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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Republicans Take 19 Democratic-Held Legislatures

This is more important than Pelosi, Reid, California, or any other headline generated by Tuesday's election. It is the shot below the waterline of SS Obama. It is raw political power.

The video, made several weeks ago, explains the implications.

By the way, five votes separate State Rep. Connie Pillich, a first-term Democrat from Montgomery, and Cincinnati Tea Party founder Mike Wilson, a Republican from Springfield Township.

Unofficial Hamilton County results show Pillich leading with 20,161 votes or 48.72 percent of the vote to 20,156 votes or 48.71 percent of the vote for Wilson.


Will Redistricting Be a Bloodbath? GOP Sees Historic Victories in State Legislatures

Republicans Gain Control of At Least 19 Democratic-Held State Legislatures

Nov. 4, 2010

Republicans gained a historic edge over Democrats in state legislature elections that will have national implications for years to come.

State legislatures in 44 states are responsible for one of the most important political processes: drawing district boundaries for the U.S. House of Representatives. In a process that triggers partisan bickering, the reigning party usually has the upper hand, especially if the governor is also Republican and cannot veto the legislature's decisions.

Republicans took control of at least 19 Democratic-controlled state legislatures Tuesday and gained more than 650 seats, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. The last time Republicans saw such victories was in 1994, when they captured control of 20 state legislatures.

Republicans haven't controlled as many state legislatures since 1928. MORE


  1. The Tea Party can rightly lay claim to much of this remarkable accomplishment.

  2. Politics is hardball, high and inside.

  3. .

    Marco Rubio

    And yet his path to the Senate has not been in a straight line, and neither, friends and supporters say, is his path forward. Mr. Rubio is not a libertarian like Rand Paul, the newly elected senator from Kentucky, and his policy expertise was honed by former Gov. Jeb Bush, not Sarah Palin.

    His positions have shifted on issues like immigration, and after a campaign waged with ideological fervor and sprinkled with anti-Obama speeches, he now seems eager to play the pragmatist.

    Who is Marco Rubio? At a news conference on Wednesday, at least, he was a young senator-elect who only mentioned President Obama once, in the context of finding a way to work with him, not against him. But he also was an insurgent who said voters were demanding change.

    “You better not go up there and become like everybody else,” Mr. Rubio said, describing the message he had heard...

    Marco Rubio
    Chris Christie
    Bob McDonnell
    19 new governors

    It looks like the GOP is reloading with attractive looking candidates.

    Is 2012 too early for these guys? Will someone else jump into the contest? Jeb Bush?

    Hard to say. But at least it looks like the GOP is moving in the right direction. If they can get rid of some of the dead wood at the top, I might consider them again.


  4. Several Teleprompters had to take early retirement from sheer exhaustion.

    Gotta be one of the Coolest lines ever written.

  5. I'm worried about the country's Energy future.

    I think this election was necessary, but the Right is "ate up" with big fossil fuel propaganda. I'm afraid we'll be pretty deep in the shit before those new people wake up to the truth (the truth being that we don't have nearly enough transportation fuel coming online in the coming years.)

  6. Somebody must have leaked a "good" unemployment claims report. Oil is flying. Over $86.00/barrel.

  7. Nope, that wasn't it. Descriptive words would be "not terrible."

  8. So, since 1994 the GOP had lost most all those 20 Legislatures that they had gained, then?

    In a cycle of highs and lows, going back to a high point, for the GOP, in 1928?

    Obviously, the Democrats were so shaken, by those losses, in 1994, that they never recovered. Except, of course for Bill Clinton's win in 1996.

    That the GOP controlled the House of Representatives, from 1994 to 2006, a major part of the present economic problem.

    That there are those that pine for a return to that political leadership and the influence centers that they represent, an indication that the lessons were not learned.

    The 88 GOP members, led by John Boehner, that voted for the Bush Bank Bailout, they have not changed their stripes nor their contributor lists.

    Jeb Bush, Agent of Change?
    He and Ben Quayle?
    You have to be kidding, Q.

    In the ebb and flow of US politics, the Banks and Money Centers won, again.

    Wall Street won.

    Watch and see for yourselves.
    Learn a lesson from those that live for political influence.

  9. As Jay Bookman blogged:

    Trent Lott on Tea Party candidates: ‘As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them’

    The money quote from a Washington Post piece on the Tea Party and Washington’s GOP establishment:

    Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), now a D.C. lobbyist, warned that a robust bloc of rabble-rousers spells further Senate dysfunction. “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott said in an interview. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

    That's from July of 2010.

  10. This is what Mr Trent Lott is saying, today:

    Now Lott says that his words have been misconstrued. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Lott says he meant that Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell should “reach out” to the soon-to-be freshmen, including the six Republicans
    elected to the senate with tea party assistance.

    Lott sought to downplay the chasm between the GOP and the tea party-backed newcomers, saying McConnell and other Republican leaders are “going to be wanting to do what the tea party people wanted….this is going to be an absolute love-in.”

    “It’s unfortunate that [DeMint] used the word ‘co-opt.’ What I was really trying to say is more ‘cooperate,’ and that is going to have to come both ways, from both the Republican leadership and from the new members,” Lott said.

    “Instead of the word ‘co-opt,’ I would advise: reach out,” Lott said.

    Co-opt or compromise, read it anyway you'd like, the meaning is clear

    Business as usual.

  11. The days of DeLay and K Street have not disappeared.

    It was designed and built, by the GOP, to be a long lasting and fruitful symbiotic relationship.

    It is and will remain just that.

    Jeb Bush, Tea Partying agent of change. That is funny stuff.

  12. Thus Bush label is tainted. We don't need another political dynasty.

    The important thing with the state legislatures and governors is it happens in conjunction with the census. PA will lose two seats. You can bet they will be gerrymandered Democratic seats.

    That will help keep Pennsylvania in the red.

  13. Minutes after the Federal Reserve on Wednesday loaded its blunderbuss with $600-billion of freshly minted cash and began to aim it at Treasury bills, the hedge funds began to buy oil futures.

    The Fed wants inflation and, lo and behold, it's getting it with the price of West Texas Intermediate and North Sea Brent up almost dollar on Wednesday and WTI up another dollar Thursday, just shy of $86 per barrel.

    Of course there are some here who say it's all about Peak Oil instead.

  14. Jeb's outta luck.

  15. Not a problem out here in Idaho.

    We used to say you could fit the dem reps at the State House in a telephone booth. Now it might take a Volkswagen.

    Cec Andrus was the last dem guvnor we had if I remember right.

    How many peoples do you have to have to get another rep? We've had some growth, maybe we deserve another one.

  16. It may be a few days before Washington voters know the identity of their second senator, but there’s little doubt where they stand on new taxes. Initiative 1098, which would have instituted the Evergreen State’s first income tax, got thumped. With two-thirds of voters rejecting the measure (as of this writing), the defeat may well save the state from income-tax proposals for years to come.


  17. Hedge funds come and go, T.

    Oil fields deplete FOREVER.

  18. Bob: How many peoples do you have to have to get another rep? We've had some growth, maybe we deserve another one.

    Get out your calculator, Bob, and divide 310,000,000 people by 435 representatives.

  19. heh, that's brilliant, why didn't I think of that?

    Cause I not awake yet? That always a handy excuse.

    It's g-damn cold this morning.

  20. People in the South are getting excited about the potential of Sarah Palin as their next president. There are many attractive things about her. Presidential, I don't think so.

  21. Thus the brain freeze, another handy excuse.

    Where have you been hiding Selah?

    You're never around when I'm reading anyway.

  22. What we've got around here is a bunch of misogynists, in my opinion.

    WiO and I are the only two that like her. Well, Rufus too.

  23. Look at some of the "Presidential material" we've had before. Nixon, first class crook, Carter, idiot, G. Ford, who couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time, Clinton, rapist and liar, now famously Obumble.

  24. Rand Paul wouldn't have gotten elected without her. He sneaks over from the Libertarians, tags a pub on his chest, gets Sarah's endorsement, and he's in.

  25. Of course, headlines like this one couldn't have any effect USGS lowers NPRA (National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska) Petroleum Reserves by 90%.

    Yep, from 10 Billion Barrels down to 1 (count'em, one) Billion Barrels.

  26. Initiative 1098, which would have instituted the Evergreen State’s first income tax

    That was DOA. Why try to pass that now?

  27. The answer is 712,643.

    We don't have enough.

    Actually, thankfully.

  28. .
    Jeb Bush, Agent of Change?
    He and Ben Quayle?
    You have to be kidding, Q.

    Typical rat.

    The red herring, your typical modus operendi.

    Ben Quayle? Where did that come from?

    Agent of change? In his case, I don't need one. As far as I'm concerned, he appears to be an articulate, competent, pragmatist. Admittedly, I don't know a lot about him (probably as much as you) but what I've seen I like. As I recall Whit who should know more than most here didn't have any major negatives to charge him with. Unlike Ginrich and some of the others he has been pretty responsible every time I have heard him speak. He was the chosen one before W pushed his way to the front. Too bad for the country that.

    I believe most of the country feels the same way as Deuce regarding a 'Bush Dynasty' so I wouldn't expect him to be running for president. That being said, I still think there is a place for him in politics if he wants it.


  29. .
    Stella, it's been a long time since we've heard from you.

    You should stop in more often.


  30. Quirk, she's a lawyer. What are you saying? Everybody here hates lawyers, except me. :)

  31. Red Neck word of the day….PORN

    Since you is porn yourself another drink how 'bout porn me one too.

    Wile yure at it start porn one for Sarah.

  32. .
    You don't know that she is a lawyer Bob.

    Her industy is law.

    Besides I look past the superficial.

    I still talk to you, don't I?


  33. .
    Bobbo, the more I think about it the more I wonder why I have this fondness for you. Actually, I think I have a soft spot for you because you are an aspiring poet and are Swedish. It's kind of touching the handicap that puts you under.

    Let's face it, the only literary works of consequnce coming out of Sweden in the last half century have been Pippi Longstocking and the IKEA instruction manuals.


  34. Ben Quayle, Q, references the continued political dynasties that dominate Republican politics.

    His election to the House of Representatives another example of the status que winning the last election cycle.

    Like Jeb, Big Ben is another much touted "Agent of Change" from the Republicans.

    Comical stuff, really.

    Big money Republicans playing the "down home" card. Jeb may be many things, may have been a fine Governor of Florida. He is a family man, in the family business. In that regard he is a company man, too.
    He will remain such.

    That he is not a quitter and has a higher character than Mrs Palin, in that regard, goes without saying. But the idea that he'd bring about "change" in the political structure of the US, beyond comical.

  35. Quirk, the feeling is so mutual. You're shameless, a Druid without knowing what one is, spending your adult life monkeying around with horoscopes, you put yourself through some kind of inspirational finishing school to work your way up in life, and fake falls off ladders. And, you crapped out on our mission, left me hanging.

  36. That Jeb Bush could or would represent a "new era" in US politics ...

    Belly laughable.

  37. I gotta agree with Rat on that.

    Jeb's no agent of change.

    For me though, that's not a bad thing.

    Lots of change is for the worse.

  38. Both the Bush boys can trace their lineage back to Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, there is no more elitist royalty then they, on the political scene of the United States, today.

    The Wiki entry on Mr Pierce calls him a ...
    a "doughface" (a Northerner with Southern sympathies)

    Which would be an apt description of both Jeb and George W.

  39. Stella don't let me frighten you away.

    I have noticed some anti-lawyer bias here.

    Our host wanted to cut off funding to about half the law schools for instance.

    But I'll protect you.

  40. Like Jeb, Big Ben is another much touted "Agent of Change" from the Republicans.

    Where are you getting this 'agent of change' stuff.

    I was talking the GOP going forward. They have a lot of new people coming in that may prove attractive. I mentioned they have to get rid of the dead wood they have at the top right now (McConnell, Boehner et al). I also mentioned Jeb Bush, mainly in the background right now and propably staying there if you believe what he is saying, who I happen to like.

    I never called Bush an agent of change. As I said, I like him for what he is, or at least, for what he appears to be to me.


  41. I actually think I like Jeb too.

  42. .
    The Wiki entry on Mr Pierce calls him a ...
    a "doughface" (a Northerner with Southern sympathies)

    Which would be an apt description of both Jeb and George W.

    Whatever the fuck that means.

    Rat, you have turned into a Wikiphile.

    At times, I think you are losing it.


  43. I was thinking about those Casinos busing the employees to the polling places in Vegas last night, and the way they did it, even making up computer lists of those that hadn't voted yet, and really putting the pressure on. The idea, do it, or you're fired, and in that economic climate too. Angle has filed a complaint, which will probably go nowhere, but it should. Surely this is - knowing nothing of the voting laws - some serious violation of something. It's really gross when you think about it. Holder would do nothing. I do hope the pubs investigate. Talk about dirty. One step away from making them all fill out absentee ballots, and checking the ballot.

  44. btw, folks:

    Democrats running for Governor and winning campaigned on not accepting Obamacare.

    You Zombies believe whatever MSM Spin you like to let yourself be programed by,
    The Truth Abides... The Dude

  45. "One step away from making them all fill out absentee ballots, and checking the ballot."


    They did that with disabled folks who could not vote for themselves.

    Some were seen having a fit when the ACORN types that bused them in voted against their wishes.

  46. New House Judiciary Chairman to Obama: Prepare for Investigations

    Veteran Congressman will head influential House Judiciary Committee
    By Jim Forsyth
    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    The San Antonio Congressman who is in line to become chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee is promising 'a number of investigations and oversight committee actions' which he vows will 'hold the administration accountable,’ 1200 WOAI news reports.

    Veteran Republican Lamar Smith, a Yale graduate and social conservative who grew up in the brush country of south Texas which is now transit point for illegal immigrants and drugs, said in a news conference that a number of issues will come into the sights of his committee when he takes the chairmanship in January, from cracking down on child pornography to taking the Obama Administration to task for failing to do enough to protect the southern border.

    Smith says it is his Constitutional duty.

    "Part of that checks and balances is in fact holding the administration accountable, is in fact insisting on more transparency, is insisting on more honesty, and getting the facts," Smith said. "Right now, because of the one party monopoly, the Administration has been able to dodge any kind of supervision, any kind of oversight committee action, and they refuse to testify, and that is no longer acceptable."

    Smith, 63, says he says he has spoken to Speaker-designate John Boehner and has been told that he will move to the chairmanship of the committee. He has been ranking Republican on the committee for four years, and also headed the House Ethics Committee during the previous Republican majority.

    Smith repeatedly attacked what he called the 'one party control' which has allowed the Administration and majority Democrats to ramrod their position on key issues like health care and border security through Congress.

    "Right now, we've had one party control all aspects of our government, and the result of that is that the American people have only gotten one side of a lot of issues," he said.

    One thing that Democrats openly expressed their concern about is the ability of Republicans like Smith, chairmen of key House committees, to use the Majority's subpoena power to compel testimony on a whole host of issues. Smith says their concerns were justified.

    "There are going to be a number of investigations or oversight committee actions, trying to get to the facts," he promised.

    Smith cited national security and the threat of terrorism will be a key area that the Judiciary Committee plans to take action quickly, and said border security, an issue always close to Smith's heart, will also take top billing.

    "We need to have better national security and border security. We need to know who is coming across the border, why they are coming across illegally. We need to reduce the huge amount of drug smuggling and immigrant smuggling."

    Smith said that reform of the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S., is also an issue his committee may take up under his chairmanship. The 14th Amendment is a hot button issue for conservatives who call for restricting immigration.

    He said adding 'meaningful' lawsuit reform will also be a top priority.

    "I think we are going to be able to reform and amend the health care bill," he said. "We are not going to be able to repeal it, because the president would veto any repeal. But we can go back and make some changes and improvements. We need to reduce health care costs, and we need medical liability reform, and make sure we can stop the number of frivolous lawsuits."

    Smith promised to 'use subpoena power if necessary' to 'call on Administration officials to get to the truth and get to the facts.'

  47. Sitting up here north of the border and watching this last election cycle the linked article seems to sum it up pretty nicely:

    Just another vote for dysfunctional polarization

    The whole thing is worth reading but a few choice snippets:

    "In the U.S., most people believe government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. And in their case, they’re right."

    "But America’s problems go far deeper than its ideological divides. The question is not whether Democrats or Republicans will ultimately prevail, but whether the political culture can evolve enough to tackle fundamental institutional reforms. These reforms are essential if the U.S. is to fight its way back to prosperity amidst the global economic upheaval. It won’t be easy. As the astute thinker Walter Russell Mead argues, the U.S. will have to dramatically reduce the size and cost of its government and legal, health and education systems, while finding ways to make them more productive. It will have to do these things while people worry they’ll never again be as well off as they were before.

    The old elite of the progressive Democratic left can’t lead the people to the promised land – but neither can the angry new right. Yet, as the Titanic sinks beneath them, it’s entirely likely that they’ll spend the next two years refighting health-care reform.

    Meantime, the voters have grown increasingly impatient. For the third time in a row – in 2006, 2008 and now 2010 – they’ve thrown the rascals out in the admittedly unlikely hope that a new set of rascals might do better. As Republican pollster Bill McInturff said, voters “are going to keep throwing people out until they get it right.” And that could take a long, long time."

  48. Please, people, don't let Bob see this Sarah Palin/Tea Party Winners New Morning Video

  49. Ash, I don't think the Titanic is sinking but it is traveling in needlessly rough waters.

  50. I will say this: That's the biggest goddamn "rogue wave" in the history of the universe heading straight at it. Someone's gonna get wet.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. .
    And, you crapped out on our mission, left me hanging.

    To my shame.

    As I recall, I had something going that was really important at the time, a Christening or oil change or something like that. However, I realize that is no excuse. You were obviously looking forward to a road trip.

    I am mulling alternatives to make it up to you as I post.


  53. Ain't she great, Rufus. That girl can do anything. And look at all those names she got elected.

    You damn well make it good, Quirk, cause I'm pissed.

  54. Who's the astute thinker Walter Russell Mead, Ash, some smart ass Canadian?

    Or, one of your golf buddies?

  55. I've never seen anything like it. That ass goes to India for three days, takes 34 warships and an aircraft carrier, and has the coconuts cut down. Planes room and board at 200 million a day. He ought to be impeached for this alone.

    Palin would probably twitter 'em. And do just as well. In fact, better.

  56. First thing Congress ought to do is put him on a budget.

  57. .

    Here's my thinking Bobbo.

    I'm looking at two possibilities right now.

    1. We capture bin Laden.


    2. We capture the Black Stone of the Kaaba.

    I've been in touch with Gary Faulkner, the American Ninja and bounty hunter, regarding the first. Got a list of things we need, swords, firearms, night-vision goggles, etc. I'm still arguing with him on where the big guy is. Gary still swears he is somewhere in the Chitral Mountains in Pakistan. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Savsevar in NE Iran.

    On quest No 2, I had one of my boys do a little reconoitering. He sent me the following tape.


    Here's the bottome line.

    1. We capture bin Laden we collect $52 million reward.

    2. We capture the Black Stone we get a fatwa issued against us probably resulting in a quick and painful death.

    $52 million reward versus

    Fatwa, quick and painful death

    $52 million reward?

    Fatwa, quick and painful death?

    It's a pretty tough choice but at the moment I'm leaning towards going after bin Laden.

    With your professed intimate knowledge of the Muslim mind I would be interested in your opinion.


  58. .


    I still can't believe Trish didn't show up to talk about the election results.


  59. I'll have to talk it over with WiO.

    I may have you take out the Black Rock, while I have this Faulkner fellow get Laden for me.

    I got T-shirt drawing next Friday.

    I'll get back to you. Maybe offer a third way.

  60. I've never much liked that Dome of the Rock shit, for instance.

  61. And don't think of walking away with any of that gold inlay.

  62. OKQ here's the deal. You're taking the Black Rock, F's got Laden, I'm taking the Dome on my own dime, own time. I'll be sending you a massive white robe, a 40 pound man portable nuke, a strap on device, a trigger mechanism, for right robe pocket, a range finder from Cabela's to be used with your left hand, a bicycle helmet with two rear view mirrors so you don't have turn around when checking for security. You'll look like the fattest, richest arab merchant around and should proud of yourself. Now circumambulate with the crowd, round and round, ease yourself in till within 200 feet, if you see security push the button, no security ease on in further till you feel comfortable, then let her rip. You'll be fine, have no trouble at all. F will be taking Laden, he's in the Quartz Mountains, really doesn't have much security, an easy snatch. Like I say, I'll take care of the Dome on my own. One more thing, no contact with F. I'll send you detailed encrypted instructions later this afternoon. bobbo

  63. .
    Alright Bobbo. I'll keep working on it.

    I'm looking at possible team members we might want to recruit.

    I'm thinking rat for any wet work we may need.

    Trish would be a great add for the bin Laden assignment. If we had to take out bin Laden, she could tell us whether it was an 'assassination' or not. Her interrogation expertise could come in handy and she could also spell- and grammar-check any coded notes we send.

    Stella B. Starlight could probably identify any legal issues we might face. We don't want to be doing anything that will get us hauled in front of the World Court. My understanding is that under international law, we can pretty much take out anyone we want as long as we do it quickly without causing them much pain. I could be wrong, however.

    If we try to bring bin Laden back alive, we'll probably need a packaging engineer. The damn guy is almost seven feet tall. We'll need bubble wrap for the Black Stone, etc. I'll see if there is someone advertising in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

    If we need any additional muscle, there is always Selah and the Cleaning Lady.


  64. .
    Now circumambulate with the crowd, round and round, ease yourself in till within 200 feet, if you see security push the button, no security ease on in further till you feel comfortable, then let her rip.

    What do you mean "let her rip"?


  65. Alright, sounds good, I'll keep Melody with me.

    What about Ash, he's disposable.

    If you want to substitute Rat for the Kabaa work I think I'm agreeable.

  66. Unless you want a divorce in Florida, Georgia or Mississippi, there is not much that I can do for you.

    However, I do a bulletproof pre-nuptial, with that you pay me now or pay me later.

  67. "let her rip"

    That's Company talk for push the button.

    Rufus can provide refreshments.

    If you want the Kabaa work I am making certain there will be no fatwa for you.

    But Rat's an acceptable substitute.

    WiO is providing intelligence.

    Remember, Melody stays with me.

  68. Whoever does the kabaa work won't be needing any of that.

  69. I knew we would have problems with Obama the first time he sat in Air Force One saying, "This is pretty nice."

    Seeing Bush land a fighter on an aircraft carrier must still have him upset. Three battle groups... and a carrier.

    The Indians will see the second coming of the Raj.

  70. .
    However, I do a bulletproof pre-nuptial, with that you pay me now or pay me later.

    Given Bob's "let er rip" comment, I think I will pay you later.


  71. .
    The Indians will see the second coming of the Raj.

    Bring out the elephants and the dancing boys.


  72. .
    WiO is providing intelligence.

    Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?



  73. .
    What about Ash, he's disposable.

    True, but I heard he got an acting job.

    His role is titled 'redundant crewman' on the new Star Trek movie.


  74. .
    "let her rip"

    That's Company talk for push the button.

    Push the button?


  75. It is obvious Rat and Ash are very unhappy with the results of Tuesday.

  76. OKQ this is my operation. I have decided. I am the decider. The Kabaa - how do spell that anyway - Kaaba work falls to you, Rat, Ash, and The Cleaning Lady. Rat wears the white robe, you other three provide security detail.

    WiO is at the King David in Jerusalem, our intelligence headquarters. Melody and I will be there. I've contacted Mat, he's taking Melody and I on a tour of northern Israel, where he has a place, and we intend to swim in the Med, too. Trish and the others will be at the King David. Stella will be on hand in case her services are needed by anyone. Those are orders.

  77. Push the button?

    Yes, you just push the little black button in your right hand in your robe.

  78. It is obvious Rat and Ash are very unhappy with the results of Tuesday.

    They won't be unhappy much longer.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. .
    OKQ this is my operation. I have decided. I am the decider...
    Those are orders.

    I hear you and since I'm not wearing the white robe the plan is sounding better.

    However, as you know, I am more a theorist than a tecnnician. And some things have me worried. The operation people, rat, Ash, and CL seem to be grumbling a lot. I heard them talking amongst themselves, mumbling something about cragging or fragging (something like that) the "Big Cheese".

    Since you have now taken over the operation, I'm assuming you are the biggest, cheesiest dude around.

    Don't know what they meant but they weren't smiling.


  81. I still can't believe Trish didn't show up to talk about the election results.

    WiO is providing intelligence.

    Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?


  82. Q, are married to Maggie Q.? If so, you out kicked your coverage.

  83. Q they may have just been ordering a pizza.

    Loyalty counts though. I'll use you in a later operation. Get them into the area, then return to headquarters.

  84. Now, I'm going to the Casino, even though I said I wasn't going back.

  85. "Minutes after the Federal Reserve on Wednesday loaded its blunderbuss with $600-billion of freshly minted cash and began to aim it at Treasury bills, the hedge funds began to buy oil futures. "

    Too bad they didn't have such funds in the Weimar Republic.

  86. "Murdered by Mistake"

    ...leaving another 10,000 murdered on purpose...
    This year

    Leonel Godoy, the governor of Michoacán, which borders the state where Acapulco is located, said the kidnappings appeared to be a mass case of mistaken identity.

    “From the beginning we have sent out the message to those who took them to bring them back because evidently there was confusion, because the honest way they made their living has been proven,” he told local journalists.

    Five of the missing men were brothers who owned an auto repair shop in Morelia, the Michoacan state capital, and five more were their employees. The brothers’ relatives said they organized a trip every year.

    “The only thing that keeps us on our feet is hope,” the brothers’ niece, Katiuska RodrĂ­guez Ortiz, told Reforma, a Mexican newspaper, as the bodies were being recovered. “We wish for all our heart that they turn up alive because they are good people, working people, people who shouldn’t be in a situation like this.”

    When the men were reported kidnapped by an armed commando on September 30, authorities were quick to argue that they must have some links to drug trafficking. Mexico’s tourism minister, Gloria Guevara, argued that no tourists would turn up in Acapulco without a hotel reservation.

    The kidnapping was reported by a member of the group, who had watched from inside a store. The group’s cars were found later, with no trace of weapons.

    In the weeks that followed, their families struggled to explain that the men were innocent, the victims of a mistake. They presented documents showing that the repair shop paid taxes and social security for its employees.

    The grisly discovery outside Acapulco came as Reforma newspaper reported Thursday that the number of people killed in drug-related violence in Mexico had reached 10,000 this year.

  87. The Indians are concerned about China, as is almost everyone in Asia.

    Trade between the US and India is relatively balanced. Obama would do well to come back from India with some large trade orders and a commitment to expand trade on a balanced basis with an unannounced plan to start replacing Chinese goods for Indian.

    India would be a natural partner for space based cooperation as well as pharmaceuticals, defense, transportation, renewable and nuclear energy.

    The Chinese could accept free and balanced trade or they should be replaced.


    Coconuts removed from trees...

    REPORT: US military to build kilometer-long bomb-proof tunnel - so Obama can go to Gandhi museum...

    Visit criticized for 'over-the-top' spending...

    FLASHBACK: UK's Cameron flies commercial to meet Obama at WH...

    WH denies India trip to cost $200M a day; won't reveal price tag...
    Obama Lets GM Execs Fly Private Jets Again...

    - Drudge

  89. They were accompanied by officers of Mumbai Police and civic officials of the D ward (where Mani Bhavan is located). While inspecting the route and the buildings lining up the route to the museum, the Americans detected a skyscraper near Peddar road and also found the area to be highly populated.

    Since it is difficult to monitor such a congested area, they came up with a quick solution which left the Indians accompanying them amazed: A bomb-proof over-ground tunnel — to be installed by US military engineers in just an hour.

    The tunnel would be a kilometre long and measure 12ft by 12ft — enough to let Obama’s cavalcade pass through. The tunnel would be centrally air-conditioned, fitted with close-circuit television cameras, and will be heavily guarded at every point, including, of course, its entry and exit.

    Details about when exactly the tunnel would be made were not forthcoming. But officials said that the structure would be dismantled immediately after Obama leaves the area.

  90. China? Weimar?

    Those in Charge are the

    What Me Worry Kids

  91. The US Dollar will cease to be the World Currency before he's out of office if this madman is not stopped.

    The currency wars have just begun.

  92. Cameron, trying to cut Britain’s deficit, its largest since World War II, is scaling back on the chartered jets his predecessors used for overseas travel and told his staff to book him on regular flights. Yesterday he traveled to New York from Washington on Amtrak’s Acela train.

    “We have got a lot of money to save,” the prime minister told ABC News July 20. “We’ve got a very big budget deficit, so we can’t go spending money on executive planes, sadly.”

    While Cameron’s office estimates it is saving several hundred thousand pounds by forgoing chartered jets, that isn’t the only consideration. His party fought the May 6 general election arguing “We’re all in this together.”


    But not the residents of the Whitehouse.

  93. The Election on Tuesday did not change a thing for the better, in my State.
    McCain is still Senator. Ben Quayle is my Congressman, instead of Jon Shadegg. That is definitely a step to the rear of the bus, but is of little import, really.

    That Ben claims he is going to DC to "beat the hell out of it". Comical.

    Beyond that, nothing has changed.

    The legislature here was GOP dominated, before, it still is. Jan Brewer was the Governor, still is. No change, there.

    The "Tea Party", Q, is all about "Change".
    "Taking back our Government".

    If they are taking back from the GOP, here in AZ, they failed.

    If they are taking it back from Obama, they failed, he is still President.

    If they are taking it back from Wall Street and the Wahhabi Oil Interests, failure, again.

    I see a return to divided government, between the two Parties that differ on the minutia, but not any core issue.

    Not on the National Bank, not on our international military footprint and not on trade or economic policy.

    I had some hope that this Rubio fella could be "something new" and then I discover, from you, he is a Bushie.
    Another pea in the pod.

    bob is in full support of CBS News analysis of the political "right". So are many other "conservatives", all bowing to the superior knowledge that is the Lamestream Media analysis and Dan Rather ethics.
    It is amazing to watch.

    A return to the status que, trumpeted as revolution.
    It is beyond belly laughable.

    As for GW and Jeb, they are both Connecticut Yankees, GW moved to Texas and became a gentleman rancher.

    Both he and his brother are northerners with southern sympathies, like their forefather Franklin Pierce.

    Wiki is great for checking the spelling of ex-Presidents names, Pierce instead of Pearce. That the
    "doughface" reference fit President Pierce's progeny so well, like a glove, I found humorous.

  94. Totally unremarked-upon is the Defeat of prop 23 in California. Prop 23 would have rolled back the "Environmental Legislation" in Prop 32.

    Californians rejected the Environmental rollbacks by a whopping 60% to 40%.

    In other words: even some that voted for Whitman, and Fiorina voted against the rollback.

  95. 680 State Seats picked up by Pubs.

    Nah, the T Party didn't do 'nuthin.

    ...According to those here that have their minds programmed daily by the MSM.

  96. If the Tea Party was going to shake the GOP to its' foundations, failure again.

    Mr Boehner will be the Speaker, same old faces, same old song.

    No change there, nothing taken back or projected to be returned, for that matter.

    The fellas that designed the TARP Program are back in the saddle, again. The fellas that held the majority in the House from '94 to '06, when the shit was piling up, have it again.

    That anyone would expect a different outcome than their previous one, is really "out there" well beyond any basic understanding of the nature of politics in DC.

    Trent Lott understands.
    Believe what he says, that the newbies will be co-opted.
    They always are.

  97. That pickup, doug, about the same as in '94, when there was no "Tea Party", so you are correct.

    The Tea Party did nothing new, they just added a little oomph to the normal swing of the pendulum.

    A little added turnout, in an off year. A return to where we were, 18 years ago, after the results of another off year election.

  98. Soros got stomped in California.

  99. That "wave election" followed by the re-election of Bill Clinton, to the White House.

    Not what was projected to happen, by Newt and the GOP.

    Remember the prognostications of Mr Rove, GOP majorities for generations, after the 2002 GOP off year victory.

    That lasted until the Dems won the House '06, culminating in Obama's election in the '08 landslide that provided the Dems with 60 seats in the Senate.

    The GOP did not even win a majority, in the Senate.

    2010 was a return to status que.
    A return to '94, which history shows us is nothing much, nothing but a pendulum swing.

  100. Doug, everyone gives the T Party credit for a Huge part of this Surge.

    It's just that most of us are savvy enough to recognize that it will be a "mixed" blessing.

    They are going to be a disaster on "Energy," and foreign adventurism; and, I'm afraid they're looking pretty suspect on some areas of Taxation (of Foreign Profits of Corporations.)

    All in all, I happy they did so well, but I'll save the 'happy dance' until we've survived the wave, and it's passed us by.

  101. That the swing is accelerated, note worthy and more than a little interesting.

    But no revolution, no tsunami.

  102. No cause for celebration.

    The status que won.
    We have gone back to the future, back to 1994.

    That was the start of the disaster we are in the midst of, today. Job losses to China and a deteriorating dollar.

    Support of the Wahhabi in our foreign policy. With the US military fighting for the Muslims, against Christian Europeons.

    Rejoice, happy days are here, again!

  103. As Republicans prepared to govern, one voter hoped both parties will find a way to work together.

    "There's got to be a collaboration between the parties," voter Larry Paul said at a diner in the upscale Philadelphia suburb of Wayne. "And they really have to get together and put their heads together because they haven't done that in the last two years.

    It's been a problem and the results are not wonderful."

    Change in Store

  104. When I was growing up there was a history prof at the U who I knew. You might have liked him rat. His outlook was much like yours. Nothin' ever changes. Not even the Chinese Revolution changed the lives of most of the Chinese peasantry. He wasn't quite so cynical as you though, and seemed much happier.

  105. They are going to be a disaster on "Energy," and foreign adventurism;

    Rufus, I can understand the concern perhaps about foreign adventurism, but why a disaster on energy? If they are anything like Palin, who seemingly wants to do it all, what's the problem?

  106. They will, likely, be a disaster for ethanol/biodiesel, Bob; and we're going to need those.

    They will, also, vote against all solar, and wind development. Most people didn't notice that when oil spiked in 2008, Coal, and Nat Gas (and, uranium, btw) spiked right along with it.

  107. Given their attention to fiscal realities and our government's constitutional obligations, tea partyers are particularly well-suited to lead a movement for more foreign policy restraint and put a brake on global adventurism and massive military spending — hence the preemptive shot across their bow by a few Washington think-tankers.

    Will the tea party's candidates side with the Washington consensus when they move inside the Beltway? Or will they stay true to their small-government principles and remind Washington insiders that the Constitution provides for "the common defence" of ourselves and our posterity, not of the entire world?

    We will find out soon enough.

    Storming the Pentagon?

  108. .
    I have to agree with the Big Bobber on this one rat.

    You've seemed down a little lower than usual since Tuesday.

    No one (with the possible exception of Doug) expects change over night.

    There have been three big moves in the last three elections. That should continue for the next few. Hopefully, it will. If so, perhaps there will be some sort of effective synthesis that develops as the pols learn that their job depends on them doing their jobs.

    No sense getting depressed over it.

    And to save myself an additional post, before you come back and say that you are not cynical and depressed, let me just say that you sound cynical and depressed.

    Remember, let a smile be your umbrella.


  109. Actually, Uranium, IIRC, had its "spike-up" in '07, which is kind of interesting. I have no idea, whatsoever, what was at work, there.

  110. Hmmm,

    $200 Million/day for Obama's trip?

    Hell, it's cheaper than having him in DC.

  111. If Trish and Allen would come back, and Stella B. Starlight would start hanging around full time, I'd be happy as hell.

    We've needed a good lawyer around here for a long long time.

  112. Sure, Q, it is depressing that the "conservatives", like the big bobber, are in agreement with and cutting and pasting CBS News. In an attempt to convince themselves that Mrs Palin is "different" and a "political force" to be reckoned with.

    That the memory of the masses is shorter than short. So short, in fact that they have to untie their boots, to see that they are being manipulated by what Mrs Palin, herself, calls the Lamestream Media.

    That Ben Quayle was elected, on a campaign to change the culture Washington DC, is more than depressing. That the electorate, at least here in AZ, is so gullible to fall for such hogwash is not a cause for rejoicing.

    That he could have said nothing, and won, yet chose to trash talk the system, echoes "Maverick" McCain.

    That Mr Boehner is going to be the face of "conservatism", rightly a cause for despair. Given the track record he has amassed.

    Since I have never been anti-Obama nor anti-Democrat, but anti-Federal the giant sigh of relief I hear, from "conservatives" is no cause for joy. But one that tells me that revolution through the ballot box is still decades away.

    Rand Paul will not be an instrument of incremental change. He will just barely fill his fathers shoes, in that political dynasty of national dysfunction.

    The other "Tea Partiers" will be co-opted, if they have not been already. Folks like Mr Rubio who got on the bus, after coaching from the forces of the Bush Establishment.

  113. heh I just put in a call to the guy has apartments next to mine. He's in the County Jail, has been since August, for growing pot with children (his) present. Course I got his wife. They may spring him a little early, end of this month, so I guess it will work out all right with him doing the snow removal again. This takes a snow load off my mind.

  114. The high point of modern Federal politics came with Newt running the House and Mr Clinton declaring that the era of big government was over.

    A couple of years of balanced budget, with a cash flow surplus, that was thoroughly decimated by the victory of the Bush Establishment, within the GOP.

    That Mr Rubio represents that Establishment, as per your post, more than disheartening.

    The only ray of sunshine from last Tuesday, blotted out by the gathering storm of the returning reign of the GOP status que.

    Mr Boehner more reminiscent of Mr DeLay than he is of Newt.

  115. A new material that could be used to create a real-life Harry Potter-style "invisibility cloak" has been designed by British scientists.

    The material, called "Metaflex", may in future provide a way of manufacturing fabrics that manipulate light.

    Metamaterials have already been developed that bend and channel light to render objects invisible at longer wavelengths.

    Visible light poses a greater challenge because its short wavelength means the metamaterial atoms have to be very small.

    So far such small light-bending atoms have only been produced on flat, hard surfaces unsuitable for use in clothing.

    But scientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland believe they have overcome this problem. They have produced flexible metamaterial "membranes" using a new technique that frees the meta-atoms from the hard surface they are constructed on.

    Metaflex can operate at wavelengths of around 620 nanometres, within the visible light region.

    Stacking the membranes together could produce a flexible "smart fabric" that may provide the basis of an invisibility cloak, the scientists believe. Other applications could include "superlenses" that are far more efficient than conventional lenses.

  116. "The accusations that somehow we're damaging safety by taking shortcuts on maintenance is just outrageous and it's not true."

    The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) yesterday said there were serious concerns with the A380 aircraft and called for all six Qantas Airbus A380s to be examined.

    ALAEA federal secretary Steve Purvinas said safety was a growing concern for Qantas engineers, with continued outsourcing of maintenance work.

    Maintenance Concerns

  117. Meanwhile, the president of the Pilot’s Association and Qantas pilot Barry Jackson said he would be happy to fly an A380 plane once the investigation was concluded.

    "I'm quite confident that this is a one-off, that once the preliminary reasons for this incident have come out and the engineers are quite happy for us to get going, then I’m quite happy to accept their word and get back in the saddle," Mr Jackson told ABC radio this morning.

    Qantas was working with the Australian regulators, which also were investigating the incident, as well as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

    Flights Delayed

  118. Rossi concedes to Murray

  119. Sorry Sam.

    I think the vote count was at least honest this time, some safeguards having been put in place.

  120. The family of the newly designated world's oldest person, American Eunice Sanborn, says she is in fact 115 - a year older than official records indicate.


    Sanborn survived a bout of scarlet fever when she was a child but lost two sisters to the illness.

    She outlived three husbands and her only child, Dorothy, and credits her long life and good health to her belief in Christ and her salvation.

    115 not 114