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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Ass Kevin Smith

How does he sit on an airline toilet seat?

Now let me ask you an honest question. Would you want to fly next to someone this size, spilling into your seat, feeling his body heat and having his massive ham legs next to yours on your next flight?

Southwest Airlines thought not, and I salute Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airline flight attendants in less enlightened times.


  1. And to play the devil's advocate here for a moment, would you be the one actually said Fat Jack Falstaff Can't Fly?

  2. What the hell kind of airline would actually ban Fat Jack?

    Answer me that.

    Next thng you know it would Miss Quickly, too.

  3. And what about Alfred Hitchcock, or Fats Domino?

    This needs some rethinking, like pay by the pound for space by the cubic yard, or something.

  4. And how do you get around the Constitution and equal rights?

    Maybe you could have a separate, but equal, airline for fats, which might lead to a separate but equal airline for muzzies, a good thing, but that separate but equal thing is always a sticker.

  5. Wrong picture on top.

  6. What about all these guys--

    Victor Buono at the Mark Taper Forum
    Pat Carroll at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.
    Delaney Williams at the Folger Shakespeare Library
    Maurice Evans on Broadway
    Kevin Kline at the New York Shakespeare Festival
    Samuel Phelps at Sadler's Wells Theatre
    Anthony Quayle at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
    George Robey in Laurence Olivier's Henry V
    Robbie Coltrane, in Kenneth Branagh's Henry V
    Ralph Richardson at the Old Vic Theatre
    Joss Ackland at the Old Vic and at the Barbican Theatre for the Royal Shakespeare Company
    Orson Welles in the film Chimes at Midnight
    Robert Stephens at the Royal Shakespeare Company
    Desmond Barrit at the Royal Shakespeare Company
    William Hutt at the Stratford Festival of Canada
    Douglas Campbell at the Stratford Festival of Canada
    Simon Callow at the Royal Shakespeare Company
    David Warner at the Royal Shakespeare Company
    James Keegan at the American Shakespeare Center

    Pretty soon you've got the makings of a class action suit.

    No fats, no fares.

  7. Right Bob.

    Sorry, a fat ass is a fat ass regardless of who is steering it. They may have a right to their lard but they do not have the right to stuff it in your jar.

  8. That would be great. Step up on the scale with your luggage and pay by the lb and the mile.

  9. I'll have 120 pounds of that Stew, please!

  10. You know you're in trouble when lard ass asks for a seat belt extension.

    While they are at it, they should charge people for carry ons, not the other way around.