pages of the book pending a hearing on HarperCollins' motion for a preliminary injunction, to be held on Nov. 30.”

    HarperCollins had announced the litigation in an earlier statement: “We believe that the reprinting of pages from Gov. Palin's book without permission constitutes a blatant infringement of copyright. HarperCollins sent a cease and desist letter to Gawker, which was ignored. Accordingly, HarperCollins has filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York to stop the infringement and to protect our legal rights in the content of the book.”

  26. It's settled then; Palin can win if she runs Bare Breasted.

    I love it when a plan comes together. :)

  27. Leave it to rufus to put the pieces together. To see the big picture.


  28. I read last night that Gawker published "23 Pages."

    That's a lot of pages.

  29. The laws on this are pretty complicated. Is it 'fair use?'

    Is it a critique.

    Was there commentary? Was it Satire? Was it plagiarism for financial gain?

    The lawyerin' could get pretty expensive.

  30. All I want, right now, is a President that can get the finances in order. Hopefully, he/she will understand energy, and trade.

  31. It won't work, Ruf.

    Romney would just parade around in his Celestial Underwear, undercutting the bare breasted Palin.

    Do you have These back east of the Mississip?

    Another favorite of mine, though quite skittish. Their black and white was often used in some medieval poets as symbol of the mixed good and bad in people.

  32. I haven't seen anything that looks like that, Bob. We have a few "redwings," though.

  33. The Crow should have been the American Bird. They're cantankerous, and really damned smart.

    They'll drive a watermelon farmer right around the bend.

  34. I find Ukrainian women have small breasts.

  35. All of them, Mel, or just the ones in the video?

  36. I'm going to get my daughter, I can't stand it anymore.

  37. The crows or the Ukrainian women, bob?

  38. I guess not all of them

    But get this. When I googled "large breasted Ukrainian women" The EB was the sixth one down.

  39. Daughter is gone, but had the bright idea of using the wife's computer.

    They all look ok to me.

    The Ukranian women, anon.

    Crows have that good road kill diet.

  40. My vote's for Nadya from Artemovsk.

  41. My daughter won a hottie contest a few years back….An all inclusive trip to the Caribbean for three days.

  42. Barbara Bush hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska

    "I sat next to her once," Mrs. Bush told CNN's Larry King about Palin. "Thought she was beautiful -- and I think she's very happy in Alaska -- and I hope she'll stay there."


  43. Bashed by th Bushies.

    That could get me in her corner in a heartbeat.

  44. Palin needs to come out in support of "Bowles/Simpson."

    And, explain "why."

  45. In a piece headlined “Why Sarah Palin Shouldn’t Run” (for president), conservative columnist Mona Charen writes that “Americans will be looking for sober competence, managerial skill, and maturity, not sizzle and flash.”

    “She compares herself to Reagan,” Charen writes of Palin. “But Reagan didn't mud wrestle with the press. Palin seems consumed and obsessed by it, as her rapid Twitter finger attests, and thus encourages the sniping. She should be presiding over meetings on oil and gas leases in the North Slope, or devising alternatives to Obamacare. Every public spat with Dave Letterman or Politico, or the ‘lamestream media,’ or God help us, Levi Johnston, diminishes her…. She would be terrific as a talk-show host – the new Oprah. But as a presidential candidate? Someone to convince critical independent voters that Republicans can govern successfully? Absolutely not.”

    Matt Labash, senior writer at the conservative Weekly Standard, critiques “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the new “reality” TV show on TLC, as “all about self-love.”

    Watching last Sunday’s premier of the show “while clocking real-time reaction to it on Twitter,” Labash stands amazed at a forum “that has amplified Palin’s voice exponentially as she wages a one-woman guerrilla media campaign that seems to commandeer every other news cycle.”

    “But that’s what going rogue is all about,” he writes. “Letting it fly. Following your gut. Which has made Sarah Palin wealthy, and intensely discussed … And good for Palin if she’s happy following her gut. Though there’s no compelling reason to suggest the rest of us should tag along behind.”

  46. I don't care that she "resigned" in Alaska. And, I love it that she drives the establishment politicians crazy.

    But, she's going to have to start saying things, "substantive."

    She's made on foray into "policy" with her Fed statement; and, on that, she was wrong. 0 for 1, so far. Not good.

  47. She needs to understand why the IMF thinks it's alright to run a trade "deficit," and why they're right, as regards Colombia, and Panama, and why they're Wrong as regards China, and, soon, S. Korea.

    I don't know how anyone can attain this knowledge when they're spending 18 hrs/day, "twittering."

  48. I've heard absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe she's "Peak Oil" aware.

  49. But, in fairness, I could say the same about ALL of the Republican candidates.

    The thing is, "she has a Higher bar" to overcome.

  50. 25% of the people of Texas Do Not have healthcare.

    Now, Perry wants to opt out of Medicaid. I guess he wants to try for 50.

  51. Even in Cuba, and Venezuela people have healthcare.

  52. I'll bet your daughter would do well on DWTS, too.

    My daughter is shoveling horse shit in the snow, feeding them off an eating list (they all have different diets - too much alfalfa can kill them) and being paid in free riding time. She's jumping them, and practicing some turn maneuver where the front legs stay planted, and the back of the horse swivels around, but can't recall the name of it.

  53. Rufus, the Saudi King is coming to America, to get treated for his bad aching back.

    America, where the rich come for their medical care.

    I do realize we have some problems though.

    My solution has always been, build more medical schools and teaching hospitals.

  54. e-mail from Mat

    Attention - Rufus

    Subject: Peak Oil On Edge With Max Keiser

  55. Sarah's got the good old boy network in a real lather, and losing sleep. They lash out at her mindlessly every which way, not knowing what on earth to do to stop her.

  56. That was a good interview, Bob. Hattip to Mat.

  57. It's snowing here at 770', up on the prairies at 2550' it will really be coming down. Highway will be white in the morning, and we're going early so I'm going to bed. It's the first real snow storm of the year, just as the holiday lights were put up this weekend. Winter is here. Always gives me a good feeling, I like it, the changes of season. And it has stirred up the geese, many V's in the sky, big honkers. Sometimes when they eat grain fermented from the fields they get a little drunk, and do rolls and twists, really fun to watch.

    Wife just called from upstairs, said there's a winter storm watch. Maybe we won't be going, who knows?

  58. yep, winter is here. The girls won't be going about with naked breasts in this --

    BILLINGS - The National Weather service says a record amount of snow fell on Billings on Saturday.

    Billings-based meteorologist Sean Campbell tells the Billings Gazette that a foot of snow fell on the city between midnight and 6 p.m., eclipsing the previous one-day record of 2.5 inches set in 2007.

    Campbell says the storm covered most of Montana except for the northwest corner.

    Red Lodge received 13 inches of snow on Saturday, and 20 inches fell a mile outside of Cooke City.

    Cooke City and nearby Silver Gate also suffered power outages starting on Thursday when the storm moved in, and wintery driving conditions delayed repair crews trying to restore power on Saturday.

    Flathead Electric did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press on Sunday

  59. I'd listen to it, but my daughter hasn't fixed my machine yet. Most all your picks are good though, you have a good ear.

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