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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol Palin, Condom Gal. Is There Such a Thing as a Low-Life Anymore?

Why do we have to be tortured by these low-lifes?

Bill Maher Asks Levi Johnston If He Now Uses Condoms And Other Cringeworthy Moments

by Jon Bershad | 12:44 pm, October 23rd, 2010

Here’s a question. When was the last time you heard this segue: “You use the condom the first couple of times because you don’t know each other. Then you say, ‘Hey, I just f**cked you. I know you pretty well.’ … So, let’s talk about your mayoral run.” What? You’ve heard that zero times? Well, then come this way, my friend, and witness television history courtesy of Bill Maherand Levi Johnston.

Really though, did we expect the meeting of these media giants to go any different? In was awesomely awkward from the beginning, when Johnston tried to give Maher a pretty rose, all the way through Maher giving his guest a long plea to quit his campaign and move out of Wasilla. However, as uncomfortable as it may have been at times, Johnston’s welcome was nonetheless quite warm. Hell, Maher even offered to get him high after the show. It makes sense though. As the host pointed out, Sarah Palin has feuded with half of the people in front of the camera and, as we all know, my enemy’s enemy and all that.

So, if you want to see an interview that answers such riveting questions as what condom brand Levi Johnston prefers, this is the video for you! Check it out, from Real Time, below:
(via HBO)


  1. No thanks.
    No thank you.
    Not now.
    No, not later.
    No. No. No.

  2. If the Republicans plant their flag with this family, at least we will be rid of one of the dreadful duopoly that tortures the US political scene.

  3. A well done hit piece, Deuce! Not a hint of redemption in it!

  4. Bob, I don't make this stuff up. I just don't avert my eyes.

  5. What would have been said if that had been Chelsea Clinton in the condom promotion and her boy friend or ex, father of her illegitimate child on the Bill Maher Show?

    Is there a bigger creep than Bill Maher?


  6. Is this the new American face of the family? I may be cynical, but can I accept this?

    Obama could run on traditional family values and win hands down, and should.

  7. There's another narrative that could be put forward, and that resonates with many. Heroic hockey mom sticks with her core beliefs under trying circumstances, urges daughter to take to term, struggles to provide role model for daughter. Obama is on record as saying he wouldn't want his daughters "burdened" with a baby, i.e., kill the fetus, which rat would disapprove of. That's Obama's "family values" - kill the fetus. I'm sure Sarah Palin loathes this punk, hopes he gets stomped to death by a moose.
    As to the condom ad, hell I don't know, the Cleaning Lady should approve, I recall her moaning about the lack of condom use.

    I've been lucky with my daughter, have dodged the bullets, mostly, least as far as pregnancies are concerned.

    Don't know what the status of the relationship between the punk and Bristol is.

    By the way, my wife was telling me George W. Bush knocked up two women back in his wilder days, paid for the abortions, and sent them on their way. According to the big Bush book she is reading.

    Sarah must have advised her to have the child. Many wouldn't. She's a person for the ethical treatment of fetuses.

  8. I recall one of the times my wife and I drove down through Amish country. We saw a party of Amish youth, boys and girls, of age, all dressed up in what we think of as odd clothing, out on a lawn, preparing for some game or other, chaperoned by some adults. The boys on one side, the girls on the other. Wassila, Alaska it wasn't. Maybe the Amish have the better way.

  9. Am I alone staring in horror?

    Levi Johnston is more unpopular in this family than Charlie Rangell.

    And I'm only half kidding.

    But I'm dead serious when I decide what and who to ignore.

    It took me a long time to learn that some people enjoy fighting, some enjoy making fools of themselves, and some enjoy watching others do the first two.

    It's a shit world.

  10. I didn't watch the video. I won't watch the video. They'll have to get their fifteen minutes of fame from someone else. I'm not interested.

    I've been thinking about Ireland. The best I can make of it so far is they're saying, "Piss on the banks; we're not bailing them out. If you want to bail'em out, you bail'em out. we'll do our banking with someone else."

    If I've got it right they might (the Irish, not the banks) come out of this okay. Obviously, the global power structure is shitting its drawers.

    On the other hand, if all countries did this it would be worldwide depression II, III, IV, and V. Being the first, though, they might get away with it. I'm pulling for them. I probably shouldn't be, but I can't help it.

  11. It's a gutsy move. Or Foolish. The Irish are showing their ... Irish.

    CNBC reports that Latvia is stepping up.

    Yes. Latvia.

  12. .
    Sarah Palin = Kim Kardashian

    Regardless of the negatives, I'm sure there is plenty of good things you can say about either lady.

    I wouldn't want either for president.


  13. .
    Company to Drop Caffeine From Alcoholic< Drink

    The company that produces the Four Loko beverage said it will remove the caffeine and two other ingredients from its products after facing a cascade of criticism and regulatory scrutiny for producing the energy drinks, which combine high levels of the stimulant with alcohol.

    Four Loko Drops Caffeine

    Heck, it looks like I'll be going back to Maxwell House with that Danish in the morning.


  14. The Palins are a side show. Maher and his leftist ilk are the carnies.

    It's like the local news media always interviewing the dumbest, ugliest, most illiterate person they can find at the scene of a car wreck, disaster or crime who happened to witness the event.

  15. "Heck, it looks like I'll be going back to Maxwell House with that Danish in the morning."

    So Quirk do you snort the crystals or just sprinkle them over your wheat bran?

    As far as Bill Maher? I don't really care who he has sitting on the left. For me, it's not about that. He is obnoxious, repulsive and cruel. I think he is effing funny as hell.

    But then again I think i'm funny.