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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inexplicably Obama Withdraws Objection to Russian Transfer of Defense Missiles to Iran



The missile is designed to engage both modern and prospective air targets, including strategic, tactical and naval aircraft, strategic cruise missiles, air-launched missiles, tactical and battlefield ballistic missiles and other air attack weapons over a wide range of combat environments.

The 5V55R is a single-stage missile employing the normal aerodynamic configuration, with control surfaces unfolded after launch.

The missile is kept in a hermetically sealed launch canister and need not be tested and adjusted during its service life.

The missile is equipped with a highly efficient solid-propellant motor and comprises sections housing a radio direction finder, onboard control units (made as a monoblock), high-explosive fragmentation warhead, solid-propellant motor and control surface actuators.

The missile is launched vertically by the canister catapult without a preliminary turn of the launcher toward the target.

After ignition of the motor, the missile is tilted in the required direction depending on the target position.
The missile employs the track-via-missile guidance principle.

The high maneuverability of the missile and powerful high-explosive fragmentation warhead provide effective target destruction.



U.S. Makes Concessions to Russia for Iran Sanctions
Published: May 21, 2010 NY Times

WASHINGTON — As it sought support for international sanctions on Iran, the Obama administration gave Moscow two concessions: lifting American sanctions against the Russian military complex and agreeing not to ban the sale of Russian anti-aircraft batteries to Tehran.

The administration dropped sanctions on Friday against the Russian state arms export agency and three other Russian entities previously found to have transferred sensitive technology or weapons to Iran. The move came just three days after the United States and Russia agreed on a package of United Nations sanctions against Iran.

Russian and American officials also said Friday that while the United Nations resolution would ban many weapons sales to Iran, it would not prohibit Moscow from completing the sale of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Tehran, a contract that Russia has suspended but not canceled. The sophisticated defensive system could help Iran shoot down American or Israeli warplanes should either try to bomb its nuclear facilities.

Russia has invented a series of reasons to delay delivery of the systems, under strong American pressure. A senior American official said Friday that other provisions of the sanctions, urging countries to exercise caution in what they deliver to Iran, would give Washington the ability to continue to urge Russia never to deliver the systems. Iran, in frustration, announced recently that it was developing a similar system that would be domestically manufactured, but outside experts said that would take years.

The concessions are the latest moves in President Obama’s effort to establish a fresh partnership with Russia after years of mutual suspicion. Last month Mr. Obama signed a new arms control treaty with Russia, and this month he revived a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement that had been shelved after Russia’s war with Georgia. Mr. Obama’s decision last year to restructure a European missile defense system was also seen by critics as a gesture to Moscow, although the president denied that.

The latest moves generated a fresh barrage of criticism from lawmakers and national security experts who said the administration was giving away too much and getting too little in return. Just this week, a bipartisan team in the House opened a legislative campaign to block the administration’s decision to bring back the civilian nuclear agreement.

Administration officials said the moves were reasonable gestures of confidence as ties improved. The decision to lift sanctions against the Russian companies was not a direct trade-off for support at the United Nations, they said, but a reflection of the increasing trust that allowed both developments. And they added that Russia had earned that trust in part by putting the S-300 sale on hold.

“What we’ve seen is a shift in Russian attitudes toward military support for Iran, and emblematic of that is the restraint with respect to delivering S-300s,” said Philip J. Crowley, the State Department spokesman. “This was not a quid pro quo, but the fact that Russia has improved its performance with respect to Iran has given us the confidence to take these steps.”

Another senior official, who is involved in the discussions but not authorized to be identified, said the administration would have liked to have banned the S-300 sale but believed it had an understanding with Russia not to proceed with it. As for the sanctions lifted on the Russian companies, he said that some of them had lapsed anyway and that they were not much to give up compared with the importance of the United Nations resolution.

“We got a major instrument to help advance what we’re trying to do vis-à-vis Iran,” the official said. “Compared to what we gave up, I think we’re in a pretty good place, and we’re certainly better off than where we were in January 2009.”

But there was bipartisan criticism of the moves. David J. Kramer, who oversaw Russia policy in President George W. Bush’s State Department, said the concessions were “premature and unwarranted” without a firm commitment not to transfer the S-300s. “A Russia transfer of those missiles would be much more significant in a negative way than a Russian vote for a watered-down resolution,” he said. “Let’s not forget that Russia supported three previous resolutions and didn’t get ‘rewarded’ for those votes.”

John R. Bolton, who was acting ambassador to the United Nations under Mr. Bush, said Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, got the upper hand on the Obama team. “He sensed desperation in the Obama administration on this Iran resolution, and probably extracted all that the traffic would bear,” he said. “The only remaining question is what else he got that we don’t yet know about.”

Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and co-chairman of the Nuclear Security Caucus, said that the overall trend in Russian-American relations was good but that he was not sure Moscow agreed to enough teeth in the United Nations resolution to justify the concessions.

“It’s clear Russia is extracting a huge price for its cooperation at the U.N. Security Council on the Iran sanctions,” he said in an interview. On the S-300s, he said, “It’s hard to understand why they would insist on that if they weren’t intending to deliver.”

Representative Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, introduced a measure to reject the civilian nuclear cooperation deal on Thursday. “I believe Russia is continuing to assist Iran’s nuclear program,” he said, citing the civilian nuclear plant at Bushehr built by Russia and set to open this year. “Russia has sold Iran advanced conventional weapons and air defense systems.”

But administration officials said there was no evidence of current arms or technology transfers involving the companies freed of sanctions on Friday. Rosoboronexport, the state arms export corporation, was sanctioned in 2008 for arms sales to Iran, while the Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, the Moscow Aviation Institute and the Tula Instrument Design Bureau were all originally sanctioned in 1999.

Earlier this year the administration lifted sanctions on two other Russian entities, Glavkosmos and the Baltic State Technical University, both sanctioned in 1998 for helping Iran’s missile and weapons programs.



  1. A cynic could conclude that Obama has decided that Iran with this defense system, will dissuade an Israeli attack on Iran.

    What possible real sanctions, that will be approved by Russia and China, are worth this trade?

    Obviously, to date, the Russians have not delivered the defense system. With this concession, by Obama, the Russians will deliver the missiles with Russian approved tepid sanctions and a wink, wink, wink.

  2. Obama always considers the political over the practical.

    Being able to say he has accomplished anything on the Iranian sanctions issue is an important talking point to him going into November regardless of what he gives away.

    Same ol same ol.


  3. The weapon systems in question are totally defensive in nature, not any form of offensive capacity.

    The drum banging on the "right" and the saber rattling amongst the "Friends" have made Team Obamerica skittish.

    The economy is in worse shape than the public realizes, and any oil supply disruption will sink it.

    Any concession that maintains consistency of whirled oil supplies will be accepted.

    Improving Iranian air defenses certainly works towards maintaining a consistent supply flow, from Iran.

    Mr Obama is putting US interests first, when it comes to Iran, good on him.

    Iranian air defense is not a threat to the United States, nor its' own force projection, not now, not ever.

    We have non-nuclear missiles always at the ready.
    That's our "new" policy.

  4. Forget Iran, declare the "War on Oil" and let US skate away from the tar pit of the Middle East.

  5. Interesting

    Russia raises hell about missle defense in Poland and east Europe and Obama acquiesces.

    A year or so later, Russia wants to sell some "missle defense" to Iran and Obama says, "Okay."

    Two thoughts
    1. I hope Obama has some sort of "agreement" with Russia regarding Iran. Let Russia develop relations with Iran and possibly serve as a go between.

    B. Even knowing how Putin is, I rather not have problems with Russia right now.

  6. From the Wahhabi Street Journal:

    WASHINGTON—U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday said that he has created a new panel on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and he's giving the commission six months to come up with recommendations for preventing future offshore drilling accidents.

    ... recommendations for preventing future offshore drilling accidents

    Hope they surf the Elephant Bar blog!

  7. The president has called on former Sen. Bob Graham and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator William Reilly to lead the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

    Mr. Graham is a former two-term governor of Florida and served for 18 years in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Reilly is a founding partner of Aqua International Partners LP, a private equity fund that invests in water and renewable energy companies. He's also a senior adviser to TPG Capital LP, an international investment partnership.

  8. One possible outcome is that we build up Iran's defensive capability thereby permitting them to continue their proxy war.

    What we do or not do now could have long term consequences in this current waxing phase of militant Islam.

    Remember, not only is this the 'US v Iran', 'Israel v Iran' but also 'Sunni v. Shia' and 'Islam v The Whirled'.

    And now, once again it's complicated by Russia.

  9. As a constituent of Mr. Graham throughout his political career, I've concluded that the man is amicable, collegial and possibly "dumb as a post."

    Two-to-one that Obama's commission will recommend a drilling ban.

  10. Make that 10 to 1.

  11. "But we can only pursue offshore oil drilling if we have assurances that a disaster like the BP oil spill will not happen again," Mr. Obama said. "This commission will, I hope, help provide those assurances so we can continue to seek a secure energy future for the United States of America."

    Meanwhile, Sen. David Vitter (R., La.) criticized Democrats in a separate radio address, ...

    "We want 100% of the attention of all parties focused on our two most immediate problems: stopping the gushing oil, and protecting our coastlines and marshes from the oil," said Mr. Vitter.

    ... "Both Republicans and Democrats say they want to decrease our foreign dependence on oil, ...," he said.

    Mr. Vitter added that alternative fuels "are the future,"...

    "That's ... critical to free ourselves from foreign energy sources and should provide a ... more renewable, cleaner future," he said. "I believe Americans understand that, even in the midst of this tragedy."

    All the pieces are there.
    Turn the tables on the Wahhabi, with the push for Green Solutions, which are already in hand.

    Bust 'em in the balls, with the unforeseen consequences of killing deep water oil exploitation.

    Cutting edge agricultural bio-technologies, coupled with the political will of "Middle America", provides a pathway to victory. Get the "conservative" position ahead on the progress and technology curve, at least this once.

    If you want to defeat Obamerica, get in their hip pocket. So close its' revolting, and use some leverage, use his weight and momentum against them.
    Take their favorite issue, Environmental Security, and use it, hard.

    Go Green, Baby, Go Green!

    It is what's best, for the United States of America.

  12. Brother B-day wrote"

    "Ash, you ignorant fuckstick. If I have no driver's license and choose to be stupid enough to drive without one, the police will arrest me when they pull me over for doing so."

    There are actually folks who WALK to the corner store.


    Yes, what is there to be afraid of? What is the underlying your debate regarding Pepper Spray, Mace, a gun ?

  13. Use tax credits and subsidies to get 250 million acres of currently fallow land into energy production.

    Building the distilleries to match with the same type stimulus packaging.

    Our five year mission, to seek out sanity in our balance of payments challenge and boldly go where no one has gone before, back to the future of energetic self reliance.

  14. The geography and climate of AZ, ash, discourages walking to the market.

    Ours is a mobile, wheeled culture.
    For the most part.

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  16. The reality of SB1020 is that few, if any, folks will be adversely effected by it.

    The police can stop and question folks, now. Those folk can be detained, for any number of reasons other than residential status, now, if the police choose to detain them.

    The detainees immigration status is then determined, at the County or Police jail.
    ICE is contacted and the detainee either submits to deportation, or a preliminary immigration hearing is scheduled, and the detainee released.

  17. SB1020 does nothing to change that.

    No legislation in Arizona can change that.

  18. I realize American culture is very car centric but still there are many who get around by other means:

    "Valley Metro | Welcome
    Valley Metro provides public transit and public transportation alternatives for the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. ... METRO light rail. Information on the Valley's light rail system ... -"

  19. Believe me, ash, SB1020 is fully and completely political theater.

    It will not change anything on the ground. It will not change law enforcements' standards of operation, nor will it lead to a decrease in undocumented migration.

    There is no increase in budgeting for more manpower, allocated to Law Enforcement, nor will there be. Our State is busted, financially, SB1020 adding to our tourism woes.

    All we've done, make folks like melody uneasy about traveling, to or through Arizona.

    SB1020 will not make the McCain/Kyl Immigration & Border Security Plan any more palatable, in Washington.

    3,000 National Guardsmen will not deploy to the frontier and Team Obamerica will not add 3,000 new Border Patrol agents in the next 5 years, either.

    Another smooth move by our local politicos.

  20. NYTimes -

    WASHINGTON — Rand Paul, the newly nominated Republican candidate for Senate from Kentucky, touched off more controversy on Friday by calling the Obama administration “un-American” for taking a tough stance with BP over the company’s handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  21. “You can’t sleep no more; that’s how bad it is,” said John Blanchard, an oyster fisherman whose life has been upended by the monstrous oil spill fouling an enormous swath of the Gulf of Mexico. He shook his head. “My wife and I have got two kids, 2 and 7. We could lose everything we’ve been working all of our lives for.”

    I was standing on a gently rocking oyster boat with Mr. Blanchard and several other veteran fishermen who still seemed stunned by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Instead of harvesting oysters, they were out on the water distributing oil retention booms and doing whatever else they could to bolster the coastline’s meager defenses against the oil making its way ominously and relentlessly, like an invading army, toward the area’s delicate and heartbreakingly vulnerable wetlands.

    Bob Herbert of the NYTimes.

    He is riding public sentiment, it's time to steal their thunder!

    This Rand Paul fella, he's not to "with it", at least when it comes to verbal communication.
    He ought to get a teleprompter.

  22. Another dour vacuous speech from Obama, this time at West Point. The only thing rousing his enthusiasm is his defense and apology of Islam.

    The whiff of platitudes in the morning. A verbal carpet bombing of the cadets.

    Obama must have been reading Oliver Wendell Holmes last night.

  23. The deal makes no sense because THE SANCTIONS ARE TOOTHLESS.

    At this point a nuclear-armed Iran is a forgone conclusion and the administration is banking on...regime change.

    A nuclear armed Iran, under more benign management. That idea was born in the Bush administration.

    And it wouldn't be such a catastrophically bad idea, except that the regime itself is so diversified, you can't get rid of a handful of people and call it regime change.

    The fractured Israelis - for whom every significant external challenge leads back to Iran - are meanwhile between a rock and a hard place and given to wonder when we're going to ditch them. Before or after the Settler Game reaches its dead end?

    And again I myself wonder, will the admin's most valuable asset - none other than HRC - want to stay on past midterms? Not like the strategic outlook's going to be improving any time soon. If we lose her, we'll be in a further world of hurt.

    Add to this the turmoil in the counterterrorism/intel community, where the admin didn't do itself a favor this week. There are to put it?...really unhappy people. (Not Leon, though. Leon's happy. And, really, what price can one put on the DCI's happiness?) Just me: I would not want to create really unhappy people in that arena, especially if you're considering serious, long term and somewhat iffy policy changes.

    And lest it go without saying, none of this fills me with nostalgia for the GOP.

  24. The problem we have, at present, is that no bank will put up the money for the first "switchgrass to ethanol" plant w/o a Federal Loan Guarantee.

    The Feds require a "long-term contract" for the products. The thing is, the "Energy" markets don't operate that way. There is no way to secure a "Long-term" contract for liquid fuel.

    Poet, the most successful ethanol producer on the planet stands ready to "go" as soon as the Feds act. They're not acting.

    The Obama Administration is Full of "Wind/Electric Car" Greenies that DO NOT want a viable liquid fuel to be successful. I know that sounds crazy/nutbag conspiratorial, but "Actions" do speak louder than words.

    I think we'll still get there, but it's going to be a slow, bumpy path, fraught with hardship, and peril. Just like we like it. :)

  25. 14 of 24, so far today. Abot your usuall, running just under 50%

  26. Ash, like I said previously, I'm driving to TN, a 10 hour trip, alone. My husband is worried about me driving alone so far away. I thought if I had a deterrent with me it would make him feel better.

    As for me, it doesn't really matter, I'm a big girl and pretty much have enough common sense to know better.

  27. Steal that "Green" thunder from the Left.

    Become conservative conservationists.

    Bust their balls with their own rhetoric. The case can be made, for ethanol energy, it should be made.

    It is in the country's best interests and it bridges the ideological chasm that serves to maintain the Wahhabi influenced status que.

  28. What worries me are those frickin gas prices going up every other day.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Oh, I'm so glad you can count, boobie.

    I like the soap box.

  31. It pleases me, to no end, that it bothers you.

  32. You have to remember that this administration, at the highest levels, is full of people that were Devastated by the fall of the Soviet Union, and many (most?) of them blame Reagan, and Missile Defense. This is their chance to "get even."

  33. Is austerity the future for the West? Not if the generals can be useful

    Avner Mandelman

    As history has shown, the powerful have not always chosen the honourable way by paying back their debts

    A Wall Street wit recently said: if Greece is Europe’s Bear Stearns, Britain is its Lehman Brothers. Meaning, the first bankruptcy presages the second.

    Well, the International Monetary Fund just bailed out Greece. Is the storm over, then? Should you wade in?

    Not without strapping hedges on. Because debt is always repaid, either by the borrower or by the lender; so with Greece’s loan money gone, either Greece’s citizens will eat less, or its German bankers will. Yet when the first was attempted, Greeks rioted. If the same were attempted in Spain, the result might be similar. Such riots were now shifted a bit to the future, grace of the IMF. But sooner or later Europeans must tighten their belts – the Brits too – and in 2012-13, the Americans as well.

    Do you think they’d tighten if an alternative were available? Surely not. But is there one?

    Before I go into it, let me tell you a true story.

    Somewhere south of San Francisco there’s a town where, on the main intersection, there was a grassy hill sprouting flowers where locals picnicked and hiked. So most opposed building on the hill. However, it was known that if a shopping mall was built there, it’d be worth $100-million.

    This huge potential acted like a magnet: Every city councillor knew that, were he or she to soft-pedal opposition to re-zoning, re-election money would magically appear. Thus, over time, councillors in favour of rezoning were re-elected, while those opposed were not. So roads around the hill were widened; then a permit was issued for a gardener hut (where trinkets were sold); then the hut was converted into a store, which, a year later, was expanded. It took five years, but the mall was built and the city got a high tax base, at the cost of no more hikes, no more wildflowers, and no more picnics.

    So why am I telling you this sad story? Because it’s an example of how a huge sum of money, created if a certain action is taken, irresistibly re-shapes politics to bring the bonanza into being – irrespective of ethics, justice, or both.

    Which is where the debt crisis comes in: Because the only alternative to Westerners tightening their belts is to have some non-Westerners tighten theirs, by force. And since the West’s debts are so enormous, there’s only one candidate of sufficient size: OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

    Oil is a huge part of the West’s costs. The U.S. alone spends about $800-billion (U.S.) a year on foreign oil, and Europe spends more. So if oil prices plunged by, let’s say 50 per cent, in five years the savings would pay the entire $2-trillion subprime debt – and European debt, too.

    Can you imagine the economic boom?

    Of course, the Western boom would be mirrored by painful slumps in OPEC countries, including those that use their oil revenues to make trouble for the West; for example Iran. So a side benefit would be a cut in the global risk premium. And, the combination of rising economies, lower risk premium, and suddenly manageable debt, would create a bull market that could rival that of the nineties’, and turn austerity into prosperity.

  34. Do you see where I am heading?

    Just as those California councillors modified their policies to obtain the mall’s bonanza, wildflowers notwithstanding, so Western heads of states clearly see the potential debt relief due to low oil prices, and start peeking at their Chiefs of Staff’s Mideast plans. Now, mind – I am not being prescriptive, just descriptive: The first Gulf War (January, 1991) ushered in a 10-year-long bull market, and the second one (March, 2003) ushered in five – both built on cheaper oil and lower global risk. Can you see now why I consider “Gulf III” as notionally similar to that mall? Costs and ethics notwithstanding, the benefits for bankrupt Western states must be tempting.

    Once again, I’m not advocating, just coldly describing. You may consider North American austerity and European debt riots more equitable than more foreign conflicts, but countries with powerful armies have never tightened their belts if they could force others to tighten theirs instead. It has always been thus and always will be.

    Which is why it’s been my view that the world will likely enter into escalating military conflicts, which could first hurt the market (as Gulf I and Gulf II first did), but then cause oil prices to plunge and global risk to, eventually, decline. It’s the only scenario I know of that can pay the West’s debts while sticking others with the costs. Immoral, you say? As Machiavelli said, states have no morality, only interests.

    What then are the investment implications?

    Until such likely conflicts end, the debt crisis will go on. I’d therefore continue to hedge my longs with shorts, own more gold and income securities, be careful of alternative energy, and wait for the market to eventually hand me great stocks at cheap prices.

  35. Next year, 51% of the cars built in the U.S. will be 4 cylinders.

    32% will be six cylinders, and 17% will be V-8's.

    The Buick Regal 4 cyl will get virtually the same fuel mileage on E85 (85% Ethanol) as on E10.

  36. "It's easy..
    Obama is throwing Israel under the bus"

    Brennan's due to receive the new HB review this coming week.

    It'll be interesting to watch the NSC grapple with it.

  37. I do not believe, not for a moment, that Team Crown will throw Israel "under the bus".

    It is not going to happen.

    Could Israel be forced to compromise, of course.
    That is not the same as being thrown "under the bus", it is simply the price of the seat, on the bus.

  38. Israel as a Jewish state, however, is another matter.

    I can see a whole new way of framing things on that subject.

  39. Not invariably helpful. But new.

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  41. Let me try that again.

    I'm surprised no one has posted or mentioned the Peter Beinart article in the New York Times Book Review which has stirred debate. And consternation.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. If you have Tripple A Roadside Assistance and a good cell phone, you ought to be ok. Somewhee in Tennessee my ancestrors on mothers side had a farm, got wiped out in the Civil War, tried in Kansas went farming, went broke there, ended up in Bellingham, mother was born there, school at U fo W, first job in Moscow, where she meet dad, going to law school. Before Tennessee I actually can trace back to Virginia, really early, before nationhood but I don't know of anyone actually stepped off the Mayflower. They all came for the land grab, far as I cabn see, pure and simple. They weren't trying to escape one of my torturous philo/theo/bio argumentsm cause I hadn't been born then. The ones from the south were racists, the northern branch of the family were realists.None of them were fishermen, a skill I acquired from an uncle, who had no children, so he hit on me. He taught me alot, how to read the water, he was very good. We fished Babine Lake and river in Canada one time... good, always was fun to be with him

  44. "The problem we have, at present, is that no bank will put up the money for the first "switchgrass to ethanol" plant w/o a Federal Loan Guarantee..."

    I just don't buy it Ruf. The current ethanol industry puts out what 5 or 6 billion gallons per year. George Bush advocated getting that to 35 billion gallons by 2017.

    Companies like DuPont should use their own money to invest in these technologies if they think they are so great with or without government subsidies and tarriffs.

    More to your point, venture capitalists like Carlos Riva who set up Celunol says he has little problem getting venture capital from players like Charles River Ventures and Braemer Energy Ventures.

    In 2005, there were millions put into the biofuel industry by venture capitalists. By 2006, the amount flowing into biofuels had increased sevenfold from the previous year according to the Cleantech Group. I don't know where it stands now but the VC guys are rolling in money looking for investments. All you gotta do is make the business case for it. Political slogans like "Go Green" and "American Energy Independence" don't make it with these guys.

    If you can't make a go of it when oil prices are in the $80 range, you've got a problem.

    Right now you have as much problem with the big 'corn dogs' like ADM as you do with anyone else. Their lobbyists are in D.C. trying to reduce competition from the biofuel guys as much as trying to promote corn ethanol.

    We need a diversified approach to energy independance. A wise man once said "The stone age didn't end becase we ran out of stones."


  45. The New York Times is still in business? Hmm, imagine that.

    Tell us what he said, Trish.

  46. Why don't you actually read it for yourself rufus?

    just copy the link and paste it into your address bar...c'mon dude, you can do it, I know you can!

  47. Personally I'd be interested to hear what WiO and Allen have to say about the article though.

  48. I make a stock pick---buy AEHI----it's a risk, but live on a chanch--like William James said we all do anyhow.

  49. I only do "clickable" links, Ash.

  50. For your satisfaction, trish.

    Goldblog vs. Peter Beinart, Part III: Zionism Reloaded

    Now, both these fellas think:
    ... we actually agree that settlements are a disaster for Israel, and what's the fun of agreeing in a blog conversation?

    Both these fellas, Beinart and Glodberg are anti-Semites?

    They espouse my position, so they must be, aye?

    Me and Mr Goldberg, standing shoulder to shoulder on the Settlement issue.

  51. Who knew?


    The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP) remains in opposition to Senate
    Bill (SB) 1070. The provisions of the bill remain problematic and will negatively affect
    the ability of law enforcement agencies across the state to fulfill their many
    responsibilities in a timely manner.
    While AACOP recognizes immigration as a significant issue in Arizona, we remain
    strong in our belief that it is an issue most appropriately addressed at the federal level.
    AACOP strongly urges the U. S. Congress to immediately initiate the necessary steps to
    begin the process of comprehensively addressing the immigration issue to provide
    solutions that are fair, logical, and equitable.
    Should SB 1070 be signed into law by the Governor of Arizona, law enforcement
    professionals in the State of Arizona will enforce the provisions of the statute to the best
    of their abilities.

  52. The philanthropists wanted to know what Jewish students thought about Israel. Luntz found that they mostly didn’t. “Six times we have brought Jewish youth together as a group to talk about their Jewishness and connection to Israel,” he reported. “Six times the topic of Israel did not come up until it was prompted. Six times these Jewish youth used the word ‘they‘ rather than ‘us‘ to describe the situation.”

  53. For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door, and now, to their horror, they are finding that many young Jews have checked their Zionism instead.
    - Peter Beinart

  54. I enjoyed the Beinart article. Course, I'm not Israeli nor Jewish and so have no reason to get prickly about it. And it is obviously a very prickly subject.

  55. But these secular Zionists aren’t reproducing themselves. Their children have no memory of Arab armies massed on Israel’s border and of Israel surviving in part thanks to urgent military assistance from the United States.
    Instead, they have grown up viewing Israel as a regional hegemon and an occupying power. As a result, they are more conscious than their parents of the degree to which Israeli behavior violates liberal ideals, and less willing to grant Israel an exemption because its survival seems in peril.
    Because they have inherited their parents’ liberalism, they cannot embrace their uncritical Zionism. Because their liberalism is real, they can see that the liberalism of the American Jewish establishment is fake.
    - Peter Beinart

  56. The pull of America is strong. On the other hand, you were psycho/analyed in "Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies" by Arthur Goldwag just the other day. Too long to quote, but the shoe sure did fit.

  57. Shoe fitting rat, i mean....

  58. I stand with Goldberg, not Goldwag, boobie.

    I figure it just must be a difference of opinions.

    I form my own, you grasp onto those of others.

    You should try to form an original thought. The experience could be life changing, for you.

  59. Demographics at play, both in the Levant and here in the US.

    Adapt to reality, or not.

    It makes for an entertaining show, as seen from here, regardless.

  60. The police association is city centric, trish.

    Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Flagstaff.

    None of the elected officials want to persecute nor prosecute the undocumented.

    It is a waste of local resources, really.

  61. "It is a waste of local resources, really."

    A misapplication of them. I kinda figured that's what they were saying. In so many words.

  62. I have stated my position toward the Israeli government, many times. There is little doubt that I feel they are fully morally equivalent to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

    It is true that I come to this conclusion through viewing the Jim Crow policies that Israel maintains against the native born of those territories and their continued occupation of lands captured in 1967, in violation of the Geneva Accords.

    That Mr Luntz finds many youthful US Jews also see the situation from my perspective, refreshing.

    The ideals that make US exceptional, thoroughly mixed in our melting pot.

    Just gotta love ...
    America and Americans.

  63. Bob, you listen to Coast to Coast and got caught up in the Birther paranoia. Not like you're the epitome of the conspiracy-free mind.

  64. ""It is a waste of local resources, really."

    Yea, if the cops have to monitor illegals too, they may have to cut their donut breaks to 15 minutes.


  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. desert rat said...
    I have stated my position toward the Israeli government, many times. There is little doubt that I feel they are fully morally equivalent to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

    It is true that I come to this conclusion through viewing the Jim Crow policies that Israel maintains against the native born of those territories and their continued occupation of lands captured in 1967, in violation of the Geneva Accords.

    You are a Jew hating, Israel hating, zionist hating racist.

    No news there...

    You know no real facts that could not be gleaned from a PLO handout...

    You opinion is stated at least 38 times a day is known and quite frankly is a great motivator for Jews, Zionists and Israelis to purchase large sums of weapons and ammo...

    Rat you re-affirm all that we thought was dead... The Jew hating broken record.

    You make it easy to understand the depths of evil the enemies of the Jews, Israel and Zionists are...

    Thanks Rat for the bi-hourly reminder of why I buy ammo...

  67. Not to mention, Bob, you're a foul bigot who intersperses innocuous posts on fishing with N-bombs.

  68. WiO, leaving rat aside, what do you think of that article?

  69. Bullshit, Quirk.

    Your disrespect of the Phoenix Police is uncalled for.

    Their response time is phenomenal.

    Their work in the varied communities they police, above reproach.
    Their conviction rate, high.

    No, Quirk, the Phoenix Police want to stomp out local crime, take a bite out of it, not waste their time chasing Federal fugitives that the Federals continually release, per Federal Statute and policy.

    Fillin' Sheriff Joes' tents, with misdemeanor immigration offenders, which would be the "best case scenario", is a waste of Arizona's meager assets.

    Allowing citizens to sue the Police, over enforcement standards of this legislation are applied vigorously enough, beyond ludicrous.

  70. Here, now that I find that Mr Goldberg and Mr Beinart agreeing with me, misdirection must consider them Jew haters, too.

    At least I'm in good company, seems to me.

  71. Allowing citizens to sue the Police, over WHETHER enforcement standards of this legislation are applied vigorously enough, beyond ludicrous.

  72. Right rat.

    It was a joke. Well somewhat.

    Basically, they are saying let the FEDs handle it. Unfortunately, that's not their choice. They don't get to pick and choose which laws they enforce. At least, that is not the job description regardless of the reality.



  73. Matthew 12:36 "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment."------not even the words are forgotten----that's a scary part----then thoughts are brought back too, even's the greater Self, having at it with the little ego, which has gone through some experiece, or other... which we all to often indentify with all that which our's the game of growth----stern....but most divine....And the great Jesish comic, Woody Allen, has said "It's not death I worry about, I just don't want to be there when it happes." heh And another Jewish comic has said---sorry, can't recall the name---Lord, Lord, I know we are the 'Chosen People'--can't you chose someone else, just once!!!!

  74. "They don't get to pick and choose which laws they enforce."

    Which is why, after stating their opposition, they said they will enforce it.

  75. Trish, thanks for bringing up the Beinart article.

    Rat, thanks for making the link.

    Yeah, I can see where that article would raise a little dust.

  76. Since I have never seen, let alone read a PLO handout, their position must have some reasonableness to it.

    As I'm told I can articulate it, without knowing it was their case.

    There are large numbers of Jewish Americans, per Mr Luntzs' research, that agree with me.

    The PLO and the Israeli, are morally equivalent. Which has been my position since I came to understand the Israeli position, as opposed to their propaganda of continual victimhood.

    Mr Luntz's work, proof again that Israel does not represent the Jews of the whirled.
    That many US Jews do not want to be associated with the Israeli government's social policies. That those policies do not represent their political ideals or aspirations.

    Israel is Israel, a Club on the Med, for Eurotrash expats. It is not representative of Judism in the whirled .

    Enjoy the vacation time, while you can.

  77. This obsession with victimhood lies at the heart of why Zionism is dying among America’s secular Jewish young. It simply bears no relationship to their lived experience, or what they have seen of Israel’s. Yes, Israel faces threats from Hezbollah and Hamas. Yes, Israelis understandably worry about a nuclear Iran. But the dilemmas you face when you possess dozens or hundreds of nuclear weapons, and your adversary, however despicable, may acquire one, are not the dilemmas of the Warsaw Ghetto. The year 2010 is not, as Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed, 1938. The drama of Jewish victimhood—a drama that feels natural to many Jews who lived through 1938, 1948, or even 1967—strikes most of today’s young American Jews as farce.
    - Peter Beinart

  78. rufus, time to get computer literate!

    Ctrl a = select all
    Ctrl c = copy
    Ctrl v = paste

    right click and drag also selects.

    Ctrl = control key which is on the bottom left and right corner of your keyboard. Heck, if that is to complicated for you right clicking on something gives you context menus often having copy and paste selections.

    don't let computer illiteracy slow down your exploration of knowledge ;)

  79. right click and drag also selects

    oops that should read "left click and drag".

  80. What follows is Quirk’s worldview specific to Israel and the ME.

    1. There are only two years significantly affecting current Israeli history, 1948 and 1967; and 1948 is by far the most important.

    2. Whether you say it is merely a de facto state or created de jure, it is a state. To deny the fact makes one look like a flaming asshole.

    3. Talking about Geneva Conventions is all very nice but it means little. Very few major states give a damn about them if it interferes with their own national interest. Likewise, the concept of a right to a historical homeland is also bullshit. The Jews are the only ones that care about this meme. But for Israel, the only thing that matters is what happened after 1948.

    4. The right of return, settlements, Gaza, COGAT reports, water rights, Jerusalem, walls, checkpoints, etc. which is all we hear about today are secondary and peripheral to the main issue. That main issue is the recognition by the Arab States and Palestinian of the State of Israel.

    5. Without that recognition, there will be no establishment of agreed upon borders for Israel and Palestine. There will be no peace settlement.

    6. That is not to say the secondary issues aren’t important. But in the absence of agreement on the main issue, the peace talks will again fail, the secondary issues will continue to feed the conflict, and they will inevitably lead to more war.

    7. That being said, it is in Israel’s interest to somehow figure out a way to resolve that main issue and then move on to the secondary issues.

    8. Why do I put the onus primarily on Israel to figure out a way to get past the current impasse rather than on the Palestineans? I say that because Israel is a key US ally in that critical region; and because, in my opinion, if the current state continues (years of nominal peace punctuated by the occasional war) given the geographical, demographic, and political trends over the long-term Israel will be the loser.

    Strictly my opinion.

    Before thinking of commenting on this post, please recall my previous post to Allen in which I reminded him that few people take my opinions seriously anyway.


  81. trish said...
    I enjoyed the Beinart article. Course, I'm not Israeli nor Jewish and so have no reason to get prickly about it. And it is obviously a very prickly subject.

    The article covered many points...

    The main point that should not be missed?

    Israel has tried, since it's inception to make peace, including massive land compromises.

    Today there is no active peace movement, it has been destroyed by 8000 hamas rockets, 12,000 hezbollah rockets and the way the Arabs (and iranians) have tortured, mutilated and violated our basic right to LIVE.

    Lebanon was withdrawn from, the world approved and Israel got murder, kidnappings and corpse mutilations, Israel released a child murderer for peace and now has 60k of rockets on the northern border.

    Gaza was ethnically cleansed of Jews by Sharon to give to the Palestinians and they got war...

    The lesson is learned, Land for Peace is a dead issue.

    Peace of Peace...

    The Islamists, the arabs and the nazi-iranians are allow using the current world's system to grow in power...

    Now that America is on the retreat?

    War looms...

    and it's aint like the last war...

    So the article has made some valid points...

    But over all focus on the what the average Israeli now thinks... "they buy ammo"

    Israelis fully expect that the arabs will attempt genocide on them...

    that is why they are getting fresh gas masks and stocking up on ammo....

  82. And after the Arabs and Israeli kill each other, with Lebanon, Gaza and Tel Aviv in ruins, with the Israeli military munition stockpiles spent, the Turkish Army, representing NATO and the UN, will roll in.

    A new day will dawn.
    It'll be back to the future.

    Enjoy the beach, while you can.
    My best advise.

  83. The Saudi Solution offered recognition, Quirk.

    Recognition also called for a return to the '67 borders, which would have ended the Geneva Accord violations.

    It was rejected out of hand, as I recall.

  84. The US in not in retreat.

    Not anywhere.

    To even say that is an admission of ignorance, a rejection of reality, or an outright lie.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. "rufus, time to get computer literate!"

    Time for you to get computer literate Ash.

    The objection is not to being unable to pull up your URL's Ash, it is the unwillingness to go thru all of the trouble. If your too busy or inconsiderate to post a linkable URL why should we go through the cut n paste process to read your stuff.

    With most posters here all we have to do is hit the link, it takes us to the article, and when we are done hitting the back arrow brings us right back to the EB and the blog stream we were in.

    With your posts each individual here has to cut and past then either minimize the current screen and get another up to load in your UHL or have to get back into the EB home screen before getting back into the blog.

    So instead of you (one person) putting in a few extra keystrokes to get a linkable URL you want the rest of us (all of your compadres) here to go through all that stuff.


  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. It isn't a matter of wanting to be special Quirk it is simply that if rufus wants to read a particular link the process is very simple. To refuse to read it because he can't simply click on the link is his loss not mine. Whenever there is a link that I WANT people to read I will make it clickable (simple tools of propaganda really) otherwise the link information is supplied by me for reference purposes only. Heck, trish didn't even supply a link but enough information for someone, like I, motivated enough to google it

  89. Unreality TV

    Even in Detroit, where deadly violence can seem routine, Aiyana’s killing has transfixed the city, leaving many questioning what they see as heavy-handed tactics by the police — particularly the use of the so-called flash-bang grenade on a Sunday night in a residence where children were known to live.

    Beyond Detroit, the incident is raising a larger question in this age of reality TV: Does the presence of TV crews affect how well police officers do their jobs?

    “Those cameras can influence the behavior of what’s already a very dangerous and unpredictable job,” said Brian Willingham, a laid-off Flint, Mich., police officer and author of "Soul of a Black Cop.”


    In particular, Thomas Loeb, a lawyer in Farmington Hills, Mich., who specializes in police misconduct cases, said there may be a correlation between the use of stun grenades and reality shows.

    According to the Detroit police the loud, disorienting devices are used on a case-by-case basis. But some criminal justice experts say their use in the routine execution of a search warrant is unusual.

    “I think they’re showboating for the camera,” Mr. Loeb said, referring to the police using the grenades on reality shows.


    The Detroit police chief, Warren C. Evans, said, “This case has been a human tragedy at every possible level.” He declined to comment on the possibility that officers were affected by the presence of a cable network crew.


    “Why was it necessary to throw that in there in that situation?” Larry Chatman said. “The cops bungled this one real bad, all the way around.”

    Aiyana’s funeral is Saturday, and the Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy.

  90. I found the article really engaging, What Is, but I was leery of bringing it up here because...I figured Rat wouldn't be very polite about it. And you'd be subjected to comment after comment after comment along the usual incendiary lines. (And surely Beinart knew before he wrote it that such articles do - contrary to their most sober reflections - often occasion some regrettable, even celebratory, nastiness. Which is also our forte here at the Bar.)

    But it was a worthwhile read for me and, hey, I'm a sharing kinda broad.

  91. Obama has succeeded in making the Supremes look more like America by appointing one dumb shit fat fuck, and one "brilliant" fat fuck.

    Our strength is our diversity,
    ...and ugly fat fuck liberal women.

  92. Ash, if it's not important enough for you to make it clickable, it's not important enough for me to mess with.

  93. "celebratory, nastiness?"

    Do Tell!

  94. She's gotta be a dyke, means nothing to me, but she sure has the look. Thankfully we'll have a little more balanced government after Novenber. The whites are getting ticked, as they should be, Newsweek and the Nation are going down, the frost is off the pumpkin.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. "Do Tell!"

    For those of reflexive hostility toward the state of Israel.

  97. Like I said rufus, "it is your loss". trish referred to the article by name and author and you replied:

    "Blogger rufus said...

    The New York Times is still in business? Hmm, imagine that.

    Tell us what he said, Trish."

    I suggested that you read it yourself if you wanted to know what it said and gave you the location to find it. It wasn't until the ever amiable, kind and generous desert rat made a clickable link did you deign it worthy of your consideration. In my view you aren't important enough for me to make your life as simple as possible.

  98. but it does tend to confirm those reflexes does it not? I was struck by similarities to what is happening to the Republican party.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Just the cut and paste, trish, that was more than enough to justify the positions I have advocated, for a number of years now.

    Seems I am not out of the "mainstream", not even out of the mainstream of modern American Judaism, and how it relates to Israel.

    Refreshing, to say the least, to discover that so many American Jews take my position on those settlements. That such a smart, observant and obviously Jewish fella like Mr Goldberg stands shoulder to shoulder, with me, on the settlement issue in the Levant, like a breath of fresh, spring air.

    Breathe deep!

  101. The wolves have swum the Snake, gotten up into the Wallowa. Who wooda thunk it, but me. Surely not the Blessed Idaho Firsh and Game Department. Who are now scrambling for answers, begging for professional hunters, and they say, it's a tough job, hunting wolves back in those mountains. Bob says, bring out the poison, like in olden time, but so far the 'spirit of the time' the 'Weltanschauung" is akin it. This disaster was all brougth to you by guys like ask. Rat would have agreed with me on this one small point.

  102. To think, I've been using Mr Goldberg's playbook, and did not even know it!

  103. Then, Don't, Ash. You'll survive, and so will I.

  104. The best elk hunting we ever had here, was in the decades after the The Fire of the early 20th century which started in the south, jumped the Salmony, jumped the Clearwaters, jumpws the St. Joes and ended up somewheres around Wallace. This took out the old huge trees, and with the coming of the new birthing brush, great food for elk, their population exploded, too. And at that time, there were no wolves. I grew up on a diet of elk meat, which is why I am so much smarter than all of you put together. I had that advantage, while you were all eatinng toasties, and kelloges flakes.

  105. I haven't, I didn't, and I won't rufus...unless I WANT you to read it.

  106. So if he becomes yet more insufferable, What Is, I shall take the blame.

  107. Ash, has it not occurred to you that, maybe, I was more interested in what Trish "thought about" the article than I was with what Beinart thought?

  108. Vindication is sweet, trish.

    I have had policy differences with the governors of Israel. I believe they are acting against the best interests of the United States. As well as the natural rights of man, as referenced by the Declaration of Independence.

    I see the evidence of this in their occupation of the captured territories and their continued naval blockade and control of ground access to Gaza.

    That Frank Luntz, whom I have always respected as a pollster, finds this sentiment throughout the Jewish community in the United States, proof positive that my perception is not clouded by hate of things Jewish or anti-Semitism.

    My perception is shared by a large portion of the American Jewish community. Which may be why so few of consequence, here, take "o"'s side in the name calling and such. Even though he often demands that they do.

    His position is being rejected, by his own sub-cultural sectarian community, according to Mr Luntz, who'd know.

  109. You are so full of shit, rat, the hater, rat the hater, Americas Jews are coming roud to WiO's point of view, bolting from Obama by the busload. You can hope, and you can move to Hayden Lake, if you have the bucks, which you surely don't, so your fate is to sit there in occupied Arizona, and spout off all the day. I've gotten so I feel for you. I feel your pain, but I don't want it much.

  110. You lose, boobie.

    I stand with a large segment of the Jewish Community of the United States.
    Mr Beinart writes about it.
    Mr Goldberg writes about it.
    Frank Luntz proved it.

    Your thoughts are of no consequence.

  111. I would hope that coming from someone even as low as rat this "Breathe deep!" comment he keeps ending his souless comments from is not referring to ministerly nazi gas chamber advice given to jews.

    "All you have to do is breathe in deeply. That strengthens the lungs"

    is rat referring to this?

  112. You exist in a fantasy whirled of your own devices, boob.

    As you have amply evidenced, to all of us.

    Have a short life.

  113. Actually Rufus, I thought you were requesting a Reader's Digest version from Trish as opposed to probing her for thoughts on the matter. Anyway, Rufus, you're a good guy and I like ribbing you about not being computer savvy. I figured you knew how to cut and paste and I thought it worthwhile to jump on you for your standing request for clickable links. Copying a text link string and pasting it into the address bar of a new tab or window of a browser really isn't that tough and it is fewer key strokes than making a bloody clickable link.

  114. No, not poison, but breathe in that sweet smelling spring air, the air of righteousness and truth, brought to us by Frank Luntz, of all people.

  115. rat, not being able to accomplish nada, in life. in his own stupid life, joined the army, the employer of last resort. Same thing with his kid, who couldn't pass a simple English exam. So, off to the the Army they go, father and son. And having been given this grace, and last change, all he does is bitch about it, and brag, when actually farming is, or, at least, was, the more dangerous occupation.

  116. Vindicated of charges of hate and anti-Semitism by:

    Peter Beinart and Jeffrey Goldberg.
    Verified that theirs is not a marginal perspective in the American Jewish community, by Frank Luntz

    All paint the same picture I have, with regards the Governors of Israel and their treatment of those living in the occupied Territories.

    Good things come to those that wait, have perseverance and, of course, have right on their side.

  117. Your wife die yet, boobie?

    I heard she was on death's door, from you.

    Catch your daughters' rapist yet?

    I thought not.

  118. If you are not confident of your personal security, on the road, melody, and are worried about gasoline prices ...

    You should take a plane.

  119. There is Quirk call for Socialism on the link question though - in his world it is incumbent upon me to suffer the few extra keystrokes so that many can be saved keystrokes -- one suffers so that many do not :)

  120. Just to say rat, how stupid it is to blog. WE all need to have jobs, get out and do something, help someone. Let's see, you were cheating the IRS, and turned to the IRS, to fix your situation by turning in your neighbor, if I recall. But the IRS turned you, weasel, down, won't bit. I on my side, have always paid my taxes, jut like the accout tells me to do--two hundred dollars an hour--he gets it right. I don't like paying taxes, but I always do. I don't cheat, and try to turn in my neighbors. You actaully caled the guy a 'friend"...with friends like that....

  121. You caught a break on Gas prices. They're going down.

    They have these little pepper spray canisters to go on your key ring. My daughter has one, I've been meaning to get one for my wife.

  122. The IRS story is fable, boob.

    One of criminality by some and of write offs being denied, for others.

    That the IRS was not interested in pursuing those that never filed, as opposed to business people that erred in their filings. Interesting to me.

    Perhaps to others, as well.

    That I removed myself from interacting with the Federals, after that episode. Laying off workers, to slim the business to zero employees, part of the general American landscape, now.

    As to the definition of "friend", well, that is someone known through school and such, for many years. But not anyone with whom I had ever shared a confidence or done business with.

    That you would have not have even made an attempt at reporting a friend's criminal behavior, telling.

    Echos of the rapist and your mental rain barrel.

  123. It's getting to be that time of year----if you want to hear story of young love, in the Moscow Mountans, I can entertain you. But, I need three votes, or I remain silent.

  124. Now, you're getting the spirit, Ash.

    I knew Q could talk some sense into you. :)

    Now, he's just gotta have a talk with Trish. :0

  125. As normal, now that boob has lost the debate, on its' merits, the name calling commences.

    But I do love the soap box.

    The self proclaimed hater projects so, hope his poor and suffering wife is well.
    Little wonder he suffers so, though, confused by reality, as he is.

  126. There is Quirk call for Socialism on the link question though -...

    The article was very extensive. Being an older guy I had to get up once during it to take a piss. However, its message was pretty straightforward once you take out all the examples and personalities he put into it.

    Either you or Trish should have been able to give Rufus the crux of the article in less space than it took you to type out your snarky little post on computer literacy.

    The fact that you didn't tells me that you either didn't give a shit (in which case refer to Rufus' comment) or that you lack the ability to distill the essence of the article and feed it back in an abreviated form.



  127. Cheat on your own taxes rat, then try to buy off, thrugh the IRS, accusing with the other guy, to the IRS---that is so YOU! hahahahahhaha- it's rat shit, right from the beginning....

  128. Lordy lordy lordy, we go from an obligation to provide clickable links to the necessity of digesting article and distilling them down to their essence - truly a grand socialist endeavor for blogging.

  129. Let us all remember, trough all this, rat is a self confused cinimal.That says somehing, acutally, says plenty......

  130. Sorry, Ash.

    It was pretty presumptuous of me to assume that you actually would read the articles you post here.


  131. Whatever, boobie, have you caught the fella that fucked your baby, yet?

    Or did you just want to forget about that violation of human rights and dignity. Talk about defending woman's rights, what a travesty.

    I was dealing with the Government to my best advantage, your case...

    Allowing scum to violate your own, without any pursuit of justice.

    Less than despicable, and then that you'd then boast of it.

    Means you are of no consequence, in this life.

  132. Well, we got Rat, and Bob going at it in one corner of the bar. Q, and Ash in a corner. We need two more.

    It's a sorry bar that can't support four fights at one time.

  133. It's a Mantracker marathon on the Science Channel.


  134. That Danny Ortega thought I was a criminal, when he was President of Nicaragua, something to proud of, from my perspective.

    Nothing else quite like it, really.

    Criminality in the pursuit of justice.

    Legal or illegal, depends upon which side of the line you're standing on. It is not an absolute standard, not here, not anywhere.

    The Miskito Indians, they thought we were Saints, I myself was never that confused about my divinity.
    I knew I was no Saint, not then, not now.

    But I am right about Israel and those settlements.

  135. Whit plans to put in an octagon for cage matches.

    (That's a preview. I started working on this month's horoscope today.)


  136. What does it tell you about a bar when you end up in a knock down and drag 'em out fight over trying to help out by pointing the way to something someone else referenced?

  137. Whatever, boobie, have you caught the fella that fucked your baby, yet?
    -----No, and I'm not really looking, neither is she. We both have moved past it, only you seem stuck in yesteryear. When are you going to turn yourself in, criminal, for viotating the IRS code, and many more serious deeds, that you have bragged about? goodnight, I've had a long day

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. You have moved past your concern for universal woman's rights.

    You have moved past protecting your community from criminals that violate women for their own amusement.

    I wrote the IRS a check.

    I'd rather be me.
    Than to be of no consequence, in this life.

  140. Wake me up when the horoscope is finished. Bonzo is tired-o.

  141. I certainly wouldn't want to be you. Happily, I never will be.

  142. Just a run of the mill bar, Ash. In a run of the mill country.

    We even have a "sayin" fer that: "No good deed goes unpunished."

    I'm sure you have a similar one in The Great Frozen White.

  143. Whit, it’s not that I ban guns. Everyone has their constitutional rights to own one. I don’t even fear them except its power behind the person that does. I’m not saying that if I owned one I would go all postal and shoot up every nearby shopping mall, but just the opposite. After the first time at the shooting range to learn how to use it, it would then be like a weekly golf outing for me.

    It’s not like when I was young so if a person has to put the gun in one place and the ammo in another because you can’t trust the children in today’s society or because it may be the law then how is that is supposed to protect your family?

    I also have a problem with irresponsible people, people with short fuses so to speak, that own guns. I have seen it with my own eyes when someone was in his driveway breaking into his car. When he came out with his gun, which he had every right, the kids ran but so did he, right after them. He had to do jail time and spent almost a year of weekends in jail. Yeah, there’s procedures to own a gun but there’s no way to tell if someone is unstable unless is documented.

  144. The background checks are ok. Hell at my age, you better be able to slip right thtough. Wife did to, tho she is used to it. had fings printed five times, i bet, in her line of work. They can take my DNA, if they want. My daughter got through too, though she's had a lot of foolish tickets. Ny son, whose got the real armory in the house, doesn't see to want to be bothered about it. He's got some idea about .'the less the government knows'.....

  145. It's odd about my wife, a woman who has never, in all oor married life, taken a drink. Not once. Total tea totalller. I do the family drinking for the both of us. She was never really interested in guns, either, till just now. Now, she often goes up to Lenville, by herself, and shoots. Has targets and stuff. And, she packs on her little walks. She carries now, pistol in her purse. And, she can break the hun down, and put it together again. She takes really swell care of it.

  146. It would seem that your dear wife really has not, as you say ...

    "Put it behind her".

  147. desert rat said...
    You lose, boobie.

    I stand with a large segment of the Jewish Community of the United States.
    Mr Beinart writes about it.
    Mr Goldberg writes about it.
    Frank Luntz proved it.

    utter nonsense...

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    Gemini Quote (Male)William Pitt “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom: it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

    Gemini Quote (Male)Drew Carey “You know that look women get when they want sex? Me neither!”

    Gemini Quote (Male)Johnny Depp “The only gossip I'm interested in is in the Weekly World News - 'Woman's bra burst, 11 injured.' That kind of thing”

    Gemini Quote (Female)Brooke Shields “If my jeans could talk, would I be embarrassed?”

    Attributes – Mental brilliance, Diplomacy, Vivacity, Enthusiasm, Tact, Cheerfulness, Witty, Versatile, Superficial, Narcissistic, Vain, Indecisive, Prevaricates, Lazy, Untidy, Cunning, Nervous and Tense.


  149. (Gemini - cont'd)

    Geminis tend to have dual natures. As such they offer many contradictions.

    Physically, the Gemini tends to be small-boned and vertically challenged. They are often two-faced and are capable of speaking out of both sides of their mouth. They are quick and nimble and enjoy fast-paced, exciting sports with lots of action. Most jai alai players are Gemini. They have bright eyes that are constantly darting about trying to observe everything. This can be very disconcerting to anyone trying to explain anything to them. Chewing bores them. They are constantly hurting themselves by touching stoves to see how hot they are.

    In social and romantic situations the Gemini duality is again obvious. Most Geminis are hermaphrodites. They like exciting, unorthodox, experimental relationships many of which because of archaic laws are still illegal in most states. They are easily bored with relationships, their family and even their kids. They are constantly looking for something new. Angelina Jolie is a Gemini. The Gemini divorce rates are exceedingly high. They will often pick fights with themselves if no one else is around.

    The Geminis are quick and intelligent thinkers. Wit is their forte. They have a sharp humor and love to laugh. They are avid readers and love puns and wordplay. However, because of their dual natures they can also be quarrelsome, boasters, liars, and cheats.

    It is natural for them to think on more than one level at a time. They need constant stimulation. LSD is their drug of choice.

    Everyone loves a neurotic schizophrenic and the Gemini is well liked by those who don’t know them very well.

    Because of their quick wit and intelligence, Geminis typically make good artists, actors, and authors. They are not good at boring, repetitive jobs or jobs that require them to be responsible for the welfare of others. No Gemini has ever won the Indy 500 since though they like the multicolored cars they tend to get bored and distracted at about mile 18. Likewise, they should not be policemen or baby sitters.

    In personal finance, the Gemini often expects too much for too little. In other words he is cheap. However, this doesn’t prevent him from buying new toys and capricious whims for himself. He counters this tendency by buying old books and used x-box games as gifts for friends and relatives on holidays.


  150. (Gemini – cont’d)

    Appropriate Gemini Pets – Wolves which are seen as the nurturing force for those other twins, Romulus and Remus, is the only truly appropriate pet for the Gemini. However, most cities including Moscow, Idaho will not allow them as pets. Therefore, the Gemini should settle for a pet that doesn’t require constant attention such as a snake or worm.

    2010 Horoscope (Gemini)

    Unfortunately, every year is a rough year for the Gemini usually because they make it so for themselves.

    You will soon be approached by a man from a company called “Souls R Us” offering you a valuable service.

    This year, in a bout of pique or boredom, you will once again quit all the blogs you currently post to. When you eventually come back as you invariably always do it will be with a new avatar and screen name such as Boudica or Xena.

    You will visit the Grand Canyon for the first time and be disappointed.

    In June, you will meet the love of your life. In July, you will meet the new love of your life. And in August, you will meet the newest love of your life.

    In September, Mary (your personality #3) and Helen (your personality #5) will have a dispute about the Feng Shui placement of your strobe light and glitter ball and will not talk to each other for the rest of the year.

    In October, you will once more host your annual “Most Interesting People in the World” party. As advertised, the guest list will include many of the world’s most interesting people. The surf and turf buffet will be prepared by world class chefs from Europe and the Far East and will include Asian Blowfish and other dishes prepared from exotic and endangered species.

    The entertainment will include several classic rock bands and will be headlined by Lady Ga Ga. As a special treat there will be an octagon death match between Pope Benedict VI and Christopher Hitchens. To even the odds, the match will take place after the cocktail hour (Based on this fact, Vegas odds currently favor Il Papa by a wide margin.).

    As usual, you will grow bored quickly and retire to bed by 8:30, long before fireworks begin and the elephants arrive.

    In December, you will experience severe mood swings just like those in November and previous months.

    Avoid bright shiny objects, mirrors, and hot stoves.

    Next Month: Cancer (monthly personalized horoscopes available by request)

    • This month we will be offering a new service, numerology readings. Rate cards are available explaining the service along with our latest pamphlet: Gemini and the Number Five: A Five Lane Superhighway to Heaven, or to Hell, or to Both if you like.

    • Private readings still available for female members of the EB.

    • We are continuing to offer souls for sale under our exclusive “Souls R Us” brand. Souls are continuing to poor in from our New Zealand suppliers but we have recently received notice from the EPA of complaints lodged by our neighbors regarding “soul leakage” from around our warehouses. Therefore, we are further extending our previous offer and will be giving souls packaged in jelly jars, empty votive candle containers, virgin olive oil cans, and five gallon pails as free prizes to anyone using any of our other services (horoscope, tarot or numerology readings).

    [Note: Souls will also be available free to anyone having a pick-up truck or small van.]

    • Discounts are available to fellow Rosicrucian’s. Bartering alternative available. Secret knowledge accepted. Secret knowledge from ancient Babylonia and Atlantis preferred.


  151. To anyone who wasn't aware of it, midget wrestling is back.

    June 2, on Spike TV.

    Halfpint Brawlers


  152. I take it you saw Cold Souls.

  153. Oh, come on.

    Am I the only one who's awake and watching my backyard flood while cruising liberal websites for my daily prevention of a conservative relapse?

    I find that a little hard to believe.

  154. You're missing out on your beauty sleep Trish.


  155. So there I was, reading aloud to my husband from a liberal blog that made, I think, a very cogent point - in a very humorous manner. And as is the case about two-thirds of the time, he didn't "get it" and just picked apart the whole thing. Popped my little balloon.

    "You know I sometimes wish I had married a Democrat."

    "Why? You like impulsive, emotion-driven men?"

    "Ha ha! I'd occasionally like a spouse who's a little less GOP-centric."

    He knows this already, of course and takes it in stride, figuring that as long as I have my Democratic mother to swap liberal wit and venom with, he's safe.

    And somewhat condemned to spending advancing middle and old age with a woman who reads Talking Points Memo.

  156. If Mockus wins the run-off, Quirk, I will send you a lovely sombrero vueltiao.

    You can hang it on your wall as a "Trish Was Wrong" prize, for God's sake.

  157. misdirection does not believe Jewish writers or Republican pollsters, oh well.

    Reality has bit him in the ass, too.

  158. Now, Frank Luntz, religious affiliation unknown, is an accomplished pollster. Well educated and articulate, to be sure.

    Luntz grew up in West Hartford, CT and graduated from Hall High School (Connecticut). He is the son of Lester L. Luntz, D.D.S., a forensic dentist, and Phyllis Luntz and grandson of Benjamin Luntz D.D.S.

    Frank graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania and received his Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University.

    Luntz has appeared as a consultant or panel member on a number of television news shows, including: Capital Gang, Crossfire, Good Morning America, Hannity and Colmes, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Meet the Press, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline, The O'Reilly Factor, Real Time With Bill Maher and The Today Show.

    Luntz has written op-eds for such publications as: The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

    Luntz was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1990 until 1996 and also taught at George Washington University and American University.

  159. Oh, wait one moment, Mr Luntz's religious affiliation is part of the public data base ...

    What do you know, he is Jewish, too, according to Wiki.

    And his findings on the political position of the American Jewish community, that it dovetails with my own opinion and position, wow!

    What a REVELATION!

  160. doug-o has taken the bit in his teeth, and made a difference!

    Honolulu Advertiser -

    Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou has won the special election in urban Honolulu's 1st Congressional District, the first Republican sent to Washington, DC, to represent the Islands in two decades.

  161. I am found to be in the mainstream of the American Jewish community's position on Israel


    A Republican WINS in Hawaii!

    Will wonders never cease!

  162. Jerusalem Post - Meir Javedanfar

    The nuclear deal announced on Monday among Iran, Brazil and Turkey has certainly gotten many analysts and reporters excited, not least at the Los Angeles Times, which described the agreement as, possibly, a “stunning” breakthrough.

  163. desert rat said...
    I am found to be in the mainstream of the American Jewish community's position on Israel

    you're delusional

    but keep lying to yourself...

  164. Never got a gawd damned ballot.
    Neither did wife or son.
    Woulda been pissed if the Chink had lost.

  165. My plan is to pump down oxygen and start flare at depth.

  166. GOP's Djou wins Hawaii special election for Congress

    GOP's Djou wins Hawaii special election for Congress
    Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou has won the special election in urban Honolulu's 1st Congressional District, the first Republican sent to Washington, D.C., to represent the Islands in two decades. More »

    54 percent voter turnout in special election signals success of mail in ballots (9:56 p.m.)
    Djou says victory sends message that nation is overburdened by taxes (9:38 p.m.)
    Case says he will work for win in primary (7:46 p.m.)
    Statement from Colleen Hanabusa (7:17 p.m.)
    National Republicans hail Djou's victory (6:21 p.m.)
    Statement from Neil Abercrombie on special election (7:21 p.m.)

    Video: Hanabusa thanks supporters, voters for strong finish
    Video: Djou wins special election
    Video: Case rides out congressional race results
    Photo gallery: Charles Djou Wins Election
    Photo gallery: Colleen Hanabusa Campaign
    Photo gallery: Ed Case Campaign
    Photo gallery: Final day of congressional race

  167. Ed Case is a one (millionaire) man wrecking crew.

    Ran against Akaka last time, a sacrilege for which he was rewarded with defeat and the distast of thousands.

    Single handidly bankrupted Century Old Maui Land and Pineapple.

    Now this: Snatching Hanabusa's glorius win from the Jaws of victory.

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. I can read, misdirection.

    Maybe Peter Beinart, Jeff Goldberg and Frank Luntz are all liars, anti-Semites and haters, but I doubt it.

    No, they are not haters, but reasonable men, and they report that the a large portion of American Jewish community feels towards Israel, as do I.

    That Israel violates the basic "Rights of Man" with respect to a large portion of the people under its' jurisdiction.

    That the Israeli government has created a Jim Crow society that is deeply troubling, almost revolting to freedom loving folk, like many of the true blue, red blooded, American Jews that are most familiar with it.

    That a large portion of the American Jewish community does not conflate Judaism and Israel.
    As I do not.

    We stand together, in that.

    No delusion, just edification from mainstream Jewish sources in the United States of America.

  170. Mr Beinart and Mr Goldberg both believe that the Settlement issue will be a disaster for the Israeli, in the long term.

    As do I.

    We stand together, on that issue.

  171. "But Paul's base — the "tea party" movement he has embraced and claimed to speak for — was also all but mum. Two leaders declined to claim Paul, the son of libertarian icon Rep. Ron Paul, as a movement spokesman. Others dodged questions about his statements.

    "He's a politician. He doesn't represent the movement on anything regardless of what he says," said Mark Meckler, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, an online network for local groups. "He's a guy running for office."

    As such, Paul has demonstrated a clumsy streak."


    It's in their DNA.
    Damned Libtard Loonies.
    Can't control their Pieholes.

  172. Mr Luntz, whose work as a pollster and wordsmith I have long admired, found that my perception of the Israeli government permeates a large segment of the Jewish community in the US.

    They cannot all be haters of Jews, can they?

    Or is that going to be the new storyline?

    Americans, even the President who are considered anti-American coupled with American Jews that are anti-Semites?

    Some may be delusional, but then again, some of us can read the writing on the wall.

  173. Once my wife asked me to stand sideways, straight and still, cigarette in mouth, while she took aim. She was only joking though I think, as she never squeezed the trigger. But she did take aim. I don't know if the gun was loaded.

  174. The philanthropists wanted to know what Jewish students thought about Israel. Luntz found that they mostly didn’t.

    “Six times we have brought Jewish youth together as a group to talk about their Jewishness and connection to Israel,” he reported.
    “Six times the topic of Israel did not come up until it was prompted.

    Six times these Jewish youth used the word ‘they‘ rather than ‘us‘ to describe the situation.”

    If the educated Jewish youth do not conflate Israel with Judaism, I am right with the mainstream to reject that concept, too.

    I stand vindicated by Frank Luntz and real American Jews.

  175. In one's own mind, one is alwasy vindicated.

  176. Not just in the mind, but in reality, confirmed by facts and good reporting of the conditions on the ground.

    By well known and trusted sources. Sources that have been relied upon, for years.

    No, this is more than head game.

    It's demographics and sociology at work, in our great American melting pot.

  177. "...You can hang it on your wall..."

    Trish, you hurt my feelings in missing the point of my post on the Colombian polls. I posted the latest results to cheer you.

    You'll notice Santos is in the lead on the first ballot. A few weeks ago he was almost ten points behind. And while Mockus is currently projected to win in a run-off, I've seen other articles indicating poll results mean little in that country.

    It described the players in the political machine there and the number of votes they controlled in various sections of the country and the votes available and open for political deals.

    While it is true I would find it a little humorous if Santos lost, it is merely because of the extent of your attack on that poor AP reporter who was merely trying to do her job in reporting and trying to explain the poll results they saw at the time.

    Besides, a while back at the time Whit and I (and others) were trying to lure you back to your usual seat at the bar, I indicated that if Santos lost, I wouldn't make a big deal of it.

    I mean, if Mockus did somehow manage to win, my comments would be restricted to something short and innocuous like "Hey, speaking of boobs."



  178. Great work on that horoscope, Quirk.

    First rate.
    Got more than a couple of chuckles.